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GM for this game: t_catt11
Players for this game: Eol Fefalas, Yanamari, Reralae, Hammer, Schnozzle, CAPTIN-CAPSLOCK, AmaraD
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Eol Fefalas
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May my aim be true!

"We make it alive to Crandel, this night," Vengador said flatly, the cleric's vigilance not lessened in the least, "And no shamblers emerge from the mist. When we find a dry and comfy inn, the first round is on me, friend Talca."

"That being the case," Talca quipped in response, "I look forward to the next time you are mistaken, hodoer." The syl offered a wink along with that jibe but, as the cleric of Solanis was still enrapt with scouring the landscape about them and Talca, himself, had begun to turn his sights back to the road ahead, it may have gone unnoticed.

After Rae had made an offering of food and coin to the pilgrims, talk among the party began to lean in the direction of providing an escort for the Lysoran Pilgrims. Following some in-talk on the subject, Irel took the initiative and addressed the pilgrims directly; "Oi! Do you folks need some to accompany yerselves to the shrine? Is it far?"

"The shrine is still some days away," the leader called back, "but nonbelievers will not be allowed to visit. Still, thank you for your kindness - the Blue Lady's blessings on you all."

Talca heard the giggling, then, and thought it an odd response or even addition to the conversation, Curious that one should find anything about this funny, he thought, but, then, he realized that the eerie giggling hadn't come from among the pilgrim group but from something else, just beyond them. As fearful moans rose from the pilgrims, groans of a different sort added to the chorus when several figures emerged from the dusk and moved on the Lysorans.

"Lysora save us," the lead pilgrim wailed as one of the dark shapes rushed his group, "they have come!"

"Ed' i'ear ar' elenea," the ranger cursed, nocking an arrow and moving to get a clear shot, As he set the arrow to the string, he sprinted back down the road toward the knot of pilgrims. Dropping to a knee, he drew back the bowstring and sighted in a target...

"Talca," the Shieldmaiden of Falloes called, "how many?"

"Many," Talca answered as he loosed his first arrow, targeting an attacker nearest the panicked pilgrims, He had yet to actually count the number of assailants, of course, but figured that "many" was a good enough estimate for the time being. As he readied another arrow and positioned himself for another shot, though, the pathfinder did start to take a tally,

((OOC: Talca will engage at range until/unless it becomes impractical, targeting those "shamblers" that come too close to the pilgrims or his own party first. When/if ranged "fire support" isn't the best choice, though, away goes the bow and out come the machetes, hacking and slashing at it's finest!))

Posted on 2016-03-24 at 08:02:32.
Edited on 2016-03-24 at 10:07:37 by Eol Fefalas

RDI Staff
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Dirty not dirt nap

Irel put to voice what she was thinking, help them out and sort themselves out later. What would be the harm?

And then giggling, movement, shapes dark and eager with some malicious intent. They had distance now, and a flurry of arrow fire raining down on the group would only add danger to the mix. Some things like boars and wolves just didn't see much threat in an arrow over the prize of fresh meat.

Everything happened in a blur, like so many things.

Dropping her pack with the rather worn lute to the ground, Pepper pulled Out Back from the second scabbard, two long swords laid in hand and itching for a battle. She might not believe in one god specific like, or even really pray much, but folk that did were special. Special and chosen or special in the head, both balanced out in the end. And these folk looked to need help in a bad way.

She heard the cry of Rae to protect the flank. "Aye aye, flank."

Pepper kept a wary eye on the woods, mist a living thing itself. It moved with purpose, ghost-like and strange, reminding her of the old stories told by the old grannies with gaping holes betwixt their teeth. Tales of how it reached between the trees, covering the grove like a blanket. One moment people would be there, disappearing with the mist.

This time the mist brought something back.

Swords pointing back, moving forward with purpose and speed, she needed to get closer to that group in case an opening presented itself. Or to handle anything that came out of those trees. Nimble as could be, she stayed on her toes ready to tumble through to slice blades deep into whatever attacked.

