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The part of Marie will now be played by ...

Inside the tavern, Marie sat at the table, running the back of her hand along it’s edge unconcsciously. Made of rough timbers, the wood should have offered a splinter or two to the questing hand, but decades of hands and trays, and tankards and bodies rubbing the surface in passing had worn it smoother than silk, giving it a sheen at odds with the otherwise unremarkable appearance.

Marie left off the restless motion and reached for the rough clay cup of wine, the smell of spices and pomegranate reaching her nose before the warm fruitiness surged against her tongue and palate, the lingering headiness a warning of it’s potency. It was good, surprisingly good, and Marie set the cup back down firmly, shaking her head when the Lady Jhillan raised the pitcher in her direction with an inviting smile. No, to relax in a cup or two (or three) of good wine was fine enough when among friends where you could let your guard slip, but not here, not now, not among strangers she could barely understand.

The ranger sighed, depressed by her own fey mood, and returned her gaze to the darkness beyond the open window by her seat. She was restless, she knew, and she longed for activity to relieve what waiting could not. She told herself that she knew patience, she’d sat in a blind of her own making, stalking deer or other prey, not moving for hours on end in wait, but it was useless. Her body knew she wasn’t in the woods. The wood beneath her was a chair, not a log, and the darkness outside was not as deep as it would be in the deep forest. Her companions were not tracking dinner, nor fetching firewood or water, but exploring a town that couldn’t possibly be large enough to distract them this long. She frowned, drawing fine red eyebrows over green eyes, and nibbled her lower lip, considering her options. Stay here, as she said she would, or go out in search of them. “Oh, wouldn’t that be lovely,” she thought to herself, green gaze returning inside to sweep the room once more,” you go out into the night and they wander in moments later, wondering why you can’t keep your word on such a minor thing.”

She was about to reach into her belt purse for coin when the man entered, the flicker of new activity catching her eye. He was a tall man, with long brown hair brushing the heavy, silver plates of ornate armor he wore as easily as she wore a cloak. A large, rectangular shield hugged his back, and a finely crafted longsword hung at his hip. He stood in the doorway for a long moment, scanning the crowd as if searching for someone.

Marie let his blue eyes catch her own, welcoming the distraction from her worry, then looked away before her gaze could be considered provocative. She was unusual enough in her leathers and boots, instead of skirts and slippers, and her auburn hair blazed in the flicker of lamplights, a brightness amongst the black and brown hair of the fishermen around her. No, she wasn’t one to hide in the background, but she wasn’t looking to garner attention of the wrong sort.

She took another sip of wine, carefully measuring the richness across her lips, and watched the stranger through downcast lashes. What would he do, and what was he looking for?

Posted on 2007-07-14 at 12:17:22.

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Silly guard

((Just a note: Its been a long time since I've read a DnD book. I'm not fully sure what all my feats are for or if what I'm doing will cause an attack of opportunity. So bear with me if I do something stupid))

Without any warning Teros suddenly found himself falling to the ground. Surprise kept him from thinking quickly, but with years of experienced he managed to act on instinct and roll out of the way of the flat end of the weapon, the weapon slamming into the ground where he had just been.

Breathing hard and wide eyed with confusion he got on his feet and drew his weapon. His mind caught up with time as the element of surprise wore off and he realized that this was part of the test. If he couldn't best the guard what right did he have to serve the goddess? Still the situation was pressed and slightly awkward for Teros, so he responded the only way he knew how. He spread his legs and watched his enemy, but made no move for him (Dodge bonus vs the Guard and using Expertise for +4 AC).

(Just so we can move things along: Teros will take his time and fight defensively until the guard makes his move. After the guard attacks he'll try to trip him and force him to submit. Should that fail (either the trip or getting him to submit) he'll try to knock him out by using the hilt or flat of his sword.)

Posted on 2007-07-14 at 18:22:17.

RDI Staff
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Sorry I'm late

It was not often that Alcaz had the chance to do something as important as he had been tasked with just this last week. One of the heads of the Order the Silver Blade himself, Seariedor, had tasked him, only a simple knight, with a quest, and honor any of the knights would have slain a dragon for. When the letter had come to him Alcaz could hardly believe it, perhaps this would finally be the chance to show the heads of the Order that he was worthy of greater notice. Although he knew little of the details save those explained to him by Seariedor, this was clearly a matter of some importance, and time was of the essence. As per his lord's instructions, Alcax had taken the box Seariedor had given him, and binding it carefully with his belongings he had mounted Swiftwind, his loyal equine companion and set off for El Jalnine.

