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GM for this game: Kaelyn
Players for this game: Jozan1, Grugg, Tek, Ginafae, Hammer, Takley
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Kool Killer Kitty
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Fried goblin! Yum!!

The slowly sinking sun lent a golden hue to the rivers of grass that swept along the steppes. It was a glorious end to a long, hard trek. And, even Ellen, who preferred cobbled streets to wild spaces, allowed herself a smile; the occasional brushing of a gloved hand against the tallest tufts of grass.

But the smile slipped away when she spied movement at the bottom of an undulating valley. It was obvious from the rude tents and piled filth what kind of creatures inhabited the encampment, even before Ellen caught sight of the nearly-naked bodies of green, brown and grey.

“Goblins,” she hissed.

And, then came the scream.

Ellen knew what the scream meant, what the goblins intended to do. She had been in that position, not so long ago.

She shivered in the cold, starless night. It was unseasonably cold in Vashon. Too cold for the light, silken garb she was wearing.

‘Where’s the punter?’ she asked, her breath crystallizing in the air.

‘He’ll meet us inside. When we set up,’ the small, huddled figure replied, her voice straining with the effort of jimmying the once-green door. The lock clicked, and the door opened with a loud creak. Moments passed. They both exchanged a nervous glance. But no one came. No one ever did.

They walked in, each trying to ignore the mouldy stench from the storehouse. It had become a mausoleum; littered with row after teetering rows of faded paintings, dust-covered furniture, moth-eaten carpets – all mementoes of lives long dead and otherwise forgotten.

‘Do you ever think about doing something else? Do you ever wonder if any of ‘em deserve any of this s***?’ she asked, nervously fiddling with a silver ring upon her little finger as she stared through the grime of the only window.

There was no answer, just the tick-tocking of a clock hidden away amid the clutter. She could feel her gaze upon her back. Angry. Full of coiled rage. The hairs upon the back of her neck shivered in alarm as she approached.

‘Deserve got nothin’ to do with it. It’s her time, that’s all.’

She feigned a laugh, succeeded in putting her at ease, and then twirled around with the dagger she had hidden in the nook by the window.

‘Smart bitch. You always was.’ There was a note of pride in her voice, even with the dagger at her throat. Her severe, thin features creased into a smile. ‘How you know?’

‘You always taught me. Always get there early.’ She mirrored her smile, but it soon faded. ‘Why Lyn? What did I do wrong? I didn’t say a word, you know.’

‘Yeah, that’s what you say. But it’s how you carry yourself. Always apart; always askin’ “why?” when you should be doin’ what you’re told. You was never one of us. And you never could be …’

She knew she was right. But it still hurt. She was the only friend she had left.

‘How my hair look, El?’ she grinned, an echo of an earlier time.

‘Looking good girl,’ she whispered back. She again mirrored her smile, but of the type that ran from ear to ear.

She did not cry. She did not scream. But that smile remained.

“Weak,” Ellen decided, instantly regretting her pronouncement.

She shook her head, causing strands of her blue hair to fall over her face. “They’ll rape her, kill her, and what they don’t eat they’ll feed to Foxey’s bleedin’ crows. I ain’t going to let that happen.”

“Are you with me?” the half-elven woman asked, turning to the others.

OOC: More when there’s a map and if we’re all agreed on attacking.

Posted on 2013-06-20 at 19:23:24.
Edited on 2013-06-20 at 19:26:47 by Ginafae

Jumpin' Jack Smash
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While the day had begun about as rotten as could be, as the hours passed, Nine Fox Silent Elm felt that it had been good to them once they departed that damnable campsite. The rhythmic motion of setting a brisk pace was good to clear his mind, and the elements had been kind to them, bestowing a favourable condition upon their trek. And, to his personal relief, more than half his murder had survived the night, gathering in a slowly turning dark cloud that drifting along a ways behind their own slower pace.

That sense of calm was quick to evaporate, however. Nine Fox could not determine whether to associate it with the mere cresting of a rise in their path, or if the events of the night prior had led him to simply become embittered towards the setting sun, but either way, what lay in the valley below were the filthy shanties of what looked to be goblins.

