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GM for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm
Players for this game: Reralae, Okron, Shades331, Nyrodine Ezayo, Zeakol
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Sibelius Eos Owm
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Book 1: Stolen Land

Hey-o, standard disclaimer, this game will broadly stay within the loose confines of the PG-13 rating, but It's not unexpected for it to drift onto more mature themes and language. Proceed with caution or abandon, as per your choice.
-Sibelius' Kingmaker Adventure Path- 2.0
1 Pharast
Oleg's Trading Post
South Border of Brevoy

Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty -six miles east and west and sixty miles south of Oleg's Trading Post. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behaviour to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this 24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.
-Ioseph Sellemius, Lord Mayor of Restov

Oleg's Trading Post stood three days from the nearest large city and almost two days from the last border fort along the South Rostland Road. On the very frontier of civilization it's distance from the major roads and nearby rivers ensured that the post was as isolated on the frontier as it could get, with sparse traffic only from trappers and hunters operating in the region.

The post itself had been renovated from an old, disused border fort when the owner, Oleg Leveton, and his wife, Svetlana, arrived there sometime in the last year to rebuild. The old ten-foot wooden palisade surrounding the post/fort still stood to protect its inhabitants from the wilds of the Greenbelt rolling from the south up to the post's front gates.

As the group approached on wagon and horseback, they could see a figure walking along the rooftops of the buildings inside the fort--a stocky man who glanced in the direction of the travelers once and carried on with his business.

In the middle of the afternoon the post's thirty-foot wide gates were left open for traffic to come and go at leisure. The wagon driver led his horses into the small dusty courtyard first, followed by the two mounted members of the Greenbelt Charter party after. A pleasant-looking woman was stooped over a cook pot dangling from a tripod over an open fire between two large tables on one side of the yard.

The woman looked up at the arrival of the party and gripped the ladle in her hand with sudden nervous tension. Almost as soon as it had come the woman relaxed with a short, relieved sigh. She continued stirring the pot, which emitted a tantalizing smell that competed with the ambiance of wet hay and melting snow.

"We've been expecting you, my husband and I. I'm Svetlana Leveton--Oleg's my husband. We run this trading post together. You'll excuse me if I don't stop to shake all your hands or the like, someone has to make sure supper doesn't burn.

"The stables are just there behind you," she gestures with her chin, "you can put up your horses in there. Otherwise make yourselves at home. Oleg will be down shortly, as soon as he's done fixing the roof." This last she addressed loudly to the roof of the guesthouse, where the sound of hammering suddenly resumed unseen from the far side of the roof.

"Don't mind him. He's got a lot on his mind lately." Svetlana set down her ladle in the pot and went to the main house. She paused at the door. "I have to keep up with supper, but if you want to introduce yourselves I don't mind." She turned to go in but hesitated on the threshold again. She bit her lip and turned back with smile. "I must say, we were almost worried you'd be too late--they arrive in the morning."

Barely as soon as the words left her mouth she vanished inside the building. Around you inside the palisade there were a total of four buildings--the aforementioned stables on the left side of the yard, a main house taking up the far right, and the guesthouse on the near right, both doors opening out to the fire pit and tables that lay between them. The fourth building, smaller than the rest, looked like a storage hut, laying between the main house and the stables. Behind the hut there were midden pits dug into the ground. Here is a map. The Q&A has a description of each area on the first page near the bottom.

The wagon driver unhooked his horses from the wagon and led them into the stables with Frodrick's and Krii's horses. As you get yourselves oriented Svetlana returns with more ingredients for her stew (you'll have time to chatter and get set before you get the chance to ask her to clarify anything).

You have already introduced yourselves to each other over the three-day journey, but take this time to introduce yourselves to Svetlana (and, conveniently, the audience). Oleg will be down just in time for supper when it comes.

As a primer to help you start learning names and faces:

Zeran, with a unique personal swagger and even more unique weapon appears to be a sailing man hailing from the nearby lawless region of the River Kingdoms. His tricorn hat suggests much of his life has been spent aboard decks, though you can only imagine what it has to do with the unusual alchemical wand he keeps, which he calls a 'pistol'. He has come to the Greenbelt on a whim seeking adventure and entertainment.