((Pepper doesn't really do much ranged. She's far more up close and personal. If something comes from the woods, she'll tumble and fight through them. Otherwise, she is making way to the people to start tumbling through and slice n dicing!))

Posted on 2016-03-24 at 20:28:43.
Edited on 2016-03-24 at 20:29:08 by Yanamari

Regular Visitor
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Things hit the fan....

Irel has already accepted the dismissal and started to turn away toward the others. While she was concerned for the pilgrims well-being, she wasn't going to waste anymore time making way to Crandel and a warm bed. Food. A bath to rid herself of the scent of wet dog and soggy leather.

And like a group of drunk caravaners out late for "fun" after hours, the sound of laughter and screams behind her sent that right out of window. Shouted warnings from front and back echoed in her ears to reinforce the sudden danger.

"Talca! How many? Vengador, Hammerfoot, both sides, cover them! Pepper, Irel, check our flank, look sharp! If you see a shot, take it!"
Irel spun around on her heel, shrugging the buckler down to protect her left arm with long practice. As Pepper rushed by (swords in hand) Irel took a step back and to her right. Moving toward Talca, and to make way for her camrades coming back down the road. Bow in hand and arrow notched, she took aim at the approaching... attackers...? They certainly weren't bandits. Bandits didn't giggle. Whatever it was, they'd laugh a good deal less with arrows in them.

((Irel is watching the right flank in parallel with Rae, slowly backing up to meet Telca in a support capacity. She favors her bow and will take a shot first at anything that approaches from the flank. With next priority on the first/nearest attacker on the Pilgrims that she can get a clear shot on.))

((If anything closes to melee and attacks her directly, she will drop the bow, go to her sword. She'll hold back on spells until she can evaluate threat, and use them only as a last resort or if things escalate.))

Posted on 2016-03-25 at 00:41:46.
Edited on 2016-03-25 at 00:42:08 by AmaraD

Ma' Nozzle
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A Song for the Bold

"Lysora save us, they have come!"


Aedan spun on his heels to face the weary party of travelers, his merry tune cut short. It hadn't seemed to have had much effect anyway, but he had continued playing for his own sanity. A shiver went up his spine. He had been in the rear of the party when the disembodied laughter started. He pushed his way toward the center of the group and silently vowed to spend more time talking to that behemoth Vengador and less in his own poorly protected skull.

He secured his notepad in the specially waterproofed side pouch he had picked up some time ago, and undid the buttons that held his daggers in place. This was going to require The Hammers. He drew the two daggers, as thin as stilettos. They were specialized. Dual purpose weapons he could use to strike both his enemy and the strings of his dulcimer.

After a moment of panic, the team was clicking into place once again. They moved like a machine in times like this. It struck him that they moved like the pieces in a music box, and his song was what they produced. Without the cogs, there would be no music. Without the music, what was the point?

Grasping The Hammers by their tips, he began to play again. This time he hoped it was something a little more influential than his song had been only moments ago. They needed to get lucky.

Hear the legend of heroes six.
Who faced fear and the dense mist
Forever fighting darkness
Their forces overpower

They've come so far
now they stand
once again

So we'll hum a bar
write their names
in the stars

I sing of Talca the Brave!
I sing of Rae and her Faith!
I sing of Hammerfoot's name!

I sing of Vengador Mighty!
I sing of Vengador Mighty!

I saw the spells of Irel!
I witnessed Pepper's deceit!
I sing of Hammerfoot's Feet!

I sing of Vengador Mighty!
I sing of Vengador Mighty!

Posted on 2016-03-29 at 22:55:48.
Edited on 2016-03-29 at 22:56:42 by Schnozzle

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
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run away!

The pilgrims scream in panic and pain as shapes from the mist move into their midst. The party all rush towards the stricken travelers in an effort to give aid.

Fortunately, it seems that the attackers are, if possible, even less spry than the travel-weary pilgrims. For a moment or two, it looks as if the Lysorans may be able to break free.

