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The More The Merrier.........

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine - CTO’s Office – 1250

Mathias folded his hands on his desk, showing a somewhat tired smile, "I can hardly blame you for not catching something that I missed as well, besides I'm not in the business of throwing subordinates under the bus for personal gain. I'll have a word with our new transfers and any on duty staff that may have seen something if you can compile any relevant security and transfer logs for me. I'll complete the report and present our findings to the captain. Other than that you needn't worry about anything, who ever did this was counting on the somewhat chaotic environment aboard the ship as cover and it worked, we just need to pick up the pieces now."

"I appreciate that sir." John nodded back to Berk. Then as they watched the screen another transfer name appeared.

"Well it looks like the hits just keep on coming." As they watched the transfer record of a replacement for Ensign Agris scrolled in.

"Looks like we now have an Ensign William Mathews reporting for duty.... I'll get you his bio report. Shall I call him to report here now so you interview him?"

John's finger danced over the screen as he set Ensign Mathews files to Lt. Berks PADD.

Posted on 2016-08-15 at 18:58:22.
Edited on 2016-08-15 at 19:00:32 by Odyson

Bromern Sal
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What. Just. Happened?

Stardate 2365.02.08 (Monday)
USS Peregrine - Science Lab 1, Deck 4 - 1445

He is not at all what Asovil would expect from a chemist. Those she has met in the past have all been steady and even ponderous, a result of working with hazardous materials on a day-to-day basis. Petty Officer Third Class Craig Orvill Rogers is frenetic and possibly a bit ADHD.

He barely holds himself in check as he sits before her, a large man with a thick build and an energy that belies the size. The Andorian has seen this kind of energy in smaller beings, but to witness it in someone of the petty officer’s size is more than a bit unnerving. His mop of blond hair is regulation cut, but in disarray. His blue eyes seem closely placed together giving his face a pinched look. The orbs dart about, settling on various spaces that have been emptied with Operations efforts to remove all vestiges of Lt. Tesenblen from the office as though remembering exactly what each item had been. Square is a perfect descriptor for the human male. Square and ready to explode.

“Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice, Mr. Rogers,” Asovil finds herself reluctant to be aggressive; a curiosity that she marks as something to return to later. “As the new department head, I’m taking this opportunity to get all of my ducks mowed.

“Tell me, what has been your favorite part of working under Lt. Tesenblen?”

“Ducks in a row,” Craig corrects, twisting his hands in an agitated manner just above his lap.


“Ducks in a row. You said, ‘Ducks mowed’ and that would just be messy. No point in mowing a duck. You mow a lawn, not a duck.”

“Well, yes. I suppose that would be silly.” The Andorian’s antennae twitch with the feeling of anxiety she is developing interacting with this man.


For the second time in the short duration that this meeting has been in effect, Asovil finds herself on her heels. “Freedom? What?”

“You asked what my favorite part of working under Lt. Tesenblen has been,” Craig sniffs and scratches at his extremely square jaw. “Freedom is the answer. I don’t care to be micromanaged.”

“Lt. Tesenblen allowed you to work free of supervision?” the lieutenant raised her eyebrows in surprise, her antennae mimicking the motion as they perk up. Her opinion is that this man needs constant supervision just as a young child would lest they create messes… or harm.

“Yes. And no. I provided him with reports on my projects, but I work alone and don’t… well, I’ve been told that I don’t exactly play nice with others.” the petty officer scratches at his scalp further messing his hair.

Asovil stares in surprise at the candor in Craig’s statement. “And what are you doing about that, Mr. Rogers?”

“Nothing,” he shrugs in acceptance. “I do better on my own.”

“Mr. Rogers,” Lt. Sh’iraolnas leans forward and takes on a crisp air. “I don’t find that acceptable—”

“Doesn’t matter,” he interjects. “That’s how it is. That’s how it has always been.”

“We operate as a team in this department, Mr.—”

“Sure. But I’ll stay in my lab and provide you with reports, and everyone else can work off of my findings. You can provide me with reports from their findings and I’ll determine the value of their findings pertaining to my work. It’s best that way. You’ll see.”

Closing her mouth (Asovil realizes she has had it open during his explanation of how he does things), the lieutenant swallows and furrows her brow as she considers the best way to handle the situation. Something deep inside tells her that if she presses the petty officer, he might just become unhinged. His personnel record shows high scores and a number of contributions to some major Federation projects. His preternatural tendencies to be a loner and the pretense that he’s far superior to his colleagues suggests otherwise. Taking a breath, the Andorian scientist settles on a course of action.

“I’ll review your current projects in greater detail over the next few days, Mr. Rogers,” she coldly informs him. “You may have had certain freedoms with Lt. Tesenblen, but that’s not how I operate. We’ll review your freedoms at greater length—”

“I’m sure you’ll find that my freedom to continue my research as I please is in the best interest of Starfleet.”

“Petty Officer Rogers,” Asovil rises from her chair and settles her tiny fists on the surface of her desk as she leans towards him in frustration. “When I’m talking, you aren’t. See how simple that is?”

“Point of fact,” Craig raises a finger in protest. “I did speak while you were speaking, but I wasn’t just then. So, you are correct.”

“Get out!” a finely manicured finger points out the man’s path to exit. “We’re done for the moment, Mr. Rogers. I suggest you consider your future on board this vessel, because your behavior will determine a great deal over the next short while.”

“As will yours, Lieutenant,” Craig rises from his chair and smiles pleasantly, an expression that is more unnerving than friendly. “Have a good night.”

Asovil is left to stare at his back in shock and dismay as he shuffles out of the room.

“It’s no wonder Tesenblen left you alone,” she mutters after the door slides shut. Shaking her head in absolute amazement, the lieutenant sinks back into her chair and attempts to gather her thoughts in preparation for the next personnel meeting.

Posted on 2016-08-16 at 12:34:03.
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You could cut the air with a butter knife...

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine - Bridge/Engineering Station – 1250

Haemis turned and was about to announce that the power cycle off had taken a far quicker drop off than even he had expected but stopped watching the Captain stroll from his ready room, his mouth closed as he watched what unfolded. Watching the man go from zero to 'somebody's about to die' in a matter of moments was frightening and impressive all int he same breath. Haemis was starting to wonder if the Captain might be part Klingon. To add insult to injury his Ambassadorial party arrived. He did not envy the Captain, not one bit.

Slowly he turned back to his station and began throttling back the ships warp drive revolutions to match idle speed now that the ships internal power levels were nominal. He saved that little macro away for a time they might need it again in the future, and wrote up a quick schedule for Maintenance to check on those docking power couplings jut to ensure there was no thermal damage.

He began looking through recent diagnostic logs, and what appeared to be a diagnostic schedule for the ships systems set up by the previous chief. It was a new crew but Hameis didn't want to change anything more than was needed as their was certainly enough of that to begin with. He nodded at the pre-launch systems checks, it was a different feeling being in this position.

He pulled up the engineering roster and began reading through files trying to learn more about his people and their capabilities. On a ship with this small a crew, he would likely need to call upon their other skills as well. They needed to be ready to work miracles, because that is what was expected of Starfleet Engineers.

He stole a glance around the bridge, it was going to take some getting used to this. New crew, new ship, most people he knew enjoyed it. Hameis wanted a place to call home. Maybe, just maybe this would be it. Assuming he didn't find his way to the bottom of the bowl and out with the waste. He turned back to his reading waiting for the ships departure.

Posted on 2016-08-16 at 20:30:31.

Eol Fefalas
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Sure! Let's play Kick the Tar'q! That seems safe!

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Bridge – 1245

As Captain Drake finally emerged from his Ready Room, Tochi, almost thankfully, extracted himself from the Big Chair, once more.

“Lieutenant Zai,” Drake called even as the Trill was getting to his feet and making way for the Captain to take his seat, “I see that we have decided to disconnect ear…”

Tochi had a reply ready, of course, as he had anticipated the question as soon as he had made the decision to accelerate the routine. As the Captain’s eyes drifted away from him, though, and fixed narrowly on the Andorian woman at SCI I, the Peregrine’s XO held his tongue for the moment, and, clasping his hands beside his back as he took a step to the right of the now empty command seat, simply waited for this next thread to unravel.

“And who might you be,” Drake queried, making every effort to keep his voice level.

“Sir,” Sh’iraolnas answered crisply, “I am Lieutenant junior Grade Asovil Sh’iraolnas; the new science officer for this ship.”

Even before Drake sucked in the deep breath, Zai was certain that he sensed something in the Captain’s mind go ‘POP’… Much like Tochi’s own mind had done just a short time ago.

