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Typing Furiously
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pigs and captains

The bulk of captain Hurger was breathtaking. The man’s belly was so big Elandor could’ve fit in it. Even though his robes hid most of Hurger’s size, the small kender was impressed, and even took a step backwards. He was almost afraid the man would grab him and stuff him away with the bread and chicken digesting in his stomach.

When the captain handed him the paper, Elandor eagerly snatched from the man’s grasp. He didn’t want to be disrespectful, but they were in a hurry to get things moving on. There was a larger quest to be fulfilled, his friend the whale was waiting for his warning not to swim into the vortex, and a dark lord was trying to make his way back to the lands of Noldaria.
He inspected the paper, and after a few curious peeks passed it on to Scourge. The captain was still going on about their quest, but Elandor understood the point. All the rest was fuzzy noise that needed to be filtered, should it get a good order in the kender’s head.

Basically, their quest was: go to the ruins, look for monsters. If there are monsters, kick them out; no monsters, come back. It sounded like good old fashioned fun. Like that time when Korian the Swordmaster had told him to guard the pig-farm while the rest of their adventuring party inspected the castle. The pigs proved to be good company, and actually looked quite a bit like captain Hurger himself. The sounds they made were also pretty equal to his name. Perhaps they were family… Should Elandor risk asking? Better not to upset the man for being away from his family too much.

“I do have a question. Do we get a horse to cover the distance?”

(OOC: whether or not we get a horse, I suggest that we leave right away. Wanna get our companions at the inn?)

Posted on 2007-05-15 at 16:50:46.

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A Mission

September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria/Siris River
El Jalnine-Kal Ajin

“I do have a question. Do we get a horse to cover the distance?”

The large man regarded the kender for a moment before grunting a ‘yes’.

“Now if you are quite ready, you may leave. Return here when are ready to leave, and we shall see about that horse.”

*** *** ***

Vilyamar had been meandering through the evening crowds along Waters Edge, when he caught the hooded figure of Scourge towering over the masses, headed towards him. Breaking through the crowd, the half elf found himself converging with his companion, when he bumped into Elandor, who did not hesitate to relay the news of their newest adventure, and asked if the monk would like to accompany them. Vilyamar would agree, and by Elandors prodding, the group decided to head out immediately. After all, they had spent the day sitting in an old boat, and some exercise and adventure might do them some good!

Returning to the Barracks Office, they were greeted by a tall, slender man with dark eyes. He shifted uncomfortably in his padded armor as he explained to them that he would lead them to the corrals to retrieve their mounts.

They found the corrals along the south wall of El Jalnine, on either side of a particularly large gate. They were mounted given two, long legged horses with slender necks and caramel colored coats. Vilyamar’s was named Avis, and Scourges was named Rain. (Elandor you ride whichever you choose.).

Beyond the south gate, a narrow but well packed road wound through a craggy landscape. Small, thorny trees and shrubs lined the roadway and clung to boulders, who’s shadows melted together with the fading gold of the setting sun. Stars were already peaking through the darkening sky ahead, and the moon was a perfect half circle.

They were to follow this road a good ways south until they came to what will be a ten foot, ruined bit of wall on the left side of the road. Beside this wall they would find a faint path that would take them to the ruins.

Their steeds were anxious and steady, and they made the journey quickly. The air was cool and dry, and the wind swept over their faces and snaked through their hair and clothing. A refreshing reprise from the baking sun of day. Perhaps two hours had passed since they set out, when they found the wall. They almost missed it in what was now true night, but Vilyamar had stopped them. It was so ancient it looked almost like any other of the natural crags and rocks that jutted from the ground in this region. The wall was built of stone, and a near leafless, thorny vine draped it’s face. Sitting atop it’s ten foot height was an owl. It studied them for a moment before giving a near inquisitive “whoo”

(According to the map, the ruins of Kal Ajin are only a short walking distance down a narrow pathway you see winding between two 15 foot rock ledges. Discuss your plan, if you would like to head right into the ruins, encircle them if possible, find a hight to try and peer into them from, or whatever plans you have’ and select marching order and we can be on our way!)

