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GM for this game: t_catt11
Players for this game: Bromern Sal, Eol Fefalas, Yanamari, Duncan74, Odyson, Boo Boo, AmaraD, Brennus_Stagborn, HaemisMcTavish
This game is complete.
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Hope its ok

((OOC: OK starting my post from staff meeting))

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Captain's Mess - 0930

As Rock took his seat to the left of Captain Drake he let his gaze drift to each officer seated there. To the Captains right were Lieutenant Zai followed by Lieutenant Chell and Doctor Synklar. To Rock’s left were Lieutenant Tesenblen. The only one physically missing from the command staff was Lieutenant Commander Thorson, though he had requested permission to attend via videoconference as he found himself busy with the escape pod in Cargo Bay One.

The Captain's Mess was a cozy little space tucked away on deck two, and it served two functions. First, it was the space reserved for private meals hosted by the Captain; most often, these would be handpicked officers, guests, diplomats, or other VIPs. Second, it was used to host meetings such as this. On larger ships, staff meetings would typically take place in larger observation lounge, but a Saber class vessel had no such luxury. Though thanks to Rock’s smaller but muscled size the Saber’s Mess was actually quite spacious.

Clearing his throat, the Captain started the meeting. "Thank you for joining me. As you have certainly heard by now - and surmised by our course change - Starfleet Command contacted me at oh seven fifteen this morning to give new orders to the Peregrine."

"Our new assignment," Silas continued, "is to proceed to Starbase 118, where we will rendezvous with the USS Coronado, a Miranda class diplomatic vessel. We will escort the Coronado as she flies to the Gamera system in an attempt to broker peace between the Kuldar and Rytain peoples." As he spoke, the holographic projector came to life, displaying a three dimensional model of the Gamera system in relation to Starbase 118.

As Rock sat quietly listening to the briefing he knew he’d be doing a little research of his own. Though the Captain had said the Kuldar and Rytain were somewhat behind the Federation tech wise Rock took nothing for granted.

"We will be at Starbase 118 in around eight hours. I doubt that we spend much time there, so don't expect any furlough. This is supposed to be a milk run type of mission... which is why I want us prepared for worst case scenarios."

The Captain turned to his left. "Lieutenant Rockastansky, I want you do further research the capabilities of the Kuldar and Rytain vessels, any known battle tactics they may employ, that sort of thing. If this thing does go south, I want us ready; put together a tactical assessment and a recommended attack plan, in case it does come to that. Be sure that we plenty of torpedoes available on standby."

“Aye, Aye Sir, I’ll get on that right away.” Rock tried not to grin but a small smile still appeared on his face. Once more Drake had thought the same as Rock almost as if the two were mind linked Batazoids.

"Lieutenant Chell," he spoke to the Bolian Ops chief, "once Lieutenant Rockastansky has his threat assessment, I'd like you to look it over to see if we need to do any special modulation with the shields to maximize our resistance to a potential attack. Also, please review your Damage Control plan to be sure that we are ready, and coordinate that with Commander Thorson."

A quick look and a nod of his head Rock acknowledged to Lt Chell that he would get the report to him asap.

"Very well. Now then... who wants to get me up to speed on this escape pod?" Drake asked.

Waiting his turn Rock quietly listened as the rest of the command staff gave their updates. Then it was his turn.

“Captain at this time I have assigned Ensign Agris along with two enlisted security personal, crewmen’s Wright and Myers, to stand watch over the cargo bay and Lt Thorson while he examines the pod. Other then that there is really nothing more to report at this time as far as security Sir. By your leave Captain I’ll go and inform my officers of our new orders”

((Assuming being dismissed))

With the meeting over Rock once more headed over to the tactical station to stand beside Petty Officer Da Zhang who had taken over for Rock when he was called to the Captain’s briefing.

“Petty Officer for the time being remain at tactical until I or someone else relives you.”

“Aye Aye Sir”

Moving towards the lift he key’d his com.

"Rockatansky to Reid and Blackmon, meet me in my office in ten minutes for new mission briefing"

((Assuming acknowledgement))

"Rockatansky out"

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Security Office Deck 5 01030

Once both officers were seated Rock laid out the new mission orders and how they would effect security.

“Ok our new orders are to proceed to Starbase 118, where we will rendezvous with the USS Coronado, a Miranda class diplomatic vessel. We will escort the Coronado as she flies to the Gamera system in an attempt to broker peace between the Kuldar and Rytain peoples."

(( Assuming I have their attention))

Doing as the Captain had done he pulled up a three dimensional model of the Gamera system in relation to Starbase 118 on the in office holographic projector.

“Now the Captain has asked for a detailed report on the capabilities of the Kuldar and Rytain vessels, any known battle tactics, and any info on the size of both of their fleets. As your both off duty rotation for the next day assign our best on duty personal to this research and have one of them deliver the finalized report to me at Tac ops on the bridge. At the moment I see no need to elevate our in ship security level, however let all off duty personal know they may be called to duty anytime forward once we dock at 118. Also one last thing there is to be no contact by any member of security with the delegations of both nations so make sure everyone is aware of that. Any questions?”

((We can back post any and all questions))

“Ok dismissed” As Rock followed both out leaving them to their assigned task, he next took the turbo lift to cargo bay one to personally pass on the new orders to Ensign Agris and to get a look at this pod for himself.

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Cargo Bay One 01115

(( impulse if you want to RP our short meeting feel free to pm me and we will add it here. If not Rock will pass on the orders, look over the pod from a safe distance, then return to the bridge.))

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Bridge 01130

With all of the new orders passed on to the needed security personal Rock once more returned to the bridge, relieving Da Zhang at the Tactical station. Never one to wait on anyone he started his own line of inquiry into the Kuldar and Rytain empires. With his eyes scanning information and sensors both, he was a man on a mission............

Posted on 2016-03-12 at 01:16:48.
Edited on 2016-03-12 at 12:06:58 by TannTalas

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Musical musing... and looking for a break...

