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Desert Rats!

Ok, so I've noticed the Inn's a little slow and I've been itching to GM a Savage Worlds game. Now I tried this once before and it wasn't too successful on multiple fronts, but I would love to give this a try again. My idea would be that the PC's play a tank crew during the Campaign in North Africa, Brits vs the Italians ans later the Germans. You'll be waging wars in your trusty iron steed battling for control of the deserts, and the safety of all Europe!

And for those of you who don't know, it's called Weird Wars for a reason. Mysterious things happen out in the deserts; tombs are blown open, ancient powers are awakened with new blood shed, and drastic times call for drastic measures on both sides. Those things of the Occult can and will pop up in time, but don't let it get to you or you might lose your sanity!

I'll post more info on this if I get interest, but for now I'm going to be looking for 5 people max.

Posted on 2013-01-14 at 04:43:56.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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The Rat Patrol

Ok I may be showing my age here but this sounds like a perfect setting for a Rat Patrol game.

The Rat Patrol was an old B/W then color TV show shown between 1966–1968. The show follows the exploits of four Allied soldiers, three Americans and one Englishman, who are part of a long-range desert patrol group in the North African campaign during World War II.

They rode 2 desert ready jeeps armed with pintal mounted .50 Caliber machine guns in the base of the cargo area and thier mission was to attack, harass and wreak havoc on Field Marshal Rommel's vaunted Afrika Korps.

Might be a something to think about as it gives you another option other then a tank. If you want more info I added an address to The Rat Patrol page on Wikipedia and a second to a fan site that shows pics of the actual jeeps. I hope you have fun with this game Jozan, good luck.

Posted on 2013-01-14 at 06:58:33.

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I wouldn't mind the group being apart of another kind of mobile unit in North Africa. Honestly if the whole party wanted to be apart of an anti tank gun crew, i wouldn't care either. As long as the whole group decides together. I was thinking of letting the Group decide on what kind of tank they'd be a crew of, if that sounds good to anyone

Posted on 2013-01-14 at 22:30:50.

RDI Fixture
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I'm interested. I would definatly like to try this. Out of curiosity, what roles would their be? Is there a tank commander, gunner, and driver? And, is there any standard soldiers with them? I ,myself, am interested in manning a machine gun on the tank, if that is an option. Though I'd be more than happy to be something else.

Posted on 2013-01-15 at 03:31:02.

RDI Fixture +1
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yes yes and yes!

Theres very much all those things you mentioned. One player will play the Tank commander, ideally another would be the driver, and then up another player would be the Gunner. I think the Commander also mans a machine gun at times too, pintle mounted and all. And the british 7th armored is who you'd be serving with, and they had ground pounders with them so you'd be fighting in mixed battles. All armored battles aren't out of the realm of possibility though! And with rules and everything, Savage worlds is pretty easy and I can help with everything, I own hard copies of all the books. Oh also whatever roles don't go filled in the tank crew, will be filled by NPC's who the commander will, well, command ;P

Posted on 2013-01-15 at 07:22:42.
Edited on 2013-01-15 at 07:29:45 by Jozan1

RDI Fixture
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sounds cool

what kind of tank?

is navigator a possibility?

Posted on 2013-01-16 at 01:35:57.
Edited on 2013-01-16 at 01:39:00 by Takley

RDI Fixture +1
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It either would be a Matilda infantry support tank, or a Crusader cruiser. But if you come to me with a different but real tank they used in the beginning of the war of North Africa, then I'd be more than happy to look into it. also if you had an idea for another role in teh british force that the group all agrees on playing, I'll let you be that too. anything you guys want

Posted on 2013-01-16 at 02:56:05.
Edited on 2013-01-16 at 03:18:52 by Jozan1

RDI Fixture
Karma: 25/34
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ya know, i'm up for it

either tank works for me, though if the matilda, which model?

i'll take whatever role is needed most right now, i can offer strategy as well.

