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Forced Transfer

Stardate: 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Docking Gangway - 1225

Haemis had a determined stride when he walked up to the two men at the Peregrine's docking gantry, he stopped as one of them moved to block his way gesturing to the security check in. "Ach! They dinna tell ye I was comin?" he asked with a scowl.

"Everyone has to check in..." he peered around to see the mans collar. "lieutenant?" it was a question as much as a statement.

Haemis nodded. "They bloody forced me into this transfer, the least they could do was call ahead! Its McTavish!" he shook his head and gestured back to the Station Security guard who had been shadowing him. "Grigg's! Tell this man about my bloody transfer." his cheeks were a slight shade of pink as his annoyance levels were rising. He begrudgingly placed his hand on the pedestal which began scanning his palm. He knew the scanner did more than just scan, it was a subtle DNA test as well to confirm his identity.

When the device indicated that he was not authorized Haemis's frown deepened as did his cheeks color. "Bah!" he said taking his hand away.

The Stations security guard moved closer to the group. "Yes, he literally just got his transfer papers." he said flatly looking back at the turbolift knowing that the padd was all over the floor of the turbolift in pieces. "You'll have to contact the station commander likely for confirmation."

The man turned without hesitation and hit his comm badge. "Officer Lister to Operations!"

"Operations here, what can we help you with today Officer Lister?" a woman's voice called from the badge.

"I've got an officer here who says he just got transfer orders to the Peregrine, can you please confirm this?"

"Standby Officer." the voice said and then the channel closed with a beep.

Haemis let out a low growl. "I donno if you wanna explain to the Peregrines all mighty Captain why he warped away without one of his engineering officers today, ye realize that this ship has a wee bit of a premium on crew. Of course on one of those larger beasties it wouldna be so much of an inconvenience but for this ship." his accent was starting to get thicker the angrier he got. "So if in ya don't let me aboard I'll miss me ride and you'll have to account for get'n me to her after the bloody fact, I donna think ye want tha! Now why not be a good lad and let me aboard, if yer boss doesn't confirm it ye can bloody come get me!" he glared at the man.

"Fine, go aboard." the man nodded. "Hand on the panel again so I can at least check you in as a guest for now." he pointed to the pad.

Haemis did as he was asked placing his hand back on the device which promptly went green and indicated he was an authorized crew member. He smiled and pushed past the two guards heading down the gantry way into what might very well be his last posting in Starfleet.

"Ops to Lister, if your speaking with Lieutenant McTavish then yes, he's authorized." the woman's voice called over the now open comm channel again.

"Thanks Lister out!" he said hitting his comm badge watching the Lieutenant walk down the hall now shaking his head.

Haemis walked through the doors at the end of the gangway from the station and stopped. He had not yet been told where his berthing was on board yet, he turned and started walking down the corridor towards where the turbolift should be. Finding himself standing there at the turbolift trying to decide what to do first. Normally he might go check in with the ships Chief Engineer but he wasn't sure what the ships protocol was since he had all but destroyed his welcome packet back on the station. He cursed softly to himself and stepped into the lift. "Main Engineering!" he called moving to the back of the small lift. he leaned against the back of the lift.

He hadn't really put much thought into the ruling of the JAG officer until now, he was so angry. Now having his duty station assigned to him that feeling of betrayal and anger was starting to solidify in his brain. He absolutely hated Captain Jacobs. With every fiber of hid being. He was close to the chief engineer on the Coronado and now he had also betrayed him to save his own hide most likely and Haemis hated him for it. He could feel his fists were clenched hard, he took a deep breath as the lift came to a stop on his desired deck. It was a very short ride. He stepped off the lift and started down the hall towards engineering.

Posted on 2016-04-27 at 15:46:13.
Edited on 2016-04-28 at 12:44:50 by HaemisMcTavish

Boo Boo
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24 hrs to go. I wanna be sedated!

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Main Engineering - 1218

Looking to Dana and Reynolds, Dr Moore relayed short info in that same calmness. "Thorson had an issue of violent reactions in his cyberarm. If he is thrashing, do not let that hand get ahold. We need to sedate him, but if the issue is mechanical, it will still move and close. There may be neural transmission issues, but a seizure screams of something biochemical."

Dana nodded and as they approached the seizing Chief Engineer she turned to the crewman with her.