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Lt Zai’s Quarters – 1545

Tochi reclined on the bed, mandolin in his lap and PADD laid out on the covers before him, hazel eyes glittering as he simultaneously picked out the notes and chords for “Hooshiban Sonata in Sunlight” and devoured the information contained in the dossiers for Lt Jessica Simmons and Ensign Hebert Thomason… not necessarily in that order. Being the Chief Flight Control Officer meant that, of course, the Trill was slightly more interested in Thomason’s resume (which, at an initial read through, seemed exemplary) but, at the same time, the XO in him decided that a thorough review of the new OPS chief was similarly in order (again, a shining example of what a Starfleet Officer should be was displayed in the files he had been provided) and, as a result, only the escape provided by music was enough to allow him to focus and reflect on both of them at once. Thomason, it seemed, regardless of commendations and recommendations, would be a nice fit with the collection of odd-balls and off-kilters that currently comprised his Flight Control department – the sheer size of the man, as indicated by the dossier, was enough to make him stand out and, also, left Tochi wondering if he might not need to replicate a step stool just on the off chance that he might need to get in the newly assigned Ensign’s face, at some point.

Tochi found it difficult, after that thought, to pick back up on the intricate chording of the sonata and, after more than one attempt to do so, abandoned the effort and glanced at the chronograph… Only another 15 minutes or so before we’re supposed to arrive in SB 118’s vicinity … He begrudgingly set the mandolin aside, then, and, after a moment, swung his legs over the edge of the bed and, after kneading his toes into the carpet for an instant, reached for the dungarees and jacket he favored in the off hours. Once suitably attired, the trill tapped the commbadge affixed to his jacket… “Commander Thorson,” he said as he tugged his boots on and slung his mandolin over one shoulder, “Lt Zai… If you’re not busy, how about a drink and a hand or two of five card draw in the Observation Lounge? Drinks are on my replicator rations…”

((OOC: Assuming Eric’s not gonna leave Tochi hanging and says, “Sure. See you there in five…” or something similar.))

“Very well, my friend,” Tochi grinned, stepping out into the corridor, “I’ll have the cards nice and warm and the ale good and cold when you arrive.”

((OOC: Some kind of collab post between Eric and Tochi to come… ))

Posted on 2016-03-13 at 16:06:31.
Edited on 2016-03-16 at 11:48:08 by Eol Fefalas

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A New Mission..........

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Security Ward Room 0845

John had hurried back to his quarters, showed and change into his duty uniform. Then he make his way back to deck 5. He enter the Security section .Entering the Security office he saw Petty Officer Kampakis manned the Watch Desk. As John enter Kampakis rose,”Sir.” “At ease Mister Kampakis”, John acknowledged. “Any more information from the shuttle bay on the pod?”

“No sir, Ensign Agris has continued to keep updated the report but no new changes in the situation.”

“Thank you, I will be in the Ward room.”

Hesitating the Petty Officer addressed John,“Sir, if you don’t mind, aren’t you supposed to be off duty.”

John smile at the Petty Officer, “Yes I’s just that I need to be sure things don’t need an extra set of eyes. I wouldn’t feel right putting an undue burden on our staff if I’m available. We don’t have the crew like on a Galaxy class ship but the job still needs to get done. Besides I do have paperwork to keep up on.“

“Thank you…Sir.”

Removing to the Ward room John sat at a secure consol and filled his time reviewing reports and other administrative activities while waiting for updates from the shuttle bay.

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Security ward Room Deck 5 1020

After about two hours the voice of Chief Security Officer Rockatansky came from the com.

=/\="Rockatansky to Reid and Blackmon, meet me in my office in ten minutes for new mission briefing" =/\=

“Lieutenant Reid here, Sir. Aye Aye , Sir”

=/\="Rockatansky out" =/\=
“A new mission?” thought John, “Oh things are getting interesting now.

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Security Office Deck 5 1030

Ensign Blackmon had joined John in the Ward room as they waited for Lt. Rockatansky.
John could see the excitement on Linda’s face, this assignment had been rather dry and everyone was ready for some change.
The two of them rose as Rockatansky entered. He raised his arm to show no need for formality.

“Ok our new orders are to proceed to Starbase 118, where we will rendezvous with the USS Coronado, a Miranda class diplomatic vessel. We will escort the Coronado as she flies to the Gamera system in an attempt to broker peace between the Kuldar and Rytain peoples."

Rock pulled up a three dimensional model of the Gamera system in relation to Starbase 118 on the in office holographic projector.

“Now the Captain has asked for a detailed report on the capabilities of the Kuldar and Rytain vessels, any known battle tactics, and any info on the size of both of their fleets. As your both off duty rotation for the next day assign our best on duty personal to this research and have one of them deliver the finalized report to me at Tac ops on the bridge. At the moment I see no need to elevate our in ship security level, however let all off duty personal know they may be called to duty anytime forward once we dock at 118. Also one last thing there is to be no contact by any member of security with the delegations of both nations so make sure everyone is aware of that. Any questions?”
“Sir, the more the merrier, I’ll just stick around and see what I help with. Let’s just say I had a good morning and now we need to be prepared.”

“Ok dismissed”, said Rock.
With information from Rock John started to search reports and records on Kuldar sand Rytains.

It wasn’t long before he was piecing together items. John started notes to report to Rock:
The Gamera system (site of the summit) is located in the middle of the disputed region. It is rich in mineral resources, though not ideal for a true colony without significant terraforming.

Neither faction is a Federation ally; the Rytain are believed to be sympathetic to the Federation, however. The Kuldar are not sympathetic, though they are technically neutral.

Both the Kudar and Rytain seem to be nearly a hundred years behind Federation technology - they are still using laser cannons, not phasers/disruptors, as their ship-mounted energy weapons.

The two factions both make claims to a couple of disputed systems, and have fought battles for decades (or longer). Honestly, neither faction is strong enough to drive the other one back for long; they win a foothold, overextend their supply lines and eventually lose it.

The Kuldar do not behave like Klingons, with value placed on honor. They are pragmatic, and look only to win - they love ambush, subterfuge, sabotage.

The Kuldar liked to use "pack tactics", concentrating their fire on a single opponent at a time whenever possible, before going on to the next.

The Rytain view themselves more as thinkers, and while they have been at war for a long time, they don't like to think of themselves as warlike.

