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Parent thread: Kingmaker Q&A
GM for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm
Players for this game: Aardvark, Reralae, Okron, Shades331, Karcitis, Nyrodine Ezayo, Zeakol
This game has fizzled.
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A slight concern...

Sordin listened to Oleg with his arms crossed, and wearing a persistent frown on his face. Once the man finished Sordin gave a few seconds of thought before he spoke. "Excuse me... Oleg was it?" He looked around briefly, to make sure he'd gotten the name right. Seeing no interruption he continued. "I am nothing but sympathetic to your plight, and I do indeed agree that measures should be taken to help solve it, and I'm more that willing to assist with that. It's just... I fear assisting in the way that you wish us to will only serve to worsen your problems."

"You say that the troop coming tomorrow morning is only a fraction of the original size? Will taking out these four bandits and the archer, if it's even that many, halt the attacks on your fort? The impression I'm getting is that they've got a fair bit more than that in reserve. Wiping out the group tomorrow may save you in supplies, but I fear it'll have a much greater negative effect once we leave. As Ortlieb said" Sordin gestures to the half-orc, "They'll be coming hear not expecting a fight. If we take these out, next time they come armed and angry. Do you have any contingency planned for when that happens? This might be worth losing some furs over if it means you keep your lives."

"Please know that I do wish to help you, I just want to ensure what I am doing is actually 'help'."

Posted on 2011-11-15 at 10:09:55.
Edited on 2011-11-15 at 10:12:04 by Aardvark

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Gambling on the psyche

Aria clasped her hands together, a bit of a smirk showing on her face, "Well, the question is whether or not they are ready for retaliation. How long would it take for them to counter with their own? Not to mention, how are we to know if wherever they're holed up is actually expecting them back right away? They may leave fast, but it doesn't mean they go back right away. There's a lot to gamble on, and I'm a gambling girl."

Aria's eyes glanced to the table, glazing over a bit as she thought, "Here's the thing, if we are able to discern the location of their base, like say capturing the jerks alive and getting intel from them, then perhaps we may be able to take the fight to them, so to speak. It's a gamble, but as long as they don't get word back to their base, that as well buys us time."

Posted on 2011-11-16 at 16:53:20.

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Too risky

"Considering the numbers that Oleg described I'd say they could prepare for a retaliation in... a couple hours maybe? Remember that they originally only sent 12 people, considering how their numbers dwindled afterwards I'm guessing they only sent that many because they did not know whether or not the fort was guarded, either that or as a show of force to intimidate it's occupants. Regardless I can't imagine them sending more than that to retake it, if they have more that is, so they should be able to depart very soon after they realize their last group failed. Not that I think they will though."

"However, I do agree with you that it would be best to track them down to their base and take care of them there. However, what if the people we capture do not talk? We have no lead on where they are and they are able to attack on their own terms. I don't think we can afford to remain in this fort for however long they decide to wait to attack. If I were them I would wait some time before launching the second attack, waiting until the fort is completely unguarded. They would likely assume that we are temporary guards considering our lack of intervention prior to this."

"Personally, I think that our best option is to," Sordin hesitated a bit, looking at Oleg as he said it,"let them take what they want this time and track them back to their base. They've been getting away with this without a hitch so far, if we do not show ourselves they have no reason to suspect being followed."

Sordin laughed a bit darkly, "But it all depends on whether they'll want to get a message across to us or to you," directing this at Oleg. "It's your call, you know these bandits better than we do. I might be making some outlandish assumptions here, but I have experience with bandits back home and I don't want to leave much to chance."

Posted on 2011-11-16 at 22:14:22.
Edited on 2011-11-16 at 22:38:56 by Aardvark

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Side the second

Aria tilted her head, "I would doubt that much speed in a counter attack. If it's become routine for them, then, as you have said earlier as well, they won't be expecting a retaliation. In that case, they certainly won't be prepared in the case to follow through... and we can't expect them to be as orderly as city couriers with timing. There is one other issue that comes to my mind though, and that is what the lineup of leadership is."

She frowned a moment as she tapped her fingers together, "We can be relatively certain that axe-lady and the other guy that are consistently with their band are in some role of leadership, particularly if they were the 'talkers' during the first time. The fact that the numbers have diminished, I do think there is at least one other taking leader role, who then figures out who to send where and such. If we capture this band, we should be able to get some good information from the two semi-leaders."