"Reynolds," Dana instructed, "prepare a hypospray of Merfadon-10mg." Merfadon was a strong sedative and muscle relaxant and she hoped that it would knock out Cmdr Thorson and halt the seizures of his body at least.

Crewman Reynolds set the medkit on a nearby work station and quickly prepared the hypospray and handed it to Nurse Cook who was standing just out of range of the thrashing Thorson. Dana looked over at the Doctor letting her know that she was ready.

(Assuming approval to proceed)

PO Cook nodded and then she circled around to the feet of the Cmdr and quickly she knelt down and grabbed one of his thrashing ankles with one hand and pressed the hypospray to his lower leg with the other. All the time she kept her eyes on the metal arm of the man ready to jump back if it made any move in her direction.

(OOC: Okay. I am not sure how to proceed here. I will let someone else decide if it works or if his arm turns me into jelly. )

Posted on 2016-04-30 at 15:42:22.
Edited on 2016-04-30 at 15:44:21 by Boo Boo

Eol Fefalas
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Catching up (Part 1)

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Transporter room one – 1155

Once more in full dress uniform, Lt Zai stood at Captain Drake’s right, his hands clasped behind his back, as they awaited the arrival of the ambassadors. It had been a terribly busy day – busier, in fact, than any day spent docked at a starbase had ever been as far as the Trill could recall – what with the sudden, unexpected berthing of Threel and D’Lar aboard the Peregrine and all of the preparations that went along with it, not to mention that the even more sudden turn-over of essential personnel had compounded the already frenetic pace aboard ship and, despite the apparent quality of the replacement personnel, incited more than a little confusion if not suspicion in the ranks. The whole thing, of course, could have been tallied to nothing more than coincidence but, in the same breath, it was all a bit too coincidental for Tochi’s liking, and, at more than one point in the course of the day, he had found himself almost distracted by the possible implications of this complex situation.

“All right, gentlemen,” Drake intoned, reeling Tochi back in from one such moment of distracted contemplation, “It’s show time. Remember to show our best manners. Lt Berk, I want the security detail for each ambassador to feel like an escort, not a warden.”

“Aye, sir,” Berk replied with an almost mirthful grin, “no escorting the guests straight to the brig, then.”

The comment evoked a small chuckle from Lt Zai, but that chuckle was stifled into little more than an amused smile when Tolaris announced that the Starbase had requested permission to beam the two diplomats aboard.

“…Permission granted,” Drake acknowledged, “please, beam them aboard.”

Moments later, in the wake of the characteristic whir and hum of the transporter, the Kuldar and Rytain diplomats materialized on the pad along with their luggage. Tochi did what he could to shift his bemused smile to something that leaned a bit more towards an accommodating one.

Drake stepped forward, then, offering a formal bow to the Peregrine’s newest passengers. “Ambassador Threel, Ambassador D’Lar,” the Captain began by way of greeting, “On behalf of the United Federation of Planets, I hereby welcome you aboard the USS Peregrine. You met my Executive Officer, Lt Zai, this morning…”

At this, Tochi offered a nod of greeting and a welcoming smile; “Gentlemen. We are pleased to see you both, again.” It wasn’t precisely the truth, of course, but, he hoped, he’d managed to make his greeting sound sincere enough.

The Captain went on to introduce Lasad and Berk, then, advising the diplomats of each man’s role on the ship and, specifically, pointing out what could and should be expected of the two gold-clad officers for the duration of the ambassadors’ stay. “…Lieutenant Berk will be providing each of you with your own personal bodyguards for the duration of your stay,” he explained tactfully, “they will serve as escorts and personal security for you at all times.”

“You mean, Captain,” D’Lar chuckled, obviously seeing through the politic subtleties, “that you are assigning someone to keep an eye on us while we are on board, to keep us out of trouble, yes?”

Tochi arched a brow at this and couldn’t help but let his lips curl up into something of an uneasy grin. It was a discomfort that washed away fairly quickly, though, as, in the back and forth of the Kuldar and Rytain delegates, the security plan implemented by the Peregrine’s crew was succinctly dissected and, in the end, understood, with both ambassadors waving off any perceived need for apologies and professing to have taken similar measures had the roles been reversed. In the end, Drake had been left shaking his head in amazement and, Tochi imagined, entertaining thoughts similar to his own in regards to the ambassadors’ appreciation of the implemented protocols.

