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Jeldon's puzzle

The arrow streaked towards its target, at such close range the bowman was sure of a kill. His jaw and bow both dropped as the intended target simply grabbed the arrow from midair a scant handbreadth from his face. Wide eyes of amazement gave notice that the target of the arrow was no less shocked than the bowman.

Nothing about Jeldon suggested he possessed some mysterious powers. A tattered cloak of rough wool hung awkwardly from his gangly frame trying to hide the ill-fitting, soiled shirt and pants that looked as though they would fit a man twice his size. A single boot covered his left foot and the right was bare and calloused. He was making his way to Azbardon, hoping the begging was better there than in the capital. Or at least that the guards were less inclined to shoo away the downtrodden in an attempt to uphold the charade that Azbardon was a city of importance and not the capital of a tiny, destitute dukedom. Great grey clouds drifted low and annoyed travelers with a steady mist too light to need weatherproof cloak but too heavy to allow them remain dry. Jeldon adjusted his pack after retrieving the last piece of stale bread in an attempt to ward of the worst of the pains in his empty stomach. His hand was almost to his mouth when his vision blurred for a moment. Blinking twice to clear his head, his next sight was that of an arrow on a path towards his chest. He had to blink again as the arrow appeared to be moving no faster than the sap of a pine tree in early fall. At first he thought it an illusion and reached out to touch it. When his hand wrapped around the shaft his vision once more blurred and next he knew, he was holding an arrow and looking at a dumfounded bowman. “Wait!” Jeldon yelled at the fleeing figure. Confused, Jeldon continued his slow walk and tried to make sense of the events.

Was it delirium caused by hunger? Was it some sort of strange magic? None of it made any sense. Jeldon walked lost in his thoughts and paid no attention to the path ahead. Such was his inattention that it way well into dusk before he stopped to take his bearings. A clear sky foretold a cold night but allowed for easy reckoning of position for one skilled in such things. Alas, Jordan was not among their numbers. Resigned to a night camping in the woods, Jeldon began to gather sticks for a fire. The days drizzle made dry wood scarce and he had to venture well of the path to find enough kindling. As luck would have it, he also found a small cave that would provide shelter. Making his way into the cave, Jeldon began to craft a fire. As the spark flared to life and the wood began to burn, he noticed movement at the edge of his vision. Two small bear cubs peered back at him with eyes shining in the reflected light. Suddenly aware of his mistake, he turned to leave but as he did his vision once more blurred. Shaking his head to clear it, he found himself but two arms lengths from an angry mother bear. Standing erect it towered over him and its mouth was open displaying teeth like daggers. A deep growl gave notice that it was not happy with his intrusion into her den. Jeldon knew he was as good as dead and closed his eyes and crossed his arms before him in a survival reflex. Seconds ticked past and the anticipated mauling did not come. Forcing himself to open his eyes, he saw the bear had closed only half the distance between them. As he watched, the bear continued towards him but so slowly as to be almost not moving at all. Memory of the arrow flashed into his mind. The two cubs still moved at normal speed and seemed lost in play. Jeldon carefully made his way past the she bear and out of the cave. He ran a good distance before looking back. The bear stood at the mouth of its den sniffing the air as if trying to determine where the intruder went. Not wanting to press his good fortune, Jeldon moved further away at a good pace. An hour passed before he felt safe enough to stop and make camp for the night. His mind tried to make sense of what had transpired but could come up with no answer. Finally sleep overcame him and as the fire burned to embers he drifted off to sleep.

Posted on 2013-02-15 at 21:20:01.

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