Aria holds up her hands, "Now, I don't know how talkative they'd be, but I'm relatively sure the doctor guy may know about herbs, and might know a mix that may get them to be more talkative. Truth potion type thing, you know? Maybe, maybe not. Drink also tends to loosen the tongues of people, men in particular I've noticed."

She contemplated some more, "We could always slam the doors shut on them after they come into the fort. That's something they surely wouldn't expect, and by the time they figure out what's going on, we should be in position to take advantage of the situation."

Posted on 2011-11-16 at 23:06:16.

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Just a minute! I hope this isn't Chris's blood....Jill Sandwhich!

Sylvia turned away from the half-orc for a moment and raised an eyebrow at the other young lady. "Dear drink loosens lips, but it would also raise suspicion if we suddenly invited them for a brew or two. I'd sooner say we make sure they are secure, unarmed, and isolated from each other. Without their numbers around the less willed of the group would crack. I can talk to them and I can extract what we need given little time. Assuming you don't disaprove of my methods. I would rather use words to get the information then liquids or drugs." Sylvia said with clear contempt for the idea of drugging or drunking them. "I've seen drink and alchemy be used in horrid ways, I refuse to let such things happen again. Not while I'm free." She breathed, anger rising in her voice.

Sylvia remained looking calm and collected, sitting upright and trying to show she wasn't just a child. Standing up again she placed her hands on the table and stared between them gathering her thoughts. "Surprise, we need to take them by that and give them no reason to suspect anything different, I don't like the idea of letting them just take the goods and then vacating. Should they catch wind of being tracked on their way back they could very well lead us in circles, or worse to our deaths." She looked up and from each member of the group. "Were at loggers head right now, here is what I propose so we all stop dancing around doing diddly." She sat back down and took a deep breath.

"We let them in and when they are far enough into the fort, we block their escape and make sure the gates are closed. When we spring out, Oleg and Svetlana take cover and void the fighting, get inside and lock us and them out. The one we want, is the hooded one, he has a position of power with the group clearly, the others are more then likely just throw away recruits with little information. They can die, the hooded one can't. We fight, we capture the hooded one, we make sure he isn't going anywhere and keep him unarmed. We interrogate him for the information we need, and any others who may survive."

Taking another breath she looked to the one who had voiced letting them steal the goods. "You seem abject to fighting under risk of retaliation, were going to have to do something we can't just let them take the goods and then dick off. But I'm not saying we butcher them like sheep either, we get the information we need, we give them a chance at redemption, should they turn away then damned they be." She stood up and crossed her arms over her chest and looked to everyone present.

"Can we agree upon this? or at the very least some aspects of it? Or have I just wasted my time? If I have let me know and I'll remove myself so you all can go back to your politician like bickering." Her voice weighed heavy with exasperation and irritation. Situations of these sort, the bickering the 'planning' the hundreds of different ideas floating around and no one agreeing, these made her angry.

Sylvia sat back down and smiled kindly at the half-orc. "I'm sorry to have been rude to you just then, my...manners aren't the best." She then turned to the rest of the group, not smiling. "I'm sorry for being blunt and rude to you as well, but we need to figure this out."

Posted on 2011-11-17 at 09:47:09.
Edited on 2011-11-17 at 09:49:07 by Zeakol

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I will dance around doing diddly for as long as I wish

As hard as he tried to keep a calm and straight face, he could not hold back the odd involuntary twitch of the eye as Sylvia misunderstood his plans and reasoning. Taking in a deep sigh in an attempt to rid his voice of signs of irritation, he responded to Sylvia. "It appears I may not have been as clear in my reasons as I should have been. It is not a conflict that I fear, it is a gamble. A gamble that, might I add, becomes much less stacked in our favor without the use of drugs or alcohol." Sordin shoots Sylvia an inquiring gaze, "May I ask why you do not hesitate to suggest killing the bandits while interrogating them with the assistance of alcohol is inexcusable? I'm sure that they would take disorientation and a loose tongue over death any day."

"I apologize, that isn't pertinent. Anyways, I was not suggesting that we be idle and do nothing, but rather deal with them on our own terms, at a time of our choosing. If we attack them at their hideout they will have little reason to come after Oleg and Svetlana, they won't necessarily even know of their involvement. Once we deal with them we are free to return the goods to the fort."

"But my main issue is with the interrogation. What do we do should that fail? While I am not fond of drugging the bandits to get information from them, I will not take torture lying down. I might as well warn you beforehand that if I see any attempt at torture I will do my best to intervene. And as Sylvia has mentioned her distaste for drugging them it seems that our tools for interrogation are limited to asking them really nicely and threats. Not exactly what I'd consider the most reliable methods."

