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GM for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm
Players for this game: Reralae, Okron, Shades331, Nyrodine Ezayo, Zeakol
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Dreamer of Bladesong
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Amendments and thoughts

"A frying pan? Might be a bit small, and I'm not too used to using cooking things yet. Still plan on picking it up more though, so I should be open minded to those as well. I never really thought about that..." Kyrie noted as she thought aloud, "The hard part was that at home, the local blacksmith was more used to making tools than other things."

"It wouldn't be too bad for an opener though," Kyrie noted, "If it works as intended, it'll be able to knock a few of them out. The quicker we can reduce their active numbers, the faster we can deal with them, and the less chance they have to do any harm to the fort or the people. After all, they wouldn't make demands unless they thought they could back them up with threats."

She paused, "Wait, I think it goes the other way around. Or something." She shrugged, "Either way, we'll be ready whether it works or not. We might just have to figure out how to be at the right place in time if there's many left over."

Posted on 2013-02-24 at 18:49:25.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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I am an endless BARREL of Exposition!

“I didn't get a letter to my knowledge.” Miguel hopped from the roof of the roof of the guest house to land a few paces behind Oleg. “What is it exactly we should be knowing?”

“Sounds like the courier dropped a few pages again.”

“No, that's not quite what I—,” Oleg rubbed his face with one thick hand, deflated from the rancour of a moment ago. He turned to his wife. “Svet, would you...?”

At once Svetlana hopped to the main house. “The top drawer?” Oleg nodded. In just a moment Svetlana returned with a letter in her hand, stamped with the official seal of the Swordlords of Restov. She handed the letter to her husband.

“This came to us a couple days ago in response to our requests for reinforcements at the post.” He gave it to the party to read. “It says that our requests for reinforcements are just about approved, but it will be a few days before a patrol can be sent. It would be too late for this month's stock, but at least we'd have a way to fight back the next time they came. That's not the end of it, though.

“The next part is about you. It says that they've given a charter to a group of adventurers to explore the Greenbelt, and that you could be able to help defending the post against the bandits. It says that part of your duties in exploration involve clearing out outlaws living in the area, and that it would be in your best interest to protect the post while matters concerning reinforcements are finalized.”

Oleg gave the party a moment to look over the letter. “I don't know what sort of game they're playin', sending you lot out here without first telling you what you're getting into. This is exactly why I moved out here in the first place, to get away from all that politician 'n' bureaucratic nonsense.”

(Figured I'd drop this off for ye while I work on the battle proper. As mentioned on Skype Oleg tells Krii as much as he can remember about the bandits, which isn't especially much other than what's already mentioned)

Posted on 2013-02-26 at 03:39:21.
Edited on 2013-02-26 at 04:03:12 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

Let's do this thing once more, boys and girls, this time with feeling!

2 Pharast - Morning
Oleg's Trading Post
South Brevic Border

Oleg's trading post was already live with activity in the predawn twilight of the next morning. The temperature took a turn down a couple degrees overnight and breakfast was served inside the small dining room inside the main house.

The eastern sky had only just begun to reveal a dreary grey morning when the driver of the wagon paid Oleg for his room and board and departed back for Restov and away from the dangerous affairs of the border fort.

After breakfast each member of the Greenbelt charter party went to see to his or her own preparations, drawing weapons and armour out of backpacks and bags and arming for battle.

Krii wore no extra armour than his regular clothing, but had produced a steel sickle from somewhere to defend himself with if the melee came to him. His real arsenal, however, lay behind the strange orange-red eyes of his and in the magic that flowed through his blood as his birthright inherited from his mother's side of the family.

Both Zeran and Miguel donned vests made of leather, filled with steel plates sandwiched into the body of the garment and held in plate with metal studs. Each stood on opposite sides of the yard and limbered their muscles with training excersizes with the unique weapons product of each of their upbrinings. Zeran practiced with an unloaded pistol taking aim at imaginary enemies around the yard whilst Miguel danced with his duelling sword among a crowd of the same.