He exchanged a glance with Silas, then, raising both eyebrows and offering a grin that may have said, Well, that couldn’t have gone better.

“Ambassadors,” Lt Berk said, offering a courteous gesture toward the doors, following Threel’s request to be shown to quarters, “This way, please.”

The doors whooshed open as Berk escorted the diplomats out and, then, whooshed closed again when the ambassadors and their escorts filed into the corridor and headed for their assigned berths. The sighing sound of the door closing was almost immediately echoed by a similar noise made by Dio.

“Does that normally happen when dealing with ambassadors,” the Risian Ops Chief asked, glancing somewhat curiously between Zai and Drake.

“Normal isn’t a term easily applied to diplomats of any kind, Lt Lasad,” Tochi laughed, offering a wink, “It’s been our experience that there is usually a lot of politics and prejudice that colors what is or isn’t normal where that sort is concerned.

All in all, though,” the Trill continued, “we think that went rather well, all things considered. The Kuldar and Rytain have been locked in their maneuverings for so long that, we imagine, it would have been suspicious if they hadn’t discerned the true purpose of their escorts.”

((OOC: Sorry for the delay... looooong week and weekend. This should catch Toci up with the ambassadors' arrival... working on an additional post to deal with the Thorson scenario (responses to Dr Moore, etc. Should have that later today.))

Posted on 2016-05-02 at 08:33:02.
Edited on 2016-05-02 at 09:34:15 by Eol Fefalas

Eol Fefalas
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Catching up (Part 2)

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Corridor, Deck 2 – 1219

=/\=Moore to Captain Drake and Lieutenant Zai, I'll be in engineering meeting with Chief Thorson. We may require you for a discussion at your earliest convenience.=/\=

The Doctor’s communication had been exceedingly calm and hadn’t so much as hinted at urgency but, for some reason, it had stopped Tochi in his tracks. His stomach turned a little somersault and an ominous tension settled in his shoulders. Despite the composure of Dr Moore’s voice over the comm, the Trill gleaned a bit of importance from the subtext of her carefully chosen words…

It’s that arm, Tochi feared, recalling the glitch he had personally witnessed less than twenty-four hours ago, Stars and singularities, don’t let anyone be dead!

Abandoning his initial plans of changing back into his duty uniform, Zai turned on his heel and made a beeline towards Main Engineering, instead, tapping his commbadge as he went. “Acknowledged, Doctor,” he responded, “We’re on our way. Zai out.”

Had construction of starship doors made such a thing possible, Tochi would likely have burst through the ones that opened onto the Engineering department when he entered moments later. His gaze worriedly swept the expansive engine room as he strode across the floor, taking in those engineering personnel who still dutifully manned their stations before, finally, settling on the scene that he somehow knew he would encounter. Eric lay on the deck, unconscious but twitching, surrounded by several medical personnel who worked to stabilize him. As he drew nearer, Tochi’s gut tightened again, realizing that the medical staff and the handful of engineering crew that stood by the scene were making a consciously minding the chief engineer’s cybernetic arm and being sure to avoid the thing. He forced himself to stop a few feet away from the scene.

“What happened, here,” Zai asked with perhaps a bit more concern in his voice than he’d meant to let seep into it.

A tall petty officer, his own face pale and eyes full of apprehension, turned and blinked at Tochi, then. “Bozhe moi, Lieutenant,” Toporov said, “I cannot say that I know for sure. The Commander he just… he went crazy! He smashed several consoles to bits and then… then he came after me! I thought I was going to have to stun him but…” PO2 Toporov simply gestured at where Thorson lay, now, being tended to by Dr Moore and her staff.

“Is everyone else all right,” Tochi forced himself to ask, then.

“Da,” Toporov replied, “Yes, sir. Though, the Commander did do a number on those consoles, and, vell, sir, I think I may need to change my pants...”

Tochi allowed a bit of a smirk at that and nodded. “Understood, Tops,” he said, resting a reassuring hand on the taller man’s shoulder for an instant, “Why don’t you go ahead and get a team on those panels, then, and get us a report on exactly what transpired, hm?”

“Aye, sir,” Toporov responded as the Tochi’s hand slid off his shoulder and the XO, then, took a few more steps toward Commander Thorson and the medical team that surrounded him.