Posted on 2013-01-16 at 04:14:10.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1539 Posts


The book isn't in my immediate vacinity, but IIRC it's the Matilda III. I'm looking for one more interested person for a minimum of 3 to play the game. Does anyone have any questions or anything? I'll also be posting up rules and such soon. Also if you'd like to offer strategy, then maybe you'd like to take the role as Tank commander?

Posted on 2013-01-16 at 04:15:44.
Edited on 2013-01-16 at 04:16:29 by Jozan1

RDI Fixture
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sounds like fun

Posted on 2013-01-16 at 04:21:01.

RDI Fixture +1
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Ok so...

I have a template for a character sheet right here.

Armed Service:










I know most people will need help making characters, and I'll be happy to do so and explain everything as I go.

I typed up a lot of stuff explaining how some of the mechanics work in the last game I tried to start, so I'm going to copy and paste that over here:

Let me tell you just a bit about the rules. There a generic set of rules that can be used for many different settings ranging from High fantasy, Modern day, and even futuristic space battles. They have rules for everything and they leave the details for their game settings in the supplements that they have. The core rules are like a generic blank slate that you fill in with whatever setting and style you like.

For this game I'm going to offer up to the inn, I'll be using the "Weird Wars 2" setting, a World War II campaign setting with a mix of the supernatural. Some say evil is spread by war, and this isn't any truer than in Weird Wars 2.
One of the examples of what might be "weird" is say you are a squad of Royal Air Force pilots fighting in the Battle of Britain. A good amount of your time will be fighting dog fights against the Luftwaffe and tending to your plane, but on the down time between missions the heroes could be exploring a string of weird sighting or murders through out London, only to eventually find out it's a werewolf that now is hunting them, something like that.

There are a few main points during character creation that you need to know.

-You get 5 point to put through out your stats. All stats start at a D4, and there are five stats. Agility, Strength, Vigor, Spirit, Smarts.

- You get 15 points for skills. This is how you'll be doing most things like fighting, shooting, sneaking, and etc. Buying a skill at a D4 is one point, and upgrading it by one die type is another point, unless the linked attribute that goes with it is lower than the number you want. Then it's two points. heres an example.

Ex: Say I want to buy and upgrade the skill shoot. I buy it so I have it, and that means it's at D4. 1 point. I then upgrade it to a D6, the next die type up. 1 more point. But my Agility is only a D6, so if I wanted to up my Shooting to a D8, it would cost two points. for over all 4 skill points.

- Next, there are things called hindrances and edges. Think of Edges like Feats in DnD, and think of hindrances as things you give your character that are bad, but you then get a certain amount of points to buy more edges, skills, or up your attribute. Edges and Hindrances give your character some uniqueness and RP wise make things fun. An example of one edge is "tank hunter" where the character can get extra armor penetration versus tanks. An example of a hindrance is "bad eyes" where they need glasses but then they get enough points to up some of your skills.

You can only buy hindrances at character creation. You can have One major and two minor. A major hindrance gives you two points, a minor hindrance gives you 1 point. OVerall if you take all three, you get 4 points. With 2 points, you can buy an edge, or up an attribute 1 die type. For 1 point you can get more starting money or up a skill die type.

1) Race
• Choose any race available in your setting.
2) Traits
• Your hero starts with a d4 in each attribute, and has 5
points with which to raise them. Raising an attribute a die
type costs 1 point.
• You have 15 points for skills. Each die type in a skill costs 1
point up to the linked attribute. Going over the linked attribute
costs 2 points per level.
• Charisma is equal to the total bonuses or penalties given
by Edges and Hindrances.
• Pace is 6”.
• Parry is equal to 2 plus half Fighting.
• Toughness is equal to 2 plus half Vigor. Go ahead and
add the bonus granted by the armor worn on your torso to
this value as well for speed’s sake, but remember it may not
count if attacks target other parts of the body.
3) Edges & Hindrances
• You gain additional points for taking up to one Major
Hindrance (2 points) and two Minor Hindrances (1 point each).
For 2 points you can:
• Gain another attribute point, or
• Choose an Edge
For 1 point you can:
• Gain another skill point, or
• Increase starting funds by 100%
4) Gear
• Start with $500 unless your setting book says otherwise.
5) Background Details
• Fill in any other background details you care to add.

