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Mylos Goldspinner

I wrote this as a background for my new character.

Any Criticism is welcome

Enjoy the Read.

Mylos Goldspinner was a gnome, and tall for his race standing at just under 4 foot tall. He had long curly orange locks down to his shoulders, a custom of the Brathunii gnomes to signify he was single. His face was comely but not handsome his eyes were mismatched, one blue and one green, some would say its luck and some would say its evil, yet Mylos did not think he possessed either of these traits. His nose was big and sloped to a hook shape and his mouth was tight, small red lips pursed together, the ears that sprouted from the side of his head were large and ended in a point near the top. He wore a range of multiple colours, one day he would be wearing a blue jerkin the following day he would don his red surcoat and if he felt he was in danger he would don his old brown studded leather showing signs of use, more than a few of the studs were missing and a tear was ripped across his side, but he refused to mend it.

He grew up in Brathunii Hollows amongst the beautiful groves and rivers. When he was young he would play in the rolling hills and plains with his friends, they would always play similar games and Mylos had always used to enjoy them. There was the baker and the scholar, The maid and the farmer, The trader and the mother. Each game consisted of a similar outcome, they would pretend to be any one of these characters, along with a lot more, and they would have to barter with one another. The Scholar could trade historical, political, and any other important documents. The Baker could trade his bread or a sweet cake or a hard biscuit. Each child could choose who they were and the person who came out with the best deal at the end would win and more often than not that would be Mylos.

Once Mylos had reached his coming of age he was often taken to markets by his father and soon he became renowned for his bartering skills. On an unremarkable, overcast day his father and he went to the main plaza and visited the stalls there were many, as always, and one particular stand drew his attention. It was a stand of musical instruments, some were almost as big as him, others minuscule in comparison. One particular stringed instrument caught his eye, it was regular sized and well strung he asked the merchant what the instrument was called, he replied a 'lute.' Mylos decided that he must have it, he traded an old creased scroll and some tanned leather. He promised to be disciplined and practiced daily, he loved playing it and after a year he had became a popular performer. He sang well and learned from other entertainers in the village, or passing bards.

His father was proud of him and his family became well respected in his home village. The years went by and Mylos was happy, his father was offered a place on a trading wagons on its way to Coria and to the city of Calestra, fabled for its trading quarters it was rumoured anything could be bought or sold there. His father took the offer kindly, but said he would have to refuse if Mylos could not come with him. Fortunately the trading caravan accepted and within a moons turn they were on the road to Calestra. They travelled through the small hamlets and thorps, Mylos played ballads and songs along the road throughout all of the Brathunii lands. He bartered with the locals, trading scrolls, gems and songs for food, information and a soft bed to sleep in. Mylos was starting to get recognised throughout the land now for his talent with a lute and with his lips, whether it was a hearty tune or a business deal, and Gallos the lead merchant, was beginning to notice his talent.

He would give him gifts such as exotic spices and the finest wines they would sit, talk and play music for hours together, discussing the fidelities of trading and culture alike. He learned a lot from the wizened old gnome, who frequently reminded him that he saw a lot of himself in Mylos. Gallos was different to other Brathunii although in the hollows he bartered, traded and gifted goods he also wore a coin pouch at his waist which jingled as he walked. After a few nights of regaling stories of their most successful interactions within the markets Gallos would talk of how trading goods was little in comparison to currency. Gallos eyes would sometimes bore into him as he spoke of currency and he would put coins on the table and look half-crazed upon them, glinting in the dim lantern light. Soon Mylos wished to have some coins of his own, the copper coins did little for him but silver and gold looked beautiful he would often find himself drawn to Gallos' coin pouch wishing he had one of his own.

Soon they ventured out past the Brundii river, the geographical territory marker of the hollows. As the wagons crossed the ford the gnomes traded shifty glances and nervous looks rather than clothes and accessories. Brathunii had been told to be afraid of water from a young age. They were not told the traditional bonfire stories of monsters and witches instead they would tell of monstrous waves tearing apart a whole fleet of ships and that the water could whisper to you, dragging you into her icy touch and unforgiving embrace. Therefore almost every Brathunii had an irrational fear of water. Mylos was no different.