Lt Zai stopped again, just outside the space Dr Moore, Chief Cook, and Nurse Reynolds needed to work, and, following a troubled look at his long-time friend, turned his gaze to the Lt Moore; “Is there anything we can do, Doctor?”

((OOC: Assuming a brief explanation of the medical staff’s actions and findings, thus far, etc.))

“Very well,” the Trill nodded, unable to force his worried gaze from Eric, “We’ll inform the Captain.”

Posted on 2016-05-03 at 07:07:58.
Edited on 2016-05-03 at 07:39:36 by Eol Fefalas

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Making nice...

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Engineering – 1223

Haemis continued down the corridor looking at various doors listing off the different rooms on the Engineering deck. He knew he was in the right place but not having been on a ship of this class and no prior chance to get familiar with the vessel he continued on his present course. The color in his cheeks returned to normal by now he was a bit more at ease.

He turned and walked through the doors to Main Engineering and slowed as he entered the room. Partly taking in the sights of the ships engine which always put a smile on his face, which very quickly turned into a frown as he spotted the medical team, and damage.

“Bloody ell…” he stated flatly and under his breath. He took a few steps forward coming to stand next to one of the officers who was talking with one of the engineers.
“This day gets better and bloody better every turn…” he glanced from Zai to Toporov then back down at the stricken officer noting his rank. “Please tell me that’s not the chief engineer…” he said with a mournful tone.

Posted on 2016-05-04 at 20:50:35.

Eol Fefalas
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Coincidence or conspiracy?

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Main Engineering – 1224

“This day gets better and bloody better every turn…”

The voice, tinged with a Scottish brogue, was unfamiliar to Tochi’s ears and, despite the current situation, snatched immediately at the XO’s attention. It wasn’t as if Lt Zai was completely familiar with everyone on board, of course, but this voice was one that he’d never heard aboard ship. He turned his head, arched a curious brow, and regarded the man clad in Engineering golds who had just drawn up beside him.

“Please tell me that’s not the chief engineer,” the man said somberly.

“I wish we could,” Zai responded evenly, “but, unfortunately, yes… it is… and who might you be, Lieutenant?”

((OOC: Assuming a brief introduction and explanation as to why there’s a new engineering officer aboard that, up to now, Tochi had no idea was coming aboard.))

As the Scot made his introduction and offered an explanation as to his curiously timed assignment to the Peregrine’s crew, Lt Zai’s expression wavered between curious, concerned, and cynical, all in the span of a second. “Well, Lieutenant McTavish,” he said in the wake of the other man’s introduction, “while we can’t say that we were necessarily expecting you, your timing is, apparently, impeccable. I’m Lt Zai; Peregrine’s Flight Control Chief and Executive Officer…” He extended a hand in greeting, offering a firm shake when the other lieutenant accepted it. “…given this situation,” he continued, gesturing to where Dr Moore and her team were still working on Commander Thorson, “we believe you are now the ranking officer in the Pit and, as such, the acting Chief of Engineering as of this moment.”

((OOC: Anything here?))

“Stand by a moment, Lieutenant,” Tochi said, turning his attentions once more to the medical crew and Thorson.

“Dr Moore, when you have Commander Thorson stabilized and transferred to Sick Bay, please, let us know, and keep us apprised of his condition, if you would…”

((OOC: Assuming acknowledgement.))

“Thank you,” he said, giving one last wistful glance to the fallen commander before turning to McTavish, again.

“Walk with me, Lieutenant,” he suggested, gesturing to the doors through which the new engineer had recently entered, “We’re sure that Captain Drake will be interested to meet you.”

Posted on 2016-05-05 at 08:41:05.
Edited on 2016-05-05 at 08:41:32 by Eol Fefalas

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A dreaded introduction...

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Main Engineering – 1224

“I wish we could, “ Zai responded evenly, “but unfortunately yes…. It is… and who might you be Lieutenant?”

Haemis’s frown deepened, “Ah… Lieutenant Haemis McTavish, Engineering officer. Formerly of the Coronado, I was her assistant chief engineering…” he glanced back down at the ships stricken chief engineer. He listened intently as Lt. Zai provided an introduction nodding to the Doctor.

He suddenly had that deer in the Headlights look on his face when he mentioned that he might be the ships new chief engineer. “Chief…” he said letting his voice trail off nodding as the Executive officer addressed the doctor. Just the prospect of that job he thought was beyond his reach after what had just happened. But this was certainly an unexpected twist to the day. He was snapped out of his thought process as the Executive officer addressed him again.