The trip had been mundane for the most part. With the countryside passing by him as he rode on. It had only been a few hours before he reached the city that he stumbled upon an incident. A young woman, not more than 25 lay dead in the dust, her red blood staining the earth where she lay. The murderers, a pair of thieves most likely, were still near, rummaging through the corpse for trinkets of value. When they noticed him they instinctively attacked, trying to increase their haul for the day. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated the prowess of a knight of his order. Thanking Vunalis for this opportunity to test his martial abilities, he delivered the rightful vengeance upon the pair, slaying the light haired one before with a simple blow from his blade. Seeing his companion fall the other gave flight, taking advantage of Alcaz's oath to honor the dead.

Alcaz gave him time for now, first and foremost on his mind was the woman. Digging the best grave he could with the supplies on hand, he buried her body, saying a small prayer for her as he did. He would avenge her wrongful death.

Remounting his horse Alcaz headed in the direction the thief took. It did not take long for him to arrive at the city, and with a quick question to the guards at the gate he learned his target had made his way to a tavern. Thanking the guard for the directions Alcaz made haste to follow the thief turned murderer, quickly reaching the tavern. He stepped into the door, his eyes surveying the room making contact with those of a young woman before he spied his quarry in the back of the room, his back to the door. Clearly he did not expect to have been followed.

In one smooth movement, Alcaz slung his shield down on his arm and unsheathed his sword, the symbol of Vunalis emblazoned on its hilt. Pointing the sword at the thief in the back of the room Alcaz called out a challenge.

"Murderer, I have come to enact the punishment for the death of woman, though I know her not. You have but one chance to surrender before you meet the same fate as your former companion. I advise you to choose the next words you speak very carefully!"
(OOC: If he does anything hostile, Alcaz will move to him and attack, making sure all the innocents get out of the way. Btw, this is not the best I've done, please dont skin me.)

Posted on 2007-07-18 at 14:29:54.

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A Song To The Mothers

September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria/Siris River
El Jalnine
Gnomefeld Embassy

“If it isn't too much trouble, might a bit of the meal be spared for my companion here, as well? Conjori may look to be a soft little beast, but he's been through thick and thin with me. Shall we have a story with our meal? I'm not much of a bard, myself, nor have I seen enough years to hold a vast log of stories to tell. Are any of you particularly fond of words, I wonder? Though I will have to return to the inn and my companions at some time, the night is still young, is it not?”

The gnomes smiled brightly at this, and without hesititation, Jenine set down her cup of Silvergrape Wine and began to rustle through a brown, leather sack that lay next to her. Boffi watched her, smiling.

“Good that you should ask, Friend Rinrin!”

Jenine said as she withdrew an instrument that Rinrin had seen many times before, if only in her homeland. The Willow-Wind. It was a slender, wooden tube, half the hight of Jenine, and adornd with wind holes. 6 willow strands hung from it, fastenening small, rounded, wooden shapes. The purpose of the Willow-Wind was to serve as both an instrument of music, and of dance...

“I have been writing an Ode to the Mothers of Migaer (Migaer is the earth), and I have intended to present to the Elders of my Family, this Autumn's Equinox. What joy that I shall be able to present it to you, a representative of one of the Four Mothers, first!”

As she spoke, Boffi and a young, handsome male gnome with longer, golden hair and bright green eyes handed Rinrin and Conjori respectively, plates of crisp meats and boiled and spiced vegetables.

Taking a stand before the fire, Jinine paused to take a breath and gather her focus, before beginning, slowly at first, to spin the Willow-Wind. The melody that poured from the whirring instrument was soft and haunting. Jinine spun suddenly, swooping the Willow-Wind with her, and the melody became almost like a voice, clear and beautiful, drifting over the wind. As she played, she sang, in a voice that was sharp and majestic, even for her small stature.