They crossed the ford with no trouble, the horses at least were not fearful of the sloshing current. They travelled for three days and nights and reached a town named Kindwell, mostly made up of human folk. Mylos had never seen anyone taller than 5 foot and he was in awe of the humans. His father noticed the way he stared and gawked at them, and was quick to warn him.
“These humans do not know our customs. Tread and speak carefully around them my son, they can be ruthless and cruel. Your Great-Grandfather Bardan was the first of our line to know this. He was a cheeky young fellow, a lot like yourself, and he overstepped his place far too many times. You must not do the same.” Mylos just nodded, turning his head to look round to his new surroundings, there were tall buildings having windows at the top and bottom of the house. A monument stood in the middle of the town square, a warrior with a sword and shield standing afoot a terrifying monster. As they drove through the town gate, a market bustled and much shouting was happening at almost every stall. Something glinted in his eye, he blinked and turned around to see two men one had a golden necklace in his hand the other a handful of golden pieces as they exchanged amulet for coins he shivered with excitement. He decided he would acquire some coins of his own.

He asked leave of Gallos and his father to explore this new, exciting environment. He was permitted, and he headed straight for the market square he had nothing of real note upon him bar a plain silver necklace, he decided to sell it, it had no emotional value to him any longer and he needed to satisfy his craving for golden pieces. He wandered over to a metalworking stand, he stood there admiring a few select items, a gold necklace with a red heart pendant, a curious ring with a large gem attached to the top of it and a a plain golden earring. He waited until the merchant was finished with his customer and then strode over towards him. He had to walk around the counter for he could only just peer over it. He felt a fool, but did not let the merchant see a single flicker of emotion.
He smiled and said “Ho there friend, how fares your day?”
“It fares well, is there a piece that catches your eye?” Replied the small stocky man.
“I am afraid it is not your offers that draw my attention this fine day. But in fact one of my own” Mylos tapped his neck and showed the merchant his silver chain.
“And what should I exchange for that apprentices amulet?”
“I am not here for exchanges this day. I am here for coins.” Replied Mylos calmly.
“Coins? What's a gnome to do with coins? I ask.”
“I am looking for a souvenir of my travel from the hollows.” Lied Mylos smoothly. “Preferably a few and golden.”
“You'll be lucky to get a single golden piece from my pocket.”
“My good friend, I would not be so naïve, to presume that. However, I must remind you that you will be giving me my first gold pieces. I cannot accept just the one. I will have to ask for three gold and five silvers.”
“Three gold and five silvers! You must be far from home. The best I can give you is two gold.”
“Surely you can spare me a few silvers and coppers to remind me of my travels, even if only a few.”
“I will give you two of each piece, and that is final.”
“I accept, you are truly generous.” He smiled at the man and undid his chain from around his neck.
He took the coins, and now he needed a purse.

He travelled through the streets of the town, in wondrous amazement he hadn't seen anything of the sort before. He saw rich men dressed in fine clothes and riding in spectacular litters and as he glanced down dark side streets and alleys he saw child urchins, begging for money and food. The difference was shocking yet the rewards seemed wondrous.

They stayed in the Town for one night and left the following morning at dawn. The gnomes who had seemed so jolly and care free before had a more sullen and foreboding look on their faces. This was because the most perilous stage of their journey lay ahead, they must travel in the dark forests of Vanima Romen. There were a few new faces with them, humans mostly with a smattering of other races, elves, dwarves and a single halfling. Gallos said they were to be our guards to journey through the forest. Although Vanima Romen was a Sylvari forest and known to be peaceful Gallos did not wish to take any chances outside of the the Brathunii Hollows.

The Journey lasted a full moons turn and as the they progressed through Vanima Romen Mylos' craving for more gold pieces intensified. He was not allowed to strum the strings of his varnished lute they did not wish to invite unwelcome guests to the trade caravan. He found himself lost in boredom and silence, this meant he spent a lot of time by himself. His hand would glide down to his side and clutch the brown purse at his waist, he would pull a coin out and play with it in the palm of his hand, sometimes lost in its beauty for hours.

They reached Calestra unharmed, the first thing that struck Mylos was the huge white walls that outlined the cities perimeter. As they reached the main gate and walked beneath it a whole new world enveloped before him, he thought Kindwell was large but Calestra was ten times the size of the small town. There were people everywhere hurrying about the paved streets going about their day to day business. They delved further into the city and reached the market square a huge expanse opened before him, and he was astounded vastness of the stalls they appeared to go on forever, seemingly never ending.

Mylos never wanted to leave, so he stayed in the large trading city even after his father and Gallos' caravan left. His father had begged to leave with him but Mylos refused, he was in love and it was not with a women's beauty, it was with the sound of jingling coins in his purse.

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 16:33:33.

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