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Battle again

Amur looked to the sky and his eyes bugged open as he saw the four large forms moving there way.

“Rocks? Those look like Giant Birds!” he exclaimed as he instinctively moved away from the railing as if he get away from the things coming after them.

The boy had been glad when they had set out on another adventure; the voyage had been a rough one and he had rediscovered the seasickness that had plagued him on the early part of the first trip. Seems the rougher seas would be a problem for him for some time to come.

When they had come closer to their destination it smoothed out and he was able to once again walk around without his stomach threatening to turn itself inside out. But now as they drew within sight of port their were going to be attacked by Orcs riding a giant bird of some sort.

Amur drew his small hand crossbow but then looked at it as useless as it didn’t have the range, but when he looked down at it he had an idea.

“I think it might be a good idea,” he yelled turning to the rest of the party/crew, “if we break out some of those Heavy Crossbows we are carrying below. I think we are going to need them.”

He had learned what they were carrying in the ship's hold during the voyage; being naturally curious he had spent some time below decks going through all of the cargo. Who knew what useful items one might find when you looked.

If the decision was made to use the crossbows, the boy would hop down below and assist in handing out the weapons and bolts to the crew.

Posted on 2013-12-15 at 00:21:26.

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The First Oath........

The warm gentle rolling plains were the lands of his birth. There were only stories of great waters to the west. The Shaman had never foresaw that he would one day be confined to small deck of a wooden craft tossed violently by a ruthless tempest. His training helped him to deal with things that would arise on land but here matters were very different. Tohmas would yield to the strength and knowledge of the Stout Hearts to ensure their safe passage.

This faith proved true as the western coast came into view.
Holding close to shoreline it provided the to the Seeker to truth in the stories of the evil that plaguing the west. Battles on shores spilled over as boulders crashed near the Toothless Dragon hurled by giants.

Sliding away they continued their mission to Orgstall. The smoke rising into the sky above where the port would be did not bode well. As they drew nearer Dagger exclaimed, “Orcs on Rocs”.

Rocs? Those were birds of legend, great fowl creatures to rival the sized and strength of great Eagles. Tohmas did not fear the birds, they were just the mounts of the evil Orcs, but those riders would drive the birds to evil distruction.

The council of Druids had granted the Shaman weapons attuned to destroy Orcs, these included a number of special Slayer arrows. So nocking the Oath Bow with an Orc Slayer arrow Tohmas awaited the Rocs to bring the Orcs into range. If the Orcs were wounded or killed the Rocs should return to their aeries.

Seeing seawall around the outer edge of the city the Shaman called to Dagger, “If we can draw near the wall that would limit the ways these creatures can approach, better to fear three directions of attack instead of four.”

(Assuming the attack continues)

The first of the great birds swooped into range, raising the White compound bow the Shaman drew the arrow to his ear, the bow whispered, "Swift defeat to my enemies". Calling out so all would know the Shaman sword loath against the Orc rider, “Death to the Orc rider, it is mine.” In response as the arrow loosed the bow shouted, "Swift death to those who have wronged me."

Posted on 2013-12-15 at 22:12:57.
Edited on 2013-12-16 at 01:55:56 by Odyson

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Its long and sappy but its in

Areldor was walking Diana back to the temple. The couple was holding hands as they walked down the busy streets, moving in and out of the throngs of people insuring that no one could get between them. She stayed close to him holding tightly his hand. Not as if she was afraid of the humanity that walked the streets for she has lived here for over 25 years and knew the city well. It was the knowing that the evening was passing quickly and tomorrow he would be leaving in the morning.