Posted on 2007-05-27 at 20:22:11.
Edited on 2007-05-27 at 20:22:27 by Valimar

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September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria/Siris River
El Jalnine
Gnomefeld Embassy

It had been many weeks since Rinrin had set out on her quest from Gnomfeld and into the world of the big folk. And this was the first time since, that she had encountered any of her people. The closest was Elandor, and while he carried the vitality and inquisitiveness of her people, he simply was not a gnome. Now though, surrounded by the stout, colorful buildings and friendly faces of her people, she was truly comfortable.

"What brings a Priestess of the Mother to our humble dwelling?" Boffi was saying. The young gnome turned her bright eyes to him.

"Even if your dwelling were the most humble in existence, it is far more welcome than the tall, lifeless walls of the big folk,"

she said to him, meaning every word despite her giggles.

"My name is Rinrin, and that is my partner, Conjori. I've come for simple reasons, though. To pay my respects to Inenhalla, of course - I wonder if I may have a guide through the lovely garden guarded by her sacred sentries? - but also I wish to hear of any news from Gnomefeld, and to see if there is any work I may do to help out my fellows while I am here in El Jalnine, and to help fund the remainder of my travels, though I know not how long it will be. I journeyed from our homeland a while past now, leaving with the blessing of my family."

She went on to briefly describe her journey thus far and the trials she had faced with the party, though she left off the most intricate details of the reason for the group's mission, laughing and smiling as she did so. "We've been through a lot, but it has brought me ever closer to my faith in the Mother," Rinrin said at last, with a glance to the Owls. Even with eyes of stone, their gazes was full of wisdom, and ever-watchful of the area before them. "She takes careful watch over all creatures, and has never been unfaithful to those who love her guidance."

By now, Conjori had returned to sit at her own feet, enjoying a playful scratching at his ears. Smiling at her hosts, she couldn't help but wonder what it was the group did here in El Jalnine, and it wasn't long after that the question had left her mouth.

"If there's any work Conjori and I can do to asist, we would be more than grateful - although I do wonder, what it is that you all do, and how each of you came to be here?"

The whole time she spoke, Boffi stood, twirling his pointed white beard in his fingers. The others sat now on logs that surrounded the firepit, listening as well, while a young gnome sparked a flame and a cheering fire began to grow to life. With her question asked, Bofi laughed and responded.

“Not much has changed in Gnomefeld since you left, my dear. And I suppose that is a good thing compared to some of the changes that are taking place in other parts of the world! With armies marching and castle’s growing, it is good that our land is still green and vibrant and happy. We are here currently, representing the Hollownut Family, near the Silverflow River (both are wellknown in Gnomefeld); and we bear a good store of Silvergrape Whine, that the people of Ralnaria seem to be willing to pay particularly high prices for!”

He points to a group of wagons, draped under blankets near one of the buildings.

“We had a wonderful crop season last year, as you may recall, and the whine is finally ready to be sold, and indulged in alike!”

A shrill voice behind him, belonging to a female gnome with large green eyes and long golden hair, about Rinrins age, says.

“Oh Boffi you speak so much! What say we open a bottle and share it with our guest!”

She pats the log beside her, inviting Rinrin to sit. At the fire, a few gnomes are currently placing racks and cooking meats over the flames.

“You should stay for a meal! My name is Jenine, by the way!”

Posted on 2007-05-27 at 20:40:06.
Edited on 2007-05-27 at 20:40:24 by Valimar

Typing Furiously
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hail to the guardian of the ruins

The ride from El Jalnine was a fine one. Vilyamar rode his horse steady, with Elandor sitting in front of him. The kender had chosen the half-elf mainly because poor Rain already had to bear the large bulk that was Scourge. But now he started appreciating the elven blood in the monk, that seemed to calm his actions and thus his riding.

Nearly two hours later they arrived at a stone wall, covered in thorny tentacles that had dried up in the baking heat of decades. From what Elandor had learned from the map and the instructions of Captain Hurger, beyond this wall lay a path that would lead them into the ruins. He jumped from the horse and started towards path in the distance. Suddenly he sprang aside, and rolled away from the wall. Somebody had addressed him unexpectedly, and it hadn’t been one of his companions.

