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GM for this game: Schnozzle
Players for this game: Ayrn, SilentOne, Nomad D2, Nimu, Chessicfayth, Impulse, Scott DeWar
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RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
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Rain is lovely unless it can kill you

Clary watched as she sat beside Silinrul quietly. Shaking her head at the antics, the one she now knew as Jacob was quick to offer assistance, others were more hesitate to go. Clary eyed her wolf deep in thought when Xana spoke, telling Tolly to call someone else back she couldn't say who was being called back as she wasn't really paying that much attention but she did agree with the elven woman,

"Xana is right. We could potentially be stuck in that rain and what good would we be to anybody if we were to die before this ,adventure truly began?" While Clary didn't speak much, she did agree with her fellow adventurer. Risking their own for something that could be nothing wasn't wise in Clary's eyes. However, in case a fight broke out for them to go find the cleric and this symbol she stayed close to her wolf at her side.

Posted on 2016-03-04 at 18:30:34.

Scott DeWar
Regular Visitor
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Geoff of Broyhill

"Father Tolly, It would seem best to get your other priest back here, But I am not sending you out alone. I will out with you to bring him back. Let's go" Without any further word, Geoff awaits for the aged man to lead the way to where the domino was found and the other cleric is waiting.

He removes his cape to place on the fathers sloping shoulders to offer further protection. Underneath is a suit of chain shirt made of the finest of chains and of the most silvery metal you can imagine. It is fully apparent to be mithral chain.

He adjusts the coif and places it over his head, it too being part of the same suit. He draws his sword and readies his shield; there being no mistake, he is not taking any chances for trouble.

"You never know about the deperation of bandits."

Posted on 2016-03-04 at 20:05:07.

Karma: 12/1
494 Posts

sorry for late post

Damian peered towards the domino, eyeing the chain and examined it.

He closed his eyes and a flash of memories appeared in his mind, A woman, robed and long brown hair with this domino hanging by her neck. She always had a kind smile on her face and although he didn't talk to her often, the few times they interacted were times that he enjoyed.

Damian opened his eyes and choked out softly:

"Yes.. I know who owned that... It belongs to one of the clerics who went missing. Mother Tobs.. I hoped that she was okay..".

He sat down in the corner, holding the domino and gripping it tightly before he steeled himself and focused on the conversation

He bowed his head Geoff told him to stay and gripped his quarterstaff, muttering:

"Yes. I agree with you. I shall stay here."

He turned towards Xana and the woman with a wolf at her side and nodded, looking towards the sky. He spoke clearly, "I think we should wait. I know the bite of this acid rain and it's something that I would rather not chance."

He nods as Geoff escorts the cleric and goes to help with preparing camp.

Posted on 2016-03-06 at 11:02:22.
Edited on 2016-03-08 at 09:53:03 by Impulse

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
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Rain, rain, go away . . .

Daxos listened to the others discuss the options and hated every minute that passed. Time was key here. Still, they were probably right, if there was no knowing how soon the rain would fall then there was no knowing if they were safe going out into the rain.

Still, Daxos wasn't quite willing to just sit there. He looked around to see if there was any place nearby from which he could get a vantage point. He got out his spyglass and said, "I'll try to keep an eye on you and the surrounding area. Try to at least take a quick look around for clues if you have time. And hurry."

With that Daxos gets the best vantage point he can and starts to scan the surrounding area with his spyglass, keeping a close eye on the cleric and fighter.

(He is looking for just a little high ground, or a tree to climb - but something within close range. If nothing exists can he climb the shelter?)

Posted on 2016-03-06 at 13:01:55.

Angel Reincarnated
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1142 Posts


Athelia spoke her piece ensuring each person present had heard her name, and her intentions with the mission. She knew that some people could not be trusted, and knowing how important trust was for a group to work together efficiently she would give them the benefit of the doubt until they proved untrustworthy. When she finished her introduction, she stepped back into the shadows of the dimly lit room and watched the injured man had stepped forward making his proper introductions. The fighter listened carefully to the words he spoke, as he offered his gratitude, and assistance should anyone require anything. Nodding to the man in greeting, a charming smile flashing across her lips as she then turned to the next person to speak.

The next group member to speak up, and introduce themselves was Geoff of Boyhill, who seemed very talented with the shield he had been painting. The man was serious in his tone, but the pictures on his shield appeared animated and full of energy. Nodding towards the man as he made his introduction she flashed her smile towards this man as well. The fighter did not trust those who dabbled in arcane knowledge, but she would give this mane the same respect and trust as the others, unless he proved otherwise along their journey.