Kyrie still carried her shovel as her weapon, though now she dressed herself in a cuirass of fire-treated wooden plates sewn into a leather body. She stretched out her body and then sat down to concentrate her mind, to focus on her reasons for fighting, and get in touch with the source of her powers.

Meanwhile in the stables Frodrick finished saddling Jargon. With a creak and protest of old limbs he swung himself into the saddle. His gleaming armour was naught but old, worn hide and a barrier of scarred wood, his face was well weathered and his beard showed easily as much grey as its former amber red. His valiant steed was no more than a stocky but dependable mare but nevertheless, arrayed such atop her in the confines of the stable the old dwarf cut an imposing figure no less. Svetlana didn't mind saying so when she came in to feed Claptrap, the jittery Leveton horse.

Miguel climbed to the southwest catapult tower to keep watch while the remainder took their places. Svetlana disappeared inside the house at Oleg's request, to hide in the bedroom, while he himself took up position to act as bait.

The party didn't have to wait long before Miguel signalled that he had seen the bandits approaching from the south—six horses and all, mounted by four riders. He waited until the last minute he could before pointing at Krii standing in the yard and whispering his messaging spell. After that he lay himself down on his stomach, hidden by the very lip of the wooden walk.

At long last, the sound of hoof beats sounded over the palisade and came to a stop outside the gate. “Open up, or we’ll throw some fire in there to hurry your asses up!” There was a brief chorus of laughter at the crude jape.

Oleg stepped out of the main building. He glanced one last time at the yard as if one more look would reveal some flaw in the plan that had not been thought of yet. With a quiet breath he pulled the gate open.

“Well it’s about time.” The hooded man stepped into the fort, leading a group of three thugs. “Where’s that darling wife of yours, Oleg?” the man asked with a lazy grin, “I was fancying myself a quick tumble while my friends here were loading up the month’s taxes.” They brought the two pack horses into the yard with them, but left their own riding horses at the gate.

Oleg’s scowled but said nothing back. The man took his silence in stride and laughed at his own joke. He strode out into the middle of the yard while the lower ranking bandits took to the furs laid out on the table.

Miguel watched the bandits for a couple seconds, then determined the best chance to strike. He could only hope he wasn't sending Kyrie into a trap when she burst out of the stables, and that his spell would take at least half of them.

Get ready.” he told Krii through his connection, the spell manifesting as a tiny voice whispering just behind the sorcerer's ear. The next words he heard were those of the duellist's spell.

Miguel aimed well, catching all three of the thugs in the burst of his enchantment. An almost invisible pulse radiated from the centre of the spell to its full 10' radius. Those caught in the radius suddenly felt an overwhelming need to pass out and collapse into a pile. Two of the three affected did, spilling their load of furs and goods to the ground.

The remaining two bandits, one thug and the cloaked man, both jumped out of their skins like kids caught with their hands in the candy jar.

The doors to the stables flew open and Zeran raised his pistol. The cloaked man whirled around and frantically grabbed for his bow, but his wits were still scattered a half a dozen places about the yard in utter shock and confusion.

With a unique burst of sound Zeran's arcane weapon fired. The small ball propelled by the explosion of powder buried itself deep into the cloaked man's chest, creating a hole that was quickly beginning to bleed red (-8hp Happs, bloodied).

Even further bewildered, the man had no time to recover from the surprise of Zeran's strange weaponry. When the young farm girl charged him he was still off balance. There was no way to escape her attack.

His last thought before the obliviating embrace of unconsciousness; “Is that a shovel?” (-9hp Happs, unconscious)

Only one bandit remained standing. He stared aghast at the occupants of the stable, his mouth hanging open in shock. Any second now he would probably panic and flee as long and far as he could.

