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GM for this game: Hammer
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Once in a Lifetime

GREETINGS RED DRAGON INN LURKERS Pull up a chair and enjoy this epic tale titled 'Once in a Lifetime' as a group of raw recruits begin their journey through Alloryen, the Northern Kingdom of Sylvari, to do their part to help eliminate the evil taint emanating from the Chakran Mountains in the RDInn created setting of Audalis.

Audalis Created and developed by InnMates of the Red Dragon Inn, this unique fantasy world named Audalis is fraught with unknown dangers and high adventure!

WARNING This particular adventure may contain intense graphic scenes and/or Mature Adult Content that some readers may find to be too sensitive or offensive in nature for their literary tastes!

Please Proceed with Caution! For the sake of creating a great adventure ... any tobacco or alcohol related, drug related and/or sexual references are by no means intended to promote or glorify their use in Real Life!

The same should be understood regarding the descriptions of any major or minor graphic violence ... including the use of all other elements in this adventure that are necessary components for an Epic Fantasy Adventure!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Owners and Moderators of the Red Dragon Inn who make the posting of this and other adventures possible for us InnMates to enjoy!

Also a Special Kudos of appreciation to Every Person responsible for their part in creating and developing the landscape and mythos of Audalis.

SPECIAL APPRECIATION to Stephen Chenault of Troll Lord Games who gave me permission to use the Castles & Crusades products to help craft an exciting and entertaining adventure here in the RDInn land of Audalis!

You Have Been Forewarned ... Now Enter If You Dare!

Posted on 2011-12-27 at 18:10:56.

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Once in a Lifetime [Intro]

Town Hall
Quevin, Coria
Day 50

"Convene the Quevin Quiver!"
Mayoress Alesta de Quevin unexpectedly shouted the order to her aide as she read the reports that had been forwarded to her office. For such a petite human woman with flowing brunette hair, it was shocking and a bit unsettling to hear the volume of authority that spewed forth from her mouth.

The 'Quevin Quiver' consisted of 20 unique individuals representing various kingdoms, who were usually assembled together by order of the Mayoress during times of extreme uncertainty and duress.

Those times were usually when things were amiss to the east in the Northern Sylvari Kingdom of Alloryen, affecting the Sylvari trade routes and commodities that would ultimately find their way into the border city of Quevin.

Total Population: 10942
Humans: 6018
Sylvan (Elves): 2188
Half Syls (Half Elves): 1641
Khords (Dwarfs): 547
Cids (Halflings): 328
Other (Kender, etc): 219

As any knowledgeable bowman knows, a quiver contains 20 sharp arrows. Therefore the 'Quevin Quiver' is comprised of 20 'sharp arrows with sharp points' to confer together and vote upon issues of possible War and Defense that would affect each of their respective kingdoms and races.

Roll Call for Quevin Quiver: 4 Humans of the Quevin Town Council (2 Females and 2 Males)
2 Humans from Ertain (1 Female and 1 Male)
2 Sylvari [Elves] from Alloryen the Northern Sylvari Kingdom (1 Female and 1 Male)
2 Sylvari [Elves] from Londelirinen the Central Sylvari Kingdom (1 Female and 1 Male)
2 Sylvari [Elves] from Mealamin the Southern Sylvari Kingdom (1 Female and 1 Male)
2 Khords [Dwarves] from Kharolis (1 Female and 1 Male)
2 Brathunspar [Gnomes] from Brathnaii Hallows (1 Female and 1 Male)
2 Cidals [Halflings] Shawlin Priests from Kindwell (1 Female and 1 Male)
1 Human Mage from the Court of the Empress of Coria (1 Female)
1 Half Elf owner of the Blue Noob Inn (1 Female)

The Half Elf owner of the Blue Noob Inn represents the voice of the common people and newcomers who frequent the tavern. She theoretically serves as a tie-breaker for any stalemated votes from the Mayoress and the rest of the membership of the 'Quevin Quiver'.

Since the region of Coria is ruled by an Empress (ala medieval France) the border town of Quevin honors the Empress by including Females in important positions of government and decision making. This includes Females from the other races serving in the ranks of the 'Quevin Quiver'.

The 'Quevin Quiver' includes all races who may be affected by any unusual activities originating from the unknown darkness that spreads from time to time from the cracks and crevices of the mysterious and foreboding dangers lurking throughout the Chakran Mountains (or from within the borders of their respective kingdoms and from any unwarranted influences or threats from any of the kingdoms to the west of Coria).

The current ruler is Empress Isabella of Coria and she has sent the Lady Marquise (who is the Royal Mage serving Empress Isabella of Coria) to represent Empress Isabella as a member of the 'Quevin Quiver' with all honor and respect due her position as the Royal Mage.

Mayoress Alesta de Quevin addresses the 'Quevin Quiver' "We have had no diplomatic contact from the Moonlit Castle of Isilme-Ishtel ... or the cities of Hith Elee and El'endar ... since late summer.

"Lomelindel has sent recent reports of unusual strange activity throughout the forests to the east ... but no trade caravans have arrived since late Autumn from the aforementioned cities ... their reports state that Summer was the last time that trade caravans arrived with any regularity.

"They do report that their trade to the north has continued with no unusual disruptions ... but all messages sent to the eastern cities of Alloryen have gone unanswered.

"From our last report received from Istalindir in mid Autumn ... there have been no problems from their trade with Kaimelar to the north ... but trade with the Moonlit Castle of Isilme-Ishtel ... and the city of Hith Elee ... were reported to be sporadic at best.

"I fear that the vermin infesting the dark cavernous maw of the Chakran Mountains ... are once again stretching their dark tendrils towards our borders ... with the fate of our Sylvari neighbors ... hanging in the balance.

"So I propose that the 'Quevin Quiver' membership ... authorize the following decree ... for Freedom Fighters to assemble from your respective regions ... to confront whatever dire dangers have infiltrated the borders of Alloryen ... and thereby threaten our own!"

Upon reading the decree, the membership of the 'Quentin Quiver' voted unanimously to publish the following throughout their respective regions to aid the Northern Sylvari Kingdom:

Antaron Adventurers Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

By Unanimous Decision of the Quevin Quiver, in response to reports of dark threats disrupting the trade routes of Alloryen from the eastern cities of the Northern Sylvari Kingdom, the services of any and all available stout-hearted Freedom Fighters from throughout the lands are required.

Those closest to the eastern cities of Alloryen are to proceed with haste to aid your neighbors! The surrounding eastern forests are in need of Defenders!

Warriors are needed to take the fight to the source of the unspoken evils emanating from the hidden recesses of the Chakran Mountains!

Those adventurers close enough and brave enough to undertake an expedition into the aforementioned Chakran Mountains and nearby areas to Expose and Exterminate with Extreme Prejudice any and all threats to the Northern Sylvari Kingdom are to do so post haste!

Ensuring the freedom of your own homelands, while fighting for the freedoms of your Sylvari neighbors, are reward enough for those who are true of heart and strong of stature!

Nevertheless, any treasures secured while fighting for the freedom of your homelands and the freedom of your Sylvari neighbors, are to be shared with the local population before freely filling your pockets!

All other adventurers who are far removed from the Chakran Mountains and the eastern Alloryan Sylvari cities, are to proceed to the city of Quevin in Coria for further instructions, before deploying to Aid and Defend our Sylvari neighbors!

Mayoress Alesta de Quevin
On behalf of the membership of the Quevin Quiver

Day 50

Blue Noob Inn
Quevin, Coria
Day 90

The Quevin Town Elders (comprised of 3 Female/2 Male Humans and 3 Female/2 Male Sylvari) [not to be confused with the Quevin Town Council of the Quevin Quiver] had been issued the task, under the authority of Mayoress Alesta de Quevin, of coordinating strategies for dispatching a wide variety of adventurers to specific missions in answer to the decree that had been issued 40 days ago by the Mayoress Alestra de Quevin and the membership of the Quevin Quiver.

An odd assortment of candidates from all walks of life were steadily streaming into Quevin, volunteering for a variety of reasons, in answer to the summons for Adventurers.

All newcomers were directed to the Blue Noob Inn, where Avarial the Half Elf owner was authorized to greet and assess the prospective volunteers, before assigning them to specific missions in the name of the Mayoress Alesta de Quevin and the Quevin Quiver.

On this particular evening, the slender Half Elf Ranger named Avarial had invited a particularly odd assortment of raw recruits to meet with her in her spacious private office [located beneath the adjoining Scarlet Tankard tavern] between a spacious wine cellar and an incredibly large weapons room.

The 100 year young Half Elf was strikingly beautiful with an athletically curvaceous body that held no hint of her actual age, nor did her attractive face for that matter, highlighted by long golden hair tied back in a pony tail and alluring green eyes that seemed to look right through each raw recruit.

After studying each one for a few moments, satisfied that they were not so raw and inexperienced as to be lacking a certain required potential, the Half Elf Ranger began to reveal her proposed assigned mission for these new raw recruit volunters:

"Welcome to Quevin. My name is Avarial, owner of the Blue Noob Inn.