"Can we agree upon this? I'm afraid that I'm not going to change my opinion simply because you request it. As political or bureaucratic as it may become I will not agree with you until you invalidate my opinion, and as that has not yet happened I fear that we will remain in disagreement for at least a little bit longer."

Sordin turned to Aria, "If we do end up choosing to attack them at the fort I do agree that locking them inside would be a good idea. How quickly can the doors of the fort be closed though? It might be helpful to find that out beforehand so we can plan accordingly. My point still stands with the interrogation however, I don't think it would be wise to put all of our hopes into it's success."

Posted on 2011-11-17 at 11:34:51.
Edited on 2011-11-18 at 06:40:23 by Aardvark

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Emotions run high.

"I see I wasted my time then, if you had my...upbringing, you would understand my reasoning. But since you do not and your bent on the avoidance of getting what we need through whatever means we deem needed then I'm just eye candy sitting here." Sylvia stood up, no longer hiding her anger in her voice or her face. She weighed her words heavy and frowned. "I never said I would use torture, but if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go be alone for a while before I do something stupid." She opened her mouth and exposed a pair of needle like viper fangs where her K-9s should be.

She hissed similar to that of a serpent and closed her mouth. "I can make 'asking really nice.' much more intimidating or sweet talk, then you would think. But clearly you don't care." She excused herself from the table and turned walking off at a brisk pace. She exited the fort and wandered a little ways off, not to far but far enough that she was off the main road and hidden enough so she could see anyone looking for her, but also not be noticed by passerbys on the road.

She sat there muttering to herself, trying to calm herself down.

Posted on 2011-11-17 at 23:09:05.

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Trying to sum up

Ortlieb listened attentively as the Levetons explained further what their situation was. It seemed promising that the bandits had become fewer in number, although that meant there would be more waiting somewhere for the goods to be brought back. He drifted into thought, trying to apply what he knew of human actions and of nature in general to the possibilities that could arise.

He was slightly roused when the blue-haired woman, Sylvia, appeared beside him, tapping him on the shoulder so lightly he barely felt it through his toughened hide. She asked to be brought up to speed on what she'd missed while searching out Junn, the male elf and offered her hand and an introduction. Ortlieb was unused to such open candour and friendliness from others, and so hesitated before starting to reply. However, the paladin's voice cut over the table, addressing Oleg, and the half-orc held his voice. He did not wish to miss anything that people offered as suggestions if he were to make his own and not merely repeat other views.

The discussion arose quickly and heatedly all-around. No one seemed to agree on anything. And he'd waited too long to respond to Sylvia. She'd become involved in the overhanging discussion and stormed out after revealing her needle-like fangs. It had surprised him a little, although the constant reminder of her hair made it easy to accept other oddities of her appearance. Nature held many surprises, although everything remained connected, and Ortlieb would not be surprised to find out that her serpent fangs secreted a toxin. Regardless of her revealed animalistic nature, and perhaps even more because of the slight kinship he felt due to it, Ortlieb was disappointed in himself for not addressing her sooner. He would have to go out and apologize, but perhaps he could help solidify a solution to their problem first.

He rose to command the attention of the verbal combatants. "I understand we all have conflicting views due to the various paths our lives have taken, however the Levetons' problem is here and now and we have taken it for our own. As I have heard from your discussion the options seem to be two: either allowing the bandits their spoils and following them back to their camp, hopefully without them realizing it, and deal with them once we have their location, OR, capturing the bandits within the fort and forcing information out of them.

I myself prefer the first possibility, and believe I would be able to track the bandits well enough to stay back without their catching on. However, seeing as the majority of us present, including the Levetons themselves, seem to favour the ambush, I am willing to compromise. We will get nowhere without cooperation and in everything there is pull and push, give and take. In that light, I suggest we attempt the ambush. If it succeeds we may gain more detailed information than from simple observation of their camp, as well as potential leverage with their second-in-command in our grasp. Methods of gaining information can be discussed after we actually have the bandits." Ortlieb paused here and looked in turn at each of the others to impress this point upon them.

"If they refuse to give up their fellows or cannot be restrained without their deaths, there will still remain the possibility of my tracking their way back to the main camp." He was here trying to placate the paladin's reservations on the validity of the ambush plan. "Either way, we should have a few hours before the main group becomes aware something is wrong." He stopped, his voice hoarse not because he had raised his voice or spoken with particular passion, but because he was unused to speaking so many words at once. He'd never really lived around a community that required voiced language before and his tongue felt dry and thick in his mouth. But he could not just leave and go apologize to Sylvia without saying anything more. He tried to clear his throat and spoke more softly.