John posted his notes and hoped the other had found more about the Kuldar and Rytain ships. What he had found about the pack tactic of the Kuldar would seemed to suggest the used smaller quick ships even maybe single manned fighters. The lasers don’t have the range of phasers so they need to sneak in close. Small targets with a sting that are hard to see among the space debris. But it was still just theory.

John closed the report and sent his information to Rock.

Posted on 2016-03-13 at 22:08:32.
Edited on 2016-03-20 at 10:31:12 by Odyson

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lill reports

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Cargo bay one 5 1530

Karri sat on the cargo bay floor trying to angle the scanner a little more accurately, tapping the pad she sighed an gave in. finalizing the report she stood up an stretched with a exasperated sigh. the scans had take a bit to do, Karri sent the scans an analysis reports to Commander Thorson with a status note that if needed she'd be either in mess or in quarters.

Posted on 2016-03-14 at 07:58:12.
Edited on 2016-03-14 at 08:16:57 by Astrid

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Interlude - Tochi and Eric at the pub

((OOC: the following is a collaborative post between myself and Duncan.)

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine; Observation Lounge – 1550

Lt Zai strolled into the Observation Lounge, mandolin slung over one shoulder and a deck of cards snugged into a jacket pocket. His gaze swept the room as he entered, but didn’t immediately find Thorson. Still frilling with his engines, most likely, the Trill smirked, picking out a table near one of the forward portholes and making his way to it.

“Tochi,” Leah Finnley called from behind the bar, offering a smile and a wave, “Your usual, luv?”

The Trill offered a roguish smile and a wave of his own in reply; “Just a short one, Leah. I imagine I’ll have to be on-hand when our new people come aboard. Don’t want to overdo it.”

“O’ course not,” the woman laughed, already setting about filling the Lieutenant’s order even as he settled into his seat. Tochi had scarcely removed the cards from his pocket when the dark-haired woman appeared at his table and set a short glass of bourbon in front of him. “No ice,” she smiled.

“Thanks,” Tochi grinned, tugging the cards from their pack and absently shuffling them.

“Indeed,” Leah replied, “Eric joining you for a hand?”

“Or two,” Tochi confirmed, “We’ll see what we can do before we reach 118.”

As if on cue, the doors to the lounge whooshed open and Lt Commander Thorson stepped through, his gaze sweeping the place much as Tochi’s had done just a moment ago.

“Eric,” Tochi and Leah chorused, both of them raising a hand to further catch the man’s attention… and sharing a chuckle at their synchronicity.

Eric broke into a grin at the sight. He was beginning to feel like that guy Norm in that old Earth Television show Cheers. Raising a hand and calling out a greeting to Leah, he added "Brought my own!", holding up the other hand, which clutched a bottle of honey-brown liquid and a pair of authentic horn cups that had been in his family for many generations. He ambled over to Tochi's table and sat, putting the bottle and cups between them on the table, a ritual performed a now-unremembered number of times back at the Academy, when both were lowly cadets and Eric had recently befriended the lowerclassman. Eric had been most gratified to discover that his old and good friend was still in there after the joining, years later. "Hey Tochi. Guess we got our wish about breaking the boredom, eh?" Eric asked as he massaged his still-twinging flesh where it met his cybernetic arm. He had been given a clean bill of health by the doc, but by Odin, the thing still hurt a bit.

As he spoke, he poured from the bottle into the horn cups. "Seemed like the time to bring out the good stuff, by the way; this is from that same batch of mead that we had that night with that bartender and admiral's daughter." He gave a knowing wink as he said it.

The Trill chuckled at that and, lifting the short glass of bourbon, took a sip and said; “That night was trouble, my friend. How long were you ducking that particular admiral afterwards?”

“Boy stories,” Leah rolled her eyes playfully before offering a bright smile and taking her leave of the pair.

Eric chuckled as she wandered away. "Speaking of bartenders..." he said with a grin. "And I'll have you know, I saw the good admiral just a couple of years ago. I don't think he even remembered me. Guess I didn't make that much of an impression. Heard that the daughter is now living on Risa. Fitting, I suppose," he added with a wink.

Most fitting,” Tochi laughed, setting his drink aside and giving the cards a final shuffle, “and, with a daughter like that, I suppose, there’d have been plenty of other cadets and officers since. All of those faces blurring together couldn’t have been easy on the old man where acquiring targets was concerned.”

He slid the deck across the table and tapped it with a cold finger; “Cut?”

Eric laughed as he cut the deck. "I'm sure she ended up making him proud. Eventually. Maybe." As Tochi dealt and Eric collected his hand, Eric said "Ok, on a serious note, what do you think about that pod? I mean, a corpse, canisters holding some mysterious microorganism, overloaded shielding that shouldn't have overloaded, signs of the thing being jettisoned at warp...I don't like it, my friend. We can't get that thing off the ship soon enough for me," he said, once more glancing down at the spot where he'd been blasted by the blown shielding.

“We don’t like it any more than you do,” Tochi admitted, his eyes flitting to the cards now fanned out in his hand, “The whole thing just seems…” he shrugged as he looked back up from his hand; “…off?

The telemetry reports we managed to get from the thing didn’t even make any sense,” he continued, collapsing the card fan and reaching for his drink; “According to everything we know, the Hekaran ship to which the pod belongs has never even been in this sector and, currently, she’s some one hundred eighteen light years away! How in the frill does that happen? We’re with you. The sooner we hand it off to Serapis, the better…”

He paused, sipped his bourbon, and then nodded meaningfully toward Eric’s arm; “Heard your efforts earned you a trip to Sickbay. Everything okay?”

"Still aches a little," Eric replied, "but the good doctor gave me a clean bill of health, and the diagnostics I ran aren't showing anything weird. Still damned peculiar, though. That shielding, according to my readings, never had enough power in it to cause that kind of overload. And while I want that pod off the ship, I do hate mysteries."

“Mmmmhmm,” Tochi nodded, taking up his cards, again, as he considered Eric’s words, “If we were a larger ship, perhaps… and weren’t presently tasked with playing babysitter to the Coronado…” He peeled three cards from his hand and laid them, face down, on the table before offering a shrug and a grin; “…Honestly, I’d still lobby to hand the thing off. Like I said; everything about it unsettles us.

