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Parent thread: Adventure Time Q&A
GM for this game: Lonewolf
Players for this game: pyroboom, Takley, Riaucard, Salindra
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Ny-Nan's fury

Ny-Nan looked around the building, as soon as he woke up,"This can't remember nothing before I was 15...and that's it...I...I can't believe this!", suddenly the gem began to glow red.His anger has built to full capacity. He grabbed the knife, held it up, thrust it into the ground, and then,"FULL ANGER CAPACITY FORM!", Ny-Nan yelled, aware of his MANY forms. That's when he grew, and grew, as his body turned red, and went to the color of lava, his eyes were now black coal, as well as the gem falling off his forehead. He looked down at his...half dad? " are telling LIES! IT CAN'T BE!", the gem on the ground turned white and hot, so hot that it exceeded the temperature of the nightosphere and pheo combined! That's when the new Ny-Nan grabbed the gem, shoved it back to his head, and he shrunk into a figure resembling the Shadow Ny-Nan."Ny-Nan night, to Ny-Nan day, let the nightosphere go away...", Ny-Nan chanted. He began to glow a bright red,"Ny-Nan life is why he stays to live his life another day...", his paws began to shrink as he grew hotter and brighter,"Ny-Nan past to find his way, why has you come to his aid?", he turned into a burning hot version of his original form, brighter than ever,"Ny-Nan night to Ny-Nan day, you should of just stayed away...", he then clung to the vampire man's leg, and the half-father burned, though not dying, M.D.(Marceline's Dad) was definitively on fire. Ny-Nan had succeeded only partially when Azura stopped him,"Don't...he doesn't deserve this as he was only trying to tell you something..."
Ny-Nan looked at the princess, the gem turned blue as he went back to normal(blue=sadness also if you didn't know :3).
"It can't be true...", he ran outside with his knife...he couldn't take the pain of hearing this stuff anymore. He grabbed the knife and cut his wrist, laid down, and began to cry. He just couldn't take the pain of hearing that all his life, he was just a merge, a unoriginality caused by war.

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 19:01:35.

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Azura glared at the vampire, who shrugged, before heading outside, leaving Pheo to argue with the man. Ny-Nan sat, curled up, by the edge of the fire pits. Ice Princess slowly walked up to him, glancing at her hand *Hmm... almost white...* she thought as she sat next to the cat, noticing the cut on his hand.
"Go away..." he murmured quietly, sobbing to himself.
"No." she replied firmly. He turned his head and looked at her with reddened eyes, his gem flickering between a variety of dour colours. "Ny-Nan..." he turned away again "Look... you might be a fusion of two people, or that ------- in there could be completely lying to your face," she told him "he IS from the Nightosphere. He might be just like that siren, all trickery." he looked at her in confusion "Nevermind..." she muttered.
"Now listen Ny-Nan," she spoke again after a few moments "I and the others don't CARE if you are two people or one, the half of us have no idea how we were actually born." Ny-Nan continued to remain silent. "Look, if you believe anything I say here now, then believe this;" she sighed "I know you love me Ny-Nan... I see it in your face when I talk to you. I..." she was silent for a moment and quietly put her arms around him "I just want you to know that I... I- I feel the same way..." she then kissed him on the cheek and released her grip, standing up and sniffing in vicarious sadness and walked slowly back into the hall with Pheo, leaving Ny-Nan to slowly look up in shock, his gem shining brightly.

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 22:34:31.
Edited on 2012-02-04 at 22:36:27 by Salindra