Kyrie, the youngest, carries her shovel with a casual authority. You would almost laugh at the poor girl and her weapon, but you had been there when a clueless magistrate thought to turn her away from the offices where you all signed the charter, thinking to keep away foolish girls. Whatever your reservations about her choice of weapon, you no longer doubt that she can and will use it effectively, though time will tell if she can handle herself in real combat. You suspect yes. Her reason for being in the Greenbelt, having come from a life of farming on the Rostland plains (you don't tell her that you guessed that already), is that she came to join the fight against the bandits threatening the roads lately.

Frodrick (the last of Clan Redbrew), on the other hand, is by far the oldest member of those assembled to sign on to the Greenbelt Charter. Even by dwarf standards the man is well along in years, and at a hundred and eighty-nine it shows in his beard which by now shows just as much white as its original red. He rides upon the back of his trusty war-trained mare Jargon Hooves and carries a traditional waraxe of dwarven design. He quickly tells anyone who inquires that he is the last of a small clan of dwarves in an out-of-the-way section of the Icerime Peaks, overrun by goblins. His purpose in the Greenbelt is to find an honourable warrior's death, dragging as much filth and corruption down with him that he can sink his axe into before they get him.

Miguel had been a bard living in Restov before he took on the charter, studying his dual passions of music and fencing. Those native region recognise his long, single-edged sword as an Aldori dueling sword, which marks him as a member of that school. By all accounts he is utterly carefree, extremely personable and easy to get along with. It's hard to imagine the blond dandy in a fight he couldn't talk down, except perhaps one caused by his roguish charms--though his musculature suggests he could handle himself anyway. When asked why he came to sign on with the Greenbelt Charter he proclaims his desire to test his mettle against the ruffians and scoundrels known to thrive here, and perhaps have a good time between. While you don't doubt this is true, his over-indulgence in bravado makes you wonder if that is the whole story.

Krii, who prefers to go by his last name, hails all the way from Ustalav. The tall, seemingly albino man with his long white hair and red-orange eyes, has lived on the frontier of the Stolen for some time, due to a sequence of events involving the being orphaned at early age, the loss of his uncle, and finally adoption by a troupe of gnomes who settled in the region due to their belief in its connection with the First World. Intrigued by the prospects of hidden knowledge buried in the area, and prospects of power to be had in conquering its secrets, Krii traveled to Restov in hopes of joining one of the groups being sent into the four regions.

(We may yet have a few additions to retcon into this first post, or they may be added later as late-comers. Either way, I think I shall declare this game without further day more or less open.)

Posted on 2013-02-20 at 08:25:02.
Edited on 2015-08-21 at 00:42:52 by Sibelius Eos Owm

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Adventures Begin Let The Drinks Roll!

Zeran looked dazed as the wagon pulled into the fort, long trips with little movement often sent him into a stupor as such. He came back to Earth when the grinding of wheels and clopping of hooves stopped. "Ah arrived are we? Excellent enough of this sitting around I need to stretch!" He lifted himself from his seat and hopped off the side of the wagon landing without missing a beat and striding to one of the tables. He listened to Svetlana and bowed politely right arm held behind his back and left crossed lightly over his chest.

"Thank you lass if you require any assistance by all means you need just ask." He flicked his hat lightly as he stood setting it tilted higher up. "But for the time I shall not bother you with questions and pleasantries, would be rude to interrupt art at work." He was a charming character usually, but it wasn't often he got to exercise it in such favorable circumstances considering normally he was bantering as he robbed people. Clapping his hands together he surveyed the area quickly his brain firing and taking note of everything present, satisfied he took a seat at one of the table making sure he was on the end of it.

"If you don't mind I'll claim my seat here with this." He set the strange kit he carried down before him and opened it up grabbing a few relatively clean pieces of scrap cloth. "By this I mean my rear end of course." He muttered under his breath to himself his hands now working to clean the scuff marks off the metal parts on his pistol, unloaded at the moment since he was assured by their employer he wouldn't need it immediately.

He had already conversed with his fellow charter members and had no need to go over their discussions again but he kept his body language open to any as an indication he was fine with chatting even though he was working, if you could call cleaning an heirloom as such. He whistled to, one of the tunes that delightful bard had sang for them, catchy it was.

Posted on 2013-02-21 at 01:29:03.

RDI Fixture
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Scum beware. Frodrick is here.

Frodrick lead his own mount to the stables. He had grumbled at the coachman who grabbed Jargon Hooves’ reigns as the dwarf was dismounting. He wanted to make sure that Hooves was taken care of properly: he was a very particular breed of horse that had the perfect height and weight for a dwarf, and he would be very hard to replace if something were to happen to him. That and the fact that the two had a very strong bond, being the only two to survive the last goblin raid on his Clan’s stronghold.

