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Parent thread: Adventure Time Q&A
GM for this game: Lonewolf
Players for this game: pyroboom, Takley, Riaucard, Salindra
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Ice Princess leapt from the outcrop and into the glade where Ny-Nan lay "No! Ny-Nan!" she ran over to him and lifted his head up into her lap as she knelt next to him. "Ny-Nan... Ny-Nan... are you alright?" she looked at him, seeing what seemed to be burns travelling across his body *Maybe I can extinguish them...* she moved her hand across them, but nothing happened.

"What!?" Ice Princess looked at her creamy blue hand "Why is there no ice?" she looked back to Ny-Nan as Pheo landed next to her, along with Rawrin and Henry. "I think he's asleep..." she said.

Posted on 2012-02-02 at 21:41:20.

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'what time is it' "oh its..... half past ADVENTURE!"

"i think hes asleep" said the ice princess.

"he sure looks dead" said henry with Pink still on his head (although it looked more like he was wearing a wig) "but then again he IS a vampire cat...whatever he is". "well i dont think well be going anywhere anytime soon, so i guess we make camp or something?" asked henry who had completly forgotten that he had a cat on his head.

Posted on 2012-02-02 at 22:05:21.
Edited on 2012-02-02 at 22:09:02 by Riaucard

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Ny-Nan awakes...

Darkness...that's all he could see.
Ny-Nan wanders through the darkness he believes to be his memories,'This can't be...', he thought...
He looked around to see where he was, when his mind splits into a migraine, seeing 2 images, hearing 2 sounds in both ears, smelling 2 smells, feeling 2 things, tasting 2 things, and his six sense kicked in, in a more powerful tone...
'AAAAAHHHHH!!! HELP ME GOD!', he yells through mind, he did see something familiar in both eyes, one eye showed a vampire girl and her father that was apparently eating her fries, making her dry, and the other eye shows a white and gray striped small cat trying to poison a dog. But all sounds he heard were jumbled up in messes and his fingers felt tingly. The smells of dog and the wet air messed with his nose, it was the smell of wet dog...there was no true taste though. Suddenly...
"AAAH! HELP ME, HELP ME! HELP ME...", Ny-Nan began yelling and crying, holding onto the princess, his gem, a REALLY dark blue...

Posted on 2012-02-02 at 22:15:00.

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Rawrin watched all these events with interest. He wasn't heartless, in fact he really cared for all of his friends. But he didn't want to interfere with their heartfelt moment(s).

Taking control Rawrin said,"Yes, Henry we should make camp. Ice Princess will tend to Ny-Nan, Henry go get some wood for a fire, and I will go catch some fish. Pheo can you set up camp?" Without waiting for an answer he walked off towards a river. How he knew there was a river he didn't know. Maybe he had a natural sense for where water is, being half penguin.

When he arrived at the river he stared into the water looking for fish. He changed is zone of vision so he was looking at his reflection. His face was dirty. He cupped is flippers together and soaked his face in water until it was clean. When he opened his eyes he was looking at his reflection again. Except, it wasn't quite him. It was a deep black with glowing red eyes. He turned around quickly but nothing was behind him. He looked back at his reflection and it was normal again. 'This is really weird...' Rawrin thought. Nothing he could do about it though. A bit shaken he started to catch some fish.

After about 20 minutes of using his penguin skills and combat reflexes to catch fish a had a nice little collection. He had about 4 trout and 2 salmon. This should feed the group well enough, he figured. He turned around to head back to camp to face himself. A blackened version of himself, holding a demonic looking versoin of his own sword. Rawrin dropped the fish and drew his blade, but not before the Shadow Rawrin lunged with its own. Rawrin sidestepped tripping over a rock. His sword, partially drawn fell out of his scabbard into the river. Rawrin reached for it, but the Shadow Rawrin was fast. It quickly jumped forward and kicked Rawrin's sword into the river. It then kicked Rawrin in the face, knocking his hood back then stepped on his chest as Rawrin tried to stand up. Shadow Rawrin pointed its sword at Rawrin's face ready to lunge. But Rawrin was not going to accept death. As Shadow Rawrin lunged Rawrin threw his arm in front of his face. The Shadow Rawrin's sword went through Rawrin's arm and ended inches before his face. Rawrin's arm turned black from the sword's corruption. Rawrin grunted in pain and swung his arm to the side, wrenching the sword from Shadow Rawrin's flippers. Rawrin then brought his legs up and kicked the startled shadow Rawrin in the chest. Rawrin then yanked the sword from his arm and held it in his other flipper. He then jumped up and forward onto Shadow Rawrin's chest and stabbed it in the face. Shadow Rawrin disappeared into a puddle of oil and so did its sword. Rawrin collapsed. The corruption from the sword crept up his arm to his neck and Rawrin grew weary. He fainted into blackness.