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Ny-Nan, happier

Ny-Nan was still feeling the same about him being a merged being, remembering all those pop-up memories, knowing why he was continuously seeing 2 images in his memories, but wanted to know more of his past. But, the situation was that S.I.P. was definitively lying when she told him that no one cared about him, the real Ice Princess, loves him the way he does her. With it being a strange love, a merge of 2 females in love with a female, it's basically a lesbian threesome. But...except, he wanted to think of it in a better way, just a normal love in their world. Not the nightosphere, but the real world...he was happy. The gem had begun to glow a blue so bright, it was brighter then the nightosphere, everything looked blue, and that's when he saw it.
"Hello, you traitor!", it was S.I.P., "You thought you had escaped from my grasp when we made that bet up there. You save them from the nightosphere, then you come work with me. But now you know I'm lying...I'll force you to work with me...", she then grabbed Ny-Nan by the neck, without him having a word, and on the edge of the nightosphere, draws a smiley face without bugjuice, instead, she used magic. It made a hole that she used as a portal to lead the 2 out of the nightosphere. She then turned around, now standing in that river that Rawrin was near, and seeing I.P. run after them to save Ny-Nan, she closes the portal, and puts a lock on it, to keep them from entering there. She drops Ny-Nan, keeping a magic chain on him,"Don't think you're getting away that easy! I'm not releasing your other forms to let you kill me, and your normal powers have no effect on me...Come, we are going to the next lock. You will watch as we lock your friends in the Nightosphere...", she then saw Rawrin, and used shadow ice on him, freezing him in his own shadow, putting him in the nightosphere as well.
"I won't let you get away with this!", Ny-Nan yelled in anger, as his gem grew red,"I'm getting angry, you won't like it when I'm angry..."
"Heh, I know that form too...", she then touched his gem, and turned it black, he had no emotion relating to sadness, love, happiness, or anger. None of his gem related forms could be released.
"You didn't..."
"I did, and now, first we get Henry, then we get the locks, then we get the final thing to finish my plan..."
"...the tag team of Me-Mow and Marceline..."
Ny-nan was startled,"Y-you, are goi-"
"-ng to spilt you apart, yes...I am"

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 00:46:22.

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Find a way out!

Ice Princess ran to the portal in time to see the Shadow version of her smirk and close it with her magic *How did she survive my stabbing her... and how did she survive Rawrin; I swear I saw him kill her as well...* she went back to the chamber with Marceline's Dad and Pheo.
"Ice Princess," the phoenix spoke "I have come to an arrangement with the vampire. He will take us to see Death in the nether reaches of the Nightosphere if-" but he was cut off as Rawrin flew into the chamber and was caught by the vampire, soon followed by Henry.
"What's going on!?" yelled Rawrin "How is she still alive?"
"I think I know..." murmured the Ice Princess, looking at her hands, her skin now almost entirely white. She keeps drawing power from me, using my crown, every time a killing blow is delivered..." she coughed quietly. "I don't know how much more I can let her take..." she coughed again "Pheo, what was the rest of the deal?"

The phoenix continued slowly "He will lead us to Death, who will hopefully return our souls to the world, in return for some fries... apparently."
"Cold or hot?" asked Henry, getting up, Pink still on his head.
"I'm not too sure about that." said Pheo in confusion as Pink floated from Henry to I.P.
"No Pink, stay with him... he looks after you better than I can..." she told the cat, who obliged and lay down upon Henry's head once more.

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 01:20:42.

RDI Fixture
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"If S.I.P. is sapping power from your crown...we need to get it back, maybe that will stop her."Pheo looked dead serious((haha, funny joke)). "I may know a place to get fries in this place though" he pointed to the other side of the lake. "Through the falls, only I can get through... they will be very warm indeed. Lets hope that this deal is true."

He got off the ground and flew through the falls. He approached the restaunt and when he got in, he ordered a large fry that would rival the Calgary Tower. He came back with the order and gave it to him...

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 01:27:47.
Edited on 2012-02-05 at 02:54:05 by Takley

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Back to Ny-Nan

"Now, after taking care of Henry, I'll have to find the multiple ways into the nightosphere, and lock them inside! That way, I can get you to split up, and make you 2 find the 2 gems I need, the gems of peace and war, when they are used together, their power cancels out, and chaos occurs, either giving the one with the gems full control, or destroy the world. To me, it doesn't matter which, I won't care if I die of my own deeds, not if someone else kills me...", she gloats as she pulls the Ny-Nan, trying to force feeling to his eyes as he had no feelings anymore, it hurt, but only if he knew it see the blood from Henry's guts, the helpless blind wizard didn't see this coming. "Why do you do this Shadow Azura...any blacker and I'd call you satan..."
She turned around with nails and slapped him, skin ripped, no blood oozing because he was a vampire,"NO ONE CALLS ME BY MY FATHER'S NA-oops...", she didn't realize what she just told him. Death himself was Satan, and satan was her father. "I mean, my...well...I have nothing...well, now you know. Satan is my father."
"Why are you worried, I wouldn't care if he WASN'T your father, do you think I-", he was scratched again, only on the other cheek...
"Shut, up, before I murder you."
"Why would you murder me when you need me, why would you need to kill someone who you say you need? Besides, you've already taken so much from me, why should I care?"
"'ve seen the Harry Potter movies right?:
"Yeah, so?"
"If one dies, neither shall live. If you truly kill me, you kill off your girlfriend as well. You should care, because when you die, and I fail at my plan, Ice Princess will die too if they kill me..."
Ny-Nan went wide eyed, his eyes became cry, and red.
"You're trying to cry, but you don't have emotions...STOP.
We have much work. The next place to go is the Ice Kingdom, that is the next seal between worlds. Where we will find it, near an unnatural source of fire, that isn't melting the ice. It's been there ever since the Mushroom Wars."
She went to the Ice Kingdom, and found the flame, dragging Ny-Nan along. "Now, I must extinguish this itself is a lock, and when extinguished, it can't be unlocked.", she then froze the flame, as the Ice King walked outside
"Um...who are you...", the Ice King asked.
"I'm Shadow Ice Princess...who are you..."
"Destroying it, I have business to attend to, and no one can get in the way."
"OH YEAH?", he tried to freeze her, but she just teleported above him and smacked him against a wall, knocking him out. She then used her shadow ice, whcih canceled the ice out, and turned the flame into a puff of smoke, it flashed red, and the sky went dark. "The sky will stay dark til' the lock here, is somehow restored. See the dark clouds over there?", she pointed toward the forest. Ny-Nan looked toward the forest."Those clouds would also clear up...why am I telling you this? I don't know, just because, I guess?", she said the last part in a rising sarcastic tone.
Ny-Nan looked away, as he looked at the King.

