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Parent thread: 3.5 Relistan Campaign- An Adventure of Exploration and Dark Times
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City of Upper Babel- Relistan Campaign

Babel- This is where it all started, where six adventurers unable to cooperate were forced to embark on a quest that just might kill them, at least once or twice.

((OOC: I think we should do our beginning RP here. I know my index said there'd be some threads in between, but I don't want to clog up the gaming forum.))

((OH! ONE MORE THING!! Do NOT start to RP in here until I bump this thread!!))

Posted on 2014-07-23 at 13:09:59.
Edited on 2014-08-07 at 19:07:33 by Axiomatic

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Officially Bumped

((Turn order:

The following players will be referred to as "Group 1"

The following players will be referred to as "Group 2"

Padre J Roulston

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but you can go more or less out-of-order as long as you're still in order with your group. For example, if Padre wanted to post before SirSadaar, he could, as long as both groups are still separated.))

Upper Babel's sewer system.

None of you remember how you ended up at the sewers, but as your eyes peel open from apparently being unconscious, you find yourselves fully in-tact and not much different than how you last remember yourself being.

Either group stands at two different entrances (more like dead-ends) to the complex system, and the damp and disgustingly sticky floor at the entrance gives away about ten feet ahead to a 20-foot wide hallway of sorts. There are 2-foot stretches of metallic surface on either side, and in the middle about 10 feet wide is a current of water that's essential to any sewer system.

[Attempt to walk across these narrow walkways on the walls requires a balance check, else make a Reflex save to catch yourself from falling off.]

Water dripping from the various chutes and piping above can be heard, and the stench given off by what was most likely bathwater and toilet sewage is very unpleasant.

[Everyone must make a FORT save. Padre, your nose is super sensitive, so you must make a FORT save with a higher DC than normal.]

Group 1:

About 25 feet ahead of where the water channel starts, there is a 4-way "intersection" of multiple routes, each heading off in different directions that make 90 degree angles with each other, like the 4 cardinal directions on a compass rose.

Group 2:

15 feet out from the start of the water is a drop. You can't see the bottom from this angle since a wall follows the drop down, making it seem as if this sewer system is comprised of many narrow tunnel-like passageways.

[Archangel517, your PC has a stain on his suit jacket. It looks as if it got some sort of oil on it, but your PC hasn't necessarily noticed this stain yet.]

Posted on 2014-08-07 at 19:07:02.
Edited on 2014-08-07 at 19:24:03 by Axiomatic

RDI Fixture
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Awake and alive...

Slowly, Brikea's eyes opened. It took a couple moments, but she realized that she was staring up to the ceiling of sewers. At first, she was glad: it was comforting to be in a darker place. Then, the smell set in. The stench of the sewer filled her nostrils. How did they get into the sewer? Whatever the reason, she would figure that out later; first, get out of the sewer.

She rolled to her feet, attempting to ignore the sticky floor, barely holding back nausea. Glancing around her, she noticed her three 'partners' stirring in the room around her. Brikea walked over slowly to the cleric who she viewed as the leader. After all, he was the one who was sent here to escort her. And , since Brikea was the only female, he was probably the one without any... ideas.

She prodded him with her foot. "Wakey wakey cleric," She muttered more to herself then him, "We need to get out of here."

As the other members of the party rose, Brikea stayed on the outskirts, trying to draw the least amount of attention to herself as possible. She'd would get the mission done, the that was it. Glancing around, she noticed the small ledges sticking out of the wall. Gesturing towards it, she immediately began to try and cross it. (Rolled 26 on balance, and 18 on a reflex save if she falls). After making it to the other side, she waits for the others to come across.

The stench was definitely becoming less and less tolerable. Brikea went to cover her mouth with her gloved hand; however, she realized that it too was covered in excrement. Sighing, she knew she would just have to tough it out. She wiped her hands on the sides of her cloak, she walked forward a bit more, careful to keep her eyes on the men behind her. (Rolled non-natural 20 on Fortitude). As she advanced, she noticed the four way intersection. She wanted to go forward. Brikea thought to herself,' We should go straight. That would probably be a good bet on where to go.' She turned to tell the others before changing her mind. Let them work it out. They obviously wouldn't listen to her anyway. She turned to face the group, waiting for them to make a decision.

(OOC: I'm not sure how you want this formatted Axio, but I think this is right. Just let me know if I should change anything. Also, I will back-post if anyone wants to interact with Brikea.)

Posted on 2014-08-07 at 21:24:25.

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((You're absolutely fine, but I'd prefer if you would go like:

[FORT vs smell: non-natural 20]
[Balance: 26]
[REF vs slippery: 18]

And such, making sure it's on a new line, all nice and separate from the bulk of your text. It's just a tad easier to read and stuff.))

Posted on 2014-08-07 at 21:36:14.

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