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Survival rpg idea thing

ok sorry about the lateness, my device was left at a hotel, but this is a thing now.

so ok lets start with the


ok there are 3 types of play

Regular/Survivor: (character) is a person who's on the island(s) s/he is there for whatever reason the player decides (character) is there for (other players do the same). for whatever reason this (group of) character(s) wants of the island. if they can live long enough to find a way is up to how lucky and intelligent they are.

Civilization: The Player(s) are part of the super secret (Organization) and their job is to clear an island and establish a (something) base there.

Conquer: Your part of some group that is on or knows about the island(s) players are charged with killing all the (somethings) on the island(s), including but not limited to: everything.

here are some important

Bits Of Info

Civilizations: any inhabitants that have grouped together and created atleaste a single building.

Vegitation: plant life ranging from trees to grass, that dont have enough sentience to activly try to kill you. just be careful about what you eat. (this is mandatory for every map)

Herbivorous Animals: plant eaters, still dangerous. (Mandatory)

Carnivorous Animals: Lions and tigers and bears ect. may activly hunt you, but usually not.

Monsters: Abominable Creatures of verious shapes, sizes, and intelligence. ranging from blobs of goo or flesh to things resembling creatures of myth to science experiments gone bad. these guys are out to ruin your day in various ways for GM enjoyment. they have a possabily to to be:
-tool using
-fire breathing/Acid spitting
-and any combination of the kinds availible to the GM
of course you cant combine opposites like flying/swimming/burrowing and Giant/Tiny.

Hunger: everything is measured in days, character can go 10 days without food with no ill affects besides that distracting pain, 11-29 days subtract a single point from all rolls by 1 every 2 days, day 30 is death. characters gather things like food water and gas in how many days it will last a SINGLE person. 3 people? you need 3 days of food to feed them for 1 day. amount/people=how long it will last.

Thirst: can live 3 days without drink. no penalties, just death on day 3.

Gas/Electricity:There may be things on the island that require power. while you may not be able to carry electricity, you can carry gasoline providing a day of power from a generatior (powers up to 1 mile) or a single day of vehicular transport (2x travel speed, 3x on roads) fo each unit of gas. there might even be a power plant on the island.

more later

Posted on 2013-04-08 at 00:28:48.

Karma: 11/54
303 Posts


Ok lets start with what you will need

-a coin
-a d6
-a d20
-and a bit of imagination

im sure none of these will be too hard to find.

now lets start with everyones favorite part

your character should preferably be human, for sake of consistency, but really its whatever the GM allows. Throw the poop, be the monkey, fly the plane. fun is most important, but unbridled fun isnt as fun as liimited fun because limited fun provides obstacles to work around, yes, this makes no sense, but whatever.
The Gm should reward players who limit their characters, and the Gm should also exploit those character limitations, responsibly of course.

ok example time: say you have a character, well hes got a terrible fear of... spiideeerrsss (dun dun dun), Well a responsible GM would do his best to put spiders in the most inconcievable places and if the player roleplays well enough give his character bonuses when fighting (or runnin from) his eight legged adversaries and penalties if the player roleplays his characters fear poorly. But you already knew this!

now say a character really likes apples, well good give him a small boon, a resist disease bonus and a bonus in finding and growing apples, if he ate an apple that day. well now lets not make it too easy to find apples, you want your players to experience the wonderful world of ebola or something, maybe malaria. maybe you just dont want him to be the only one exempt from some kind of disease based challenge where the players have to find the cure, dont want people to nag about you favoriting players! well ok so now apples arent common if even in existance, now we could add tantalizing "apple-like" fruits that cause paralasis or damage, but my god theyre delisious! or maybe not. GM's choice.

now lets move on to simple

Combat: Enemy has 5hp, you have 10hp. you attack, gm flips coin, Heads enemy take a punch for 1dmg. yeah boring lets spice it up a bit.
now you could do the above thing players, but would if you targeted a body part. so lets say were fighting a imp like creature, well it has 6hp pool, but its head has 2hp and body 3hp. yeah much less than 6 and it certainly cant live if it loses even one of those, of course targeted attacks require more flips, body 3 head 5. majority heads= hit, simple. so you go for body easier to hit with only one more hp. Hit Hit Miss Hit, boom, dead monster goo everywhere and at worst he could have only done 4hp of damage. so congrazts you punched a thing, use its skull to make a mace.

the importants of

Gathering and Crafting: (bill cosby voice) alright so ya got a character for your game and it turns out hes hungry, so what are ya gonna do? Well ill tell ya, you're gonna have go and get some food(\\bill cosby voice). ok so you have your character, lets say his name is george, getting some food, well in 5 hours hes got 1 days worth of pineapples, on his own, no tools, nothing to put them in to help transport them, but the trees were really close to camp. he give them to Lindon, who is apparently a chef, because thats what his player said he was. Lindon being a chef (and the only one who had any kind of occupation, apparently), with his trusty knife, and a fire (yea not sure how that helped) turned 1 day of pinapples that was gathered in 5 hours by jobless george, into 3 days of sliced pineapple goodness in 2 hours. yea tools and backstory can help.

now lets say george was a carpenter, his other survivor friend Hefley was a lumber jack, with the axe george made him out of sticks and stone and rope, Hefley got 5 days of firewood in 3 hours (thats a good sized tree or two), he gives 1 day of firewood to George, who also gets 1 unit of rope made by Shelly the weaver, that she made from bison hair she got from Sam the Hunter, who also gave george 1 unit of hides, George has just what he needs to make some tents, and with his skill and tools makes 3 tents in 3 hours. And with 3 tents between George, Lindon, Hefley, Shelly, Sam, and Zack( an unmentioned farmer) thats 2 people per tent, enough for everyone to have portable shelter without being cramped. phew, thats a lot of stuff, right? well dont worry, its actually much faster paced since coin flips are involved. occupation increases production, while tools increase production and reduces time.

Travel: people walk at 3 miles an hour (yes Miles not kilometers, its what i grew up with), it takes a day to cross a large island on foot (in this game anyway), brain. math. paper. awesome.
you could run, but not everyone can keep up such a pace for long.
boats can be made, animals ridden, cars driven, travel faster and safer.
while the GM may have a map of the island, the players might not, they can make or find one.

Saves: roll a 6, 1-2 fail, 3-4 1/2 dmg or reduced effect, 5 save, 6 Counter!

Obstacles/skill: roll a 20, gm determins required roll 20= auto win, 1= spontanious combustion.

Roleplay Roleplay Roleplay: did i mention to roleplay? yes rp is most important, good roleplayers get goodies like not dieing or a shiney new broken shotgun or maybe even a shiney new not broken shotgun. they also get the most fun.

tomorrow is map creation.
also feedback and suggestions are welcome as always.

Posted on 2013-04-08 at 03:15:32.

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