Something that could be avoided, yes, for it would be so easy to just retreat below the apex of the hill and remain out of sight, taking the long way around. But this idea did not seem fitting in the Druid’s mind at the moment. While he’d long trained to not let it cloud his judgment, Nine Fox still felt frustration from the previous night, and he found himself wanting to go down and drive the wretches off.

A woman’s scream drifting away from the crude camp cemented his resolve. The broken-down wagon could have been happened upon by the things, this was fair assessment. But with that dread wail, it was far more likely that both wheels had been intact when they found it, as were its goods.

Ellen had already voiced her intent to proceed and make the rescue, albeit with another unneeded comment against his skyborne flock, and a slew of other bitter remarks. Though he liked the lass, and had gradually become used to her style of dialogue, he couldn’t help but sigh at this. He was not a man who found a tremendous use for words where not required, and Ellen appeared to him to be the very opposite. Being chatty was fine, but perhaps it was his lack of understanding the need for complaints and profanities when so much was beyond one’s immediate grip. Merely a difference of opinions, which was perfectly tolerable, but the amount of remarks she made on everything often made him wish he never fathers a daughter, if only for the most dreaded six years after her tenth that he would be forced to endure.

Not the time for that... The Druid shook his head to toss away the distracting thought, casting his ropy brown dreadlocks about.

He extended an arm, allowing one of his crows to swoop in and perch upon it, while he dipped fingers into a cloak pocket and pulled forth a kernel of dried corn and offered to his companion. The ebon bird eagerly picked it from his hand, gulping it down and giving a gentle peck to his knotted hair.

“I cannot allow this to pass as it would have, had we climbed a hill other than this one. Haste should be made, though.” He indicated at the filthy creatures closing in on the wagon. “Likely they will not wait for us to take our time here.”

Nine Fox Silent Elm spread his arms to the sides, and was roosted upon by no less than a dozen of his winged companions, while more still hovered nearby. “We can create chaos while somebody attempts to retrieve the lass.” His green eyes focused on Tasso, whose shorter legs, he figured, could certainly use a bit more of a grace period to cover that distance and go for the save. “Alternatively... Such creatures defile the very earth upon which we walk. The soil screams at their presence. I can help the very plants themselves revolt against them, and snag the whole lot in place.”

(OOC: All for the rescue, but Nine Fox is willing to send the crows in to make a mess of things for the goblins. However, he won’t risk their well-being to an extreme, and will call them back if they appear in great danger.

His alternate plan is Entangle to just try to hit everything present. Even if the girl (Presumably in the wagon, or hidden under it) is caught, so long as the goblins are, too, she’s in no real danger while we clean up. Thoughts?)

Posted on 2013-06-23 at 16:13:22.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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No Ham, Just Goblins

Every now and then Guh-Amriel would stray from their group, seemingly on the hunt for wild boar to fulfil a promise to the halfling Tasso.

Of course the problem with this course lay in the fact that though the barbarian was skilled in both bow and spear, axe and knife, she was not among the finer trackers of her tribe, or among anyone for that matter. Her loud approach to almost everything did little to allow her any element of surprise, and she could not decipher boar tracks from the myriad of other prints and indentations along the route they travelled. Once the proud half elven warrior thought she had definitely found her quarry, only to trounce through the brush like a thundering army of one, to come across the already slain carcass of a small antelope looking beast, it's body already having provided sustenance to something higher up on the food chain, as it had recently been gorged upon by some other feral beast or beasts.

With the sun cresting the overhead veil and Guh Amriel returned to the party after shouts and screams of frustration finally allowed the others to find her amongst the tall grass. It would seem they would be going without their ham this day, much to the dismay of all,

Guh-Amriel was frustrated, her tracking skills were sorely lacking; while her shouts and screams were more from the realization that her inability to find any trace of wild boar, was in fact, the similar reason in many ways as to why she had not yet found any trace of her brother, Guh-Amrior!

She kept dwelling on the sight of the bloody carcass of the ravaged antelope, keeping a constant reminder that unseen predators were constantly on the prowl, even if the young Barbarian lacked the capacity to silently find them!