“Get yer’ hands off me horse if ye be so kind!” He called out, only a shred of grouchy tone in the voice. “Jargon Hooves don’t be trustin’ much of the folk lacking the beard. She ain’t too fond of taller folk either. So ye be doubly distrustin’ ‘er eyes.”

Grabbing the reigns, the old dwarf listened to the woman Svetlana as she spoke of things. Main one that interested him was stew.

After tending to his mare, Frodrick returned to the main area and sat at one of the tables. It was then that he threw down his pack and lifted the hood from his head, showing his right eye to be covered by an eye patch. Rummaging through his backpack, the dwarf pulled out his pipe and some tobacco. Sitting back against the table he watched all the young ones go about their business. He didn’t hate the lot, nor did he really distrust them, he just felt like they wouldn’t want to hear an ol’ dwarf’s ramblings. He knew that he sounded crotchety, and since he spilled his guts on the matter of his history, he felt like that senile old man that everyone has to bear with just because he is old. So he sat back and remained silent, smoking his pipe and looking forward to a nice warm meal cooked by someone other than him – he cooked about as good as his horse could.

Frodrick remained silent while the others settled in, but as Svetlana returned and stated “I must say, we were worried you’d be too late – they arrive in the morning.” his eyebrow raised. He took his pipe out of his mouth and leaned forward as he addressed his host.
“What now be ye’ speaking about lassy? I ain’t likein’ much o’ the sound of this ‘they’ ye speak of. And if my companions here have half a brain, quarter a heart, and a smidgin’ of respect, they would too. If there be hooligans botherin’ ye and yer husband, say the word mam, and I be giving them the thoughts on me mind – delivered by me ol’ friend here.” Frodrick patted his ax that was attached his backpack by a strap.

Posted on 2013-02-21 at 03:02:04.
Edited on 2013-02-22 at 19:35:10 by Shades331

Nyrodine Ezayo
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Back in the saddle

(* note read in scottishesk accent)
The three day trip had been long and the site of the outpost a welcome sight as he and his new found companions approached, Krii didnt really know what to make of the rag tag group of people that now made his aquantianceship but he held no ire or ill to any of them yet and in each there own way respected them.

When the company entered the outpost and people were beginning to settle the coachman came to collect Vilify from Krii still not having dismounted

" That won be nesessary sir I can andle my own horse thank ya kindly for the offer"

He continued to ride Vilify to the stable followed by his new dwarven companion and then the coachman himself with his own horses. Krii dismounted and tied up Vilify

"There's a good boy, now take care and don't ya be causeing trouble"

He looked the horse sharply in the eye and poked its noise to which it neighed and shook its head looking down. Krii unpacked his things from the packs on Vilify, grabing his deck of cards and moving over to the table, he moved his hood off his head, brushed his white hair from his eyes which gleamed in the light in an amost unnaturel fashion and shuffling them, doing various tricks with them before laying them out and starting a game listening closely to the conversations that took place around him

" Aye ya do seem ta have an ere of disconcern about ya ma'am what creatures of these wilds troubles you and your husband"

Posted on 2013-02-21 at 04:49:02.
Edited on 2013-02-21 at 06:23:26 by Nyrodine Ezayo

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The Wandering Musician!

Miguel leaped from the cart happy to be rid of the damned thing. "Gods was it cramped in there." He stretched out his poor stiff body. "Man wasn't meant to be trapped in confined spaces for so long, know what I'm sayin'?"

"Nice to meet you Madam." Miguel leaned over the pot and took in the aroma, "All right, stew!"

After pleasantries where done the musician wandered around the grounds and found a ladder to the upper levels of the fort. He looked over the wall to the south to take in the forest view.

Not far from where he was, Oleg was hard at work "Hey big guy, need any help over there?" Miguel offered.

Posted on 2013-02-21 at 07:15:17.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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+ 0 Shovel of Mundane Uses

As the group settled in and made welcomes, Kyrie dropped down from the cart, taking a look around.

"Good size place. Kind of reminds me of home." She noted. Larger scale than the small house she grew up in, of course, but a fair number of characteristics were the same.

She sniffed the air casually. There was no scent of tilled soil, but that was okay. Maybe they could add on a small field for crops if they needed one. Always good to have home grown produce. Her shovel would be as good for that purpose as it would be in the defense of the place.

