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GM for this game: Philosopher

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RDI Fixture
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Moving up

Istanius watched as everyone began to walk up the stairs. No one replied to his question, so he would assume that they would follow Canicus, plan. Istanius bagan to walk up: he wasn't too overly pleased at being in the back, but he wasn't about to push his way to the front. He wanted to be able to stand toe to toe with the skeletan, and help protect his teamate: furthermore, his armour would help protect him from attacks. Istanius was hoping to show his teammates how effective he was.

Posted on 2012-12-03 at 02:53:36.

Salvator Navaar
Karma: 6/0
333 Posts

Go hard or go home.

Arimm crept around the hulking guardian, allowing his fellow blades to enter the fray first. His role was that of stealth and quickness.
He watched as the Skeletal figure swung first at Canicus, and then at Malagaar, missing both. Too Bad. Arimm had seen the strike aimed at the scout and, for a brief second, thought he might get lucky. But no. The ebony-skinned elf was still alive and fighting. Oh well. Maybe another time.

Looking around quickly, Arimm noticed that the pillars supported some flag poles, flying the banner of Alder, the diety of Justice. Ironic.
Smiling slightly, The assassin moved quickly around for a flanking position, tossing one end of the rope up, hoping to loop it around a pole. (Up and over, not trying to lasso the pole. Just want it to hold the rope over it)

(Actions: Sneak to flank, Attempt to throw rope over flag pole with enough slack that he can still hold both Noosed ends.)
((Figure thats a round in of itself, so ill stop there.))

Posted on 2012-12-08 at 07:31:34.

Karma: 18/0
207 Posts

It Lives!

After what seemed an eternity the small party began moving to meet this mysterious skeletal statue. They reached the bottom of the stairwell leading up to the courtyard above and Tyrvia shuddered, suddenly racked by a pang of fear. There was an eerie feeling in the air and each step she heard sounded like a stomp of a giant.

They reached the top and sure enough the scene was as Malagaar described it was an open space surrounded by four walls and a roof. There were two exits, the one they had just entered and one on the far wall, past the looming skeletal figure.

As the more adventurous of the group started forward the apparent statue came to life. It stepped from it pedestal and moved towards Canicus. Taking the initiative Canicus struck first, with a resounding blow onto the skeletons plate. Next Malagaar tried his luck with the unwieldy Quarterstaff, unfortunately the first was blocked and the second was to weak to hurt the undead abomination.

With that the reanimated pile of bones let out a deafening cry and Tyrvia had to cover her ears. Within seconds the huge sword it wielded was aflame and striking out towards Canicus' face. The Ifrit saw it just in time and stepped back, away from the flaming blade. Leaving a trail of fire it then slashed towards the scout but once again the blow did not land.

The abomination seemed so wrapped up in attempting to dispatch the Ifrit and Avanmephion it had not seen the human thief creeping around it and tying a piece of rope on a flagpole, knee level to the giant skeleton. Tyrvia hoped that it was not feigning disinterest and stepped back, watching the fight intently.

Posted on 2012-12-09 at 16:55:18.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 11/0
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Istanius sat back, prefering to defend Tyrvia over chsrge right in. He sat back investigating for a trap. It looked like it would be possible to ambush them from on the walls; however, no one seemed to. Istanius watched as Canicus severly hit the skeleton, but it didn't go down. In fact, it tried to skewer him and Malagaar. Luckily, they both weren't hurt, but Istanius had view of the shield. It was a lion, a member of his order. It saddened Istanius to see that a menber of his order was downed by such an enemy. Being Tyrvia seemed to be out of harms way, Istanius moved towards the skeleton. Hopefully, he could help Malagaar and Canicus deal with it before anyone was injured.

Who owned that shield before it was taken. Istanius found himself pondering. He cleared his mind. Not yet, he thought. I'll have plently of time later.

(OOC Istanius moves towards skeleton, and will try to hit it with his shield. He will try his best to investigate the shield, but he would rather defeat the skeleton. Istanius will withdraw if he is severly injured, or something tries to attack Tyrvia.)

Posted on 2012-12-12 at 14:40:13.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
Karma: 49/2
1066 Posts


The rush of adrenaline as Canicus slammed his morningstar into the foul creature's armor was almost enough to get the Ifrit high. He truly relished the feeling of battle, and the chance to show his skill at what he did best always brought out a hotter desire for battle. When the creature activated the enchantment on the blade it wielded the Inquisitor could not help but smile as he dodged the flaming slash directed at his throat.

As he stepped back up to take another mighty swing with his weapon, focusing on the heat of the battle and urging that heat into his weapon, he thought to himself, This just got interesting!
((Again, 2 handed bash, Scorching Weapons feat to add the additional point of fire damage as usual.))

