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Trilogy Master
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A Moment changes everything

You know its funny how a moment in time can change a person's future. 4 weeks ago my Mother had a ‘minor' stroke which was a little more then minor. For the first week we did nothing as we did not realize she had, had one. Then getting her to the hospital, staying with her there and such. Getting her home, getting her set up and changing how the 3 of us roommates, Myself, my best friend, and Mom, do things has been honestly, tiring. With these new responsibilities and care taking tasks I have had little time for the Inn and had not even lurked until last night. Way out of the norm for a guy who before this had checked the Inn at least 3-4 times a day. Long story short, as I'm known for the long one, is this post was meant as a goodbye post. I had decided over the last two weeks to shut down Trilogy and drop out of all games and take a possible perm hiatus from the Inn.
Family/Real Life first, right.

Well while talking with the roomie, Mom overheard my plans and got a bit mad. She has always thought the Inn to be for me a lifeline of sorts through all the hard times since I first became a member. The years of clinical depression, on and off drug use while working the strip clubs, and the lack of but a few real life hang out friends. Friends I'm still lucky to have through all the BS I put them through. All that could have took me under and almost did in June of 2012. Well when she heard that I was going to drop the Inn for her, she got angry, sat me down and we talked as we had not talked in many years about the Beyer household future. She made me realize a lot of the things I need in my life to make HER life better.

Well again long-short I'm staying put at the Red Drago Inn,,,.. Yep almost got rid of me but nope not yet,,,.. So I'll be seeing how things go and restarting my posts in Trilogy and Alacrity's games this week, though depending how things go with Mom I may have to drop 1-2 of them, but not yet. Well I'm off to watch the Super Bowl so have fun and go Pats!

Posted on 2015-02-01 at 15:52:20.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Good Avice

From a Wise Mom

Posted on 2015-02-01 at 16:19:46.

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Gulliver speaks to the giant

Although I am not and have not been a player for The Trilogy War, or have no clue as to the works of the yearly NFL U Pick, I am acutely aware, as are we all, of how essential your presence has been for the community, culture, and cameraderie of the Red Dragon Inn; you are a longstanding and well-loved member of this tiny social speck in the great sea of the internet and online RPing, and it would have been a great shame to see you go.

That, of course, is not to discount the unfortunate hand real life has dealt you; my heart extends to you in your circumstances, and I admire your loyalty and will to see to it that these afflictions are being mended. Keep your head held high and mind clear of strife-- and I am happy to wish you the very best while you are donating time out of your busy days to visit us and otherwise.

It is a pleasure to see you here and a relief to know you are still alive and kicking.

Posted on 2015-02-01 at 17:09:56.

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I understand how feelings of responsabilty to family can lead easily to sacrifice of what we enjoy to provide for others. I also know that it can lead to resentment and personal depression. Your mother is wise and loves you. She knows she needs your help, but she wants you to be happy more. Amazing how that can happen.

So now we get to benefit by having our friend staying in our lives, which allows us to have a few small joys and Mom gets loving care for a happy son.

Give your mother a warm hug and a tender kiss from her other kids here at the Inn.

Thank you Mom!

Posted on 2015-02-01 at 18:18:42.

Den Mother
RDI Staff
Karma: 111/12
1188 Posts

Your mom is a smart lady

Give her a hug for me, big guy!

Posted on 2015-02-01 at 19:10:36.

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