Kyrie gave a smile to Svetlana, "Thank you for the hospitality." She said, before wandering closer, watching with interest as the stew cooked, but making sure to not get in the way. "Is it okay if I watch? I've been meaning to learn."

Maybe it would've been a good idea to finish learning cooking from her Mah'i before her adventure. Oh well, Mah'r always said that hindsight had its own looking glass, which was always on.

Posted on 2013-02-22 at 07:14:26.

Sibelius Eos Owm
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We (mostly) all know how this song-and-dance goes, so let's get it gone mayhap.

The driver happily let Frodrick and Krii to take care of their own horses and began unloading the supplies he had brought to the fort. Vilify and Jargon received their due care for the journey while the others spread out into the post.

By the time Svetlana returned with a bowl of diced turnips for the pot, most of the group had congregated around the tables. Krii sat with a game of cards laid out for himself a few spaces across from where Zeran maintained his prized weapon. She poured the bowl into the pot while Kyrie looked on.

(Svetlana and Kyrie)
Kyrie gave a smile to Svetlana, "Thank you for the hospitality." "It's the least I could do for you all helping us out with our troubles." Svetlana return with a warm smile herself.

"Is it okay if I watch? I've been meaning to learn." "Oh, hun, it's hardly no thing at all. You just gotta know what good food tastes like, my gran said. Of course Oleg will tell you I make the best cookin' for the next thirty or forty miles--also the only cookin', for that matter."

The party had more or less taken Svetlana's cryptic parting comment from earlier in stride, but there was only one detail left to work out--who was coming tomorrow? Frodrick took it upon himself to inquire.

"If there be hooligans botherin' ye and yer husband, say the word mam, and I be giving them the thoughts on me mind--delivered by me ol' friend here."
Svetlana returned the comment with a blank stare, her ladle hand frozen. It didn't change when Krii added his own concerns about the forthcoming trouble.

"You don't--" Svetlana pushed her hair up with one hand and blew out her cheeks. "You don't know." It was a conclusion by now, not a question. The ladle in her hand dripped carelessly onto the dirt. She met the expectant looks of each of the four adventurers and saw the same uninformed expression on each of them.

Not knowing how else to begin, Svetlana called for reinforcements. "They don't even know!" she hollered to Oleg.


(Oleg and Miguel)

Oleg had been very studiously pretending he hadn't seen the free-spirited cheerful Miguel come up the ladder and wander the post's walls, making his body language very closed and uninviting, so he was entirely at a loss for a moment when the man had the audacity to interrupt him.

"Hey big guy, need any help over there?"
Oleg pause his hammering for a second to glance at Miguel out of the corner of his eye. He grunted noncommittally, then added, "That's the question of the day, isn't it then?" He seemed to consider going back to his work, but perhaps thought it best not to intentionally offend the people he'd have to be working with for the next few months. Besides that, if one looked closely at his stack of shingles, there was only one left anyway.

/potential short conversation here as Oleg pounds the last shingle in/

"They don't even know!" Svetlana shouted from the ground.

"What?!" Oleg looked at Miguel, bewildered, his mouth agape. He grit his teeth and took the ladder directly down from the guest house.

He was sweaty, cross, and hardly friendly looking. "They sent a letter, the bastards! They told us you would be able to help!"

::We can assume that a question an answer period goes down and you learn the same details as last time. If you forget what those were you can always go back to the third page of the original game (it starts with "Pussy-footing arse-lickers") but if you want the abridged version you can have it here. Insert roleplay reactions and responses as you see fit during communication of this info::
  • The bandits first visited 3 months ago, threatening to burn down the post and abduct Svetlana unless they gave them all the furs and trade goods over the last month.
  • The bandits have returned twice since, always an hour after sunrise on the second (tomorrow) of each month--the Levetons have learned to have the 'taxes' ready to hand over, as the bandits seem eager to return to their camp in the Greenbelt. Svetlana thinks their camp's probably about a day's ride.
  • The first time the bandits visited there were a dozen; ten thugs lead by a woman carrying two small hatchets and a cloaked man with a bow. The hatchet woman had a black sense of humour and did most of the talking--she was sharp and observant compared to the man's foolish crudeness. That and the way she smiled when she spoke of the cruelties that she could inflict on the Levetons made them believe she was by far the most dangerous of the lot. She nearly chopped off Oleg's hand in a jest and took Svetlana's wedding ring as payment for not disfiguring her husband.
  • On each visit since the first the number of bandits has decreased, evidently letting their guard down with the belief that the owners of the trading centre have been completely cowed. The second visit halved the number of men, led only by the cloaked man, and the third was down to four thugs and their leader.
  • You have the remainder of the day and all night to prepare. The Levetons favour a plan to ambush the bandits when they're distracted with loading the furs, with the party hiding in either the guest house or the stables. Oh, and for additional note, the surrounding landscape is mainly flat grassland for several miles, so hiding outside the post would mean getting somewhere behind the fort itself probably.
(Alright, now begin your plotting! Whether it be out of character in the Q&A (probably the best place to discuss this--y'all should have a peek down there to get discussions away) or perhaps in a separately organised Skype convo. I can provide Svetlana's and Oleg's further reactions as necessary.)

