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GM for this game: Hammer
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Zurga Patriots an Alternate Earth Golden Age Adventure Trilogy

GREETINGS RED DRAGON INN LURKERS Pull up a chair and enjoy the saga of the 'Zurga Patriots' as they are embroiled in an epic struggle for world supremacy in an Alternate Earth fraught with unknown dangers and plot twists!

WARNING This particular adventure may contain intense graphic scenes and/or Mature Adult Content that some readers may find to be too sensitive or offensive in nature for their literary tastes!

Please Proceed with Caution! For the sake of creating a great adventure any tobacco or alcohol related, drug related and/or sexual references are by no means intended to promote or glorify their use in Real Life!

The same should be understood regarding the descriptions of any major or minor graphic violence ... including the use of all other elements in this adventure that are necessary components for an Epic Fantasy Adventure!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Owners and Moderators of the Red Dragon Inn who make the posting of this and other adventures possible for us InnMates to enjoy!

SPECIAL APPRECIATION to 'Green Ronin Publishing' and the creators of the 'Mutants & Masterminds' products that I have utilized to help craft an exciting and entertaining adventure!

Dime Novels, Pulp Magazines and Comic Books.

Historic American Phenomenon that in recent years have been recognized as True American Literature.

Popular Movies have their roots in this rich American culture!

The Gaming Industry and our own beloved Red Dragon Inn owe their very existence to these genres!

'Zurga Patriots' was created to capture the flavor and excitement that we as wide-eyed readers first encountered, when we discovered the vast supply of imaginative worlds and heroes, who were caught in the epic struggle of good vs evil in the pages of these American Literary Classics!

Zurga Patriots
'Recruiting the Supras'

An Alternate Earth
Coast City, California
Central Park
Early Afternoon on Wednesday
March 3, 1915

'Do you have what it takes to help make a FIST for your country?'
You do your best to blend into the crowd of 'Norms' as you take a closer look at the recruitment poster.

You can not help but overhear the heated debates between the Norms: people who are members of the 'Normal' Population who are either suspicious, fear or hate the 'Supras' and the 'Normal People' who view the Supras as equal citizens, with equal rights; in spite of their super human traits and abilities.

So you merely nod your head in response to the arguments of those who are 'Pro Supra' and of those who are 'Con Supra' as you try to appear undecided as to being either pro or con.

The debate rages over the FIST recruitment poster for 'Five Individual Strike Team' as both sides of the heated debate understand that the American Armed Forces (AAF) are seeking Five Super Human Individuals to become members of a Supra Team.

Scenes such as these are raging from coast to coast all across America.

America has joined in the struggle for Freedom with the Nation of Brittania against the aggressive forces of the Nation of Germania.

World War has waged for the past 9 months all across Europa with the weapons of war wielded by the Norms Soldiers, as well as the Super Human abilities of the Supras from all nations joining in the fight for Freedom.

These 'Supras' are known as 'Zurga Patriots' and they join the ranks of their fellow countrymen for their Love of Country and the Promise of a Welcome Place in Society for both Supras and Norms!

It is common knowledge world wide that the Mysterious Meteor Showers that bombarded the Southern and Far Northern Hemispheres during the mid 1890s unleashed unknown 'Rays' or 'Particles' into the Earth's atmosphere.

Professor Johann Zurga, a noted Germania scientist, became the foremost authority on the subject of this phenomena and its connection to the sudden rise of Super Humans around the globe at the turn of the century.

Although still known to the world at large as 'Zurgas', the aggressive actions of Germania by that nation's employment of Super Humans as weapons of war that has instigated this current conflict, soon to be known as World War I, has motivated the Norms of America and Brittania to openly refer to the Zurgas in their own country's borders as Supras, which has fanned the Flames of Fanaticism throughout Germania against Brittania and America.

All of the known Supras in America have joined in the war effort against the rising threat of Germania, most notably the 'Star Spangled Patriot' and his wife/consort 'Lady Stripes', by leaving the shores of America and battling against the Zurgas on several fronts across Europa.

Rumors of Zurga smugglers and saboteurs targeting key ports and cities throughout America has spurred the AAF to recruit any and all Supras within the borders of America to form FIST units for the defense and protection of your country.

Promises of amnesty and full pardons for any criminals in the Supra community are being offered by the AAF to any and all new recruits who voluntarily join a FIST unit to help oppose any Zurga Patriots targeting the shores of America.

The FIST Recruitment Poster proclaims that you have until the end of the month [Wednesday March 31, 1915] at 9:00am to report to the AAF Supra Division Headquarters in Coast City, as a volunteer for duty in a FIST unit, or be branded a Zurga Patriot Sympathizer aka a Zurga War Criminal.

You are presently located in Coast City, a large city in California, somewhere between our own present day Los Angeles and San Francisco locales.

You have until Wednesday March 31, 2015 at 9:00am to volunteer your allegiance as a FIST recruit, according to the FIST Recruitment Poster, by reporting to the AAF Supra Division Headquarters on the northeast side of Coast City, which is nestled between the Monument Mountains and Patriot Bay.

It is feared by AAF Officials that Coast City and its strategic position along Patriot Bay makes the city a High Priority Target by Zurga Patriots seeking to cripple America on its own shores, while her own Supras are fighting overseas!

Zurga Rays
Professor Johann Zurga
Lecture Notes

Professor Johann Zurga, a noted Germania scientist, became the foremost authority on the subject of this phenomena and its connection to the sudden rise of Super Humans around the globe at the turn of the century.