As the melee fighters rush to give aid, Talca pulls up and raises his bow to sight at one of the attackers.

It is a scene from a nightmare.

Their flesh is a pale, greenish-gray - where it still remains whole. In many places, skin and flesh alike hang loose or are missing entirely, revealing bone underneath. The eyes are wide and empty, staring vacantly (provided that the eyes are not missing altogether); yet somehow, you instinctively know that these abominations can see quite clearly.

Aedan begins plucking strings and sings an inspiring tune. The man's musical ability is truly remarkable, for as he sings, it seems as if the rest of you feel physically better.

The sylvari ranger looses an arrow that buries itself deep within the chest of an abomination... that staggers, yet grabs on to one of the pilgrims.

Then, the true terror reveals itself.

One creature seems to be in much better physical condition than the others. Where the majority seem to be slow, awkward, animated corpses shuffling along... this one is different. It appears to be a twisted mockery of a human, but it does not seem to be in the same state of decay as the others. It grins broadly, revealing a mouth full of crooked fangs, then begins giggling in a maniacal fashion as it leaps among the terrified pilgrims. It rends about with claw and fang, and every person it touches either falls to the damp ground or freezes in their tracks altogether.

Vengador brandishes the disk of the sun that he wears around his neck, and gesturing to the sky, loudly denounces the undead in the name of Solanis. The sun god is truly with his priest, as five of the shuffling corpses retreat from his presence.

Pepper tears into the creatures, felling the one that Talca has already shot. Rae is right behind, interceding between the creatures and the two pilgrims still trying to flee. The paladin of Falloes fends off a blow with her shield, then parries, splitting the skull of the zombie wide open.

Irel looses her own arrow, intent on the giggling monstrosity, but it nimbly leaps to the side - and the arrow barely misses a fallen pilgrim.

And then, the creature is upon Pepper. She manages to keep its filthy fangs away from her throat, though it comes close enough to let her smell the stench of death on its breath. However, its dirty claws do rend the flesh on her forearm; while the wound itself is minor, the rogue feels a dank, unholy chill creep into her very bones, and discovers in horror that she can no longer move!

Rae moves to help, landing a blow that staggers the giggling creature. It fixes the shield maiden with yellow eyes, flicks a blackened tongue at her, then leaps away, running off into the mist. Several more of the shuffling corpses press into the melee, and for a moment, things begin to look grim... and then, Hammerfoot finally closes the gap. Holding his own holy symbol aloft, Kharox' cleric commands the abominations to flee - and all of them do so.

Talca pulls his bowstring back... only to discover that there are no more immediate threats.

The fight, such as it is, is over.

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 00:40:07.
Edited on 2016-03-31 at 09:48:56 by t_catt11

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Reprieve means time to tend to those in need

The enemy was routed, or so it appeared. Holy power was in their favour this time, but Rae stood alert regardless, staring in the direction the yellow-eyed giggler ran off. If it was smart, it wouldn't strike from the same direction, but that was the only direction that Rae knew it may arrive from again. First thing was first, however. She quickly stepped in front of Pepper, snapping her fingers to try to provoke a response from their oddly quiet group member. At the lack of response, she held up the pommel of her blade in front of Pepper's mouth. The misting verified that she was still alive.

"To me! Those afflicted by the unnatural effect of that creature are unmoving, but not dead! Hammerfoot, Vengador, if you can, check the fallen. I will hope they are within saving, as the body is more resilient than most give credit for," She murmurs that previous sentence to help steel that particular fear lingering in her heart, "Everyone stay alert if others may appear from the mist, and those with knowledge try to discern the nature of this affliction. If we can hasten their recovery, that would be all the better, otherwise we must maintain a defensive stand around them until it wears off, hopefully sooner rather than later."

Rae will maintain alertness by eye and ear for the yellow-eyed giggler. That was the main threat, and it was not felled. She had a suspicion it may try another attack, particularly given its effectiveness thus far.

