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GM for this game: Kriea
Players for this game: Jozan1, cdnflirt, Loki, gboy, Tiamat5774
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5 Headed Dracohydra
Karma: 80/23
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"Tell your name and what you good at."
"Garron Magmaspyt, born in the Unther mountains. I am a life taker, my kills are sacrifice to Tiamat, my queen. I will serve this revolution, honoring the orders given and thereby honoring my queen with my service. I will not stand idly by and let anyone hack me down. What I am good for? I can fight with or without weapons. My body and my magic are weapons in themselves. When fire or immunity to fire are needed, also, there I can be of some use. And, as to fun, fun is in the eye of the beholder."

Garron stands tall, and proud, with a toothy grin and takes in the reactions of his superiors and peers. Though it is pride in his part in this mission that he is feeling, his posturing and body language may seem almost challenging to some present.

Posted on 2012-04-11 at 05:59:00.

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts

Oh some people...

Ahvir stood by in silence as the halfling was vocally, as well as mildly physically, attacked by Aleya. The fool had attempted to seem funny, he was sure, by pretending not to have listened, but he was clearly as good at humour as the other people in Ahvir's old group were... Terrible.

"Time and a place... Time and place..."
However, he wasn't stupid either. He wasn't going to comment aloud on the actions of the man. He could be whatever he wanted. He could be trained... After all, he was chosen for some reason... After all, every army to lay a siege needs those at the front who do what they're told when the hot oil is poured over the walls.

Ahvir had worked briefly in the seelie and unseelie courts. He knew when to show a reaction to something and when not to. And now, in the middle of disciplining, was not the time. And so, he stood stoically until Paagdish began to speak.

"Ugh, finally, a distraction."
“Mission not about fun. Mission about survival and victory. Soon as is decided if short one keeps ears and go with us, we leave. Through mountain to Belja for supply. Tell name and what best at. Then we go.”
Ahvir listened, waiting for a break that was just long enough, but not too long in people's conversations. "I am Ahvir, and one might say I'm the favourite of the peopleses. I'm a... reasonable performer, and can charm the answerses out of most peopleses... one way or another. I can usually sniff up an answer or two about most anything that is of use in a town. I know the street ratses, or at least the locationses of them for the info. I'm better at avoiding conflict, but I have my own fashion of dealing with them, as well as inspiring otherses to levelses and featses of greatness." At that was where he left it. Aloud anyway.

"Levels like mine." echoed through his head, however.

When everyone had given their introduction, Ahvir looks back at Paagdish, eagerly awaiting the order to move out.

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 04:47:01.

postima prolifica
Karma: 74/7
691 Posts

Marching Order

Lady Aleya pulled her blade back from the halfling's neck about halfway through his blathering report of his skills and looked at the others in the group then back to him. “I do not often give warnings. Consider this your only one. Next time you display such disregard for the others in your group and your leader's words you will not survive to offer any explanation. In the future you would do well to remember that clear, concise reports are much more effective than rambling nonsense. ” She nodded to Paagdish and started towards where Tyrael waited for her.

Paagdish listened to their answers and took a moment to evaluate each one of them again. = He seemed resigned to being their leader for now, though he didn't look particularly pleased about it. “I no fight until you all in trouble. I not here take care of you. I here make sure you no mess up.” With that he started off towards the path through the woods, not bothering to make sure they were all paying attention enough to follow him.

Aleya called a halt before they got very far however, as a runner came into the clearing. The creature appeared to be a great black cat of some sort turned into human form. Glossy fur covered him from head to toe and he wore light armor. He made his way to the commanding woman and handed the message to her, then waited for further orders or a return message. “Very good, Nararr.” She read the note over a couple times and then looked back at the cat man. “It may be time for you to take a little break from running messages for me. I would like you to accompany this group to Maple Ridge. Familiarize yourself with the areas you travel through. Make maps if you can.” With his orders given she turned her horse and both her and Tyrael took off down the path leading North.

Paagdish looked the feline over and shrugged. “If Lady Aleya say you go with, you go. We go now.” He said gruffly, his version of an order to march and returned to heading down the rough Eastward path. “Decide who take what position in line. I take front for few hour, then you take front.” He didn't specify who “you” was, not even glancing back at the group. “Rest of you decide where best place.”

As marching order is discusses and everyone takes their place the braying of what sounds like a donkey can be heard a bit in the distance, but you cannot discern what direction it is coming from. Paagdish seems content with letting the group decide if they should ignore it and push on or investigate it.

(I encourage you all to talk this out, or you can just randomly fall into line)

Posted on 2012-04-20 at 00:37:14.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts

It Begins...