How many,” he asked, then, nodding at the cards Eric held.

Eric gave a little wave of his hand over his cards. "I'm good." He chuckled, "I'm never going to get used to you using 'we' and 'us'. Makes me want to picture you in a royal gown and tiara."

The Trill smirked at his friend’s passing on the draw, and then chuckled a little at that gown and tiara comment. “Kasru was quite the fashion plate,” he offered, replacing the three cards he’d done away with, “I’ll have you know that we look absolutely fabulous in a gown and tiara… Bastard.”

He regarded his cards, again, and smirked before folding them together. “So you heard about Chell, yes?”

Eric reached down and grasped his cup with the cybernetic hand. "Yeah, I saw that in my memos a little while ago. Damned shame. Gonna miss that little Bolian." He raised his cup. "A toast, then. To---" Suddenly and without any warning, Eric's hand spasmed shut into a fist. The ancient horn drinking cup was instantly crushed to powder, sending a spray of golden mead across both of them. Too shocked for words, Eric's eyes flew wide open as he gazed at his hand, still clenched tightly enough to crush duranium. Then, as quickly as it had clenched of its own accord, it relaxed into an open hand. Eric could feel that he had control of it again. He looked at Tochi with wide eyes as he gently shook the hand, flinging the last bits of the cup and more of the dripping mead from his hand. "I- I--- What the hell?" he asked aloud.

Tochi’s reaction had been similar to Eric’s – eyes going wide in surprise and uttering a comparable epithet – but the Trill had also practically leapt from his seat, snatching his mandolin out of the way of the splashing mead in the process. All he could do, for a moment, was stand there blinking at Thorson… the splattered mead… the powdered remains of the horn cup…

“Are you sure those diagnostics came back negative,” he queried after a few seconds, still holding his mandolin aloft, “I don’t know that we’ve ever seen that happen before.”

Eric was still dumbfounded. "No, we haven't. And we shouldn't have now." He looked up at Tochi, took a deep breath, and clapped Tochi on the shoulder (making it a point to use his flesh-and-blood hand). "Sorry to cut it short, and sorry for the mess. I need to get to Engineering and run some more tests."

The Trill, still gawking at the fallout of what had just happened, nodded his understanding and clapped his friend on the back. “Of course,” he said, regarding Eric with something of a concerned expression, “completely understood. Let me know if you need anything, right?”

Thorson nodded his affirmation and disappeared from the Lounge, then. For his part, Tochi relegated his mandolin to an empty (and dry) seat and made to wave for Leah… but the woman was already there with a couple of towels in hand.

“What was that all about,” she asked, handing Tochi one of the towels and setting to wiping up the splattered mead with the other.

“Just… uh…” Tochi blinked, looking between the table and the door through which Eric had just departed, “…a malfunction… We think…”

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Edited on 2016-03-15 at 16:22:44 by Eol Fefalas

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an old friend...

((OOC: taking a couple of liberties with who is on the bridge. It's Rock's command shift, so I'm assuming he would slide to TAC1, and bump Lt. Reid (currently on duty for Tac) to TAC2. PO Amai is scheduled to be on duty for Ops right now, but I'm thinking Chell would want to be here for his final moments onboard. Likewise, a petty officer would be at the helm, but I don't see Lt. Zai leaving the approach to a starbase with an NCO. If you feel otherwise, please let me know.))

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Bridge - 1719

The viewscreen shifted dramatically, returning to the panorama of stars viewable in normal space as the Peregrine dropped out of warp. As Captain Drake leaned forward slightly in his seat, a grin tried desperately to tug at the corner of his mouth. No matter how many times he experienced it, spaceflight continued to thrill him, and seeing new places, new views just felt right at some nigh-cellular level.

"Starbase 118 detected, Captain", Lieutenant Commander Chell reported from his Ops station. "Approximately twelve million kilometers away, bearing one seven point four, mark one one six. I register one Federation vessel near the starbase... it is the Coronado, sir."

"Thank you, Commander," Drake replied. "Open a channel and inform the starbase of our arrival."

"Aye, sir" came the Bolian's reply.

Next, Drake spoke to the helm. "Lieutenant Zai, take us into the starbase, please; half impulse."

((OOC: assuming an affirmative))

Figuring off the top of his head, the Captain knew that would put them a little over five minutes out. Only a couple of minutes into the flight, Commander Chell looked up from his station. "Captain," he spoke, "The Coronado is hailing us."

Smiling a bit, Silas nodded. "I take it Sarah was waiting for us, then? Put it onscreen."

Drake stood as the viewscreen shifted to the interior of the other starship's bridge. However, his smile quickly faded. Rather than meeting the twinkling eyes and raven-haired visage of Captain Morland, his gaze instead settled on a man's taut, tight-lipped face. The brows beneath the receding hairline of wispy gray arched slightly. "Commander Drake," came a measured, condescending, nasal voice with more than a bit of a British accent. "I see that Starfleet finally found a boat they could spare to your command."

Silas realized that his hands were balled into fists at his sides, and his teeth were clenched. Forcing himself to relax, he responded. I will not take the bait. "Captain Jacobs," he replied formally. "How good to see you again."

Jacobs chuckled mirthlessly. "I rather doubt that, now, Mister Drake. So you are to be our escort, then? I had almost thought that Admiral Harding was winding me up a bit when she told me that I was to trust the security of my mission to your efforts." He sighed slightly. "Fortunately for everyone involved, there is little you are expected to do; I would expect that you are up to the task of staying close by and not interfering with the negotiations, yes?"

A dead silence hung in the air for several moments as Silas realized that he was expected to acknowledge his ability to do nothing. Swallowing, he nodded. "Aye sir. I believe that I can do that."

The Captain of the Coronado smiled, though the expression was every bit as lacking in warmth as his chuckle had been. "Very well, then. The ambassadors are due to board at 0800 tomorrow morning; we will then depart for the Gamera system. You will meet with us on Starbase 118 to welcome them, as they have requested to meet all commanding officers... such as they are. Jacobs out."

And with that, the communication was cut, returning the viewscreen to the panorama of stars.

Silas felt his cheeks burn, though he simply retook his seat and cleared his throat. "Take us in carefully, Tochi. By the book, if you please."