Atop the wall sat a lone owl, a dark shape against the half moon. Its round eyes peered at the kender. Elandor got up and brushed the dirt from his vest.

“Who? I’m Elandor Underhood, dear guardian of the Ruined Kal Ajin. I ask permission to investigate your grounds for intruders that don’t belong there.”

He took a nut from one of his pouches and flicked it at the animal. Then he turned around to face his companions.

“I say we sneak around the ruins first. I will go first, since I am smaller and a shadow friend.” He looked at Vilyamar. “Perhaps you can find a higher ground for a better overview of the building. And Scourge, perhaps Orion can fly over the ruins while you cast one of your incredible spells? We should meet up in about fifteen minutes at this location. How does that sound?”

Posted on 2007-06-03 at 11:21:57.

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crap, didn't I do this once already?

Staring at the forboding complex before them Scourge was brought from his brooding thoughts at the mentioning of his name. Turning his bulk to look down at wee Elandor, Scourge merely nodded in acceptance of the Kender's request.

"I shall take to the wing and see what surprises may lay beyond." Orion said as he took flight and began a spiraling tornado pattern upwards until he could see over the walls. Keeping a keen pair of beady black eyes peeled, Orion will scout around the vacinity.

Scourge meanwhile, readied himself for the challanges ahead, reading over his prepared spell choices for the day, and giving a silent prayer to Erenall to stay his lord's hand one more day, that he may continue to serve and honor the grand Judge. Today would be a glorious day to die, so long as he carried the souls of the enemy along with him.

(will post spell repetoir in OOc asap)

Posted on 2007-06-16 at 00:58:47.

Glorious Emperor
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With an arm draped in brown cloth, the half-elf monk wiped his brow of the slight covering of dust that it had acquired in the journey during the hours that had preceded this moment. Vilyamar stood in an open market in El Jalnine, a little ways from the inn where the party had decided to bunk for the duration of their stay in the city. Though his eyes sought something else, it was not long before he caught the familiar sight of a dark hood towering above the average turban.

The monk began to weave through the crowd, nimbly sidestepping a strange ensemble that seemed to be a carrying a covered chair followed by a man leading a laden beast. Vilyamar’s head turned back around just in time to not run headlong into the short form of Elandor Underhood.

Before Vilyamar could greet the kender, Underhood’s tongue began to wag, explaining, in flourished detail, how he and Scourge had secured work already in the form of investigating a ruins located not far from the city proper. The monk attempted to follow the kender as best as he could, though in the end he was simply smiling and nodding at the little man.

“Alright, then. It seems that you may require assistance,” said Vilyamar when the kinder had finished. He glanced up at Scourge and Orion who seemed to nod slightly. “You have my skills at your side this night, then,” said the monk. “But first we must visit the inn.”

It wasn’t long before the trio found themselves back at the inn. Vilyamar was quick to leave a message for the others with the tavernmaster before checking his own bags for the things that he would need on their excursion.

It wasn’t long before the trio, not including Orion, was on their way. Vilyamar and Scourge rode the two horses that were given to them by the guardsmen. Elandor had hopped up in front of Vilyamar, though the monk was unsure why he decided to ride there. It was more cumbersome than anything else, but perhaps he just liked to see where he was going.

Avis rode well, her lean muscles flowing smoothly as she stepped across the desert sands. The monk knew somewhat of how to handle a horse, though he often preferred his own two feet when he could. It wasn’t a terribly long ride to the outskirts of the Ruins of Kal Ajin. Vil could see now, with the close proximity, why the officials of El Jalnine would like it cleared of its demons.

Vilyamar pulled up on the reigns as a wall came into sight. His eyes were moderately better in the darkness than those of his companions, or so he assumed, unless Scourge had called upon some arcane might to aid him. It was rough and worn, though definitely erected by the hands of humans. Thorny, leafless vines etched themselves across the face of the wall. The group glanced upwards at a ruffle of feathers and a “whoo” from an owl perched upon the stone wall.

Elandor made his gestures and greetings to the “guardian” of Kal Ajin. While Vilyamar quirked an eyebrow in the darkness he said nothing until Elandor turned to them.