Posted on 2012-02-02 at 23:27:05.

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Ny-Nan is alright apparently

Ny-Nan begins to hear screaming. After the mere panic attack of multiple senses pounding at his brain, he looks over to where he thought he heard the horrid sound. "Did anyone else hear that?", Ny-Nan asked. Without an answer, he then got up and ran toward the noise, with some pain in his back, he then just walked. He looked at Rawrin, and his jaw dropped. "Um...guys...why is Rawrin laying on the ground for no he dead, or asleep?" Ny-Nan felt a strange presence near the water, and felt it was what caused Raw Rin to be knocked out, he walked toward the water to see no reflection, he looked around, and saw...what he was meant to see in his memory, as it became full 3D instead of multiple 2D images, he didn't know what was going on, but an explosion went off. A red towering mushroom...wait...a...MUSHROOM? Ny-na went CRAZY over mushrooms, whenever he ate spaghetti or pizza, he would go after the mushrooms, not the rest. He NEVER went after peppers, especially the green kind. He knows how much he loves the color red, and eating a pepper burns his mouth, but he'd go crazy over the color, then you see what he calls taste blisters all over his tongue.(taste blisters=blisters caused by heat(spice) of the food).
He began to run toward the mushroom, missing the point where the girl and cat he saw attacked each other, and literally merged. They didn't see him though. As soon as he realizes that the mushroom was dangerous, he flashes out of the sight, and sees he's back in the real world. He sees the rest of the group is standing behind him. His looks back in the water, and sees a reflection for once..."WHAT THE *BLANK* HAPPENED?"

Posted on 2012-02-03 at 00:03:41.

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Henry and Pink the cat Vs. Shadow Pink

henry was down in the forest looking for a good sized tree. he soon found it it was thinner than most of the other trees, but a bit taller, Henry cut through the trunk of the tree with a super concentrated beam of arcane energy. the tree fell and pulling out a small knife henry marked the trunk at certain spots, he used these marks to cut the trunk into logs all of them about the same size. as he was about to pick them up there was a growl, then Shadow Pink jumped at Henry lashing out with its claws. Shadow Pink was like Pink but black in color and was the size of a panther "Gah!" cried Henry as he jumped out of the way Shadow Pinks claws scoring his back. Pink jumped off Henrys head and with a hiss started scratching up Shadow Pinks face, Shadow Pink yowled in pain.
the cuts on Henrys back wernt very deep but they burned like fire, turning towards Shadow Pink Henry saw it standing on its hind legs trying to get at the smaller Pink, Henry shot several cursed fireballs at Shadow Pink. most of them missed but two of them hit Shadow Pink, one in its chest another on its right hind leg. As it fell Pink jumped off Shadow Pinks head, and by the time Shadow Pink hit the ground the green fire had already consumed most of its body turning it to ash.
the battle over and Henry tired and hurt sat on the ground "the others will have to wait a bit for that fire" he said before nodding off into a dream about pancakes and cat-turtle things. Pink curled up into his lap.

Posted on 2012-02-03 at 01:29:51.

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The Waiting...

Ice Princess sat in the clearing, where she was told to stay. *Who knows how many more there could be?* she reminded herself of Rawrin's words and sighed. She predicted that Ny-Nan's sudden illness had dissipated for now, but it was only a matter of time before it came back... it had been happening that way most of the night and she hadn't felt too well either. it felt as thought she was heating up, which was reasonably unpleasant; as though she were stuck in a humid room, and the room being her body.
She sighed and rose, looking behind her at Ny-Nan's bedroll, seeing Pheo preening himself by the edge of the glade. She looked at the lump under the sheets, but when she went over to check on him all it was was fluffed up blankets and a pillow. "What!?" she exclaimed in shock "Where...?" she asked nobody in particular before she sneaked away from the campsite in her adventure clothes she kept in her satchel (Similar to Bubblegum's from the episode 'What was Missing").