“Lt Zai,” the Captain said, accompanying the address with a somewhat confounded glance, “please explain to me what she is talking about. Where is Lt Tesenblen?”

It was Zai’s turn to draw a measured breath, then, and, trying very hard to keep his own tone neutral and professional, said; “Lt Tesenblen has… er… been arrested by Starfleet security, sir. They have apparently seized no small portion of his lab contents, as well. I, myself, was just made aware of the situation…” Whatever he might have said next was obviated by the Captain’s infuriated cursing. He stood firm in the gale of Silas’s profane outburst (save for, perhaps, allowing his eyes to dip and regard the toes of his own boots for a fraction of a second), and, when it was over, if Tochi had been surprised by it in any fashion, it was only evidenced in the faintest lifting of a brow.

“Lt Moriden,” Drake spat in the direction of the Ops station, “open a priority channel to Starbase Security!”

We should have done that, he thought, sparing a glance at the discomfited Ops officer as she rushed to comply…

“Cmdr Jennings, here,” acknowledged the man who appeared on the viewer, “What can I do for you, Captain Drake?”

We did what was in our purview, Tochi told himself, offering a nod of silent thanks (and perhaps reassurance) to Moriden, This interaction is best left to the Captain…

“…To sneak in and remove one of my senior staff like this, to steal the property of this ship, is more than highly irregular - it's downright despicable! How dare you!”

…We hope…

“Captain, your science officer was trafficking in illegal plants and seeds,” Jennings offered, seemingly unmindful of Drake’s irritation, “several of which are dangerous or deadly. This has been going on for some time.” The Commander offered what Silas, in his current mood, would surely interpret as something of a patronizing grin as he proceeded; “Now, Captain Drake, you may wish to tread lightly here; while no one truly expects the Captain of a starship to know exactly which plants are being grown in the botany lab, the argument could be made that, as commanding officer, you are responsible for everything that happens on board. You wouldn't want such an implication, I'm sure...”

Tochi nearly cringed at that. The Trill managed to contain that reaction, though, and, instead, simply raised his brows in an expression of mild disbelief as his hands unclasped and came out from behind his back, just in case Silas might need to be physically restrained. Oh, you foolish, insolent man, he thought towards Cmdr Jennings as Silas sucked in a sharp breath,We’re afraid you’ve just poked the bear.
“First of all,” Silas hissed, “don't you dare threaten me, Commander Jennings…”

Tochi took a discreet step forward and, as he did, Ensign P’Tammah flicked an enquiring glance over her shoulder at him. He answered her unvoiced question in kind; a marginal shake of his head and the faint lifting of a hand forestalling her relinquishing the CONN.

“…Second, let the record show that you are making a mistake in arresting Lieutenant Tesenblen. The man is an exemplary officer, and while he was indeed growing some prohibited plants, he was doing do under very tight controls…”

This must have something to do with that “special project” Horatio mentioned at the staff meeting, Tochi mused, his attention sweeping over the various bridge stations before returning to the confrontation playing out between Drake and Jennings, We should have put getting the details of that project higher on our priority list. He couldn’t help but feeling that, had he done exactly that, he might have perhaps gotten out in front of the situation and, possibly, negated or, at least, minimized it’s impact. Tochi mulled that feeling for a moment; a disconcerted scowl beginning to work it’s way onto his visage.

“…Finally, sir, let me offer you a piece of advice,” Captain Drake’s voice had taken on a tone of menacing calm, now, and the change in timbre snatched the XO back from his inward contemplation, “Do not ever let me catch you on board a vessel I command, unless you have prior authorization and have cleared it with me personally. If it happens again, Commander, I will consider you to be an unlawful intruder, and will treat you and your team as such. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

The grimace previously threatening to overtake Tochi’s features morphed into something else, then; his brows raised slightly and a roguish grin started to reverse the downward turn of his mouth. That grin bloomed fuller when a dumbfounded Jennings’ eyes went wide and he seemed to be chewing on a response that Silas was loath to letting him have…

“Drake, out,” the Captain spat, prompting Moriden to instantly close the channel. He took a moment to try and compose himself, then, before turning toward the tactical station and demanded answers from Lt Berk, albeit with a considerably less vitriolic tone than that with which he addressed Jennings.

Berk, of course, dutifully complied to the order; turning TAC over to Ens Blackmon as he excused himself from the bridge to ferret out answers to the Captain’s questions. As the CTO strode for the turbolift, Tochi nodded to Vaela and, in response, she rose from the CONN and followed in Berk’s wake. Appropriately enough, the lift doors opened to reveal the Peregrine’s guests and their escorts on the other side.

Lt Zai assumed the CONN as the diplomats stepped onto the bridge. Anything that Silas had to say to him – or, for that matter, anything Tochi might have had to say to Silas – in regards to these latest personnel developments would have to wait for a later time. He pushed it all to the back of his mind, now, and, as Drake welcomed Threel and D’Lar, focused instead on the console before him…

“Ambassadors,” he heard the Captain say in a tone much more even than he’d used moments ago, “Thank you for joining us. We will depart Starbase 118 momentarily.”

…Tochi’s eyes skimmed the displays and his fingers danced over the controls as he finalized the separation protocols. “External Support draw-down is complete, Captain,” Tochi advised for the sake of protocol, “Reaction Control Systems and impulse engines are online. The Peregrine is ready when you are, sir. We'll coordinate with the Coronado and see where they stand.”

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Getting the Dirt...

Stardate 2365.02.08 (Monday)
USS Peregrine - Science Lab 1, Deck 4 - 1500

Taking a few minutes to recover from her last meeting allows Asovil to collect herself and prep for the next. Reviewing the personnel file for Petty Officer Second Class Kelsie Anne Prudnikov forces the disastrous encounter with Petty Officer Third Class Rogers back to a darker recess of her very active mind. She will continue to consider how best to work with the insufferable man, but in the meantime, she still has the rest of the department to meet and review. The issue of Lt. Tesenblen’s illegal behavior (even with Captain Drake’s foreknowledge) deeply bothers the new science officer. Science is a regulated and highly structured vocation that requires following rules for safety and purposes of validation, credence within the scientific community, and sanction by the Federation of Planets. That Lt. Tesenblen stepped outside of these boundaries makes him a danger to all that are in proximity.

Andorians have a work of fiction called Pleth’ri Olak Progna, which translates to Monsters Within Oneself. Asovil had first discovered a worn copy of the manuscript within the Illustrious Library at the Academy for Arts and Sciences when she was a First Year. She had devoured the story of an Andorian scientist—a biologist named Kyn Th'raqel—who had deemed his work so important to the scientific community that he had ignored the regulations imposed by the Imperial Sciences Division. His experiments had been with regenerative properties of the Andorian creature called the Pikt’orthic (translated to something akin to an ice toad) and the integration of DNA into Andorian subjects. Beautifully illustrated with poetic words, Pleth’ri Olak Progna captivated the young Andorian woman as it unfolded, first revealing the motivation of the protagonist (for that is truly how Dr. Kyn Th’raqel is portrayed within the book) as the loss of one child to a degenerative disease and the discovery that his other child and his wife both suffered from the same disease; then describing his singular focus on the creation of a cure that not only distances him from his family, but encompasses his every thought. At the crecendo, the good scientist has become so enthralled with the possibility of a cure using the regenerative DNA and his unproven theory that when he receives a censorship from the Imperial Science Division he determines to conduct his experiments in secret. Ultimately, he needs a test subject, and unwilling to risk his wife and child, he infects himself with the disease, waits for the incubation period to transpire and symptoms to show, and then injects himself with the theorized cure. The results are a hybrid version of the disease that is unkillable due to the regenerative cells introduced from the Pikt’orthic into the syrum. Within the tale, the population of the entire planet is wiped out by the disease within the year, leaving a wasteland memory of the Andorian people to be discovered by a returning merchant starship that then carries the disease to other planets where it mutates to claim those populations. Pleth’ri Olak Progna is a harrowing tale and a constant reminder to Asovil that the rules and regulations are in place for a reason.

Shaking herself from the memory and its association with Lt. Tesenblen’s decisions, not to mention Captain Drake’s allowance of such experiments on board the Peregrine, the Andorian scientist makes her way across the office to the replictor.

“Computer,” she intones. “Katheka, seventy-one point one degrees celsius.”

As the machine works to comply, Asovil returns to the file on the PADD. Petty Officer Second Class Prudnikov is an Earth-born human—So far, the department seems highly Terran-sided.—with a Masters in Geoscience and a Doctorate in Earth and Planetary Sciences. Her contributions are noted in many publications... fifteen to be exact, and she has served as a consultant on three Federation mining projects that all turned brilliant results. Out of all of the members of her department, the lieutenant has been most impressed by Mr. Prudnikov.

