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GM for this game: t_catt11
Players for this game: Bromern Sal, Eol Fefalas, Yanamari, Duncan74, Odyson, Boo Boo, AmaraD, Brennus_Stagborn, HaemisMcTavish
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Bromern Sal
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Additional scheduling...

Stardate 2365.02.09 (Tuesday - 42137.6)
USS Peregrine; Deck 4 - Sickbay - 15:30

Level 3 Diagnostics complete. Results: Database integrity secure. No Data tampering or loss detected.
For the third time in the short period since he discovered the error, Crewman Toriak raised his eyebrows. Looking up from the screen, he scans the semi-circular room but Dana is no where to be seen. Such a small thing for the woman to overlook… Toriak tilts his head to the side a bit and pulls up the inner-ship communication system. Keying in a couple of commands he activates the direct line to Cook’s communicator.

“Chief Cook,” he intones.

Chief PO Dana Cook had just left the Brig where she was visiting her friend; supposedly for a medical check up, but she had also wanted to check on her friend's mental condition as well. Chief—no, Petty Officer—Crane had received a tremendous shock with the consequences of her actions, but Dana thought she would get though it alright in the end. Dana paused and leaned against the wall for a moment, she looked up and down the hallway and gave her head a slight shake as if to clear her mind. For a moment she didn't know where she was headed. She could go back to Sickbay, but Miraan had taken over the rest of her shift, since her own shift was starting right afterwards. So Dana wasn't sure where she was going now.

=/\=Cook here.=/\= Dana said as she straightened herself and glanced around to see if anyone had seen her leaning against the wall, but there was no one else in the corridor at the moment.

“It would appear that you have not completed your mandatory medical examination for this latest period. Would you like for me to schedule it?”

There’s an uncharacteristic pause causing Crewman Toriak to wonder for a moment if his message had been received.

=/\=Are you sure Crewman?=/\= she replies.

“I have performed a diagnostic check on the data’s integrity, Chief,” Toriak responds flatly. “There is no doubt.”

=/\=Well, I'm positive that Doctor Synklar performed my physical just three months ago=/\= Dana says trying to keep the tremor from her voice. =/\=Perhaps she just forgot to log it into the system. Well, no matter, the new CMO has ordered updated physicals on the entire crew, so it will get rectified properly. Don't worry about scheduling me right now, we'll get the rest of the crew done prior to the medical staff.=/\=

“Affirmative, Chief. Have a good remainder of the day.” Orders in hand, Toriak gives the situation no more consideration that to log his conversation in the personnel file notes. Concern for the integrity of data has been resolved and he returns to his methodical records work. There are a number of additional crewmen and officers that need their physicals performed. Doctor Moore definitely has a full schedule for the next number of days. The Vulcan crewman cannot fathom how she can complete the task before the ship arrives at the summit.

Scanning the list of personnel who have yet to make an appointment for their physical, Toriak quickly comes across more names with which to engage.

“Crewman Toriak to Chief Berk,” he calls in his monotone tenor.

(OCC: Assuming a response.)

“Doctor Moore has requested full physicals for all of the crew. Our records show that you have yet to schedule an appointment. Would you like for me to schedule one now?”

(OOC: Answer pending.)

Posted on 2017-02-13 at 09:06:01.

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
Karma: 117/10
2655 Posts

An evening on the town...

Stardate 2365.02.09 (Tuesday - 42137.6)
USS Peregrine; Deck 2 - Officer’s Quarters (Ensign Maize’s Quarters) – 18:27

Shoulder length blonde hair mussed and tangled from a rough towel treatment after a quick sonic shower and wrapped in a simple Starfleet issued bathrobe, Dalia settles on her neatly made bed with a PADD in hand. Dinner can wait until after she takes care of some personal things, things that the duties taking up her time during Alpha shift shunt to the side out of necessity.

First priority is personal communication and that means the excitement of news from home. The video recordings are fun and lift her spirits as they usually do, and even more exciting is the holodeck program included of her adopted mother’s birthday celebration. Dalia quickly schedules time in the holodeck before turning to her replies. She leaves the majority of the details concerning her duties out, sharing mostly her thoughts on her new superior officer, the situation surrounding Lauren, and some speculation on the strange transfers. Nothing that would overly concern her family but life aboard the Peregrine and enough information to keep them satisfied.

After she resolves the familial communication the ensign turns to the personal ship communication she's received. Ensign Jenneric wants to shift their regularly scheduled tennis match by a half hour. Not a problem. That would actually work in Dalia’s favor seeing how Vaela message asks her to breakfast that same day. Quick and friendly replies issued and Ensign Maize thumbs through her industry specific editorials and selects one on the Biomechanics of the Cardassian Pel’op’ech and with a swipe moved the article to an audio reading format.

Dropping the PADD to the now slightly wrinkled blue blanket bearing the Starfleet insignia, Dalia Springs youthfully up and makes her way to the mirror. Pressing into the top right corner of the drawer beneath it opens the storage with a chirp from the computer to accompany it. While the voice of renowned biomechanic, Dr. Angelo Polanski, informs her of the impact his study of the elusive Cardassian marsupial could have on the Federation’s understanding of Cardassian physiology, Dalia Maize prepares herself for an evening spent socializing in the Aerie.

Now dressed in a casual mint green blouse with dark gray slacks over stylish black high heeled boots accented by a thick black belt hanging loosely on her hips, Dalia orders the report to pause, bookmarking her position. Make-up done, hair pulled back in a neat pleat at the back of her head with a dark green stone barrette, she eyes herself briefly in the mirror once more. Not a thing she is wearing compliments the strange purple of her eyes and that's just the way she wants it.

Striding from her quarters with renewed vigor that only a shower and making oneself look pretty can provide after a long day at work, the second officer of the Peregrine’s science department heads for the social mecca of the ship.

Posted on 2017-02-26 at 19:25:26.

Karma: 147/24
5553 Posts

Captain Grumpy Pants?????????

Stardate 2365.02.09 (Tuesday - 42137.6)
USS Peregrine; Deck 5, Gym – 1810

"I'm sorry, sometimes I get started and I canna stop."
John let out a laugh and slapped Haemis on the shoulder. "I'm honored you are comfortable enough with me to not fear speaking your mind...and don't worry, old Captain Grumpy Pants will never hear a word from me. Now let's grab some grub and I'll tell you about me time on the Mandela.

(Short but still a post. There is still life in this bird.)

Posted on 2017-03-18 at 21:56:45.

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