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Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Prayer Drive

Fellow InnMates

During the month of August (and perhaps a bit longer if necessary) my time will be focused on a Prayer Drive in behalf of my country (USA).

This will limit my time for accessing the internet and posting here at the Inn.

God has dealt with me as a Minister of the Gospel that my country needs prayer and since He provided me a car recently, I know in my heart that I need to drive my car where He leads me and pray for my country!

I am making ready for this journey and will leave the afternoon of August 1st and go where He leads me to go!

Whenever possible I will check in here at the Inn.

Daryl aka Hammer

Posted on 2012-08-01 at 06:18:03.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 454/28
7883 Posts

Good for you!

Get the call, answer the call. Well done, Hammer!

Happy thoughts and good vibes from me to you, of course! We'll be here when you get back, I'm sure.

Posted on 2012-08-01 at 16:28:49.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Thanks Eol

Looks like this post garnered me an Applaud + a Smite

I will be checking in at the Inn whenever I have the Internet Access to do so!

Posted on 2012-08-01 at 16:33:18.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Arrived Safely ...

..... in Birmingham, Alabama area yesterday!

Got a lot of effective praying done across Arkansas and down through Memphis to Tupelo and into Alabama!

Saw some old friends and spending vacation time with my brother!

Posted on 2012-08-04 at 01:47:41.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts


I'm not a religious man, but I think it's cool what you're doing. Even if one doesn't pray, this is a great, selfless gesture towards other people. Awesome, man.

+1 applaud from me.

Posted on 2012-08-04 at 13:03:29.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts


Well you've got an applaud from me, solely to make up for someone else's smite.

I'm not in any way religious and I don't get really get 'it'. But everyone ought to be free to express whatever they want to express and in whatever way they want to express it (I think that last sentence makes sense).

Posted on 2012-08-04 at 23:43:56.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 454/28
7883 Posts


...not sure how this post would garner you smites, Hammer, but apparently some folks just flinch at anything vaguely hinting at religion... *shrugs* ...

Personally, I'm a 'one truth, many paths' kind of guy and, even though my own spiritual/philosophical/religious views might not exactly match up to those subscribed to by someone else, who am I to smite (or belittle or whatever) that person for having a belief in anything?

As I said, originally... good for you, mate! Hope you're enjoying your time.

Posted on 2012-08-06 at 13:09:30.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

I smite you

...because I believe in balance.

Love ya, brother. Would love to hear in more detail by pm or email about your trip!

Grace, man!

Posted on 2012-08-06 at 13:44:26.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 454/28
7883 Posts


That's our Ayrn! Always diplomatic and even!

Posted on 2012-08-06 at 13:45:53.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Ha Ha Ha

I figured posting this would get me some Smites, but Smites get the Smiters some of my prayer time also!

So do the Applauders!

Anyway, there may come a time or situation where someone may need some prayer for a personal situation, so now the newcomers to the Inn know who to call upon!

Received a call from a friend of mine last night back in Oklahoma about the fires raging there!

We been praying for rain and protection for the firefighters etc. He told me some rain had fallen and that the worst fire in modern Oklahoma history had burned up over 60 homes and businesses, but no one had been killed and only 1 fire fighter had sprained an ankle!thus far!

Posted on 2012-08-06 at 14:40:11.

Karma: 7/0
224 Posts

Safe travels

Praying that the King of the Universe grants you safe passage and blessing in your travels. Having a hard time coming up with a good post for the game but will still get one in sometime. Num 6:22-26

Posted on 2012-08-07 at 16:12:55.

Khash Munee
Karma: 47/0
707 Posts


I wish you well in your endeavours friend.

As Ziklag noted, we'll try to fix this snag we've hit in game while your away.

Posted on 2012-08-07 at 16:18:01.

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