"The Blue Noob Inn is famed far and wide ... at least in the area surrounding Quevin ... as a place where first-time adventurers are wont to assemble for an opportunity to seek fame ... and fortune ... for the right price ... as well as the right reason.

"Quevin is blessed to be the home base of the Knights of Aina'rutha ... those who seek to end the tyranny and evil of the dark and undead ... and there are others ... myself included ... who stand ready to fight and defend this land ... from the taint of the dark denizens of the Chakran Mountains.

"But there comes a time ... such as this ... when Freedom Lovers everywhere ... must take the fight to the enemy unknown ... no matter the risk ... no matter the peril ... no matter the inconvenience!

"For whatever reason ... only you may know ... here you are face to face with me ... ready to confront the unknown ... each for purpose only known in your heart ... ready to walk away from your life as you once knew it to be … to embrace uncertain challenges ... in hope of gaining uncertain rewards.

"Each of you are guaranteed 20 gold coins ... to help you on your way ... to face countless perils unknown ... not much incentive ... for facing certain death ... in these uncertain times.

"But I see a special quality deep inside each of you ... perhaps untapped ... and hidden ... even to yourselves ... that will serve you well ... on your journey to the Chakran Mountains ... and mayhap ... your heroic return to Quevin ... to regale the patrons of the Blue Noob Inn ... of your tales of triumph over apparent tragedy ... should you survive and choose to pass this way again?

"I do have a proposal for each of you ... a contract between you ... and myself ... and some important friends of mine ... who require the services of a special group of adventurers ... above and beyond the call for warriors to battle against ...he evils emanating from the Chakran Mountains.

"We require a trusted group of adventurers ... such as yourselves ... to quest for ... locate ... and map the locations of hidden treasures ... that you may have the good fortune of discovering along the way.

"We are prepared to offer each of you a contract this night ... a signed deed of your choice to 50 acres of land … 5 acres bordering water ... and 10 acres deep into the forest ... on either the northern shore of the Lakes of Heroes ..... or the eastern shore of the Thrace River.

“Upon a successful return to Quevin ... each of you should have riches enough ... from your journey through Alloryen to the Chakran Mountains and back ... carrying a few samples of the hidden treasures you have located ... riches enough to develop your deeded land into suitable homes ... where you may choose to 'retire' from adventuring ... and raise families.

"This is a golden opportunity ... that only comes along 'Once in a Lifetime' ... providing you survive the experience!

"The choice is yours ... 20 gold coins to face the unknown evil emanating from the Chakran Mountains ... or 20 gold coins plus a signed deed for 50 choice acres of land ... to provide us maps to the hidden treasures you are most certain to discover ... while helping to remove the taint of evil from the Northern Sylvari Kingdom ... during your journey through Alloryen to the Chakran Mountains ... which will begin 3 days hence!

"As I said before ... this is a golden opportunity ... that only comes along 'Once in a Lifetime' ... providing you survive the experience!"

Avarial patiently ... but expectantly ... awaits your response ... as she offers each of you an individual deed to sign ... before you begin your journey on the Morning of Spring Day 3.

[Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter each have 90 days per season]

Posted on 2011-12-27 at 18:33:43.
Edited on 2011-12-27 at 18:39:03 by Hammer

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A Few Hours Previously

Blue Noob Inn
Quevin, Coria
Day 90

Avarial sorted through the papers that the Quevin Town Elders had sent to her with their recommendations regarding candidates for specific missions.

One particular group of new recruits had caught her eye, so she set aside each of their recruitment scrolls for further contemplation, before making a final decision as to how best to utilize their combined talents for a rather extraordinary assignment.

Mayoress Alesta de Quevin had that very morning held a private discussion with the owner of the Blue Noob Inn and Scarlet Tankard. There was a Special Mission that was of the utmost importance for the stability of Quevin and the surrounding region of Coria.

Alesta had made it plain and simple that it was up to Avarial to choose wisely from among the candidates sent her way by the Quevin Town Elders. First and foremost they must be a trustworthy group of adventurers eager to make their mark and their fortune in these uncertain times.

Secondly, the individuals selected by Avarial must be of such an odd mixture, that no one would suspect the importance of this group and the mission they would be assigned to fulfill.

Avarial spent another hour or so debating within her heart and mind which candidates to select from the two dozen scrolls that the Quevin Town Elders had sent to her earlier that day.

Sinister situations were snaking their way throughout the Northern Sylvari Kingdom and threatening the stability of Coria and the very existence of Quevin. That much was known.

How to best curtail the threat, with what combination of volunteer groups, was unknown. It was up to Avarial to make the right decisions and the most fruitful selections, before the unknown darkness threatened the very way of life that the inhabitants of Quevin had become accustomed to enjoying these past few years.

Avarial finally narrowed her choices to a select few for this particular mission. Then she sent word to the Quevin Town Elders to have the new recruits, whose names she had selected, report to her at her private office beneath the Blue Noob Inn later that evening for their assignment.

Then she sat back with a tankard of elven ale and read the reports again and again, familiarizing herself with the talents and histories of these particular new recruits, who potentially held the keys to the future growth and prosperity of Quevin.

Each Player should now post the History and Background Story of his or her character to allow the Lurkers at the Inn the benefit of getting acquainted with this unusual cast of characters, who are about to embark on a journey into the unknown that awaits them in the Northern Sylvari Kingdom!

Posted on 2012-01-04 at 06:12:42.

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Flames licked the rafters of the small wood and stone cottage and consumed the building at an alarming rate. The roar of the inferno was deafening, however the flames could not drown out the frantic cries of the slender elven woman who lived in the house. Her shrieks pierced through the hiss and crackle of the vile flames as they embraced and fed off the dwelling. A small crowd gathered near the cottage and gasped in horror at the scene, their astonished features exaggerated in the dance of shadows and light cast from the blazing house. Through the chaos and confusion, some of the crowd began to bring any container they could fill with water in an attempt to cage the flaming beast that now possessed the house. The flames devoured the cottage and the wood frame began to give way and collapse. The elven woman’s screams reached a crescendo but were brought to an abrupt end when a portion of the beams buckled under their own weight. The roof crashed down amidst an explosion of glittering sparks and dancing flames that spiraled with black smoke into the sky. The crowd outside the building gasped in horror at the thought of the terrifying end of the elven woman. The work of putting out the fire continued through the night and by first light only a smoldering shamble of the once tidy cottage remained.

The villagers stood in loose clusters around the wreckage, whispering about the elven woman. Some said she had been in Quevin for a few years. Liran’tra (or Lira) had traveled from the middle kingdom in search of work. Lira was an herbalist; many times her salves or tonics had eased the pain of her sick neighbors. It was a cruel twist of Alvareon that they could do nothing for her in her last moments of suffering. Moreover, to lose a child like that in the inferno; yes the whispers told of a small daughter, only a handful of years old. She was always by her mother’s side. The young girl was bright, and might have grown up to be an herbalist like her mother. It was then that many say Falloes worked a miracle. One of the men from the town had begun to sift through the rubble and discovered the child… alive. The people began to buzz at once, how could she have survived? This was truly a miracle! Even the cooking pots were twisted and melted, yet this child lived. The town’s people pulled the badly burned child from the ashes, and placed her gently on a small patch of clover near the ruined house. Her breathing was shallow; she clung to life by a silk thread. Damp cloths were gently placed on her blistered and charred skin. A few of the villagers knelt by the unconscious child waiting, expectantly, for death to claim the mangled girl, others knelt and muttered soft prayers to Lysora… Lysora! She could help! The villager’s hopes turned to the goddess.

Ginny Alder, priestess of Lysora knelt in prayer and meditation to her compassionate and loving god. The rays of the morning sun refracted through the small stained glass windows of the stone sanctuary dedicated to Lysora. The goddess had blessed Ginny; many healing wonders had manifest themselves through her hands. The people of Quevin held Lysora amongst the highest of the gods and Lysora was pleased with the village. As Ginny knelt, her mind reflected on those in her care, the farmer with the broken leg, the old elf with the consumption, and always the children, fevers, cuts, scrapes and bruises. Her thoughts pushed back to Lysora, and her heart pleaded with her mistress for the power to tend to them. Her prayers whispered into the ears of the sacred mother, and waves of warmth washed over the healer. She knew Lysora would be with her as she tended to those who needed her. Ginny continued to kneel, basking in the affection of her god, when a breeze was born from the cold stone of the sanctuary. The candles fluttered, though not a window was open. Ginny felt the quickening. A stillness and peace came to her, and a message carried by the wind: a beautiful voice in her mind, “She comes… Tend to her… She is in your care…” Ginny’s meditations were ended by a pounding at the sanctuary door. The human priest smoothed her light blue robes, raked a wayward strand of her greying hair behind her ear and started for the door.