Thoughts of her father trying to teach her these things flashed back to her mind with grim amusement, but it was always her brother who paid attention to the ways of tracking and other such things that their father had seemingly failed to impart to his younger daughter.

It was always about the fighting and the rage!

At least her father had taught her well enough with the bow and arrows!

Plus, the worship of Tanil and the ever present inner drive to seek freedom, not only for herself, but for others she encountered along the path of life!

It was then that she heard the scream of the woman!

It would seem as though you have come across a small goblin encampment. Though its inhabitants do not seem to have yet seen you at your distance of roughly four hundred feet. You can clearly see them milling about the area. Most noticeable however would be remnants of a ransacked wagon, its canvas top shredded and one large wheel obviously shattered. Though more intricate details could not be made out from this distance, clear sight was not required for the party to hear the shrill scream of a woman desperate for her life coming from the area. The goblins around cheered at her terror, and more circled closer to the wagon, as others continued to stoke the fire preparing for an afternoon roast.
Charging around like a bull in a china shop in quest for wild boar to supply ham for her companions was one thing, but the young Barbarian had learned long ago that such actions were ill advised in situations such as these!

She adjusted her quiver of arrows, after selecting a proper shaft, notching it to her bow string, as she searched the faces of her companions, having learned months ago that it was best to listen for a battle plan from the other members of The Crimson Blades, rather than charge off into battle on her own!

Then she spat on the ground, growling in broken Common to no one in particular:

"Goblins Must Die!"

Posted on 2013-06-24 at 16:20:06.

RDI Staff
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6191 Posts


The sun was out, their wounds were healed, and Guh-Amriel had obliged his innocuous request to seek out ham; yes Tasso’s day was performing a swift 180 from its tragic start. A morning that consisted of saying goodbye to a dear friend and leader and finding his only friends at hand battered and bruised was not in all a good one, but they did have purpose now. Someone had requested their services, and it was that request that had maybe cost them Nel. They owed it to her to investigate.

They had set out for Ezel, as walking to Lave without horse or carriage was something Tasso’s short legs would not be able to do, and even now the walk had exhausted him slightly after his sleepless night. Guh parted from the group periodically, dutifully seeking ham, though not skillfully. Apparently yelling at wild animals did not leave them open to the idea of waiting about to see their attacker, and apparently this was surprising to the wild elf. Tasso briefly entertained the idea of trying to push the barbarian’s mind toward silence using his magic, but decided the ensuing dinner conversation would be far too awkward for his liking.

When a scream unlike the guttural bellows of Guh-Amriel broke his mindless march as they reached a hill over a shallow valley Tasso was almost relieved. Something to refocus his mind after such exertions would be a welcome distraction, he felt as if maybe the whole group could use a little distracting as it was. From where he could see there were no more than ten of the creatures, their goblin bodies hardly bigger than his own, their minds a fraction of the size. This would hardly take a moment.

Ellen was quick to voice her disapproval for the creatures’ methods, and Foxxy gathered his crows, prepared to lend his nature magic to either rescue the girl or enter the battle. Even Guh-Amriel, a paragon of eloquence herself, made her point quite clear with a simple ”Goblins Must Die!”
Tasso quickly laid out his best course of action.

”Alright me friends, you’ve all been puttin’ up right good ideas altogether, and I’ll be thinkin’ of shovin’ something for all of ‘em up n’this situation, but Guh-Guh m’dear if you’s could be givin’ me thirty seconds before you kill something, I’d like to put forward me bit.” Tasso paused a moment to ensure Guh-Amriel didn’t kill anyone before continuing. ”Now these goblin-y folk we ‘ave here, we can see them sure as shat, and they can’t rightly be see’n us at’all. Now where I’m from, we be call’n that a bit o’ advantage if you’re feelin’ me, and I be thinkin’ it’d only be right if we pressed that for as far as she’ll be willin’ to go, eh?”
Tasso looked over at Ellen.