She walked slowly through the trees until she came upon Rawrin, lying upon the ground with an odd blackness moving over him. She stopped her content smile and looked concernedly at him as she knelt beside him. He was gazing with closed eyes up into the canopy and his beak sat open and askew. His skin was slowly becoming blacker and Ice Princess began to worry, attempting to wake him "Rawrin..." she said to him, shaking him lightly "Rawrin, wake up!" she shook harder.
"It's no use, Azura." spoke a voice behind her and Ice Princess whirled around and stood. She looked across the river bank at a shadowy version of herself, but with her usual gown on. "He will soon turn into one such as I, and only the darkness from the Nightosphere may save him." the Other Her sighed "It is too bad he does not have a chance..." she leapt suddenly and ferociously at Ice Princess, who quickly ducked and dodged out of the way.
"Good..." spoke the spectre, "Good... glad to see my counterpart is not as pathetic as I thought." she said as she dislodged the new ice claw she had made from a tree. "I will take your body now, and act as you did, until my time comes to rise in power."
"Who are you!?" yelled Ice Princess in anger and hate.
"Now, now." spoke the darkness, "It is not wise to speak to me like that." She lunged again, and again the Princess dodged. "I plan to replace you, my dear, and show you kindly into the Nightosphere." she lunged and Ice Princess spun around until she alomst slipped into the river, looking back to see the sword of Rawrin. The Other Her drew a circle then, with her foot, and a face within it. "I can do it, you see... for you don't have your crown, and I can have it whenever I want!" she laughed as she fired a bolt of ice at the Princess, who ducked and moved quickly before being struck.

She felt herself lift off and land on the circle as the woman trailed milk around her, chanting in a strange tongue. Before she was down she paused "You see, my dear, I am the stronger one... one who you could never beat. Now, go to the Nightosphere!" she shouted as the portal began to open and Ice Princess, who had managed to shatter some of the ice, swung the sword into the Other Her and impaled her with it, lending her screams to the night. However, she still began to fall into the portal and screamed loudly in complete terro as she latched onto the rim of the vortex, feeling fel winds suck at her with the call of a thousand voices.
"Come to us..." "We will care for you..." "Azura... please" they begged and pleaded, but Ice Princess held on, screaming on and on in fright.

Posted on 2012-02-03 at 12:42:56.
Edited on 2012-02-05 at 03:59:15 by Salindra

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TPed your house yesterday...sorry

Knowing something was going on and also feeling the pull of the Nightosphere he knew well, Pheo stopped what he was doing and took to the air until he found where the gate was. He saw the ice princess and said "Grab my talon".

Once she did, he tried to pull here out but he was going in too. Thinking to himself "Least I know my way around...I hope". The darkness swallowed them and suddenly it was very bright as if the fires were bruning three times greater than they were before.

"Do you have any bug milk, we can get out at any time?"

Posted on 2012-02-03 at 17:52:17.

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After seeing 2 of his friends go into a portal, he looked at the shadow Ice Princess. "You...", he said, angrily.
"I know what you were about to say, 'Friend'...Who could ever befriend a vampire. They are untrustworthy , we are alike...we both lack trust to us..."

Ny-Nan stared in anger,"...Where are you getting at?", Ny-Nan spoke angrily.
"I'm saying...we are so alike, yet you fight us...
Join us."

Ny-Nan was surprised,"I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN JOIN YOU!", he jumped up, all claws out, and S.I.P.(Shadow Ice Princess), hits him hard enough to be injured, but not enough to send him into any of his multiple forms.
"You see...I'm more powerful, and I am even stronger than that. But I know you more than you know yourself. I know your past, present, and hopefully...your future. Of you come with us, we can teach you our power, and in return, we will give you info. you may want to know...all you have to do is join us. They may seem like they are friends with you, LOOK BEHIND THE MASK. Have you ever wandered what they say when you aren't knowing? They say that you are weak, and that they would get rid of you, any chance they get. That they would rather die then save you. Ice Princess was only there to help you, just because she knew you would wake up soon, and they didn't want you to distrust them...she doesn't love you...
She hates you...", all of this, lies.
"!", he jumped up, in pure anger, the gem flashed, and S.I.P. just touched his gem, and turned it blue with cold. He began to get upst," WHAT DID YOU DO...", he cried.
"I simply froze your gem, in heat or cold, the gem will freeze into another color. But one by one, the atoms burst, into tears, for their true lover...", she said it so poetically, he knew what was said.
" didn't...", he began to cry.
"Yes, it was a curse. If you join will learn I spoke the will stop crying...or else...the old cliche of true love's kiss will have to occur, or else the spell will not be broken. Join us...or you will DIE crying..."

