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nothing earth shattering...

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Captain's Quarters - 1910

Lieutenant Tesenblen had left, his excitement fairly palpable. Just for grins, Silas had called up the aconitum lycoctonum - and grimaced when he discovered that yes, it was on the prohibited list for cultivation aboard a starship. Fortunately, it seemed that the truly great risks came from handling (or ingesting) the plant, so he felt reasonably sure that the safety issues could be mitigated, and no one would be the wiser. After all, me mused, it's not too often that the hydroponics inventory gets audited.
Setting that aside, Drake called up the file of Lieutenant Louise Moore, the new Chief Medical Officer. By the looks of it, Doctor Moore had a fair amount of varied experience in Starfleet, and was more than qualified for the job. As he read, the door chime sounded yet again, causing Silas to grit his teeth in annoyance.

Does no one on this blasted ship take their shore leave? he wondered, even as he smoothed his expression and spoke permission to enter. The door slid away to reveal Doctor Moore herself, accompanied by a crewman.

"Hello, Captain. I'm Dr. Louise Moore, a pleasure." she spoke.

Doctor Moore was a decidedly... average woman, appearance wise. Blue eyes, brown hair scattered with white worn in a bun, average height, average build. Still, her eyes glittered with intelligence, and Silas stood, offered his hand for a shake, then gestured to an available chair. "Welcome aboard, doctor," he spoke by way of greeting. "The pleasure is mine."

Indicating the PADD, he spoke. "I was just reviewing your service record; please forgive me, but I had no idea that Starfleet was swapping out half of my department heads in the same day, so I'm a bit behind on the new personnel files. I see that you are well traveled, though I believe that the Peregrine is the smallest detail you'll have been assigned to." He shot her a crooked grin before continuing. "Indeed, I wonder who you managed to annoy to get sent here?"

((OOC: assuming a response, though not necessary.))

"Well then," he paused. "You'll need to check in with Operations to get your quarters assigned... but the new Ops Chief hasn't made it on board yet. I expect that Chief Palmer is who you'll need to see in the meantime. I'm sure that you'll want to get sickbay set up according to your own liking... and you will likely need to spend some time with our Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Tesenblen. He is starting a new project that I think you should be aware of. If you need anything from me personally, please do not hesitate to ask."

((OOC: any response))

The Captain frowned. "We are set to leave the starbase tomorrow morning on our new mission, so I don't know how long it will be before we have a chance to meet more socially. If possible, I'll try to schedule a meal tomorrow for the various department heads to get to know one another. In the meantime, though, well aboard again, Doctor. I look forward to serving with you."

Posted on 2016-03-22 at 10:39:47.

Eol Fefalas
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An evening with Tochi

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine; Lt Zai’s Quarters – 2233

Officially, Tochi’s work day had ended several hours ago. Unofficially, he had let go of his duties as the Peregrine’s Chief Flight Control Officer and XO only, perhaps, an hour past. Technically, though, despite the fact that he was lounging on the sofa in his quarters, with the lights lowered, and some soothing Terran Jazz playing softly in the background, he was still working at being Drake’s XO. He stared intently at the PADD he held clutched in one hand, almost willing the same file he’d reviewed four times in half as many hours to suddenly provide him with the answers he hadn’t already discovered. Will aside, though, Captain Jacobs’ dossier wasn’t forthcoming with a clear answer as to why he had addressed Captain Drake with such blatant animosity and contempt.

They’ve served together, in the past, Tochi mused, re-reading Jacob’s service record, We know this much. Was it something that happened in that time, then, that makes Silas such a bitter pill for Jacobs to swallow? Or, instead, something less personal and more political?

He recalled his conversation with Drake from earlier in the day, remembering how the Captain had professed to Admiral Harding having addressed him in the same condescending manner. Was there a “Silas Drake Haters Club” in the ranks of Starfleet that he was unaware of and, if so, who were the founding members and what could Drake have possibly done to inspire the formation of such a group? Sure, Drake’s own service record was peppered with a very small smattering of Conduct Unbecoming citations, but, having learned to understand Silas’ approach to things over these past months, Tochi couldn’t imagine that either of those entries could have stemmed from an event bad enough to have prompted such widespread enmity.

Tochi sighed and, rubbing at his weary eyes, let the PADD fall into his lap. “I suppose we’ll just tally it up to a personal discordance in their shared past,” he said into the air, enjoying the momentary respite provided by closed eyelids, “and keep an eye on them both at tomorrow’s meeting…”

The strains of music in the air softened even further, then, as the door chime sounded over them, prompting Tochi to abandon the resting of his eyes. He rubbed at them once more as he hauled himself into more of an upright sitting position, and, at last, let them come open again, blinking first at the chronograph on the wall and, then, the door. “Come in,” he called.

The door slid away to reveal Vaela on the other side. In one hand, she held a long, slender bottle and, in the other, a pair of tulip-shaped glasses. She was still in uniform, but her hair was free of it’s typical pony-tail, spilling over her shoulders, and her jacket was half open. “Permission to come aboard, sir,” she smiled, waggling the bottle and glasses as she asked.

“Granted, Ensign P’Tammah,” Tochi laughed, beckoning the Andorian woman in, “You’re back earlier than we expected. Didn’t find what you were looking for on the base?”

“Oh, I found it,” Vaela grinned, her antennae twitching subtly as she, once more, waggled the bottle and glasses, “but, I didn’t find anyone to share it with…”

Tochi slid his legs off the sofa as Vaela made her way around it. She settled herself into the spot just abandoned by Tochi’s feet and set her payload on the coffee table before continuing.

“…and I knew that you, Lt Zai, would not take advantage of your own liberty, tonight, so, I thought I would bring liberty to you.”

She nodded meaningfully at the PADD in Tochi’s hand; “Still at it, I see?”

Tochi chuckled, leaned forward, and deposited the device on the table; “Just decided to end it, actually.

So,” he tilted his head toward the bottle, “What’s this?”

“Andorian champagne,” Vaela replied, pulling her legs underneath her and relaxing into the sofa, “The real kind, not the synth-drek spit out by replicators. Pour some.”

Tochi nodded and reached for the bottle. “You’re not celebrating Megan’s pending certification with the rest of them, then,” he asked, unstoppering the bottle, pouring a sampling of the sparkling, pale lavender wine, and offering the glass to Vaela.