Frodrick 13/13 –
Jargon 13/13 –
Krii 8/8 –
Kyrie 13/13 –
Miguel 9/9 –
Zeran – 6 shots remaining

Happs: Unconscious, Bleeding
A: Uninjured – Sleep (1/10)
B: Uninjured – Sleep (1/10)
C: Uninjured – WTF? (??/??) (unarmed and flat-footed)

If you've forgotten what Oleg's looks like: Partake. Zeran stands alone in the doorway, with Frodrick on his horse directly behind him. A little to the left of them Krii stands next to Jargon's neck. Happs is 10-15 feet from the door, and Kyrie stands next to his body. The remaining standing bandit is right by the table on the side of the main house.

(That last bandit is definitely going to rabbit any second now. You have precisely initiative seconds to try to apprehend or catch him before he does. Also if you've forgotten how I'm planning to do health, 'bloodied', is when the target is starting to get worn down and unable to protect his or herself from attacks that would normally only be superficial. It's cinematic.)

Posted on 2013-02-26 at 06:02:44.
Edited on 2013-03-06 at 09:56:39 by Sibelius Eos Owm

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225 Posts

That makes 2 counts of shootings

Zeran was quick as he could be. Once he saw the man clearly in charge drop with a nice resounding thwack of the young lady's shovel he pointed his pistol at the still standing bandit. "OI! GET YOUR ASS ON THE GROUND! I'LL MAKE SURE THIS SHOT GOES THROUGH YOUR SKULL IF YOU TRY AND RUN!" He barked out at the bandit, hoping to scare the thug into submission. His weapon needed to be reloaded, but only HE himself knew that though he suspected his comrades might to some degree as well. He kept his eyes and gun trained on the bandit while immediately giving Kyrie some instructions. "Make sure our bleeding friend there doesn't die on us if you please, but if our other friend here DOESN'T listen to me make sure he doesn't escape." He speaks loud enough so that Kyrie and the bandit can hear, narrowing his eyes in a threatening gesture at the bandit.

((Since the gun isn't loaded. I'll leave it to your discretion but either and Intimidate[+9] check or a Bluff[+10] check is in order I feel. Bluff: Because the gun isn't loaded XD. Intimidate: because its a scare tactic. I'll leave it to your discretion Owen.))

Posted on 2013-02-26 at 07:24:08.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 139/12
2437 Posts

Oioioing of a clang well done

Everything happened in a blur, the doors seemed to fly open in front of her, and hearing the explosion ringing in her ears from her companion's weapon, Kyrie ran forward. Tall and gruff was the head of this outfit. He was hurt, but he wasn't out, which made him a threat.

Bracing for the impact, she gripped her knuckles tightly around the haft of her trusty (improvised) weapon, and brought it to bear as she swung it in what another time and place would call a batter's swing.

Kyrie knew he saw it coming. But then, he also definitely did not see that coming. Neither did the others before him.

It was a good hit, and the sound reverberated off the shovel, a slight 'oioing' that she more felt than heard. Then there was the thump of his body collapsing under his weight.

"Oops." Kyrie blinked, looking down at the fallen man in front of her, "Maybe that was a bit too hard."

Hearing Zeran calling to her, Kyrie nodded in acknowledgement and knelt down beside the fallen man. "Um, let's see, how did this go again?" She murmured to herself, a few drops of sweat beading along the edge of her hair line. Sure didn't help that the wound was rather strange as far as wounds were concerned.

She would just have to try anyway.

(Heal checks for the win!)

Posted on 2013-02-26 at 07:56:32.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 22/5
513 Posts

Security Charge in Place

Frodrick was amazed at the efficiency that the young ones had demonstrated in taking down the bandits. Half of the forces were brought down with one spell, and the leader laid low with a shot and a blow. All within a few seconds. “…but if our other friend here doesn’t listen to me make sure he doesn’t escape.”
Grabbing his open gob, the dwarf ruffled himself up while clearing his throat and made his mount proceed forth a bit. “Don’t worry there lad: if he makes a run for it, and your boom-stick don’t lay him low, I’ll be sure me ol’ lance of heart shish kabobin’ makes its mark.” The dwarf put his axe away and made ready to draw the lance that was stored on Jargon Hooves’ saddle.