Jacob was the next man to step forward and introduce himself to the party. The man seemed eager to help people, not for their gratitude as it seemed to make him uncomfortable, but out of instinct. He would be their scout and guide along the way, and he admitted he had small knowledge in healing, which would be a good thing to remember should they require it in the future. Athelia nodded and flashed her smile towards the man to acknowledge his introduction.

The next person to join introductions was made by one named Daxos of Clan Turin. The man seemed to have a lot going through his mind, which meant a very intelligent man, but a dangerous man as well. The man was very informative, both in his introductions, and in starting a brainstorm of how we could potentially solve the issue at hand. The warrior nodded towards Daxos, in greeting as she had the others who had followed suit in introducing themselves.

A woman was the final of the group to chime in her name and state her interest in helping the party successfully complete the mission. Her name was Xana and she seemed pleased when she met the eyes of the others present in the pavilion, however the night previous she had noticed the surprised in her body language that revealed her true reaction to the mission.

By taking the first step of exchanging introductions, the icebreaker seemed effective, with the exception of Clarissa and Silinrul. The woman with the wolf did not speak at all since the previous night when she stated she and her wolf would join the party. It seemed the woman and the wolf shared a very strong bond, but the fighter was displeased that she did not introduce herself as the rest had done, but at least she nodded in greeting. It always worried her when people kept to themselves, as the quiet ones were usually the ones to worry about.

After introductions, conversation began to flow like a river, twisting and turning every which way. Father Tolly had returned in a rush, nearly knocking Geoff off his feet as he entered the pavilion. Listening to the exchange and registering Geoff's reaction as the trinket was displayed and questions asked. Brother Garrat was apparently still waiting at the location they found the trinket. Already they were to be faced with their first decision as a group.

Athelia listened to the opinions of the rest of the party, absorbing their thoughts and fears, before revealing her own idea. It seemed Geoff was eager to investigate where Brother Garrat had found the trinket, but seemed the party was divided on their course of action. A couple members volunteered to go out and meet Brother Garrat in the early evening hours. It was then the fighter stepped forward and voiced her opinion of the situation.

"I can already smell the rain approaching, I believe we should call Brother Garrat back but find a way to leave ourselves cues on how to find the location again come first light when the rain clears. I do not believe we should risk getting caught in the rain, and since the light is failing, we should ensure we are all inside safely and investigate as soon as the rain clears."

It seemed the majority of the group agreed with this statement, but Geoff decided to escort the cleric to fetch brother Garrat from the spot they found the domino. The fighter began pacing the pavilion as the party split up knowing the acid rain would soon fall.

Posted on 2016-03-07 at 20:51:20.

Ma' Nozzle
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653 Posts

When the Rain Comes They Run and Hide Their Heads

Dax climbed onto the pavilion, seeming excited to use his spyglass in this desolate waste. After a moment of searching, he called down that he had found Garrat, and that he seemed fine. He stayed on the rooftop for some time, scrambling this way and that. His movement was noisy on the creaky old ship's hull, but not loud enough to interrupt the conversation below.

"Call young Garrat back, Tolly," Xana spoke, ignoring the others that already jumped to aid. "The rain is far too near for more than a trip there and back, if we even have that much time. We will investigate come sunrise. Whatever is there now will certainly be there in the morning."

Father Tolly looked troubled. "Of course what you say is wise, old friend, but should Garrat leave, the station he guards may be lost. "

The girl with the wolf spoke up as well "Xana is right," she said, "We could potentially be stuck in that rain and what good would we be to anybody if we were to die before this ,adventure truly began?"

A third voice agreed, Athelia's. "I can already smell the rain approaching, I believe we should call Brother Garrat back but find a way to leave ourselves cues on how to find the location again come first light when the rain clears. I do not believe we should risk getting caught in the rain, and since the light is failing, we should ensure we are all inside safely and investigate as soon as the rain clears."

Even the bold fighter would not have Garrat waiting for the weather to turn. Athelia's plea made good sense, but for Geoff and Jacob it fell on deaf ears. The rain would almost certainly wash away any evidence of the priest's passing, and that clue was too important to lose. Tolly decided on a compromise.