“I had a drink with them, earlier,” she grinned, accepting the glass, “but Megan’s definition of celebration is a bit, shall we say, boisterous for me to keep up with. I fear Chief Kukkonen will literally have to pour the girl into a transporter before the night is through.”

Tochi, in the midst of pouring the second glass, laughed at that. “I can imagine,” he snickered, setting the bottle aside, now, and reclining back into the sofa, “She’s an excitable one… you know, she climbed us, today, when we told her she’d be getting slots at CONN?”

“Climbed you,” Vaela asked in mock-surprise, “Megan? Surely not.”

“Like a tree,” Tochi nodded.

Both of them laughed, then. “To Megan,” Vaela proposed after a moment, lifting her glass in a toast.

“To Megan,” Tochi echoed, lifting his own glass, “May her flying be just a bit less bouncy than she.”

The glasses clinked together, then, and they legitimized the salute with a sip of the champagne. The Trill and the Andorian, both still chuckling, sat back and finished those first glasses; neither of them saying a word for the duration. After a few minutes, Tochi had drained his glass and leaned forward to set it on the table.

“That was good,” he said with a smile, “Thank you, Vaela.”

“It goes with the music,” Vaela returned, nursing the last remnants of her own glass, “It’s nice. What is it?”

“Smooth jazz, they call it,” Tochi answered, “Twentieth century Terran. Herb Alpert, we think.”

“Mmmm,” Vaela nodded faintly, sipping her glass dry, “I like it. I thought I might find you playing, though.”

Tochi offered a shake of his head and, then, a nod toward the recently discarded PADD; “Got wrapped up in preparing for the meeting tomorrow. I could play something for you, now, if you’d like.”

“Please,” Vaela smiled, reaching for the bottle, now, “You fetch your mandolin and I’ll pour us another.”

“Deal,” Tochi said, extracting himself from the sofa and padding across the floor to his bedroom to retrieve the instrument.

“Tochi,” Vaela called, pouring a glassful.


“Put a shirt on while you’re in there, would you? Those… uh… spots of yours are a little distracting.”

“Says the woman with blue skin and a pair of perky… uh… antennae,” Tochi laughed, reemerging from the bedroom, still sans shirt but with mandolin in tow.

Vaela had refilled both glasses and, as Tochi settled back onto his end of the sofa, handed him one before he could ready the mandolin for play. He accepted, of course, took a sip, and set the glass aside before turning his attention to tuning. After a moment or two of preparation and a strum of the strings to test the sound, he took up the glass, indulged in another mouthful, and, smiled at the woman at the other end of the couch; “What would you like to hear?”

“Something… old,” Vaela almost sighed, “and sweet.”

Tochi thought for a moment, then nodded, and set his fingers to the strings. When the first delicate chords of an ancient Trillian love song floated into the air, Vaela smiled softly around the rim of her glass, nodded in approval of the Trill’s song choice, and, after an instant, closed her eyes and let herself be carried away by the melody.

“Tochi,” she veritably whispered halfway through the song.


“Did you play this for my grandmother?”

“Dervin did,” Tochi answered, “yes.”

“Tell me more about her,” Vaela said, opening her eyes, now, and watching Tochi as he played.

The Trill smiled softly, as memories from several lifetimes ago found their way to the forefront of Tochi’s thoughts. Those memories, too, might have influenced his playing a bit, as the music seemed to soften a bit, lilting in a way that only fingers moved by a remembered love might play the notes. “She was a lot like you,” Tochi said after a while, his eyes lifting from the strings to meet Vaela’s, “Intelligent… strong-willed… talented… beautiful…”

The Andorian woman smiled, her eyes sparkling in the low light; “Did you love her?”

“We did,” he nodded…

((OOC: Just a bit of fluff, really… posting to post and wrap up Tochi’s day… I’ll leave what happens next to your imaginations… fodder for the rumor-mill and such. ))

Posted on 2016-03-22 at 12:43:53.
Edited on 2016-03-22 at 12:48:43 by Eol Fefalas

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Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine; Karri’s Quarters – 2233

The rest of her day after completing the scans of the pod seemed so mundane after all the excitement previous. Karri had eaten a lackluster meal, some how eavesdropping several conversation of how excited the person was to be docking at station 118. Karri momentary toyed with the notion of asking for leave an going carousing, but she shrugged it off. It would be hectic with to many people, crowds had always made her nervous. Karri had once slugged an ensine who made a quipping joke about some long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Had Karri not been agitated being cornered in a throng of crowd at the time. she'd probably have realized it wasn't a personal affront, only a simple anecdotal metaphor that humans seem to enjoy as comedic off set to ease the tension an lighten the mood. Then again Karri snickered, that ensine had been an irritation to her the entire mission, she probably would have ended up hitting him anyways.

Walking back to her quarters Karri mussed how easily she'd grown accustom to avoiding contact with much of the small ships crew. Giving way in corridor's, avoiding unnecessary conversation unless it was work related, it kept the "incidents"down. (at least that's what star-fleet had called them, karri always felt they were blowing things out of proportion, she never hit them hard. the one Lieutenant had broke his orbital bone falling down ... after she'd hit him. that wasn't completely her fault, sure he probably wouldn't have fell other wise but you never know...)

Karri spent the rest of the day lay on her bed reading a translated Klingon Saga, some how they always had war an love in them. Stretching an rubbing her eyes with a yawn Karri tossed the PADD aside a curled up pulling the thin quilt over her an went to sleep.

Posted on 2016-03-22 at 15:52:19.
Edited on 2016-03-22 at 15:54:27 by Astrid

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Happy belated

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Captain's Quarters - 1911

"Hello, Captain. I'm Dr. Louise Moore, a pleasure." she spoke.

The hour was rather on the late side, and the look of those eyes, forced attention from habit and perhaps his own sense of place and pride spoke of a long day already fought through. She didn't want to add to it, at least not too far.

"Welcome aboard, doctor," he spoke by way of greeting. "The pleasure is mine."

He motioned to a PADD, assuredly some dull document displayed about the tragedy on the Ryland or that strain of tibuki fever at Starbase 101. "I was just reviewing your service record; please forgive me, but I had no idea that Starfleet was swapping out half of my department heads in the same day, so I'm a bit behind on the new personnel files. I see that you are well traveled, though I believe that the Peregrine is the smallest detail you'll have been assigned to." He shot her a crooked grin before continuing. "Indeed, I wonder who you managed to annoy to get sent here?"