One with the light of the stars
Woke Firstborns of Ilúvatar (The great creator...Created even the Gods)
One with the trees and the green
Planted all the first seeds
Hope for the others grief
She will come in misery
Ever-Young cares the blooms
Her sister caused the sun and the moon
Valier, Queens of the Gods
Sisters and wives of divine
Maid singers of the world
Composers, creators
One with the laugh and the dance
Spirit maiden in the woodlands
And one with the gift to heal
Gardens of Synovia her realm
Weaver from Timeless Halls
Cast the fate of the other dawn
All the stories within time
In her clouds weaved with pride
Highest Queens in Eã (Universe)
First from Eru's hands
Masters of Esegearth (Heavan)
Almighty of Migaer (Earth)
Valier, Queens of the Gods
Four mothers of the earth
Concerned with life, tears and time
Pure beings of great beauty
Loving hearts, joy and majesty
Lavuria, Inenhalla, Alquelynia

The song continued for a bit, as dance and music from the Willow Wind, before she finally came to stop, and with a brilliant smile, bowed before the clapping gnomes.

“A beautiful song Jenine!”

Boffi said as he handed her a plate of her own food.

“Surely I felt the very presence of Inenhalla in yonder garden during your song!”

And infact, that was something Rinrin felt herself able to atest to. During the song, she had felt a presence, soft and gentle and loving, and she had felt it coming from the garden...

“Friend Rinrin! What think you? Will the Elders like it? Would it please the Goddesses?”
Jenine was studying Rinrin hopefully.

Posted on 2007-07-20 at 16:03:26.

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Kshhh The Kakatoo

September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria
Kal Ajin

The creature studied Elandor, with its massive, alien eyes. When he had finished speaking, it clicked it's sharp mandibles and switched it's weapon to two new hands. The kender couldn't be certain what the creature was thinking..Until it spoke.

“Soft skin not know! This Kshhhtakekekuk home. Kshhhtakekekuk not have tribe. Tribe lost. Filthy lizards attack and Kshhhtakekekuk not find tribe again. Kshhhtakekekuk not leave. Soft skin leave now!”

With a series of clearly angry clicks, the creature spun it's weapon, directing one of it's blades at the Kender. At this time, Scourge had decided to follow the path, and had turned a corner to appear, perhaps 30 feet behind the Mantis Warrior, who seemed to notice him instantly. Spinning, so that his back was to the cliff wall, and Elandor was on his right and Scourge 30 feet to his left, the creature continued in it's droning, humming voice.

“Soft Skin bring other Soft Skins to Kshhhtakekekuk home! Leave Kshhhtakekekuk alone now.”

In his four arms, the weapon began to spin, like a windmills fans.

Posted on 2007-07-20 at 16:15:34.

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The First Test

September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria/Siris River
El Jalnine
Cathedral of Dawn

Teros had not expected the attack from a Knight of the Dawn, and so it had taken him a moment (on his back) to catch on that this very well may be a test. The warrior brought his blade down at Teros, who rolled deftly to the side, and onto his feet. Drawing his own blade, and the shield he had obtained from the ruins of Hajin Ra, Teros set himself defensively and waited for the soldier to act.

The second of the two Knights simply stood to the side, watching silently as Teros and his attacker circled for a moment. Then, suddenly, the man lunged forward with a series of swipes, which Teros parried. The ring of steel against steel sang through the courtyard, and the dying sunlight that hit the golden towers above danced about them and on their swords.

“Very good.”

Said the warrior as they circled.

“You have a solid defense. But how is your attack? Or do you just cower behind a shield in the Ladies Holy Name?”
Lunging once more he attacked, and with the clash of steel, Teros parried again, before swiping at the man and attempting to trip him. The warrior deflected his swing and kicked out Teros' trip attempt, before swinging once more at Teros, who's sword was currently on a back swing. Instinctively, Teros raised his shield, and as the knights blade struck it, a sudden, blinding, white light shot from the shield and swept over the courtyard, so bright and sudden that it was as if lightning had struck him. Both Teros and the Knight he fought suddenly fell to the ground, as if caught by some paralysise. He felt no pain however, just a sudden loss of control. Glancing down at his shield as he fell to the grass, Teros noted the surface still glowed, faintly, and tendrils of smoke rose from it.

“Well well well.”

The Knight who had been watching now stood over the two.

“It is said that those items Lavuria blesses can never be raised against one another.”

Teros could start to feel strength returning. The warrior next to him coughed and began to move as well.

“It is apparent that the shield you wield has been graced by her Light. Perhaps you should tell us how you aquired it....”

Teros could stand again now, and the warrior he had been fighting had already resheathed his blade; but Teros could feel both sets of eyes, fixed on him.

Posted on 2007-07-20 at 16:36:35.