"I am fatigued from my journey already, my sons, and were the rain to take both Garrat and myself... I cannot bear to think of Pike's fate. No, I shall stay. The two of you - go with all haste. Now cover your ears, all of you," he said, raising his right hand to his mouth as though holding a trumpet. Three times he loosed a clarion blast of sound, certainly loud enough to hear miles away. He then shouted into his curled hand, and it seemed amplified a thousand times. "TWO WILL SEARCH. MARK SITE WELL AND RETURN."

This seemed to be enough for Geoff and Jacob. They were off suddenly, nearly before Tolly was done speaking. The trail the man had taken was clear enough, and before long they were out of sight, even in the broken scrubland. Dax still scrabbled about overhead, this time on the south side of the hull.

After some time, Garrat spoke again "Well, I have brought my share of kindling - how about we get some supper hot for the boys' return?"

((OOC: This is only a small update - I plan to have another up on Saturday or Sunday.))

Posted on 2016-03-08 at 21:34:42.
Edited on 2016-03-09 at 15:26:20 by Schnozzle

Cheshire Cad
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1170 Posts

Slate Noire

Jacob sighed to himself as he and Geoff set out. He ears were still ringing a bit, regardless of him being quick to cover them. Amplifying your voice over a distance like that was certainly a useful ability to have, but, in his humble opinion, not at all necessary. It wasn't like the rains were upon them this very moment. They could have sent the cleric back.

He shook his head, trying to rid himself of such petty thoughts. It was a minor, minor detail in the grand scheme of things. He had volunteered to do this job, and was working on limited time. That energy would be better spent finding answers.

He remained quiet as they both quickly and briefly searched the area. Not much to go on. Clear indications of a fight, but the blood on the ground would tell anyone that. Though he made note of the amount and position, his eyes following it as it lead down the trail towards the lake bed. Nothing for it then, but to head back and pursue it further tomorrow. At least they'd beat the rain out here, so they had a definite direction. Come morning, it'd all be washed away.

Jacob finally speaks. " We need to head back. The rain falls in less than 15 minutes."

(((OOC: Once Geoff is satisfied, heads back to the others.)))

Posted on 2016-03-08 at 23:30:12.

Scott DeWar
Regular Visitor
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Geoff of Broyhill

Geoff is silent and observant throughout the whole time. He was until it was agreed upon that there was nothing else to be learned.

"Well, maybe we need to run back, because I do not see the need to get caught in the rains." If he get approval from Jackob he will move as fast as his armor lets him!

Move at x4 speed

Posted on 2016-03-09 at 02:18:23.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
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2376 Posts

Spyglasses are good for something . . .

Daxos climbed on top of the shelter and looked around. He quickly spotted the cleric Garratt. Since things in that direction seemed fine he began to take a broader look at their surroundings, starting with the sky.

It seemed like they had just over 30 minutes until it rained. That was good, the others should have no trouble making it back to the shelter.

After a quick glance skyward he started looking for other dangers - hiding places and out further from the shelter in all directions. In the vast emptiness of the flats he was surprised when two things quickly captured his attention.

To the North - quite a bit west of where Pike would be - there was a large, dark ... something . . . on the horizon. He couldn't tell what it was and it didn't seem to move. But what was it?

To the South he saw movement - headed this way. Something was about 2 miles out and approaching the pavilion from across the flats - it was clearly not on the road. It was big, but still indistinct. It might be a group of people, or it might not. He couldn't tell, but they were headed towards the shelter and would probably get here before the rain hit.

Dax didn't wait any longer - he stomped on the roof to get people's attention and then called down, "we've got company!" That quickly silenced any conversation below (Assumption, but it seems safe) and he pointed South saying, "South, 2 miles out and headed this way. Something big. Could be a group of somethings - people? Could be. Not on the road. They, or it, will get here before the rains hit."

With that he glanced back at Brother Garratt to make sure that group was ok and already on the way back. (Seemed to be so, so I'll progress as if they are.) Seeing this he trains his spyglass back on the movement to the South. What were they about to be joined by? Friend or foe? Human or otherwise? That they were headed for the shelter seemed to suggest human since they needed to be out of the rain. But human didn't guarantee friend. And a shelter might not just be a place to find shelter, but a likely place to find prey. He didn't like being prey. He kept his eyes open and used his spyglass.

Posted on 2016-03-09 at 14:47:45.

RDI Fixture
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Coming 'round the corner

Xana watched the pair of heroic fools saunter off to solve their mystery. If they wished to risk the rains, then let them. Even if they all went on the search, she would stay here. Running a hand through her dark curls, she glided to the center of the pavilion and crouched down by the fire pit.