Posted on 2016-03-16 at 00:40:29.

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Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Bridge – 1719

From the time of Thorson’s unexpected ‘malfunction’ in the Obs Lounge until the time, just seconds ago, that he had disengaged Peregrine’s warp engines, Tochi had actively thought of little else aside from that strange, cup-crushing glitch. The cybernetics in the CEO’s arm were, Tochi knew, top of the line and not prone to the sort of random failings as had been exhibited in the Lounge just a short while ago and that event, coupled with the oddities surrounding the Hekaran escape pod which led up to it, had the Trill just a little more than concerned. Concerned for his friend… concerned for his ship… and, now, as they drew within minutes of Starbase 118, concerned, too, for whomsoever would be taking charge of the errant Hekaran lifeboat…

"Starbase 118 detected, Captain", Lieutenant Commander Chell reported, "Approximately twelve million kilometers away, bearing one seven point four, mark one one six. I register one Federation vessel near the starbase... it is the Coronado, sir."

…Tochi made note of the bearing and adjusted course accordingly…

"Thank you, Commander," Drake replied. "Open a channel and inform the starbase of our arrival."

"Aye, sir."

"Lieutenant Zai,” Drake ordered, then, take us into the starbase, please; half impulse."

“Half impulse,” Zai answered, his fingers gliding over the Impulse Engine controls as SB 118 panned into the center of the viewscreen, “Aye, sir.”

Recent glitches and oddities aside, the Peregrine’s approach to the Starbase was as smooth a sail as the little ship had ever seen and, with the base now in sight, Tochi found himself actually starting to feel a bit better about docking with the thing and, shortly thereafter, offloading the pod that had so troubled him these last few hours. That sense of ease was relatively short-lived, though, as, just minutes into their approach, Chell advised that the Coronado was hailing them…

"I take it Sarah was waiting for us, then,” Tochi could hear the expectant smile where it touched the Captain’s voice, “Put it onscreen."

…And, when the viewer resolved to show the pinched visage of a Captain who was decidedly not the Sarah whom Drake had expected, Tochi almost felt that smile melt away from Silas’ demeanor.

Wonderful, Tochi sighed inwardly as the Coronado’s commanding officer addressed Drake, pushing the line between condescension and outright insult to it’s limit, Someone’s gone to a lot of effort to stack the deck against, you Silas. Play your game; not theirs…

Of course, Lt Zai had a spot of trouble of his own in following that bit of unspoken advice as Captain Jacobs continued his not so subtle haranguing. Silas, though, seemed to be managing it well enough, so Tochi made sure to keep his attentions to the controls and, when necessary, bit his tongue to keep from interjecting. Mercifully, it was over soon enough…

“…You will meet with us on Starbase 118 to welcome them, as they have requested to meet all commanding officers... such as they are. Jacobs out.”

“Prick,” Tochi muttered under his breath as Jacobs disappeared from the viewer.

Behind him, Drake cleared his throat – likely to keep from voicing his own commentary – and said; “Take us in carefully, Tochi. By the book, if you please.”

“Aye aye, sir,” the Trill answered aloud, “by the book, it is…” Even if we’d really love to buzz the Coronado’s bridge, right now, he added for no one but himself to hear.

He tapped the console to his right, connecting to the Starbase’s Approach Control Center; “Starbase 118 Approach Control; USS Peregrine requesting lock-on.”

=/\=Affirmative, Peregrine=/\= came the reply, =/\=Systems locked. Proceed to Docking Bay Four.=/\=

“Acknowledged,” Zai said, further drawing down power from the impulse engines as he maneuvered the ship toward the specified bay, “On final approach, Bay Four.” Once aligned with the spacedoors, Tochi killed the impulse engines all together, and brought the Reaction Control Systems online.

=/\=Final approach, aye,=/\= the ACC intoned as Bay Four’s spacedoors yawned open, =/\=Ready to receive you, Peregrine.=/\=

Using only the aft thrusters, Tochi eased the ship into the docking bay in a little less than a minute. As the spacedoor closed in Peregrine’s wake, he tapped the console again; “Approach Control; stand by gravitational and umbilical support systems.”

=/\=Standing by.=/\=

Zai nudged the RCS thrusters, aligning the Peregrine to accept the awaiting support umbilicals, and, then, cued the appropriate ports open. “Peregrine is in the roost, Control,” he said after a moment, keying the appropriate systems over to the starbase’s control center.

=/\=Confirmed,=/\= came the response, =/\=We’ve got you, Peregrine. Welcome to Starbase 118.=/\=

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1st post

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Sickbay – 1600

“WHAT IN THE ALPHA QUADRANT IS GOING ON HERE?” Petty Officer 1st Class Dana Cook bellowed as she stepped into the Sickbay. She saw several scanners and devices laid on various tables, large equipment was sitting here and there and not stored properly as if they were just drug out into the open for no apparent reason.

“Looks like a brood of Gorn younglings got lose in here,” She said to herself as she stomped into the room looking about for someone.

“CREWMAN PATEL?” she bellowed and she heard a thud following by an exclamation and followed it to a medical supply storage room where she found the object of her search.

“Here Petty Officer,” Crewman Vinay Patel was getting to his feet from a kneeing position and rubbing his head as he had just bumped it on the supply room shelving.

“Crewman Patel,” Dana said as she came to a stop in the doorway and took in the sight with eyes wide and a not so pleased look on her face, “do you mind telling me what is all this stuff doing out here in the treatment area and not in the storage room as it should be?”

“Ah… well,” Patel stuttered, “I was doing the inventory of supplies and equipment.”

“You mean the Inventory that you were supposed to have done last week?” PO Cook asked.

“Ah.. yes Petty Officer.”

Dana fumed for a few seconds and looked around and shook her head before turning and walking back out into the middle of the treatment area to look again over the carnage that was her Sickbay.

“Well,” she said turning back to the crewman, “I suggest you finish this ‘inventory’ as you call it, and do it quickly. We dock at Starbase 118 in a little over an hour and if you want any R&R time on that Starbase you best get it done and fast.”

“Ah.. yes Petty Officer,” Patel said nodding.