(In other news, it sounds like you've agreed to make the poor driver the brunt of your responses, but of course that's really my fault, so I'll roll with it. Poor sentence structure results in more cases of discontinuity than probably any other source.)

Posted on 2013-02-23 at 01:08:12.
Edited on 2015-08-21 at 00:48:43 by Sibelius Eos Owm

RDI Fixture
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The Tactician

Frodrick leaned forward as the information by his hosts was presented. He nodded as the details came out, and gave a mischievous smile as he started to reply. “So the lil’ rascals think that they can threaten good folk ‘o their traded goods eh? Well we be not fully informed of the lot, but I think we could do some real good teachin’ these bastards that there be a new round ‘ere.”

Leaning back once more to relax, the dwarf took another puff of his pipe while he thought out loud. “Don’t mind, I ain’t trying to take control ‘o this here lot, but the short time we spent together traveling here has given me the impression that we all believe in helpin’ the weak. So unless there be some sort of problem that is above me thick head, I say we give them a lesson they will never forget tomorrow.”

presuming the group is all for a fight
“So then, we should probably take in our resources, and figure out a plan of attack. If we figure out what each of us can do, then we will be able to take on the enemy far more efficiently. I ain’t much of a fighter anymore, though if I were a good hundred years younger I would have shown you all true dwarven battle prowess with this here ax. No: I be more of the protectin’ type now. My experiences in battle have given me the know how to protect the weaker lot that need quite to concentrate; namely the caster lot. Get me next to one, and I will be able to work well to make sure they get ‘em hocus pocus spells out on the enemy.” Taking another puff from his pipe, Frodrick let the others speak their minds on the matter. He hoped that this young lot was willing to listen to their elders…

Posted on 2013-02-23 at 02:26:20.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Hear no evil

Kyrie scratched her head as she stared up at Oleg, her head tilted to one side as the news that they did not completely receive the news reached his ears.

"Sounds like the courier dropped a few pages again... I guess you'll just have to let us know now that we're here."

* * *

"Raiders hm?" Kyrie rolled her eyes at the memory that word brought up, "We had some trouble with a few of them back home too. They were going to hurt Mah'r, and I wasn't going to let them."

Her emerald eyes took on a steely look for a second, before she looked back at the others, "At least there was only a couple. I take it there's more here."

After listening to Frodrick, Kyrie smiled in his direction, nodding, "I can help with that as well. I guess I should probably pick up a shield at some point so I can do that better... Haven't found one that I really liked yet though."

Posted on 2013-02-23 at 04:13:59.

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Bandit VS. Bandit.

Zeran chuckled slightly when everyone made such a deal out of a little bit of missed information. "No surprise to me there, they didn't want to tell us lest we turn tail and run." He set his gun down and rested his chin on his hands listening to the shovel wielding lass and the old dwarf speak. He liked them both a fair bit each had a reason to hold respect in the young man's eyes. "So you protect eh? Well that is good." He holds up his gun and grins twirling it once before pointing it in no set direction. "Bang." he popped his wrist back mimicing the gun going off. "I trust none of ya seen something of this sort before? Armor don't do no good against it, problem is like any archer I'm not to handy if someone decides to get to close to my comfort zone, so if we ambush these amateurs I would prefer to be behind one of you. Please don't mistake it for cowardice, I'm not a mighty warrior like you two."