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 01:54:54.

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Rawrin, Pheo, Henry and Azura followed the vampire, still eating fries, through the darkness of the Nightosphere. Skeletons rose and watched them walk past in the white hills but stayed away; the vampire was too powerful for them to even contemplate getting closer. Eventually the pale man stood at the top of a ridge and gestured down below. There was the gate into the Underworld with its one-way escalator and its huge Guardian. Luckily, they didn't have to pass him as they were already within.
Rawrin pointed over another hill of bones where several police cars were buried; a huge sparkling castle stood there, shining its light around the dank land. "Death lives in there." said the vampire, wiping his hands on a napkin.
"Hold on..." said Ice Princess, who was beginning to look emaciated "I've heard about this... from the Ice King..." she breathed in quietly and slowly "There's a river on the way... don't touch it... it'll make you like Pink; Poobrain." she breathed out quickly and harshly and Henry went over to her to support her "Shadow me must be draining a lot of power..."

"Better hurry on then." said Marceline's Dad "Or I might change my mind and SUCK OUT YOUR SOULS!"
"Run!" yelled Rawrin as the vampire's face contorted and he began to transform. They fled down the hills and came to the hillock on which the castle sat, after going across the bridge on the river of forgetfulness. Rawrin looked around and then whispered "Quick, inside..." and so they followed the cloaked Hyuguin in and through a zen garden adorned with skulls. A huge stage stood on one side of the room, covered in instruments and a river sat on the other side.

A tall figure with white clothing and a satchel stood at the other side of the room, raking some sand, he had a long skull for a head and a white hat on top of that. "Hey, you!" he suddenly shouted as they tried to hide "I see you there, get out here!"

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 03:08:36.

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After a while...

There were only 2 more spots that Ny-Nan and Shadow Azura would go. The candy kingdom, which the lock was inside Princess Bubblegum(she had to cry for it to release), and one inside a tower, that was meant to be the tower connecting the real world to the Nightosphere, here, is her third strike. "I know that they are searching for my father, so they can get out...I have to destroy the lock in there, which is the statue resembling my father, or else he will be able to get them back here, and be able to ruin my plot. If they DO get back, it should take a long time for them to do so.", she walked up to the tower, as Ny-Nan resisted, and it hurt his head as his gem was trying to flash with fury, but without feeling, it couldn't do so. "Stop my slave!", ordered S.I.P.
"No, not if my friends are going to be stuck in the nightosphere, DON'T DO THIS!"
"Why should I listen to you, you have nothing to give me in return!"
"I...I will give my life. You will never have to put up with me again."
"And why should I do that when you are going to be my slave. And if this ends badly, we all are going to die anyway, so like I said, NOTHING.", she then used a shadow ice move she calls 'Claw', as she pulls him toward her, and makes him hover. She walked up the tower, and found the statue of satan,"Why did they make this statue again?", she sees the hole in the statues face, it looks strange,"There...", she then throws Ny-Nan at the hole, and takes a key, that makes the hole thing bust apart, and then the key shines, and the sky becomes dark, while the once grey temple becomes blackened. " we only have to use this key as a way of attacking. No reason of it, other then attacking and unlocking stuff."
After walking to the castle, she looks up, and sees a keyhole, behind them, all the candy people are dead. In Princess BubbleGum's room, she was upset, but not crying. She was more angry then anything. Ny-Nan got a bad vibe from this place. They both walk up the stairs, knowing what to use the keyblade for, now that they got past the door. They walk into the room, and S.I.P. begins hitting the princess. She cries, and in her tears, come symbols of Ny-Nan's friends, as they hit the ground, though none of the tears go splat. There is still a chance...though all that occurred, and S.I.P. is aware of this, is that her father is going to be way more reluctant of giving them passage from the Nightosphere, they still can get out, but only in random places, some of them could even end up inside rock! But they would still be in the real world. S.I.P. looks in the drawer as she sees that the first gem, the gem of peace, was in the hands of Princess BubbleGum. So where was the gem of war? Only in the hands of the opposite of Princess BubbleGum, but who would that be...Marceline of course, so without Marceline, how would they get the gem. Marceline's father...and he's in the nightosphere, trapped."DANG IT! I didn't think this through! I have a way in and out of the Nightosphere though...and when I get the gem of war...the real world, will be my world...", she then made a portal to the Nightosphere, and brought Ny-Nan with her, and then gave him his feeling back, and his gem was red with fire. "I release you slave, as I will have no need for you til' my deed is done. Go find your pathetic friends...
it won't help.", and with that, Ny-Nan ran, calling for the Ice Princess...

