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"Skeleton pirates? What manner of twisted evil is that?" Elyra scanned her memory for any information on such but came up empty. "Perhaps it is time to get going. We may have overstayed our welcome." Elyra readied swords but did not yet draw them as she preferred to avoid this fight if possible.

Posted on 2013-06-10 at 12:21:08.

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Jim, I'm an illusionist not a cleric

Areldor got back into his position in line after it was decided to investigate the “happy water sound” The illusionist did not mind too much that nothing was found. If the water was drinkable, maybe it could help extend their search for items. Areldor was relaxed and enjoying the small bantering with Elyra and believing that there was really nothing here to fear. He noticed that Bard was still wearing the eye patch that was handed out, So to entertain her Areldor proceeded to take out the patch and strap it to his head. He centered the patch on his forehead then said to Elyra " You have one eye now I have three" and laughed at himself and continued with the group.

It was not long after that when Jaufre gave out the alarm behind Areldor. “Skelton Pirates” he called out. That snapped the illusionist from relaxed to alert with a tad of fear. The training from Uncle Garlin was almost as instinctive as breathing. Areldor grabbed his staff with both hands, started to quickly look around and think of what spell would do the most good.

Posted on 2013-06-10 at 15:48:11.
Edited on 2013-06-18 at 20:29:34 by Ziklag

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Seeing that there was no place to run, Elyra drew her twin swords, placed her back against a wall and prepared for battle. She would certainly not rush forward as that was the job of the fighters but she was fairly confident that she could hold her own if necessary. There was nothing left to do now but wait. Elyra broke into a song as the enemy approached.

"Bones are coming rattling on, rattling on, rattling on
Bones are coming rattling on, will we join them?

Never more they smell the rose, smell the rose, smell the rose
Never more they smell the rose, under feet they tromp them

Send them back into the grave, into the grave, into the grave
Send them back into the grave and save their souls"

Posted on 2013-06-11 at 01:35:26.
Edited on 2013-06-11 at 03:11:22 by Angelic

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Trying to be brave

Areldor listened as the Elyra started to sing out as she drew her swords and backed up to a nearby wall. Fear started to creep into his being as he watched a listened as ideas started to be formulated. “Tavern stories are a far cry from the real thing.” He said to himself then trying hard to remember anything about this type of monster. Areldor had seen fights, been in fights and have escaped fights in his life time, but they we all LIVING beings not the undead.

He started to finally settle himself like Garlin taught him. “Fear kills focus and you need that to cast and fight.” Areldor got his focus back, moved closer to Elyra. Then spoke to her; “You have an open invitation to sing at the Winged Ox. I think you would enjoy the place.” He said with a sly smile. “And be prepared “he spoke to whoever could hear him, “When they show I am calling some friends.”

Posted on 2013-06-11 at 18:31:43.
Edited on 2013-06-12 at 01:09:33 by Ziklag

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Elyra noticed that Areldor looked a bit nervous. Although she had never faced pirate skeletons before, she was trained in combat. Hoping to put her companion at ease she looked at him and said. "I'll take the skinny ones, you focus on the fat ones."

Posted on 2013-06-12 at 01:14:50.

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Learning the hard way

Mylos rubbed his hands with glee as the wind sent his shoulder length orange curls flailing, for the group were to venture out to the apparently deserted city ahead. There must be old booty kicking around there and maybe even a few coins Mylos could keep for himself. As he got closer and closer the prospects of gold were looking less and less likely.

It became clear as they reached the first stone building that this place had already been plundered for all its worth. However, it did not deter them all from having a thorough scavenge. Mylos kept to the the top half of the group with Crow and Tohmas, as these two looked the most handy should trouble start, but also Mylos wanted to be the first to find something of note.

After nearly an hour of searching a keen ear from one of the members noticed water trickling at a nearby stream, river or lake, so they carried on their thorough scavenging in that direction. Before they had reached their destination however a shout came from the back.


Mylos did not see who shouted the warning so focussed as he was on finding treasure, but he was still fast to react. This was the first time that Mylos could remember his life being in danger. Back at the Modling River there was no one and nothing to worry about, even the trade route had been quiet enough when he had ventured out. Mylos was in a state of panic, but he did manage to get his crossbow drawn and with shaking hands secure the bolt fast in its groove. He was hoping to get some practice with the weapon but it looked as though he would have to learn the hard way...

Posted on 2013-06-12 at 15:25:10.

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Spooky Scary Skeletons!