She heaved a sigh and smiled back, crinkling at the eyes and showing a light spidering of wrinkles from grinning so much in life. "Well, these things happen. I've shipped with so many, I've gotten my life down into two trunks. Trust me, if Starfleet is willing to ignore my existance for a decade, I'd be pleased as Risan punch to keep your crew tip top." Her voice had a calming cadence, the old British accent still prevalent despite years in space.

"Well then," he paused. "You'll need to check in with Operations to get your quarters assigned... but the new Ops Chief hasn't made it on board yet. I expect that Chief Palmer is who you'll need to see in the meantime. I'm sure that you'll want to get sickbay set up according to your own liking... and you will likely need to spend some time with our Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Tesenblen. He is starting a new project that I think you should be aware of. If you need anything from me personally, please do not hesitate to ask."

She studied him while he yammered on, all of it important and the key pieces sticking in mind. Find this Chief Palmer, chat with Lieutenant Tesenblen, the second name definitely earning a broader smile. "Oh I intend to find them, than you. There's a fair few things I'd love to chat with the Lieutenant about. If I find myself in need of your ear, Captain, have no fear. Besides, we need to get a physical and work up done. I take updating all records rather personal. Don't believe in that claptrap about apples keeping doctors away. Tom foolery that."

The Captain frowned. "We are set to leave the starbase tomorrow morning on our new mission, so I don't know how long it will be before we have a chance to meet more socially. If possible, I'll try to schedule a meal tomorrow for the various department heads to get to know one another. In the meantime, though, well aboard again, Doctor. I look forward to serving with you."

She let one arm free from the other, a dark velvet bag still quite tucked in the crook. With a wave, she shook her head slightly. "All in good time, Captain. I have quite a challenge already set before me, and that needs time unwinding. I'm sure your CMO was quite good, and I want to make sure that work continues. Thank you for the welcome, but do get yourself some rest. Oh and..."

Gripping the bag in hand, she offered it across. "Happy belated birthday, sir."

((OOC assuming some thanks and happy wishes, the bag contains a handsome bottle of brandy))

"Cheerio!" She gave call to him, waving off one hand again before he tried any sort of chivalry. Louise spent years in ships and meeting then departing from captains and crew. Part of her didn't want to get too attached, yet she knew all too quickly she would know all their stories and work hard to ensure their well-being.

USS Peregrine, Sick Bay - 1930
Soon enough she would go and find Chief Palmer, for now Louise wanted to scout around and see what she could find in the Sick Bay. Soon enough the morning rush would pile in, random scrapes, someone from Engineering overzealous with their duties, the folks away on the Starbase coming back with nasty hang overs and the like.

"One sleepless night won't be none to terrible now will it. A fine pot of tea, scones, and everything will be right as rain." The door slid open revealing a young man entirely focused on reports and equipment before him.

He glanced up and earned that smile of Louise's. "Oh don't get up, I'll be taking a seat soon myself."

The medical technician Bachmann merely nodded. "Have need of a nurse? I can have PO Cook or Nurse Patel contacted."

"Ah no, I'm well enough. Dr. Moore, I'm your new Chief Medical Officer." She held out a hand to shake the young lady who now stood quick and came across.

"I didn't realize...But Lietenant Synklar?"

"I'm unsure of his departure, but know that if Starfleet needed him on another mission, it is to help a good many folk. And I hope I can continue his mission here. So, give me a good look around, enjoy a spot of tea with me, and latest bit of medical needs you've seen."

He gave her a studied look, motioning to his PADD reports. "We had an interesting case just earlier. Chief Thorson had a strange encounter with a biological compound, an electrical pulse, and containment fields. All the tests were normal."

Louise's pale blue eyes just about lit and danced. "Ah a medical mystery with the metal armed gent! Yes, let's start there. And how about a nice pot of English Breakfast to perk us up."

((OOC Dr. Moore will be in sick bay going over medical charts and personnel, then start poking and prodding people in the next day! She'll work through too excited to join and meet everyone before sleeping.))

((EDITED to change the nurse to Bachmann the medical tech.))

Posted on 2016-03-22 at 23:28:36.
Edited on 2016-03-28 at 10:25:22 by Yanamari

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Lauren Crane

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine - The Garden 2251

Walking around the garden with the evening low lights on was one of Horatio's favorite times. He enjoyed the tranquility and serenity it offered. Being so late into the night, he wasn't required to run experiments or check data, he didn't have to file a report or listen to an update, for this was his chance to truly appreciate and enjoy the work he was doing.

He paced around the room slowly, taking in the visual of each of his plants, enjoying a glass of warm water. He never liked cold water, unless he was eating. You can't chug cold water if you're thirsty. he thought.

Walking out of the garden, he stopped in the main lab and found Lauren Crane working at a station. The lab's main lights were off, the only light really touching the atmosphere of the room was the light from the station she was at and the PADD she seemed to be holding, though it was hard to tell as her back was to the door and she hadn't turned around. Walking around the room, he observed the focused expression she wore. She doesn't know I'm here.
"Crewman Lauren, how are you?"

Lauren squeaked in surprise. "Lieutenant, I'm fine, sir. You surprised me."

Horatio chuckled softly, "I'm sorry, miss Crane. I was just enjoying the garden, figured I'd stop in to see how the tests were coming."

"All is well, sir. I was just looking at the data from Ensign Maize's work on the escape pod we delivered. Respectfully, you should be asleep by now Lieutenant, we're leaving in the morning."

"I can sleep when I'm dead, and how many times must I tell you, you don't have to call me sir if it's just us here. The formality is suffocating."

"Easy for you to say, you're the Chief." she pointed out.

"Hmm. True." He paced over to the other side of her station. "I have other news for you."

"Oh?" Her eyebrows cocked in curious surprise.

"Yes, Captain Drake has permitted me to grow a specimen of northern european wolfsbane." He gave her a thumbs up as he spoke. "I have a significant amount of work before I can actually grow the thing, but having the captain's permission is, obviously, the biggest obstacle."

"That's great! I haven't seen wolfsbane since college." She paused and looked at him. "How the blazes did you get him to agree to that?" She looked curious.

"Contrary to what you believe, he's a very reasonable person and level headed. I just explained what I wished to do."