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 04:27:40.

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I know how to get out

"Hey you, get out here!" Rawrin heard Death yell at them. Rawrin stepped out first and beckoned the others to step out as well, which they did reluctantly.

"I am Death,"Death said,"Who are you and why have you entered my domain?"
"I am Rawrin and these are my friends,"Rawrin replied,"and we are not here by choice. Shadow versions of ourselves have been attacking us and Shadow Ice Princess trapped us here. We need to get out."
"And what do you want from me?" Death asked.
"We want you to let us out." Rawrin said.
"And what do I get out of this?"Death replied smugly, dropping his rake and crossing this arms.
"If you let us out... I'll play a concert with you."

Death's eye-holes seemed to widen(if a skull can get bigger like that), as he considered it.
"Ok," he said, "but before I let you go, I want to see how good you are. If you aren't worth playing with, you can't leave."
Rawrin gulped,"Is there anything in particular you want to hear?" he asked.
"Hmmm," Death rubbed his chin in thought, "how about War Pigs by Black Sabbath?"
Rawrin gulped again, but he had to try.

This is what Rawrin played:

Rawrin ended the song, sweating slightly.
"Bravo!" Death declared,"You may go now, and don't forget our concert!" Death made the peace sign with his hand and shot lasers out of his eyes that teleported them out of the Nightosphere.

They arrived in the normal world.

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 05:52:38.

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They emerged from the Nightosphere into the fields next to Tree Trunks' forest, where Ice Princess immediately fell on top of Rawrin in an attempt to hug him (not having enough strength for such a task) "I didn't know... you could play so well..." she smiled at him and looked into his eyes with her sunken ones. He gently rolled her off of him, smiling, and she landed softly in some grass, but couldn't get up. She lay there, breathing slowly and didn't notice the muffled mewling coming from nearby. She DID hear Henry exclaim, however "OH MY GROB!" he yelled and she turned to where he was pointing. Pink was half submerged in earth. Ice Princess managed to look concerned before murmuring "His other half might still be in the Nightosphere... take the book out of my satchel; it should say what to do, right after the section about the gems of war and peace." Henry reached into the satchel beside her shrivelled torso and pulled out a book while the other two huddled around him, turning to a page about two gems, then flicking to a part where the pages had been torn out.

"There's nothing here... it's been torn out..." said Henry to the corpse-like Princess.
"Hn... SIP... somehow... find her... leave me here... with Pink... I can't die... or she would too..." she sighed "come back... for... us..." Pink mewled in discomfortable agreement.
"Hold on..." said Henry suddenly "These pages... about the gems... I think I know what SIP plans to do!"

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 06:29:43.

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im back now, with a difficult choice for our leader

As Henry explaned what SIP may be planning (which she was doing at that moment) the sky began to darken, "I fear we may already be too late" he said looking up at the sky. looking back at the group henry said "ok we have two choices here i think and both have very little chance of succeeding, first one is we try to stop Shadow Ice Princess, the other choice is that if we work quickly and using all of our power and strength we could construct a floating island and fly all the way to lumpy space, both have very little chance of finishing before Shadow Ice Princess eather becomes too powerful or destroyes the entire planet".