The half-drow watched Aleya pull a knife on one of her new companions. It was a show of dominance and leadership in the group, and it was well played. The halfling had stopped blabbering as soon as the knife found it's mark against his neck. It was a warning not only to the halfling who had the blade at his neck, but to the rest of the companions as well. They would be moulded into veteran soldiers before the end of their service, of that she was certain. They had a lot of things to learn from each other, and from their leaders.

Triana listened to the rough speech of the orc as he spoke to the group. He was stating the same thing she had already concluded, he was their guide not their leader. A leader would lead them into battle, a guide would hide behind them unless forced to fight. The group assigned to the mission were Paagdish's burden, he was not pleased to have them, but he would have to ensure they succeeded on their mission. The woman did not expect much help from him, and would have to keep on guard if she intended on surviving her mission and making their Leader proud. Triana would have to remember her first rule about living, that there will be no others who will protect you even if you are all on the same side, expect a knife in your back.

In that moment the Orc decided it was time to head out, and she quickly set herself to follow his path. They did not march far before being called to a Halt, turning to see what orders Aleya might have perhaps forgotten to include she saw a figure running into the clearing. A beautiful creature it was indeed, it had the appearance of both a human and a large black cat, she had heard of these people, but it was the first she had seen. Every more was graceful, it could put elves to shame, but like the rest of them here, he would be an outcast of some sort to the rest of society because he was not a pure breed of any kind. Triana had filed away the name she had used for the creature for later reference should there be any issues.

The Cleric had watched as Aleya and Tyrael had taken off down a path to the North, a soft sigh escaping her lips. The half-drow offered a quick prayer for his safety and that of their new leader on their journey and she turned and followed the Orc, subconscious about those around her. The Cleric did not follow too close, and ensured she was not going to be followed too closely. She found herself a spot in the middle of the line following Paagdish however her senses alerted her they were indeed not alone. It sounded as if a donkey were nearby and she stopped in her tracks closing her eyes she listened to the sounds around her trying to determine the direction of the creature.

It did not take long for Triana to raise her concern "Listen, I hear something. If that is indeed a donkey, we could use it on our travels, to carry equipment, or food, anything to lighten our load, and increase our alertness. I think we should find the donkey before we head out to Maple Ridge. If we are forced to take the mountain path, they are more sure footed than we would be with our packs." the woman fell silent but did not continue to move forward, as she was trying to discern which direction the sound of the donkey had been heard. It would be an asset for their journey if they had an animal to carry anything extra they might need, for she knew it would be a difficult journey and they would do well to use any advantage thrown their way.

Posted on 2012-04-24 at 15:45:54.

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts


Ahvir stayed near the rear, preferring not to let anyone out of his sight as they marched.mhe kneww it was safer when you could see everyone, so he casually fell in line at the end, grinning beneath his scarf. This would be an intesting encounter, and an interesting travel. He was quite looking forward to it.

When a halt was called, however, and the rustling of someone coming could be heard, Ahvir quickly reached to his side and pulled out one of his daggers in hand, and stopped midway to pulling out the second dagger before he saw the creature was interacting with Aleya in a peaceful manner. Sliding his drawn dagger back in to his sheath, he listened intently to make sure it wasn't an ambush. But, it seemed as though it was simply a new person to accompany them. Fine. Ahvir could live with that.

With the sound of the braying, the dark skinned woman who was being courted by the knight suggested going to locate whatever was causing the noise. Ahvir shrugged and added on, "And if all else fails we eat the damn thing. I'll support your efforts to locate it, if you provide a direction with which to start looking. That sound came from everywhere."

Ahvir kept darting his eyes back to the new member of the group... Strange, he almost seemed feline. Ah well, all sorts in this group. And all sorts that would fall in line.

Posted on 2012-04-24 at 19:32:04.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

A post, in a few parts.

As Nararr came into sight of the south mountain camp he saw two figures on horseback with a small group gathered around them, drawing closer he began to make out Lady Aleya and Tyrael, Lady Aleya had a sword drawn and at the throat of the shortest member of the group. A child? No, a Halfling. Then Lady Aleya withdrew the blade from the half-man’s throat and the group split from the mounted pair just before he arrived. As he did a few of the group turned and took note of him as he approaching Lady Aleya, despite their own group walking off. Now standing before Lady Aleya he dropped to one knee, quickly stood tall again, and passed the rolled parchment from his belt up to the waiting Lady Aleya.
"Very good, Nararr."
He was about to ask his Lady if she wished to send a reply when she spoke to him again.
"It may be time for you to take a little break from running messages for me. I would like you to accompany this group to Maple Ridge. Familiarize yourself with the areas you travel through. Make maps if you can."
He smiled as his spirits lifted at her words. He knew of Maple Ridge, a town across the plains in the north mountains, and had secretly read letters about how it must be taken. The grizzled half-orc walking off with the group must be the Paagdish that had been asking so long for a well-trained warband, it would be honourable to join it. But then, the group had a half-man in it, which was all too human for his comfort, who seemed stupid enough to annoy Lady Aleya. Maybe this group he was joining was just the best of a poor pride.