He set his gun down again and leaned back resting his hands behind his head and looking up. "But, I don't think these jerks are the main lot of them. Most bandits cluster together I was an exception, never did like the group life always to many people wanting to cut the throat of some traveler cor their coin. Bad for yourself having innocent blood like that on your hands constantly, is why I never did it that way." he seems to have gone off into his head for a moment before snapping back to reality. "Anyways, I packed enough shots to fire my friend here less then a dozen times. I'll need time to prepare more afterwards but I'll work on that now as well. I can talk but I'm not going to be much good for much else at the moment." He sits himself right again and looks through his kit nodding slowly before grinning again.

"Besides, if we go to tackle their main force...I might have a nasty surprise for them." He sets out a small jar of black powder and taps the top gently. "This explodes when exposed to flame, if you want I have enough here to make a small five pound keg of this stuff. We stick the barrel with a fuse of sorts and one of us, hopefully someone with magic, lights it after we toss it. Not before hand no, runs the risk of harming us. We toss it, they light the fuse and we watch the fire works. If you like that idea let me know and I'll work on it. SHOULD we decide to tackle their main force." He puts emphasis on this, the powder was rare and he wouldn't want to use it in such a way unless the group decided it was a good plan of attack, otherwise he would keep it home bound for now.

Posted on 2013-02-23 at 08:03:55.

Nyrodine Ezayo
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of card games and combat

Krii sighed heavily placeing his deck down onto the table and replaceing his hood over his head, he looked from person to person in the present company as they spoke taking in there thoughts and ideas, stareing perhaps alittle too long at the black powder filled jar that lay across the table from him. He paused for a moment in the silence to make sure no one else was going to speak before clearing his throat to speak

"As unsuprised as the rest of ya probly are with the lack of information we were givin at the start of this little adventure it shouldntah come as a suprise that these lands would be riddled with vermin if this was gunna be easy the noble brood would have done it along time ago and started there bickerin over it"

He turned his almost glowing orange eyes to meet the gaze of Oleg and his wife before continueing

"Tell us more of our opposition, these men that come, there attitude, any equipment ya may have noticed, are they organized or do they quarel among themselves, heights, builds the best defence is to know your enemy that way we can better prepair our ambush speaking of which"

Krii then turned his gaze to the dwarf with a smile

" Sir Redbrew, I think I'll take you up of the offer of a bit of extra protection while I use my "Hocus Pocus" spells as you so kindly call them"

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 03:34:36.

RDI Fixture
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Tactics Arising

“Sir Redbrew, I think I’ll take you up of the offer of a bit of extra protection while I use my ‘Hocus Pocus’ spells as you so kindly call them.”
Frodrick gave a grunt of acknowledgement as the young human took him up on his offer.
“Aye, so you be one of them caser sorts? Well you have me shield and ax at your disposal. Ol’ Jabber Hooves will also make sure you have a bit ‘o space to do yer stuff. Never could understand the lot of it, but I know its damn useful in turnin’ the tides o’ battle. When we are getting’ into the more detailed gist of how this fights gonna go, you’ll need to tell me what kind of tricks be up yer sleeve. Don’t want any demon snake or giant bat poppin’ up and having me kill it when it’s on our side.”

“I guess I should probably pick up a shield at some point so I can do that better… Haven’t found one that I really liked yet though.”
The dwarf gave a hearty hoot at that last bit that the girly had to say. “Ho-oh! Lassy, I don’t know how you could find one you don’t. Considerin’ you wallop foes with that shovel of yours, why not take a fryin’ pan for a shield? But don’t you fret lass, there is bound to be some hoodlum round ‘ere that has a shield you might call your own. And if ye’ be bent on fighting with one, perhaps we could do some training: figure out a way to make our defences even tighter eh?”

Frodrick took another puff from his pipe and then did a smoke ring. He blew, trying to make a second to fill the first, but it came out too fast and broke the first. “Darn it. Still can’t seem to get that second ring.”

“Should we decide to tackle their main force.” Frodrick nodded again to this idea.
“Sounds a might bit risky. I’ve seen the stuff used in mine excavations, if the wrong person uses it, or if the right one makes a mistake, it is rather deadly for everyone. But if it comes to making a large army smaller, it could do the trick in a jiffy. Also having a large explosion might demoralize our foes. But I would hold that as our ‘ace up our sleeves’. No sense throwing a barrel o’ powder at enemies if we know we can take ‘em out without it.”