”Now I feel it’s not improper to say El, if you’ll be indulgin’ me, but we’re by and large the sneakier, most thief-iest of our bunch, and I feel we’ll be right ideally suited to keepin’ our current state of see’n-them-not-be-see’n-us if we found ourselves right up top in the thick of ‘er. Sneak up, a little suggestive nap, maybe a shimmy in and up in them and we’ve evened these numbers right up to square. Guh-Guh and X follow up a way’s back and keep us being safe as we are, an’ Foxxy can bring on them blackbirds and draw focus away from us right up in there. Al, bless ya’, not the quietest, brings right up the back with his loud magic and whatnot.”
Tasso looked at the group with a hopeful glint in his eye.

”Whatcha’ thinkin’ then?”
(OOC: if the group is cool with the plan Tasso will sneak up and try to catch isolated pockets of goblins with a sleep spell and remove them from play. If he can’t isolate anyone he’ll try a combination of ghost sounds/silent images to draw people out. If things get rough it’s a colour spray to the face and use El as a shield.)

Posted on 2013-06-24 at 18:27:49.

RDI Fixture
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"Goblins must die!"
Xxandra was sure that they could handle it another way, but they would not likely see the reasoning or the power of simple diplomacy in this say the least.

"May I suggest you keep the leader of these goblins alive, tied up though?" She suggested after Tasso spoke his plan "I have some questions, though with some doubts, but no plan can come to fruition without an attempt atthe very least. After that whoever wants to slay him, can. What say you? You can use my rope if you have none."

She could see that Guh-Amriel was pining for some action, she did not want to keep it from happening but she wanted to know what the shadow beings were or potentially where they came from, though if they had no information, so be it.

Xxandra stared at her hands for a second, with only a thought, how was she so in control of her rage? It was the first letting it loose, out of control, perhaps some questions are better off left unanswered for a while...

Posted on 2013-06-25 at 04:08:32.

RDI Fixture +1
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Alcorel put one foot in front of the other, walking on auto pilot as his thoughts brought him to far away places. Would they find ancient magics like the rune they watched Nel cast? Would any of it even be what they need, and would Nel even be alive when they found her, if they found her again?
It was easy for him to get lost in his thoughts, his mind always on one topic or the other. The rustling of the grass in the wind and the repetitive thump of his spear while he walked with it creating a somber noise he could day dream to. He almost bumped right into Ninefox when everyone stopped, and then a scream.

He broke from his day dream and scanned the scene in front of them, a rugged looking cluster of tents and a tree looking ripe for a fire. Originating from the wagon was the scream, obviously a woman captured by these short titanspawn that littered the field in front of them. As everyone kept low and out of sight, he listened to all the plans, nodding along as the persons spoke. Tasso had a solid idea, and was quite right about Alcorel's magic, it was quite loud along with himself.

"I agree with Tasso, a plan like that sounds solid and puts the best of our abilites to use. I'll try to put some of the titanspawn out of action quickly with a well placed color spray."

Posted on 2013-06-25 at 04:49:04.

Dragon Fodder
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And battle is joined

From their vantage point atop the hillock plans were made to venture into the goblin camp and aid the owner of the terrified scream. Each member of the crimson blades possessed a fairly unique array of skill sets, and utilizing them best would hopefully end this conflict quickly with few injuries. As was discussed, the halfling Tasso and Ellen were the first to descend, with the others keeping a safe distance of roughly eighty feet behind them.

There was little cover in the middle of the day, in the foothills of the Kelders, but Tasso moved through the pockets of tall grass with a spring in his step, as Ellen picked her way alongside moving with agile grace, till they were well within sight and distant earshot of the goblins gathered round a pile of refuse and decaying remnants of former hunts. The trio of goblins gathered nearby were up in a tizzy, arguing about something neither adventurer could understand, though judging by their raised voices and the thrusting of their weapons in the direction of the camp behind them they were irritated, or excited about something, but reading the body language of something so damn ugly was hard.

Tasso began the infiltration with dipping his fingers into his pouch and retrieving a pinch of fine sand, sprinkling it before him as he invoked the sand man, bidding he lure his enemies into the land of slumber. It is doubtful in this narrator's mind that goblin mothers lulled their children to sleep with a soothing lullaby, but today would prove a different story, as the compulsion to set down their guard and take a brief reprieve overwhelmed their meagre minds. Within moments all three of the wretched things were staring at the backs of their eyelids fast asleep, snoring into the dirt as it cradled their collapse.