"Certainly Lay-dee" Nararr answered, the first world almost a purr, before she set off with Tyrael on their horses. He watched the horses as the two went, spiritless bests. Even they dishonour themselves he thought.

Paagdish’s group was waiting for him a short way off, where Lady Aleya had asked them to stop, so Nararr swiftly joined them, bolting over to the group quick as a cat. The group, consisting of Paagdish, a hobgoblin, a woman like Lady Aleya, the half-man, a tall scaled thing, and a something else, regarded him as he regarded them. The hobgoblin and the scaled thing both looked strong, it would be good fighting besides them instead of goblins as he’d done at the plain’s camp. The woman like Lady Aleya, he’d never asked what Lady Aleya was exactly, he was sure would prove herself. The half-man was short and tricky looking, asides from deciding he didn’t like it he wasn’t sure what to think about it. The "something else" on the other hand he had no idea what to make of and, honestly, was more curious then anything, and it must tell because he lingered on it longer then he had the others. All of them looked new, fresh, uncut. After a few moments of sizing each other up Paagdish had had enough and shrugged.
" "If Lady Aleya say you go with, you go. We go now. Decide who take what position in line. I take front for few hour, then you take front. Rest of you decide where best place."
Nararr quickly passed the rest of the group to walk with Paagdish, not to speak with him but to be near the front. The front was his place. He was a hunter. A stalker. He moved ahead of the pride and belonged in front of these tenderfoots. As they set off, and as they travelled, Nararr noticed the "something else" stayed at the back. No doubt it had a game of its own so he didn’t worry about it, but he did concern himself with the half-man a little.
"Would someone carry the half-man" the cat-man cross spoke in the rough goblin tongue, not caring if the half-man overheard or understood "his short legs slow us down." Somehow through the walk Nararr managed to stay at the front, darting ahead of the group, then waiting for them, then darting ahead again, much to the displeasure of Paagdish who was, much to Nararr’s ignorance, planning to whip the cat. They hadn’t got as far as Nararr would have liked by the time they stopped, the woman like Lady Aleya had heard a donkey bray. Had Nararr been alone he’d have made it almost half again as far as the group had by now, and would have ignored the spiritless animals call, but now he found himself displeased that they’d stopped. And it showed. But then he had an idea. The half-man should ride the donkey, it would speed them up and dishonour the half-man.
"Listen, I hear something. If that is indeed a donkey, we could use it on our travels, to carry equipment, or food, anything to lighten our load, and increase our alertness. I think we should find the donkey before we head out to Maple Ridge. If we are forced to take the mountain path, they are more sure footed than we would be with our packs." The woman like Lady Aleya had said.
"And if all else fails we eat the damn thing. I'll support your efforts to locate it, if you provide a direction with which to start looking. That sound came from everywhere." The "something else" had chimed in after sheathing the dagger he had drawn. It was not good to sheath a starved blade, should a blade be drawn it should be used before being returned.

"I carry my own"Nararr joined in in the common tongue. The syllables broken up and "r"s rolled. "and I won’t eat a spiritless animal." The cat looked away from the group and through the trees to where his keen ears had heard the sound. He pointed the direction out to the group. "Over there." He sounded bored, and was bored by the idea of having to wait for other to fetch something, so he’d join them if they went, but to watch, not necessarily to help.

((OOC: Sorry for the lateness, I should have warned that I had mad amounts of work this week. You’ll also have to forgive me for not describing Nararr, I will see to it later in the Q&A or in this thread when I next post here… or maybe I’ll find time to edit this post. I hope this is ok for a first post anyhow.

Nararr is aware that halflings are not related to humans, he just calls them half-men because of their physical similarity to humans and their not-so-great size.

Sorry to have to refer to Ahvir as a "something else" but I can’t seem to find a description of him.))

Posted on 2012-04-27 at 02:17:54.
Edited on 2012-04-27 at 02:57:40 by Loki

postima prolifica
Karma: 74/7
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Donkey noise

Paagdish had his orders, and he followed them by allowing this group to handle the situations as they saw fit. He would have rather told them what they were going to do and if they resisted he would have flogged them, however his Lady had told him to watch for signs of leadership. He saw the wisdom in what she was doing, but he also felt like he had been demoted to a simple babysitter and guard dog over a bunch of new unproven recruits. Sullenly he let the make the decision about the donkey noise they had heard.