Lauren looked down. "I'm sure he is, he just never talks to me or acknowledges me when we cross each other."

"You have to consider how many people are aboard this vessel, Lauren. If he spent time trying to engage personally with every one of them, he'd never get anything accomplished."

"I suppose you're right...sir." She smiled a facetious smile.

Horatio poked her in the shoulder. "Trouble maker. Regardless, I need a list from you while you're on gamma watch. I need a full plan on education for the staff as to how to safely interact with wolfsbane, both in general and this specific breed of it. I'm going to get with engineering tomorrow, if we have time, to discuss a workable solution to isolate the cultivation area from the rest of the ship, with security protocols in place to prevent any unknowing person from wandering into an accidental encounter with it. Also, I need you to check my bastard love child and make sure it doesn't get above 30% moisture tonight. I still don't know what to expect from it, and I'd like it as controlled as possible."

"Understood, Lieutenant."

"I'm going to have you and I as primaries for this specimen, meaning if you interact with it, I must be aware and vice versa. I think checking in every 10 minutes should do. Ensign Dalia doesn't have the botanical experience to truly appreciate the gravity of wolfsbane like you do, given your time at Oxford, but I have no doubt she'd do the job admirably regardless. It's just that I'd simply prefer for such a rare plant, it be treated by those most inclined to appreciate it."

Crewman Crane flushed with surprise yet again. "Thank you, sir."

"If you keep acting surprised, one of these days, your face will freeze like that."

Lauren opened her mouth in argument of the stupidity of that claim but thought better of it and said, "You're right, sir."

Horatio laughed. "If you need me, let me know. Good night, Lauren."

"Good night...Horatio."

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 05:19:36.
Edited on 2016-03-23 at 06:52:55 by Dox

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more meetings...

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Captain's Quarters - 1920

The encounter with Doctor Moore had gone as well as Captain Drake could have hoped. She had a gracious manner than quickly put him at ease, yet she made it quite plain that she was well in charge of her situation - up to and including the fact that she intended to perform full physicals on the entire crew. She was utterly polite about the subject, even drawing a small chuckle from him with her bit about the apples, but her tone and mannerisms carried a complete expectation of full compliance.

After a short "get to know you" chat, the doctor graciously took her leave, but not before offering him a velvet bag. "Happy belated birthday, sir," she spoke as she presented the gift.

Silas found himself genuinely touched; this did not feel like at attempt to curry favor - truth be told, Doctor Moore's mannerisms suggested that such concerns would never even occur to her. No, this was simply a thoughtful gift. Drake opened the bag and grinned widely in spite of himself.

"Doctor, thank you very much. Such kindness from a stranger is certainly unexpected, which makes it all the sweeter. I shall insist that we share a toast at some point when we're all a bit more settled in."

As she stood, she bade him a simple "Cheerio!" waving off any formalities, and with that, she was gone. Grinning, Silas placed the bottle on top of his dresser before returning to the personnel files.


Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Captain's Quarters - 2005

Silas had drained all that he could from the personnel files, and was back to reading up on the Kuldar and Rytain. By the time he had thought to try another bite of the sandwich, he found it to be horribly dry, and had just recycled it when the door chimed again.

Apparently, I am quite the celebrity this evening, he mused wryly.

When the door hissed open, it admitted what could have been a Starfleet recruitment poster model. An athletic man in Starfleet gold made several crisp steps into the Captain's quarters, then snapped to attention. "Lieutenant Mathias Berk, reporting for duty sir!" the newcomer spoke with clipped, disciplined efficiency. Silas studied him for a moment, noting the focused green eyes beneath the man's close cropped brown hair.

"At ease, Lieutenant," Drake replied.

"Here are my transfer orders," Berk answered. "It'll be a pleasure to serve under you." He said as he held out his hand.

Drake accepted the offering, shook Berk's hand, indicated a chair, and took one for himself. "Please, Lieutenant - relax. Welcome aboard the Peregrine. Have a seat."

((OOC: assuming the offer is accepted))

"So then, Mister Berk, this will be your first posting as a Chief Tactical Officer? Congratulations." Silas gave a warm smile. "I don't know if you have pulled my own file yet - though something about you suggests that is quite probably the case - but Tactical is my background, as well. With this sort of ship, your skills might be needed sooner rather than later."

((OOC: assuming a response))

Drake sat back in his chair. "Lieutenant Zai - my XO - and I are scheduled to meet with Captain Jacobs and the diplomats at oh eight hundred tomorrow; we expect to leave port presently thereafter on our escort mission. We have also obtained a new doctor and Operations chief; I believe Lieutenant Tetsuku is not yet aboard, so you may want to seek out Chief Palmer to get your quarters situation handled. Your aTAC is Lieutenant Reid; he's a good man, and well versed on our mission, so you will likely want to speak to him, as well. Now, is there anything else that I can do for you at this time?"

((OOC: assuming no, but if so, we can edit and handle it))

The Captain nodded and stood. "Very well. Again, welcome aboard the Peregrine, Lieutenant. We're glad to have you."

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 17:27:51.
Edited on 2016-03-23 at 17:50:43 by t_catt11

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USS Peregrine, Security Ward Room 2005
As John bide his time in the Ward Room he brought up the service record of his new department CO. Lt. Rock had not been able to tell John much about Lt. Berk.

Lieutenant Mathias Berk Current Assignment: Chief Tactical Officer , USS Peregrine
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 2336-06-01
Birthplace:Mannheim, Germany, Earth
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Brown

Physical Description: Athletic build indicative of someone who participates in alpine sports. Keeps hair cut quite short on the sides with it being kept longer on top and parted to one side. Has a small scar on his left eyebrow which he opted not to have removed via dermal regenerator.

John noted the Lt. Berk was only two years older than him and was now Chief Tactical Officer. That was good, John figured he had proven himself to earn the promotion.

Education:Officer School, Tactical Specialisation - Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, USA

Service Record: 2354.09.05 - Enters Starfleet Academy Officer School
2358.04.12 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy and is granted the rank of Ensign
2358.05.01 - Assigned to the USS Fearless, an Excelsior class Cruiser. Security officer.
2362.06.04 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (jg) and transfers to the USS Xhosa an Oberth Class Science vessel as Chief of Security.
2363.02.11 - USS Xhosa decommissioned, Transferred to Starbase 84 as Assistant Chief of Station Security
2363.11.25 - Transfered to the USS Valour a Centaur class Light Cruiser as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
2365.02.07 - Transferred to USS Peregrine as Chief Tactical Officer

Lt. Berks’ career path didn’t seem too different from John’s in that he had started on a larger ship. The time on the smaller Oberth Class ship would also serve Berk well in the tight confines of the Peregrine.