“I say we sneak around the ruins first. I will go first, since I am smaller and a shadow friend.” He looked at Vilyamar. “Perhaps you can find a higher ground for a better overview of the building. And Scourge, perhaps Orion can fly over the ruins while you cast one of your incredible spells? We should meet up in about fifteen minutes at this location. How does that sound?”

Scourge nodded and Orion spoke, "I shall take to the wing and see what surprises may lay beyond."

The winged one took flight while Vilyamar gently dismounted, patting the withers and nose of Avis. He led the mare gently back to Scourge, handing the reins to the half-orc while talking softly to the mare.

The half-elf nodded as well, agreeing.

“I shall take the high road. Return safely, young Elandor. We should stay together once we enter the ruins formal.”

(Vilyamar will try to find high ground, if he cannot find any quickly he will try to scale the wall to get a good view of the ruins)

Posted on 2007-06-17 at 19:18:17.

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The Cathedral of Dawn

Teros stood on the Ivory Road, enwrapped in the shade of the massive, leafy trees that ran alongside it, and in the dying rays of the setting sun, he drank it in. The cathedral sat atop a small, green hill, like a massive white and gold crown. Huge, spindled buttresses ringed the massive, peaked centerpiece. The stone was white, but the gold inlays of the framework and the caps, gleamed as brilliant as if while the sun died, the Cathedral of Dawn would remain, casting it’s light upon the city, throughout the night. Of course, Teros knew this would not be the case. With a pause, he continued up the road, and to the gated wall that surrounded the building. The entire wall, he noticed, along with the surface of the cathedral, was not smooth, but frilled, woven with intricate murals and designs depicting the goddess, saints, and celestial beings he didn’t quite recognize. The cathedral must have taken at least a century to construct!

He had little time to be impressed however. The gate was open, but two men dressed in the intricately crafted, bronze and sapphire armor of the Lady of Light were approaching. They walked leisurely, and their halberds were held against their shoulders. When they reached him, one spoke in Ralnarian.

“The gate closes at sundown, friend. If you wish to make prayer and offerings, you’ll have to do it quick, or in the morning.”

"Good evening friends. I am here seeking training as a defender of Lavuria and her children, not for prayers specifically. Would I be able to enter now and meet my potential teacher? Or at least prove my worth?"

The guards had now approached him fully, and the studied him, as if measuring him. Then one of them spoke. His hair was long, loose black curls, and he bore a pointed goatee.

“You wish to become a Knight of The Dawn? If that Is so, then you will need to prove yourself, not only to us, but to Gracious Lavuria herself.”

He looks at Teros one more time, before saying

“Very well. Follow.”

The man turned towards the gate and beckoned Teros follow; and although his movements were slow and casual, as they reached the gate, he suddenly spun, and like a whirlwind, swept his halbred through the air, catching Teros’ feet, (failed reflex save :/). Before Teros knew what had happened, he lay flat on his back, his head pounding, and his lungs burning from the wind that had been knocked out of him.

He hadn’t time to ponder what was happening, before he saw the broad, flat end of blade of the halbred coming down on him. He was able to roll out of the way just in time…

(Your options? Well you don’t know why the man is attacking you, or what he plans to do…so…react as you see fit…oh, and get on your feet first )

Posted on 2007-06-20 at 03:12:40.

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should I stay or should I go now....

Needless to say, Rinrin was glad to hear all was well in Gnomefeld, and her eyes lit up at the mention of the river and Silvergrape Whine. She had enjoyed a few visits to the area in her youth, and she remembered the taste of the delicious whine as well as any other drink to be remembered.

After Boffi had finished speaking, a shrill voice called out from behind him, "Oh Boffi you speak so much! What say we open a bottle and share it with our guest!"

She pats the log beside her, inviting Rinrin to sit. At the fire, a few gnomes are currently placing racks and cooking meats over the flames.

"You should stay for a meal! My name is Jenine, by the way!"

Rinrin sat down where Jenine gestured. It was starting to get late, and it had been her suggestion to meet at the inn...but she did need dinner. She giggled as even Conjori's nose perked upon seeing the meat set out over the fire. She was sure the others would be busy this night, anyways. It was a big city...why wouldn't they be out late as well? She smiled at the gnomes around her, laughing merrily.