The child was brought into the chapel, wrapped carefully in moist cloths. The villagers crowded into the small stone building as the broken body of the Sylvari girl was placed at the foot of the alter. Ginny looked the wretched child over, and her heart sank. It was already a miracle she still drew a breath, and further miracles would be needed just to keep her in this world. Ginny motioned for the hungry eyed villagers to give her room. A hush fell over the mob and silence griped the sanctuary once again. She knelt by the badly charred and frail body. Immediately Lysora’s words filled her mind. Ginny placed one hand on the girls head, the other hand clutched a small silver rose shaped pendant she wore around her neck. Ginny closed her eyes to concentrate on her work, and the words of healing flowed from her tongue; her hand traced small runes on the child’s head. Ginny did not hear the resounding gasp that emanated from the crowd, nor did she see the old woman nearby faint from what she saw. Ginny continued with her prayers, her mind astonished at the strength of the power Lysora funneled through her. It was only after she had felt the power slow to a trickle and twinkle out, that she dared to open her eyes. Before her was a miracle. Although the girl was still burned, her breathing was stronger, almost half of the burns the child had endured had been healed, and those that remained were a shadow of the severity of what they once were. The child would live, thank Lysora.

It was only a few days later that the girl opened her eyes, and returned to the conscious. She was a beautiful girl, honey blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Ginny had been in almost constant prayer with her goddess, and Lysora had made the child whole once again, save a small scar on her right wrist. The scar was in the shape of a rose, Ginny said as a reminder of how special the girl was to the goddess. Indeed It seemed she was special to Lysora, outsiders would never have known the trauma the young child had gone through. She was beautiful again, some said, the very image of her mother. She was slender, as far as elves go; her delicate features belied the despair that filled her heart.

Although her body was completely healed, the child was still shattered. The loss of her mother drove the child into a dark place, and it seemed that only the comforting embrace of Ginny could quiet her tears. Ginny eventually learned that the girl was called Peryl, (short for Perylwen), and that Peryl had only ever lived with her mother who would always change the subject, or grow irritated when Peryl pressed on about where or who her father was. It seemed that he had abandoned them both. At only seven years old, the child had known more sorrow than others would see throughout their life. Ginny resolved to ease this girl’s pain, she would be a surrogate mother to the child, and after all, it was Lysora herself that said that Peryl was in Ginny’s care.

The days stretched into weeks, the weeks to months and seasons came and went. By Peryl’s seventeenth birthday, she was never far from Ginny, as the priestess made her rounds around Quevin tending to the sick and injured. Peryl was even able to make some of the more simple versions of her elven mother’s salves to help in administering to the villagers. The sanctuary became Peryl’s new home, and she occupied one of the sanctuary’s living quarters, (Ginny living across the hall from her). Peryl came to love Lysora, as the goddess would often times fill Peryl with the same warmth that Ginny would feel, and it wasn’t too long before Peryl dedicated herself to service of the Sacred Lady. (Peryl was no stranger to Lysora, her mother would often evoke the name of Lissentoria when creating her healing tonics, and although the names were different, the goddess was the same.)

Ginny furthered Peryl’s knowledge of Lysora, and encouraged her to meditate with her in the morning to ask the goddess for her healing blessings. Peryl was blessed to become an emissary for the goddess, and she can clearly remember the first healing Lysora performed through her. She was with Ginny as she was tending to a pregnant woman on one of the outlying farms. The woman’s first child had been playing with some of the farm implements, and had cut his hand. The child came screaming into the farm house where Ginny was assisting in the birth, with her hands full she turned to Peryl and said, “You’re ready… remember the mediations of the morning…Lysora will do all the work.” Ginny smiled warmly and returned to the pregnant woman. Peryl tried her best to emulate Ginny, but to no avail. The small boy continued to cry in pain, as blood ran from his wound. His tears clumped the boy’s eyelashes together, Peryl looked into the small boys eyes and her heart yearned to help him. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift to the morning. Lysora’s warmth returned to her, she gently took the boys hand in hers, and traced a small rune in the air over his injury. The air shimmered and settled upon the small boy’s hand. Peryl opened her eyes to a smile, and look of amazement on the boy’s face. Peryl found herself clutching the tingling scar on her wrist as the sound of a newborn baby came from the other room.

In the summer of Peryl’s nineteenth birthday, Ginny surprised her. She came to Peryl in her quarters, Ginny had taught Peryl almost all she had known about Lysora, and the two had tended to the needs of the villagers for three years. Ginny’s face wore an expression of concern. She explained to Peryl that she felt that although she had taught her all about the love of Lysora, she felt it was time to prepare her for the evils of the world. Ginny explained that to be fully ready to help those in need, you must be able to first, deliver them from evil. Ginny looked at the roughly woven rug on the floor. “You must learn to defend yourself, and defend those who cannot defend themselves”. Ginny produced a steel mace from the folds of her robes. “This is yours, It’s not much, but it can fend off evil if need be.” Ginny looked Peryl in the eyes, “It can save your life” She said in a hushed tone. Peryl took the slender mace from Ginny’s outstretched hand. The balance of the mace was unexpected; the weight of the handle off set the bulk of the serious end of the weapon and Peryl found it was very easy to hold. Ginny continued, “Master Dold will be here tomorrow morning. After meditation, I’ve asked him to instruct you on how to defend yourself.”

Master Dold, a close friend of Ginny’s, arrived as promised. He was an older human, his face showing his life experiences before his tales were ever told. Ginny explained that he was once was a cleric in the Knights of Aina’rutha, and that although his body was now old, he could teach Peryl what she needed to know. The knights were not strangers to the sanctuary, often they could be found praying in the chapel, or staying in one of the sleeping quarters if they were passing through the area. Master Dold had warm eyes, and Peryl looked upon him like grandfather figure. He was a kind soul, but he did have some knowledge of how to swing a mace, and how to hold a shield. Peryl found many of the stances intuitive, and although she disliked the idea of braining some poor being on the scull, she was quite adept at “defending herself”. Peryl’s afternoons with Master Dold settled in her mind like a golden rays of sunlight. She was quite fond of the doddering old man. Often times, after she had run through a few exercises, he would recant tales of his younger days. Peryl was enthralled with the man’s tales, and asked to hear more every chance she got.

Time slipped by for Peryl, and her heart grew restless, her blood called to her for adventure. When Peryl made trips into the countryside in search of healing herbs, she found herself wondering what was out beyond the lands that became so common to her. It was in these days that tragedy again found her.

Ginny had made a pot of savory stew for dinner. Peryl sat with her around the small cooking stove in the kitchen of the sanctuary. She had been hesitant these past few months to share with Ginny her secret yearning to spread her wings and see what was beyond the town of Quevin. She was sure Ginny would disapprove. As she pushed the carrots around the untouched bowl of her stew, she searched for the right way to approach the subject. “Ginny…” she stammered as she looked at the bowl “…Have you always lived here in Quevin?” Ginny glanced at Peryl as she stirred the pot. “Oh… Well, I have been here most of my life… yes…” Ginny turned from Peryl and set about stacking some plates in a cupboard. Peryl put her bowl on a small stone table in the corner. “Well…I was just thinking…” Ginny interrupted, “Little one, are you finished?” she motioned to the still full bowl on the table, “You haven’t eaten a thing.” Peryl noticed that Ginny seemed flushed, and was breathing deeper than usual. “Um yes… I guess I’m not that hungry...” she said glancing at the bowl. Peryl continued, “… it’s just that I was thinking… have you ever been to Coria? W-what’s it like?” Ginny’s eyes stared off in the distance, an awkward silence settled in the room. Peryl used the moment to continue, “Or how about Londelirinen? I only remember a little…” she trailed off as she fixed on Ginny. The older woman looked pale, as the color seemed to wash from her face. Ginny suddenly seemed old and frail to Peryl, her long silver hair had fallen from the usual tight bun she wore it in, and her eyes seemed sunken. Ginny seemed to totter and she reached for the back of an old wooden chair as her knees buckled. She crumpled to the floor in an awkward heap. Peryl looked stunned at her adopted mother on the floor. The next few seconds seemed like an eternity to Peryl, she rushed to Ginny, and put her hands under her head. Ginny was not breathing. Her eyes were glazed over and she seemed to be staring off into the dark shadows. Peryl shook Ginny gently as tears started to flood her eyes. Immediately Peryl thought of Lysora. She frantically prayed to the goddess… “Please Sacred Lady! Please! Help her!” Peryl somehow knew that any healing she could offer was inadequate for what Ginny needed to become whole again, but she prayed regardless. Softly a whisper stirred in Peryl’s mind, “She is not yours to mend… be at peace…” Alone in the shadowy kitchen, Peryl wept over Ginny’s body.

At twenty-five years old, Peryl had lost two mothers, but had found a light in her life. Peryl rededicated herself to Lysora’s work. Although she wasn’t yet as skilled as Ginny, she could still call on the goddess to help her in times of need. The years passed for her and although Quevin had others to help heal the populace, Peryl loved her work. Aiding the innocent children gave her extra satisfaction.

