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Everyone Is John

OK, I understand that my last ideas weren't the greatest. That was part of the reason that I nearly left RDInn, there weren't many RPs at the time I was interested in, and none of my ideas were good enough to get attention(or I posted them during bad times apparently).
Speaking of getting attention, this little Roleplaying Game(not RPG, but in this case RP G, if that makes sense) seems to be lacking it, and it doesn't deserve to be ignored. Few people talk about it, and apparently not many people know about it, and yet I'm surprised there hasn't been a game of Everyone Is John yet on RDInn.
With not much idea on how to set this up, I would assume the game is Rule-Based(so I'm finally taking part in Rule-Based roleplaying) and to give a wide variety of options to the players I will leave the setting and time as vague as Earth and modern day.
According to the rules, you need One Notepad for each player, At least one D6, and Some kind of marker in abundance (Poker Chips work well).
First, you pick a name for your voice. Everyone playing as a voice chooses what they will try to make John do. This is called their Obsession. When they successfully make John do these things they earn points. These are divided into three categories, Leveled from one to three.

Level One: Simple, one-step things like eating candy, yelling in public, basically anything that only requires one roll.
Level Two: Slightly more complicated or dangerous tasks, things like collecting and throwing baseballs and running a mile in a new/stolen pair of shoes. These typically require slight planning, or at least 2 rolls.
Level Three: Okay, now we are getting serious. This is reserved for horribly diabolical/disgusting actions.

You keep your Obsession hidden from your opponents for more shock value, so don't give your Name, Obsession, or Specialties out on the topic.

Now you choose your two specialties. John is an overall very unskilled person; never been really good at anything, unless a voice tells him to do it. Any roll you are not specialized in requires a 6 on a D6 die. Actions you have a specialty for only require a 3+. You can choose 2 Specialties, or 3 with a penalty for the game. These skills should be at least slightly specific, things like "Everything forever" are not acceptable. Example skills would be:

Talking to adults
Talking to children
Eating in Excess
Assembling/Detonating Bombs
Lock picking
Performing (Dance, Singing, Instrument)

Then, you PM your Name, Obsession, and Specialties to me.

Everyone then receives 10 Willpower tokens (7 If you took 3 specialties)

I(as John) set the opening scene by telling the players where they are, this can be anywhere. A hardware store, a zoo, a school, an airplane over the pacific ocean. Players now "Ante up" some of their tokens, whoever offers the most loses the tokens offered (Other players keep their tokens), then gets control of John until they either earn points or fail a roll. Now you get out there and earn points, everyone gets back one willpower token when control is about to switch. Keep in mind that even while you are not in control, you can talk to John to achieve truly epic LULZ. Willpower can also be used to improve your rolls, each willpower spent increases the roll by one. so a normally 3+ roll becomes a 2+ with 1 token. It IS possible to make a roll automatically succeed this way. Again, everyone receives a token when control switches, up to their starting number.

The game ends when John dies or all Voices run out of willpower.

This is a PG-rated site guys, so you should choose your obsessions and specialties accordingly. This will most likely be a chat game, also.

Once again, if you have ANY questions, than just ask. I am reposting this after it was taken down for inappropriateness. I have fixed any problems, and given you any information I find that is needed for the game.

Posted on 2014-06-14 at 00:30:15.

Veteran Visitor
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^ That was the impression that I got when I read this, and it sounds hilarious. Count me in!

Posted on 2014-07-14 at 18:46:20.

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You know what...I want to give this thing a shot, actually.

Would I be allowed in?

Posted on 2014-07-21 at 19:42:19.

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