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GM for this game: Hammer
Players for this game: Brianna, cdnflirt, clockwork demise, Tuned_Out, Riaucard, Shining Orb
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In Pursuit

Cast of Characters Peryl Elereth [played by Shining Orb] is a level 1 (Sylvari) Cleric of Lysora
Qempar [played by Riaucard] is a level 1 (Slaa'kar) Ranger
Revlan Fallohide [played by Tuned_Out] is a level 1 (Cidal Pick) Fighter
Skithyas Vord [played by clockwork demise) is a level 1 (Ungoulid) Assassin
Amariel Elenvir [played by cdnflirt] is a level 1 (Sylvari) Knight
Willow [played by Brianna] is a level 1 (Sylvari) Druid accompanied by her animal companion Smoke a half grown Wolf

In the Tunnel
Quevin, Coria
Day 1

Revlan gave a quick glimpse back over his shoulder at his companions.

"Well come on," He snorted "we can't lose them now!"
Without much further thought the Cidal was through the opening and darting off in the direction of the men he'd seen, not even taking the time to draw forth a weapon.

Peryl had been trying to recall a light spell that would be helpful, but only fragments of the spell could be recalled, as she rehearsed the spell in her mind before Revlan disappeared from view.

Peryl looked at her companions with a blank stare, and then back to the tunnel entrance again... "c'mon Willow!" and ducked behind the crates. "Revlan... wait up!" she screaled as she funbled for her mace. The cidal was quickly darting down the tunnel, Peryl could hear the sound of her companions behind her, but could not tell if they were close on her heels.
As she pursued the fleet footed Cidal, trying to keep up, but falling further behind, her deity Lysora rewarded her as the small rose shaped pendant began to glow, a soft radiant light invading the dim light, but Peryl was not sure if the light was helping or hindering her natural sight abilities, as she ran the thirty foot length straight towards the bend in the tunnel.

Amariel had decided after the altercation upstairs, that her knightly duty would be to protect the healer from danger. So as soon as Peryl hastily followed after Revlan, the Knight did not hesitate to follow her through the small opening behind the crate.

Without a word, with no weapon drawn, the Knight calmly followed after Peryl, noting that Willow was the next adventurer to squeeze through the hole in the wall.

Willow was a bit more cool headed, drawing her sword before giving chase. There was something elusive to her senses, as the smell of earth and stone invaded her sensitive nostrils. She was not sure what it was, but it gnawed at her subconscious.

The Druid was determined to keep pace with her companions, not paying much attention to the shadowed walls on either side of the cavernous tunnel. She was unaware of any immediate danger from the shadows, so she hastened towards the bend in the tunnel.

Vord and Qempar were left behind, unable to squeeze through the small opening in the wall to gain entrance to the cavernous tunnel beyond.

Smoke stood guard at the entrance, awaiting the call of Willow, should she need the assistance of her wolf companion.

Meanwhile, the impulsive Revlan (followed by Peryl, Amariel and Willow) had lost sight of his quarry after making the sharp turn to the left at the far end of the tunnel they had first entered.

The tunnel to the left was approximately the same dimensions, but the length was about 40 feet and made a sharp turn to the right. Fortunately, there was enough light in the tunnel for all 4 adventurers to continue chasing the 4 small humans they had been observing earlier that evening in The Scarlet Tankard, without encountering any hidden traps along the now rocky tunnel floor.

Revlan and the other 3 adventurers ran another 50 feet, before the tunnel made another sharp turn to the left. They traversed another 30 feet along a rocky floored tunnel of similar dimensions as the other previous tunnel corridors, before ending in a large cavernous room.

This room measured about 100 feet in width and a matching 100 feet in length. The ceiling sparkled with a mysterious blue hued glow, measuring about 25 feet in height. The surface of the floor was made of inlaid stones that seamlessly fit together throughout the entire length and breadth of the room.

At the far end of the room a closed double door was flush with the smooth surface of the walls. The height of the double door was approximately 15 feet high and 10 feet across.

About 20 feet forward and to either side of the double door, stood 2 statues standing upon a solid rock base about 5 feet high, 5 feet long and probably 5 feet in length.

Each of the statues rose to a height of 10 feet above the 5 foot high bases. Both the statues and the bases were somehow carved from solid marble.

As the adventurers cautiously approached the double door, they saw four large sacks, but no evidence of the whereabouts of the 4 small humans they had been pursuing.

To the far left wall there did not seem to be any openings or doors, but to the far right (about 75 feet from the far wall) there was a small opening that obviously led to somewhere outside, judging from the draft the 4 adventurers could feel blowing in from the outside, in addition to a fresher atmosphere of air that had replaced the mustier smell of earth and stone inside the tunnels.

As for the 10 foot tall statues, the one on the left was an attractive nude sculpture of a beautiful human maiden, while the one on the right was an even more breathtakingly beautiful nude sculpture of a Sylvari maiden.

When the other 3 adventurers finally caught up with Revlan, the Cidal was standing speechless and staring inquisitively at the nude statues, but did not seem to be under any type of enthrall spell. He was about 40 feet from the statues when his companions arrived at his side.

Before the adventurers could decide to examine the small opening to the far right (that they had passed by as they rushed in to catch up with Revlan) or go inspect the large sacks in front of the double door; their quarry stepped out from behind each statue, each brandishing a longsword.