Areldor knew his way to the temple for the last two weeks he made his way there every day since he arrived back. As he guide Diana, he would run into folks that knew him from the performance he put on each evening at the Toothless Dragon. Any other time he would not mind, it was great to hear folks tell him they liked the act but tonight he was in a hurry. “Thank you, your words are kind hope you comeback when I am in town.” The illusionist would say in a kind manner trying not to offend the person. He saw that some wanted to talk some more but then noticed he was not alone. The response sometimes was “Oh I see you are busy” usual with a smile as they glanced at his companion. His companion was dressed in an emerald gown that fit perfectly in all the right places and accented curves in a modest way, past the brass linked belt that rest easily around her hips, then down stopping above the ankles wear one could see her black boots. If they started at the top they would notice her eyes matched her dress, with her slightly curled chestnut hair that flowed down to just above her shoulders that framed her face. It was in her face you could see that part of her heritage was elf, having that youthful beauty that all elven women had.

The couple made it to the temple just as the dusk settled in and the lamplighter started their rounds. The temple was still busy with acolytes and workers. Areldor guided his companion to the main alter in front of the mosaic of Minerva. He stared at the image of the goddess, that day two weeks ago was still fresh in his mind. He was change that day, he was kissed by the divine and he wondered what she had in store for him on this next journey. "What are you thinking?" a lovely voice spoke with a quick squeeze of his right hand. Areldor smiled but did not even look over, “I was remembering the first day here and how tomorrow I will be on another journey. I just wanted to thank the goddess again for all she has done for me and that I will return back here and to you." He turned and faced Diana, took her other hand then looked into her emerald eyes. “The goddess has been gracious to me Diana, and I wanted to finish what she started here two weeks ago in my life and I hope in yours." He reached into one of his hidden pockets in his tunic and pulled out a small silver ring on a chain and kept from her site.

It was a very plain silver ring with some carvings in high elven and the chain was silver and not very fancy either. This was all he could afford. The money that he had earned working at the Toothless Dragon first bought rations for the trip he committed to go on for his goddess and employer. Then the rest of the money went to a silver smith to pay for them both. Areldor just pick it up that very morning and had been waiting all day to give it to her. The illusionist had started to fall in love with the assistant librarian the fourth day at the temple. While working on information to help Jaufre with his sister’s illness, looking up new spells, trying to learn about the lands to the west, Diana was a constant companion. The head librarian was more than happy to assign the women to help assist “The Hero of Minerva”. The other maidens could not compete with Diana due to the amount of time she spent with him and at first she was kind cold toward him.

Diana was there in the group of maidens on that day but all were dressed in ceremonial robes and looked alike. After his introduction all the maidens went to see this new hero for the goddess herself appeared and this was a rare event, even more so to a man. Diana like the others went forward to meet this “hero”. After that day’s event there was a lot of talk on who would be picked by this illusionist to be his bride. The handmaiden’s of Minerva in this temple were of different backgrounds, beauty and mostly human. Diana was the only half elf in the group and had been for the last 15 years. She was older than the others not as tall or as “blessed” like the others and thought of herself as average. That is why she enjoyed the library.

There was no competition, books and scrolls do not judge and it was rewarding to help people in finding information. So she felt that this “hero “would not find her of interest. Then Areldor appeared in the library. He spoke to the head librarian and of course she assigned her best assistant to him and that was her. At first she tried to be indifferent to him , not that he was unattractive for she thought he was quiet handsome but that with all the talk between the maidens vying for his attention she thought that there was not a chance. “He’s probably arrogant or something. “She said to herself at first, But in the following days as she worked with him for 6 to 7 hours and that provided time for interaction and she warmed up to him. During breaks he would talk to her and asked about her life and she his and discovering that they had a similar experience being half of each race and how it affected them. But instead of a family member taking her in like Areldor uncle, she was brought here at 10. All this time together a bond of love grew between them.

Areldor had made his decision 6 days ago that Diana was the one he wanted as a wife. He spoke to Tabitha the high priestess about what he was going to do and asked for the goddess blessing and hers. She was happy about his choice, but told him that it was for Diana to decide. So the stage was set and Diana was allowed out of the temple and he took her to the Toothless Dragon to see his performance. It was a promise made and kept by the illusionist.

