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Crazy Talk with Riaucard

information on the world you thought you knew, Gaiea.

.... or earth as one might call it.

ok lets start with the base elements: ya got Life, Soul (or spirit), Matter, and Gem (thats pronounced guh ehm but with only one syllable, not jehm as in gem).

Life is well, life! its what makes everything.... alive!
Soul is what gives everyone Majik powers (which will be explained later), it also effects ones will and how fast one heals, the more the better.
Matter is the clay mold and oven, that makes up the Phisikal plane.
Gem is pretty much an Anti-Element, however its also the one that binds the other elements together to make things, like humans, so get used to it.

Next thing is what do they do together: lets use a "summoning spell" as an example, as misleading as the name is it doesnt actually summon anything, it creates it. to do so you would need to take some Matter and give it shape, this can be done by using preformed matter such as clay or you can take it from the air itself, lets do the first one as it is easier to change the form Matter takes than to draw it from the other planes. We shall use Mercury as our material as it may be harder to shape it is easier to change into something else. now lets think of a shape, we will do something small and simple, a gecko, now its good to know the anatomy of the creature you wish to "summon" as it will turn out better and last longer, i recomend starting with the skeleton, then the organs, then the muscles, and finaly the flesh and scales.
now the next part you must be quick, as the body quickly deteriorates without Life. Life is the easiest to control, however its the hardest to bind, to bind Life to your creature, you must use Gem, not too much though as it may destroy the body, or atleast mutate it.
Congratz you just made a kind of Golem, it can perform simple tasks and keep you company when you are lonely.
now lets take it a step further and give it some Soul. this will allow it to heal itself, do more complicated tasks, and will have atleast basic thoughts, allowing it to take care of itself. Soul is the hardest to control but the easiest to bind, it mutates faster as well, corrupting the mind of your creature if your not careful, causing it to go Rouge, and this isnt the sentient thinking that comes with high Soul levels, this is primal destroy everything madness or D.E.M. for short, so be careful and stay focused.

some people use Life to reanimate te dead, this is Illegal in most contries, and is generaly frowned upon in all developed nations and most undeveloped ones.

thats all for now, if you have any questions about anything in this lesson, just ask.

Posted on 2012-03-02 at 22:38:31.

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used to keep other threads uncluttered

Did you see that? that statue just moved. of course not by itself, thats impossible. It was obviously Gremlins. well what else could have moved it, its not a Gargoyle. Fine, leave, but dont come crying to me when the Worgs get you. Laugh all you want, im still not gonna help you.

Yeah, see, i told you the Worgs would get you. Im not going to help you, i said i wasnt going to and im not. you may as well stop screaming, im the only one who can help you, but im not, because your a jerk.

Congradulations, your dead! now that your a ghost im sure you have a lot of questions, i cant answer any of them. i could tell you what i do know, but i wont, because your a jerk.Yeah bet you thought i forgot over the four hours it took for you to die, but i didnt, jerk.

Mod Edit: Moved to Personal Creations as this didn't really seem to fit in the Common Room... and cuz I'm a jerk...

Posted on 2012-03-06 at 03:29:39.
Edited on 2012-03-06 at 11:41:07 by Eol Fefalas

Karma: 11/54
303 Posts

yeah thats ok eol. i didnt really know where to put it anyway.

Lunar, she is thing of great power. Bask in her glory, pray to her, and receive her gift. The gift of Power, Knowledge, ....secrecy. But, do not take her gifts lighty and do not take her gifts for granted, for her gifts can be deadly, dangerous, and leave at their slightest whim.

Posted on 2012-03-07 at 04:38:50.

Karma: 11/54
303 Posts


at friends house.
"theres something wrong with those oreos" said I
"oh, and whats wrong with them?" said a friend of mine
"they smell funny" said I
"They... smell funny....?" said my friend
"yes, they smell funny" i told him "like plastic"
"well oreos arnt made of plastic" he said "so your nose must be stupid or something"
"how do you know oreoes dont have plastic in them?" i asked
"well, er.... why are you smelling my oreoes anyway!?" he said
"I could smell those in the other room, what makes you think there ISNT something wrong with them?" i asked
"whatever!" he said " lets go play some F-zero or something"

Posted on 2012-03-10 at 03:14:53.