"Silvergrape Whine, you say? I remember that fine taste well! I imagine their willingness stems from the seeming lack of whine crop here. A few sips into their first bottle, though, and it must bloom into something more than that! If you'll have my company for this fireside meal, it will gladly be given in return. I must thank you all for your kindness; oh how nice to be in the company of gnomes again!"

Conjori barked his delight, his own mood feeding off of the jovial words of his mistress. He sat next to Rinrin, tail wagging happily. She couldn't help but think his expression a priceless one. If it wasn't for his obvious dog appearance, one would think he was a part of the gathering, and every bit as involved in the conversation.

Her face in a grin, Rinrin felt required to add, "If it isn't too much trouble, might a bit of the meal be spared for my companion here, as well? Conjori may look to be a soft little beast, but he's been through thick and thin with me. Shall we have a story with our meal? I'm not much of a bard, myself, nor have I seen enough years to hold a vast log of stories to tell. Are any of you particularly fond of words, I wonder? Though I will have to return to the inn and my companions at some time, the night is still young, is it not?"

((oh man, this is rubbish...but I guess it will do. Onward ho!))

Posted on 2007-06-22 at 01:10:39.

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The Demon

September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria
Kal Ajin

Following the kenders advice, Vilyamar and Scourge both set into action. Taking to wing, Orion spiraled into the darkening sky, and Vilyamar paced beside the path, eyeing the rocky hills for a path atop them. Elandor had already darted down the path that ran between the hills, towards the ruins….

When he had found a gentle enough slope, and sufficient handgrips in the outcropping stones, Vilyamar made his way up the hill directly behind the wall that had signaled their arrival. As he passed, the owl took to the air, “hoo’ing” once more before disappearing into the night sky.

As he reached the top of the hill, Vilyamar was careful to keep low. Here and their, rubble crowned the hill. There must have once been a series of walls atop here. Remaining in a crouch, the half elf surveyed his immediate surroundings, and when he had concluded there was no visible threat atop the hill, he proceeded forward. The desert beyond the hills opened before him. These lands south of the Siris River seemed choked with hills and craggy cliffs. The horizon was broken and rugged in the twilight. It may have felt he had stepped into a plain of emptiness, had the ruins of Kal Ajin not lay before him.

A ring of broken stone and wall encircled a series of broken walls and buildings. The whole set of ruins seemed about the size of a castle keep. Had this been a fortress in it’s day? Creeping closer, Vilyamar surveyed the layout of the buildings, and the walls. The hills that surrounded the ruins were smoother on this side, and if he chose, he could easily scale down them, where he would stand outside the broken walls of the fortress. The walls, Vilyamar determined, were broken in so many places, that if he or any other chose, they could come or go into the ruins by nearly any spot, and not need to search for a gateway. This would be useful if any conflict broke out, and they found themselves needing to scatter, or flee. There were 4 buildings within the ring, but only one seemed intact. It was the largest of them, perhaps 200 by 300 feet across, and rising up over the others, and the broken walls. It had the build and look of a keep. Aside from that, Vilyamar could see nothing. No movement, no lights. Turning, he began to make his way back to reunite with the other two.

Orion returned shortly, and hastily informed his master of all that he had witnessed. Scourge remained silent until he saw Vilyamar making his way back down the rocky face of the hill he had climbed. They needed only Elandor now…..

The little kender had slipped down the path that cut between the cliffs like a shadow. He had determined as he went, that this path must have been carved into the hill, and that these cliffs were a scar cut into the earth. Ten foot walls rose here and there from the rubble that lined the path. This must have once been a fortified walkway right between the cliffs! Elandor couldn’t see what good that would do, since the cliffs stood perhaps 5 feet behind the walls, and rose 15 feet above them.

Soon enough the cliffs began to open, and Elandor could see the ruins expanding before him. A massive ring of broken wall and stone encircled four buildings. Three of which were crumbled, but one, against the far back of the ring, was very large and intact. An arched doorway gaped like a toothless mouth into it, and only blackness lay beyond. Elandor had been eyeing this doorway, when he heard a gentle thud behind him.