With the farthest outlying goblins currently subdued, the signal was given and the others began to move closer to where Tasso and Ellen had started, even as those two moved further into the confines of the camp. Stopping first at the trio of sleeping goblins, Ellen had no qualms about silencing them for good. With their guards nonexistant, it was so simple to slip the blade of a dagger into their exposed necks, so simple to take those lives. Ellen couldn't help but be reminded how fragile life was, though that fleeting thought was quickly replaced by the gratifying feeling having the power over another so completely felt. It was different than fighting to survive, or at the behest of a shadowy figure for coin or favour, this was pure murder plain and simple, and yet, she took to it with no doubt or remorse, for these were not people, they were not worthy of her concern, they were merely obstacles in her way, disease ridden dogs with the need to be put down.

Tasso could not help but see the simple efficiency in which Ellen dispatched the three, and with little more than eye contact, they moved on.
(For those who enjoy the numbers, 3 coup de grace attacks. Dealing 8, 12, 11 damage respectfully)

They moved towards the nearest tent, a crude structure of stitched together fabrics and canvas propped up by branches and an old spear haft. There was only a lone goblin standing in front of it, leaning up against the spear haft, tightening the straps on the rear of a crude wooden shield.

It had worked once, why mess with a tried and true method? Tasso repeated his incantation and lulled the goblin with his cradlesong, the creatures feeble willpower unable to withstand the halflings enchantments. With a yawn the goblin fell into a deep slumber, though his body weight caused him to slip backwards into the tent with a tumble. The canvas tore from the crude bindings and he landed with a thud, and though he still lay fast asleep, movement from under the collapsed tent and a whine-like startled cry broke the until now unhindered approach.

At the sight of the tent collapsing the goblins by the firepit and other nearby tent (CT 1) roused from their own attention on the wagon and preparation for the bonfire, and they pointed and laughed cruelly at the misfortune of their peer. Yipping and hollering and pointing a pair of spears and a short sword in the general direction as they approached. Digging themselves out from under the canvas, another goblin appeared, its dirty features spreading from its squat pig like nose to the tip of its angled ears. Rising to its feet and seeing its sleeping companion so oblivious to the world it kicked the other goblin hard in the side, waking him from his enchanted slumber with a grunt, and causing him to yell at his attacker in the vile goblin tongue. The two of them in their yelling turned pushing match were oblivious to the two strangers in their camp less than a hundred feet away huddled down almost comically in a small untrodden patch of grass.

Meanwhile, the others had come closer, and they too could hear the commotion in the goblin camp, though it was distant and foreign to all but the dark-elf, who understood the nature of the shoving match through the cursing and threats being exchanged.

Though this distraction served as entertainment for roughly half of the encampment, the others were still more concerned with the captive in the wagon, and she shrieked and called for help as the goblins nearby started to crawl up into the wagon, the glint of sun on steel brilliant in the early afternoon. A pair of new goblins emerged from the tent nearby (ct1), and a third pair from the one further back (ct2) the enemy's ranks were swelling, and it was only a matter of time before the stranger in the wagon was no longer toyed with and finally silenced.

As the crimson blades saw the increase in numbers emerging from the smaller tents around the camp, they knew their duo within would be hard pressed were they caught, and the time for action had come.

From the skies came a a flock of tiny birds, almost two dozen of them inbound on wings of night, circling overhead like carrion for the fodder. Not entirely uncommon save for the meticulous way they flew with wings overlapping and in such a tight formation one would think their feathers touched. A goblin spotted the spectacle and shouted, pointing skyward and jumping back and forth from one leg to another in excitement. His enthusiasm only served to distinguish himself as a target, and the swam of crows descended upon him, multiple pecks from tiny beaks and rakes from diminutive talons assaulted the goblin, who shrieked as they overcame him, swarming in and around him, as it desperately tried to fend them off with little success.