Ny-Nan, as strong as he was, closed his eyes, and still crying, used his cat senses to see. "Here's something you din't know...", he jumped up and at her, she hit him down to the ground, his eye felt like they imploded. Then, only then did he take her up on her offer, but with a deal to place down,"I will only join you...if I save my friends from the nightosphere...", she nodded in agreement, took away the crying spell, and kicked him down into the portal, where he finally fell close to Pheo's and I.P.'s(Ice Princess) spot..."Hey guys...I'm going to try and get you out of here..."

Posted on 2012-02-03 at 23:54:24.

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Rawrin... is... ALIVE!!! And you will DIE!!

Rawrin was caught up in a Nightmare he knew resembled the Nightosphere. He saw his friends falling into the abyss of blackness and flames. He felt like it was real, like a croak dream. No, it didn't just feel real, it was real! He couldn't let this happen to his friends. Suddenly Rawrin was wide awake looking up into the trees. Off to his left, he saw Shadow Ice Princess standing over a black portal. Rawrin looked at himself and saw that half of his torso was now black. He slowly and silently crawled towards S.I.P. She didn't seem to notice him. Slowly, he reached towards her crown. Still she didn't notice. Quickly, he grabbed the crown and threw it into the river and wrapped both his arms around her neck. Blackened blood oozed from the painful wound in his sword arm, but he held on. Shadow Ice Princess started to gag and eventually she was choked out, but alive (if she was alive in the first place). Rawrin stumbled to the river, grasping his arm. When he reached his sword he picked it up in his good arm and stumbled back to S.I.P. When he got to her, he dropped to his knees, sword at his side. He raised his arm and thrust into her heart. She disappeared into black snow. Rawrin had to get back to camp and tell Henry what happened but he was too weak.

"Henry," he croaked, then with all his strength he yelled," HENRY!!!". He collapsed again.

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 02:19:49.

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i am bullet proof! - uber heavy

henry henry henry. heeeeenry. "wha huh?" "HENRY!" echoed across the forest,it was rawrin. Henry looked up at the mountains, there was a funnl of shadows spialing up towards the sky. "oh dingle" said henry jumping up henry started running towards the spiral, then stopped and turned backto get Pink. as he bent down to pick up Pink his back stung with pain. putting Pink on his head (again) he started off for the spire (again), it took a little while but when he got there he saw Rawrin on the ground, shadows swirlng around him, and S.I.P.
S.I.P laughed "all they have left to save them is an poor excuse of a warlock and a puffball thats only good for a hat"
"Pink isnt a hat!" growled henry
S.I.P laughed again then shot some ice at Henry
henry sprayed a jet of fire at the ice melting most of the ice but a bit that hit him in the shoulder.
"grrah" grunted henry as he hit the ground.
henry was hurt and confused and he hated it.
henry had a feeling in his gut, like red and tension.
henry slowy rose from the ground, the feeling spreading through his body.
"i may be incompetent, and i may be blind" hissed henry "BUT I AM NOT WEAK!"
Henry shot missle sized blasts of purple fireballs at S.I.P
"What! how!?" screamed S.I.P
there was a big explosion but Sip wasnt defeated
"grrr, ill be back" she shouted then she turned into a thin sheet of ice and then was gone.
henry ran over to Rawrin "are you ok?" he asked

(OOC i was a bit rushed at the end sorry)

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 04:34:22.

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Ok just so everyone knows...

OOC: Riaucard, S.I.P. was already dead. Rawrin stabbed her so, yeah...

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 05:44:08.
Edited on 2012-02-04 at 05:45:01 by Lonewolf

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Into the Nightosphere...

The three of them burned their way through the entrance to the Nightosphere, smashing through barriers of stone and magma, shielded by Pheo's resistance. I.P clung to Ny-Nan for support, screaming as they fell. Soon they emerged into a massive chamber, still falling, and just barely managed to grab ahold of Pheo and swoop away before they were obliterated on the cold stone floor. Pheo flew them over to a gate, made from what looked like obsidian, and away from the fire pits and raging infernos, where they dismounted. Ice Princess, though extremely frightened, moved to the door. "I think it's an entrance to somewhere... evil..." she whimpered.
"Do you have any bug milk?" Pheo asked suddenly "We can get out at any time?"
"I don't..." said the Ice Princess quietly.
"Neither." stated Ny-Nan as well.
The heat increased as a wail could suddenly be heard in the distance.
"Should we try to get through the door?" asked I.P, hearing the wail and wanting to get away.
"Shh." stated Pheo, listening hard, along with Ny-Nan.
The wail seemed to grow louder and Ice Princess looked about in search of another, less heaby, exit. However, before she could, the wail resounded again, increasing in pitch until it was deafening to her, and I.P asked shakily "We should... we should go in here... shouldn't we?" but they seemed to ignore her. Almost immediately after this, a thin woman with a large mouth levitated towards them reasonably quickly aboard a cloud of smoke and seemed to be singing her screeches. She had long hair and a dirty dress, with black wings emerging from her back. She approached with her hand on her breast for support of her voice, all the while wailing.

