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Necromantic Schizophrenic
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My Complete Conversion Homebrew Campaign (WIP, P.E.A.C.H.)

Tenuous world name - Orbis Antiqui

The known world is small and very tribal based. Tribes have a base camp -which grows some basic crops- and a group of hunting camps which hunt for food (derr). Technology is in the stone ages, with some uses of bronze emerging in some areas. Magic users are weak, few, far in between, and usually insane. Animal Worship is the only established religion in the known world, with cults to various non-animals arising from time to time. The world is covered in forests, jungles, lakes, and rivers. Humans are the most populace of the races, then the Elves, then the elusive Dwarves.

Humans - Humans are organized into tribes. Each tribe is its own independent city state. Their society depends on which tribe they come from. Humans are the only playable race. There are statistical differences depending on their main chosen Animal God.
Tiger - +1 Str, +1 Cha
Wolf - +1 Dex, +1 Str
Panther - +1 Dex, +1 Int
Gorilla - +1 Con, +1 Wis
Owl - +1 Wis, +1 Dex
Eagle - +1 Int, +1 Cha
Bear - +1 Str, +1 Con

Former core races as monsters.
Elves - Elves are a primal race, strong, agile, and hardy. They are taller and broader than humans, have brown skin, green blood, and hunt humans and each other for sport. They have no society besides the strong rule the weak, and they commonly take slaves. Most slaves are for work, but rare or powerful creatures are kept as ‘trophy slaves’ to be a symbol of their owner’s power. Elves use a devolved form of magic, which they use to shrink the heads they wear around their neck and to kill the previous owners of those heads. Elven magic tends to be as wild as they are, as often blowing up in their face as blowing up their enemies, but Elves are strong enough to take any hit but the most powerful. The more powerful the magic, the more unpredictable it is. Human tribes consider killing an Elf to be the highest mark of power, and tattoos dyed green with the blood of Elves is a sign that the bearer is a powerful individual.
Dwarves - Dwarves are short, scrawny creatures with big ears, small fangs, and a mane running from their eyebrows down to their shoulder blades that they dye with the blood of their enemies. Dwarves are reclusive and rare, prized as Elven trophy slaves due to their elusiveness. They are brutal combatants, preferring to strike before being seen, and use weapons that don’t allow anybody to get within striking range of them. Dwarves with green hair are almost unknown, because that requires not only the killing of an Elf, but that there was no other blood present at the time of the killing.

Animal Worship in the world.
Humans and some various monstrous races revere the Animal Gods. I do not use worship here, because Revere suggests awe coupled with profound honor: and worship implies reverent love and homage rendered to God or a god. The Animal Gods are guides through life, they are teachers, they are friends. They are not Gods in any sense of the word, despite the misleading name. Animal Gods live and die, to be reincarnated into the next generation. They are the sword and shield of the human tribes.
Totem Poles - Totem poles show which animals you revere. The most important one goes on the bottom. He is literally supporting the other Gods. The least important goes on top, as he has no job that betters the Pole as a whole.
Tiger - Tiger represents courage and strength in battle. He is often revered by hunters and their like for his ferocity.
Wolf - Wolf represents brotherhood and the truth that when a group stands together, they are strong.
Panther - Panther represents cunning and stealth. She is often revered by hunters and thieves.
Gorilla - Gorilla represents family and the need to protect them. He is often revered alongside Bear, for if you don’t have the strength to protect your family, you can’t truly protect them.
Eagle - Eagle represents the Lone Master. As cunning and clever as the Owl, but independent and alone. The Eagle represents Berserkers and Disciplined Master-types alike for it's single-minded focus and masterful skill.
Owl - Owl represents wisdom. Those who revere him are often in positions of responsibility and leadership.
Bear - Bear represents brute strength. He is never revered on his own, except by people who have no want for anything but that brute strength. He has no temples save the temporary ones erected by his followers.