With multiple distractions, Tasso and Ellen moved towards the wagon, hoping to intercept any attacks on the helpless within, but they were stopped in their tracks when from behind the wagon stepped forth a dark coloured wolf, its wiry grey fur matted against its back as blotches of blood stained its coat. Its maw bore crimson stained teeth and it sniffed the air, before eliciting a low growl and a bark at Tasso's general direction. This drew more attention from nearby goblins, and though the stealthy pair did their best to stay hidden, with so many eyes scanning for them it was only a matter of moments before one goblin hefted a spear and threw it, its point landing in the dirt mere inches from Ellen. Pointing and shouting in his guttural tongue, battle had been joined.

(Everything prior was leading up to actual initiatives, I will continue with first round actions and then allow you to make further posts and or moves in the q/a I will finish this post after work tonight with first round initiatives and actions. Feel free to post in the Q/a just not here till this is done)

Posted on 2013-06-27 at 22:20:51.

Dragon Fodder
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2264 Posts

battle: round 1

In the midst of the rolling hills of the Kelder Plains a skirmish had broken out between the filth laden goblins and the would be heroes; the Crimson Blades. Stealth and mage-craft had allowed a pair of adventurers to delve deeper into the camp, while the rest of their guildmates reinforced the rear flank. Now however, soft steps and magical lullabies were traded in for smoke and acrobatics, arrows and steel, claw and spell.

Alcorel Venomar 22 move -colour spray
Tasso Rontilfellow 21 -holding initiative to match Ellen -failed color spray on wolf
Guh-Amriel 19 -killed goblin 1 -preparing to charge goblin 2
Nine Fox Silent Elm 17 Crows killed goblin 9 -surveying the battlefield / casts entangle
G11 16 -inside the wagon assaulting the woman
G3 15 -throws a javelin at Ellen
Wolf 15-missed bite on Ellen -save vs color spray from Tasso
G5 14 -unconscious/stunned/blinded from colour spray
G10 14 -Flees to large tent sounding alarm
G1 13 -dead from Guh-amriels arrow
Ellenrae Kar'theraen 12 -tumbling past the wolf -drawing sword and engaging a goblin
G6 12 -saved vs colour spray -struck Alcorel
G9 9 -killed by Nine Fox's crow swarm
Xxandra Xanthoros 7 -killed goblin 4
G4 7 saved vs colour spray died to Xxandra
G7 6 -moved by goblin 12
G2 5- moved by goblin 12
G12 3 -readied an action
G8 2 trying to cut themselves free from entanglement

From the south of the camp came Alcorel, his powder blue robes puffed up around his frame as he ran forward, catching the goblins attention as they called out to skewer the strange hopping bird in their native tongue. Reaching a comfortable range he called upon the magical reserves within him and sent forth a vivid cone of clashing colours towards a trio of nearby goblins. The prismatic assault on their senses momentarily set them back, but two of the goblins-much to Alcorel's surprise- shook the stars from their eyes, while the third was knocked unconscious landing unceremoniously and lost in the void of the back of his eyelids.

Tasso, knowing that they had been spotted, was staring down a wolf almost as tall as he was, its snarling maw agape and ravenous teeth snapping as it barked at its pray. The halfling knew that Ellen was as suitable a shield between him and the enemy as any hewn from wood or wrought of steel, plus he wouldn’t have to carry the weight allowing him to work his magic's once more. Ellen mentioned the need to press to the wagon, and Tasso would grant them the cover they required as soon as she made her move. (holding initiative to go with Ellen)

Guh-Amriel had had enough waiting. Her allies were in the thick of things, and her warrior's blood beat faster and stronger as she yearned to spill the blood of her foes. Drawing her mighty bow from her back and knocking an arrow, she picked out the two goblins near the collapsed tent, and let an arrow fly the sheer force of the projectile knocking the goblin's lifeless corpse from its feet, dead before it ever hit the ground. Swapping bow for axes, Guh-Amriel pointed to the next goblin, still stunned by the quick dismissal of its peer, and let it know she was coming for them next.

Also from the back lines came the reassurance of nature's envoy, as Nine Fox's crow swarm continued it's relentless assault against the unprepared goblin. Dozens of pin prick like wounds opened and bled from the poor creature as the crows feasted upon its flesh. The pain was quickly too much for the creature as he succumbed to the swarm, its still body a plentiful perch filled with bounty for the ravenous flock. Nine Fox wasn't finished however, and he summoned the might of Denev to his aid as he coaxed the very earth to answer his call. The grasses and small brush scattered about the clearing, most notably around the wagon began to grow and ensnare all within their grasp.