Typing Furiously
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no fighty

Elandor was as surprised to see Scourge as the creature. The fifteen minutes couldn’t be over yet. He reached forward and stretched out his arms to beckon Scourge not to come closer. He didn’t want to scare Ksssh-the-Kakatoo into overreacting with violence.

“No, wait, Ksssh, wait. We came here not to invade your home. In fact, I’m very touched by your story, and I’m sure we can find a way to help you. How long ago were you separated from your tribe?”

The kender, with his ever generous heart, would not harm this creature if a peaceful conclusion was possible. Perhaps they could go back to captain Hurger, and request they use part of the reward to retrace Ksssh’s tribe. How much would that cost? It couldn’t be much…. They just needed to find the right person. Perhaps Ksssh could tell them more about his tribe’s location.

“Oh, and where did you use to live with your tribe? Is that far away?”

(OOC: Perhaps we can PM this conversation, and then post it all? That would save some time, I think. In any case, Elandor is using his Diplomacy skill to the max.)

Posted on 2007-07-20 at 17:16:28.

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yay ^_^ singing

Rinrin sat in silence as Jenine sang her song, enjoying both the wonderful food that was served to her as well as the beautiful verses. Her fellow gnome was certainly an accomplished singer! When she had finished, Rinrin clapped so heartily her hands stung.

"A beautiful song Jenine!"

Boffi said as he handed her a plate of her own food.

"Surely I felt the very presence of Inenhalla in yonder garden during your song!"

Rinrin could not deny that statement; she had felt the kind presence as well - it made her all the more proud of her new friend's song.

"Friend Rinrin! What think you? Will the Elders like it? Would it please the Goddesses?"

Jenine was studying Rinrin hopefully.

"hahahee! Your song was absolutely beautiful, Jenine!" Rinrin exclaimed, her glee apparent. "Well played, well versed, and well sung! I must confirm Boffi's own words; Inenhalla surely heard your wondrous song. I felt the kind mother's presence in the garden myself."

Even more than before, Rinrin wished to go take a stroll through the garden of her Goddess. She gave Jenine a warm and truly heart-felt smile.

"I am certain that the Elders of your Family will love your song, and I have no doubt it will please the Goddesses! It really is a lovely rendition, well done!"

Rinrin paused for a moment, taking a deep breath to still her giggling before continuing - she had been speaking so quickly in all her excitement!

"Also, the feeling from the garden reminds me, dear friends. I've not yet had a chance to stroll through it; perhaps once everyone has finished with this tasty meal (absolutely delicious, by the way, thank you!) that may be done? My companions and I have been travelling through the desert, so it has been quite a while since I've seen a garden so pretty."


Posted on 2007-07-20 at 18:25:36.

Dragon Fodder
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Stand and deliver!

Scourge rounded the corner and stopped when he observed a large insect looking humanoid, noting the antennae and mandibles, it reminded him of sketches he had seen in his former master's grimoires of anatomy. Perhaps it was an Umber Hulk, though he'd never seen one outside of a page and his memory of the image was vague. He tried to recall his knowledge of such creatures but drew a blank on the subject. He took a step forward but was halted by none other than Elandor, who beckoned him stay put. It seemed as though he were conversing with the large creature, who at seeing Scourge wasn't exactly happy that more strangers had entered its domain.

Scourge stood his back to the wall, leaning as he twirled his Dawnbringer much in the same way the creature twirled his own, while Orion, who had already been flying overhead, continued on, to perch upon the wall above the two, lending an ear on any conversation as a fly on the wall might.

Posted on 2007-07-21 at 20:36:40.

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The Confrontation

September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria/Siris River
El Jalnine/ The Riversnakes Den

"Murderer, I have come to enact the punishment for the death of woman, though I know her not. You have but one chance to surrender before you meet the same fate as your former companion. I advise you to choose the next words you speak very carefully!"

The room went silent, and all eyes went between the man in the decorative armor, who had called out the challenge and now held his blade, pointed at a man at the bar, who had slowly spun around, to face the armored man. He was bald, with a long, pointed black beard and a scar over his sullen eyes. He glared at the man in the doorway wildly. He was dressed in a simple tunic, but even from her seat, Marie could see the hilt of a dagger, rising from his boot.

“Now sirs. I'll have no trouble in my tavern.”

The voice was that of the barkeep, and though she was clearly uneasy, she had managed to make her voice firm and authorative.