Professor Johann Zurga
America Lecture Tour
Metro University
Metro City, New York
Saturday October 21, 1905

Professor Johann Zurga opened his lecture at Metro University with a huge map of the globe, noting the nations and continents that were ravaged by the Mysterious Meteor Showers, resulting in the land masses in the Far Northern and Southern Hemispheres being submerged and obliterated.

[*Refer to the Opening Post of the 'Zurga Patriots QnA' for more detailed descriptions of the chaos.*]

The following quotes are taken from some Random Notes written down by an attendee:

"It is our scientific consensus among the world leaders of Europa, that the submerged continents and land masses are forever lost to us as a civilization.

"Germania is leading the way to stabilize a New World Order, in the aftermath of this unfortunate global natural disaster, by securing the remaining borders of China and North Africa; while employing the services of the men, women and children, who exhibit traces of this global phenomenon of super powered humans, to be trained and equipped as 'Zurga Patriots' for the good of humanity world wide.

"America must follow the lead of Germania to help colonize the fragmented countries hardest hit by these Mysterious Meteor Showers, which have bathed the populace of all countries with 'Zurga Rays', somehow transforming some of the Ordinary or Normal population into super powered specimens of untapped power. America must identify and secure these transformed specimens of humanity, then transport them to Germania for the proper training and guidance to become Zurga Patriots.

"Germania is leading the way in global humanitarian efforts with her Zurga Patriots Program.

"Zurga Patriots will become the New World Peace Keepers."

There was much debate over the years in regards to the points advocated by Professor Johann Zurga, but America chose to insulate herself from the outside world, concentrating on building upon her Inherent Freedoms, while maintaining friendly ties with Brittania and the countries of Europa, including Germania.

It soon became apparent that Germania had her sights set upon world domination, by the merciless employment of her Zurga Patriots Program; while America was secretly experimenting with the now harnessed Zurga Rays, developing her own Supra Patriots Program, in conjunction with Brittania.

Zurga Patriots
Book 1
'Coming of Age'

An Alternate Earth
Coast City, California
AAF Supra Division Headquarters
11:30am on Wednesday
March 31, 1915

Dozens of new FIST recruits were assembled in the American Armed Forces Supra Division Headquarters Mess Hall, eating a hearty early brunch, while receiving orientation instructions from Commander Ross Parker, the Head of Supra Division.

Commander Parker was not quite what one would call middle aged, especially for a military man.

Although he only stood 5'10" tall, the Commander had the look and bearing of a warrior chiseled out of hard granite, his 200 pound frame exuding an uncanny strength beneath his simple combat uniform.

His gray eyes seemed to look right through each recruit as he surveyed the many faceted possibilities that sat before him, eating their meal with a grimness that fairly matched the Commander's facial features, his bald head shining under the overhead lights as he bellowed:

"Welcome to Supra Division!"
Varied responses echoed around the mess hall, as the Commander allowed a bit of exuberance to be expressed by these raw recruits who had assembled before him in response to the Recruiting Poster.

"You have been grouped into FIST units according to various assessments from the intelligence information provided in your recruitment documents that we have on file."
Commander Parker paused a few moments to allow the buzz of multiple expletives and outbursts to subside before he continued:

"Lieutenant Alice Cooper will assign you by groups of five into your respective FIST units. You will then proceed, according to her orders, to assemble in the Supra Lab for your Training Orientation and Zurga Ray Enhancements."
A shapely, stunningly attractive, 5'5" blue eyed blonde wearing a white smock over her blue military uniform, looked more like a librarian as she studied the recruits from behind her black rimmed eye glasses, as she stepped forward with a stack of documents.

Her shoulder length blonde hair accentuated her goddess-like angelic face and full red lips, but there was something about the way she carried herself in mixed company that demanded courtesy and respect. Her 110 pound petite frame would usually illicit anything but respect, but even these raw recruits kept their comments to themselves, because they recognized authority standing before them.

"Lieutenant Cooper will be in charge of your processing and training, which begins now. So if you have any questions, Go Ask Alice!"
Commander Parker nodded towards Lieutenant Cooper, before leaving the mess hall through the north exit with a group of soldiers, while another group of soldiers stood at attention at various positions along the four walls.

Lieutenant Cooper began calling out names, directing them to assemble together in groups of five, until several dozen raw recruit FIST units were grouped together, awaiting further instructions.

She begins calling out names, while looking at document files, pointing and saying repeatedly the same words: "You, You, You, You and You."
You are assigned to a FIST unit and stand ready, as do the other FIST units, awaiting further orders.

She looks at one particular FIST unit to your left and says: "American Kid, bring the rest of your group and follow me!"
Lieutenant Cooper passes by your group, takes a long steady look into each of your eyes, before proceeding towards the east exit.

Then she stops to address another FIST unit: "Nightengale, assemble your group and follow me!"
As both FIST units follow Lieutenant Cooper, she turns and addresses the remaining dozens of FIST units before exiting: "The rest of you! At Ease! Introduce Yourselves to your fellow FIST unit members. You will meet me in the Supra Lab when I summon your group!"
Then without further ado, Lieutenant Alice Cooper, along with American Kid and Nightengale leading their respective FIST units, proceeded to the laboratory for Training Orientation and Zurga Ray Enhancements, as the remaining FIST units began getting acquainted with their group members.

((OOC: This is the point where each Player posts his/her Character Back Story for Extra Power Points))

Posted on 2014-10-10 at 04:10:11.
Edited on 2014-10-10 at 04:23:03 by Hammer

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