Dana took one more look around and shook her head. Unable to look upon the disorder any longer, she turned to the exit.

“I suggest you get it done before Lieutenant Synklar gets a look at this,” she threw back over her shoulder as the door opened, “otherwise you will be scouring his sickbay with a very tiny brush till your retirement.”

The door swished closed leaving a slightly shaken Crewman behind. He turned and began to work quickly as he tried to get everything back where it belonged and fast.

(Be gentle with me it's my first post. )

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Horatio, Dalia, and Thomas Petra.

Stardate 2365.02.07
Starbase 118/USS Peregrine, Science Lab Main - 1730

Dalia walked into the lab looking fairly more tired than she does normally. She glanced over, a look of surprise plastered on her face to see Horatio standing over a monitor checking information.

Horatio laughed, having witnessed her entrance. "Yes, Dalia, I do work here, too." He smiled at her.

Realizing she had been caught nearly gawking at him, she looked sheepish. "Apologies, Lieutenant." She sighed.

"I'm assuming by your expression you weren't able to get a sample?" He asked.

"Negative, sir. The security, the shielding, and the unknown danger of the sample, even, all contributed to my failure. I'm sorry." She looked almost downtrodden.

"I'm not worried, Ensign. It's probably for the best, because like you said, we don't know anything about it. Besides, success meant placing our jobs, lives, and the lives of the ship at risk. It was a fool's errand and likely to have ended in us in a court martial. We should consider ourselves lucky if the Captain doesn't find out about it. He'd have our hides for dinner." Horatio mused.

Ensign Maize relaxed visibly. "What are you working on?" She asked, changing the subject.

Horatio laughed, patting the small container immediately beside him. "Well, I'm compiling a list of the garden's current seeds that I have. I'm going to see if there is a botanist aboard the Serapis willing to do a bit of bartering with me, to trade specimens." He laughed again, seeing her completely unsurprised expression that he was still doing botanical work. "What? There aren't any computers in the garden for this type of thing..."

Dalia sighed melodramatically, smiling nonetheless. "Sir, we need to work on getting the pod safely off the ship and in the hands of the Serapis."

"Incorrect, Ensign. We need not work on it. I've spoken to Captain Drake and have placed you as the liaison for the science division with regards to the pod. Technically, I'm still on light duties. While I realize I might be abusing that order a little, I admit this is the first time in a very long time that I have a chance to grab new specimens, so I will be taking it." He said plainly.

"B-but, sir! That means I'd have to speak on your behalf with higher ranking members of a proper science vessel!" She said quickly, mild panic rising in her voice.

"Then speak plainly, Dalia. You and I both know you mean to become a CSO someday. Making a good impression on ranking science officers is a great step towards that, you know that. I have no fear that you'll be spectacular. You're a brilliant scientist, a gifted officer, a clever academic, and a loyal friend. Be plain but truthful with them. Don't try to sound like you think you know more than you do. As scientists, we argue facts, not perception of facts." He placed his hand on her shoulder. "Now go, Ensign Dalia Maize. Make the Peregrine, our division, and us both proud. Take Crewman Thomas with you, in case you need anything."

Dalia's eyes began to water slightly. Maintaining what she could of her composure, she straightened herself and said matter-of-factly, "I won't let you down, Lieutenant. Thank you for this honor."

"Good luck, Dalia."

As she left, she quickly tapped her comms. "Crewman Thomas, Maize here. Please meet me in cargo bay one."

=/\= Aye, sir. =/\= A swift response for an easy order.

She'll be a damn fine CSO, one day. Horatio thought happily, turning back to his work.

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Problems resolved

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Sickbay – 1730

Petty Officer Cook stood looking around at her Sickbay and frowned. Oh she wasn’t displeased as everything appeared to be back in their places. She glanced over at Crewman Patel as he stood at attention awaiting her inspection. She silently commended him as it appeared everything was right where it should be. There was no sign of the earlier disaster that he had made of the treatment room.

She walked over to a drawer and opened it and looked. Reaching in she straightened an instrument though it was perfectly fine. She had to find something. Turning back to the Crewman she grunted slightly and then nodded.

“Well I guess if this is the best you can do,” she said frowning. He had done a fine job but she wasn’t going to tell him that aloud. He should know by now that wasn’t her way. If she wasn’t yelling at you then you were doing your job. Crewman Patel remained silent as he knew was expected of him at this moment.

“Well,” PO Cook sighed, “Go ahead… get on over to the Starbase. Have some fun but if this ship leaves the Starbase short one Crewman because you got yourself in trouble and thrown in the brig. By the Klingon Empire there will be hell to pay. Understood?”

Crewman Patel cringed slightly at the raised voice at the end but he straightened and nodded.

“Yes Petty Officer”

“Very well.. get out of here.” PO Cook said and turned away as the Crewman hurried out the door before she changed her mind. She walked around looking at the instruments, opening drawers and looking inside.

Finally she nodded and gave a little satisfied smile as stood in the center of the Sickbay.

“He’s learning,” she said to herself and then reached down and tugged at the bottom of her uniform top to smooth out any wrinkles and then strode confidently out of the Sickbay. She might get herself a little R&R on the Starbase. It would be great if she could find someone to play Racquetball with over there as most people on the ship were reluctant to play her. She smirked at that as she couldn’t really blame them. She had a bit of a competitive streak that sometimes got the best of her.

She also had to arrange to restock a few medical supplies while she was over there but that shouldn’t take long. It was a short list.

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Horatio and his plants. What a botanist!

Stardate 2365.02.07
Starbase 118 - Recreation Module 1815

"No way! You have aconitum lycoctonum?! That's impossible!" Horatio exclaimed.

"Nope! A guy came through here on his way to Starbase 910 several weeks ago, he had a dozen seeds." Starbase 118's only botanist, thought he prefers to call himself a horticulturist, something Horatio despises, said with a smug expression.

"That's amazing! Finding wolfsbane is rare, but finding northern european wolfsbane is just spectacular! I'll trade you for a few seeds." Horatio replied.

"You can't be serious. These seeds alone are worth a fortune. I had to trade nearly 20 various specimens for just two of these!" came the snarky response.