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 01:47:33.

Occasional Visitor
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Time to do some clericking!

Hammerfoot took a second to lower his heartrate and suppress the murderous rage, flicking the switch from warrior to father almost instantaneously. He rushed from fallen pilgrim to fallen pilgrim, casting cure light wounds on as many wounded but living as he could, and then hurrying to Pepper's side as soon as he was done.

He looked at Pepper's condition, and then at Rae and said, "Dear, I'm going to need you to stay calm and vigilant. This was a Ghoul, a supernatural beastie that leaves it's victims momentarily paralyzed. It should pass within minutes, but until then, we must remain stalwart, in case the bastard returns to finish the job." He then moves to heal Pepper with holy light. To Pepper he says, "You're going to be alright, dear, just hold on. It will wear off soon."

After healing his friend, Hammerfoot stands and picks up his hammer and shield, ready to fight for the honor and safety of his ally.

((Hammerfoot is going to heal as many pilgrims as he can, one cure light per pilgrim, saving one for Pepper, and then he's going to heal Pepper, before standing up to guard her, taking a total defense action or something similar.))

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 01:57:26.
Edited on 2016-03-31 at 10:53:15 by CAPTIN-CAPSLOCK

RDI Staff
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Did you see that thing?!

She had fought quite a few street brawls, having ale, dirt, fists, steel, and once a powder that made her eyes weep and gave her a cough for days. This fight was entirely different.

The cries of the pilgrims spurred her arms to spin the long swords, slamming into the first sluggish moving thing with Ol One Eye. As flesh broke open, an arrow thudded deep in its flesh near where she marked it, a gush of putrid stink assailed her. Squinting, she gulped for air, unfortunately breathing more of the horror in.

As it slid free, oddly sliding with oozelike ease..., she turned to smash through the next. She nearly screamed hearing the uttered giggles with a wet sloppy end to the noise. Its black tongue flicking as if tasting the air for prey. Needle teeth try to get a chunk of her throat, but panic and street fighting took over to bring up her pommel to help hold it back.

One hand...hand?... reared back, so slow in her eyes. Minutes seemed to tick by as claws stretched, digits itching to rip her apart. But in truth, it moved with lightening speed, coming down to rend through her forearm.

She cried out and stopped. The cry caught in her throat as a chill wormed through her flesh, holding her fast in place. Horror tickled at her thoughts, burning her eyes, as it hop-ran away and her friends crowded around. Her vision blurred, seeing Rae came into view, snapping fingers. Hammerfoot spoke nearby as if through water.

What's happening!? HELP! But she couldn't speak, only feel every joint lock up.

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 09:30:27.
Edited on 2016-03-31 at 09:31:23 by Yanamari

Eol Fefalas
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One word, which, on this latest leg of their journey, had become something of an unsettling mantra. The weather, the way, the weary pilgrims; for each of these things, Talca's mind had whispered the word, hissing it's warning. Now, though, as the Lysoran pilgrims were set upon and the Syl pathfinder took aim at the assailants, seeing them for what they truly were, that one word was no longer whispered in his mind as much as it was screamed, over and over and over,


Thankfully, due to Aedan's skill at weaving his songs, the cacophony in Talca's mind was able to be overcome well enough. The ranger released his arrow, a smile of grim satisfaction tightening his lips when the bolt struck home, a smile that quickly turned downward into a scowl when the thing merely staggered from the impact and then continued it's assault on the terrified Lysorans. Pepper had managed to fell that first abomination Talca had targeted and, then, that horrendous giggling,


, A stream of blistering Sylvari curses streamed from his lips as he readied another arrow and maneuvered for clean shot past his companions at the giggler. Given the tight chaos of the fray, though, such a shot wasn't precisely easy to make and, given the way the vile thing had just eluded Irel's arrow, Talca wondered if it was possible at all.

Of course it is, a memory of Meri's voice whispered through the repetitive mantra, Breath, sight, and time, my young one. Breath, sight, and time.