“Walk with me, Lieutenant.” The man suggested gesturing to the door he had come. “We’re sure that Captain Drake will be interested to meet you.”

Haemis hesitated a moment but turned and followed the Executive officer out of Engineering. “Are ye sure that’s necessary…” he paused a moment his mind racing trying to find an excuse to avoid a meeting he was not ready for. Not yet. He just got what might be the greatest news of the day, or was it… “There’s lots of prep work to be done before we get under way, not to mention a we spot of damage to be repaired now…are… are you sure it canna wait a wee longer?” he asked as they walked down the hallway. He was starting to sweat and a nervousness crept into his voice.

Posted on 2016-05-05 at 19:22:09.
Edited on 2016-05-05 at 19:23:19 by HaemisMcTavish

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Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Crew Mess – 1230

The day had been filled with activities for the ATCO, gathering itell, reorganizing the security assignments and deploying the security protocols to try to keep the Ambassadors out of where they didn’t belong. After the long doldrums of the shipping lanes patrol things were hopping now.

John took his time to enjoy the simple comfort food while he reviewed the events. In a few hours he would be taking his place on the bridge for the gamma shift in the command chair so he needed to rest. Rising from the table John pulled tunic tight to straighten his dress uniform and remembered the nurses. John lifted his glass of milk and chugged the last remnants. Turning to their table he flashed them a bright milk mustache smile and nodded, “Ma'am.”

Chuckling to himself he strode out grabbing a small napkin as he passed out the door to the gangway. Wiping the milk from his lip he headed back to his quarters to get some sleep before reporting for duty.

Posted on 2016-05-06 at 20:39:04.
Edited on 2016-05-20 at 11:30:38 by Odyson

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Please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your flight.

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Corridor outside Transporter room one – 1200

Mathias stepped out into the hallway, the Ambassadors in following him with Lieutenant Zai taking up the rear. He couldn't help but feel that both the Rytain and Kuldar delegates were watching his every move. It was apparent to him that they were adept at reading a room, and picking up on imperceptible tells, weaknesses to be exploited, probably without even hearing anyone say a word, by the way they had scanned the room as they stepped off the transporter pad. Mathias kept his stride confident and smooth, not wanting to let on how uneasy they made him, that this was his first real day in his assignment, nothing to suggest that he might be the weakest link in the chain.

Lt Zai had lingered in the transporter room for a moment after Lt Berk and his team had escorted the ambassadors out, but it wasn't long until the Trill caught up with the delegates and their escorts. Berk and his men were stoic and silent as they led the way toward the visitors’ quarters, tending to their duties with efficiency and as much unobtrusiveness as they could muster. Tochi, on the other hand, felt the need to play a more interactive role in hosting the Kuldar/Rytain contingent. “Gentlemen,” he smiled, falling into step beside Threel and D'Lar, “Thank you both, again, for understanding our need to assign you escorts while you’re aboard.”

Mathias was relieved when the pregnant silence that floated over the precession he had the pleasure of leading was broken by Lt. Zai. At least all eyes aren't on me anymore he thought as he relaxed slightly, no longer under a microscope.

“Of course, Lieutenant,” Threel responded, offering a smoothly tolerant smile of his own, “given the history between Ambassador D'Lar’s people and my own, it was all but expected...”

“Even if that history is only a small part of the decision,” D'lar harrumphed. “These escorts, as you call them,” the wolfish man continued, gesturing vaguely at Berk and the Security Officers who attended them, “are only a small part of the protocols your Captain has enacted in advance of our arrival, are they not?”

“Very astute of you, Ambassador,” Zai affirmed with a faint nod, “In addition to your escorts, there are certain areas of the ship to which, in good conscience, we cannot allow you access. As such, Lt Berk’s men will be a much more notable presence in those sections and, as we’re sure you've surmised, additional measures have been implemented to insure that access is limited to authorized personnel, only.”

“What the Lieutenant means to say, Threel,” D'Lar grunted, “is that the Federation would prefer we not attempt to steal their technology or sabotage their ship.”

Tochi offered the faintest of shrugs at the Kuldar Ambassador’s interpretation. “That was not the sentiment we intended to convey, Ambassadors but, again, you have the right of it,” he returned diplomatically, “Given the Peregrine’s typically more militaristic role as opposed to a ship like the Coronado…”

“It only makes sense,” Threel interjected.