=/\= Beep =/\=

“Come.” The command to enter issued, Asovil gently takes up the replicated blue ceramic mug containing her hot beverage and makes her way back to the desk.

“Petty Officer Second Class Prudnikov, sir,” Kelsie informs her superior officer as she enters.

Lt. Sh’iroalnas looks up from where she’s placed the steaming cup of dark brown liquid and is met by a woman easily as tall as she is with shoulder-length blond hair swept back over her ears. She’s a strong-looking woman with a warrior’s build, and yet still feminine in her blue and black uniform. Her eyes are a mix of blue and green depending on the way the light touches them. Her features are angular and somewhat sharp, but that only enhances the intelligent appearance she carries herself with. Her pale complexion and light freckling plays with the image of mature authority but doesn’t diminish it in any way.

“Please,” Asovil motions to one of the two chairs and then sits herself comfortably behind the desk. “Thank you for extending your shift to meet with me.”

“Thank you for inviting me,” Kelsie’s easy response invites a small feeling of relief to emerge in the Andorian. This did not appear to be another Mr. Roger’s encounter.

“I don’t want to take too much of your time, Mr. Prudnikov. I would, however, like to get to know you a little while learning more about your history in this department.”

Chief Prudnikov smiles, revealing perfect white teeth and a friendly appearance. “I’d imagine you’re also curious as to my involvement with Lt. Tesenblen’s experiments.”

“I am, as a matter-of-fact,” Asovil raises her eyebrows and returns the smile.

“It only makes sense.” Kelsie leans forward and gently touches the desk with three fingers on her right hand. Asovil notices that the woman’s nails are manicured, but cut short enough so as not to invite a break while she’s working in the dirt. “I can assure you that my involvement was limited to nothing more than consulting on prime soil conditioning for certain plant types. It was a joint effort really. Chief Rogers would work with Lt. Tesenblen on the chemical composition of fertilizer and potential growth stimulants while I’d provide the data on prime soil particulates and compounds to enrich the dirt. The details as to what plants Lt. Tesenblen was working with, or the specifics behind his personal experiments, weren’t something I was privy to. I figured he was jealous of his privacy and worked within the parameters he provided. That work, by the way, was a very small part of my overall assignments. I’d give it less than one percent, if pressed for a number.”

Lt. Sh’iraolnas gives Chief Prudnikov an appreciative nod, her antennae reaching forward. “Very forthcoming, Chief.”

“What can I say?” Kelsie’s accompanying laugh was very close to a cackle. “I was as surprised as anyone when Dalia—oh, sorry—Ensign Maize, told me about Lt. Tesenblen’s arrest.”

“Are you aware that the botany lab has been cleaned out?”

The chief shrugs, “Wouldn’t expect anything else, under the circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, Lt. Tesenblen is a nice fella, but when Starfleet comes knocking down your door one can only assume that you’ve done something pretty heinous. I’d be shocked to find any indication that Tesenblen worked within these labs not completely confiscated, and if Security hadn’t done so; well, frankly, I’d be disappointed in them.”

“Do you still have any of the records on the work you did for him?”

“You know? I haven’t checked,” Kelsie settled back in her seat and crossed her legs at the knee. “I’ll let you know as soon as I can, though, sir.”

“Thank you, Chief.” Asovil has decided that she likes this woman. “One last question. Has Lt. Tesenblen’s arrest caused you any duress in your experiments?”

“I don’t believe so, Lieutenant,” Chief Prudnikov shrugs a little. “He was pretty hands-off when it came to my work. My current focus is working with a small team of geologists and botanists who are planetside on a small moon near the Neutral Zone. If I need anything, I’ll be sure to pipe up.”

“Then I’ll look forward to your reports, Chief. Thank you again for your time.”

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Time draws on...

Stardate 2365.02.08 (Monday)
USS Peregrine - Science Lab 1, Deck 4 - 1515

Discussions with Petty Officer First Class Steven Gaultier had opened with a brief introduction and since progressed into a candid interview. Gaultier is a man of average build and height with brown, regulation cut hair and a beard and mustaches, hazel eyes, and a weathered and worn face. Asovil is amused by his perpetual expression of weariness—even his actions, expressions, and movement is that of a man who is worn to his very soul. Even with these affectations, the corner of his mouth will twitch, or his hand with be afflicted by a small jump in the joint of his thumb, or his head will give a very slight jerk and he is constantly wetting his lips with the tip of his tongue.

During the introductions, the lieutenant touched on his academic achievements; his multiple masters degrees and his obvious penchant for biological studies. All such attempts at small talk have been met with direct and honest answers, but have also revealed more and more of his nervous tics.

“Tell me about your work with Lt. Tesenblen, Mr. Gaultier,” Asovil brings the conversation around to the point at hand, following the question up with a sip from her cup. The bitter-tasting Andorian drink soothes her nerves (still slightly frayed from her interaction with Petty Officer Rogers) and gave her a much needed boost in energy.

“Starbase security asked me the same thing just a few hours ago, Lieutenant,” Steven blinks blandly at her. “Wouldn’t my response be in the records?”

“More than likely, Petty Officer,” the Andorian replies easily and sets her mug back on the desk. “But I’d like to hear it from your mouth, if you don’t mind. You know the saying, from the horse’s ass…”

Petty Officer Gaultier’s brow furrows and his tongue flicks out for a second before vanishing back into his mouth. “I don’t think that’s how the saying goes. I think you mean to say, from the horse’s mouth.”

“Yes, well,” Asovil’s antennae drop in embarrassment. “That is what I mean to say. I’d like to hear it straight from you.”

“Of course,” Steven allows his eyes to drift about as he continues with a sigh. “There were, of course, the occasional away missions that required my expertise. These have all been documented in my reports, and never was there anything I’d consider worthy of misconduct on Lt. Tesenblen’s part.

“On the ship, he would review my reports with me and keep updated on the progress I’d make, but his work and mine only crossed when we would compare previously undocumented life forms and plants. During these circumstances, he was always professional and carried himself with the utmost respect for the uniform.”

“In other words,” Asovil wraps up the man’s boring report. “You’ve nothing but respect for him?”

“Well, for the most part.”

“What about the other… uh, parts?”

“I’ve been uncomfortable with some of the experiments he was prone to undertake. My reason for steering clear of the botany lab, really.” Petty Officer Gaultier twists his head to relieve tension in the neck. “And the way he would by-pass Starfleet regulations—I mean, he made sure that the experiments were contained, but the way he went about things always set me on edge. Nice guy and all, but we can’t expect Captain Drake to fully understand the ramifications of every project in the department. That’s why the senior science officer is supposed to maintain—well, you know. Here I am telling you what your job entails.”

“Not at all a problem, Petty Officer. Do you know if any of the others in the department feel the same way you do?” Asovil presses.

“There’s talk on occasion, sure.” Steven slumps in his chair and places a hand on each knee, studying them as though they don’t belong there. “I mean, even Ensign Maize has voiced concern on a couple of occasions.”

“To Lt. Tesenblen?”

“Yup. I overheard at least one conversation like that, anyway.”

“But, surely, Lt. Tesenblen had the support of the department?”

“Well, sure,” the Petty Officer raises his eyebrows non-committedly. “He’s the ranking officer. A department can’t really function if the rank and file don’t fall in when told to, right?”

“What of Tesenblen’s recent projects? Are you familiar with what was going on just before he was removed from the Peregrine?”

“Ensign Maize had let me know that there was another project I’d want to avoid in Botany,” the man’s eyes returned to a lazy scan of the room. “Something involving wolves bane, or something like that. Rare plants were kinda the Lieutenant’s catnip.”

“This wolves bane,” Asovil leans forward. “It was mentioned by Captain Drake. Can you tell me more about it and the experiment involving it?”

“Nope. Don’t know much about it, personally. Ensign Maize might.” Steven offered a miniscule shrug. “All I know is that the herb is used in various Terran literature from the early centuries on. You know? Classics?”

“In what way?”

“Well, Shakespeare wrote it into his plays as poison used by the villains if I remember correctly. Again, not really my thing, but if Lt. Tesenblen had it on board the Peregrine, that could’ve been the final straw.” Petty Officer Gaultier’s tongue appeared again and then retreated. “But then, this is all speculation, Lieutenant. I wouldn’t take any of it as gospel.”


“Religion,” Steven motioned a hand loosely into the air. “Law, ultimate truth, the end all be all?”

“Right. And, your current projects, are they in order?”

“Yup. You can access my latest reports complete with Lt. Tesenblen’s comments any time you’d like, sir.”