Stereotypical monsters, un-stereotyped.
Dragons - Dragons are rare and powerful forces of nature. They dislike attention and tend to burn villages that revere them.
Green Dragons - Green Dragons are the height of nature, they hunt anything they want. Greens have no homes, and therefore amass no treasure. Greens take names based off of natural things. Ex. Oakhill, Acornwolf. Their breath weapon is acid.
Brown Dragons - Brown Dragons live underground in large tunnel complexes. They often occupy multiple burrows at once, as well as digging new ones wherever they fancy. Due to their multiple homes, the Browns avoid amassing large amounts of treasure. They take no names. Their breath weapon is an avalanche of dirt and rock.
Blue Dragons - Blue Dragons live underwater in the lakes. Often referred to as ‘Lake Spirits’ by the human tribes, they can breathe underwater. They take no names, and will eat any humans, Elves, or Dwarves that they see. Their breath weapon is boiling water.
Orcs - Orcs are a primal species, even in comparison to the other races of the world. Green skinned and ten feet tall, they dwell in the deep regions of the forest, where the trees are big enough that they can hide. A reclusive folk, they do not interact with other races, preferring a life of druidism and shamanism to the life of a trader or diplomat. Half-Orcs are rarer than Dwarves due to their nature. Orcs will defend their homes with their lives, and mainly worship Gorilla and Bear.
Goblins - Goblins are sneaky people, and standing only 2 feet tall, with red skin and blue hair. They are tricksters, innocent enough that their tricks never intentionally harm anybody. Generally thought of as unintelligent, Goblins are actually very smart. They live in the hollows of tree roots and swing across vines growing from trees as a mode of faster transport. Goblins revere Panther for her stealth and cunning.
Hobgoblins - Hobgoblins are an odd folk, rare as a Dragon, and just about as cunning. Hobgoblins are cruel in their games, often torturing humans for weeks before finally killing them. They are about six feet tall on average, boasting orange skin and black hair. They cut down trees to build their homes, which angers the Goblins, but Hobgoblins are too powerful for the Goblins to do anything about it. Hobgoblins do not revere any Animal Gods.
Aarakocra - These creatures are about 3 feet tall, have wings, and are brightly colored. They are often found with giant parrots and the like. The Aarakocra are a dangerous race, often shooting poisoned darts from blowguns while flying out of reach. These creatures are intended to replace the stereotypical Orc in d&d, the cannon fodder with only half a brain. The Aarakocra present a danger with their affinity to poison while being relatively easy to spot and kill. Their giant parrot pets take the front line in combat, are generally not high damage dealers, but take a ton of damage before falling. If the Aarakocra is slain, the parrots will run back to their nests.
Squirrels - Yep. That’s right. Squirrels. Squirrels are large, around four feet long, and still eat nuts. Very territorial, a squirrel will fight to defend its cache of nuts from predators, such as other squirrels, rabbits, etc.

Cult of the Sun God - The Cult of the Sun God is a group of insane religious fanatics believe that the sun is actually a living, breathing thing, akin to a bear or a dragon. They worship the Sun as a God, believing that their dangerous magical experimentation is actually divine magic granted by this so-called ‘Sun God.’ A little known fact is that this religious fervor is actually caused by staring at the sun too long, causing a form of insanity that is a sign that you are one of the ‘Chosen’ of the Sun God.
The Cult of the Dragon - The Cult of the Dragon is a dangerous group that reveres dragons as an Animal God, paying no attention to the dislike Dragons take from attention. Having a Cult member in your tribe almost always results in a grisly death for the whole tribe if the infestation is not removed. There is no central leadership, due to its nature.
The Soul Eaters (needs a new name) - The Soul Eaters are a group of powerful Elven shaman who have banded together to ensnare the souls of Dragons. They throw these souls into an ancient Dragon skeleton, hoping to supply enough power to bring it back from the dead.

Character classes are all nature based. Rangers are the most common, with barbarians a close second. There are plenty of druids and shamans. Full list below:
Hybrid (see below)
You may homebrew some classes in, but mostly they are nature themed. The only exception to this rule is the Hybrid class. They are a hybrid of a primal class and a sorcerer, or two primal classes. No exception. NPCs can be Wizards or hybrids of wizards and other classes, but these are a rarity, and none of them live in the tribes.

