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pdf Map sent

Chessicfayth a pdf map of Emerald City has been sent to both you and Salvator Navaar (do not know anything about Sal's character as yet).

I am tied up with some things in Real Life, so I will get back with you regarding your character, hopefully by Friday.

We still need a minimum of 3 more Players (and I still have to finish the sample character that I will post here by the weekend at the latest).

Posted on 2014-10-28 at 20:18:59.

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Willing to join

I'll take a look at the pdf and figure out some kind of concept for a hero. This sounds like it'd be real fun and like Chessic, I haven't touched M&M before so I'll probably be asking a few questions if that's ok!

Posted on 2014-10-29 at 02:19:28.

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Map sent to Kamina

Welcome Kamina

Emerald City pdf map has been sent to you!

Posted on 2014-10-29 at 04:09:43.

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4114 Posts

My Apologies

I am way behind due to helping a neighbor get moved the past couple of days and we are still not finished.

Posted on 2014-11-01 at 13:10:35.

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4114 Posts

Emerald City Character Sheet (Nightingale)

Hero aka Code Name: Nightingale

Player: Hammer

Identity [Secret or Public]: Holly Hunter [Secret]

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Date of Birth: February 15, 1991

Height: 5' 3"

Weight:110 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Group Affiliation:

Base of Operation:

Power Level: 10 (150 Power Points)

Power Point Totals: (150)
Abilities (26)
Powers (80)
Advantages (9)
Skills (23)
Defenses (12)

Abilities (26 Power Points)
Strength (STR) Rank: 0 (0 Power Points)
Stamina (STA) Rank: 5 (10 Power Points)
Agility (AGL) Rank: 1 (2 Power Points)
Dexterity (DEX) Rank: 1 (2 Power Points)
Fighting (FGT) Rank: 0 (0 Power Points)
Intellect (INT) Rank: 3 (6 Power Points)
Awareness (AWE) Rank: 3 (6 Power Points)
Presence (PRE) Rank: 0 (0 Power Points)

Defense (12 Power Points)
Dodge (AGL): 1 [buy 2 more] (2 Power Points) = 3
Parry (FGT): 0 [buy 3 more] (3 Power Points) = 3
Fortitude (STA): 5 = 5
Toughness (STA): 5 + 5 [from Protection Power] = 10
Will (AWE): 3 [buy 7 more] (7 Power Points) = 10

Initiative [Base Initiative Bonus is equal to Agility Rank]: 1 Base +8 = +9 Initiative

( )
( )
( )

Hero Points: 1

Power Points Earned:

Power Points Spent:

Advantages (9 Power Points)
Improved Initiative: Rank 2 (+8 to Initiative per Round) 2 Power Points
Uncanny Dodge: 1 Power Point
Diehard: 1 Power Point
Attraction: Rank 2 (2 Power Points) +5 Circumstance Bonus on Deception & Persuasion
Languages: Rank 3 (Chinese, Japanese, French & Hekawi) 3 Power Points

Skills (23 Power Points)
Acrobatics Rank: ( )
Athletics Rank: ( )
Close Combat
Rank: ( )
Rank: ( )
Rank: ( )
Deception Rank: ( ) [Attraction 2 = +5]
Herbs Rank:10 (5) [Intellect 3] +13
Medicine Rank:10 (5) [Intellect 3] +13
Nursing Rank:10 (5) [Intellect 3] +13
Rank: ( )
Insight Rank: ( )
Intimidation Rank: ( )
Investigation Rank: ( )
Perception Rank: ( )
Persuasion Rank ( ) [Attraction 2 = +5]
Ranged Combat
Rank: ( )
Rank: ( )
Rank: ( )
Sleight of Hand Rank: ( )
Stealth Rank:4 (2) [Agility 1] +5
Technology Rank:2 (1 ) [Intellect 3] +5
Treatment Rank:10 (5) [Intellect 3] +13
Vehicles Rank: ( )

Powers & Devices (80 Power Points)
1. Flight Rank 5 [Flight Speed is 60 MPH]/+2 per rank (10 Power Points)

2. Healing Rank 10/+2 per rank (20 Power Points)

3. Resurrection Rank 10/+1 per rank (10 Power Points)

4. Stabilize Flat Rank +1 (1 Power Point)

5. Mental Blast Rank 5/+4 per rank (20 Power Points)

6. Subtle [for Mental Blast] (1 Power Point)

7. Quickness Rank 7/+1 per rank (7 Power Points)

8. Protection Rank 5/+1 per rank (5 Power Points) +5 Toughness

9. Regeneration Rank 5/+1 per rank (5 Power Points)

10. Unrecognizable Feature Rank 1 [No one can tell that Holly & Nightingale are the same person] (1 Power Point)

1. Reluctant to Use Her Powers to Hurt Others

2. Personal Code of Helping Hurting People Whenever Possible


Equipment, Vehicles & Headquarters

Notes & Conditions

Short Synopsis of Back Story
Holly Hunter aka Nightingale is a local 23 year young woman from Emerald City who has mastered the study of languages: including Chinese, Japanese, French and Hekawi (Native American Indians from the surrounding region).

She also exhibited an aptitude for the Healing Arts at an early age and learned about Herbs from the Chinese, Japanese and Hekawi's she befriended, along with her advanced studies in Medicine and Nursing at both U-Hill High (an advanced program for prospective ECU Students and Gifted Children of the ECU faculty) and at Emerald City University.