Posted on 2012-12-13 at 01:32:39.

Salvator Navaar
Karma: 6/0
333 Posts

lets give it a go...

Both ends of the rope now in hand once more, Arimm began his approach from behind, a noose in either hand. The Skeletal creature was still hacking away at the other Blades, and it appeared the ifrit had been struck.
Arimm was just glad he wasn't part of the forward assult...
Closing in as quietly as he could, sliding to within five feet of the undead warrior, he suddenly looped the first noose over the creature's head and around it's neck, giving a quick yank to tighten it.
Throwing in a kick to the back of the right knee, Arimm then sprinted the other way, hoping to first immobilize, then completely hang the fiend.
Sure, the noose wouldn't kill it. but it would make it hold still with the others beat it back to death....

(Actions: Sneak, loop noose over head of skeleton, called shot to back of right knee, run away while holding other end of rope.)

Posted on 2012-12-17 at 20:17:25.

Karma: 18/0
207 Posts

You best hurry up Arimm

Tyrvia instinctively took a step back as Istanius moved over to join the fight, his armour clanking as he moved. Her eyes were fixed upon the battle and she was barely aware of Arimm finishing his knot on the pillar. Canicus went forward again, after dodging the deathly arc of the undeads weapon. This time however Canicus did not strike the enemy, finding the skeletons shield instead. Seeing an opportunity Malagaar leapt forward aiming a blow at the skeletons jaw, his opponent was fast though and he avoided the blow and shrugged off the second weaker attack.

It was the Skeletons chance now to do some damage. It raised its sword in a arc of deathly fire and bought it down with terrible strength. First it took Malagaar in the chest droplets of blood spraying form his chest and littering the floor. Next it caught Canicus but this time only half as powerful. Istanius charged forward next, ready to defend his own honour and that of his brotherhood.

Istanius charged forward letting out a roar before crashing into his foe shield first. Despite all of his effort the, now maniacal, undead champion shrugged it off neatly before insulting the young Cavaliers order.

Tyrvia had to do something, she couldn't stand idly by watching her fellow blades get slaughtered. Tyrvia saw Canicus as the biggest threat to the skeleton and hastily began to cast Guidance upon him, using her own will on top of his strength to guide his next swing.

Posted on 2012-12-18 at 17:29:32.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
Karma: 49/2
1066 Posts


((I hate to have to rewrite this; but if I must I will, I looked to see what Guidance did, and only after I finished the post did I realize that Guidance is a touch spell. Unless of course you have the familiar delivering, that would involve you getting in harms way to cast it.))

As Tyrvia finished casting her spell Canicus felt the familiar guiding hand of the Divine. Smiling to himself he stepped up again, letting the magic guide him as he swung again at the monstrosity, ready to return the damage it had inflicted upon him. However now with the assassin getting the rope in place Canicus realized he would need to be more careful in order to avoid hitting the rope and burning the delicate silk. His tactical mind also realized that the rope would not hold for long if the foul abomination was able to swing his flaming sword into it. "TRY TO DISARM THE FIEND!!", he shouted, and he swung once again at the beast, this time specifically targeting the sword arm, hoping beyond hope that the blow, along with the divine Guidance, would be enough to crush the bones of the arm, disarming his foe in more than one way.

((usual 2 handed swing, scorching, guidance to attack roll, attempting to either break the arm or force the fiend to drop his blade.))

Posted on 2012-12-19 at 15:40:56.
Edited on 2012-12-20 at 01:54:23 by Shield Wolf

RDI Fixture
Karma: 11/0
656 Posts


Istanius felt his anger brew as this skeleton taunted him. Why didn't he buy a mace? In hind site, that would have been a good idea. Istanius had decided though, that his sword would do just fine. And here he was: against a skeleton with his shield.

Istanius realized he needed to defeat this thing quickly, before it slaughtered all of them. Head seen it attack at both Malagaar and Canicus. Then, it had the gall to insult him. A member of the blades, and a follower of the order of the lion. This thing had to be put in it's place.

Istanius heard Canicus shout for him to disarm the skeleton. There was just one problem: Istanius' shield wasn't exactly a good weapon for that. He knew that if he could distract the skeleton, Malagaar and Canicus might have a better chance at it. " Your master must not be very good at necromancy. If he were, he would have never made you. Unless, of course, you were made out of waste." Istanius taunted the skeleton. He readied himself for the attacks that would come. He hopefully had made an opening for his teammates. He drew his sword, knowing he would need his shield for defence. All he had to do was distract.

(OOC, Istanius fight defensively if that is possible. If it is possible, he tries to divert the skeletons attention to himself. If Istanius can attack, He'll use his sword to allow him to have his shield for defence.)

Posted on 2012-12-20 at 03:45:46.


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