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    Messages in Iron Man 3... What did you think?
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Iron Man 3... What did you think?

Well I have to say I’m of two minds about this third installment. As an Iron Man/Avengers fan the movie is quite good. It has its Tony Stark quirks and the part about him not being able to sleep because of the nightmares haunting him of what happened in New York with the rest of the Avengers. A lot of the movie really is how he handles that trauma so there is a deeper story behind the brash cockiness of our favorite Shellhead and I really liked that. It has its action and interchanges with various cast members, introduces one of the main bad guy organizations in the Marvel world and has a few surprises. Overall I give it a C-.

Now comes the second mind and the cause of the C-. As a Marvel universe fan covering the gamut of all marvel heroes and villains I have always loved the way things were set up in the comics. I understand that each writer/director what have you has their own vision and I normally accept that with a grain of salt. However, not to give out spoilers hopefully, but what they did in this movie to the main bad guy did not do him justice in any shape or form!
If I had known of this twist before the movie I would have waited for it on DVD. However this twist of course is probably the biggest one in the movie so yeah unless a friend tells ya, you read about it online, or find out another way, you won’t see it coming.

So I hope you like it, next up Wolverine!

Feel free of course to post your thoughts and feelings here but please no spoilers Thanks

Posted on 2013-05-04 at 02:56:17.
Edited on 2013-05-04 at 02:59:26 by TannTalas

Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
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Go see it!

Saw it yesterday, I have to agree with you Tann regarding the movie. I would rate it a B- overall. It was a good Marvel Movie as usual, most of them have been great. I did enjoy the Avengers more. But this movie was good. I was disappointed about the ‘twist’ you speak of, while I found it funny I was disappointed that it was there. In a way it cheapened the movie in my eyes.

But I still recommend any Marvel fans go to see it, I think it is worth the price of admission; maybe go to a matinee showing.

Posted on 2013-05-04 at 19:34:27.

RDI Fixture
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Super hero movies...

... make me want to play Super Hero Games. (even though I don't have any extra time for one)

Iron Man 3 was good... while I didn't see the twist right away, I did suspect it before it was revealed. Having not read any comics (except The Watchmen), I can't comment on how close or far they strayed from Iron Man's storyline. I was suprised by the new "superhero" that helped Iron Man defeat the evil bad dude.

Dialogue was okay... I can't say I ever really feel close to Tony, nor do I really like him as a character. I think he's funny and witty sometimes, and his sarcasm resonates with my Gen X nature. But, really, I find him (the character) quite shallow, sarcastic, self-centred, egotistic, arrogant... which are not really the qualities I'd chalk up for a hero.

Anyway, mixed for me... it's kind of a movie that I like to view on a big screen, but you're not sure if it was worth the price of admission.

Posted on 2013-05-06 at 02:07:50.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Just Got Back a While Ago ...

..... from watching the Movie and it reminded me of the Character Angst from the comics years and years ago!

Worth Viewing!

Posted on 2013-05-06 at 02:43:00.

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Loved it

I saw it a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm also a big fan of the comic, and I like what they did with it. There were some inconsistencies with what went on in certain story arcs in the comic, but I have made myself take movies for what they are in recent years, and judge them on their own merits. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Posted on 2013-05-13 at 21:54:42.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
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Why Mandarin why?!

I still cannot quite accept what they did with the Mandarin; but all in all I really, really enjoyed it. Classic Tony Stark, over the top action, tons and tons of awesome armor moments; and of course the "OMFG did they really just do that to Tony moment" that had my jaw floored..

Posted on 2013-05-14 at 02:22:58.

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