Standing there in front of the alter Areldor turned to his love and spoke” I ..know we have only known each other for a short time,” he took both of her hands and took a breath. His heart was beating so hard that he thought it would jump out and have to catch it. He glanced around as people walked by. He took his gaze off her face and was looking at the ground wondering if the stone floor would give hints at what to say. He spoke to himself “Why is this so hard. I have seen others do this at the tavern back home. I t looked easy.” As to sense the illusionists dilemma Diana took her left and placed her index finger his lips. It shocked him for a moment, then she spoke in a soft confident voice “Come with me” and with a smile she led him to the library.

It was empty. Diana was not surprised for she knew that most of the workers and patrons would be off to their homes or wherever. She knew because it was at these times she would come and be by herself away from everyone, to be alone, to mediate, and to evaluate. It was her special time and her special place. It was here that Diana felt the goddess most of all and the purpose she had for her. Diana led Areldor in front of the libraries main desk the place they first met.

The illusionist was not sure what was going to happen as Diana turned again to face him and grasped his hands again. She spoke again. Her face radiated a warm smile as she did “If you are going to ask me what I believe you are, I wanted it to be here in the place where I found purpose, meaning and happiness.” When she finished, a sparkle shown on her cheek as a tear ran down her face. Areldor took his right hand and gently touched her face and wiped away the tear. He then turned her face up so that their eyes met. He looked deep into the emerald jewels and felt a great calming of his soul come over him. It was similar to what he felt the day he was kissed by the divine. As he held her face the words came with little effort.

In the high priestess office, Tabitha explained all the requirements and that Diana and Areldor could not be married until he fulfilled the mission for the goddess. That was still hard to hear from her but the young couple expected it and believed in their hearts that the love they shared was strong enough and blessed by Minerva. Areldor finally gave the silver ring to his bride. “Here is a token of my love and my promise to you.” He said as he put it around her neck. Then Diana looked over at the high priestess and she pulled out of the drawer of her desk leather necklace with a medallion on it.

The medallion of finely handcrafted gold a little larger than a gold coin which had the elven letter “C” inlayed in it with silver. The illusionist was a little puzzled as he looked at the medallion. Diana spoke as she put it over his head. “I have told you that I was brought here by my family when I was 10 and I have only a few things that I own.” She paused as to be reflecting upon the very day she came to the temple and her feeling in her voice reflected it, she continued “This medallion is what I was wearing that day I came and it was a gift from my mother. It holds a good secret that I will tell you upon your return. So as a token of my love I give this to you.” As she finished the young illusionist looked into her lovely face and saw again a tear come down her cheek. Areldor could feel the pain and his heart broke for her; and all he could do was to take her into his arms and he too shed some tears.

“That seems long ago.” the illusionist said to himself as he came out of his mediation. Once again he found himself with his left hand over the medallion which was still tucked inside his undershirt. It was a little after dawn on the 20 Aprero, Areldor was up early to pray and make sure that his spells were ready for the day. Dagger and Capt. Crayfish told the seekers that on the morrow we would be at Orgstall and that we should be ready.
Areldor was very was thankful that Mad Dog had given each of the Seekers a Ring of Sustains, for the first days on the open sea with the storms had made life on board miserable and the fresh ginger helped at first but ran out just as the rings power was being felt. As the morning lite started to fill the new day he could see that ring on his right hand and to the opposite on his left was the one that the goddess gave him. A small smile spread across his face when glanced at it remembering. As the gathered his gear he made sure and checked that he still had all of his items packed and ready. As the morning light grew Dagger called all to look to the horizon. Areldor grabbed his side bag that contended his two wands and spell book and Minerva’s horse and went toward the edge of the ship so he could see what the he saw.

At first Areldor could not see much, but by now he knew that the dwarf had a greater vision than being he had met. But what he could not see he could hear as before near shore line days back, the sound clashing metal. Then as the ship got closer Dagger pointed to the sky and spoke “Orcs on Roc’s”

The illusionist looked in the direction and could see the 4 black dots come towards the ship. “I know and have seen orcs but never a roc.” Areldor said out loud and continued “they must be huge to carry the orcs”
Amur started to move away from the edge of the ship wanting to get to the crossbows in the ship’s hull and Tohmas spoke to Dagger about getting closer to the sea wall. Areldor quickly thought about his spells and then decided to use the “Fire Stick”. He reached into his side bag and pulled it out. He looked at Dagger and asked after he answered Tohmas, “Will this work on them?”