Time is the one of those things I seem to lack, arwenamin, the ranger lamented as the chittering monstrosity had reached Pepper, now, and he still hadn't managed a clear line of sight. Vengador's rebuke of the creatures had sent some of them fleeing, though, and Rae had come to Pepper's aid, landing a blow on the gibbering ghoul that proved, at least, it could be staggered. Hammerfoot, also, came to aide then, invoking Kharox' power and inciting the remaining zombies, along with the horrific leader, to finally abandon their assault. Talca had another arrow at full draw, now, but, mercifully, there was nothing left to shoot at, for now.

"To me!" he heard Rae call, then.

Keeping his arrow ready should the undead horde return Talca acknowledge the command by keeping his eyes to the mists as he slowly circled the party. The circle became tighter with each circuit but he never got so close to the rest that he wouldn't be able to buffer another onslaught should one occur so soon. He heard the voices of the others and heeded Rae's commands, but, as the clerics worked at their healing, Talca's attentions were keen on the landscape about the party.

((OOC: Okay, as noted, Talca's playing cover man, stalking a perimeter around the party (and the Lysorans) and keeping an eye to the woods.))

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 16:20:20.
Edited on 2016-03-31 at 16:22:47 by Eol Fefalas

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Wrong and Right

((OOC: I am posting using information that t_catt11 sent me in a PM as Answers for the Knowledge Checks [plus further Clarifications in another PM] that I asked him about in a PM in regards to the UnDead, the Pilgrims and Pepper after he first Posted the Update))

Vengador had been both 'Wrong and Right' earlier when the Dawnbringer had shouted out a spontaneous "UNDEAD" alarm in his four known languages.

He had been 'Wrong' in regards to the first group that he had seen from afar, shuffling along as though they were more dead than alive, but they were found to be Pilgrims on their way to a Shrine of Lysora, motivated by a fear of the coming of an unknown 'They' that the Pilgrim Leader had referred to, along with an ominous warning to not be on the road after dark.

He had been 'Right' that Shamblers were gathering to attack, but entirely 'Wrong' as to the direction that attack was coming from.

Being 'Right' about a Shambler attack offered neither comfort nor consolation to the Dawnbringer.

Now four Pilgrims lay dead from the Zombies and Giggling Ghoul attacks; one Pilgrim was unharmed, plus one Pilgrim and Pepper were paralyzed by the Giggling Ghoul that had led the surprise attack from the rear.

Thankfully, both Vengador and Hammerfoot were able to disperse the majority of their dark foes with their Turn UnDead abilities, granted by their respective deities Solanis and Khorax, after some of the UnDead Attackers were dispatched by the combined efforts of Talca, Rae and Pepper.

All had been inspired to victory by the song of Aedan the Bard.

Irel had also shown courage and valor in the heat of unexpected battle.

The Cleric of Solanis was glad to call each one a Friend ... trusting his own life with the abilities of each of his companions ... even the Thief named Pepper ... who stood frozen with paralysis ... in need of protection ... that her companions would surely provide.

Vengador quickly assessed the damage, calling out to Hammerfoot to not waste any Healing Spells:

"Friend Hammerfoot ... the Paralysis that Grips Pepper is from a Ghoul ... Waste Not Your Healing Spells ... the Origin of the Paralysis is Supernatural ... It will Dissipate in a Short Time , No Known Medical Techniques Will Help ... Nor Any Healing Spells We Currently Possess ... Pepper's Wound is Mild My Friends ... I Will Clean and Bandage the Wound on Her Forearm ... to Prevent Any Infection from Taking Hold of Pepper ... Transmitted from the Filthy Claws of the Giggling Ghoul ... Do Ye the Same for the Paralyzed Pilgrim!"

Vengador withdrew a bar of soap from a pouch, mixing it with water from his water skin, gently cleansing the filth from the wound, to prevent any unknown infection from afflicting Pepper.