"Come on!" yelled Ice Princess as the foul-sounding woman approached their platform, but the other two just seemed to stare at her with longing and completely ignore the Princess. "Wait..." she said, listening hard, "if she's screaming so horribly and they're... male... she must be a- a siren!" she looked at the monster in rage and sudden hate as it landed on their platform and moved to Ny-Nan and carressed his cheek *No other girl can have that cat!* she thought. "YOU GET THE MATH AWAY FROM HIM!" Azura screamed suddenly, and punched the siren straight in her shocked and turning face.
The woman recoiled, but soon regained her composure and roared at I.P in rage. However, the Ice Princess had had enough of being the 'Damsel in Distress' and once again, after pulling up her sleeves, delivered a punch into the stomach of her opponent. Finally, as the siren recovered again, I.P gave the monster a swift uppercut with her fist, seemingly with enchanced strength, and sent her flying backwards into a fire pit. Her screams now only serving to snap Pheo and Ny-Nan out of their trance.

"NOW let's get out of here!" yelled the Princess, before yanking the large door open and stamping inside with her invigorated strength, leaving the other two to exchange glances of confusion. Inside the room was a magnificent hall with many adornments and statues around the room, mainly of a strange man in an old looking suit. He had concave cheeks and pointed ears and seemingly had slits for eyes; he looked like a vampire wearing distinctly long boots. A soft voice could be heard up the stairs from this atrium and a light could be seen.

"Hello?" called out Ny-Nan.

Footsteps could be heard of somone approaching the upstaris balcony beside the stairs and a man's voice broke the darkness as the likeness of the statues came into view, "Marceline?" it asked quietly.

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 10:52:58.
Edited on 2012-02-04 at 11:01:13 by Salindra

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Ny-Nan's memory

Ny-Nan looked both ways,"Who's Marceline?", the cat asked. The man continued to walk down the stairs, til' he reached the group. He looked down at Ny-Nan," REALLY IS YOU!", the vampire man said, picking Ny-Nan up and spinning him around, hugging him...
"It's you, I knew you'd come for me, my daughter...or...what used to be my daughter..."
"Wait, daughter? I'M A BOY YOU IDIOT!"
"So, you used to be 2 females. I, can tell you about your past. First, you have a love for playing music right..."
"Yeah, so?"
"My daughter did as well. You see...if you didn't know, there was a war. It was called the great mushroom war. Everyone fighting in the war used these things called nuclear bombs, and when they dropped them, it created giant exploding mushrooms. Well, during this, a little accident occurred with my daughter, and this assassin cat..."

Marceline:Give that man back, all I want is his red clothes!
Me-Mow:NO! I won't, I'm going to use him to get my food. I'm just too small to do it on my own...
Marceline:SO! I don't care! GIVE HIM BACK!*turns into her evil vampire form and gets close to Me-Mow to attack*
Me-Mow:*grabs knife and points it at Marceline's face*

"...suddenly, a giant explosion occurred, and merged the two, not only that, but a few days later after them seeking help, another nuke goes off, and took away your memory, and changed your gender, all from the radiation messing with your D.N.A..."

Ny-Nan went wide-eyed..."B-b-b-...but...I'", Ny-Nan fainted. The vapire places Me-Mow's knife in Ny-Nan's hand,"There there little vampire don't have to wait much longer..."

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 16:34:33.

RDI Fixture
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Pheo looked around, saw the statues and all other things in the area and said out loud "I don't rememebr these things"

He flew around and did that all day, basking in the glorious heat as he soared throught the Nightosphere. This was happiness. 1000 years later he came across the bug milk and a , he knocked it over and he was sucked into the other world.

"Who are you? I have never seen you before."
The man turned from Ny-Nan "I am Marcelines father and I have seen you soar for 500 years, gliding along the bottom of the flame, dodging all the lava spurts that came your way. You were here before I was, and you were doing the same thing I watched you do. This is home to you."
"Yes, but it is not where my friends are. It is not where I can make a difference. I can soar here freely, in ignorant bliss. But I can help those in the world of the living, help those who neeed help, look out for those who need an eye in the sky. Yes, this may be home and where I am happy, but this is not where my stand will take place."
"I see, you will be missed."

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 18:21:59.


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