A few years later it was a surprise to Peryl when the decree from Mayoress Alesta called for adventures to defend the Sylvain lands. It had been many years that Peryl had entertained thoughts of travel, and adventure. She had thought the idea was long since dead in her, but the decree seemed to stick in her mind and rekindle the dormant yearning. She dismissed it at first, thinking it selfish to leave those who needed her, but the notion would not leave her mind. After her morning prayers and meditations, Peryl found herself lingering around the Blue Noob Inn, watching the string of would be warriors and adventures come and go. She wrestled with the idea, and decided to let Lysora be the final word on her struggle. That evening, she knelt in the sanctuary and prayed to the goddess for guidance. The small stone room was deathly quiet, the flickering of the candles created shifting blocks of light that rocked back and forth along the walls. As Peryl finished her prayers, she sat in silence searching for the answer. Peryl knew that the gods sometimes did not answer prayers, or would send answers in other ways. She was about to leave the chapel thinking that perhaps an answer would come later when a familiar warm and beautiful whisper crept into her mind. “I am pleased…travel… tend to the injured in my name…” Peryl’s mind cleared once again, and she sat in the dim light tracing the rose shaped scar on her wrist.

Once the sun was up, and Peryl was finished with her prayers, she closed herself into her room and pulled a sheet of parchment from the drawer of a rough writing table. She began to write on the sheet. The page filled quickly and was more of a passionate plea for acceptance rather than the answering of a call to arms. Peryl carefully rolled the sheet and sealed it with a drip of wax. The paper contained all of Peryl’s hopes and she carried it as if it were a precious gem. Peryl left the sanctuary and made her way across the busy streets to one of the oldest buildings in Quevin. Peryl half expected the Mayoress herself to be behind the large brass and oaken doors as she pushed them open. Uncertain of herself, she slipped inside the door. The hall behind the door was surprisingly empty, the elders were not there, nor was the Mayoress. A small clerk’s office was to the right of the door. The voice of an older human echoed from the office… “If you’re here about the Quiver decree, leave your qualifications in the bin…the elders will get back to you as soon as they can.” Peryl crept up to the office door, only to see the back of a balding, shriveled old man busy scribbling on some ledgers. The old man turned in his chair and peered at Peryl… “Here to answer the decree?” Peryl nodded, “…Drop your qualifications here…” The man rapped a large wooden bin by the desk and turned back to his work. The bin was full of various rolls of parchment and scrolls; some seemed to be as thick as a book. She placed her seemingly inadequate parchment on the top of the heap. “Um… sir,” she ventured, “…when will I know if I…” the man cut her off without looking up. “The elders will review the applicants as soon as possible; they are very busy you know.” “Yes, of course…well I’ll just go… um… thank you…” The only response was the scratching sound from the quill of the clerk. Peryl slipped quietly from the hall and made her way back to the sanctuary.

A few days later, while Peryl was meditating in the chapel, a messenger came. The young boy handed a slip of parchment to Peryl and scurried from the building. Peryl nervously cracked the wax seal on the parchment and read, “… Peryl Elereth, you have bravely answered the summons for those who would defend our lands. The council of Elders has reviewed your skills, and requests that you report to The Blue Noob Inn this evening, an hour after darkness. Please speak to the owner of the inn, Avarial, for consideration of employment. Do not speak of this matter with others. Signed, the council of Elders.

That evening a small group of adventurers had gathered into the office, and heard the proposal by Avarial… “The choice is yours ... 20 gold coins to face the unknown evil emanating from the Chakran Mountains ... or 20 gold coins plus a signed deed for 50 choice acres of land ... to provide us maps to the hidden treasures you are most certain to discover ... while helping to remove the taint of evil from the Northern Sylvari Kingdom ... during your journey through Alloryen to the Chakran Mountains ... which will begin 3 days hence!”

Peryl looked at the contract in her hands. To her it was obvious; after all, she had already planned on going on the trip, now she was to receive a plot of land for her services as well. “There must be some catch…,” a voice in her head nagged her, but Peryl was already too busy signing the contract to pay attention. “Thank you Avarial”, she said as she handed a copy of the form to the inn’s owner. “I should be going now; I imagine there is a lot to get ready for. I’ll see you at sun up, three days hence.”

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Qempar (pronounced kuem-pahr)

Qempar lived in a tiny village tribe near the edge of the swamps of kadesh. the tribe traded frequently with many adventurers looking for well.... adventure. while a few in the tribe could speak a broken common, there was little to no interaction with the travelers other than trade. life was simple for Qempar as one of the tribes hunters and he was ok with that. on a day like any other he was trading meat for a bedroll and a tattered bag, a good trade it would seem because that night, as he was returning home from a hunt Qempar saw a strange black fog over his village. there were terrible screams of agony and fear eminating from the fog, and then something came out of the fog a skeletal slaa'kar shambleing in towards Qempar. Taking aim with his bow Qempar let an arrow fly, hitting the skeleton in the neck.
It didn't die, letting out an unworldy screech the skeleton alerted others. soon more slaa'kar skeletons charged out of the fog, there were easily more skeletons than there were slaa'kir in his tribe. With no other choice Qempar fled vowing to become stronger and defeat whoever did this when he returned.

Qempar's fleeing lead him to Goodhome, where upon entering he was met with cries of "Monster!" and stones, lots and lots of stones. confused and covered in bruises Qempar ran past the gates of goodhome and following the road traveled to Wilwarin. Qempar was a little more cautious when entering Wilwarin trading some food for a beggars long hooded cloak.
"it's way too big for me anyway" said the beggar.
however it fit Qempar just fine, hiding himself in the cloak Quempar was able to walk about the town freely. he was given quite a few suspicious looks, but there were no cries of 'monster' and there were no stones being thrown at him. he overheard a conversation about a rumour that the nation of Coria was looking for adventurers to combat some kind of evil.

So leaving Wilwarin Qempar took the road to travel faster, from Wilwarin Qempar went to Lynx, then to Taverton, then taking a ferry over the river Qempar arrives in Morad, and from there he walks to Galansvale and was attacked by a highwayman on the way, killing the highwayman Qempar obtains a shortsword and arrives to Galansvale soon after, leaving Galansvale Qempar travels to Coria city only to learn he needs to go to Quevin.
"im sorry to dissapoint you sir, but you need to go to Quevin for that" said the city guardsman Qempar had asked.
so leaving Coria city Qempar finds a chicken and goes to Larkshire, and from there to Semon, after that he went to Amiran, then finally reaching Quevin (he found out he was too late to join, ha ha just kidding)just as the sun was going down he went to the blue noob inn grabbing the quest notice of the notice board and placing it in front of the inns barkeep.

"I would liike to joiin quesst to defeat the darrkness rriissiing in thhe mountaiinss" said Qempar in common.
"Eh?" said the bartender confused "er, of course, your just in time the tryouts are tomorrow from what i heard."
"here, however i'm sorry to say that we're out of rooms for you to stay in for tonight with all of you adventurous types pileing into the town"
"thhats ok ii prreferr iit outssiide anyway" said Qempar starting to leave and feeling like hes been here longer than he should have.
"be sure to get here early tomorrow, i have a feeling the lines going to be long." said the bartender
"ok" said Qempar already going out the door
"what a strange person" the bartendersaid to himself
after leaving the town Qempar removed his cloak and re-ajusted his belt to free his tail. he soon began to feel less constricted. setting up a camp a ways up the road Qempar felt uneasy because after more than a month of traveling alone he was going to be adventuring with who knows how many people, after a while Qempar difted off into a light yet nervous sleep.

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REVLAN Background

"I didn't steal your wood cutting axe. I told you I was borrowing it..."

The sigh that came in response spoke louder of the frustration the Moundlin was feeling than the words he spoke "No you didn't Rev; you never said a thing!"
Revlan scrunched his nose thoughtfully as he absentmindedly examined a trinket on the shelf. "Didn't I? Huh... thought I did. Anyways, like I was saying, I borrowed your axe so I could gather wood, so you could make me one of those little carving thingys you're so good at making to give to Lana."

" And when did you plan on asking me to do that Rev?"
"Er... I... wha?" A dumb-stricken expression flashed across the Shadelin's face as he turned to see his cousin who was glowering over his tankard of mead. "You can't be serious. I was sure I asked you to help me!"

Shock faded to confusion as Revlan thought back on the evenings events, a deep frown forming on his lips.

"Arrgh! But you will help, won't you Marlin? Please???"

The thud of pewter upon wood echoed within the hovel as Marlin regarded Revlan with a scowl. "Hmph. You're a rascal of a Pick to ask such a thing, either too brave or foolish to know better" A sudden grin broke across the plumb Cidal's face "Calm yourself, I'll make you your trinket, but you still haven't answered my question; what did you do with my axe?"
At his cousin's words Revlan's frown was whisked away, a devilish grin taking its place. "Well Marl, I dropped it in the river..."