He then applied a mixture of herbs to further combat any infection, before gently wrapping her forearm with a bandage, all the while murmuring soothing words to Pepper and a few prayers to Solanis.

After making sure the Paralyzed Pilgrim was properly attended to, the Dawnbringer implored his companions and the surviving Pilgrim to closely heed his words:

"Those Killed By Zombies are Dead ... Zombies Do Not Infect ... Their Dead Victims Do Not Become Zombies ... But Those Killed By Ghouls ... Their Bodies Must Be Blessed ... Lest They Become Ghouls Also!"

Vengador paused to study each face gathered around, making sure they all understood the full importance of his meaning.

"At Least One Pilgrim ... If Not More ... was Killed By the Giggling Ghoul ... So I Must Cast a Bless Spell ... Lest the Pilgrims Become Ghouls!"

Vengador goes on to explain that the Bless Spell will cover a 50 Foot Cube, asking the group to remain well within the boundary for protection.

He does acknowledge that Hammerfoot already knows the Bless Spell, but he asks his Khord Friend to stand watch with Talca, in case more UnDead appear from the enshrouding mists, so that the Cleric of Khorax can dispatch any new UnDead attackers with his Turn UnDead abilities, if necessary.

((OOC: Vengador Prays and Casts a Bless Spell to Prevent Any Dead Pilgrims from Becoming Ghouls ... Plus Creating a 50 Foot Cube of Blessed Protection for the Group))

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 21:21:40.
Edited on 2016-03-31 at 21:25:56 by Hammer

Ma' Nozzle
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With the combined efforts of Hammerfoot and Vengador, combat had come to a sudden standstill. Still, the creatures weren't destroyed, only repelled. After a verse of his song came to a close, Aedan stopped singing for a moment, but found it wise to continue playing this dulcimer. His hands a blur over the strings he shouted to his companions.

"Well done Sir Hammerfoot! Well d-done Sir Vengador! The gods protect us s-still. This next lyric will be a hymn to their p-power."

Solanis, our God of Light
and Kharox who joined our fight
We thank you for lending your might
Your power helped us get lucky

The team had lost absolutely no momentum when the undead turned tail. Already Talca and Rae had set up a guard. Vengador continued in his absolutely indispensable role as a holy man, cleansing wounds and blessing the dead so they would remain at rest. Aedan grinned as he sang, happy to see his people doing such good in the world.

Posted on 2016-04-02 at 21:17:14.
Edited on 2016-04-02 at 21:32:55 by Schnozzle

Fun is Mandatory
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In a handful of minutes, Pepper feels control of her body return. Meanwhile, the clerics are busy tending wounds and the dead with gifts of cures and blessings of the gods.

Rae and Talca keep a tense watch, but the neither the giggling monstrosity - not the shamblers - return.

Three of the pilgrims are left alive, including the leader who spoke to you before. "Thank you for your aid," he speaks, his voice trembling. "If not for your heroism, we would have all perished this eve."

He holds out his hands in supplication. "It is clear now that we cannot reach the shrine... at least, not until the road is safer. I think it is best that we return to Crandel, and perhaps beg lodging there. Would you good folk consider accompanying us there? I fear that we have naught to offer you but the blessings of the Blue Lady, but I fear what will happen if we leave your sides before we are safe."

Posted on 2016-04-10 at 23:05:33.

Eol Fefalas
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Yes... and quickly...

While the clerics tended to the dead and injured, Talca maintained his watchfulness of their surroundings along with Rae. Mercifully, in the span of time between the abominations' retreat and Pepper regaining control of her body, nothing more threatening than the mist and murky weather had encroached on the, now, comingled groups. At his back, he heard the voice of the pilgrims' leader offering words of thanks and praise before not so much accepting, now, but asking for an escort.

",it is best that we return to Crandel, and perhaps beg lodging there. Would you good folk consider accompanying us there? I fear that we have naught to offer you but the blessings of the Blue Lady, but I fear what will happen if we leave your sides before we are safe."