Special Skills or Ratings:Expert Qualification - Starship Bridge Operations
Expert Qualification - Star fleet Small Arms
Advanced Qualification - Alpine and Wilderness Survival and Rescue
Class B Conn rating - Starships
Advanced Starship Tactical Operations Certification
Starfleet shipboard weapons maintenance Certification
Advanced hand to hand and non-lethal use of force training
Certified range master and small arms trainer

John noted the Expert Qualification - Starship Bridge Operations and the Advanced Starship Tactical Operations Certificate. He had hoped that serving as part Captain Drakes crew that he’d also have that qualifications before his next assignment.

Commendations and Reprimands:2362.03.03 - Purple Heart - Injured in the line of duty
2362.03.03 - Meritorious service award for his actions during away mission to rescue federation citizens held captive by Orion slavers.

Berk’s time on the USS Fearless proved him to be a gallant Officer. The Lieutenant didn’t seem to be afraid to step in harm’s way to do his duty and serve others. John liked that, this could prove to be a good opportunity.

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Part of the team

USS Peregrine, Captains Quarters 2005
Stardate 2365.02.07

Captain Drake took the PADD and shook Mathias' hand, and then motioned to the chair while turning to return to his own seat .

"Please, Lieutenant - relax. Welcome aboard the Peregrine. Have a seat."

Mathias relaxed a bit, the tension in his shoulders releasing as he took his seat.

"So then, Mister Berk, this will be your first posting as a Chief Tactical Officer? Congratulations." Silas gave a warm smile. "I don't know if you have pulled my own file yet - though something about you suggests that is quite probably the case - but Tactical is my background, as well. With this sort of ship, your skills might be needed sooner rather than later."

Mathias nodded, he’d gone over the service records of both the Perigrine’s CO and XO on the trip to Starbase 118. Even if the transfer was unexpected he was excited to be serving under such a talented tactician.

“Aye, sir, I gave you and Lieutenant Zai’s record’s a once over on the trip to Starbase 118, this is going to be a big departure from running station security and dealing with cabin fever on a nearly ancient science vessel. I think there’s a great deal I can learn from you sir.”

The Captain leaned back in his seat as he spoke.

"Lieutenant Zai - my XO - and I are scheduled to meet with Captain Jacobs and the diplomats at oh eight hundred tomorrow; we expect to leave port presently thereafter on our escort mission. We have also obtained a new doctor and Operations chief; I believe Lieutenant Tetsuku is not yet aboard, so you may want to seek out Chief Palmer to get your quarters situation handled. Your aTAC is Lieutenant Reid; he's a good man, and well versed on our mission, so you will likely want to speak to him, as well. Now, is there anything else that I can do for you at this time?"

“He doesn't sound terribly excited about the prospect of meeting with this Captain Jacobs nor the diplomats.” Mathias didn’t envy those in command sometimes.

“No sir, no questions, best of luck with the diplomats though, should I have the transporter room keep a transporter lock on you just in case things go sideways? Maybe a tactical team to provide back up?” He said with a smile.

(OCC: Assuming a response, and then dismissal)

Mathias stood up to leave.

“Again sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

He made his way to the door and stepped into to the hall, feeling good about his first meeting with the Captain and wondering why he felt nervous in the first place. Now it was time to find his staff, specifically Lt. Reid.

“Computer, locate Lt. Reid.”

=/\= “Lt. Reid is in the Security Ward Room, Deck 5” =/\=

Mathias made his way back to the turbolift, the thought occurred to him, he’d never had his own staff, he’d had subordinates, a security team, the other security officer on the Xhosa but never a full team that was his responsibility, the prospect scared him and thrilled him all the same. The turbolift doors slid open before him and he stepped into the car.

“Deck 5.”

It was only a short ride, and moments later the door opened and he stepped into the corridor, and made his way to the Security office and ward room, at least he was pretty sure it was. He entered the ward room, an officer, whom he assumed was Lt. Reid sitting, PADD in hand.

“Lt. Reid I presume.” Getting the Lieutenant's attention.

(OCC assuming response from Lt. Reid, will leave it there pending a response. I also hope I got the deck number right for the Ward room.)

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Slight backpost.

Stardate: 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Ship Interior -1900

With the knowledge that for some strange reason he was suddenly being transferred Rock found himself in a tough spot. Well nothing I can do about it right now He thought to himself. However there were two people he needed to talk to before leaving the ship.

Stardate: 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Main Engineering - 1903

Taking the lift Rock found himself in engineering looking for Caity. Spotting her slender yet athletic form at her duty station he headed over to her.

“Lt Morgan may I have a word with you?”

At her strange look he gave her a slight sign to stay professional before the other engineering crew. Moving with her to a corner out of sight of the main he turned to her, a sad look in his eyes.

“Rock what’s wrong?” Caity asked before he could start.

“I’m being transferred, effective immediately”

“WHAT! No Rock why?”

“I don’t know but I’m not the only one being reassigned I heard Doc Synklar and one or two others are also being replaced. It seems some of the older crew.”

“Where’s your next assignment?”

“That I don’t know yet, has not been disclosed.”

“Oh Rock” Rock could hear a tear behind those words as she moved in close to hold him. Hugging her tight he raised her face to his and kissed her deep.

“I love you Caity, I’ll find a way back to this ship.” A few more moments and another kiss and he left her embrace headed for his quarters to gather his gear.

Stardate: 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Ship Interior -1935

“Rockatansky to Reid”

=/\=“Lieutenant Reid”=/\=

“ Reid meet me at the docking bay in 5 minutes”

=/\=Aye Sir, on my way.=/\=

Star Base 118 Docking Bay 1940

As John approached Lt. “Rock” lifted hand his in greeting. He could see the Lt had his gear neatly packed.