Honestly, he hoped no chase would be made though. Damn joints were already bitching at him for getting up on Jargon.

Posted on 2013-02-26 at 21:21:49.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

Krii can add his own threatening presence later, but frankly, it was overkill to begin with

Bluff/Intimidate: 18 + 9 = 27
The last man standing never stood a chance. He glanced to the pack horses, nervously flicking their tails but remaining docile for the moment, then back at Zeran's outstretched weapon.

At the same time Zeran was shouting at the last bandit, Miguel was running for the gate. He jogged down from the tower along the wall walkway and leapt off, landing in a roll that brought him to his feet directly in front of the open gates, sword still in hand. Acrobatics: 17 + 6 = 23
Then Frodrick, emerged from the stable, already picking up his lance as assurance that any escape attempt would be hard-fought.

Even if he avoided Zeran's (admittedly non-existant) shot, even if he made it all the way to one of the horses and got it turned about, even if he rode down Miguel without being struck, he would still have to outride the dwarven knight with the lance. Frankly, hanging would be easier.

The bandit dropped to his knees, raising his arms into the air.

Meanwhile Happs' condition was already beginning to stabilize, and with Kyrie's help he would likely live for a while yet, whatever good it did him pending the judgement alotted for him. Heal: 14 + 4 = 18
Frodrick 13/13 –
Jargon 13/13 –
Krii 8/8 –
Kyrie 13/13 –
Miguel 9/9 –
Zeran 10/10 – 6 shots remaining

Happs: Unconscious, Stable
A: Uninjured – Sleep (2/10)
B: Uninjured – Sleep (2/10)
C: Uninjured – Surrendered

(I couldn't decide whether it was bluff or intimidate, so I went with intimidate, but under the understanding that basically any show of force would pretty much cause him to cave. Seriously, if you had just walked into melee range he would have buckled. As it is you didn't even have to... it didn't take much imagination to see how difficult his escape would have to be.)

(Amusingly, Happs actually stabilized on his own turn, despite all the damage done to him. By the time Kyrie's action rolled around all she had to do was bring him to treated condition)

Posted on 2013-02-26 at 23:33:51.
Edited on 2013-02-26 at 23:43:48 by Sibelius Eos Owm

RDI Fixture
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On the Subjects of Prisoners and Plunder

As soon as the bandits were all locked up, Frodrick got himself over to Zeran’s side and gave him a heavy slap on the back. “That be some damn fine weapon you got there Zeran me boy! I don’t think there be a beast in these lands we won’t be able to take on with that contraption on our side! Great shot and good work on that leader o’ theirs!” He then got himself over to Kyrie and gave her a pat on the shoulder too. “And good job there lass. A sold bash to the head with a tool o’ labour! Does me heart proud to see a hard working lady showin’ the rapin’ piligin’ kind what’s what!”

As the group started to look over Oleg’s goods and split the spoils of battle, Frodrick gave a hoot. “Hey Kyrie lass! There be a good lookin’ shield of wood here that seems dependable and fer sale! Might I recommend we grab it for ya? A solid defence makes for a supreme offence doncha’ know?”

Contrary to the stereotypical dwarf, Frodrick shows very little interest in any of the loot. If offered any of it, he holds his hands up and gives a slightly ungraceful rejection. “Bah! What use have I with baubles, knives, and arrows? We be in a forest – no use for monies, and I look like a old hog so jewelry be a waste on me. As fer them weapons, I be a man of me own devices. Gots me lance and gots me ax, what more a dwarf need to be slaying his foes? But more so I be a dwarven defender: a nice metal set of armor would do me and us all good, but I say this lot ain’t doin’ nothing and will serve us all less on me. Use it yerself.”

