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Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts

Inspirational evening...


What I want most in this world,
is to feel your arms wrapped around me
holding me tight against your body,
as we dance the night away.

What I want most in this world,
is to feel your beautiful lips press against mine
softly each and every morning
and passionately every evening.

What I want most in this world,
is to feel your fingers intertwine with mine,
each and every chance you get,
as we walk into the sunset.

What I want most in this world,
is to feel the warmth of your breath in my ear
as you whisper sweet nothings to me
as we watch a movie together.

What I want most in this world,
is to feel what it's like to be your best friend,
as we act silly together in public
without a care in the world.

What I want most in this world,
is to feel what it's like to be your number one,
as we share our lives together
along one long path.

What I want most in this world,
is to see you living your life in total happiness,
with or without me,
this is what's most important to me.

Posted on 2013-06-19 at 00:04:42.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts

Another one...

My Little Angel

Those stunning blue gray eyes
That twinkle when they see me.
Whether I've been gone only seconds,
Or for a few minutes at a time.
That beautiful smile that grows
From one cute little ear to the other,
As I start talking out of nowhere
or simply make eye contact.
Those cute little toes and feet,
That you think are another set of hands,
If you can't reach with your hands,
We know you'll use your feet.
Those arms stretching out so far,
Reaching high up in the air,
As I walk towards you smiling,
You are asking to be held.
The way you can amuse yourself for hours,
Playing with all your toys, or your feet,
And that squeal of delight
When a tail is in reach.
For all the hugs, and attempts at kisses,
From all the tears to all the laughs,
From the tips of your toes to your cute alfalfa,
I love you with every beat of my heart.

Posted on 2013-06-19 at 00:24:09.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts

Two Sided...

Walking through the eternal darkness,
I have lost my sense of sight,
I can hear the sound of rushing water,
A stream, or river along its path.
I hear the sound of leaves and branches
Cracking under foot, whether my own or strangers
I do not know, I can only assume,
it's the animals racing to find cover.
As I walk blindly through the forest.
I try to let loose ignoring what I've lost
And appreciated what I still have left.
I feel the wind brush against my skin lightly,
Embracing me as I walk along its path.
I feel the heat of the sun against my skin,
Warming me from the cool spring breeze.
I have come to realize that I have not lost anything,
In fact I have gained a better understanding of life.
Every darkness has a shining light if we care to look.

Posted on 2013-06-19 at 00:52:13.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts

Watching over me

When I am lost I feel your touch
I hear your voice whisper in my ear.
I close my eyes and I can see your face,
Smiling at me from across the room.
When I am feeling miserable,
I notice positive thoughts seeping in
I know they are not my own,
You are looking out for me.
When I am happy I know I'm not alone
Deep inside I can feel your joy.
You join me as we celebrate
The happiness that surrounds us.
When I have lost my faith in society,
I know it is you who shows me the light,
Who proves to me that I shouldn't give up,
Society is not completely lost, just misguided.
When I look within myself,
I see you, and me, as we used to be.
Laughing and enjoying life together,
I know you'll be waiting for me on the other side.
Waiting for me to join you in an eternal walk,
Where we will relive our pasts together,
The way it should have always been.
You have always watched over me.

Posted on 2013-06-19 at 01:29:05.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Hey Flirty

Good to see your creativity again!

Posted on 2013-06-19 at 01:43:10.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts


Thanks hun. It's been a while, but managed to get quite a bit out before eyes got too heavy. Hopefully just as inspired tomorrow to continue writing random poetry!

Posted on 2013-06-19 at 02:49:44.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts


Anyone else wanna give me feedback?

Posted on 2013-06-21 at 22:41:39.

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
769 Posts

keep it up

Don't let writers' block getcha. It's hard to escape from it

Posted on 2013-06-21 at 22:42:47.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts


I know that for a fact, but finally found the inspiration needed to get me writing daily

Posted on 2013-06-21 at 22:48:00.

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
769 Posts

lets hope

it stays that way hm?

Posted on 2013-06-21 at 22:51:13.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts


I have a feeling the inspiration will stick, but I have to make sure I get enough sleep to think

Posted on 2013-06-24 at 11:07:01.

Angel Reincarnated
Karma: 86/22
1142 Posts

The Void

I walk through the void,
I feel no emotions and no thoughts.
Just an emptiness that surrounds me
Clinging to my soul and seeping outward.
I see nothing but darkness around me,
As if my eyes have suddenly been glued shut.
I hear nothing but an echo of my footsteps,
Reminding me of my solitude in this barren land.
Deep within me, a rage so pure burns white hot
A rage directly at myself for being weak.
Too weak to see the happiness that lies within me.
My cold black heart beats faster with satisfaction
Deep down I know the truth,
That I am at home in this dark gloomy place.

Posted on 2013-07-04 at 14:58:24.

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