The tingle of fey magic rose with, and she let it course through her, filling her with life. Breathing deeply, she then exhaled a bit of the enchantment into the kindling. A few embers began to glow, but nothing strong enough to start a fire. It usually took a few breaths to coax the flame to life. Once, she could have merely waved her hand to set a roaring blaze, but now even minor tricks such as this required real power. A century away from Faerie, amongst the stagnation of this world had depleted her. It was possible to regain what was lost, but forced to hid from the rains each night left little opportunity to do so. Would another century of banality cause her to fade away completely?

Xana sent the bitter thought out with another breath and was awarded with a wisp of smoke. A silent mockery of how far she had fallen.

As she took another breath to bring the campfire to life, Dax began to stomp loudly on the roof above. Pulling her attentions away from to unlit campfire, Xana looked in the direction of his thumping to seek its cause.

"We've got company!" He shouted, silencing any further conversation from the group. "South, two miles out and headed this way. Something big. Could be a group of somethings. People? Could be. Not on the road. They, or it, will get here before the rains hit."

His staccato alarm decided things. Xana abandoned the campfire and moved quickly to the southside of the pavilion and began to scan the flats before them for any signs of movement. Her keen fey senses would find anything trying to hide in the fading light. Dark fey magic crackled within begging for release. At the first sign of treachery she would strike. Questions could be asked later.

Posted on 2016-03-13 at 15:28:36.
Edited on 2016-03-13 at 15:28:51 by Nimu

Ma' Nozzle
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Encounter with the Feral Men

On the rooftop, Dax lay prone, most of his body concealed by the slope of the ancient hull. He shouted down each bit of information as soon as it became large enough for his telescope to resolve. "Seven people approaching. One might be a prisoner - surrounded and moving against his will. Robed. They don't look like city people. Also a creature. Maybe a small bear. Can't tell, but something is off about it."
A few minutes later, "Definitely a cleric. He's in shackles. The rest are armed but not ready for a fight. No, they spotted us. They're going to come at us sword in hand." He settled into his position, doing his best to maintain a line of sight with the presumed enemy while still remaining concealed on north side of the rooftop.

Geoff arrived at the pavilion several minutes later, out of breath. He had sprinted almost the entire distance back, as a sense of urgency had overcome him when he saw the scene afield and the rain approaching fast. It was almost five minutes before his companion Jacob returned. The seasoned traveler had known exactly when the rain would strike; and he saved his strength. Something was different now; everyone was tense as if waiting for something.

Tolly quickly caught them up to speed, though there was almost no need. The words had barely left his lips, the situation hardly described in full, when the gang of feral men came into full view. Brother Garrat and Father Tolly disappeared suddenly into the rear of the pavilion, each hoping they had not been spotted. They were brave men, but they were not fools. Whatever was happening, it was targeted at clerics.

There were six of them, three men and three women, each clothed in the most bedraggled sort of way. Between them in shackles was an old man, his robes almost completely brown with dust but still showing the Triskele in several places. As the group approached, it became apparent that the animal Dax had spotted was one of the Changed. Where its ancestors had run on four legs, six now raced along the ground. Sitting above rows of needle-teeth, its eyes glowed a brilliant shade of blue. The others' faces soon came into view as well, each a disfigured mirror of what they once were. The rain had not been kind to them. Swords and axes flashed in the dying light, and one seemingly the leader, carried a two-headed flail.

Upon reaching the pavilion the gang spread out along the exterior, the old cleric still in their middle now nearly too exhausted to move. The first to speak was a woman who stood nearly a head taller than her companions. "City folk" she spat. "What would a pitiful bunch like you be doing on the road with... what this? Barrels and barrels of water. Why, I don't think I need to hear the answer." She glanced at the old man on her left, and her eyes glittered knowingly. "Give us half the water and we'll spend the night in peace."
Thunder crashed nearby, a grim reminder that fight or truce, it must all be done in but a few minutes' time.

Posted on 2016-03-13 at 21:53:12.
Edited on 2016-03-13 at 23:13:26 by Schnozzle

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
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Combat? Already?

((OOC: I had help with this post. It's from the twisted and collective mind of myself and Schnozzle. Enjoy))

The old one looked up from his chained feet. Something here, no someone here was familiar. He lifted his left hand to his face, carrying the other up with it. He scowled. Yep, that was her alright. Clary and that blasted wolf. Perhaps the gods had not been so cruel to her. Perhaps she would remember him, and feel guilt for her past. He spoke, weak, hopeful, afraid.