Born of French Canadian parents, her Father and mother are Drama Instructors at Emerald City University, who also own and operate the U-Hill Theater. They live together in a modest quarters at the back of the Theater. Holly's room is in the Theater Tower, granting her free access via her Flight Power.

Her parents had the foresight to speak English in their home, so their daughter would be raised as an 'American speaking English' for her first language; until at a young age she was also taught French by both of her parents in the privacy of their own home.

Holly has been gifted with the 'Intellectual' background from her Father and 'Heart of Compassion' from her Mother that has propelled her to the head of her class in most of her studies, especially the pursuit of Languages and the Healing Arts.

She gained her Powers by exposure to Unknown Radiation during a camping trip in the Elysian Forest during the summer of 2012.

Although most of her Powers are geared to aiding others or preserving her own life, she is able to attack foes with her Mental Blast when necessary; although she is reluctant to do so, because of her Complication of being Reluctant to Harm Others.

Another aspect of her 'Self Protection Powers' is that no one can tell that Holly Hunter and Nightingale are the same person.

Her name Nightingale refers to both her Flight Power (like the bird) and her Healing Power (like Florence Nightingale the Founder of Modern Nursing).

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 03:12:32.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Comments & Observations for Holly Hunter aka Nightingale

Holly is not primarily a Fighter.

She does not have any Persuasion from the Presence Ability (0); however, her Rank 2 in the Attraction Advantage not only means that she is Stunningly Attractive, but that she has a +5 Deception and +5 Persuasion in certain circumstances due to her Attractive Advantage.

The unknown radiation she was exposed to on the camping trip in 2012 that gave her Super Powers, compensated for her lack of Fighting Ability by providing a Rank 5 in Stamina and another +5 with the Rank 5 Protection Power to give her a Toughness of 10. Plus she was granted a Rank 5 Regeneration Power that allows her to Restore 1 Point of Toughness every 2 Rounds,

Her Unrecognizable Power Feature assures her that no one can guess that Holly Hunter & Nightingale are the same person.

She is first and foremost a Healer, both from a natural human standpoint (Rank 10 Skills in Herbs, Medicine & Nursing), as well as a Super Human standpoint (Rank 10 Healing & Resurrection).

Her medical/nursing training has provided her just enough Technology Skill (Rank 2) to be able to operate any type of medical machinery or apparatus that a nurse would utilize on a daily basis.

Her Abilities in Intellect & Awareness (Rank 3) are described as Gifted, therefore, she has already graduated from the Emerald City University of Medicine with a Nursing Degree as of January 2014, at the age of 23.

Her Gifted Intellect helped her to master the Chinese, Japanese, French and Hekawi languages; plus helping her to master the herbal techniques of the Chinese, Japanese and the Hekawi Indians.

I spent 2 Power Points on her Dodge Defense (total of 3 includes +1 from Agility Ability) and another 3 Power Points on her Parry Defense (total of 3 includes +0 from Fighting Ability).

These Points in Dodge and Parry are to account for any training in self defense she would have received in high school to help defend herself from attackers (muggers or rapists etc).

I spent 7 Power Points on her Will Defense (total of 10 includes +3 from Awareness Ability) because most nurses have a Natural Will Power to press through all types of adversities to minister to the sick and dying.

The 7 Power Points on her Will Defense also works with the unknown radiation granting her the Mental Blast Super Power to Protect Herself, because although she is reluctant to hurt others, she was granted this Super Power to both defend herself and also to attack any would be attackers, especially with the Subtle Power.

Her Flight Power [60 MPH] also aids in her Defense, as does her Quickness Power, which also helped her to complete her studies more rapidly than the average student.

Her Advantages of Improved Initiative, Uncanny Dodge and Diehard also add to her Defenses to preserve her life. The Stealth Skill (Rank 4) works with her Flight Power to Scout and Track people.

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 03:14:26.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts


I have been 'Swamped' with some unexpected things that I had to attend to these past couple of weeks, which unfortunately cut deeply into my time for developing this 'Silver Storm' adventure and from answering questions about Character Creation.

My Sincere Apologies to Salvator Navaar, Chessicfayth and Kamina.

If the three of you are still interested in playing, then please contact me and I will send you a PDF with information about Emerald City that you may find invaluable for Character Background and for Understanding the Setting of Emerald City, which goes along with the PDF Map of Emerald City that I have already sent to each of you.

Hopefully, we will get this adventure underway soon, sometime after I am able to verify Created Characters and after I am able to Post the Opening, which will realistically be sometime between the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, if not sooner.

So if the 3 of you are still interested in playing, then I am willing to start the game with the 3 of you, instead of the 5 to 8 Players that I was asking for in the Recruitment Thread.

Your Characters will just have to be on the Top of Their Game so to speak, especially if you 3 are the only Players submitting Characters for this 'Emerald City: Silver Storm' adventure!

Holly Hunter aka Nightingale will also be in this adventure to Help Your Characters!

Think of her as being like a Healer and also a Language Interpreter (rather than a Fighter) as this adventure unfolds, especially if the Super Team members find themselves in the Chinese or Japanese Districts of Emerald City, or if they encounter any Hekawi Indians.

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 03:18:38.

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