“It only makes sense,” Tochi echoed with a smile. “That said, we do not want you to feel as if you are confined during your stay with us. In addition to the quarters that Lt Lasad has prepared for you, you will also have priority access to any of our limited diplomatic and recreational facilities such as the holosuites, the gymnasium, and the lounge, at your discretion. These amenities, of course, are not precisely on par with what you might have enjoyed aboard the Coronado but they are at your disposal…”

“This is not a pleasure cruise for us, Lt Zai,” D'Lar chuffed.

“But your hospitality is appreciated,” Threel added, casting a somewhat disapproving sidelong glance at his Kuldaren counterpart, “You will relate this to your Captain, yes?”

“Of course,” Tochi nodded, “and we’re sure that he, in turn, appreciates your understanding.” They were nearing the Ambassador's’ quarters, now, and, as there was much more to do before Peregrine would put Starbase 118 behind her, the Trill XO decided it was best that he take his leave of the ambassadors for the time being. “Lt Berk’s people will be happy to escort you to any of the facilities we have mentioned, ambassadors,” he stated, “and, should you have any security concerns, we’re sure that Lt Berk will make himself available to address them, personally. Similarly, if there are any dietary concerns or issues with your quarters that may have been overlooked, our Chief of Operations, Lt Lasad, can see that those are tended to. Should there be anything else, Ambassadors, feel free to contact me directly. Our office is on deck two and, of course, we will respond to any contact over comms as quickly as we are able.”

The conversation between Zai and the ambassadors wound up naturally just as they rounded the corner to VIP quarters. “Ambassador D'Lar, these are to be your quarters for the duration of your stay.” Mathias said as he approached the door, one of the escorts taking his place next to the door. “Crewman Galla will be here to act as your escort feel free to approach him if you have any immediate security concerns, and the terminal on the desk will allow you to contact both the security office and ops should you speak to either myself or Lt. Lasad.” Mathias explained gesturing to Crewman Galla and then the desk at the far end of the room.

Ambassador D'Lar responded with a terse nod and entered his quarters.

“That means he approves Lieutenant.” said Ambassador Theel, an amused smile on his face.

“Your quarters are just down the hall, I've assigned Crewman Smith as your escort, again don’t hesitate to contact myself, Lt. Lasad or Lt. Zai should you have any concerns, beyond that I hope you enjoy your stay on the Peregrine Ambassador.” Mathias explained, pointing down the corridor to a man in Starfleet gold standing at attention.

“I'm sure everything will be in order, thank you Lieutenant.” responded Ambassador Threel, still smiling.

(OCC and there we go, our special guests are all tucked in for their voyage, and I didn't space them or lock them in the brig, special thanks to Eol for giving me a hand with the post.)

Posted on 2016-05-08 at 22:09:23.

Eol Fefalas
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More with McTavish

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Main Engineering – 1225

“Are ye sure that’s necessary,” Lt McTavish asked, hesitating a moment before following Zai out the doors and into the corridor outside of Engineering, “There’s lots of prep work to be done before we get under way, not to mention a wee spot of damage to be repaired now…are… are you sure it canna wait a wee longer?”

The Trill XO, not failing to pick up on the sudden nervousness in the engineer’s tone, arched a brow and regarded the man as he fell into step beside him. “Under normal circumstances, Lieutenant, yes, it could wait,” Zai said, making note, now, of the faint sheen of sweat that appeared on McTavish’s brow, “Unfortunately, as this day goes on, we’re finding our circumstances drifting farther and farther from normal. Since we’ve arrived at Starbase 118, the Peregrine has seen three-quarters of her department chiefs summarily transferred and replaced, had her mission parameters modified far outside the realm of what we were told to expect, and, now, just at the coincidentally appropriate moment, she is suddenly receiving a new engineering officer whom we had no idea was being transferred to her…”

…from the Coronado of all places!

He let that bit go unspoken, of course, but Lt Zai’s irritation with the recent upheaval aboard the ship was plainly evident in his tone and, possibly, that irritation was tinged with more than a pinch of suspicion and concern. “We’ve already tasked Mr. Toporov with repairing the damage you noted,” he continued as he drew to a stop in front of the turbo-lift, “and, no doubt, Commander Thorson has already assigned teams to see to those preparations…” The door to the lift opened and the XO motioned for McTavish to step in ahead of him before continuing… “We’re sure that you’ll find your staff to be more than competent and capable of working without your supervision for a few moments.” The lift door hissed shut.