"Well gee, I had to wash the blood off. I mean people would've got the wrong idea if they saw..."

"What do you mean blood?"
"From the wolves Marl, geesh let me finish. Anyways, as I was saying..."

Marlin sighed once again and raised his hand to silence his friend. Revlan could be tiring at times, but he meant well, usually. "How bout you fetch us some more spirits from the cellar Rev, then you can tell me all about it." He paused thoughtfully then smirked "and the design for your gift, unless you forgot again."
"....oh, uh, yeah, alright Marl."

Descending the cellar stairs, Revlan couldn't help but marvel once again at the fine craftsmanship that went into its construction. They always said "If you want something built right, you need look no further than your nearest Stump" Marlin and his family certainly lived up to such a reputation.

At the base of the stairs Revlan turned into the storeroom and began his search for some of the spirits. Knowing his friend usually had something special stashed in the lower shelves, what with being a full foot shorter than himself, Revlan pressed himself to the floor. Moving aside the various ales Marlin kept in stock in search for something a little stronger, the young Shadelin let out a small laugh of victory as his hand ensnared a bottle of brandy deep within the shelf. Rising to quickly however, his victory was met with sudden pain as he bashed his head...


A sudden rough patch in the road forced the wagon wheels to hiccup and jump, causing Revlan to smash his head against the side he had been napping against. Squinting in the midday sun, the young Cidal scowled and fumbled about for his crossbow. He'd hear it for daydreaming on the job. He was supposed to have been helping keep watch, keeping a keen eye upon the trail behind them, but the fair weather and warm sunlight had made a nap irresistable. As his vision started to restore, Revlan snatched up his crossbow and peered over his shoulder. The driver wasn't paying him any mind, and the rest of the caravan was bustling along the road before them. Nothing to worry about.

Relaxing a bit, Revlan reached for the shoulder bag he had laid in the corner of the wagon. Rummaging through its contents, he was thrilled to discover one final Loavenus. A quick munch revealed a pleasant mixture of oats and redberries, with just a hint of honey; it was the speciality of his cousin Vera, although Revlan couldn't remember going to see her before his departure from home. Taking another bite, Revlan shrugged the thought aside as he pulled a map case from his pack.

Uncapping the case, Revlan produced a map that, at least he was told, depicted all the other lands outside of his home Kindwell. It had taken quite a bit to convince the merchant to trade it to him, and cost him one of Marlin's puzzle-boxes; Box of Wonder most folks called them, but as far as Revlan cared they got boring once you finished the puzzle the first time.

Revlan reached into his pack once again and retrieved a piece of charcoal from an inner pocket. Unrolling the map, he took special care to extend the dotted line he had been drawing across the border into Coria. He hadn't thought to do it in the early hours when they had crossed it, and with the drivers often in a sour mood in the morning they'd likely have had his head. Smiling to himself, Revlan traced the dotted line back Southeast to Kindwell. Home.

Then the smile faded. Already so close to Quevin and he hadn't seen much more than trees. There wasn't much of a story in that; how was he supposed to impress Lana?

Worse than that; how was he supposed to get out of telling Marlin that he'd been right?


"What do you mean you're leaving!"
"Exactly that Marlin, I'm going to go out and see... something. Heheh, well for a while anyway. One of the priests that does..." One of Revlan's eyebrows arched suddenly and he scrunched his nose in confusion before shrugging the expression away. " .... something for home in Coria, I don't know. Anyway, he has been requested back in... Quevin?... I think that is it.... immediately."

Extending his hands as if to question Marlin's indignation, Revlan continued. "When I heard that the caravan taking him there was short handed due to the haste involved, I volunteered to help. C'mon Marl, a little work aught to keep me out of trouble. Right Marl?" That tell-tale devilish grin had reclaimed its place on Revlan's face.

"Hmph. Knowing you Revlan, I sure you'll be in all sorts. But let me ask you... What about your home? What about your family? What about Lana, Revlan, huh?"
"Damn your sense." The smirk was gone and Revlan suddenly looked away. His hand plunged into his pocket and retrieved the Chrysanthemum carving he had asked Marlin to make Lana. "I was hoping you could help me with that Marlin." His voice was quivering.

Marlin's temper wavered, and concern crossed his face. "What happened Rev?"
"I... I couldn't talk..." Revlan crossed the room to one of Marlin's cabinets and opened the door. Tapping the left side near the bottom, a small side panel popped open.

Confused anger flushed through Marlin's voice. "Wait! When did you! Revlan Fallohide!"
Revlan dismissed his cousin's remark with a wave of his hand before placing the Chrysanthemum in the compartment. "Matter at hand Marlin..." Reaching back into his pocket, Revlan produced a folded piece of paper with 'Lana' clearly scribed on it and showed it to Marlin. "Two days after I leave, give these to her, won't you Marl?"

"Why don't you just give them to her yourself? Stay. You'll figure it out."
Revlan placed the note with the carving and closed the cabinet. Crossing the room, he looked Marlin in the eye and spoke with a solid determination that shocked his cousin. "I need to do this. I need to see outside of home... keep an eye on her for me, won't you?"

Marlin couldn't help but looked shocked. "Hmph. Fine. But don't blame me when this all backfires on you."

Several days in Quevin and Revlan was still overwhelmed with the sights and sounds, quite apart from his home in Kindwell. Surely it was the scale, not only of the people but of the buildings and roads; it was easy to feel swallowed up here compared to the leisurely home he knew. At times it was frustrating to be heard within the city, folks mistaking him for a Sylvari child until they noticed not only his attire, but the way in which he spoke. He took special care with merchants while examining their wares. Some assumed him a likely thief; The indignation! Although discouraging, these encounters were not enough to make Revlan hide or seek a way home; he was curious about what had summoned his kinsman in such haste.

Upon hearing the decree for adventurers needed to put an end to trouble to the Northeast Revlan was ecstatic. An adventure! A chance to see more of the lands outside gentle Kindwell. He understood it was a serious matter, for the homes of his kin could be threatened if the troubles spread South. But surely tales of such a journey would also impress those home, would impress Lana, and prove to Marlin that sometimes it was important to venture outside the security of the ham.

Without hesitation the young Cidal made his way to offer his services. If only he had thought to send word back home...

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Broken prayers

"If there's one thing I don't trust out there, it's the truth." Silec murmured as he poured steaming infusion into the bowl resting before the hunched, cross legged Waithur. Outside the hermits' cave a brook trickled softly and the sounds of nature began to quieten for the night.
Taking his drink in cupped hands, Skithyas Vord lent a crooked smile to his scarred, blackened features, jade green eyes slitted against the faint light shining through the grotto's entrance. "You have a way with words, my friend, you could speak nonsense for a day and yet lend unto your listeners an understanding even the Gods would envy."
"Why do you think I live in a cave with reformed killer?" Silec laughed as he drained his tea, flexing his long, tanned, fingers.
"Even enigmatic hermits must feel lonley sometimes," Vord sipped thoughtfully at the brew, the mild toxicity of the herbs within doing something to numb the pain that stalked him constantly above ground. "After all a hermit seeks solitude, not lonliness...and searches for the difference between the two."
"You're getting better, Skithyas, don't pause so often and for so long and we'll make a philsopher out of you yet." Another peal of laughter rang through the cave as the two companions refilled their cups by the day's dwindling light.
Indeed, Vord had improved, the Ungoulid was much changed from the creature, half maddened with pain and grief, Silec had stumbled accross in the woods almost a year ago, covered in blood that, the hermit had later learned, was, for the most part, not Vord's own. Had the Ungoulid not been in his current incumbrent state then Silec was unsure if he would have been able to subdue him. As he had recovered, Vord's story had come out as the Ungoulid's grasp of common had improved and Silec had wondered, at fist, whether it would have been a greater mercy to let Vord die...

Blades flashed through the darkness, Vord stepped through the blind, cursing, Khord, tearing his knives through them as he went. Guebdalla mortar was a slow and painful way to die, and Vord had regretted having to use it to subdue this group of Khord however he had been forced to work with the few materials he had at hand, knives and venom. These passages had to be cleared quickly, more Khord would come, soon and a foot hold had to be established, where the Waithur could then slip through to the main galleries and from there to the mines.
Ore was as good as lifeblood to the Khord, without it their supplies from above would dwindle and the strength they had brought to bear against the Waithur would wane alongside it. Hopefully this suicidal raid would provide the spark to bring the shattered Ungoulid military together, although Vord harboured reservations that his people could, even against a Khord nation half as mighty as the one they faced, prevail. These reservations now left him padding silently through the tunnels, his knives sulied with Khord blood.
As the raiders moved through the web of Khord scouts Vord was to double back and return to the second wave who would proceed to sweep the weakened outer defences. Then he was to travel back to the other clansmen, acting as a courrier and scout. Shaking his head, Vord spat upon his blades and assumed a crouch, more Khord moved up ahead, many many more.