“Fantastic.” Lt. Sh’iraolnas settles back into her chair and lifts her drink once more, pausing just long enough to ask, “Is there anything about this department, or ship, that you think I should know, Petty Officer Gaultier?”

Steven sits quietly and looks to the ceiling for answers. His consideration of the question is thorough and his answer is straight, “Rumor has it that someone’s out to get Captain Drake. Like, not physically, but politically. The crew is pretty much on edge due to the recent changes in senior personnel and I hear tell that the Coronado’s captain doesn’t care much for ours. So, that’s adding to the rumor mill. Don’t know why someone would want to have at Captain Drake; the man’s been nothing but a good captain near as I can tell. Of course, everyone has a past, but I thought that you’d likely want to know about that seeing how you’re senior staff and all.

“Oh, and Chief Rogers is a little odd. I get a really creepy feeling around that guy. Can’t offer any legitimate proof of wrongdoing, but I’d keep my eye on him if I were you.

“And don’t ever order the prime ribs from the replicator. The program’s off and it tastes like something we jettison into space.

“Aside from that, welcome to the Peregrine, Lt. Sh’iraolnas. It’ll be nice having a different point of view in this department. We’re entirely too Terran, if you ask me.”

Antennae standing straight up, Asovil smiles pleasantly at the weary petty officer. “Thank you,” she says. “I appreciate your openness, Petty Officer Gaultier. I’ll certainly take heed of your suggestions.”

As Petty Officer 1st Class Gaultier takes his leave, Asovil sips at her Katheka and considers the information she has just been fed. She isn’t sure that she likes the prospects of a ship under a captain that has a target on his back. The concept causes the gloom that had built up after receiving this assignment to bloom again. An escort vessel with dignitaries on board—that alone bears recognition. Shouldn’t the ambassadors be on the Coronado ? Glancing at the time displayed on the PADD, Lt. Sh’iraolnas finds irritation and offense being added to the swirling cloud of gloom. I’d really like an explanation of the mission and what’s going on aboard this ship, she growls internally. Captain Drake, you may have had your hands full leaving the starbase, but that’s no reason to completely ignore the arrival of new senior staff. The Andorian feels anger start to build as well, and sips the hot liquid to temper it. He has had a full day, she muses. His reaction upon seeing me on the bridge wasn’t exactly inviting, but how can I be effective in this role without knowing what’s going on?

The thoughts carry her into her next meeting, unanswered and not at all unwarranted.

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I Believe..............

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Lt. Reid’s Quarters – 1300

John finalized the report summary for Lt. Berk to submit to Captain Drake. The cascade of events seemed just too much to be coincidence. There was just too much wrong with this actions.

As Berk took the PADD and headed to report their findings to the Captain John headed back to his quarters. There had been tension between himself and his new CO but now Berks words hung in his thoughts. “I'm not in the business of throwing subordinates under the bus for personal gain. It was part of his upbringing to give trust to the trustworthy and Lt. Berk had shown himself to be worthy.

The door whoosed close behind him as he stepped into his room. The events of the day weighed on his mind. He had sworn to uphold the ideals of Starfleet and to promote the rules of Justice throughout their dealings. But now someone was turning those rules to injustice and likely for personal reasons. Something needed to be done but John had no hard facts to work on.

From the dresser drawer the young security officer removed the familiar cloth pouch. Holding it often helped him clear his thought, to separate anger and think logically. The heirloom defined to him meaning of Justice. Laws are written to bring calm from chaos. But it is through the use of those laws to that justice is served. He had to remember the true meaning of Justice: the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments.

Sliding the crystal clear form from the cloth John gazed at the Silver 45 caliber bullet encased inside. The words from one of the line of the family creed spoke to him, “I believe that all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever. John now understood that he must do his best to find the truth of what was happening to his Captain and his ship.

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Getting to the bottom of things...

Stardate 2365.02.08 (Monday)
USS Peregrine - Science Lab 1, Deck 4 - 1530

Chief Petty Officer Lauren Crane looks decidedly nervous, Asovil observes with some curiosity. The woman’s record shows a specialty in genetics, but the Andorian science officer hasn’t missed the degrees in botany, nor the second position assignments to many of Lt. Tesenblen’s projects. While this alone will not condone automatic condemnation on the lieutenant’s part, the nervousness certainly doesn’t protect Chief Crane from suspicion.

Lauren Crane is a woman of small stature with brown hair cascading down in wavy curls below the line of her shoulders. She’s fit and has an olive tint to her skin. It is obvious that she takes care of herself and while she stays within Starfleet regulation, she is definitely concerned with her appearance. Brown eyes show quick intelligence and the natural set of her full lips show a willingness for humor, though she tries her best to present a serious and sober front.

Seated across from a superior officer who has been assigned the position in volatile circumstances has no small impact on the demeanor of subordinate staff. Of this, Asovil is very aware, and she attempts to keep the circumstances in mind during the interview.

“Chief Crane,” the Andorian uses the back of her hand to gently move the mug of Katheka to the left of her while purposefully focusing her attention on the PADD presenting Crane’s personnel file held in her right hand. “I’m going to be straight with you. I believe that you’ll appreciate the approach as your file shows that you’re quite accomplished, and that only happens when one is focused on results.

“The arrest of Lt. Tesenblen has led me to believe that there are some improprieties within this department that I am determined to put an immediate end to.”

Asovil looks up from the list of projects Lauren Crane is showing second position to Lt. Tesenblen on and meets the chief’s wide eyed expression. “That being said, is there anything that you want to share with me?”

Lauren blinks three or four times and chews on the inside of her bottom lip while Lt. Sh’iraolnas waits patiently. Finally deciding on her course, Chief Crane shifts a little in her seat and states, “Lt. Tesenblen is a friend, sir, and a good person. The work that we did together is for the good of the Federation, but I do regret the means by which certain projects were undertaken.”

“Very politic of you, Chief,” the lieutenant acknowledges with a barely perceptible curl to her antennae. “In this statement, you’ve neither admitted to any wrongdoing on your part, or Lt. Tesenblen’s, while at the same time avoiding condoning the acts that likely ended the Lieutenant’s Starfleet career.”

Asovil sets the PADD down and places her elbows on either side of it as she laces her fingers before her and intently leans forward, “If Starfleet had wanted to bring charges against you, Chief, I’m sure you would have been escorted off this ship along with your friend.

“Keep in mind that while Starfleet has chosen to overlook involvement from this department’s staff in Tesenblen’s unlawful actions, I do not.”

“Yes, sir,” Lauren’s flesh takes on a considerable green tinge and her lips tighten.

“Now,” Lt. Sh’iraolnas drops the volume of her voice. “Would you like to revise your statement?”

Chief Crane develops a discomfort and is forced to shift again in her chair. Tugging at the waist of her uniform, she straightens and breathes deeply in through her nose. “Lt. Tesenblen was my superior officer, sir. I did question some of his methods, but once he made up his mind, there was nothing to be done about it. So, I took the opportunities he gave to me and tried to make the best of them.” Lauren pauses, her mouth open slightly as she ponders her next words. Twice, she closes, then opens her mouth again before finally continuing. “I couldn’t get over the risks he was taking, sir. Every time I entered the Botany Lab and saw those specimens sitting there in containment… my thoughts kept turning to the possibility for horrible things that could happen. When our current mission was disclosed it occurred to me that something really bad could happen were the contents of the lab to be discovered and used by one side against the other, and then… well, then I heard that the ambassadors were bunking on the Peregrine and I knew—I just knew—that everything had escalated.

“I approached Lt. Tesenblen about my concerns, but he assured me that the specimens were under lock and key, and that there wasn’t any threat to the ambassadors. He even went so far as to tell me that Captain Drake had authorized the experiments, and that he’d submitted a report to the captain detailing how he had secured the specimens. He was so confident, sir, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. So, I submitted my concerns to Starbase Security.

“I didn’t know they would react so harshly,” Lauren hurries to explain, her face flushing with emotion and her brown eyes welling up with tears. “I thought they might just confiscate the specimen and that would be the end of things. I’m sorry for what happened to Lt. Tesenblen, but I still firmly believe that a threat to the success of the Peregrine’s mission was nullified.”

During the confession, the Andorian’s antennae relax and her face softens. Before her sits a woman who is terrified that her actions have destroyed the life of a friend for the sake of protecting the mission’s integrity. The lieutenant realizes that Lauren is likely filled with guilt and as the tears start to roll down the small woman’s cheeks, she is struck by the conundrum facing her. On one hand, Chief Crane has acted in what she believed was the best interest of the ship and her mission. On the other hand, she has by-passed ship protocol which wound up with a member of the senior staff being surreptitiously removed from the ship. Captain Drake is clearly irate over the whole event, and it is also apparent that no one has yet discovered Lauren’s message to the Starbase, or Asovil is positive the woman would be facing a dressing down by the furious captain and possible time in the brig for mutiny.