Karma: 11/54
303 Posts

you can comment on my insanity you know

i had a dream (more of a nightmare really) once where i was in a bathroom in some mansion, it was a rather old mansion and the sink was all nasty and the shower curtains were torn up and the toilet looked like it had more toi than let (if you know what i mean), but anyway i was washing my hands in the sink, when the sink started bleeding, yes BLEEDING, and it made WORDS, and you know what those words were they were: you are cursed. spooky right, well in the dream i started freaking out, so i ran out of the bathroom and was at the top of a huge spiral staircase (that led right up to the bathroom, because ALL mansions have rusty metal stairs that only go to sinister bleeding bathrooms at the top of giant decrepid boxshaped rooms), some how i get to the bottom in only 2 seconds, evil laughter following me down, i see my family on the other side of the room on a higher platform up a small flight of stairs. at the bottom the both of the stairs disappear, leaving me in what was pretty much a square pit with off white walls and faded blue carpet. then began the chanting, the bleeding of the walls and floors, and the rising of the shadows, shapeless demons made of pure darkness sucking up what little moonlight filtered through some unseen window. I knew i had very little chance of surviving, there were too many and they were strong, but i wouldnt go down without a fight. when the first one neared me i swung a fist at it, just before its head my arm locked up stopping my punch midway, i tried again and the same thing happened, i tried to take a step back but i froze midway, it was as if i was chained to that spot by some invisible force. then they pounced, i could hit them then but they were too close to do much damage by then, they clawed and bit and tried to bring me down but i still resisted. my family needed me i could hear their callings "dont die we need you" called my mother brother and my sister (who wasnt born yet at the time of the dream). the shadows managed to pin me down, and i screamed in rage and agony, but just before the dream ended it paused and the shadows looked as if they were a little further apart, as if they were sent flying backwards. i woke up gasping for air, feeling shaken. i looked at the clock it was almost midnight, i sayed awake for a while unable to sleep, but eventually i somehow did fall back asleep and into a different yet related dream. i was trvelling through a whitewhashed town, everything was different though, like a sidescroller or something, i knew that what caused this was the same thing that caused everything else since then, the chanting, it changed the world and messed it up, the laws of nature were no longer existant, everyplace had its own set of rules and they didnt always stay the same. a preist was standing in a doorway, holy places were not effected by the power, regardless of what religion it was, there were certain places where it was worse than usual too. the priest too said i was cursed and shaked a cross holding fist at me, i was apperently looking for my family, and asked if he had seen them, he just shook his fist at me again. a kind man in a rocking chair who looked the very picture of a cowboy warned me that there was a dragon that came every night and attacked the city and that the people didnt seem to like me so i should leave town soon "be careful 'round here kid, a dragon prowls about these parts" he said to me "id offer you a room but the other townsfolk dont seem to like ya, so id leave town pretty quick if i were you" i nodded and thanked him for his advise. just as i was about to pass through the town gates, the towns laws changed and it became something like a cartoon. Thats when things went to hell, the dragon landed in front of me, and it was only midday. the dragon wasn neccisarily as large as depicted in mythology, but it was as big as a minivan, it also wasnt all scales it had a kind of mane that went along its neck, the fur was black and looked like a porcupines spines, it belly, chest, knees and elbows also had fur, but it looked softer similar to bear fur, its leathery wings were batlike and it had feathers on its wing joints, it also had feathers on the tip of its tail. it didnt attack but it didnt look like it was going to let me leave either. the towns folk were in a panic, they were asking the priest for guidence (he was a kind of leader to them i guess),i think he decided to use me as a scapegoat and probbly told them tha killing me would make the dragon leave, because the towns people were now an angry mob and were after me. i decided i had a better chance with the dragon because apparently i had some knowledge in fighting dragons. the dragon was gone when i looked back however and i ran out of town, ending the dream.

its been years since ive had these dreams but i remember them so well becuse they were so vivid.

Posted on 2012-03-12 at 03:02:18.

Karma: 11/54
303 Posts

a compilation of life, short stories, random shtuff, and crazy

"shoes for industry shoes for the dead" "provide shoes for undead war veterans" "take off your shoes and look to them for a brighter future in industry"

"sam you need to convine the monks that they did not see two gods fight and one die"
"do it!"

when i dream, i can choose to wake, whenever i wish. however i have to deal with a scream that would make a banshee cringe in fear, when i do.

poptarts are importaint for everyones dietary needs

"listen to stories of normal highschool students as told by rich celebreties"

Posted on 2012-03-12 at 04:34:25.

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