The group managed to track the creature to a cliffside road where a group of what appeared to be a small mixed group traders, with two heavily armed guards, were trying to coax a pair of very thin donkeys pulling the cart to leave the bit of mountain thistle one had discovered growing close to the edge. One man was beating the animals' hindquarters though they seemed to be ignoring him for the most part, only taking a few steps when they had clipped the plant they were working on to the ground and started seeking the next one. One wheel of the wagon was getting dangerously close to the edge of the cliff, threatening to topple over taking the goods and probably the stubborn beasts along with it.

Two men and a young woman, all appearing to be human or half-elf stood were trying to pull the wagon back on course but were failing to do much good. The small group was blissfully unaware of the party of rebels watching them from the trees on the side of the road as they focused on their struggles. The two guards weren't helping with the wagon, much to the irritation of the traders who were shouting at them to help in some way.


(yay crappy map time)

Purple X is the party
Blue ones are the armed guards
Red ones are traders
Orange ones are the donkeys

Posted on 2012-05-07 at 14:47:15.

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts

Thinking ahead...

Ahvir looked observed the wagon in silence for quite some time. As it was, something like this could be quite useful in the future... When they were heading in to town, assuming they managed to keep the cart intact and the donkeys more or less healthy, they could put on a fabulous ruse... And even if they don't manage to do so, chances were high that there was something of value in the cart. Ahvir smiled under his scarf. The time was now to start proving his skill.

"Okay people, listen to this. Those guardses don't look too tough, there's a large chance that with the right tacticses that we can make it so they don't pose a problem period. I propose we use our guileses and charmses to make them think that we are either friendses or helpless, then we can strike when they are unaware..."

Ahvir stopped for a second, his eyes growing large as he began to think of something. He almost hated himself for thinking it, but he couldn't help but see the potential for help in it... Ugh, he better bring it up...

"Or as a... less desirable option... We could all pretend, and just ask for passage, and convince the humanses that we should travel together. It would give us a scapegoat when we get to the town of dwarveses. Assuming any of us can stand humanses for that long."

Ahvir looked to the others for their thoughts and opinions. This was clearly the right idea, but he was willing to listen to what they had to say... For a while.

Posted on 2012-05-09 at 15:51:35.

5 Headed Dracohydra
Karma: 80/23
1117 Posts


Garron watched intently from the bushes with his commrades in arms at the events unfolding with the merchants, the wagon, and the beasts of burden.

In a whisper he said,"I say we wait to see how it plays out on its own. Then If there is anything of use to loot afterwards, we'll take it. Otherwise, this endeavor is a waste of time and we need to move on."

He does however bide his time patiently waiting on the consensus of the group.

Posted on 2012-05-09 at 22:50:00.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

An impatient cat

Peiring through the shrub at the treeline Nararr watched as the humans struggled with their beasts and a cart, the spiritless animals had pulled the cart close to the mountain ledge to eat some plant, as a pair of guards looked on un-aiding. Mildly amused the cat man was ready to comment that the group should return to the forest trail when Ahvir piped up with a plan to kill the humans and guards, for an unknown end, using their “guileses” and “charmses” followed by a suggestion they join the humans to travel to Maple Ridge, despite not knowing if the humans were traveling their and that this trail didn’t lead to their destination. Nararr was about to point out these problems when Garron suggested a slightly saner plan to watch and see what happened, but this plan wasn’t to Nararr’s liking either.

”It’s not our parth. Leave the humans to their beasts. We’ve wasted too long here.”
Of cause, like he always had and likely will, Nararr didn’t present all this arguments, but to him If the group had a mind they’d follow him as he began sneaking away. They’d been tasked to take Maple Ridge, a town two days north and they couldn’t afford delays or diversions, plus they had been told not to kill any innocents, which Nararr was fine with, but meant not preying on merchants less than a day’s walk from the training camp.

((OOC: Retrospectively did the group decide to travel to Belja’s Nook to get supplies or to go straight to Maple Ridge?))

Posted on 2012-05-12 at 15:36:51.
Edited on 2012-05-12 at 15:37:58 by Loki

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts

In a hope to move this along...

Ahvir knew when he was outnumbered. And this early in to a trip, it would bode ill to try and force his way to the top. He better side with the majority of people.

"Very well. The humanses will suffer their fate and we shall do naught to gather additional supplieses. Lead the way to Bella's Nook then, my companionses."

Posted on 2012-05-16 at 17:42:37.

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