“Reid I’ve been reassigned off the boat where I don’t know yet. I need you to do the same type of good job you did for me to the next head of Sec/Tac. Now that’s the official line here’s the personal one. Keep an eye on the new transfers and watch Capt Drakes back I’m not 100% sure there is not a more deeper reason for these sudden transfers of key personal. And even more personal keep watch over Caity until I can find a way back to the Peregrine.”

“Sir, I understand. You know I’ll do my duty.” John took Rock’s hand again, “I have learned a lot from you in my shirt time in your command, thank you.” John heard himself and realized how formal it must have sounded, but he couldn’t help, so he just shrugged and smiled.

“You’re a good officer Reid, I think it should be you taking over my job, but like I said this whole thing seems fishy. Watch your back” With a final salute Lt Maxwell Rockatansky turned and moved deeper into Starbase 118.........

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Not exactly according to plan...

Stardate 2365.02.08
Starbase 118, Conference Room A3 - 0745

As Silas and Tochi sat in full dress uniform in the otherwise empty conference room, the CO of the Peregrine allowed his thoughts to wander for a moment. He had met two of his three new department heads; Doc Moore seemed a grounded, friendly officer. Lieutenant Berk had been effusive in his praise of his Captain... almost to the point of flattery, which had made Silas a bit uncomfortable. However, he resolved to make no judgment yet; he well remembered the jitters that came with meeting a CO for the first time. Indeed, he had many of those same butterflies himself at the moment while he waited for Jacobs and the diplomats to show.

Drake was more than a little concerned that he had yet to hear from Lieutenant Tetsuku, the officer slotted to be his new Ops Chief. He knew full well that they would not tarry long before leaving the starbase after this meeting, and the stress of having such a vital department without a head was beginning to wear on him.

Even though the meeting was scheduled for 0800, Silas had possessed zero intention of showing up at that time; as far as he was concerned, being on time would have been the equivalent of being rather late. It seemed that Tochi had read his mind; at 0715, Ensign P'Tammah had entered the bridge to relieve Lt. Zai for his meeting. The Trill had simply arched an eyebrow, offered a "shall we?", and off they had gone.

As frustrated as Drake was at the forced turnover of his crew, he thanked his lucky stars that Starfleet had not yet seen fit to take Lieutenant Zai from him. In just a few short months, the two had developed an excellent rapport; Tochi always seemed to know what Silas was expecting in a given situation, and always seemed to be prepared. The crew respected him and responded well to him; one day, Tochi himself would make a fine commanding officer.

Sadly, the overall happy musings were quickly throw into discord as the door hissed open to admit Captain Jacobs and his own XO. "Mister Drake," he spoke by way of greeting. Silas felt his teeth clench as he rose to greet the incoming mission commander. For a brief moment, Jacobs' eyes flitted over to Lieutenant Zai before returning to Drake. "Your own executive officer is a lieutenant?" he asked, disdain dripping from every syllable.

Silas refused to take the bait and kept his voice even. "On a Saber class vessel, we have a shortage of senior ranking officers," he responded. "Fortunately for us, Lieutenant Zai is as fine an officer as I have had the pleasure to serve with."

Captain Jacobs' face avoided a sneer, but his voice did not. "Indeed," he offered before idly indicating the woman to his left. "This is Commander Farr, my own Executive Officer."

The tall woman, who looked to be in her late thirties, with short brown hair and brown eyes, greeted the two Peregrine officers with more warmth than did her Captain. She stepped forward and extended a hand to each. "Bethany Farr. A pleasure to meet you gentlemen."

Silas thought that he detected a shadow of disapproval on Jacobs' face as he shook her hand, but he could have easily been imagining it. "The pleasure is ours, Commander," he replied.

Jacobs cleared his throat and spoke up in his derisive tone. "Drake, you are here because the diplomats have requested to meet the commanders of each vessel - not for your silver tongue. You will answer questions if the diplomats direct any to you, but otherwise, you will speak only if spoken to. At all times, you will show proper deference to the chain of command. Do I make myself clear?"

Silas swallowed. "Crystal, sir."

Fortunately, any possibility of further small talk was cut short by the entrance of the two diplomats.

The first to enter was a tall, thin humanoid with skin of a slightly orangeish tone. The top of his head was bald and partially ridged, though he wore wavy yellowish hair down nearly to his collar. His clothing consisted of simple, flowing robes of white. Silas immediately recognized Ambassador Threel of the Rytain from the homework he had been doing.

Directly behind came a shorter, bulkier being. His grayish skin seemed rather scaly, and his stringy hair - a purple nearly dark enough to almost be considered black - came to his jaw. His clothing, by contrast, was fare more utilitarian, brown breeches and a tunic that appeared to have metal plates woven into them. This would be Ambassador D'Lar of the Kuldar.

The ambassadors stood a couple of spans apart, but both faced the Federation officers. After exchanging greetings, Threel posed a query.

"I had thought that we would be meeting the Captains of both Federation ships. Why does only one of you bear the rank insignia of a Captain?" he asked in what might have been perceived as a disinterested tone.

Jacobs shot a sideways glace at Drake before answering. "I am the Captain of the USS Coronado; Commander Drake is the Captain of the USS Peregrine," he explained.

"Interesting," replied Threel. "So, Commander Drake - or is it Captain? Which is it? How is this possible?"

Feeling Jacobs' eyes fixed on him, Silas smiled. "Both are technically correct, Ambassador. While it is true that captain is a rank, and I am a commander, it is also true that the commanding officer of a Federation starship is always referred to as 'Captain'. One is a position, one is a rank. I hold the first, though not the second."

Threel nodded, appearing mollified by the explanation. "Thank you for clearing up the confusion," he responded.

Silas smiled politely. "Of course."

So far, so good, Silas mused. The Ambassadors discussed the itinerary with Jacobs, before changing the subject to the various diplomatic staff and their needs. It seemed that everything was all but decided when D'Lar spoke up.

"Commander Drake," he asked in a gruff, no nonsense tone, "is it not true that you are in command of the superior vessel?"

Silas was caught completely off guard by the query, and Jacobs attempted to interrupt. "Now, Ambassador, the Peregrine is here for escort purposes only; our diplomatic facilities aboard the Coronado are far superior..."

D'Lar cut him off with an irritated gesture. "That is not what I asked, nor was I speaking to you. I ask again, Commander Drake - is it not true that you are in command of the superior vessel?"

