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Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
Karma: 21/1
509 Posts

Teller of Aryn

Greetings to all! As you can see, I am new here. I am Teller of Aryn, and I have come forth to tell you tales of high adventure, intrigue and seductions.

I will be posting my tales in your ‘Creativity Forum’, I hope you will read it and enjoy! I will make a separate thread for any critiques, praise or criticisms you might have of my work. I encourage feedback as it only helps me to become a better writer.

So, let the welcomes roll in, and let us hope the website doesn’t crash again and erase my account once more.


Posted on 2012-06-28 at 10:59:20.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 453/28
7561 Posts

Well, well, well...

...I love the taste of new Innmates in the morning!

Welcome aboard, Aryn! Glad to have you along and looking very forward to reading what you have to share with us.

Terribly sorry, of course, about the little 'crash' that occurred after you joined the first go round but, not to worry, it's not too common a happening. *winks*

Anyhoo, I'm sure that you'll find us a happy, welcoming, and (we like to think) supportive community of lunatics, so, if you have any questions, need somebody to walk the halls with you or whatever, feel free to shoot me (or any of our other innmates) a PM or tack up a post and someone will come running.

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 13:19:43.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 353/55
6362 Posts

welcome (again)

Welcome to the Inn (again). Am looking forward to your creativity postings.

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 13:22:28.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts


Welcome to the Asylum oh Teller of Aryn!

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 14:35:53.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 11/0
656 Posts


Good day to you! I welcome you to the Red Dragon Inn. I look foward to reading your stories.

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 18:09:55.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts

Teller of Ayrn?

Hey there, Teller. Welcome to the Inn!

For a moment I thought your screenname was Teller of Ayrn. With Ayrn being our very own diplomat and member of staff, that would've been funny. Anyway... welcome.

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 19:58:08.

Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
Karma: 21/1
509 Posts

Aryn NOT Ayrn, Sorry!

Thank you all for the Greetings!

That is quite a Face Lick, Nice Tongue I bet your wife or girlfriend is quite happy!

I plan to have a weekly post, or maybe more if the muse strikes me, I am pondering the new tale I will begin here at Red Dragon. I am reading up on Audalis setting and just might use that in my tales if it is acceptable. Whom do I ask for permission to use this setting?

Thanks again!


Posted on 2012-06-28 at 22:30:08.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
1999 Posts


Hey Aryn,

It's Ayrn. Nice to meet you!

Olan, the webmaster, is the primary owner of Audalis, though it is pretty open source, with many hands having a part in its creation. I imagine it would be fine to use it in your tales... we use it freely for our games.

Glad to have you aboard! Beyond writing stories, are you into role playing? If yes, what type tickle your fancy?

Welcome to the Inn!

Posted on 2012-06-28 at 23:09:01.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 453/28
7561 Posts


Posted on 2012-06-29 at 00:25:39.

Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
Karma: 21/1
509 Posts

For Fun

Hello there Ayrn, I see how people can confuse the names.

I will ask Olan if it is ok if I post using his setting, the more I read about it the more I love it.

I don’t role play using any system, never done any gaming of that nature. I have done role playing of the posting type for years, usually by live chat but thought I would give this posting over time a shot.

Eol - What? Did I embarrass you? Awwww. Don’t be, with a tongue like that you should be proud. You can lick me anytime!

Posted on 2012-06-30 at 02:36:24.

Cheshire Cad
Karma: 101/3
1166 Posts

*fades in*

Welcome. Always glad to see new victi-, I mean Innmates.

....interesting couple of posts. Beware young eyes.

See you around.


Posted on 2012-06-30 at 02:57:28.
Edited on 2012-06-30 at 03:08:08 by Chessicfayth

Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
Karma: 21/1
509 Posts

No worries

I know I can be a bit... brash. But I promise to keep it PG

Posted on 2012-06-30 at 17:03:18.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 25/34
607 Posts

Squirrel here.

Do you like shark? doesn't matter, you gettin one anyway.*Puts a shark on the middle table as well with two others* party on, we have new friends!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, welcome to the inn, hope you don't mind a bit of insanity....

Posted on 2012-06-30 at 17:08:53.
Edited on 2012-06-30 at 17:09:39 by Takley

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 453/28
7561 Posts




Flabbergasted? "Tongue-tied", even? *winknudgeehwotnudgewink*

MMMMMmmmmmayhaps a wee-teeny itsy-bit... but it was AWSOME!

Best reception of the facelick I've seen in ages!


Posted on 2012-06-30 at 18:33:35.

Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
Karma: 21/1
509 Posts


Ah who is Olan? I cant find his screen name, I did get a PM from the webmaster but I lost the PM with the crash. So can someone tell me Olan's screen name?



Posted on 2012-07-01 at 01:29:32.

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