Again Frodrick tried to blow a double ring of smoke, and again he failed. Grumbling a curse in dwarven, the Frodrick then emptied his pipe and put it back in his backpack. He then turned to the Krii, quickly yet gently strumming his hands on the table a couple of times before speaking. “So, you up for some small game of cards there boy? Or you enjoy the game of solitaire? If ye care to have a go with me, I be warning ye, I am a might bit competitive with these things, and I don’t want none of that magic of yours intervening.”

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 04:33:08.

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Miguel has a plan

“That's the question of the day, isn't it then?”
"Isn't though, just doing what I can for you good floks." Miguel said as he hoped the gap from the wall to the roof. "Your pretty handy with that hammer. Roof looks good."

Acrobatics vs. DC 10: Take 10 = 16
“They don't even know!” Svetlana shouted from the ground.

“What?!” Oleg looked at Miguel, bewildered, his mouth agape. He grit his teeth and took the ladder directly down from the guest house.

Acrobatics vs. DC 15: Take 10 = 16 hop off roof
He was sweaty, cross, and hardly friendly looking. “They sent a letter, the bastards! They told us you would be able to help!”
"what you did you mean by that?" Miguel told the couple, "I didn't get a letter to my knowledge" He hoped off the roof casually, Miguel kept one step behind Oleg. "What is it exactly we should be knowing?"


"I have an idea. I'll cast a spell that will let one of you communicate with me at a distance, you four hide in the stables. I'll be on the wall ready to put them in to a magical sleep, I'll give a signal when I'm about to do it. When the spell takes, Krii and Kyrie open the doors for Frodric to charge and Zaren be ready to fire. The sleep only lasts about a minute we will have to be quick, I have rope in my bag we can use to tie then up them."

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 06:54:17.
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Donkey Kong Style!

Zeran listened to the conversations nodding slowly. "You make a good argument good dwarf, I've set those cards on the table and we can let it be for the moment I'll sleep on your thoughts and sketch out the plan better 'just in case' kind of deal." He took notice of Krii lingering on the powder jar, but said nothing he was used to people having some fascination with his weapon.

Miguel's plan was good, rough, but good and that was how he liked it. "I second Miguel's plan, though we might need to work on the hiding spots a bit but I like it. I'd rather take whoever their leader is alive if we can, give the gentleman a spot of tea and maybe he will tell us where his friends camp eh?" He oozed sarcasm in a comical manner with regards to the last bit, no tea would be had for the enemy he figured.

"Good Sir Krii, might I have a moment of your time before you and our wise friend here battle it out with cards?" Zeran leaned on the table resting his chin on his hands focusing on the magic fellow before him, he would have to pick his next words carefully. "I take it you have a decent sum of money with you yes? I ask because, well you see my friend here." he motions with a nod of the chin to his pistol. "My friend here, has been through a bit and is a bit battered up. I can fix her right up, but I need money for the raw materials about three hundred coins worth to be exact. If I could trouble you for a bit of charity, I'd like to fix my friend so she can better help us, these things work better when they are shiny and new and not battered and broken. I'd be more then happy to repay your kindness full sum when I aquire the coin, which if things go right with these bandit folks, shouldn't be to hard." He leaned back and smiled slightly. "I await your verdict my friend."

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 08:04:32.

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please dont think im a dick

Krii looked at Miguel

"Your plan seem a tad risky especially should you fail to cast the spell you leave us wide open for a counter attack, are you sure you considered all the variables, not only that but it only gives us a small window in which to move quickly and tie them up not only that but upon waking they will still have their full strenghs which we still arnt fully aware of nore do we know the kinda tricks they have up their sleves. If you've considered all this and factored it in I'll more then willin to agree with the idea and set it in motion"

Krii sat there for a moment dumbstruck by the dwarfs question then I twisted grin came over his face and his eyes seems to fill with life and he quickly gathered the cards and began to shuffle the deck again

" By all means Sir Redbrew, I'm always up for a good game of cards, and no no tricks but I warn ya I'm a touch competive myself"

Krii got up and moved himself to be better placed across from Frodrick still shuffling the deck and about to deal when Zeran began to speak to him he took a momentary pause to consider the investment it was true he had come with a fair sum of money and he did see no reasonable expence in his near future, and he knew that giving the circumstances this rag tag group would need all the aid they could get.

"You assume correctly, I do have a bit of coin to spare"

Krii reached under his cloak and undid a jingling bag which he then tossed in the direction of Zeran

" There should be enough there give or take a couple gold or silver, but it should be enough for your project, put it to good use"

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 09:01:44.


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