"I'm going to try and find Sylvia. If you don't agree, then try to figure something out between yourselves so that we can at least do something before the thieves arrive. If you create a plan that involves any of the parts already mentioned, I will accept it and attempt to convince Sylvia as well." He nodded acknowledgement to the group members and thanks for the meal to the Levetons before exiting the building.

Looking around the fort briefly, Ortlieb left the fort. He did not think the blue-haired would have gone far, knowing they had to agree on something before the bandits got there. It was not quite yet nightfall (I'm assuming here o_o) and he wandered a little ways down the road.

Posted on 2011-11-18 at 02:54:45.
Edited on 2011-11-18 at 02:55:34 by Karcitis

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Solitude and thinking.

Sylvia had left her seclusion and instead had chosen instead to climb a tree and get a better view, although she was still a little hidden, she was now mostly visable and anyone could spot her if they weren't being oblivious. "Lousy, stupid, grrr..." She was still muttering, much less anger and more so annoyance and exasperation. She had thought that when she had escaped life would be easier and people wouldn't be so stupid. Instead she had been wrong and hopeful in youth, she hated it so far. "But....better here then there." She breathed, her face looked glum and she sat with her knees to her chest. It was true, better here then where she had been. "I suppose, there just being who they are, at least their nice enough to me." She sighed heavily and looked in the direction of the sun but not at it.

The air was still cool enough to keep her feeling chilly. She let one of her legs drop down the branch and swing lazily in the air. her composure was one of deep thought and gloom at the same time. Her eyes looked a little hazy as she was absorbed into her own thoughts right now. Things were easier then before, but harder at the same time and this confused her a bit. "Freedom...isn't so free, is it?" She asked aloud, tilting her head back against the tree, closing her eyes and letting the air wash over her, cool her, calm her. "I miss Fang..." She said and sighed heavily, feeling pains of sadness tug at her being.

Posted on 2011-11-18 at 04:05:44.

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Letting go now sair, it's away!

"Dear drink loosens lips, but it would also raise suspicion if we suddenly invited them for a brew or two. I'd sooner say we make sure they are secure, unarmed, and isolated from each other. Without their numbers around the less willed of the group would crack. I can talk to them and I can extract what we need given little time. Assuming you don't disaprove of my methods. I would rather use words to get the information then liquids or drugs."
Aria nodded and gave a smile, "I agree, but am just tossing ideas around really. It's the sort of thing I do."

She leaned back against her chair, her gaze drifting skyward. The sun continued its descent, and her eyes glazed over a bit.

"You know," She said aloud, "Planning really isn't what I'm best at. I just go with what I feel like. It's so easy to get so weighted down by all those possibilities and subtleties, and so liberating to let it all go. Maybe we should just go with something, then deal with things as they come up, as we go. Worse case scenario we're still doing something, maybe not right, but darn it, if it's not right, we'll fix this thing. Just takes time to fix stuff, and I sure got time. Dunno about the rest of you, but I sure got it."

She chuckled, "Well, not made of the stuff, but guess that's all I have to say really." She brought her hands behind her head as she leaned back, letting herself relax, and looking at the sky again.

Posted on 2011-11-18 at 06:26:48.
Edited on 2011-11-18 at 06:37:29 by Reralae

Sibelius Eos Owm
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Somebody Yelled Attack

Pharast 2
Oleg's Trading Post

Morning came early to Oleg’s Trading Post. Preparations were made in the predawn twilight for the bandits’ arrival. After a quick breakfast, Oleg and Svetlana busied themselves piling furs onto the tables, while the Greenbelt Party went about their individual morning and pre-battle rituals, ranging from sharpening and checking weapons and donning armour to prayers and meditation.

The disk of the sun was only just clearing the horizon by the time everything was in place. Next came the hardest part. Waiting for the bandits’ call for Oleg to open the gates. He and Svetlana had retreated to the main house where Svetlana would keep herself safe during the interaction.

Aria hid alone in the guesthouse, watching from the doorway, while Junn watched from the stables for Sylvia, Ortlieb, and his monkey. Sordin the paladin was positioned hidden behind the catapult on the southeast tower, and Lloyd had chosen to hole up in the storage hut. Aside from the occasional creak of leather or wood, no one made a sound.