Posted on 2013-12-17 at 20:48:44.

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
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A post finally

The trip from Heristat to Orgstall had passed surprisingly peacefully or so at least Damar thought. Sure there had been a terrible rain and unkindly windy conditions that had thrown the ship this way and that enough to cause stomach of the elf to do likewise. He was no stranger to sailing and had endured bad weather at sea before, but still the change from the solid ground under his feet to the constantly moving deck of the ship was too much to take without any ill-effects.

The wondrous and terribly beautiful whirlpool in the middle of the Shenal had drawn the ranger's attention. And without any sailing skills, he had known they had all been very close to to losing their lives. Had the crew and the captain of the Toothless Dragon been any less experienced and skilled, the ship would certainly have been sucked into its destruction in the depths of the sea.

However the battle between the barbarians and the giants had not been quite as interesting as the phenomenon of nature. During his decades and especially the last century, Damar had seen his share of both even if not fighting against each other. The screams and howls of dying warriors and monsters didn't touch him much. While the elven noble did not take pleasure in the death of anyone (unless it was accounted for or deserved), the outcome of the ongoing fight was something he could not influence in any way.

But all in all, it had been peaceful. There had been no attacks by monsters or pirates and although danger had been present through it all, they had been lucky enough not to lose anyone. The crew of Captain Crayfish knew how to take the most out of the times when the churning sea or the pouring rain was not keeping them busy. There was merriment in the way of singing, feasting and dancing. But even though he could really appreciate the effort, Damar kept to himself most of the time. He did not shy away from conversation with anyone and helped out whenever he could and it was needed. But not once did he share any stories of his past unless it was clearly not of personal kind. It was not due to him being an impolite or untrusting character. Damar kept to himself as he didn't wish to become attached to anyone. In his life he'd lost so many acquaintances, friends and even close relatives. Too many. Being on his own was simply for protection. His. He did not wish to feel the loss, the despair, the powerlessness to help. Losing an associate hurt much less than losing a friend…

"Orcs on Rocs!" Came the call as they neared the besieged city of Orgstall. Rocs?, thought the elf. Now that's something new. He'd definitely read and heard a lot about the gigantic birds and their terrible strength, but this was the first time he would see one, let alone four, alive. A combination of fear and excitement ran like a wave through his body as he calmly picked up his bow and began stringing it. Orcs… Orcs he had fought and killed before. The lives of orcs he would not shed a tear for. The ranger had a feeling his tiny arrows would be of little use against the mighty animals the orcs were riding, but perhaps dropping the riders would be enough to turn them away.

OOC: Sorry guys for the long silence. But I've finally managed to put down a few words for a quick unedited post. More to come later.

Posted on 2013-12-29 at 10:48:10.

Khash Munee
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Uneasy Passage

Despite the advisement to get a full night of rest before their expected arrival in Orgstall, Jaufre found himself leaning against the rail of the ship, staring out across the dark waters to the shadowy skies of early twilight. This was not the first night that he'd lost sleep, a mixture of seasickness and over-thinking seemed to plague him. The brief voyages to Tagea and back had not provided him with the sea-legs to handle the longer journey to Orgstall, a notion which he was certain amused some of his companions to no end. Could he pry himself from his now preferred vantage point he might protest, but considering his stomach sought to mimic the churning of the waves he kept his mouth shut, lest bile seek to flow. In this stabilized silence he tired to keep his mind on the task at hand, as there was much to do in the western lands.

A great evil need be stopped; its nature, source, and power a complete mystery to the Paladin beyond that it threatened all whom he knew and loved. Knowledge of its existence was enough to spurn Jaufre to action, a sense of duty ingrained in the hearts of those stout warriors of holy orders. However, Jaufre was one who liked to know what he was rushing into, and while the notion that the Stout Hearts had risen to fight such an evil before was comforting, the uncertainty was nauseating.