Skill Attribute
Boating Agility
Climbing Strength
Driving Agility
Fighting Agility
Gambling Smarts
Healing Smarts
Intimidation Spirit
Investigation Smarts
Knowledge Smarts
Lockpicking Agility
Notice Smarts
Persuasion Spirit
Piloting Agility
Repair Smarts
Riding Agility
Shooting Agility
Stealth Agility
Streetwise Smarts
Survival Smarts
Swimming Agility
Taunt Smarts
Throwing Agility
Tracking Smarts

Hindrance Type Effects
All Thumbs Minor –2 Repair; Roll of 1 causes malfunction
Anemic Minor –2 to Fatigue tests
Arrogant Major Must humiliate opponent, challenge the ‘leader’
Bad Eyes Minor/Major –2 to attack or notice something more than 5” distant
Bad Luck Major One less Benny per session
Big Mouth Minor Unable to keep a secret, blabs at the worst time
Blind Major –6 to all actions that rely on vision; –2 on social rolls, gain additional Edge
Bloodthirsty Major Never takes prisoners
Cautious Minor Character is overly careful
Clueless Major –2 to most Common Knowledge rolls
Code of Honor Major Character keeps his word and acts like a gentleman
Curious Major Character wants to know about everything
Death Wish Minor Hero wants to die after completing some task
Delusional Minor/Major Character suffers from grave delusions
Doubting Thomas Minor Character doesn’t believe in the supernatural
Elderly Major Pace –1, –1 to Strength and Vigor die types; +5 skill points for any skill linked to Smarts
Enemy Minor/Major Character has a recurring nemesis of some sort
Greedy Minor/Major Character is obsessed with wealth
Habit Minor/Major Charisma –1; Fatigue rolls when deprived of Major Habits
Hard of Hearing Minor/Major –2 to Notice sounds; automatic failure if completely deaf
Heroic Major Character always helps those in need
Illiterate Minor Hero is unable to read or write
Lame Major –2 Pace and running die is a d4
Loyal Minor The hero tries to never betray or disappoint his friends
Mean Minor –2 to his Charisma for ill-temper and surliness
Obese Minor +1 Toughness, –1 Pace, d4 running die
One Arm Major –4 to tasks requiring two arms
One Eye Major –1 Charisma, –2 to rolls requiring depth perception
One Leg Major Pace –2, d4 running die, –2 to rolls requiring mobility, –2 to Swimming skill
Outsider Minor –2 Charisma, treated badly by those of dominant society
Overconfident Major The hero believes he can do anything
Pacifist Minor/Major Character fights only in self-defense as a Minor Hindrance;
won’t harm living creatures as Major Hindrance
Phobia Minor/Major –2 or –4 to Trait tests when near the phobia
Poverty Minor Half starting funds, inability to hang onto future income
Quirk Minor Character has some minor but persistent foible
Small Major –1 Toughness
Stubborn Minor Hero always wants his way
Ugly Minor –2 Charisma due to appearance
Vengeful Minor/Major Character holds a grudge; will kill as a Major Hindrance
Vow Minor/Major A pledge to a group, deity, or religion
Wanted Minor/Major The character is a criminal of some sort
Yellow Major The character is cowardly and suffers –2 to Fear checks
Young Major 3 points for Attributes, 10 skill points, +1 Benny per session