Lt. Tesenblen sighed. He never liked this part, but he was always up for the challenge.

"Would you take agrostemma githago?" Horatio asked.

"Corn cockle? If you're going to joke with me, don't waste my time."

"I have ricinus communis and abrus precatorius." Horatio tried hard to keep the hopeful look from his face.

"Rosary pea and castor beans. You're almost tempting me. Do you have any moonseeds?"

"None available for trade, sadly. It took 4 attempts to get a specimen to grow, I had issues with the atmosphere for it, given how absurdly cold it has to be for them to grow. I used my available seeds, but expect to have some available in a few weeks."

"A few weeks does me no good, Lieutenant." The 'horticulturist' (Horatio sighs thinking about the title) began stroking his goatee. "Come now, you have to have something truly valuable."

Looking around, Horatio leaned in close and said, "I have solanum nigrum..." he let his voice trail off.

"W-Wha...What?!?!?!" His colleague exclaimed. "You have black nightshade?!?!"

"Keep your voice down, man."

"Are you absurd? That seed is worth 10 of my wolfsbane."

"I'll trade you one seed for your offer, but you only get one." He let the heavy emphasis on the one lay.

"I'll trade you northern wolfsbane, lily of the nile, and cerbera odallam for it."

Horatio's eyebrows rose quickly. "You have the suicide tree?"

The man before him sighed softly. "I do, I have a few seeds spare and I'll trade it for your black nightshade.

"Done!" Horatio smiled and carefully removed a seed preserved in a tiny container. "Good luck, but you shouldn't have any trouble. It's hardy."

"Thank you."

After they exchanged specimens, Horatio carefully labeled and boxed his new prizes. Wishing each other a good day, they went their separate directions, Horatio carrying his case easily with one hand, smiling as wide as the day is long.

That went spectacularly! I can't believe my luck. I wonder how Dalia is doing... He let his thoughts wander off to his assistant as he made his way back to the Peregrine to store his new plants.

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Cutting the team loose on SB-118

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine; Flight Control Office – 1748

“…So everything is in order, then,” Lt Zai asked, his eyes skimming the faces that had gathered around the small conference table, “We don’t need to take on anything from the Starbase before we ship out with the Coronado?”

“Nothing but the new personnel, sir,” Master Chief V’Lur affirmed with a faint nod of his head, “All auxiliary craft are functioning within optimum parameters, our store of at the ready components is at capacity, and, according to Engineering, the replication lab is fully capable of producing anything we may need in the duration.”

“Good,” Tochi nodded, his gaze dropping back to the PADD he held in one hand…


Zai grinned faintly and looked up, once more, from the PADD; his gaze now framing Petty Officer Owen, who was sitting there, tiny hand raised in the air as if she were in school; “Megan?”

“Not ta be forward, sir,” she prefaced, her hand lowering now that Zai had acknowledged her, “but does this new helmsman comin’ aboard mean I’ll be losin’ shifts at CONN?”

“No,” Tochi smiled reassuringly, “it doesn’t. All it means is that we’ll have an extra body from Flight Control on the rotation and TAC and Ops can have their people back. We’ll definitely still need you to pick up those shifts, Petty Officer.”

Megan’s own smile was kindled from the tentative sort to one of joyous relief. “Just wonderin’,” she chirped, “Thank you, sir.”

Still smiling, Tochi nodded and moved on; “Chief V’Lur; you’ve elected to stay aboard and monitor Flight Operations during our brief layover, I see?”

“I have,” the Vulcan confirmed.

“And, I have volunteered to maintain a bridge presence, if need be,” Ensign P’Tammah added, drawing a dismissive wave of the hand from Zai.

“No need, Vaela,” Tochi said, flicking a glance at the Andorian woman, “you’re long overdue for some time off-ship, regardless of how short the layover. Besides, I get the feeling our new helmsman will be making an appearance, before long, and looking to get settled before we ship out. I’ll stay aboard and maintain a bridge presence as needed; you go and enjoy some free-time…”

P’Tammah nodded and smiled; “As you say, Lieutenant. Thank you.”

Tochi returned the nod and, at the same time, rose from the table. “Well,” he said, already moving for the door, himself, “What are you all waiting for?” The door to the Flight Control Office whooshed open and the Trill made a ‘hurry along’ gesture to his people, as it did. “Go on! Go! Have fun!

If any of you need us before 0800 tomorrow, I’ll be in my office or my quarters, most likely; but, do try not to need us, hm?”

((OOC: Okay, following the FC team's departure, Tochi will go to his office and will likely be found there, on the bridge, or somewhere between the two places until 2000 hrs (8:00 p.m.). After 2000, he'll be in his quarters.))

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Starbase 118

Stardate 2365.02.07
Starbase 118 - Various Locations - 2018 ~ 2200

Petty Officer Dana Cook wandered the halls of the big Starbase resplendant in her dress uniform. It wasn't the High Formal one used for those very Special occasions but it was the next best thing. It did draw some attention as most Enlisted didnt dress that way aboard the Starbase. She thought it only fitting to show off her professionalism and to represent the USS Peregrine on which she was proud to serve.

She stopped into the Medical department and went to the Stores and submitted a requistion for the few medical supplies they needed. Usual items that were often consumed during normal periods in space. Such as:

* Acinolyathin - a typical NSAID analgesic medication

* Axonol - a Topical Anesthetic

* Dermaline gel - Topical gel used to treat burns

* Genericillin - Synthetic penicillin-type antibiotic.

* Sertraline - A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) an antidepressant and mood stabilizer.

The Starbase stores Petty Officer told her that all of those medications were in stock and she arranged for them to be deliverd to the Peregrine. She left the Medical stores and decided to check out the recreation deck.

Finding no 'joy' at the base rec decks for a chance at a Racquet ball game she decided to hit up the Lounge and see if there was anything there that might interest her. She wandered into the Lounge and sat down at the bar.

The 'bartender' came over and asked her what she would like.

"Do you have any Romulan Ale?" she asked in a low voice. PO Cook did like to drink though getting inebriated was something she did only rarely. But she did enjoy a good drink of 'real' alcohol. The synthahol that most places served was not to her liking. It didn't taste like the real thing and it was no 'fun'.