Further adding to his ill feelings, Jaufre was troubled by the knowledge that a means to restore his sister's vitality also lied somewhere west. He had no direction, no map, no indication of where he was to go to find what he sought; it was the most important goal in his life, but one which was being forced to seek blindly.

All he could do was pray for guidance each morning as dawn's rays emerged upon the horizon.

Posted on 2014-01-08 at 04:06:47.
Edited on 2014-01-08 at 04:11:52 by Tuned_Out

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Fire in the Sky

As Captain Crayfish ordered his Stout Hearts to row for their lives towards the short dock leading to the stairs that ascend to the Port City of Orgstall, his first mate Dagger pointed with his right hand towards the advancing Orcs On Rocs, while shouting to Areldor to ”Unleash the Fury of the Fire Stick!” … while simultaneously motioning with his left hand towards Tohmas to Hold Steady with His Bow!

Meanwhile, the young Rogue named Amur was feverishly handing out cross bows and bolts to the Stout Hearts in hopes of saving their lives!

The Elf Ranger named Damar, being the new addition to The Seekers, surveyed the situation with battle tested eyes and a distaste for Orcs, notching an arrow to make ready for an opportunity to add more Orcs to his long list of slain foes.

He stationed himself at a vantage point where he could observe his fellow Seekers and the Stout Hearts, without imposing himself upon anyone's battle space. He managed a heart felt grin as he observed Mylos preparing for an obvious new experience in the realm of battle!

Mylos knew what an Orc was, as did most of the races of Airhde, but what was a Roc. He scanned the horizon but could see no enemy upon the sea. Only when the other crew members begun pointing into the sky did he look up and see the magnificent, winged creatures. A thrill of terror went through him and he was reminded of the magnificent maelstrom he had witnessed and how he had come to terms with his own death. The fear was still there, a niggling worry, but he didn’t feel the need to run. He had friends with him, comrades of a hard voyage. He would stand fast. His bolts would fly true. So this was courage he thought to himself, the thing I have read about in story books, the feeling heroes have in the times of danger.
In the heat of inevitable oncoming battle, Jaufre somehow found enough of his 'sea-legs' to turn his undivided attention away from the railing.

Looking to the sky, he noted the plumes of smoke arising from the Port City of Orgstall, covering the area above the city like a protective blanket, which seemed to somehow cause the Rocs to be repelled from flying over and attacking the city; thus turning their attention to The Toothless Dragon, as the ship approached the harbor.
No longer concerned by the domination of thoughts about the uncertain condition and hopeful restoration of his sister, the Paladin of Cedrus called upon his deity for protection and guidance during the approaching battle!

Whether it was a matter of deities protecting their servants, or some unknown enhancement unleashed from the 'Fire Wand' brandished by Areldor, in a matter of mere moments it became apparent that the tide of battle was turning in favor of the Seekers!

No sooner had the first Roc flown within 400 feet of The Toothless Dragon, a Ball of Fire erupted from the extended 'Fire Wand', exploding upon the underbelly of the great bird of prey!

Flames engulfed its feathers and quickly spread to its Orc rider, causing the boulder to drop harmlessly from its claws! The Roc let out an agonizing shriek that mingled with that of its surprised rider, causing both to plummet to the water below, where their cries were silenced at the cost of their lives!

The second Orc Rider was more concerned about the first boulder failing to crush the timber of the wooden ship, than he was for his own safety, or the safety of his great bird of prey!

Cheers arose from the deck of The Toothless Dragon as the second Orc and Roc were consumed with flames from the 'Fire Wand' brandished by the Illusionist of Minerva; once again causing the boulder brandished in its claws to miss the mark of its intended target by a wide margin, as mount and rider were quickly dispatched to a watery grave!

The Stout Hearts pressed their advantage by rowing with renewed vigor towards the short dock at the foot of the stairs leading to the Port City of Orgstall.

The third and fourth Orc Riders guided their mounts back towards the mainland, circling high overhead and conversing with each other, before the third Orc Rider urged his Roc towards The Toothless Dragon, while the fourth Orc Rider decided to circle around the ship for an attack from the rear!