Silas cleared his throat and chose his words carefully, ignoring the look of insulted shock on Jacobs' face. "It is true, Ambassador, that the Peregrine has greater combat capabilities than does the Coronado. But the Coronado is larger, her accommodations are much more extensive, and..."

D'Lar cut him off. "That is what I thought. I would travel on the stronger vessel; strength for my strength. I will take my berth aboard the Peregrine, Commander. My staff may follow on the Coronado."

Jacobs gaped like a fish out of water and began to sputter a response when Threel spoke up. "Let it not be said that any Kuldar will gain face in this matter. I will also take my berth aboard the Peregrine. When do we leave?"

Silas nodded. "As you wish, ambassadors. I will have quarters prepared for you at once."

Nearly shaking with rage, Jacobs cut in. "We are scheduled to depart at thirteen hundred hours," he seethed.

Threel smiled. "Very well, captain. See to it that my staff is taken care of; I will greet you next at Gamera III. Commander Drake, I will have my things brought to your ship." With that the ambassador gave a smile, then turned to leave.

D'Lar grinned wolfishly. "I will bring my own things to your ship, commander. Likewise, captain, I expect you to see to my own staff." He also left, and momentarily, the conference room contained only the four Federation officers.

Jacobs burned in silent fury for a moment, and seemed to be looking for words; Drake took the opportunity to key his commbadge. "Drake to Lieutenant Moriden. Lieutenant, we have a change of plans - we need two diplomatic suites prepared immediately, one for each of the Kuldar and Rytain ambassadors. Be sure to tailor everything as closely as possible for their preferences."

The response came swiftly. =/\= Aye, sir. ~~wheeze~~ I'm on it now. =/\=

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Drake out." With that Silas met Captain Jacobs' gaze. "Do you have any orders, sir?"

His lips tight in anger, Jacobs shook his head before speaking slowly and pointedly. "Do not screw this up, Mister Drake."

Silas nodded, unable to keep a smile from tugging at the corner of his mouth despite the tension from the situation.

"Dismissed," Jacobs spat as he spun and stalked out of the conference room.

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Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Sickbay - 0635

Chief Petty Officer Dana Cook walked into Sickbay the next morning with red rimmed eyes and a huge hangover. Her and CPO Crane had only finished off about half of the bottle of Romulan Ale last night. She had consumed the most as Leah had a very low tolerance for the Real thing. But this morning Dana was paying for it with a pounding headache and the lights seemed unusually bright in here this morning.

Normally she wouldn't have consumed so much of the Ale but the news of a new CMO had caused her some trepidation. Her and Lt. Synkler had a good working relationship. They both believed in a orderly and precise Sickbay that ran smoothly and efficiently. Who knew what the new Doctor would be like. She could only imagine but that would be a waste of time and right now her head hurt too much to think.

Dana didn't see anyone in the sickbay treatment area when she came in which was a good thing. She made her way over to the drug storage and after a few seconds she found the hypospray and her 'concoction' for hangovers. This wasnt her first after all. The mixture of Vertazine for vertigo and nausea along with Tramadol a powerful non-narcotic analgesic worked wonders for symptons associated with 'mass consumption of real alcohol'. Setting the hypospray to her forearm she injected herself and sighed. She removed the vial from the hypo and hid it away again in the med cabinet before turning around and assessing the sickbay as her head began to clear.

She knew the ship would be getting underway within a couple of hours so she had to make sure that everything was perfect for the new Chief Medical Officer. It wouldnt do for him or her to find anything out of order on the first day on the job.

(OOC: If the new CMO wishes to interact here at anytime that would be fine with me. Maybe an introduction of some kind. PM me if you have any questions. Just a thought. They have to met sometime. )

(Edit: to change room mate, missed this post when I made that change originally)

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A morning go of it

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine - Workout Facility 0530

"Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." Hebert said aloud to the empty room as he racked more weights for the press. He enjoyed powering through a long morning work out before heading over for a large breakfast. Maintaining his enormous physique took quite the caloric intake, after all.

After his conversation with his commanding officer, Lt. Zai, he found himself eager to come around to 1500 today. He was ready to show he was in command of his job and that he would be an asset to the crew and the Captain. Besides, I hope to be a Captain myself, someday. He grinned inwardly, using the flowing good vibes to push through his exercise.

Normally, he would have a spotter to allow him to use heavier weight, but given no one he'd met yet came, in his eyes, even close to being able to help him should the weight overcome him, he decided to stick with lighter loads and go with higher reps for a more cardio-based routine this morning. Perhaps today I can meet a potential partner. If he was nothing else, Hebert Thomason considered himself to be a hopeful and optimistic person.

(OOC:Assuming no interaction or interruptions)

Hours later, at around 0900, Hebert finished his workout and, dripping with sweat, he made his way to the mess hall, ready to show the lucky bastards of the Peregrine how a man puts away a plate of food.

Loading his plate down with proteins, carbs, fiber, and fruits, he sat down and began enjoying breakfast with gusto, ready for his first full day on his new home, wondering who he would meet first and what kind of person they would be.

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Back in Sick Bay

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Sickbay - 0645

For a short couple hours after reviewing records, Dr. Moore wandered to find that officer the captain mentioned. Within moments, she had quarters, her two trunks popped open, and a nap. As usual, no sooner had her eyes closed and sleep fallen than an alarm buzzed to wake her.

Within the hour, she washed, prepped her long hair into a loose braid coiled at the nape of her neck, clean uniform pressed and worn, and finished off a painfully plain pot of tea.

An alert blipped on her PADD, access to the stores for Vertazine and Tramadol, and entries for arriving personnel. "The day already quite on it's way, hmm. Interesting mix that, wonder if someone came in with a few bumps and bruises. Well then." She left the new quarters, taking the twists and turns in the small ship until the doors of Sick Bay greeted her with a fine swish open and closed.

A young man came to the chime, marks of a crewman, all his calm becoming jittery seeing Moore. "Ah yes Nurse Patel, is it?"

He straightened, tug of his uniform in place, glancing at her uniform and dawning realization from talking with Nurse Dane as she went off duty. "Yes, Lieutenant, Doctor Moore,'am." He had just a year under his belt, rattling off names and ranks to cover the bases.

She waved with a hand, eyes crinkling with a scattering of fine laugh lines. "Oh Dr. Moore is just fine. We'll all have a department meeting soon, but names to faces. Do we have a patient this morn, a few crewmen enjoying their away time a bit healthy hmm?"