Casting her sapphire eyes about for some sign of an article by which Lauren could relieve her waterworks, the Andorian lieutenant comes up short. Ops has done a very good job of clearing out the office. Feeling an urge to offer some comfort, Asovil forces herself to maintain the countenance of an officer dealing with questionable behavior of a subordinate—no small task, at the onset.

“Chief Crane,” she affects a crisp tone that condones no nonsense. “I appreciate your willingness to be open in the face of the apparent challenges you’ll be experiencing over the next while. Doing so shows no small degree of bravery as, I might add, acting on the potential for a threat to the mission does. However, there’s protocol, Mr. Crane, and you went outside of that protocol no less so that Lt. Tesenblen did to work on his projects. You have to know that there are going to be consequences.”

Lauren nods and sniffs, wiping away the tears with the back of her right hand. She forces herself to look up and meet her commanding officer’s compassionate gaze, “I’m prepared to take whatever consequences come my way, sir.”

“I’ve no doubt,” Asovil breathes and slowly unlaces her fingers to lean back in her chair. “For the time being, Chief, I’m going to confine you to your quarters. I’ll discuss the situation with the captain and will let you know as soon as I have news.

“Do any of your projects need substitute supervision?”

“There are a couple, sir.”

“Who would you suggest take on that duty in your absence, Chief?”

“Perhaps Crewman Scheuermann, sir?”

“Fine,” the Andorian scientist breathes out slowly and places her hands on the edge of her desk to stand up indicating that the meeting is over. “I’ll make sure that happens. Please provide me with the project names and make sure that those files are updated with the information Crewman Scheuermann will need to continue your work for the duration.


“Yes, sir?” Lauren also stands and straightens her uniform. Sniffling, she does her best to wipe away any indication that she has been emotional which turns out to be an impossible task as her cheeks are ruddy and her nose and eyes are red from the cry.

“News travels fast on ships such as the Peregrine. I will only be talking to senior staff about your situation, and then, only those who need to know. I am not familiar with these individuals and cannot vouch for their discretion. I would hope that they will all be well aware of the damage leaking such information can cause, but just to be safe you need to make sure you honor the confinement. There are those who will likely view your actions as disloyal to Captain Drake and this ship. Be aware and take the appropriate precautions.”

“Yes, sir.”

As Lauren leaves her office, Asovil notes that she is carrying herself with the slumped shoulders and lowered head of a condemned criminal. The Andorian can imagine the worst case scenario taking place once she meets with Captain Drake and discloses the breach, so she can certainly understand the woman’s demeanor. Lauren Crane is likely thinking that her career has been cut short just like Lt. Tesenblen’s, and she has every reason to believe that she’ll not see outside of her quarters, or the brig, for the remainder of the mission. Lt. Sh’iraolnas feels a certain sense of camaraderie with the chief. After all, isn’t this assignment essentially a consequence of my own actions, justified though they may have been? she asks herself as she settles back into her chair.

“One more meeting,” Asovil mutters and takes another sip of her cooled drink. She wonders briefly if Ensign Maize knew anything of Lauren’s actions. As the Assistant Science Officer, Maize would have been privy to most of Tesenblen’s actions. Perhaps Chief Crane wasn’t going to be the only one receiving disciplinary action.

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At the end of the day.... the day's not ended...

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Deck 2: Foreward Corridor – 1505

The duty shift was over, at last, and, had this been any other day, Tochi imagined, he would have been happy to have taken an hour or so for himself – having a nice meal in the Officers’ Mess or Obs Lounge; perhaps, spending some time in the holosuite with a grand Trillian piano; or, even in Shuttle Bay 2 tinkering with a special project he had begun with Eric several months ago. This wasn’t any other day, though, and this duty shift had been unlike any other he had experienced in quite some time…

And there are still things to which we need to attend, he sighed, rubbing at one spot-dappled temple as he strode down the corridor towards his quarters. The XO’s work is never done, it seems, Tochi added with an almost weary chuckle, Especially today.
…He found himself thinking about the old Terran adage of Murphy’s Law as the door to his quarters whisked away before him. “If anything can go wrong, it will,” the Trill recited aloud as he strode toward the washroom. Resting his hands on the edge of the vanity he blinked at his own reflection for a moment, thinking that, if nothing else, the weary and irritated set to his features proved that to be true. On the other hand, though, he decided as he held his hands under the sink’s spigot and filled his cupped plams with cold water, things hadn’t necessarily gone wrong

Just sideways, he tired to convince himself as he splashed cold water on his face, rubbing it into his eyes as if that might actually stop the burning, there. We… all of us… did the best we could be expected to given the circumstances. So, maybe, Murphy’s law isn’t precisely appropriate.
He wiped the water from his face and regarded his reflection, once more; the countenance that confronted him, though, didn’t seem to share the same conviction as his thoughts. His eyes were bleary; his brow furrowed with concern that no amount of optimism could erase. He just looked… tired…

“Computer,” he murmured, still blinking at his reflection and thinking about all the things he had yet to address before he could truly feel “at ease” with what he’d done with the day, “Time?”

=/\=It is currently 1508 hours, Galactic Standard Time,=/\= the ever-calm, synthesized voice of the computer imparted.

“Location of Lt junior Grade Sh’iraolnas,” Tochi prompted further.

The computer seemed to take a bit longer with that question and Tochi was already stripping out of his tunic when it responded; =/\=Lt Sh’iraolnas is in the CSO’s office; Deck 4…=/\=

“Alone?” Tochi inquired, cutting off any further details that the ship’s computer was prone to provide.

=/\=Negative,=/\= came the reply, =/\=PO1 Gaultier is also present. Lt Sh’iraolnas has also entertained the following visitors, in the same location, over the course of the last one point zero-six hours: Crewman Scheurman; 1415 to 1429, Crewman Petra; 1430 to 1443, PO3 Rogers; 1445 to…=/\=

“Thank you,” Tochi grumbled, silencing the computer’s recitation of the new CSO’s recent itinerary. Still interviewing her staff, it would seem, he decided, his eyes flicking toward the shower for an instant, We really do owe her an apology for the frenzied nature of her arrival… or, at the very least, a proper welcome…
He mentally ticked off the number of personnel in the science department, then. Time enough for a shower, then, he imagined, factoring in the average time of the new lieutenant’s interviews with her staff, if only a quick one. Much better to approach this as stress-free as possible, right?

Several minutes later, Lt Zai emerged from the shower with a greater majority of the day’s stress washed from his body if not, completely, from his mind. He debated, for a moment, as to whether or not to redress in a uniform or, as he was wont to do, just now, something a bit more casual. In the end, he opted for the uniform, garbing himself in a fresh set of reds, and packed his fencing whites and his blade into a duffel bag that he slung over his shoulder before leaving his quarters behind him and making for the turbolift.

“Computer: Is Lt Sh’iraolnas still in her office,” he queried, waiting for the lift door to open.

=/\=Affirmative. Lt Sh’iraolnas is currently in the CSO’s office, along with CPO Crane. The two have been engaged since…=/\=

“Thank you,” Tochi said, cutting the computer off again as the lift door opened and he stepped aboard. “Deck 4,” he ordered once he’d stepped inside and the door had shut again.

Less than a minute later, Tochi Zai found himself strolling down the corridors of deck 4 and, shortly thereafter, standing outside of Lt Tesenble… Lt Sh’iraolnas’, rather… office and, just as he was about to queue the chime to request permission to enter, the door shooshed open and a rather startled Lauren Crane nearly ran face first into his chest.

“Oh! Excuse me, sir,” CPO Crane blinked, drawing up just short of thumping into the Trill XO, “I… uh… I’m sorry… I…”

Tochi offered an unperturbed grin and stepped to the side, permitting unhindered access to the corridor. “Quite alright, Lauren,” he grinned, “Hectic day all around, yes?”

Something of a flush hit the petty officer’s cheeks, then, and, from behind a decidedly sheepish smile, she answered; “Yessir. Excuse me, sir,” and, whisking past him, disappeared down the hallway.

The Trill arched a brow at PO Crane’s curious response but, in the end, dismissed it as nothing more than anxiety attributable to the day’s events and, with a faint nod in response to the CPO’s reply, stepped through the still open portal to Lt Sh’iraolnas’ office. In the absence of a chime, he rapped on the inner frame of the door just before he set his duffel down just on the inside of it…

“Good afternoon, lieutenant,” he smiled, his eyes fixing on the young Andorian behind the desk, “We hope we’re not intruding…”

((OOC: Okay… so, just a “set up,” here… Brom and I will collab, in one form or another, on the conversation that follows and one of us will post the results… Stay tuned!))