Although this tactic seemed to be a good strategy for the Orc Riders, the Illusionist Areldor had more than enough precious seconds to dispatch both threats from the air!

Another burst of fire and an explosion of flames resulted in yet another enemy casualty, as the Orc Rider and his Roc plummeted to their deaths, as had the first two!

The scorched boulder missed its target by a wide margin!

As the fourth and final Orc Rider guided his mount within range, the Seekers and Stout Hearts prepared to vent a lusty collective cheer!

Areldor took aim, with plenty of seconds to spare, to eliminate the final threat to their safe landing!

Their collective eyes and ears witnessed a puff of cloudy smoke emanating from the tip of the 'Fire Wand', followed by a hollow sounding PFFFfffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt …..

Posted on 2014-01-15 at 01:37:55.

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Long shot

Amur yelled his exuberance as the blasts from the fire stick took out all but one of the giant birds.

“Areldor your amazing!” the boy yelled as he pumped his fist in the air!

As the last bird approached, he watched the illusionist aim his fire stick and...

PFFFfffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt …..
as the puff of smoke was carried away on the wind the boy lifted the crossbow he had taken from the hold of the ship and loaded.

“Ok, anyone else got some magic they can take that last one out?” he asked as he took aim and wondered how far a crossbow like this one could reach?

In a last ditch attempt, the boy steadied himself on the railing and fired the crossbow at the giant bird even though he was pretty sure it was out of range of his weapon.

Posted on 2014-01-17 at 00:34:36.

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Oh about 3 or 4, well 3

Areldor quickly moved to where Dagger wanted him to be and then waited for the him to give the direction and command. The illusionist took a deep breath and centered his thoughts. “I need to just focus on the task and take them one at a time.” He said to himself. Then he remembered that he did not know how many charges were left in the wand. His mind started to race with all the possibilities then once again he took a breath, and then prayed and spoke it loud enough for any one close to hear him. “Great goddess Minerva please grants us victory over our foes this day.”
Then Dagger yelled ”Unleash the Fury of the Fire Stick!” … while simultaneously motioning with his left hand towards Tohmas to Hold Steady with His Bow!

Areldor look down the length of the wand to the tip which was focused on the Roc that Dagger motioned too. “Faldin’s Fire” the illusionist spoke and once again a fireball came forth and stuck the bird and it rider sending them into the sea. Then he turned his “fire stick” onto the next foe and it was engulfed in the hell fire that came from Areldor wand.

There was a great cheer from the crew after the seconded aerial foe crashed into the sea. Areldor heard them and his confidence started to rise within himself, still there was a nagging thought in the back of his mind about how many fireballs were left.

Areldor watched the last two circle above and waited for them to make there move. He felt the ship moving faster as the crew rowed for the stairs. Then the orcs split up and came from two differnet directions at the same time.

The illusionist was confident and it was rewarded as once again the fire that came forth and brought down the third. Then Areldor turned and faced the final Orc rider, confidently he pointed the wand at the last foe and spoke the words. But this time all that came out was a puff of cloudy smoke emanating from the tip of the 'Fire Wand', followed by a hollow sounding PFFFffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

Arm still out stretched, staring thru the disappering smoke he saw the Orc and great bird still approaching. The hollow sound seemed to go beyond his ears and reach into his stomach making him a little queasey. Then he lowered his arm and as the foe got closer he prayed again to his goddess “Minerva be merciful”, then the expession of the illusionist face changed as a small smile appeared and spoke with some confidence "Tohmas your turn."

Posted on 2014-01-17 at 01:54:20.
Edited on 2014-01-18 at 14:42:33 by Ziklag

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charges... what charges?

Mylos could not help but gawp, open mouthed at the immense strength of the gargantuan bird carrying a massive boulder flying far above. As they beat their wings and got within range of Areldor’s deadly fire wand, one bolt was set loose and smashed into the unsuspecting Roc and its wildly gesticulating rider. Flames engulfed the pair and Mylos could hear the screeching of the burning bird as it plunged downwards towards the sea.