Edge Requirements Effects
Ace N, A d8 +2 to Boating, Driving, Piloting; may make Soak rolls for vehicle at –2
Acrobat N, A d8, St d6 +2 to nimbleness-based Agility rolls; +1 Parry if unencumbered
Adept N, AB (Miracles), Str+d4 unarmed attacks; always considered armed; may choose certain
Faith d8+, Fighting d8+ powers to active as a free action (see text)
Alertness N +2 Notice
Ambidextrous N, A d8 Ignore –2 penalty for using off-hand
Arcane Background N, Special Allows access to supernatural powers
Arcane Resistance N, Sp d8 Armor 2 vs. magic, +2 to resist powers
Imp. Arcane Res N, Arcane Res. Armor 4 vs. magic, +4 to resist magic effects
Assassin N, A d8+, Climbing d6+, +2 to damage when striking a foe unawares
Fighting d6+, Stealth d8+
Attractive N, V d6 Charisma +2
Very Attractive N, Attractive Charisma +4
Beast Bond N Character may spend Bennies for his animals
Beast Master N, Sp d8 You gain an animal companion
Berserk N See text
Block S, Fighting d8 Parry +1
Improved Block V, Block Parry +2
Brave N, Sp d6 +2 to Fear tests
Brawler N, St d8 +2 to unarmed damage rolls
Bruiser S, Brawler Bonus die to unarmed damage is d8 instead of d6
Brawny N, St d6, V d6 Toughness +1; load limit is 8 x Str
Champion N, See text +2 damage / Toughness vs. supernatural evil
Charismatic N, Sp d8 Charisma +2
Combat Reflexes S +2 to recover from being Shaken
Command N, Sm d6 +1 to troops recovering from being Shaken
Command Presence N, Command Increase command radius to 10”
Common Bond WC, N, Sp d8 May give Bennies to companions
Connections N Call upon powerful friends
Counterattack S, Fighting d8 Receive free Fighting attack at –2 once per round when a foe fails a
Fighting attack
Improved Counterattack V, Counterattack As above but ignore the –2 penalty
Danger Sense N Notice at –2 to detect surprise attacks/danger
Dead Shot WC, S, Double ranged damage when dealt Joker
Shoot/Throw d10
Dodge S, A d8 –1 to be hit with ranged attacks
Improved Dodge V, Dodge –2 to be hit with ranged attacks
Elan N, Sp d8 +2 when spending a Benny on a Trait roll (including Soak rolls)
Extraction N, A d8 Ignore one foe’s free attack when withdrawing from melee with an Agility roll
Improved Extraction N, Extraction As above. With a raise, no foes get their free melee attack.
Fast Healer N, V d8 +2 to natural healing rolls
Fervor V, Sp d8, Command +1 melee damage to troops in command
First Strike N, A d8 May attack one foe who moves adjacent
Imp. First Strike H, First Strike May attack every foe who moves adjacent
Fleet-Footed N, A d6 +2 Pace, d10 running die instead of d6
Florentine N, A d8, Fighting d8 +1 vs. foes with single weapon and no shield; ignore 1 point of gang up bonus
Followers L, WC Attract 5 henchmen
Frenzy S, Fighting d10 1 extra Fighting attack at –2
Imp. Frenzy V, Frenzy As above but no penalty
Gadgeteer N, See text May “jury-rig” a device once per game session
Giant Killer V +1d6 damage when attacking large creatures
Hard to Kill N, WC, Sp d8 Ignore wound penalties for Vigor rolls made on the Injury Table
Harder to Kill V, Hard to Kill 50% chance of surviving “death”
Healer N, Sp d8 +2 Healing
Hold the Line! S, Sm d8, Command Troops have +1 Toughness
Holy/Unholy Warrior N, See text See text
Improvisational Fighter S, Sm d6+ Ignores the usual –1 penalty to attack and Parry for improvised weapons
Inspire S, Command +1 to Spirit rolls of all troops in command
Investigator N, Sm d8, Inv. d8, +2 Investigation and Streetwise
Streetwise d8
Jack-of-All-Trades N, Sm d10 No –2 for unskilled Smarts-based tests
Killer Instinct H Wins tied opposed rolls, may reroll opposed skill die if it comes up a “1”