But instead of 4 small humans standing on each side of the 2 nude statues, the adventurers were astonished to see 4 Were Rats, defying them to come any closer!

Then, before the 4 adventurers could formulate a plan of attack, the sound of Rats entering the room from the small opening (about 15 feet behind them and about 40 feet to the right of the adventurers) greeted their ears, having been summoned telepathically by the 4 Were Rats!

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 00:36:16.
Edited on 2012-04-16 at 00:40:32 by Hammer

Khash Munee
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REVLAN, Goading 101

Revlan had quickly darted down the tunnels as they shifted left and right, but had, to his frustration, lost track of the four marks he'd tailed. The sound of his companions rushing behind him only motivated him to keep searching ahead.

Following the tunnels led him into a large cavern illuminated by an odd blue sparkling alone the ceiling. Shiny rocks perhaps? Maybe some sort of planty thing that grows underground?

Walking deeper into the room Revlan spotted the sack and stopped caring about the light source. However the men he had chased weren't there.

Then he noticed the statues.

While Revlan had to admit that the Sigie looking statue was pretty, the shape and proportions held no appeal in his eyes. The second statue however, which appeared to be Syl, was far more to Revlan's taste, though not through merit of the beauty of the subject. No, it was in the Sylvari statue that he recognized similar features, in terms of curvature and shape, to his dearest Lana back home. Although certainly she wasn't 'his'. Well, not yet. He just needed to impress her. Still, looking at the statue he couldn't help but try to envision Lana's figure.

A stupid grin found its way across Revlan's face despite the matter at hand, that is until the sound of footfalls brought forth some of his companions. The Cidal half-turned, pointing towards the sacks, and the statues. The grin was still on his face, and he couldn't help it.

Before anyone could speak however, 4 Wererats emerged from behind the statues, daring them to come closer, the sound of many squeaks echoing from across the room.

Revlan scrunched his nose in disgust at the sight of the thieving creatures. At least he was fairly certain that they were the men he followed. Maybe they ate the men? It didn't matter.

He started to move, pivoting to face his foes and waving his hands about to distract them.

"I take it you fur-faced freaks don't feel like talking" His hand grabbed his sword-hilt amongst the motion. "Hmmph, and here I tailed you to have some fun" Revlan had his longsword drawn by the end of his statement, and rose his buckler.

Remembering that night with the wolves, Revlan realized it would be best to let them come to him.

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 04:30:04.
Edited on 2012-05-13 at 04:44:24 by Tuned_Out

Angel Reincarnated
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Taking a Stand...

Revlan had raced out into the tunnel and Peryl had followed after him, which in turn forced the knight to take up third rank down the passage. The elf stayed close to the healer to keep her protected against danger. As a light around the corner caught their eyes, they proceeded to the end of the hallway into a large room.

The Knight did a quick scan of the room searching high and low for possible enemies lurking in the shadows. Steps filled the the elegance of somebody trained in battle she stood beside the cleric glancing at everything as Willow followed them through the tunnel she didn't bother looking behind her.

Four figures stepped out from behind the beautiful statues, but they were not the four people they had been chasing. Standing before them were 4 Were-Rats, which only meant one thing, the sounds from the walls, were rats coming to the call of their masters. Drawing in a deep breath Amariel withdrew her scimitar and placed herself in front of the cleric Peryl to protect her from the Were-Rats.

Her voice rang out above the squeaking sound of the rats "Protect the cleric!" hoping that Revlan and Willow would step closer to the cleric to protect her from the rats filtering in behind them, and the Were-Rats before them. The knight mumbled a prayer inaudibly to those around her, before setting her stand for battle.

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 19:37:07.

Shining Orb
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Courage in the dark

Peryl skidded to a stop a few meters behind Revlan. She had been so intent on catching up with the Cidal that at first she didn't notice where she was... Between heavy breaths, she glanced at the strange blue glow imminating from the ceiling..."Sweet Lysora" she whispered to herself and slowly scanned the shadowy out skirts of the large room. Revlan seemed enthralled with two statues at the end of the room. Peryl's skin crawled... "Revlan.." she quietly said, "...where are they?" The Cidal didn't seem to hear her... the rose shaped pendant around Peryl's neck continued to give off dim light, but the jagged shadows that the light created only seemed to make the chamber come alive. Peryl gripped her mace tightly, and glanced over her shoulder for Amariel. She didnt see the wererats slink out from behind the statues, it was Revlans voice that drew her attention... "I take it you fur-faced freaks don't feel like talking". Confused, Peryl followed his gaze to the foul creatures. "Who" she stammered... Peryl raised her mace to be ready and backed toward the knight behind her. Her mind raced as her eyes locked onto the wererats, which moved with suprising quickness out of the shadows. Amariel stepped in front of Peryl and the sound of her razor sharp scimitar rang out as the knight called out "Protect the cleric!" A strange mix of terror and admiration washed through Peryls veins. Thank Lysora Amariel was here. Feeling a little more secure, Peryl cleared her mind and reflected on her healing prayers she had meditated on earlier in the morning. This could be a bloody fight, and she knew that her friends might need all the blessings she could provide.

Posted on 2012-05-13 at 00:10:41.

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