The last surviving manuscript of the Thane of Silverhold's testament burnt slowly over the fire along with the body of the man who had inherited it from a Khord merchant so many years ago. Skithyas Vord sat in the man's armchair, his massive frame resting uncomfortably upon its upholstered expanse as he turned one of his daggers over in his clawed hands.
He had escaped his past, escaped the Khord, no news of what he had done would reach the surface or the remanents of the would know of his guilt...
Now that he had achieved this task, a goal that had driven Vord from the shattered remanents of his people to the surface, the Ungoulid felt hollow. Nothing he could do would absolve him of the sins he had committed, yet these did not prevent him from attempting to ease his conscience. Hissing, in impatience, Vord took to his feet and began to pace, for the first time in his life he did not know what to do.

The guard had been ninteen, on his first night shift at the town gates, given a crossbow he did not know how to use, he had, predictably, fired when he had seen the massive figure loom out of the darkness, a bundle swathed in a bloodied cloak resting in its arms.
The quarrel had struck Silec in the upper arm before Vord had registered the motion. In the next few seconds the body had been set down, then joined by another as two sets of talons ploughed through the all-too large leather curiass and into the guard's chest cavity.
It had been fortunate that Cilec's blood had already stained Vord's hands, otherwise the healers of Quevin may have asked a few more questions of Vord upon relieving him of his burden.

"Of course I would come with you...however despite their assurances of my inevitable return to perfect health, I am still rather weak." Silec croaked from his dry throat to his companion who, despite the hearlers' protestations, had not left his side.
"I do not want to leave you here." The attendant physician flinched at the Ungoulid-pronounced words that revebrated through the bedchamber. "You will be well soon and we can return to the forest." Vord met the even gaze directed at him unflinchingly. "The bandits are all dead."
"You killed them?" Silec frowned before shrugging weakly, then coughing violenlty, worried, the hearler hurried over.
"As you can see I am in no fit state to travel."
"And I am possessed of no urge to leave you whilst your condition continunes to be as such." Vord crossed his arms, eyes, as always, slits, in the light.
"For your own sake, Vord." The words cut through him like a knife opening a new wound, once again, he could hear the screams, see the flames, as surley as his longing imagination conjoured up the lilting melody of the brook. His mistake had killed them, a knife accross the wrong throat had seen the doom of his clan, if only he had known.
The old arguments, too and fro slid through Vord's mind before, with a surge of anger he dismissed them and took to his feet.
"I will think about it."
"And I will be waiting for you when you return." Silec smiled as Vord stooped through the doorway and out of sight, finally, perhaps, his friend could find redemption.

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Shining Knight

Knight Academy
Day 48
Late Afternoon

A booming voice rang out over the crowd gathered in the Knight Academy's Reception Hall.

"Amariel Elenvir!"

It was graduation day in Aegnor, and everyone was welcome to attend the ceremony. The graduates waited anxiously for their names to be called out so that they could walk down the aisle and stand beside their peers.

The young elf stood gracefully when her name was called with a smile painted upon her face she walked towards her instructor. Determination, eagerness and honor displayed in each step she took and happiness flooded her when she accepted the honorable title of Knight of Maelamin. Beaming as she caught her parents approved smiles she took her place beside the rest of her class and waited for the ceremony to conclude.

When all the names had been called the graduating group called out in unison their honor code, it was the same for all of the Knights of Maelamin.

"I vow to cheerfully perform all noble services and quests asked of me, to defend to the death any person or item placed in my charge. To show courage and enterprise when obeying my ruler, and respect towards my peers and equals. I will honor all of those above my station and will demand respect and obedience from those below my station. I vow to scorn those who are lowly and ignorable and will perform military services to my Lord or Lady whenever asked. I will regard war as the flowering of chivalry and a noble enterprise, and battle as the test of manhood, combats as my glory and I will always strive to achieve my personal glory in battle. I vow to slay all of those who oppose my cause and to choose death before dishonor."

The ceremony ended after a few short words from the teacher and a round of applause and congratulations from the crowd. Amariel had graduated top of her class and was heading to her parents when the instructor stopped her and after a few brief words handed her a sealed envelope that was addressed to the elf herself. Her teacher instructed her to not open the letter until the following morning and she nodded her agreement, being a knight she would follow through with the request.

The festivities ended and Amariel headed home with her parents. When they returned home she was led to the backyard where her graduation gift was waiting for her. Standing before her was a majestic creature, holding his head up proudly as he was showed off to the young elf. Soundlessly she approached the magnificent steed and lay her hand upon his muscular neck and down towards his powerful flanks. The horse stood proudly snorting only once to his new mistress as she studied the hooves,she ran her hands down his legs, amazed at the stunning beauty beside her. What better gift could a knight ask for than her very own mount to keep her safe from theft, and who would charge fearlessly into battle.

"His name is Daeron, he is your graduation gift my child. Your mother and I are very proud of you. He is an Arabian war horse, shorter than most war horses, but sure footed, and swift. Congratulations Amariel Elenvir."

The young elf slept soundly through the night and as instructed opened the sealed letter when she woke. It was from Kerte-Ishtel, and bore the royal signet of the Princess Vanima Felelenmyr. Drawing in a deep breath the young knight began reading the contents of the letter.

**Amariel, Honored Knight of Maelamin, I request your services to escort me to the Kingdom of Coria. Meet me at mid-day in two days time at the palace of Kerte-Ishtel.**

It was signed with the Princess Vanima's own signet ring. The knight re-read the message and headed to the barn to saddle her horse and prepare for the journey. It would take her a day and a half to reach Kerte-Ishtel, and she did not wish to be late for her first contract.

The ride to Kerte-Ishtel passed without difficulty and Amariel was surprised to find it had not taken a full day and a half to reach their destination. Having arrived a full day ahead of time, she had informed the guards to notify the Princess of her arrival and was soon graced with her presence packed and ready to go. After a few words exchanged they started their journey to the Kingdom of Coria. They had little trouble during their journey, and the ride went smoothly. They arrived with a couple days to spare before the event but the knight was released of her duties and paid for completing her contract.

Blue Noob Inn
Quevin, Coria
Day 89

It was the first time she had traveled to Coria alone, and she decided she would head to the Blue Noob Inn in Quevin to filter for news and possible contracts. It did not take long for her to reach the establishment and quickly she and heard about the wars on the borders of the Sylvari kingdoms. Amariel booked a room for the night when she heard about a possible adventure to embark upon as they directed themselves towards the wars. Curiously she listened to the rumors, the drunken stories, and retired early in anticipation of the following night events.

Blue Noob Inn
Quevin, Coria
Day 90

The owner of the blue moon named herself and gave a speech answering unasked questions to a group of adventurers. Each person was handed a deed when the speech had finished and Amariel read every word of the deed before signing her name and signing her Knights Enigma upon the paper and returning it to the owner of the Inn.

The blonde hair, violet eyed young elf rose from her seat in the Inn and headed out to the stalls to feed her companion a special treat and to leave instructions with the groom. Amariel headed out to the market place to purchase a few basic supplies with the payment she had received from her previous assignment. The woman also took a moment to send a messenger with a message to her parents to inform them of her first successful mission and that she had just agreed to embark on a new journey.

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Opening Act

Cast of Characters Peryl Elereth [played by Shining Orb] is a level 1 (Sylvari) Cleric of Lysora
Qempar [played by Riaucard] is a level 1 (Slaa'kar) Ranger
Revlan Fallohide [played by Tuned_Out] is a level 1 (Cidal Pick) Fighter
Skithyas Vord [played by clockwork demise) is a level 1 (Ungoulid) Assassin
Amariel Elenvir [played by cdnflirt] is a level 1 (Sylvari) Knight

The Scarlet Tankard
Quevin, Coria
Day 1

Peryl, Qempar, Revlan, Vord and Amariel found themselves seated at a spacious table in a back room at The Scarlet Tankard; in the company of a Khord named Gemhunter and the proprietor named Avarial, who had unexpectedly summoned them for a meeting regarding their mission.

The tavern was filled to capacity this evening with an odd assortment of thugs, ruffians, adventurers and braver townsfolk who were there to unwind from their activities of the day ... or preparing for one last festive gathering before venturing out against the unknown evil threatening the populace of Coria and the Northern Sylvari Kingdom.

Avarial introduced Gemhunter to the five adventurers, then excused herself, citing other matters that required her immediate attention.

Once she was out of earshot, the Khord leaned forward and in a coarse whisper that could not be heard by anyone else above the din of the merry makers in the tavern, proceeded to explain the nature of their unexpected meeting.

"Missy don' wan' ta let on that anythin is amiss here!

"She needs some extra eyes ta help her find the scurvy rats that be stealin' her supplies from the storage rooms down below!

"We be leavin' at dawn the day after tomorrow ... so you five could make yerselfs useful ... by keeping an eye open here fer da culprits ... before we be a'leavin!