Turning, Elandor gazed at a creature, the likes of which he had never seen before. The creature stood the size of a man, but to Elandor, it looked like a giant mantis. It stood on two hind legs, and with four arms, gripped a long pole that ended in blades on either end.

Its head consisted of two very large, compound eyes, and massive, mandibles. A pair of antennae rose form its head. Clearly, one could see why a common surveyer fled, screaming “demons and monsters!”

The creature now stood on the path, blocking Elandors return. It studied him with giant, sand colored eyes.

Posted on 2007-06-23 at 16:57:37.
Edited on 2007-06-23 at 16:58:06 by Valimar

Typing Furiously
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the bug-man monologue

The ruins proved to be quite exciting to the little kender. He wondered what all had happened here, and how long these ruins had been left to crumble up. As he walked along the stone walls, he could almost imagine their vibrant days. He stayed close to the shadows, and ducked away like people were actually passing. He imagined the eyes of the desertfolk darting his way, moments after he went by. In his mind, a royally dressed man paced the long corridor, purses full of coin dangling loudly.

Then the walkway opened up, and the rest of the ruins were revealed. This was a truly amazing experience. It was like stepping into a forgotten civilization, like their encounter with the city of glass. Again his mind started taking him off to where people still walked the four halls and the ring of stone. He moved forward when suddenly he heard a noise behind him.
Gone were all the imagined people, gone were the sounds and smells. What remained was an insect creature, vaguely humanoid in shape. And it was looking straight at Elandor.

“Oh, hullo.” The kender stated. The creature’s eyes peered at him, studied him silently. Elandor thought it was pretty rude, but didn’t want to embarrass the thing. The creature probably didn’t know any better. Perhaps it was better to wait with confronting this insect-man, and comfort him first. By chance, Elandor was a master of pleasant conversation.

“This is a marvellous place, don’t you think so? Is it your home? I must say it is mightily impressing. I understand why you live here. But I’m wondering what you eat. I always heard that insects eat plants, but there aren’t a lot of plants in the desert. Or maybe you grow your own crops inside that building over there, to keep the sun from frying them during the day? You don’t say much do you? Perhaps you’re just shy. That’s alright. I would be shy if I had antennae on my head too. You never know what people think of you if you’re different, right? They always seem to underestimate you, or something. Anyway, I’m not underestimating you, if that’s what you’re thinking right now. Are you thinking that right now?”

Posted on 2007-06-24 at 08:36:58.

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The response.

“This is a marvellous place, don’t you think so? Is it your home? I must say it is mightily impressing. I understand why you live here. But I’m wondering what you eat. I always heard that insects eat plants, but there aren’t a lot of plants in the desert. Or maybe you grow your own crops inside that building over there, to keep the sun from frying them during the day? You don’t say much do you? Perhaps you’re just shy. That’s alright. I would be shy if I had antennae on my head too. You never know what people think of you if you’re different, right? They always seem to underestimate you, or something. Anyway, I’m not underestimating you, if that’s what you’re thinking right now. Are you thinking that right now?”

The entire time he spoke, the creature stood, unmoving, studying him with those oversized eyes. It's tiny black pupils were locked like those of a mantis on a fly. But now, perhaps to Elandors immense pleasure, it spoke....It took a moment for him to realize that the strange cacophony of humming clicks were actually vocalized words, but once he caught on, Elandor could understand terribly broken Common.

".................Here? Why soft-skin here? Why Soft-skin here? Kshhhtakekekuk can kill soft-skin. Can eat soft-skin. Tell Kshhhtakekekuk why at Kshhhtakekekuk's place of living?"

The creature had moved now, and one, cruel end of it's weapon was pointed at Elandor.

Posted on 2007-06-26 at 02:19:37.

Glorious Emperor
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Nada here comrade.

A light thud was all the escaped the landing of the monk. No lights, no movement, no sound. Nothing had escaped the area known as Kal Ajin Ruins while Vilyamar surveyed it from his lookout point upon the hilltop. The night air was cool and a small breeze rustled the forest cloak against his legs.

As he returned, a small ruffle of feathers let him know the proximity of Orion. Vilyamar rounded the hill to see Scourge and Orion together where he had left them. Elandor was not with them, though that was to be expected. The kender would not be moving nearly as swiftly as he had or Orion could.