“Bridge,” Lt Zai said.

Then, as the turbo lift set into motion, he tapped his commbadge; “Zai to Captain Drake.”

((OOC: Assuming a response.))

“Are you available for a few moments, sir,” he asked, following the Captain’s acknowledgement, “There has been a… development… in Engineering that we would urgently like to discuss with you.”

((OOC: Okay, Haemis, room for interjection and the like throughout, if you see fit – or, if McTavish simply remains silent, there’s that too…

Olan – kind of presuming that Drake is in his ready room, hence Tochi ordering the lift to the Bridge. If otherwise, I can edit.))

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Emotional Shields failing...

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Turbolift – 1227

Haemis followed along dutifully if not reluctantly knowing he needed to make a good impression but his feelings on meeting the Captain were certainly a variable storm of emotions. The XO's logic was certainly sounds even though he didn't like it. He let out a sigh as the two stepped into the turbolift. "Aye," he said shifting uneasy. "Your certainly right, just a bit o..." he stopped pondering the right words. "Nervous. Scared..." he said under his breath.

He shifted uneasy as the lift began to move. "I've heard a lot of stories..." he started but stopped considering his words. "Do ye feel yer Capt'n a fair man?" he asked looking up for some sign of reassurance.

((A place to respond if you like..))

"Capt'n Jacobs the Almighty," he said, there was certainly no love in his voice. "We dinna exactly part on the best O' terms." he looked up as the lift began to slow. His hear beat faster as his anxiety grew. "See'n as yer's is Pals with Jacobs, this might be a very short term of service..." he said, the disappointment in his voice was obvious, and his body language spoke volumes.

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Catching up

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Main Engineering - 1218

Dr Moore heard the call of Zai over the comms, giving a light mmhmm in response. As they arrived on the scene, moving quickly now they were far enough away from ambassadorial prying eyes, Louise took in the situation.

Dana gave the chief a sedative in a leg right ready to trash and kick. The good doctor nodded to Reynolds who likewise threw his strength in to hold the patient still. The mountain of a man had strength, and a mechanical arm, coupled with a seizure any further calamities were entirely possible.

Soon the sedation calmed the physical nerves, enough for Louise to edge around and slap a neural sensor array at the base of Thorson's neck. Wiping out a tricorder, she began reviewing the telemetry. "I would increase dosage, 20 mm, Cook. Reynolds, not too tight on that shoulder. He could have sympathetic reactions."

((OOC assuming the changes are made))

"He's easing, but I wouldn't consider us far from the woods. The sensors show his mind is quite a hub of activity, but the responses on those neurons from the arm, it's a strange mess of signals. I'm a tad bit out of my depth when it comes to the mechanics of those pistons, the cyber arrays, and these neural responders."

"Dana," she offered across her tricorder as she heard the arrival of Zai. "Keep monitoring him, any fluctuation, hit him up with another dose then shift this inhibitor." She tapped at the screen. "It should be enough to keep the arm from flailing and hurting himself or others."

((ooc assuming she accepts))

Straightening her longcoat, Louise neared Zai as he took stock and asked what more could be done. "There is. We need someone of the chief's caliber to understand the requests and responses we are receiving from the arm. Something in the servos are sending radical amounts of data to his neural receptors. I daresay, his mind couldn't take the load of information and simply shut down. But a seizure, points to something else, something affecting his biochemistry and those signals." She glanced to the other engineers. "We need a mechanical expert to help us. We can get him moved for now. But keeping him sedated is best until these receptors can be dealt with."

((Assuming responses and actions))

Another arrived with quite the Scottish accent to make dear Louise feel right at home. Her own British tones giving a quiet affirmative. "Chief McTavish, we'll have him steadied and ready for review. When you've a moment, and a chance to review Chief Thorson's medical records, we could use an engineer's understanding of his prosthetic."

Tapping her comm, she ordered a hover stretcher and restraints to help take Thorson to medical. "Sick Bay with us. Let's keep the chief most comfortable and start analyzing this data."

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I hate work.