"Our assignment is ta locate the whereabouts o' me cousin Stonegold ... a Khord veteran o' countless adventures n many battles ... below the surface ... n above!

"Stonegold was last seen in da company o two Sylvari and four Humans ... sent on a quest by Missy ta discover da location of a legendary hidden mine.

"They left over two months ago. Not a word nor a hide nor a hair of dem since! Dey seem ta have vanished without a trace!

"Stonegold was driving a wagon wit da inscription of da Scarlet Tankard on de sides. My job is ta drive another such wagon an go wit de lot a yas te find me cousin!

"Once we discover what happened ta Stonegold ... n locate de hidden mine ... I will bring a load a de treasure back ta Missy ... providin da lot a ye wit a generous grubstake ta build on yer deeded land ... whenever ye return ta Quevin ... ifn ye do ... wit more treasure samples n maps te other lost treasure locations ... from de Northern Sylvari Kingdom ... n mayhap the Chakran Mountains ... ifn ye be able ta make it dat fer!"

Gemhunter orders another round of drinks for the assembled adventurers, before excusing himself for the night, citing his responsibilities to get the wagon ready for the upcoming journey at dawn on the day after tomorrow (Spring Day 3).

"I be advisin ye all ta keep outta trouble here while ye be pokin yer noses around ta help Missy find out who be takin her supplies from down below!

"Dis tavern be named The Scarlet Tankard fer a good reason! Nary a night seems ta go by wit out da blood o some miscreant or poor fool bein spilt over some type a argument.

"Der be no armed guards ta help ye!

"Only yer quick reflexes and a good sword ... or some majiks if ye be able!

"Missy bein a member a da Quiver ... da constables and town watch stay clear a de tavern here ... so we police ourselfs so ta speak ... no questions asked ... n no quarter given!"

With a long final pull on his tankard, followed by a hearty belch of satisfaction, the Khord named Gemhunter bid his new companions a fond farewell, then disappeared through the crowd and out into the night, not to be seen again until Dawn of Spring Day 3.

After letting the cryptic words of Gemhunter sink into their thoughts and conversation, the five adventurers spent the next half hour or so discreetly surveying the tavern for any suspects, but concluded that just about anyone in the establishment could be a culprit.

However, it was soon evident to the adventurers that a group of four suspicious and furtive looking humans at another table, were worth watching as likely suspects.

The way they were glancing around and pointing to various locations of the tavern, obviously talking in hushed whispers as they hunched over their drinks, hidden by cloaks that they refused to remove while everyone else in the establishment had at least done so with theirs, these four became prime suspects and needed to be watched for the remainder of the evening.

Everything about them seemed to be sneaky in nature, so when they started to rise from their table, careful to conceal their features and facing the wall as they began to work their way towards the back of the tavern, the five adventurers were certain that they must make their own move and discreetly follow these suspects.

"What have we here? Two lovelies in da company of lesser men than we!

"You ladies need ta be in da company of real men this night ... until breakfast in the mornin!"

Six human ruffians have asserted themselves at the table, two of them each boldly seizing Peryl by her left arm and Amariel by her right arm. Their wanton desire is obvious as the other four ruffians brandish shortswords and daggers in defiance of Qempar, Revlan and Vord.

"Do We Have a Problem?" sneers one of the ruffians in disdain towards the three non-human males seated at the table, while their two companions pull on the arms of Peryl and Amariel.

Peryl and Amariel have been seated across the table from Qempar, Revlan and Vord with a straight view to where the four suspicious-looking cloaked humans have just left their table. Gemhunter is long gone and was seated at the end of the table to the right of Amariel and the left of Vord.

Avarial had been seated at the opposite end of the table to the right of Peryl and the left of Qempar. Revlan is seated between Qempar and Vord. She is nowhere to be seen and will not be coming to the aid of her employees who are now obviously on their own in this situation!

There is definitely a Fight Breaking Out Here!

Each player is to write their post in the Game Thread and what their response is to the ladies being manhandled by these ruffians.

You all need to include any info in the QnA as to subsequent actions as I plan to resolve this entire conflict in the next update, including following the trail of the four suspects!

Brianna will either join in here during the Bar Brawl or I will have her character join with the others at some point in the adventure once you leave Quevin and start searching the forest for the missing Stonegold and hidden mine.

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Amariel had been quick to answer the summons and join the other four adventurers who would be embarking on the journey with her to an unknown destination. Carefully she had surveyed the others, making mental notes about them as best she could based on how they moved about the room, putting away the information for use later.

Gemhunter seemed an honest man and now that she had signed the deed to assist with his mission, she was bound to him until she had either fell in battle to her death, or the deed became fulfilled. Silently she listened to the muttering of happy cheer from the other patrons as her violet eyes flashed accross the room slowly. Each individual in the bar would be a suspect until they were proven innocent. As her gaze swept towards a group of four humans still in coats they all knew immediately who their first lead would be.

As any knight would know, you always kept your weapons close and your wits about you when you were travelling with strangers, in a strange place. Amariel was very quick to prove her loyalty, but tucked away the thought that perhaps it was a test to find if they would work together as a team, and even if they were worthy of knowing more information about the real quest for which they would embark.

As if all time had stopped in the bar, some of the patrons song and dance faltered as they noticed a brawl beginning to unfold. The Knight was always on her toes which was how she graduated top of her class. Elven instincts ran deep in her blood as she heard the man's footfalls before he had even laid a hand upon her arm. Everything had to fall into place before she could react, and in the academy you learned to let the enemy make the first move. You could always learn a lot from your opponent if you studied their first move.

Amariel had noted the man's first mistake, was to grab her right arm, as she always led with her left. Before the man knew what had happened she had stomped upon the rude man's foot hard placing her right foot behind his left foot while withdrawing her scimitar and thrusting it flat side hard against his chest. The moment his grasp released in shock, she would trip him over her leg and dig her knee hard into his stomach her scimitar pressing hard against his throat.

"You Lose"

The Elven Knight made to kill the attacker, if she succeeded she would turn to help the other female adventurer, while keeping the four suspects in sight.

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problems abound

Qempar sat quietly as Gemhunter spoke of theives and his lost brother, but his attention was else where. Qempar was keeping an eye out for trouble, and that means his thoughts had to be clear, so he never took a sip of the beers, leaving two full tankards of the alchohol in front of him (ooc:your welcome tuned). Qempar heard the four humans coming but before he could do anything they had already seized Amerial and Peryl. Qempar stood quickly prepared to fight if he had to. "do we have a problem?" asked one of the thugs.

Qempar will draw his sword and try to save peryl (she is our cleric) when the ruffians are distracted. if she doesnt need the help then Qempar will attack the nearest enemy.

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The Sigies are doing it wrong...

Revlan had been filled with questions, and for the most part they were answered by Avarial before the signing of the contract... though he still had no idea what he would do with 50 acres.... or where they would be. What need he with land outside of gentle Kindwell?

Shrugging the thought away, he looked at his... companions, seated about the table they now shared in the Scarlet Tankard.

Syls be Syls, but what are they? he thought, regarding Qempar and Vord on either side of him. They'd not been keen to talk, and Revlan was unsure if it was initial distrust or if they were trying to give him the cold shoulder; regardless, they'd certainly spice up his story. He doubted anyone back home could even begin to make this up.

His chain of thought continued in such a manner until Avarial returned with a Khord in tow. A devilish grin flashed across Revlan's face as Gemhunter was introduced, which the Pick hid behind his tankard; his tale was getting better and better, and he hadn't done anything yet!

Gemhunter described the basics of their work over the next few days, but also tasked them with observing the bar for possible thieves. Revlan rejoiced inside; no one had thought to look at him!

Waiting about the tavern had been rather boring, as the conversation between the companions still had the initial...caution, was it?....and seemed to die away as they focused on the job at hand; especially with four suspicious Sigies seated at a nearby table.

Revlan drank some more from his tankard, and suddenly there were ruffians upon them.

"What have we here? Two lovelies in da company of lesser men than we!

"You ladies need ta be in da company of real men this night ... until breakfast in the mornin!"

Six human ruffians have asserted themselves at the table, two of them each boldly seizing Peryl by her left arm and Amariel by her right arm. Their wanton desire is obvious as the other four ruffians brandish shortswords and daggers in defiance of Qempar, Revlan and Vord.

"Do We Have a Problem?" sneers one of the ruffians in disdain towards the three non-human males seated at the table, while their two companions pull on the arms of Peryl and Amariel.

"Hmph" Revlan sneered, "Yea, ya stupid Sigies, ya didn't buy the ladies a drink!." With that the Cidal thrust the contents of his tankard into the faces of their would-be attackers and leaped upon the table.

Rather than draw his sword, Revlan snatched Qempar's two unattended tankards and surged into the fray.

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If I was a monk...