Mylos whooped with joy and encouraged his fellow seeker to throw another one at the next oncoming Roc. He let loose again and the bolt of flame found its target once more and another screeching bird was sent plunging to the watery depths. Within moments the third Roc had experienced the same fiery end and surely the day was saved!

Mylos was experiencing a feeling of elation he had rarely felt before, a moment of panic had changed to a feeling of safety, much like his warm hearth at home with his parents. Because of this Mylos had not much considered the fact that the rod of fire had a limited number of charges. As Areldor readied himself once more to vanquish the flying attackers Mylos prepared himself once more for a fiery bolt surging towards their foes, but the result was anti-climactic.

This time a fiery bolt was not unleashed, but instead an unsatisfying pffffffftttttttt. The wand had finally run out and the boulder wielding Roc and rider were approaching ever faster. Finding his resolve once more Mylos took aim and waited for the giant bird to come into range before he would release his bolt.

Posted on 2014-01-21 at 21:43:42.

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The Orc Is Mine.........

Dagger yelled ”Unleash the Fury of the Fire Stick!” … while simultaneously motioning with his left hand towards Tohmas to Hold Steady with His Bow!

Areldor raised his wand and once again let the fire ball fly. First one then two then three the huge birds dropped from the sky. As the fourth and final Orc Rider guided his mount within range, Areldor again raised the wand, but this time there was just a puff of cloudy smoke emanating from the tip of the 'Fire Wand', followed by a hollow sounding

Arm still out stretched, staring thru the disappering smoke he saw the Orc and great bird still approaching. The hollow sound seemed to go beyond his ears and reach into his stomach making him a little queasey. Then he lowered his arm and as the foe got closer he prayed again to his goddess “Minerva be merciful”, then the expession of the illusionist face changed as a small smile appeared and spoke with some confidence "Tohmas your turn."

The last of the great birds swooped into range. Hoping if he could knock the rider from the the back of the giant bird. Without the Orc to cammad it the Roc might just fly away.

Raising the White compound bow the Shaman drew the Slaying Arrow to his ear, the bow whispered, "Swift defeat to my enemies". Tohmas Called out so all would know the Shaman sword loath against the Orc rider, “Death to the Orc rider, it is mine.” In response as the arrow loosed the bow shouted, "Swift death to those who have wronged me."

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Death to the orcs!

Holding his bow steady, but not drawing it yet, Damar observed his fellow Seekers launch to action. The group had been working together before and he was anxious to see how well their skills and abilities were matched. Some of the group did not seem too experienced either in combat or adventuring, but the elf knew better than to judge a book by its cover. They might surprise him yet.

… and they did. The young sorcerer, Areldor, pulled out a magic wand and aimed it at the mighty birds. It seemed so futile. The half-elf looked so small compared to the Rocs and their riders and the little stick in his hand was like a toy from children's game. But the attackers quickly learned the truth as did the elven ranger who had stopped to observe the situation. It wasn't the first time he'd heard of such magical weapons and not even the first time he'd seen one in use. But despite having heard the story of the group's previous trip and how the "fire stick" had been used against the pirate ship, Damar was still surprised to such power in the hands of the young half-elf.

And to see such power wielded with such precision. It took three shots to drop three Rocs. The gigantic birds fell like the rocks they'd carried from the sky and hit the waters with a great splash. Watching the third Roc plummet from the sky, the silvery-haired elf fully expected the illusionist to kill the last one as well, but as the surprisingly loud fizzling sound caught his ears, he found himself staring at first Areldor and then the Roc in disbelief.

Damar quickly pulled himself together though and brought his bow back up and took aim. He heard the human shaman call out in anger and claimed the right to personally kill the orc. The ranger didn't mind giving Tohmas the chance to shoot the rider down, but he knew that if the shaman missed their ship might be in peril. Therefore, even as the enchanted bow let out its blood-freezing promise, Damar held his bow at the ready and followed the movements of the Roc carefully. Should the slaying arrow miss its target, he would release an arrow of his own in turn.

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