Fifteen minutes, thought the monk. Of which 8 have passed.

"There was nothing. No lights, no movement, no sound. I saw the buildings, or what I can only assume were buildings. Perhaps this place had been a fortress at one point in its existence. Now... now it is barely dust and stone," said the half-elf, running his fingertips gently across the roughened edge of the wall.

"While we wait a little while longer for our friend, what did you happen to spy from your higher vantage point, Orion?" Vil asked.

Posted on 2007-06-26 at 03:29:54.

Dragon Fodder
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Antisocial scourge..

Scourge stood there and didn't really say anything which was typical of the large man. Orion though, as he landed upon his orcish companions shoulder recited everything he had seen while flying overhead; which was to say, not much. His exchange with Vilyamar revealed little more information than each their own had discovered, but now they were to wait for the wee one to return.

Ten minutes had past and five or so were yet to go, but hey, who owned a watch in this day and age? Not being one to stand around in the broad of day like a piece of the ruined landscape, Scourge and Orion made their way down the path towards the ruins, Orion flying roughly 10 feet above the large Scourge keeping an eye out.

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Typing Furiously
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ah, you're a ksss-kakatoo

It couldn't be possible. Elandor was practically jumping with glee. He was indeed talking to an enormous freaking bug! Who else in the history of kender had ever accomplished such an amazing feat of adventuring? This was even better than the explosive cow-burp-tale that uncle Riddlecracker used to resite around the fires.

"Well met, Ksssh-the-Kakatoo. I'm sorry for intruding, but we were sent here by captain Hurger of El-Jalnine. The thing is, you've scared some people with your facetted eyes and your antennae. Perhaps you sneaked up on them, like you did me, you know. And they didn't mean any harm either."

He did his best to talk slowly, but the excitement was pushing him forward.

"Did you know that these buildings were not really meant for people to live in any more? They have a sentimental and historical value to the people of El-Jalnine. Perhaps it's better if you find another place to live?"

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A Night In The Den

September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria/Siris River
El Jalnine/ The Riversnakes Den

Since their arrival by boat into the vast and magnificent city of El Jalnine, several hours earlier, Marie had remained in the first Inn they had come across. The Riversnakes Den was your typical Inn, located ideally overlooking the Siris river and it’s constant flow of merchant water traffic. Since their encounter with the monstrous, silver Eel, the day before, It was likely a relief to the huntress to be off the murky, greenish waters of the river, and back on solid ground…Even if the tavern she now resided did remind her of their latest brush with death.

The sun had been hanging like a burning, wavering orange lantern over the spires of the cities western horizon, when they had arrived, and the shadows of night had already begun to creep into the alley ways of the stacked and crowded, white washed riverfront buildings and market ways of El Jalnine. Yet it seemed nightfall wasn’t enough to dissuade her companions from separating for an evening of site seeing, and possibly job seeking. Damien, as usual, had slinked into some corner of the tavern to brood; but she had remained near one of the two Tavern windows, and had been sipping a spiced pomegranate wine (Highly recommended by the barkeep, Lady Jhillan), and had been watching the passing boats with their brilliantly colored sails, and emblazoned hulls, for the past several hours. Now night had fallen, and the river was filled only with the glimmer of the stars, which would shatter occasionally with the passing, black figure of a ship. The Common room was filled with folk. Mostly sailors or fishermen, by their look, but Marie could not understand most of what was being said, and found herself feeling very out of place with her pale skin and hair and foreign dress. Where were the others? She clearly remembered the little kender, Elandor Underhood, explaining that they should meet back here this evening; and yet she was the only one here, aside from the crowds of loud, drinking fishermen. Even Damien could no longer be seen.

So it was that when the tall man dressed in heavy, silver plates of ornate armor pushed open the door and strolled in, that her attention was perked. His skin was paler then the desert people, as was his long, brown hair; and his eyes were blue and piercing. A large, rectangular shield hugged his back, and a finely crafted longsword hung at his hip. He stood in the doorway for a long moment, scanning the crowd as if searching for someone…

(Welcome to Noldaria, Vani . Grugg, I have introduced you, but you will need a PM from me before you can post )

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