The bartender raised and eyebrow and looked her over before he responsed, "You with Security? You trying to entrap me? You know that stuff is contraband."

"I'm not Security," she chuckled and looked around to make sure no one was listening to closely to them before continuing, "I just like the real thing. So do you have any?"

He looked her over for a minute and then leaned closer and whispered, "If I did what's in it for me?"

She smiled as this meant that he did have some. Most bartenders on planets and even Starbases kept some form of real alcohol it was getting it out of them that was the trick. Reaching into her pocket she brought out a small metal case about 10cm square and set it on the counter.

"A bottle," she said as pushed the box towards him.

He looked at the box and then dragged it closer before opening it. A yellowish light emanated from the box and reflected in the man's bugging eyes.

"Is that what I think it is?" he asked as his mouth dropped open.

"It is indeed," she said, "so do you have it or not?"

He looked up at her an smiled. Snapping the lid of the little box closed he turned and opened a cabinet down below the back of the bar. There he removed a bottle and briefly showed her the distinctive bottle and it's blue color.

PO Cook nodded and the man slipped the bottle into a small cloth bag and closed it before handing it to her. She took it and nodded to the case which he then took off the bar and slipped it into a pocket.

"Nice doing business with you," Dana said before getting up and walking away.

"The pleasure was all mine," he replied as he went on to help another patron.

Dana Cook meandered around the base for a little longer but then decided to return to the ship where she planned to sample the contents of her acquisiton in her quarters.

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time for an uncool change

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Captain's Quarters - 1835

Silas sat alone in his cabin, poring over written material, once again neglecting a half-eaten sandwich. He briefly considered a jaunt into the starbase; surely a quick change of scenery could only be a positive. But there was a lot left to do, and at the moment, he had chosen to devour all of the information regarding the Kuldar and Rytain that he could lay his hands on. The last thing that he needed would be a social faux pas in at the next morning's meeting.

The door chime interrupted his studies. "Come in," he spoke.

The door whooshed open to reveal a female Bajoran petty officer dressed in command red - Vish Riva, the Captain's Yeoman.

He arched an eyebrow. "Riva, I thought that you were off duty. Shouldn't you be breaking hearts on the starbase?"

The yeoman scowled darkly in response. "First off, Captain - you know good and well that I don't have time for that nonsense. Every bit of paperwork on this tiny bird seems to flow through my office... and even a short stay at a starbase generates more paperwork than you can imagine! Besides, sir, aren't you the one still holed up in your own quarters?" The last was offered with a smirk.

In almost any other situation, Drake would have nigh exploded at such a blatant display of insolence from an NCO, but such was the relationship had had with Petty Officer Vish that he didn't bat an eye. In public, she managed a little more decorum, but in private, she had virtually no filter... and Silas found that to be refreshing.

"Fair enough," he responded. "Still, what brings you here?"

She rolled her eyes and offered Silas a PADD. "A few random documents that Starfleet wants your approval on - mostly supply requisitions and such. Also, there are several messages that came via general delivery, but are addressed to you."

The Captain's eyes narrowed a bit at this last - while not altogether unheard of, messages to a Captain were typically delivered directly. He accepted the PADD and spoke. "Thank you, Riva. I'll look these over and handle them." He fixed her with a look. "In all seriousness, I expect you to at least get a few hours of downtime tonight. Is that understood, or do I need to make it an order?"

The Bajoran gave an exaggerated sigh. "No sir, no need to make it official. I'll go find some amusement to distract myself on the starbase." She gave a mockery of a salute and left as Silas shook his head ruefully.

He fired up the PADD and flipped by the requisition paperwork - that could wait. The messages were what interested him. When he saw the sender's name, he felt an icy ball form in his stomach.

All four were from Commander Jacin Parat, Starfleet Command Personnel. The first two were orders of transfer, and when Silas read the names, he felt strongly tempted to fling the PADD against the far bulkhead.



It was bad enough that he was to lose his Chief of Operations at the beginning of a fairly sensitive mission, with no time to learn to mesh with his replacement. But to also lose his Chief Tactical Officer - the man who happened to also be his Second Officer - as well as his Chief Medical Officer?

Drake's fists balled in fury. Turnover was a natural state of affairs in Starfleet; Silas knew that well. But this... he clearly had someone in Starfleet Command who was determined to set him up to fail. To be placed under Captain Jacobs, and to have fully half of his department heads reassigned... this was no coincidence. He had an enemy in some high place.

Still, the anger was impotent, and Silas knew it. He had no recourse here. The transfers would happen, and there was nothing he could do about it. Something his grandfather used to say popped into mind. Adapt, improvise, and overcome.

Silas knew that if he was to succeed as a commanding officer, he would have to learn to do just that.

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Introducing the largest human The Peregrine has ever seen

Stardate 2365.02.07
Starbase 118 - Personal Quarters - 1900

It's time for you to report to your new commanding officer, Ensign Thomason. I wish you and The Peregrine the best. Godspeed. His former commanding officer had given him his final orders to report to Lieutenant Zai effective immediately. While he held is former Lieutenant in high regard, he was eager to be off the base. Not one to be stuck in one place for an exceptionally long time, it would be good to "see the stars" as his mam said when she found out he was going to be on "one of those starship things". He spent the last couple hours packing his bag with his belongings.

Stepping out of the lift in Starbase 118, he was met by his first visual experience with the USS Peregrine.

It's a lot smaller than I was expecting... Hebert felt a flash of disappointment. His mind, being such a large person, envisioned a giant beast of a starship.

Adjusting his uniform, he set his jaw and walked towards the ship. After being admitted on board (without all that much trouble, actually thought Hebert) he asked around for Lt Zai.

He was pointed in the direction of the XO's office on deck 2. Minutes later, he found himself standing outside of the office of his new commanding officer.

Out of everything, I don't feel nervous. Anxious? Naw, that's not right. Giddy? What am I, a small child? Nah. Lost in thought, Hebert, without thinking, turned slightly and slapped his hand on the door in front of him with a cacophonous thud. His thought was only of leaning against the support of the door while he considered his options, but he failed to connect that that particular door belonging to Lieutenant Zai...

*THUD* Oh crap...

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