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A more appropriate welcome

((What follows is a 'transcript' of a chat RP between Brom and myself))

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Deck 4: CSO’s Office – 1538

The Trill arched a brow at PO Crane’s curious response but, in the end, dismissed it as nothing more than anxiety attributable to the day’s events and, with a faint nod in response to the CPO’s reply, stepped through the still open portal to Lt Sh’iraolnas’ office. In the absence of a chime, he rapped on the inner frame of the door just before he set his duffel down just on the inside of it…

“Good afternoon, lieutenant,” he smiled, his eyes fixing on the young Andorian behind the desk, “We hope we’re not intruding…”

Asovil blinks away her thoughts in rapid succession and springs from her chair to attention, snapping off a salute. “Not at all, sir. Please, come in.”

Tochi grins and steps further into the office, his gaze taking in the relative emptiness of it, now, but dismissing it as personalization isn’t likely among the Andorian woman’s top priorities. He takes a step or two closer to her desk but stops short of taking a seat. “I’m afraid we ow you an apology, Lt,” he offers before she can say anything else, “We’ve heard talks of your rather undignified arrival and, we’re afraid, that is, in large part, due to our actions. We hope you won’t hold it against us.”

He gestures to one of the chairs, then; “May I?”

“Please,” the lieutenant excuses the XO’s offer with a wave of her hand and motions to the chair, her stomach suddenly in a flutter. “From what I understand, the conditions of my arrival are the least of the concerns.”

The Trill almost snickers but contains the reation to something of a muffled snort as he nods his thanks and takes a seat across the desk from her. “Indeed,” he grins, “but, still, the stress of the day drove our actions when a calmer mind might’ve made more headway, so, please, don’t take the circumstances of your rushed arrival reflect poorly on your new post. We’re certainly happy to have you regardless of the unexpectedness of your transfer.” He settles into the chair and seems to relax just a bit more than he probably should in such a professional encounter.

In typical Andorian fashion, Lt Sh’iraolnas’ head tilts slightly to the side and her brow furrows in concert with her antennae lowering. “I would suggest that you hold off on that particular assumption until you get to know me better, sir…

You’re aware of the reason behind my transfer, yes?”

“We’re aware,” he says in the wake of a slow sigh, “that you were likely as surprised as we were in rgards to those orders, Lieutenant, yes.” Assuming a casual posture in his seat Tochi continues; “and we are also aware that Lt Tesenblen’s apprehension played a large part in it. However, neither the Captain nor myself were made aware that there was an issue with Lt Tesenblen’s research that warranted such scrutiny.”

It wasn’t a complete fabrication. Silas had obviously known something about the poisonous plants that Horatio had been cultivating, he just hadn’t seen fit to share it with Tochi as yet.

“Oh,” Asovil’s antennae perk up, “I wasn’t referring to Lt Tesenblen, sir. I was referring to my recent circumstances. Lt Tesenblen’s arrest is an entirely different situation. I was planning on requesting a meeting with the Captain about that issue after my staff interviews.”

The XO arches a brow at that and leans forward just a bit. “Your recent circumstances?”

“I take it you’ve not yet read through my dossier,” the Andorian frowns and brushes some errant hair from her mouth.

“When reviewed your jacket, Lieutenant, we saw nothing to give us pause.” He offered a smile, then, that might have been interpreted as conspiratorial… maybe even playful; “Are you hiding something?”

“I was recently demoted, sir. For striking a superior officer. That’s why I’ve been reassigned from the science post to the Peregrine.”

Tochi couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Striking a superior officer? You think we’d have a negative opinion of you for a single infraction such as that, Mr Sh’iraolnas?”

Asovil’s frown deepened in confusion. “Well, yes, sir.”

Still chuckling, Lt Zai shook his head slowly. “Lieutenant, have you taken the time to review Captain Drake’s dossier… or even my own?”

“No, sir.” To the Andorian, researching up the line beyond just the public records would be out of line. She wondered if this was a test.

Tochi leaned forward, rested his hands on the edge of her desk, and offered his most charming fly-boy smile. “You’ve been assigned to a crew of misfits, Lieutenant,” he grinned…

With her aspirations, the XO’s description of the crew was less than comforting.

“…Each of us aboard the Peregrine has something in their jacket that might make the elite in Starfleet cringe on some level. But, in the same breath, each of us on this ship have something to which those same Starfleet elite could never hope to aspire…”

He paused for a long moment, smiling as if he expected her to ferret out the particular quality he had just mentioned. When she didn’t, though, he rapped the fingers of one hand on the edge of her desk and said; “Individuality, Mr Sh’iraolnas!

A drive to be set apart from the status quo and to be recognized for who and what we are as opposed to solely what might be expected from us in the form and function of regulation.”

“It is neither my experience, nor my philosophy, sir,” the scientist courageously counters, “that those who are overly ‘individual’ in their approach to working aboard a starship could be considered a benefit. And, if we’re referring strictly to the reason I struck my superior, sir, it had nothing to do with trying to set myself apart from the status quo. The man was an insufferable Olk’nak who continued to test the limits of my patience with his personal conduct…”

The Trill settled back into his seat at that, still smiling, but steepling his fingers together as he considered her words and studied her from across the desk; listening intently as she continued to speak and explain an incident that he hadn’t bothered to fully review.

“…If you would like to discuss Lt Tesenblen’s reason for avoiding regulation, I will, of course, listen, but I must inform you at the onset that I do not agree with by-passing safety regulations.”

“Tell me, Asovil,” Tochi said, his grin brightening a bit, “We may call you Asovil, yes?”

The lieutenant is caught off guard by the Trill’s genuine friendliness; “Uh, yes, sir.”

He nods, places a hand to his chest and smiles; “Tochi.”

“So, Asovil,” he continues, “we understand your need to adhere to rules and regulations, it’s Starfleet policy, after all, and, perhaps, a trait drilled into you all the more by your service with the Imperial Guard. That said, there also comes a point in one’s life… one’s career,” this last said with an emotive spreading of the Trill’s hands, “that questioning that rigid structure is of more service to the cause that blind compliance. One must feel free to explore all of the options presented without bias or judgement before determining the best and, likely, most beneficial course of action, correct? That is what sciencwe teaches us, is it not?””

The XO’s return to the topic of their conversation allows Asovil to regain her footing. “Perhaps, sir. However, I have reason to believe that Lt Tesenblen’s decisions could have potentially caused trouble with the Peregrine’s current mission.”

Tochi nods at the woman’s observation. “Agreed,” he concedes, “Had we been made aware of the nature of Lt Tesenblen’s experiments, we, too, would have likely raised similar concerns. We would not, however, have used those concerns to throw an otherwise trustworthy and dedicated counterpart to the wolves, as it were.”

“Sir,” Asovil folds her hands on the desk in front of her and continues softly, “circumstances might dictate otherwise if you find yourself in what could be perceived as an untenable situation.”

Lt Zai heaved a bit of a sigh, then, and almost slumped back into the chair, as if the events of the past hours had hit him, en masse, all over again. “You’re right, of course,” he said after a moment, “but, Lieutenant, we don’t believe that you truly grasp the nature of what’s transpiring aboard this ship, right now.”

He ran a hand across his chin and seemed to gaze off into nothing for a moment before framing her in his gaze once more; “Are you aware, Asovil, that our own Captain Drake was once reprimanded, himself, for striking a superior officer?”

Surprise registers on her pretty face. “No, sir. I was not.”

The smile slowly returns to the XO’s face; “Then you’re also not aware that that particular officer was Captain Jacobs of the Coronado; the vessel we are currently assigned to escort?”

Asovil’s sapphire gaze settles abruptly over Tochi’s right shoulder and her mouth opens slightly as the events on the bridge begin to make more sense. Regaining her composure, she shakes her head in a slow appreciation of the captain’s situation.

Tochi sees the realization dawn on the Andorian woman and his smile blooms full. “You see,” he shrugs, “all a matter of perspective.”

“Are you suggesting that Lt Tesenblen’s arrest was instigated by Captain Jacobs, sir?”

“I will tell you, lieutenant,” Tochi says in earnest, leaning forward again, “that Silas Drake is one of the most worthy commanding officers that we have ever…ever… had the privilege of serving. We’ll also tell you that you should not look on your posting to the Peregrine as any sort of punishment.