Finally, they had arrived. Willem's past week had been filled with boring boat travel, rough storms, and people vomiting over the sides of the ship. Through it all though, he still felt it was worth it. Meeting this many new people in such a short span of time really put him off to begin with, but the fact that there were so many people actually played out to his advantage. They were so busy getting to know each other, the crew, and the captain that few paid him any attention. Only one person he really talked to since that first day, and that was Vincent. Willem smiled at the thought of Vincent, the altruistic knight-in-training made him laugh with his huge daunting frame, but almost childish demeanor. He was ok with having only him as the only real talking companion, large groups and lengthy conversations weren't really Willem's thing.

He took one last look at the eye patch he twirled in his hand and then stuffed it into a belt pouch, then scanned the crowd on the ship. People were conversing, singing, playing instruments, all things just to pass the time. He nodded along and confirmed his feelings, that this was all much much better than he had back in the Detmold forest. Being among friendly people who want to watch each others backs instead of driving a dagger into it really was a change of pace he was welcome to.

He lifted his head to scan the horizon, and the islands beach was approaching rapidly. He was ok with riding on ships, but he would much rather feel his feet on solid ground after all this time at sea. It might as well be something he should get used to though, since his plans involved him living long enough to take this ship back and forth the seas.

The ship slowly hit the shore sliding up the sandy beach, wedging itself half way onto land. Willem hauled himself over the edge and landed in a few inches of receding sea water, then made his way up the beach to meet the rest of the group.

The travel to the city was uneventful and even scenic, which pleased Willem. He wasn't sure what to expect when he hit shore, whether to expect a welcoming or a battle, both which he preferred less than what they got, an empty beach and no one in sight. His mind wandered about what he would get in the city as he was given 10 gold to spend, until they crested the hill they traveled up and got their first sight of the city.

Wreckage and ruins was all the greeted them. Crumbling spires and caved in houses littered the city, the street strewn with debre and the only signs of life being insects crawling around and the birds to pick them off.

The group hesitated for a moment, deciding whether to go explore the city for goods, or turn back. Personally Willem believed they got this far, they might as well head on and figure out what happened, and where all the valuables were. Another nagging question ate at his mind, and that was how could a city as grand as this one have it's destruction go unnoticed in the annals of history? Who were these people, why was there city gone, who destroyed it and why hadn't any of them known that a civilization they were going to visit was already wiped out? He was one of the few people left up on the hill as the rest of them agreed to head on. He smiled as his will had been agreed upon without having to say anything.

They traveled through the ruins, slowly taking their time and exploring everything. Nothing seemed to live here, but something didnt' feel right to Willem. He knew the sounds of what wilds sounded like, filled birds and animal noises, but this was different. It was quiter than normal, and even in a masonry filled jungle like this, there should of been something more in the air. Then there was the sound, water. Somewhere in the rubble there was a stream, and naturally everyone was attracted to it as it was the only thing to break the monotony of rubble and stone.

Just as Willem was about to make a comment to Vincent, their conversation being sporadic since they hit the city, Jaufre spoke up. He sensed something evil in the surrounding area, and what he yelled made the hair stand up on willem's neck, skeletons.

Unfortunately, undeath was something that Willem has seen in the past, and by all the gods he wished they would stay there. He drew his broadsword and hefted it in two hands, looking around the group. He saw the oncoming skeletons through the rubble, and he swallowed hard as he realized how many there were. Three groups, left, right, and behind them. This was not a good situation at all.

"We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we dont' have much time!"

Willem made motions to the right of the group and right one for the smaller hordes, hopefully clearing them out with the rest before the other two hordes could hit.

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 02:08:55.
Edited on 2013-06-13 at 02:43:42 by Jozan1

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"Lead the way Willem!" Perhaps there was some logic in attacking one group rather than preparing to defend against all three.

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 02:40:20.

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New Journey

Vincent had enjoyed the boat ride to the islands. Though the week was stormy at times, and mostly uneventful, he enjoyed himself. He spent much of his time either holding onto to something to keep his balance, or talking to Willem.

Vincent felt that he was finally able to start making a friend right away, as he had not had a companion since his days in training. He'd also taken to talking to the crew when he could to learn as much about sailing as he could. "You never know when something like this could save your life" would always be his answer when someone asked why.

It was a relief when he finally was able to set foot on land again, it'd been quite a while now. He had his eye patch hanging around his neck like a necklace and took slow, shaky steps of the gangplank, trying to get use to the fact the ground was not moving beneath him. Thankful for the 10 gold he was given and the chance to get a hot meal, he was quite surprised when he saw nothing but ruins.

As the rest of the group walked forward, Vincent quickly drew his sword and shield and moved up near Willem. Looking around the ruins of the town, staring at the caved in houses and store fronts, he started to feel uneasy. "How can something like this happen, and no one know about it?"
Vincent snapped out of his thoughts as soon as he heard Jaufre yelled out about Skeletons walking towards them. Freezing in his spot for a moment, Vincent registered what he had just heard. "We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we dont' have much time!" Looking over to Willem, Vincent grinned. "Aye, a good plan! Let's show these undead freaks how true warriors fight!" For show he banged his sword against his shield and let out a holler.