“I do not know if you are of the authority to make an arrest. Someone, get the City Watch. That way we can be-”

Suddenly the bearded man acted, drawing his dagger, grabbing hold of a middle aged woman (who Marie thought she remembered he had been flirting with a few minutes ago), and spun behind her, with his back to the bar, and the rather cruel, rusted edge of his blade pressed against her neck. Her tan skin was flushed white,and her eyes were wide with terror.

“Please, Tav-”

“Shut up! Now back away! All of you.”

The crowd pushed away from him, and at his signal, the barkeep crossed the bar and joined the crowd. The armored man with the blade stood perhaps 25 feet away, and between them was gap. Noone would dare come between these two dangerous men and their business. The man glared angrily at his accusor from behind his terrified hostage. His beard hung over her shoulder, and his shaved head gleamed with sweat in the lamp-light.


The words were a hiss.

“Take a step and I cut her throat. Step away from the door.”

Posted on 2007-07-23 at 15:55:04.

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The Tribe.

September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria
Kal Ajin

“No, wait, Ksssh, wait. We came here not to invade your home. In fact, I’m very touched by your story, and I’m sure we can find a way to help you. How long ago were you separated from your tribe?”

The creature stopped whirling his weapon, but his bulbous eyes remained fixed on the kender. Elandor could not be certain if the creature had relaxed, or was about to lop his head off.

“Oh, and where did you use to live with your tribe? Is that far away?”

The droning voice that followed also held no clues as to the creatures motives. Elandor could sense emotion, but he could not place it. This creature was unlike anything he had encountered before in every way! Even it's feelings were alien!

“Kshhhtakekekuk tribe not stay in one spot. Kshhhtakekekuk tribe move place to place..”

The creature indicated with one, long, spindly arm, south and west. (west is the direction you've come from. The coast of the Arnakian Sea is to the East...South west you know is a straight that connects to a jungle continent that loops around the south of the Arnakian Sea)

“New lizards move in area. Make war with other lizards and with Thri-Kreen.”

At this new word, the creature indicated to itself.

“New Lizards part of great tribe. Very big. New Lizards make war on Soft Skins soon. Kshhhtakekekuk not know where tribe is. Kshhhtakekekuk not know if tribe still in this world. Soft Skins should leave now.”

Elandor could not be sure, but the creature seemed calmer now. It's weapon remained at it's side, rather then spinning, and it's voice was not as loud or as intrusive, but a softer 'hum'.

Posted on 2007-07-23 at 16:13:05.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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getting somewhere

What Kssh had just shared with him was of greater importance than Elandor could’ve imagined. This encounter with the strange insectoid, or Thri-Kreen as Kssh had called himself, turned out to be about more than ridding a monster of an old site. For a moment, Elandor couldn’t think. Or perhaps its better to say that he couldn’t think clearly, for thoughts shot through his head freely without stopping, giving him only glances at plans or things to say. After a moment the kender realized what had to be done.

“Listen, Kssh. Do you like living here? I can imagine you do. And I don’t think any humans come here a lot. Well, anyway, what I’m trying to say is this: we were sent to find out who lived in these old ruins. The humans are scared of you, and you don’t like their company either. But perhaps there is a solution.”

Slowing himself down, Elandor continued.
“If there really is a large tribe of lizardmen going to attack the humans than they want to know about it. If you can tell the humans all you know, they will probably let you stay, perhaps as a special ‘guardian’ of their ruins? Would you like that? You wouldn’t be bothered by people coming here so much, and they would be grateful and perhaps even try to find your tribe for you?”

There were many things Elandor wanted to propose to the Thri-Kreen. One of them was an invitation to come with them into the town. But the kender didn’t know if that would be a wise thing to do. It was probably best if Hurger came to the ruins to meet with Kssh. IF Elandor’s new friend was willing to cooperate.

(OOC: practically, Elandor is trying to get the creature what he desires in return for valuable information. If the Thri-Kreen wants to stay, he can stay. If the Thri-Kreen wants to find his tribe, Elandor will try to accomplish that. Basically, after Kssh replies, we should ride back to the city, and get somebody of high rank. Maybe Hurger, maybe somebody above his status.)

Posted on 2007-07-23 at 16:51:40.

Den Mother
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Bloody coward

Up to a point, the arrival of the armour clad man and the confrontation with the other man at the bar had been only an interesting spectacle, no more. Marie knew neither of them, and was canny enough to not judge the right or wrong of the armoured man’s claim by appearances alone. No, Marie was quite ready to sit back and simply watch the show when the less savoury of the two pulled his boot knife to threaten the woman seated nearest to him.