In response to Oleg’s suggestion of hanging bodies, Frodrick gives a grunt of approval. “We came here to tame the lands, and to get rid of these damnable thieves. I say having some heads on some pikes and hangin’ bodies out would send a clear message of what awaits any other of their ilk in these woods. Might I add I ain’t entirely hatin’ the thievin’ type, or believing all thieves are worthy of death – but to threaten this here couple of rapin’ Svetlana, burnin’ down their lively hood, and killin’ Oleg, I say they have their just desserts comin’. If we don’t want all to be steppin’ in to chop their heads or kick their stool beneath their feet, I be more than willin’ to oblige. I got the stomach fer it. If we ain’t in agreement with being judge, jury, and executioner, I be saying you’re in the wrong place. Best ye head back home where there is an established guard, a functional prison, and set of premade laws. As I see it, though it only be with me one eye, we be makin’ our own rules out here aside from one: eat or be eaten.”

Posted on 2013-02-27 at 02:44:29.
Edited on 2013-02-27 at 04:28:05 by Shades331

Nyrodine Ezayo
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insert victory fanfare

After the bandits had been attented to and locked up Krii walked over to Zeran and Kyrie respectivly and congradulating them on there efforts adding to Zeran that he would be expecting great things from his boom stick once it was repaired, he then made his way to Miguel and held out his hand

" Credit where credit is due, Im sorry I ever doubted ya. Ya had a good plan and it worked sorry I wasnt able to be of more use"

(Tasty Loots)

Krii looked over the recovered goods from the bandits before speaking outload to the group

"I dont suppose you folks would be minding if I took this dagger and a set of this armour for later use would ya?"

(Dealing with the captives)

Krii had since returned to his spot at the table and sat there in thought for a moment listening to what Oleg then Frodrick had to say before chiming in with his two bits

" I do agree punishment should be swift provided we first try to gain whatever information we can on our enemy from them, and I dont really care how we do it I will however say that we should be careful not to parade our actions though it may as a deterant, it may also insight a rage with the rest of this bandits lot ushering a counter strike one which we may be outnumbered or should we not be here leaving this wonderful couple without backup provided that the guard hasnt made its way here before we leave.

On that note I would suggest we wait for their arrival before our next move theres no reason to rush giving the time it will take to either interogate our new guests or find there hidout through searching the woods the others will already be alerted to the fact that this bunch hasnt retured and be on alert, they may even send another party after them, I suppose it depends on how they organize themselves reguardless rushing in is not a good idea we should take some time to interogate and plan as well as gather any supplies we may need and insure the security of this fort."

Posted on 2013-02-27 at 04:28:04.

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Dance the Hangman's Jig.

(Post Battle.)

Zeran grinned and twirled his gun around his finger before stowing it. He accepted the praise well giving the dwarf a pat on the back himself. "I'm sad the fool listened, I'd love to have seen you charge him down it would have been a magnificent sight indeed." He stooped down beside Kyrie after and looked at the unconcious bandit. "For future lass." he pulls one of his bullets out and holds the metal ball up. "Don't stitch wounds up, I know you didn't now but just a heads up. These things aren't something you want inside of you, they need to be removed first no matter how painful that might be." He gave her back a pat and smiled at her. "Nice work with that shovel by the way, I'm mighty impressed, remind me not to get on your bad side."

He departed her company with a wink heading over to Miguel smiling wide. "Well done my friend good show! A superb plan executed without a flaw I couldn't have done any better myself, first round is on me." He says before spinning on his heel to help secure the captives.

(Loot Division.)

Zeran looks over the loot and scratches his chin, plucking the stag amulet up and slipping it around his neck. "Mine. Go for it Krii I see no reason to deny you dagger and armor." He gives the dwarf a puzzled look when he refuses the loot but nods respecting the old boy. "How about when we drink I buy you one instead then?" He offers with a friendly smile.

(Regards To The Captives.)