Leaning over to Willem he whispered, "Want me to charge up there with you? Two swords are better than one."

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 02:45:36.

Khash Munee
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Let's Move

Day Six
Marrero 13, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

"Skeleton Pirates!"
His own call of alarm shattered the strange calm of the demolished city as skeletal figures came into view, their numbers uncertain, but the emanating pulse of their unholy presence strong to Jaufre's senses. Something most foul was at work upon the island of Tagea!

In a reflexive motion Jaufre readied his sword and shield, though his former training made him realize they were not the most ideal equipment when faced with such creatures. Cursing his lack of anticipation of the potential dangers of his quest, Jaufre cast a glance over his shoulder to ensure his companions had indeed received his call to arms, all the while trying to count the inbound foes. Many seemed to be descending upon them; they were being boxed in on three sides.

Nervous banter replaced the flirtatious comments that had been consistently shared between the adventurous performers who had been travelling just before him, both seeming concerned about the sudden development.

To his left Jaufre heard similar shock at the threat, which he hoped would fade into resolve; the skeletons were closing ground, their attire and weapons were more discernible, yet also were their numbers. More walking bones of seamen approached from each side than Treasure Seekers present in the ruined city, the odds well against the newly formed companions. If they intended to live, they would need to act fast; but how?

Before he could speak again, a voice came from his left:

"We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we don’t have much time!"
The quick thinking of the fighter sparked murmurs amongst those still uncertain how to proceed; it seemed a course may be set, but Jaufre was certain it should not be one taken recklessly. The Paladin nodded to Willem before raising his voice:

"Move quickly and together toward their ranks! Those capable weaken their number at range, so our blades be not overwhelmed! I'll watch the approaching ranks and cover the rear;" He swallowed hard, knowing what he must try to do. "By the divine light of Cedrus these twisted forms of men shall be repelled!"

To stand stalwart against such threats was forged into his spirit by his training. With caution and vigilance Jaufre surveyed the approaching ranks as they carried out their plan, a prayer ready on his lips; he was ready to call upon the divine to aid him in the sheltering of his companions.

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 03:24:46.
Edited on 2013-06-13 at 04:01:50 by Tuned_Out

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OOC: Removed post as it made little sense.

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 03:36:31.
Edited on 2013-06-13 at 03:38:31 by Angelic

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Here we go

"We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we don’t have much time!" He heard from the fighter name Willhem, The group started making the shift in the direction he was going, ready to make there encounter with the undead forces. Areldor quickly moved his staff to his back and grabbed his club. Rethinking to himself the chose of spells."My mist spell will be the only thing that will work against them."dismay creped into his thoughts but need to survive outwayed it. He held the club even more tightly and as the team moved, he did also. Holding the club, he prepaired to battle the ememy with his companions.

(OOC if needed use my mist spell to cover an escape, also club undead when needed.)

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 03:50:49.
Edited on 2013-06-14 at 13:36:56 by Ziklag

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Let the battle begin.

"We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we dont' have much time!" Willem spoke up and gestured to the right of the group towards the approaching enemy.
It made sense to Amur to lessen the number of enemies that could attack you at once. He followed the others as they moved towards one of the groups of skeletons. As those more capable of close combat engaged the enemy, Amur moved nimbly to group of tall rubble nearby, from there he loaded a sling bullet into his sling and began to twirl it as he looked for a target. His first choice would be any skeletons that got by the others and tried to come after him. He hoped the rubble would slow them down if not halt their progress all together. His second choice of targets would be any of opportunity that he had a clear shot on. Hopefully his slight elevation would give him a better view and angle of attack.

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 10:51:36.

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Call To Action...........

Tohmas turned seeing the oncoming undead. Willem then called out, "We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we dont' have much time!" With his quarter staff secured and his shield on his back Tohmas pulled his hunting and knocked an arrow. "I will follow you and take down what I can before you engage." Trotting after Willem Tohmas draw aim on the first skeleton to come into clear range and let the arrow fly while whispering a prayer to Altira to guide its flight. Surely this creatures were the cause of the blight on these ruins. Tohmas continued to fire until Willem and the others rushed into the enemy. The Shaman then turn his aim on other group of skeletons as they closed into range.

Posted on 2013-06-14 at 16:51:41.
Edited on 2013-06-14 at 16:53:15 by Odyson

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Elyra saw Tohmas ready his bow. For a moment she thought about drawing her own but then she wondered what good an arrow would do. Where would it hit? Her foes were nothing but bone; too much empty space to make hitting them worth the effort. Despite her reservations she hoped her companion found a way to hit the creatures.

Posted on 2013-06-14 at 20:39:10.


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