Vord watched the chaos begin to unfold around the table, his eyes dispassionately regarding the ruffians. Then, when Revlan, who, it seemed, had a hundred words for every occasion, jumped, Vord reacted. His target, the man to the far right of the group, armed with a shortsword, a weapon less handy against an opponent grappling in close quaters, and, most importantly, appeared to be left handed.

Surging to his feet, Vord pulled his chair out from under him, sending the piece of furniture swinging at the startled man like a bizzare club, using the momentum from his swing. The assassin spun, grasping the man's sword-wrist with his right hand whilst dealing a powerful blow to the man's head with his left, talons raking accross the man's skin as his head snaps to the side. Finally, Vord sidesteps, putting his victim's body between him and the rest of the group.

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Dazed and Confused

Peryl sat at the table trying to act like she was competent to be amongst the party. The briefing from Gemhunter both whet her appetite, and sent he mind spinning with self doubt. She watched the faces of her companions as the Khord spoke, each of them looked like a war forged veteran to her...Peryl found herself nervously tracing the rose shaped scar on her wrist long after the Khord had left. Scanning the patrons of the bar, Peryl was taken back by the surly humans that seemed to be the prime suspects of the tavern thefts. Peryl glanced at Amariel, her violet eyes telegraphed confidence, she resolved to try and emulate her. It was then that the humans grabbed her by the arm.

"What have we here? Two lovelies in da company of lesser men than we!

"You ladies need ta be in da company of real men this night ... until breakfast in the mornin!"

Peryl was startled by the strength of the men as they pulled her up from her chair. Her mind raced, she had practiced with her mentor, Master Dold, escaping from holds like this, but her muscles were slow, and seemingly weak. The room burst into action and Peryl thought she saw the flash of steel from where Amariel was just sitting. Panicking, Peryl thought only to try and trip the assailants... If she could get away, maybe she could face her attackers, head on, with her mace in her hand. Peryl thrust her leg backwards and tried to hook the back of the knee of one of the men behind her...

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Willow Embarks on a New Life.

A small figure in homespun wool slipped quietly into the tavern that she had been told to come to. Willow had arrived late for the initial meeting and after being brief about what she had been summoned for she made her way to the indicated placepThe Scarlet Tavern to meet her fellow adventurers. while she did not see herself as an adventurer. After all this was her first encounter with sivilication such as others lived in.

The whole of willows life had been soent in the Deeo forest among the ancient trees at it heart and the animals that roamed ther, with the Master Fruidess that had care for that srea for many years. Leylynnda, a half elven Druid had cared for the flore and fauna and the elven child found as an infant hidden in the hollow of a great willow near the bubbling spring pool.

During her long elven childhood she learned the ways of the forest and animals and finally chose her life path as a Druid. She had hoped to continue on learning with Leylynnda but the years passed differently for the two. Leylynnda grew to great old age as Willow, name for the tree she had vbeen found in. Willow had tried to ignore the signs of infirmity that increase years by year until this past winter. She knew this past winter that Leylynnda did not had much tile left to her.

Just last week Leylynnda went for her usally morning walk leaning heavily on her staff. Willow usually accompanied her especially these days byt Leylynnda had her finishing her own staff of bllack yew and said she would be fine. Her many animal companions and forest friends would keep her safe soWilllow set to work. It was only later when she had stated to smooth dow the black yew staff that she realized that Leylynnda had not yet returned. The sun had passed it Senith Leylynnda should have been back hours ago.

Willow went hurried outside and listened. It was quiet, even the treees did not rustle no breexe stirred them but even then there usually was some soungsof birds calling. Only there was nothing. Willow took her staff and hurried along the morning walk path. She was relieved to finally see the old woman sitted at the base of the great elder oak. The very tree her staff had been made from. Leylynnda=s animals companions laid at the side and feet. The great wold that had been he last companion sat close to her hands.

Willow hurried over and took her hand. "Leylynnda, Are you tired, Let me help you home."

Leylynnda slowly opened her eye s to gaze on the child she had raixe and loved. "This is my home, my last resting place." I have just waited for the spring--Tne time of new beginnings and the ending of the old year. My time has vome. I have lived a long life and not you are ready to live yours. here I go to join all those who have gone before. Those who have gonr before me sall my name, I hear then clearly, even now. My only regret is that I leave you at this point in your life. Another master druid is being sent out to care for this forest. One day you may be ready for it but not today or tomorrow. there is much you have to learn yet. I have left a package of things for you in my chest at the foot of my bed. All the contents are yours. I have been placing things away for the last yearin that you will need when you leave here. The new fruid alos brings a request that I hope you will take on.

"Please" Willow beseached The old Dridess. "Let me help you home. A nice cup of willowbark tea and some blueberries and cream will have you feeling better in no time."

"No, Child just sit her wil me. You hav ebeen my comfort and joy. Finding you was perhaps the best things that had happened to me. I had isolated myself here Away from the worl, and the hurting. You brought me back to see that life must aencomoass all aspects and one cannot hide themselves from all life has to offer without loosing someting of the wonder of life. Suchis nature. remember what I have taught you. Keep yourslef in balance, strive to maintain the balance around you. Work hard and one day you will will be worthy of even a great elven forest.

The old druidess woice comtined but softer. Willow moved in closer to hear her words. she nestled in alongside Leylynnda noticing just how frail she had become,

"I remember that morning I found you. When I rose the Trees were stirring near my cottage. Those closest did not know e=what was going on but something was. I sould sense it. I followed the mumering trying ti find it source. That is when the Old willow who rarely did more than murmur was rustlling more than any wind was blowing it. IT was Rufus who found you. My Fox xompanion, what a little devil her was. but without him I night not have found you in time. I have told you that your wer hidden in a deep hollow in the tree. When I got you out you were vrying but there was not sound. There ws a Silence spell put on you....

Willow waited quietly, Most of this story she had heard before and knew it well.

"I told you I found what must have been your parents dead near the bubbuling pool. I know you love going there to be close to them. I never could find out about them. When I had a chance to I would inquire but nothing ever came of thos queries. Perhapss I should have tried harder or sent you to the elves to be raised but.... I never did. Was I just being selfish? You filled a place in my life that ws empty. So when the queries kept coming gack with nothing I finally stopped trying."

There is just one things that I have not given you before this. The baby blanket that you had been wrapped in. You always thought your name was Willow because I dound you in that Wwillow, but that is not the reason......" Leylynndaps voice dropped even lower. Will waited for Leylynnda to regain enough strength to continure.

Amongst the things I have in my chest is a small bulcle of waced clother. It contains a fine baby blanket........In the corner is a wreath of willow branches around and initial. "W" ...... . I name d you for that. it is the only clue I have to your parents...... ... take it as you go out in the world and see if you can find who they are and where they are from. Perhaps you will find yout fiamily........ Now sing me the lullaby I always sang to you for, I should like to hear them in last time.

Willow sat up a bit still holding Leylaynnda's hand in both of hers. it was scold. She lifted up her head and sang the old familiar lullabym first in Commonm then the Elven that Leylynnda had taught her. Her sweet voice filling the silent glade. the animals nimals quiet in respect , the trees silently listening however the beat of the earth Willow could still feel

Go to xleep little one, have no fears.
Mother's watching you, dry you tears....

Willow finishe the last refrain letting hr voice frop quietly into the silenve about her. Leylynnda's hand lay fill, her last breath taken. Willow had felt her hand go limp but had not stopped.

The rest of Willows day was taken with the proper care for LLeylynndaps mortal remains. matures unnaturally stillness passed and took it normal course. It was only when all of this was dow=ne that Willow returned to the cabin. She let herself flow though her normal activitiesm cooking, eating washing up, only then did she move to the cedar shest at the end of Leylynnda's bed. She took out several bendales that had been places ther. leather boots, A new cloak that Leylynnda's had nade herslef. a set of pants, and shirt a leather belt and pouch Other things that surprised her were the dagger, bow and sword. Willow did not know where Leylynnda had gotten those. lastely at the botton of the shest Willow found the waced clothe bag and opened it up to find the super soft bacy blanket with the grest that she has described carefully stiched in all the corners. She ecamined it for a while then wrapped it back up carefully. unwrapped. She organized all the items she found and packed then into the back pack she had found as well. She slept soundly, worn out by the days events, not so mych physically worn out but emotionally.

Two days llater the new Druid for the forest had arrived. He had a letter with him addressed oddly enough to Willow.

That letter was what had brouth her her to this place today. and following her briefing had led her here to this tavern.

She looked about the room for the desvribed individuals Spooting them at a table furth across the room she made her way through the noisy crowd, wrinkling her nose as she did. The animals of the forest keot themselves cleaner and less odoriferious that these people did. She hell hre hand over her nose.

Just as she was approaching the table another group of the less reputable and more nooisome partrons approached the group she was aimed for. Willow did not exactly hear what was said because the common was so broken, but the tone of it was clearly evident.

Willow stand s ready to act if things go wrong, Smoke a half grown wolf at her side. Hopefully fair words will prevail.

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