Power comparisons.
Level one - Your average novice, just learning his trade
Level two - These are your amateurs. Skilled enough to be full a full blown whatever they are, but weak and inexperienced enough that they would not survive long.
Level three - Average level of experience. These are your Joe Schmoe guys. Nothing special.
Level four - Experienced enough to be above average. This is your ‘been through a few battles and managed not to die’ guys.
Level five - Here is where you start getting extraordinary. These guys are almost to the level of the veterans
Level six - These are the veterans. They have been around long enough or been through enough to excel at what they do.
Level seven - These are grizzled veterans. They have been through more than any man should in one lifetime.
Level eight - The best in the Tribe
Level nine - The best in the three Tribes around you
Level ten - Your average Elf lies about here, just as a comparison.
Level eleven - Wyrmlings are around here
Level twelve - Your average young Dragon lies here
Level thirteen - The limit of regular human power
Level fourteen - Think Connan meets Yaweh powerful here
Level fifteen - This is the absolute limit of human capability. These are the heroes of legend.
Level sixteen - Average Dragon power level
Level seventeen - The strongest of Elves lie here.
Level eighteen -
Level nineteen -
Level twenty - The most ancient of Dragons

Arcane spells are unpredictable. Sometimes they are more powerful than you intend, and sometimes they blow up in your face. Roll a d6, and your result will affect your spell.
1 - You take the damage instead if it is a damaging spell; otherwise roll a d4 for damage.
2 - If this spell does damage, take -1d4 damage to your spell. If this lowers the dice to 0, reroll.
3 - Your spell functions as normal.
4 - Your spell functions as normal.
5 - If this spell does damage, add 1d4 damage to your spell. If this spell does not do damage, it functions normally.
6 - Automatic critical.

Tribal Makeup
Chieftain - The chieftain is the leader of the tribe. He (or she, on some rare occasions) has the final say in everything. The chieftain lives in the same sized hut as everybody else, since they won’t do something if their people can’t do it too.
Seer - The seer is a shaman of great power. They usually live on the edge of the tribe since they often disdain company. Their job is to advise the chieftain on important matters. The seer usually has one or more apprentices, almost always shamans, that are training to become the next seer.
Huntmaster - The huntmaster is the leader of the hunters. He makes sure that the tribe will have enough food to last through winter, and advises the chieftain on when to move the site of the base camp.
Hunters - The hunters are usually rangers, although sometimes they are barbarians.

Posted on 2012-01-16 at 00:30:50.
Edited on 2012-01-16 at 06:29:06 by Necromantic Schizophrenic

Karma: 155/25
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Welcome Back................

Nice to see you back Necro.

I see you've been busy.

I hope you get some good feed back.

See being a rules lawyer can pay off, lol.

Posted on 2012-01-16 at 03:10:54.
Edited on 2012-01-19 at 00:45:23 by Odyson

Necromantic Schizophrenic
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Decided to wait until I matured a little bit before coming back here
Also surprised I remembered how to spell my username xD

Posted on 2012-01-16 at 06:04:31.
Edited on 2012-01-16 at 06:56:07 by Necromantic Schizophrenic

Karma: 155/25
6223 Posts


Ok all you game wizes how about giving the kid some ideas?

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 00:48:56.

Necromantic Schizophrenic
Regular Visitor
Karma: 5/7
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I have this thing up on giantitp, enworld, and here and have gotten almost no response

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 03:47:39.

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I'd like to respond, but I'm not sure where to start! Homebrews can be vast, beastly things, or small tweaks to a current system.

I guess I better show my ignorance and ask... what is WIP P.E.A.C.H. ?

Pseudo-magic looks fun. Have you thought about a combat system?

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 04:03:16.

Necromantic Schizophrenic
Regular Visitor
Karma: 5/7
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It means

Work In Progress
Please Evaluate And Critique Honestly.

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 04:07:19.

Karma: 138/3
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*smacks forehead*

Ah. Haha. Right. Sorry. I am a moron. *grins and winks*

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 04:16:13.

Necromantic Schizophrenic
Regular Visitor
Karma: 5/7
85 Posts


I was going for the whole "Beginning of arcane and divine magic" feel, coupled with the "Divine worshipers are actually insane with sun fever" feel.

Posted on 2012-01-19 at 04:17:57.

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