At long last, the sound of hoof beats sounded over the palisade and came to a stop outside the gate. “Open up, or we’ll throw some fire in there to hurry your asses up!” There was a brief chorus of laughter at the crude jape.

Oleg stepped out of the main building and met Ortlieb and Ramathu at the gate. He glanced one last time at the yard as if one more look would reveal some flaw in the plan that had not been thought of yet. With a quiet breath he pulled the gate open wide enough for Ortlieb to get behind.

“Well it’s about time.” The hooded man stepped into the fort with only three thugs. “Where’s that darling wife of yours, Oleg?” the man asked with a lazy grin, “I was fancying myself a quick tumble while my friends here were loading up the month’s taxes.”

Oleg’s scowled but said nothing. The man took his silence in stride and laughed at his own joke. He strode out into the middle of the yard while the lower ranking bandits took to the furs on the table.

Oleg waited for a full breath, allowing the bandits to settle into the sense of routine, before he sent the hand signal to Ortlieb.

The gate slammed shut with a sharp crash. The bandits likely would have jumped clear from their skins at the noise had they not been holding bundles of furs to anchor them to the ground.

“What in the nine—” The hooded man turned to the gate, bewildered. “… Hells?” It seemed he was unable to comprehend the scene before him, the cause of the noise.

The trap slammed shut around their ears while they laboured to make sense of what was happening. It was time to strike.

(Alright, because the bandits are so damn startled, you guys all get a surprise round. What is a surprise round, I hear roughly half of you asking? It’s when you manage to catch your enemy completely off guard while you yourself are fully prepared (instances where both parties are surprised, or both parties were prepared are simply normal combat). The result is everyone who was aware of combat gets to take a single move action or standard action before combat starts. This could, for example, be a ranged attack, most spells, a short charge attack (in a straight line), or simply manoeuvring into a better position before the battle starts).

(Initiative order for you guys is:
Ramathu, Aria, Sordin, Junn, Lloyd, Ortlieb, and Sylvia
You don’t have to wait for people before you to post, before you dictate your own actions, but be aware that these people will have already done something when you move in to combat. Since we’re fully prepared for this, weapons can be considered already in hand. After the surprise round comes the first round of combat, meaning anyone who beat the bandits’ initiative (not shown) gets to move twice before retaliation. To start us off, Ramathu will charge the bandit at the south of the table.)

(Note that you don't have to suddenly cut off conversations you may have been having before. Feel free to wrap up the previous day while fighting goes on--just divide your post into back-post and current sections (such as with a line like the kind made with the command [hr], using pointed brackets instead of square.)

Posted on 2011-11-19 at 07:03:25.
Edited on 2012-01-20 at 08:37:58 by Sibelius Eos Owm

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The praying mantis lies in wait - Post 8

Lloyd’s heart beat slowed as he took a deep breath in. He was used to doing this with his meditations he took before performing any alchemy experiments or creations. It settled his nerves and allowed him to think clearer. They were in, he could hear them. And the sound of the door thudding and the screaming of ”What in the nine hells?” was more than enough of a signal for the group to proceed with their plan.

Lloyd waited. He was not about to dash out and charge the enemy head on. His mask and doctor’s garb were not on at the moment, as he could risk damaging them in this conflict; this meant that his face and identity were exposed. And a thief had a sharp and long memory, and could hold a grudge indefinitely. If Lloyd’s team lost for whatever reason, and he was not dead himself, he would have to make himself scarce... something he did not really want to do at this point.

Lloyd creaked the door open slightly. Many of the others had already reacted to this signal. Lloyd kept to the shadows of the storage hut. He would wait for his time to strike, before slinking back off to the edges of the encounter.

In his right hand Lloyd held a razor sharp knife, he had been using his whetstone on it and its brother all morning; the other knife was hidden underneath Lloyd’s travelling jacket. But what was the greater weapon a vial with a clear liquid in it, hidden in his left pocket. Lloyd’s supply of this liquid was finite, and so he only planned to use it if he was in dire straits. None the less, he had it on hand in case he needed to use it right away. Gripping his cane hard in his left hand, Lloyd fought the urge to fidget with it which was his natural habit.

Another deep breath. Lloyd thought to himself as his cold face curved into a cruel grin. Let us see what you curs are made of... He was thinking of everyone at that moment.

OOC: Lloyd is simply opening the door so he can see what’s going on (within a limited area in front of the hut). I am supposing that he is going to need to make a stealth check.

Posted on 2011-11-19 at 07:31:37.
Edited on 2011-11-19 at 19:51:31 by Shades331

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One two, tie your shoe, three four...MAGIC!