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Deck 2 – 1215

Another crisis drew the XO away, and Lt Lasad quickly ducked away before he could be interrogated for a record he had no part of. Making his way back to his quarters to catch his breathe again. The last few days were a blur, his side ached from bruises over healing burns. The unexpected revelation of his records, the sudden thrust into the role of Second Officer and borderline ambassadorial status had been rattled to his normal unshakable confidence.

New lesson Dio - Cargo containers and sedation do not make for rejuvenating rest! And trying to take a short nap before my meeting with Moriden at 1400 just screams disaster.
His quarters were a depressingly bland reminder of how much he'd left behind on the Melbourne in the haste to leave. At least he had his own room! He'd half expected that the crew would be stacked up like cord wood. Dio sprawled into a chair in his quarters, an enormous cup of coffee in his hand as he started to pull up status reports and tasks from the officers briefing.

First, for a note to the Hospitality staff - forwarning them of the exotic dietary restrictions and some notations of replicator recipes they could recommend if either ambassador asked them for meal suggestions. And additional reminder to all staff to keep an eye out for anyone trying to handle the Ambassadors meals.

Maybe paranoia is catching, but I don't think we can be too careful.
One report from the logistics specialist regarding some components they'd onboarded for the science officer. Some of it was pretty exotic stuff, Dio wasn't a botanist, but some of this seemed better suited for a major science installation. One informal complaint from their communication specialist Miahaya Amai - apparently the personnel manager and his quartermaster (Logistics specialist Dio!) were having near-daily fights in the stock office and the din could be heard down the hall.
No corresponding complaints from either Palmer or Brok. That confused Dio until he started pulling up their files.... Darasterlee Brok, Petty Officer 1st Class - Tellarite.

In the privacy of his quarters, he leaned back in his seat and cried out to the uncaring stars in hysterical laughter, half of it shook with tears. "Of course. Of course! Nothing about this assignment is going to be easy!"

Why hasn't Tara complained though?

Posted on 2016-05-16 at 22:52:40.

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Reassurance of a sort

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Turbolift – 1227

Lt McTavish’s anxiety was almost a palpable thing in the confines of the turbolift, Zai noticed, and, as the lift drew nearer to the bridge, the engineering officer’s edginess seemed only to grow. Shifting uneasily, the Scot muttered something under his breath drawing the Trill’s searching gaze back to him.

After a moment, McTavish, still looking at the floor of the lift said; “I’ve heard a lot of stories…” The apprehension in the man’s tone was as obvious as it was in his body language and it was likely that anxiety that caused him to swallow the words that might have come next.

We can only imagine what stories those might be, Tochi thought without speaking the words aloud, given the acrimony Jacob’s seems to harbor for Silas.
“Do ye feel yer Capt’n a fair man,” Lt McTavish asked then, his eyes finally unlocking from their contemplation of the floor and meeting Zai’s.

The Trill nodded. “We do,” he answered, “More than fair, in fact. In our experience, Silas Drake is, perhaps, one of the most forthright and honorable people we have ever had the pleasure to know.”

If those words didn’t dispel any of McTavish’s angst, they certainly seemed to free the man’s tongue a bit. “Capt'n Jacobs the Almighty,” the engineer veritably spat the words, “We dinna exactly part on the best o' terms…”

Tochi arched a brow at this, his curiosity growing in pace with McTavish’s anxiety, now.

“…See'n as yer's is pals with Jacobs,” Haemis continued, sounding and looking dejected, “this might be a very short term of service.”

“Pals?” Tochi was almost unable to stifle the laugh that wanted to follow that but, somehow, he managed to do so. There was a wry smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth, though, and he shook his head. “We don’t know what stories you might have heard about Captain Drake, Lieutenant,” Zai grinned as the lift came to a stop, “but ‘pals’ is definitely not a term I would apply to the relationship between him and Jacobs. From everything we’ve seen, Captain Jacobs harbors a serious contempt for Captain Drake. Beyond some venom-tinged professional courtesy, there’s nothing remotely friendly between the two.” The lift door whooshed open, then.

“It seems that you may have been misled as to what to expect from your new assignment, Mr McTavish,” Tochi smiled, stepping onto the bridge with the engineer in his wake, “but we’ll let you make your own determination in regards to that.”

((OOC: run with it as you will, Haemis))

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Beta Shift...............

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine Lt Reid’s Quarters – 1415

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... hrumph..zzzzzz..snorge.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....zzzzzzzzzzzz

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