"Clary, is that you?"

Clary was quick to stand as incoming enemies came, taking her queue from Silinrul as he stood infront of her, hackle raised, fangs bared. Bow in hand she was going to ready a shot when she faltered at hearing her name. No one in the group knew her, looking up she tilted her head then smiled too sweetly,

"How's your leg old man? Treating you nicely?"

"Fortunately I know a good healer. It only bothers me when it rains." He tried to laugh at his own joke, but it stuck in his throat halfway out. He glanced around quickly, "Look, Clary, I'm in a spot." The woman beside him kicked him in the shin,

"Keep your mouth shut, you slime. How much deader do you want to get?" clary narrows her eyes at the woman then flickers back to the Cleric and places a hand on Silinrul who was getting ready to attack her voice suddenly cold,

"Why would I help you? I left you for dead once before." The old man looked downtrodden. Surely even a child of the wilderness would know better than what she had done.

"Help me and find redemption, or finish what you began those years ago. I cannot live another day in shackles." His keeper punched him in the stomach and he went down in a heap. Clary was quick at drawing an arrow, knocking it and firing it close to the woman, Clary's eyes narrowed.

"You, are becoming irritating woman. If you wish to stay alive I suggest you stop hitting the man while I'm talking." Clary's voice was deadly, her hand once against returning to Silinrul to keep him infront of her as her eyes flickered to the man, "You want me to save you, to seek redemption for what I've done, or take your life.. Those are the options you have laid out for me.. Those are what I have to pick from.." She trailed off, seeming to search Silinrul's eyes before flickering her gaze up, reaching for another arrow, "I chose neither. You are already dead cleric, at some point your life will end. But it will not be by my hand and yet.. It will also neither end at hers."

Posted on 2016-03-16 at 00:38:49.

Cheshire Cad
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So much for the report.

Jacob almost resented being lumped in with the others. City folks indeed. There was little doubt in his mind he knew the area better than any three of the people before him. In another situation he might have spoken on the subject at length. It was one of the few points of pride he had that he couldn't let people one-up him on. Unfortunately, this was neither the time nor the place, it seemed. His report would have to wait as well.

If he were alone, he'd just share the water and have done with it. He could get where he was going with less than the average fighter. Of course, if he were alone, they either wouldn't have come across him, or they'd have killed him immediately. There tended to be less middle ground when you were alone, he'd noticed. Still, one look at the rest of the group was enough to see this would be a fight.

Not that the look would have been needed. Shot fired. Obviously wide, so hostilities hadn't been triggered yet. Jacob doubted it would be much longer though.

Ah well. He had a job to do. Glancing around, he took another good look at his surroundings. The cart was in front of him to the left. It should make good cover. Most people didn't shoot at good, pure water. Not if they were even half-way sane. Looking out at the group that stood opposite him, he zeroed in on a girl without weapons. If you came unarmed into the wilds, you were either important enough to have protection, a mage, or you were soon dead. The very look of her ruled out options one and three. A mage then, he guessed. That would be his first priority.

(((OOC: Jacob takes in what is going on, and gets ready to move to cover and fire at the mage, should hostilities break out.)))

Posted on 2016-03-16 at 21:50:40.
Edited on 2016-03-16 at 21:53:17 by Chessicfayth

Scott DeWar
Regular Visitor
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Geoff of Broyhill

"The water is not ours to bargain with." Is all Geoff says.

He lets his hand rest on his sword's hilt. Nothing subtle at all. Why would he? Their ax men here are already poised for battle and this shakedown was as subtle as a great club.

Posted on 2016-03-17 at 00:19:30.
Edited on 2016-03-17 at 00:19:54 by Scott DeWar

Karma: 12/1
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Not my water!

He was quiet for some time, sizing the men up and noticing the relationship between Clary and the chained cleric but he focused his attention on the men. Damian walked forward, standing straight and his quarterstaff clacked against the ground as he made his way to the front. His hood was up and obscured his face. Damian said in a menacing voice: "Leave. Trust me. This is not a fight that you'll win. But if you dare fight..." With this he pulled his hood back, exposing his heavily scarred face. "I'll make sure you feel the sting of the rain." His hands grip his quarterstaff tightly and he looks extremely angry at the would be thieves.
(OOC: He hasn't used druid powers before but maybe he can accidentally cast entangle on the men?)

Posted on 2016-03-18 at 13:55:36.
Edited on 2016-03-18 at 13:56:00 by Impulse


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