Like the rest of us, Asovil,” he continued, settling back once again, “you are but a small piece on a larger gameboard that is the universe and, in this case, you’ve found yourself played into someone’s political endgame, we fear…” He chuckles then…“Endgame may be a bit too severe a term,” he admits, “gambit is likely more appropriate.

So,” another ambiguous shrug offered, here, in answer to her question, “Yes. We do believe so, Lt Sh’iraolnas… more than just a little… and we don’t believe that it’s just Jacobs playing the cards against Captain Drake, either, if we are to be totally honest.”

“Sir,” Asovil settles back into her chair, “I’ve still no idea what the mission is, but can theorize that if you believe Captain Jacobs has a vendetta against Captain Drake, one or more of my department may have fallen unaware into the game as well…”

He nodded, motioning for her to continue.

“…Chief Crane, sir. She tried to get Lt Tesenblen to remove his latest illegal specimen from the Peregrine and, when he wouldn’t, she felt she had no other option that to report the situation. With Captain Drake’s approval of the project, she likely felt incapable of reporting directly to anyone on board… Sir, she reported Lt Tesenblen’s project to Starbase Security.”

A brow shot up in genuine surprise at her last revelation. That explained the uncharacteristic nervousness from Lauren that he’d experienced just moments ago… “Really?


“She confessed her crime to me just moments ago, sir,” Asovil nearly winces as the word escapes her lips. “I’ve confined her to quarters until I’ve consulted with the Captain, and I’m afraid she is rather torn up inside because of what happened to Lt Tesenblen.”

Lt Sh’iraolnas waits for the XO to respond with some trepidation.

He blinks at her, not sure exactly what to say or even how to respond for a moment. CPO Crane and Horatio had always seemed to be fairly close in any interactions he’d ever had with them together. Then, nodding slowly, he offers one last confused blink and wipes all trace of it from his features, replacing it, instead, with a rather curious smile. “The more we learn, Asovil,” he said softly, “the more we believe that the only true crime committed, here, was not committed aboard this ship.

We think, Lieutenant,” he continued, rising from his seat, “that, until you speak with the Captain, our conversation in regards to this matter should end here.”

“Understood, sir,” the young woman stands to attention. After a slight hesitation, she asks; “Do you know if I will be briefed on the mission, sir?”

“At ease, lieutenant,” Tochi grins, dismissing her attentive posture with the wave of a hand that he then extends in friendship and welcome, “The Captain has had a very busy day, but, we’re sure, he’ll be anxious to speak with you soon and, in the course of doing so, will alleviate a good portion of your anxiety.

We’re certain, too, that he’ll also brief you on the details of our assignment,” he grinned, “Suffice it to say, we’re playing escort… but, also, hosting those whom we are supposed to be escorting. As we said, Asovil, it’s been a tricky day.”

“Yes, sir.” Tentatively taking Tochi’s outstretched had, Asovil returns his smile with a brilliant one of her own, her antennae perking up as a sense of relief washes over her. “Thank you, sir.”

“Tochi,” he smiles, giving her hand a firm but gentle shake, “and thank you, lieutenant.

We are going to go and think about anything other than work for the next hour or so… and, given what’s likely to become of this assignment, would invite you to do the same, if you’ve finished your review of your department, of course.

We’re thinking of taking dinner in the Obs Lounge if you’d care to join us.”

((OOC: And there we go... Tochi, at least, is on his way to grab a bite to eat - whether or not Asovil accompanies him is totally up to her - and, following dinner, has plans to do a little fencing either in the gym or a holosuite. Feel free to jump in at any time.))

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Nurse Miraam

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Observation Lounge - 1604

Nurse Miraam strolled into the observation lounge and made her way over to the replicators as her eyes scanned the people in the room. She hadn't been here long but it seemed there was always someone in here. She guessed with the different shifts that people ate at all sorts of hours. She didn't mind really. She like people, maybe too much sometimes. She was a people person and loved interacting with them and learning about them and where they were from originally.

She was glad that her little interview with PO Cook was over. The woman seems to be wound a bit too tightly it seemed. But she took her job seriously and Miraam couldn't fault her for that. She didn't have any problem with PO Cook's directives and answered her questions about her background, all professional questions about her skills. Cook didn't bring up the two incidents on her service record, except to tell her that if she had any 'problems' with unwanted advances from men aboard this ship then she was to let her know and she would handle it. She wasn't sure what she meant by 'handling it' but she hoped there weren't any problems.

Miraam didn't sense any resentment from PO Cook about her looks. It had happened before with female coworkers or even superior officers who saw her beauty as a detriment and a reason for resentment. She had come to think of it as normal and didn't take it personally. She loved her job and knew it was a serious profession, especially here in Starfleet. She was looking forward to her new duty assignment here and reveled in the chance to meet new species.

She ordered a fruit plate and a kiwi-pear juice drink and moved to a empty table. She saw only a few people here at this time and took her time with her simple meal and 'observed' the room.

(OOC: Anyone is welcome to approach and hopefully start a conversation. )

(Edited to change location)

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Backpost with Nurse Cook!

(OOC: I deeply apologize for such late replies! Thank you for a great post, just added tidbits to it!)

(BACKPOST to get Thorson onward and starting to get the doc back in play)
Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Sickbay - 1233

Everything she had considered seemed a touch true, or perhaps it was something else. Any scant time she could spare was spent looking over detailed logs before and after the incident, and yet Louise found nothing irregular.

Yet here Thorson laid with Dana hovering and nurses deeply reviewing scans and prepping sedatives as needed. He laid, never moving beyond the simplicity of breath in an induced sleep with levels of sedatives deeper and stronger than she hoped to use. We need to figure this puzzle out, poor chap. I don't like keeping you so stilled.
"I don't know Doctor," Dana said to Doctor Moore, "it almost looks like something is causing his body to reject the implants."

Eyes still watching the mountain of an officer, Louise gave a slight nod. "I've a few theories, Dana. But we are at a loss to test them fully at this time. The receptors and muscles seem in sync, but something of the neural pathways... I had a thought of using a neurocortical monitor to capture the synaps and responses alongside live log captures from the biofeedback relays."

"We don't know what is causing this problem Doctor," Dana went on, "but I do know that we do not have the necessary equipment or specialist in cybernetic implants onboard to handle this situation properly."

"We will be leaving the Starbase soon," She turned to look at the Doctor, "I suggest we transfer him to Starbase 18 immediately."

Giving a frustrated sigh, Louise could only agree. "Too true. We should have him transferred. Get the paperwork underway and have a shuttle transfer him in a medical bed. I'll compile his records, my thoughts on diagnosis options, and get the 'cortical monitor started. Move with a mission, dears."

"OK," Dana said as she turned to the rest of the medical staff that had been called if for this emergency, "We have only minutes before they seal us up for departure."

"Miraan & Patel, you will accompany me in taking the Chief Thorson to the Starbase."

"PO Adama," turning to him, "you contact SB medical and send over the data we have currently and tell them to meet us at the airlock. Tell them to hurry."

"Reynolds,"Dana said, " prepare another hypo of sedative for me; we want to be prepared just incase he starts to act up again. "

"Come on, let's move people."

As Dana took full control of the situation, Louise made quick work of a recording of thoughts, her initial plans to his records. Taking a neurocortical monitor from stores, she placed it below his right ear. With a few clicks and scanner taps, the logs came to life with readings and responses. A flicker of strange readouts caught her eye, but it would be up to other staff to learn the truth to this mystery.

Leaning to his ear, she whispered, "Good luck, Thorson. You'll be in good hands."

Less than a minute later, PO Cook lead Miraan & Patel as they guided the hover gurney bearing the stable, and thankfully unconscious, Chief Thorson to the airlock. There they handed over his care to the SB medical personnel who had shown up to take charge of him. Dana stood there for a moment watching as they whisked him away and the airlock door closed as the ship prepared to departure.

Dana turned slowly away and said a slient prayer that he would be alright. She didn't like giving up injured patients, but she knew he would have a better chance of surviving on the Starbase than aboard the Perregrine.

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Doctor hours

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Sickbay - 1235

"Thank you, Dana. Carry on, I'll be in my office compiling reports for a time. If you need me..."

After the release of Thorson to the station medical teams, Louise extricated herself from the team. Dana had tight hold over the nurses and crewman, a voice that could stop a crowd in full riot brought their attention to what they did right and wrong.

The swish of door brought a quiet and peace she needed before the next steps to take. Taking deep breaths she moved to the replicators for a blistering hot pot of water, dropping a single dark bulb into it. Slowly it opened, changing the waters red then russet brown, a single flower dark petaled blooming in the center. Caimmer tea, quite the acquired taste of sweet spice.