Zeran sits with one foot resting on the bench beside him looking lazed back, his knife tip resting on the table delicately. "Don't hang 'em yet, they don't gotta dance the hangman's jig immediately. I agree with Krii, we should, nay need, to squeeze as much information out of them as we can. In particular the fool who was on the bad end of my gun is who we need to have a lovely chat with. As for the rest? I'd be a hypocrite if I condemned them to death immediately, you must remember I WAS a highwayman before hooking up with this charter. I've been given a second chance, they deserve it to at the very least some of them. My thoughts? Let them repent with hard labor if they really seem to wish to mend their ways. If not or if they prove to much of a hassle? I'll give them a hand in the dance."

He looks distant for a moment before turning his eyes up to the group. "But it is a group decision for all here, if the group rules in favor of no repentance then that is fine. I won't lose sleep over it. Which brings me to my next point." He looks to Kyrie in particular. "I'm adamant we use my barrel bomb idea when we tackle their main camp. It explodes, it would level the playing field since we will be out numbered I'd imagine. We have Alchemist's fire, we have a trigger. All we need to do is toss the barrel out at least twenty-five feet or so from us, after that we make sure the alchemist fire hits the barrel, it doesn't have to connect but the flames have to since that will be what makes it explode. Then we cover our ears and hope for he best. If any object to this idea then please speak up I'd like to have the group vote on it." He smiles slightly and waits, twirling his knife lightly before stowing it away.

Posted on 2013-02-27 at 11:39:47.

Sibelius Eos Owm
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Not everything I could be saying, but I wanted to address certain details quickly. On a time limit.

Miguel tied the sleepers up with his rope. By the time they finally woke, at first with a great roar of indignation and then suddenly intimidated silence, they were disarmed and surrounded. They resigned to their fate quickly on seeing their leader’s body already laying in the shed, divested of its armour and weapons. With a good deal impertinence they took off their own armour when commanded, and threw it into a pile on the ground. One by one the bandits, two men and one woman, filed into the storage hut. Oleg closed the door on their sullen faces with a bang and locked them in.

After the division of loot, the party sitting around the table discussed what to do with their new prisoners.

Oleg nodded his approval. “There ain’t no weak-stomached city-folk out here that can expect to last long. You already know my mind, but I say if we hang ‘em, we do it right here ourselves. Anybody who’s not prepared to take a man’s life, has no business sentencing them to die in the first place.

“They’re your prisoners, though, you’re the charter folk—this is your land to clear. You do what you decide is right.”

“Nah, they’ll know enough to leave us alone for the time I expect. They’ll find out soon enough why their men never returned this evenin’, and it’ll more likely ward ‘em off from us for a while, especially once the guard gets in.”

Oleg’s brow furrowed in concentration as he stared off into the distance. “They’ve been getting bolder and bolder for some time now, it just remains to be seen if they’ll be bold enough to try again. They’re cowards and bullies all, but I could see their leader cookin’ up something clever. I reckon the only sure way to make sure they don’t try to take revenge would be to wipe out the lot o’ them as soon as you can. Don’t you be worrying about Svet and I, though, we can take care of ourselves in the meantime.

Oleg rubbed his chin, “I suppose I could find work for a couple extra hands of cheap labour. Good, honest work might do them some good, put their bad habits out o’ them. Once the guard arrives they can watch the prisoners and I won’t have to worry.

(If you missed it on Skype, btw, you were awarded 150 XP each for the encounter, plus an additional 50 XP each for Miguel's highly effective plan and everyone's excellent job actually defeating all the bandits before they took their first turn in initiative order. Seriously, I was expecting 2-3 rounds with the plan working out; that was kind of fantastic.)

Posted on 2013-02-28 at 18:08:17.
Edited on 2013-02-28 at 18:14:53 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Dreamer of Bladesong
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The d00m will decide the d00miness of d00m. Or something.

