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Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 176/19
3011 Posts

Mature Ducktown game

Hey Everybody,

Last night I had an idea for a game, but I don't know if there is anybody out there who is interested. Please note, this is not a recruitment, this is just to check interest.

The idea is a game set in the Disney Universe, but than translated to a more Film Noir or Horror setting. Ducktown is plagued by some kind of threat, and various characters of the players' choice will deal with it. Characters will have to be tuned into a more mature form of themselves:

Donald Duck might be an unemployed sailor with an alcohol problem.
Daisy might be mentally stuck between keeping her job as a waitress in a restaurant and taking care of the children, all the while maintaining a nighttime vigilante routine.
Mickey might be going through a tough divorce with Minnie, fighting over custody of Pluto.
Horace Horsecollar could be a bouncer at a stripclub.

Just how this would work I'm still trying to figure out. Might be rules based, might be freeform. The setting just really got my attention. Please note... mature doesn't mean explicit sex and violence, it's just a big step away from the fairytale world Ducktown usually is.

Let me know if you think this is cool, disgusting, inappropriate for this forum, or ultimate win.

Posted on 2012-06-07 at 16:25:51.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 347/54
6187 Posts


I think that this is extremely odd... which means that I love the idea (and I'm a huge Disney nut).

This seems like the kind of game that you would do a great ob on, too!

Posted on 2012-06-07 at 17:12:35.

Eol Fefalas
Turning Capashanese
RDI Staff
Karma: 448/28
7361 Posts

Let's get DANGEROUS!!!

Fantastic idea, Almerin! And, might I add, a nifty twist of uniqueness for the "standard fare" hereabouts. So much so, in fact, that I can't help but express my own interest...

Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack.... Oooooooh, the possibilities!!!

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 14:37:20.

Karma: 138/3
1049 Posts


*click!* "Remember me, Mr. Patterson? My name is Bambi. Maybe you forgot what happened to my mother, but I didn't."



The possibilities. Jessica Rabbit, much?
"I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way"


Love it, Almerin! The event is this coming week (er... starting tommorow). Can't wait to see if you've cooked anything else up by the time I get back!

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 15:09:15.
Edited on 2012-06-08 at 15:09:44 by Celeste

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 176/19
3011 Posts

Darkwing = Nolan's Batman

Good reactions so far. Love the bambi crossover.

An adventure hook is shaping up in my mind. I think this should be freeform, or some kind of very low rules thing. We'll let it marinade for a few days and it'll be ready to fire up.

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 16:29:43.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6253 Posts

love it

Great idea but the only thing I can come up with my gay male hooker Peter Pan that I used in the Beyonds.

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 18:47:25.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 176/19
3011 Posts


You used a gay male hooker?

Just kidding. But with the risk of getting angry hisses: what's Beyond?

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 19:16:40.

Dire Dust Bunny
Karma: 121/12
1953 Posts


Minnie - head of a baking corporation (ie Betty Crocker), perhaps trying to attain world domination by means of expansion and consequent amalgamation of various other companies...

Mickie - Pioneer in steam technology, and also founder of several towns outside of ducktown, all connected by his steam railways. In competition with Minnie because she recently expanded into airway travel, hence tension and divorce difficulties.

Scrooge McDuck - head of a business and loan (naturally) with his bank... McDuck Banking Incorporated

Huey, Duey, Louie - Depends on whether you want them to take a dark route or just troublemaker route. On the one hand they could have made a biker gang. On the other hand they could just be teenage rascals that get into trouble a lot (teeeeeenagers...)

Donald - currently on probation from his term as mayor after flunking with the idea of importing goods to restructure and give ducktown a new atmosphere... perhaps he shouldn't have imported from Skellington.

Daisy - making ends meet as you've said already.

Just a few ideas... this butterfly has a lot of them.

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 19:24:17.

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