Settling with a cup steaming from the pot, she pulled up Thorson's records, recordings from his incident with the pod and seizure. Tapping a com, she opened communications with the starbase. "Doctor Morgan here."

=Nurse Creis here, doctor. I suspect you call on the arrival of Chief Thorson.=

"Quite so. I realize Doctor Meider is well established in his field and may be reviewing the logs. But I wanted to take time going over them with him, and perhaps bring in another mind on the matter."

Flipping open an old book cover with fresh stark blue pages bound within, she sped past old notes and tucked in cards in a flowing script. Finally she found the name and note. "There's a science officer, Mait, I met in tenure at Starbase 101. A fine minded Bolian and expert in maters of biomechanics. Besides, he owes me a bit of favor."

=I'll inform Doctor Meider, doctor.=

"Please do. I'll contact Mait, if you can schedule a bit of time with Meider." She cut the communications to finish her cup of tea, thoughts a whirlwind.

Taking up her PADD, she entered a quick report to send along to senior staff.

Chief Thorson suffered a medical emergency at 1155. Medical sedated and moved the chief to sickbay, later transferred to starbase for further tests. He is heavily sedated but in good hands. I am personally ensuring his care and will provide updates. -Morgan

Brows furrowing, a com chirp caught her attention. "Morgan, Meider here. What the devil happened?" A screen came to life with a white haired ruffled looking man, shaggy mop of hair and matching mustache.

"If only we knew. Is the 'cortical capturing data, seeing any further flickers every 5 seconds in the stream?" Her expression must have worried him.

"Indeed, but what it means..."

A third voice interjected with a slight clipping to it. "Doctors, I may be able to assist." A second window opened with the doggedly stoic blue face of Mait, eyes looking off perhaps at a PADD.

"Then let's get to work shall we?"

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Sickbay - 1540

Everything creaked and popped as Louise rose for a fourth pot of tea. The coms closed a few minutes before, the doctors and science officer only a touch closer to any real answers. She just couldn't leave the chief in their hands without exhausting her own aid. And none seemed to have emergencies here aboard ship. In fact, it seemed damned quiet.

Little did she really know the tumult.

Leaving through sickbay, she gave a nod and a few words to those working their shifts. None of the beds were filled thankfully. Patel and Adama took the updated PADD she passed along, making an exit to the turbolift. She tapped her com along the way. "Captain Drake, Lieutenant Zai, if you've a moment, I'd like to meet on Chief Thorson's condition."

She felt it best to give this news to the Silas and Tochi than leaving it to some cold report.

(OOC: Doc's on the move! Coming to chat and what not. She'll meet whoever and start getting around to others. )

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Return of the Dio

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Deck 2- 1200 through 1350

There were months worth of personal files, official logs and reports to sift through. Vastly more then he could get through in his scant time before the command shift. And more kept pouring in over the next few hours for him to sift through.

Tara Palmer had a very apologetic and acerbic message complaining of all the last minute personal changes on the ship with no time to prepare and if he could bring this up with Starfleet Personnel. Her feathers were most definitely ruffled.

Lassad agreed personally, and made a note to himself that he needed to give his staff some kind of treat when time and the mission allowed. Between staff changes and surprise ambassadors beyond their normal scope, they needed some recognition and a kind word. Come to think of it, the whole ship was likely to be rattled and in need of some morale, he mused. He was a little restricted in what he could arrange while they had ambassadors on board and were generally on high alert. But maybe an after-mission party? If there was one thing Dio prided himself in, it was a happy crew. He needed to find out what the crew hobbies were.

Dio realized his thoughts were starting to ramble, and shook his head violently to get his focus back. There'd be time to ponder events and R&R later. The Risan wasn't one for conspiracy theories, but he hadn't stayed alive this long by ignoring the motion of the ocean. Something was going on, someone had a major axe to grind and the influence and position to make it happen.

Look at the evidence.
1) Every single member of the command staff on the Peregrine, except the Captain and XO, had been replaced at this point.

2) His personal records had been sealed just before a last-minute transfer halfway across the cosmos.

The captain hadn't been fibbing about his service record. A few careful inquiries through a previous companion in the Starfleet Personal confirmed that his entire service record had been sealed. Allan hadn't been able to find out who had ordered the seal, but it had been relatively recently... and thorough.

Who is being punished here? One of us individually? Collectively? Or is this directed at the Captain?
More then anything, Dio very much wanted to get some sleep. But he had a command shift to sit and a lot more to think about. Or try not to think about. "Garbage Scow" seemed to be a more valid, looming threat with each passing hour.

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Bridge – 1400

Meeting time. Lassad took the time to change back into his normal uniform, pin his braided hair back up and obtained a fresh cup of very strong coffee. Unaware of the drama that had taken place earlier on in the afternoon, to Dio it appeared that the ship was underway to their destination and all was relatively well and quiet. The ambassadors had returned to their suite. The bridge crew felt tense, but that was to be expected given the changeovers of the last few hours. Lt Moriden was manning the Operations station and avidly working. Zai was seated in the command chair looking mysteriously thoughtful and weary.

Screw pennies, I'd give a bar of gold-pressed latinum for those thoughts.
Dio bit his tongue to ensure his mouth stayed shut, as he gave the XO a nod and walked over to the Operations station. Leaning against the small pillar, he offered a hand and smile to Lt Moriden, who had been studiously ignoring him up until now.

“Lt Moriden, if you've got a little time before Beta shift starts, I'd like to go over the Operations department with you as we discussed.”

Moriden gave him a curt nod, but a touch less hostile then before. The new department chief still seemed entirely too flighty for her sensibilities, but after the last few hours, it was almost refreshing to have the seemingly cheery man on bridge.

“So I've begun going over all the documentation. You've done a spectacular job by the way, given the... hmm... Chaotic circumstances?” Lassad lowered his voice down to a low conversational tone, so as not to disrupt the rest of the bridge. “I've signed off on those requisitions that were still pending. But I could really use a quick sum-up of where the department stands while I get up to speed, what you feel our immediate needs are.....”

~long wheeze~

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Bridge – 1500

By the time shift change came around, Lassad's head was starting to ache, but he had a better idea of what the mission was and the crew standing. Even the captain of the Peregrine had changed relatively recently. In many ways, it was a relatively new crew overall – but instead of a proper shakedown, they were being sent on a fairly important and delicate mission. Moriden was definitely still not fond of him, but she did give him direction in what reports and information to review first.

What a disaster!
“Thank you again Moriden. Please enjoy your evening, and I'll continue reviewing these through my command shift.”

Dio stepped back form the operations station and made his way down to the bridge section with as much of a cheery bounce and confident airs as he could put in his step through exhaustion and aggravated old injuries.

Medical checkin tomorrow.
“Good Evening sir, reporting for Beta command shift.”

Lassad listened intently, giving an official salute as Tochi stood down from command. Taking the hand-off and “I'll be sure to alert you if anything untoward happens sir, have a good evening.”

The rest of Beta began trickling in, and Dio prepared to make his introductions....

((OK! All caught up to present, if anyone needs me for a back post during those hours, let me know. Moriden and Dio would have been quietly discussing pretty routine stuff to get him up to speed through their hour before 1500.))

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Hi Ho............

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Lt. Reid’s Quarters – 1315

John still had some time before he needed to turn in. To help sort out the event he needed more information. The official channels had everything in order and to regulation but there is always more and it never hurt to ask for help.

Signing on to the communications council he tapped out a not nearly used enough number.

It took a moment or so but then the familiar native America face of Ensign Jay Silverheels filled the screen. “Yo, Kemosabe how’s it hanging? I was starting to wonder when you’d call?

“Sorry, Crazy…. It’s just been pretty quiet out here, nothing much to shear. The pirates just seemed to backup and leave. I’ve spent most of the time taking TAC classes. “

“Hey that’s pretty dull after your little sortie on Moropa.”

“Well that’s just being in the right place at the right time.”

“Hey man, we know better than that……… So why did you really call me?”

“Never could get much past you.”

“Hey..that’s why they keep me here at Command.”

John smirked, “Wellllllllll….now that you mention it.”

With that Jay let out a rolling laugh. “Ok Kemo what’s the real deal?”

John rolled out the events of the last 24 hour and the speculations. “Jay, it would be great if there was a way to find out who might be on Captain Drakes case. Hell it might even be someone on Jacob’s case and using us to get to him.”

“So you want me to risk my career by snooping into brass politics?”

“Yeah, pretty much…so when you find something send me smoke signal?”

“You’re pushing it there buddy boy…but we’ll see....You keep your head down.”

“Thanks Jay. Later.”


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