Leader of Men V, Command Roll a d10 as the Wild Die for subordinates’ group rolls
Level Headed S, Sm d8 Act on best of two cards in combat
Imp. Level Headed S, Level Headed Act on best of three cards in combat
Linguist N, Sm d6 Begin play with a number of languages equal to Smarts; Smarts –2 to be
understood in any language heard for a week
Liquid Courage N, V d8 Gain Vigor die type after imbibing at least 8 oz of alcohol
Luck N +1 Benny per session
Great Luck N, Luck +2 Bennies per session
Marksman S Aim maneuver (+2 Shooting) if hero does not move
Martial Artist N, Fighting d6 Never considered unarmed, +d4 to unarmed damage rolls
Improved Martial Artist V, Martial Arts, Fighting d10 +d6 to unarmed damage rolls
Martial Arts Master L, Imp. Martial Arts, +2 to unarmed damage rolls; may take this Edge up to five times
Fighting d12
McGyver N, Sm d6, Repair d6, May improvise temporary gadgets
Notice d8
Mentalist N, AB (Psionics), +2 to any opposed Psionics roll
Sm d8, Psionics d6
Mighty Blow WC, S, Fighting d10 Double melee damage when dealt Joker
Mr. Fix It N, See text +2 to Repair rolls, 1/2 Repair time with raise
Natural Leader N, Sp d8, Command Leader may give Bennies to troops in command
Nerves of Steel N, WC, V d8 Ignore 1 point of wound penalties
Imp. Nerves of Steel N, Nerves of Steel Ignore 2 points of wound penalties
New Power N, AB Character gains one new power
Noble N Rich; +2 Charisma; Status and wealth
No Mercy S May spend Bennies on damage rolls
Power Points N, AB +5 Power Points, once per rank only
Power Surge WC, S, arcane skill d10 +2d6 Power Points when dealt a Joker
Professional L, d12 in Trait Trait becomes d12+1
Expert L, Prof. in Trait Trait becomes d12+2
Master L, WC, Expert in Trait Wild Die is d10 for one Trait
Quick N Discard draw of 5 or less for new card
Quick Draw N, A d8 May draw weapon as a free action
Rapid Recharge S, Sp d6, AB Regain 1 Power Point every 30 minutes
Imp. Rapid Recharge V, Rapid Recharge Regain 1 Power Point every 15 minutes
Rich N 3x starting funds, $150K annual salary
Filthy Rich N, Noble Birth or Rich 5x starting funds, $500K annual salary
Rock and Roll! S, Shooting d8 Ignore full-auto penalty if shooter doesn’t move
Scavenger N, Luck Find an essential piece of equipment once per session
Scholar N, d8 in affected skills +2 to two different Knowledge skills
Sidekick L, WC Character gains a Novice WC sidekick
Soul Drain S, See Text Special
Steady Hands N, A d8 Ignore unstable platform penalty; Running penalty reduced to –1
Sweep N, St d8, Fighting d8 Attack all adjacent foes at –2
Imp. Sweep V, Sweep As above but with no penalty
Strong Willed N, Intimidation d6, +2 Intimidation and Taunt, +2 to resist
Taunt d6 Tests of Will
Tactician S, Wild Card, Sm d8, Make a Knowledge (Battle) roll at the beginning of a fight to get an
Knowledge (Battle) d6, Action Card per success and raise; these may be given to any allies
Command throughout the course of the battle
Thief N, A d8, Climbing d6, +2 Climb, Lockpick, Stealth, or to disarm traps
Lockpicking d6, Stealth d8
Tough as Nails L Toughness +1
Imp. Tough as Nails L, Tough as Nails Toughness +2
Trademark Weapon N, Fighting or +1 Fighting or Shooting with particular weapon
Shooting d10
Imp. Tr. Weapon V, Trademark Weapon +2 Fighting or Shooting with particular weapon
Two-Fisted N, A d8 May attack with a weapon in each hand without multi-action penalty
Weapon Master L, Fighting d12 Parry +1
Master of Arms L, Weapon Master Parry +2
Wizard N, See text Each raise reduces cost of spell by 1 point
Woodsman N, Sp d6, Survival d8, +2 Tracking Survival, and Stealth
Tracking d8