“Of all the cowardly acts…” Marie muttered, hot anger flaring but still in check. It wasn’t enough for most women to accept a life of passivity and gentleness in return for protection by men, some of those men had to turn their aggression against those least equipped to defend themselves! The old frustrations, the old anger bubbled at the back of her mind and poured acid down the back of her throat.

Marie rose from her chair, the rough sound of the chair scraping back loud in the suddenly silent room. She stalked through the crowd to place herself closer to the bar, on the far side of the woman being held by the man, so that he had to twist around to see her past his victim. She didn’t draw a weapon, but made sure her cloak hung behind her shoulders so that the longsword showed plainly at her side.

“Murderer or not, you’ve shown yourself to be the most cowardly of dogs,” Marie all but growled. “Let the woman go and I’ll stand with you until the watch arrives. Harm her and your life is forfeit. How many others here need to face you down before you realize you haven’t a choice? Set the woman aside and you won’t have her blood on your hands.”

Posted on 2007-07-27 at 20:14:17.

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Test continues

It happened so fast. One moment he was attempting to end the fight by putting the man on his back, and then he was raising his shield to deflect the blade he saw out of the corner of his eye. The next thing he knew there was a blinding light filling his eyes and he could no longer control himself as he fell back to the ground. At first he thought that it was a spell, but as he fell he saw the shield and realized that it was something else entirely.

As he regained control of his body and stood up again the other Knight explained what had happened. He briefly replayed their adventures in Hajin Ra in his head as he glanced down at the shield, touching it briefly, before looking back up at the two.

"Hajin Ra." he said with a bit more confidence in the situation than he felt. He opened his mouth to say more but stopped, not sure he should go into details about why he was there. "I'm not a defiling thief." he added quickly, glancing between the two men.

Posted on 2007-08-01 at 16:56:03.

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September 7th/Sunday Evening Central Ralnaria/Siris River
El Jalnine
Gnomefeld Embassy/Inenhallas Shrine

Her newfound friends were both obviously excited by the approval of the song by a cleric of Inenhalla, and they eagerly granted her the time and privacy of her goddesses Shrine. Finishing her meal and rising, Rinrin and her large, canine companion approached the garden. Compared to the starkness of the desert, the lush, gentle of the swaying willow eaves, and the dance of the tall grasses and brilliantly colored flowers were a living, welcoming greeting. Even the stone wall and it’s owl sentinels seemed flourishing. Rinrin didn’t hesitate to pass beyond the wall and onto the thin, moss carpeted path that led into the peaceful blanket of darkness the willows cast at this hour.

In the center of the garden, was a clearing; and lit illuminated in with the silver glow of the moon stood a white, stone fountain. A spring surfaced here, and the water rolled gently over the smooth edges of the fountain and into a pool that mirrored the stars above. It was here that Rinrin could truly feel her goddesses presence, breathed through the watchful trees.

She lingered a while, with nothing but the tranquility of the garden, and the embrace of her Goddesses presence, when suddenly, Conjori stirred, and darted for a nestle of trees. Before Rinrin could stop him, a creature stepped from the trees and towards the dog. The creature, could best be described as a deer, perhaps the size of an elk, and similar of stature, but it’s fur was white in the moonlight. It had antlers, but they branched and tangled, and poured down along the creatures face. Ivey hung, intertwined with the antlers, and almost giving the creature the appearance of sporting flowing hair. Ivey also flowed down it’s back, in slender tendrils. It’s face, Rinrin could see, was also not entirely like that of a deer, but almost humanoid, with large, almond shaped eyes and an aura of pure serenity. Rinrin could feel the presence of her Goddess flowing through this being. The creature lowered it’s head, and it’s nose touched Conjoris up reaching nose, and he licked it gently and lovingly, as if he knew this creature and adored it.

The creature lifted it’s head and regarded Rinrin, and she knew she loved this being with all her heart. Was it Inenhalla herself? Was it an aspect of the goddess? Some being whom the Goddess had sent to her? Rinrin knew in the least that this creature was holy. For a moment the creature and Rinrin faced one another, unmoving. Conjori stood beside the being, before suddenly it turned and disappeared into the shadows of the trees. Conjori returned to Rinrin and nuzzled her hand. She was alone in the garden…

(any attempts to communicate with the being are in vain, and you cannot find it if you seek it.)

Posted on 2007-08-01 at 17:52:53.


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