(Back Post: Previous day.)

Sylvia slinked down from her tree feeling much refreshed after a good hard think. "Well, that settled I best head back. Don't wanna be the last one out." She said with a small chuckle, she was holding herself differently now, not quite sure what it was but most would assume it was just the sly coy smirk she was wearing. She headed back the way she came, on the main road now in clear view. She was humming a small tune to herself and keeping an even pace not a fast one either. She was in no rush to get back, she was enjoying the wildernessish for now.

(Current events: Surprise attack.)

"Fancy this you disgusting pig!" Sylvia roared popping from cover, she was furious at the hooded mans jest and if steam could shoot from ears and nostrils in rage she would be a kettle on the burner to long. She stepped out into view giving her a clear line of sight of the hooded man. "Vile beast!" She cried and clapped her hands, pulling one back then winding up. As she wound it up a ball of energy formed and she lobbed it at him. "Try some Magic Missle for a tumble scum!" She spat, the ball of energy wizzing off and striking the hooded man in the chest. Sylvia normally would be grinning at the hit, but her face one of contempt and disgust. She readied herself for whatever would happen next, holding one hand up palm open, her other clenched into a fist pulled back as if to throw a punch.

((Note: She is not performing an action there, but it seems more natural to prepare for whatever might happen, then suddenly become rigid and boardlike.))

Posted on 2011-11-19 at 08:56:05.

Sibelius Eos Owm
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Surprise Round

Ever eager to be active, the rambunctious Ramathu leapt from his master’s side at the slamming of the gate, charging across the yard with a shrieking howl. The man he targeted barely remembered how to drop the load of furs in his hands before the young gorilla was upon him. Ramathu’s heavy arm glanced off his leather armour as he stumbled back, throwing him to the table.

Everywhere else in the camp the ambush was getting underway, with adventurers bursting out of the woodwork. Aria kicked open the door from the guesthouse, her exotic knives in either hand and advanced on a woman almost half a foot taller than herself. Sordin ran down from the tower to the platform overlooking the tables, his bow in hand, and Junn emerged from the stables with his longsword in hand, pairing off with the hooded bandit in charge.

Unnoticed, the good doctor Lloyd opened the door to his hiding place a sliver and peered out, waiting for the ideal opportunity to slip a dagger into an unsuspecting back.

With his stout club in hand, Ortlieb caught up with his bonded brother as the latter was shoving the bandit into the table.

Sylvia’s magical bolt burst from the stables just as the hooded leader was turning in shock to look at the towering Junn. The spell caught him mostly square in the chest, shoving him back a step with the force.

Ramathu reared up on his hind legs, standing almost as tall as the sneering bandit as he fumbled for his sword. With two strong swipes, the ape clawed bloody marks out of the man’s side and clipped him across one cheek (-4, -2 damage). The short display of power was enough to change the outlaw’s attitude, though, and he started scrambling to get his feet under him to flee.

HB: Injured (hooded bowman)
B1: Uninjured (dude that was on top left)
B2: Uninjured (chick on top right)
B3: Bloodied (dude at bottom) – Turning to flee. Ortlieb should finish him if he attacks.

(I GM’d Junn at Nyrodine’s request. I also GM’d Ortlieb, but with the understanding that Karcitis can modify the druid’s approach if I have guessed incorrectly (including ordering the monkey to do something else). The ever-faithful Ramathu has started us off on the first round of real combat. When their turn in initiative comes, the bandits and their leader will be able to strike back this round.)

Updated Map. You may note that it's the same file as before, just updated.

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Bah, late post

[Slight BP]

Aria leaned against the door, her eyes closed, a kukri blade in each of her hands as she listened, her body still. It was the still before the draw of the curtains. It was the still that lasted hours (well, actually minutes but same difference to her), and finally she heard the door slam shut.

In a burst, she leaped through the door, slamming it open in her haste. She immediately saw a person across from her, well, a table was in the way but, hey she could deal with that. A woman, about a head taller than her, but she's danced with taller people before. Grinning, she dashed over, before tilting her head as she curtsied to the woman, holding out one of her hands, still clasped around her blade, palm up.

"May I have this dance?" She asked.

She couldn't resist.

Without waiting for an answer, she rose from her curtsy, twirling around as she brought up her other blade, waiting to see if the blade would draw blood from her partner, a smile still on her face as she drew her right leg behind her, flowing with her dance.

(Surprise - move up to woman, R1: move - start dance (Inspire Courage - self), standard - slash x1)

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