(Post battleness)

Kyrie blinked as she checked the vital signs of the fallen bandit. The guy took two major blows yet he seemed to not be in the danger zone. The tenacy of life was astounding in some regards. Still, best be certain. She did her best to make sure he wouldn't die any time soon from whatever uncertainty would toss their way.

It was a simple matter to help mop up the rest of the group. The look of surprise on the two that dozed off was certainly something when they woke up. Naturally, there was hardly anything they could do about their situation, however. Their defeat was total.

Kyrie smiled at Zeran and the dwarf, "They usually don't see it coming. I mean, they see me, but they think little of my shovel here. I just like being able to show them that's a mistake, and not to think little of the working class."

(Teh lootz)

Kyrie scratched at her head. All things considered, there was nothing that really caught her eye. She shrugged and leaned back against the wall. Her shovel was her best friend (not literally but still), and there was absolutely nothing that could replace it.

"Hey Kyrie lass! There be a good lookin’ shield of wood here that seems dependable and fer sale!"
Then again...

"A wooden one?" Kyrie asked, looking down momentarily at her armour, the wooden plates fastened together. Wood was sturdy, and had a good weight to it. Not as strong as metal, but it just had a better feel to it. At least in her opinion. "That sounds interesting, I'll come take a look. Usually the ones that I've seen have been metal."

After taking a look, she picks it up. The shield had a good weight to it, but that wasn't the only thing that was important. Kyrie leaned in a bit, bringing the shield up and testing the nearly nonexistent scent.

Old, very old. That much she could tell. That was a good sign. Kyrie smiled. Maybe it would be worth trying out anyhow. It was a large class, and if she didn't like it, she'd know to pick up a smaller one next time.

"Say, Oleg, is it okay if I take this off your hands? I can buy it if it's not being used by anyone." Kyrie asked, "Also..." She gave another glance around, "Do you think there's a chance to pick up something like a sickle? I don't know if I'll be able to use my shovel at the same time but I don't think I like swords too much." She offered by way of explanation.

Not that it was likely to be needed. Using a shovel rather than a sword in the first place being the major indication.

(teh d00m)

Kyrie frowned a bit as the talk shifted to a much darker topic. It really was a difficult thing to decide. Life was precious. But, it was fairly clear, at least some of these bandits didn't agree with that, and chose their way of living. At the same time, there was probably those that did for other reasons. Now, she knew she wasn't the brightest flower of the bunch, but it didn't sit right with her to bring the scythe down so fast.

"For what it's worth, I think that life is a bit too precious to just decide that so fast. We barely know them, after all. I'm sure we could use more able hands in general, and if they're willing to redeem themselves then that's good enough for me." Kyrie began.

She paused a moment, "However, I'm not so sure about the leader of this bunch. He had no manners, and was in general just not a nice guy. He could have been a lot more respectful than he was. I think without him to guide their actions, the others will be freer to redeem themselves, if they choose to."

They only needed one to send a message. Too many and, well, that just didn't feel right. Trim the withering leaves, not the branch that could recover.

She fell silent as she listened to Zeran's plan, "I think we should know more about where they are first before we decide. Say they were on a hill, then the barrel might just roll away. It feels really agressive though, but well, if they were a country then what they've done already would mean it's like a war." She thought aloud, before muttering to herself, "Not to mention, we don't know how many of them are like that guy..."

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Special Orders and Sense.

Zeran raised an eyebrow at the young shovel wielding girl. "How many are like that guy? how many might be redeemable? Lass do you think that if they had these resources at their disposal they wouldn't use them? If they are situated in a bad spot for barrels I'll refrain from the use of it but by all accounts my friend, these people are bandits not commoners, not civil servants, not working class citizen. They more then likely outnumber us and I will take any edge we can get." He holds up his pistol, yet to be reloaded. "This is an edge sure, but should I fall in battle none of you will have a clue how to use it or wish to learn so in the heat of conflict." He sets his gun down and leans forward elbows onto the table.