From inside the wagon, the sound of steel on wood clashed, and the woman's voice shrieked once more. “Get off me foul beast! When my father finds out you laid one grubby finger on me he'll flay the skin from your bones!” More sounds of objects being thrown and dumped about emanate from within, and a duo of goblin laughter met the woman’s threats.

A goblin near the campfire had set his sights on Ellen, the lithe half blood so brazen as to intrude upon their camp. Even as he fumed at the intruders, the brush around his feet crept up and rooted him in place. Tugging against the foiliage and finding it's grip tight around his legs, the short creature hefted his javelin, little more than a sharpened stick often used on wild game, and threw it with all its might at the woman. The toss all things considered was accurate, and Ellen's attention was on the wolf ahead of her, yet somehow the woman had the foresight, the intuition of some inner wisdom to be aware of her surroundings above that of most and with a subtle shift in her body, the javelin sailed under her right arm as her hips shifted to the side, thudding in the dirt at Tasso's feet much to his own surprise.

It seemed as though Ellen and the wolf were locked in a battle of wills, as each stared down the other, assessing their adversary and determining the risk of initiating. The wolf however was the first to strike, it strong rear legs bounding it forward, tearing free from the entanglement that threatened to leash it down. It moved across the short distance to the pair, where it lunged at Ellen maw wide and blood stained teeth leading the assault. The Calastian woman however would make no easy snack, and deftly avoided the wolfs bite, rolling onto her hunched legs, preparing to make her own lunge for the wagon.

One of the new arrivals from the tent realized that they had just entered a maelstrom of confusion and pain as goblin's left and right engaged, and fell victim to the intruders, made a run yelling at the top of its lungs to the back of the camp, towards the large tent nestled away from most of the conflict. :In Goblin: “Master help us! They have come for the she-bitch and bring witchcraft against us!”

Ellen's body coiled on her haunches as every muscle in her form coiled like a snake ready to strike, and as the wolf's bite narrowly missed her recoiling form, she launched herself forward into a tumble, an arm snaking behind her and drawing forth a short sword mid vault, and though she moved with the grace of a feline, she had entered the boundaries of the entanglement spell, a contingency she hadnt prepared for. Her tumble fell short of the wagon, and she abandoned the acrobatics in lieu of saving herself from becoming entangled (10ft from wagon, tumble successful (rolled a 26vs a 25dc as wolf had engaged, and saved vs reflex vs entangle) She was so close to her objective, yet ironically denied by the unknown actions of her own comrade.

Tasso was no left without his shield, for what shield simply rolls away leaving a snarling wolf so close he could feel the heat of the beasts breath, feel the spittle fly from its snapping maw upon his skin. Reacting with his fallback defensive spell, Tasso too let loose a spray of colours in the wolf's face, but the wolf was too focused on the tasty tidbit wavering so close. He ignored the color spray and barked in response, his hunger building.

The two goblins who saved against Alcorel's colour spray turned their sights on the pillowy purveyor of spells. One moved forward and swung at the spellcaster, his crude blade cutting through the flimsy material and drawing a line of blood across Alcorel's middrift. The second snarled, and took a single step foward, before an arrow whizzed past Alcorel and laid the vile creature low. From behind him, Xxandra merely scouted for another target and knocked another arrow to her short bow.

A pair of goblins moved in from the right, avoiding the growing vegetation that was bogging down their movement, and they took up positions closer to the goblin challenged by Guh-Amriel, bolstered by the arrival of more goblins, the other goblin still standing from before, and challenged by the barbarian raised its shield and short sword and prepared for what was to come.

The lone goblin, arms still filled with firewood and entangled beyond a hope of moving to freedom, dropped his load and drew a knife, hacking at the growth that threatened to hold him still, a vulnerable target amidst a growing number of enemies.

(alcorel dropped 4 hp that 's the only affect on pc's that and Ellen is in the entanglement range and will need to reflex again next round)

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