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 18:21:56.

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S.I.P. had found the vampire she was looking for, and sneaked up on him. She placed the gem in the sight of the vampire, when he didn't notice, so she wouldn't get caught. "Wha?", Marceline's father said in astonishment at the sight of the white gem. Suddenly, S.I.P. got behind him, and fired a shadow ice beam through him, succefully killing the undead. She killed a vampire. She grabbed the black gem, and then got the white one back, and began with her evil laughter as she found Ny-Nan,"Oh wait...I forgot...I still need you...", she grabbed him, threw him against the wall, and he went into his god form.
"You, you can't live when I'm like this!"
"Watch me...", she smacked the 2 gems together, and a beam hit both Ny-Nan and S.I.P., the gems crossed each other out, and the 2 merged, reluctantly, Ny-Nan dissolved into S.I.P. as she brought herself back into the real world.
"MUAHAHA!", she yelled out to the 4 friends,"So, Azura, Rawrin, Pheo, and Henry...You may be realizing my plans, and now, I've absorbed Ny-Nan in his god form...with the 2 gems' power in me, AND the god of the vampires! I'M INVINCIBLE! Only one way to stop me now! FIGURE IT OUT!", she disappeared, and went back to the Nightosphere. She found death,"Father...I thought the lock I closed down, would keep you from bringing them to the real world!"
"It almost did, but then Henry gave me an offer I couldn't refuse..."
"What was that?"
"He said that if I let them leave, that later on me and Rawrin could play a song together, you know how long it's been since I've played a song with a mortal! There's always a twist to it!"
Nyan I.P. was angry, she then, grabbed death with the power of Ny-Nan, and crushed death. She went back to the real world, to kill death right in front of Rawrin.

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 19:16:46.
Edited on 2012-02-05 at 20:36:07 by pyroboom

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The Death of a Princess

Ice Princess and the others looked up in shock as a huge monstrosity emerged before them, breaking through much of the trees surrounding it. It laughed sadistically and revealed its cargo, a small crushed skeletal figure; Death. Finally, it spoke in a demonic voice that stretched across the land for miles. "You fools will now know my power!" and began to surround Death with some kind of aura. However, as it did this, a whooshing noise could be heard and above the group appeared a long rainicorn, glaring at the beast and holding a Pink Sweater with a heart sewn into it as well as a carton of bug milk. "이와 함께 죽었습니다." it said, and dropped the sweater. Rawrin leapt into the air and grabbed the sweater, all in one movement, throwing it at the huge monster. As he did, Pheo flew up and grabbed ahold of him and flew extremely fast at the monster. Henry then caught the bug milk and waited as Rawrin caught the monster by surprise and scored a smiling face into its chest (it's screams were deafening), then, Henry threw the milk and it splattered on the face and Rawrin yelled "Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum!"

The creature, cancelling its Night-o powers out with the portal was imploded and after a few moments only Ny-Nan, Death and a crown lay where it once stood. SIP was finally destroyed.

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 21:59:13.

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Ny-Nan has been saved?

Ny-Nan looked up as he saw S.I.P. become destroyed. "NOOOO!", the Shadow Princess yelled, as she died. He saw the 2 gems fall down in front of him.
"What are we to do with the gems?", he answered his own question by deciding to put them in that keyblade that S.I.P. found earlier, it had 2 spaces that looked like it could fit 2 gems. When they were placed in, they grew bright with light, and his gem turned into a glowing grey, like silver, and his eyes went red. He held up the keyblade as it became metallic, and Ny-Nan went back to normal. Then, the Keyblade went to a size that worked better with Ny-Nan. "This key here is way better then the knife I had earlier...I would like to test it out soon...", he looked at his friends,"...but we'll have to wait for that time. After today, I know we'll have way more epic adventures awaiting us...Thank you guys...You saved me..."

Posted on 2012-02-05 at 22:29:34.

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Semi-Anticlimactic ending...

Rawrin took a deep breath and sat down, his arms behind him supporting his body. He looked at the sky, now back to its original blue. He glanced over to where Death's body lay crushed next to Ice Princess's crown. 'Guess our concert will have to wait,' he thought. He smiled, he wasn't much looking forward to that anyways. Screaming death-metal(no pun intended) wasn't his style. He stood up.
"Anyone still want some fish? There's a river right over there. I can go get some." He pointed behind him and tried to keep a straight face.

Posted on 2012-02-06 at 00:33:24.
Edited on 2012-02-06 at 05:44:18 by Lonewolf


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