"Ma'am? Ah Doctor? No, though Petty Office Cook was just in, and should be returning for duty."

"Oh splendid! Continue with your duties, and I'll get in touch with Head Nurse Cook."

She tapped at her com. "Petty Officer Cook, good morn, if you could please come by Sick Bay?"

((OOC assuming affirmative. Let's meet and chat! ))

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This Is the Turbolift...That Is The Airlock.....Or Is It?

(OOC, this is a joint post between Ody and Brenn.)

USS Peregrine, Security Ward Room 2030
“Reid, I've been reassigned off the boat where I don’t know yet. I need you to do the same type of good job you did for me to the next head of Sec/Tac. Now that’s the official line here’s the personal one. Keep an eye on the new transfers and watch Captain Drakes back I'm not 100% sure there is not a deeper reason for these sudden transfers of key personal. And even more personal keep watch over Caity until I can find a way back to the Peregrine… You’re a good officer Reid, I think it should be you taking over my job, but like I said this whole thing seems fishy. Watch your back.”
Rock’s words were in John thoughts as the door to the Ward Room whooshed open. Lt. Berk entered the ward room.

“Lt. Reid I presume.”

John heard the crispness in the man’s voice, a hint of a German accent seemed to linger or maybe John just imagined it.

“Yes sir, welcome aboard the Peregrine. I've taken the liberty of having the Bridge rotation, section duty roster and department personnel files sent to your PADD. I'm sure you will want to familiarize yourself with your staff. If you wish I’ll arrange shift staff meetings.”

Mathias moved to shake Lt. Reid's hand. John stepped forward accepting Berk’s extended hand, shaking it firmly.

"It's good to finally meet you Lieutenant, I can't say I've had all that much time to review your personal file, my transfer orders caught me by surprise to be honest. I'll take you up on arranging those meetings, I'd also like to take some time to run some security drills, either on the phaser range or holodeck, both so I can get familiar with our security teams, and get a feel for how everyone works together. I'm not here to shake things up, I'd rather avoid turning everyone's world upside down if I can avoid it." Mathias said.

Smiling to himself John thought, “By the book, good that will help the transition to go smoothly.”
“Yes sir, we maintain a regular schedule of drills, I’ll include it so you can attend as your schedule allows. This last mission has been relatively quiet and the drills were mostly all of the action the teams got to see. You will find that our teams are smaller than you may have had on the Fearless but likely a bit more than those on the Xhosa…I had a little time on my hands so checked your service record, thought it would help… The Peregrine isn’t too big of the ship but like our mascot here,” John nods to the picture of the falcon on the wall, “we are quick and dangerous. So if you wish I could take you on a brief tour, might make thing bit easier than searching alone.”

"Absolutely, please, lead the way Lieutenant." Mathias said motioning to the door.

Leaving the Wardroom John showed Lt. Berk around deck 5 making a point of stopping for a while in the Armory. Entering the turbolift they began making their way around the ship passing through Medical and Engineering. With most of the crew slowly returning from shore leave aboard the starbase, most of the ship was still relatively quiet, though there was more activity in the corridors.

"This ship definitely has the feel of a warship, probably no families aboard." Mathias thought, paying particular attention to the comparably Spartan medical facilities as compared to his prior postings. They had walked in relative silence between stops and Mathias decided to break the silence and hopefully the ice with his new second.

"I'll be honest with you Lieutenant,I feel like I'm stepping on toes here, by all accounts you ought to be taking over as Chief Tactical Officer, I only have a few years on you in terms of experience and you have a better report with the department. I'm going to be relying a great deal, especially while I settle into my new role."

They continued to walk then John spoke, “I appreciate your candor Sir, but my job is to be the best Second Officer you could ever want. The details of your command need to be conveyed and carried out so you can concentrate on the situation at hand. If I do that then matters will take care of themselves. For now the Peregrine’s safety has been placed in your hands and it is our duty to assist you and to make it so.”

They exited the turbo lift, stepping onto the now empty bridge.

“The Tactical and Security console is over here.” explained John directing Lt. Berk to the station. “When we leave tomorrow Ensign Blackmon will have the Alpha watch.”

"I'll be joining the Captain on the bridge, at least while we are getting under way, I'd like to get a feel for his style of command. There's probably no need to rearrange the duty shifts though."

“I found that First and Second Officers get to enjoy the pleasure of extra duties,” John said with a laugh.”And no doubt Captain Drake would appreciate your support. Now then, let’s get you settled in. I’ll show you the mess and then take you to Ops to get checked in,” John said as they re-entered the turbo lift.

Ending at the Operation office John “Again… Welcome aboard sir.”

"I appreciate the welcome Lieutenant, I look forward to working with you and I appreciate you taking the time to show me around." Mathias responded. As John turned to leave Mathias tapped the door chime. Lieutenant Reid had been friendly enough, but there was something about the whole tour and their conversation that sat in the back of his mind as seeming strange. The Lieutenant had seemed uncomfortable, maybe suspicion, or jealous? This whole situation was beginning to seem slightly off.

"I might have to give the Peregrine's former CTO's personal file a quick once over, find out if there is more to this transfer than I originally thought."

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Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Mess hall - 0650

"Affirmative, On my way," Dana Cook responded to her com.

She had stopped in the mess to pick up a quick meal as nothing helped a hangover better than food that and her little hangover concoction. She quickly finished the last couple bites of her meal as she whisked out of the Mess and headed towards sickbay.

Dana didn't recognize the voice on the com but by the tone it was an officer and in Sick Bay which could only mean one thing. She was about to meet the new CMO and her boss. She wasn't sure if the butterflies in her stomach were from the alcohol remnants or nervousness of meeting her new superior. Neither one was a good thing.

She paused outside in the hallway as she straightened her uniform and then whisked into Sickbay. She saw the woman in there and right away noticed how normal she looked though a bit on the short side. She marched up to her smartly and stopped at attention before her.

"Petty Officer Cook reporting Sir!"

She waited for the inspection from her new CMO and as she did she took in all she could see and feel from the rather unassuming woman. Inwardly she was breathing a sigh of relief that it was a woman as she often butted heads with male doctors. Many she had met seemed to look down upon her because she was only a Nurse. Somehow she sensed that she wouldn't have that problem here. Only time would tell.

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