"I understand your compassion for life, but don't think for a minute these bandits will care anymore for your own. These are the kind of thugs that would sooner cut your throat then share a meal with you if it meant profit. We can discuss it further later for all we know they might have a leader and if they are downed then the rest might flee or surrender but that can be discussed AFTER we interrogate our new friends here." He smiles gently and takes her hand in his giving it a soft squeeze. "You have a good heart lass, I'd ask you to consider my suggestion, it gives us an edge and could end the fighting before it even began. Even a show of force of that degree might be just enough to make those not caught in the blast flee or surrender." He gives her hand one more squeeze and a smile before digging through his kit, pencil and paper produced shortly.

He scribbles down on it quickly but carefully, and collects the satchel of 300 gold Krii gave to him. "Oleg, I would like to put in a request." He steps up to the man and holds out the paper, and the coin pouch. "On this paper, are supplies I need to fix my pistol to make it pristine, this gold will cover the cost of that. I've also included on the list some miscellaneous supplies I could use. Nothing complicated just scrap metal and various other odds and ends I need to keep myself as effective as I can be. If you could put the order in for those special parts." He points to them on the paper showing them clearly marked. "I'd be most grateful, the rest? they aren't as important right now I have plenty to keep me going for a while yet." He makes sure the man has the payment and the list before taking to is seat again.

"As for interrogation? Yes we need to discuss it. I can have a chat with them and Kyrie can join me if she desires, might make it easier talking to their leader if the two who downed him are asking him questions. Miguel, Krii, could you two possibly talk to and convince the others to redeem themselves working for Oleg here? If not, tie them up and set them near the gate with Froderick there keeping watch over them. We should get this done soon, no sense putting it off." He stands and sighs looking up and breathing deep. "First round is on me after this nasty work is done." he states with a cheerful grin trying to keep the mood as light as possible.

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but but stabby stab death make

Perhaps it was the way he was rasied of the events that had befallen his family in his life time but Krii saw no reason that these bandits should have redemption as an options these were the people that would have been more then willing to take there lives, that stole and threatened innocent folk, it made him sick, no more then sick this was a deep hatred and if asked he would have more then admitted he would rather hang them all himself then even give them the slightest chance at freedom but he also knew that atleast most of the others didnt see things that way all they needed from them was information not liability. All said he did his best to hide these feelings and agreed to taking Miguel and talking to them and offereing them life in exchange for useful information.

In an attempt to calm his nerves and clear his head before then events to come Krii made his way over to the stables and gathered Vilify and for the first time in the days that the party had convined removed his cloak placing it in one of the carrying bags on Vilify and made his way to the gate of the fort.

" I will return shortly, Vilify doesnt like to be tied up for long and the ride will do him good"

Krii added muttering under his breath and perhaps me as well. Krii then proceeded to mouth and exit the fort without saying another word.

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Rethinking the thinking

After what the shovel wielding girl said, Frodrick subsided a bit. He thought for a moment and then looked to her and nodded.
“I suppose y’er right. Judgin’ them too quickly could be a sign o’ tyranny on our part that is just as bad as the lot ‘o em.” He then chuckles a bit, trying to ease up the tension, “It’s as I always say: give anything the benefit of the doubt, unless it be of goblin folk. Then you bury the hatchet literally.”

The battle was over, and the adrenaline in his system was down. He saw that perhaps the bandits should be given the opportunity to repent and amend their ways. But he kept his eye on the ring leader, who was quickly identified as Happs. He didn’t trust that one, and considering he was the one who ‘jested’ about fornicating with Svetlana, he was sure his ways would not allow him to change. As such, Frodrick told the rest (including Oleg and Svetlana) his thoughts. Concluding with “If we be taking action, I say we do it quickly. Passin’ judgment can take time, but the actual doing should be over n’ done with as soon as we can be. And don’t know one regret it afterwards – we will be makin’ more tough decisions before we be makin’ easier ones by the time this adventure is done I reckin’.”

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