Ok, so I know this looks like a lot, but it's just the lists for edges and hindrances that look big. I think this will summarize how to make a character and if you can get it from this, great, if not it's not big deal and I will be more than happy to help!

Also I forgot to explain how damage works, i'll give an example.

The average toughness of a person is 5, (d6 vigor being average), and every wild card (a wild card is a PC, or important NPC's) has 3 wounds. When you take damage, every raise above your toughness causes a wound. A raise is every 4 points over your toughness. So say our example guy is shot, and takes 2d8 Damage (your average rifle damage). I roll a 9 on the dice, and that would mean our person takes 1 wound, 9 being 4 points higher than 5. If he took 13 damage, it would of been 2 wounds.

If you take damage equal to your toughness or 3 points above, you are shaken. Shaken means you take a debilitating hit but aren't damaged and can only move half your pace until you are unshaken(by making a spirit roll).

Also another quick thing, most things you roll like shooting, throwing, notice, or knowledge, have target numbers. The most common number is 4. So if my shooting is a D6, I roll a D6, and another D6. (This extra Die 6 is called the wild die, which all wild cards get to roll with all trait tests.). If either one of these is a 4, you hit. There are modifiers for range, cover, etc. etc. For example, light cover for the enemy gives you a -1 to hit.

Other than that your character looks decent. I know it's your first time making one and it's not bad, and for equipment you only get your clothes on your back and 1 item of 20 dollars or less. I'll get a list soon of what you can take.

Oh also your sanity is half your spirit, +2. You'll need to make spirit tests when you see really atrocious, mind breaking things or supernatural stuff that just might change your character foverever. A success means your ok, a fail means you lose 1 sanity point, a critical fail (double ones on both trait die and wild die) means you lose 2. Once you are down to 1 point, you act a bit strange and develop a minor hindrance, and when you hit 0 you roll on the section eight table(which is pretty much a "you go insane and break down" chart)

Also bennies are "luck tokens" kinda. Each session that people sit down and play they get 3 bennies, and they can use them to re roll trait tests ( traits being abilities and skills), or soak wounds. Say you were shot and your toughness was 5, and you took 13 damage. That's 2 wounds and shaken. You would probably want to soak the wounds by spending a benny and then making a vigor roll. You'd roll your vigor Die type and your wild card D6, and then if you succeed on target number 4, you soak one wound. If you get a raise you soak two wounds. (a raise is getting 4 more points over the target number [which would be 4]. Another thing is all dice rolls are open ended. If you roll an 8 on a D8, you get to roll it again and add the numbers together. If you got another 8 you'd keep going until you'd fail to roll an 8. yes this means some rolls can get into the 30's as had happened before. This rule is called Acing.) Also if you soak all wounds you also avoid being shaken. If you soak only some of the wounds, you are still shaken.

Ok, so if anyone has any questions (i'm sure) i'll be more than happy to help!

Posted on 2013-01-16 at 21:40:16.
Edited on 2013-01-16 at 21:40:51 by Jozan1

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Just bumping this because I'd really like to play and get a few more players, just one or two more and we'd have enough to start, with others being able to easily join in later.

Posted on 2013-01-17 at 19:38:19.

RDI Fixture
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tanks tanks tanks

*boooom!!!* muahahahahahahaha

Posted on 2013-01-18 at 01:09:04.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1539 Posts

Sir Sadaar & Takley...

i'm ok with doing two people as a group, if you two are ok with it. the rest of the tank crew will be npc's and other people can easily be added in. I'm thinking of giving it a few more days to bait in some other players, but if it has to I'll be glad to GM for you two

Posted on 2013-01-18 at 01:27:39.

Salvator Navaar
Karma: 6/0
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in the nick of time

I am in. wont be on home computer til monday though, so cant do my character sheet right away. However, if you want to get right to it, I will play a character generated by you. im good either way.

Posted on 2013-01-18 at 02:56:05.

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