"Weera amin," Talca concurred, allowing his gaze to flick to the old pilgrim and then, from face to face of his own companions, "After this, we could not let you go on alone and, I think, we could all do with some rest and respite." The ranger began backing up the road in the direction of Crandel then, not yet letting his bow rest completely and still keeping his eyes keen on their surroundings. "The town is not far, melloneamin," he said, "if we hurry, we can be there before full dark."

((OOC: Guessing that we are going to continue on to Crandel and assuming that it was just about dusk or so when the attack occurred, if not, time and distance can be edited, Talca's all for getting these civvies to safety and getting everyone off the road for the night ASAP.

Elven translations: Weera amin = "I agree"; melloneamin = "my friends"))

Posted on 2016-04-11 at 08:54:10.

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I actually dreampt that there was an update. Intuition or confirmation bias?

Rae gave a warm smile, nodding as Talca spoke, "It matters not what you have to offer - my only regret is that I couldn't have known to act sooner. But such thinking doesn't do any good for those that still live. Let us go together then."

She cleaned her blade if needed before sheathing it, but her shield arm remained ready, "Everyone, stay alert to our surroundings. Particularly the rear - this attack came from behind us, so it might very well be the same direction from which another may happen. Let us hope that it does not, but just in case, Vengador, Hammerfoot, one of you should be be part of the back guard, to help provide cover for the others should it be needed."

(( I figure in terms of a marching order, the party will be arranged in a sort of a circle around the remaining three pilgrims, Pepper, Irel, Aeden and Talca on either side, Rae and one of Vengardor or Hammerfoot in front, and the other in back. ))

Posted on 2016-04-11 at 13:20:54.

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Back Guard

Vengador finished the Bless Spell and when the Dawnbringer was certain that none of the slain Pilgrims were doomed to rise up with the curse of roaming the land as Giggling Ghouls, he cast a wary eye towards the direction where the UnDead had vanished from sight.

Although he had questions to ask of the Pilgrims, the Dawnbringer awaited an order from the Shield Maiden, Rae; keeping a vigilant watch for anything amiss, until Rae was ready to take further action.

She cleaned her blade if needed before sheathing it, but her shield arm remained ready, "Everyone, stay alert to our surroundings. Particularly the rear - this attack came from behind us, so it might very well be the same direction from which another may happen. Let us hope that it does not, but just in case, Vengador, Hammerfoot, one of you should be be part of the back guard, to help provide cover for the others should it be needed."

Vengador responded to Rae immediately, "I Will Be the Back Guard ... You Have Nothing to Fear!"

Before moving into position, the Dawnbringer addressed the Pilgrim Leader, "What Do You Know of These Creatures?"

((OOC: Vengador waits for a response before continuing))

"Where Exactly Did You Pilgrims Travel From ... And How Many Began the Journey?"

((OOC: Vengador waits for suitable responses and explanations, before asking his final questions))

"What Have You Observed During Your Travels ... What Have You Seen ... What Have You Heard ... Any Other Strange Circumstances or Situations ... Any Unsettling Rumors ... What Has the Blue Lady Revealed to You ... Any Dreams or Premonitions ... Any Further Light on Your Fears?"

((OOC: Vengador will weigh what has been answered, as he takes his position as the Back Guard, but the Dawnbringer will be sure to convey his thanks for whatever response the Pilgrim Leader provides))

Vengador grimly nods to each of his companions, before falling back behind them about 8 or 10 feet, as he softly sings a song of praise to Solanis, keeping alert as he watches to the left and the right for anything amiss, in addition to attuning his eyes and ears to anything that may threaten to emerge from the mists behind, armed with his Mace and his words of prayer and praise to Solanis.

((OOC: As the Party makes its way towards Crandel, the Dawnbringer keeps a steady pace, pausing briefly about every 10 to 15 feet to search the mists behind and towards both sides of the road, alert for anything amiss and ready to engage any enemy with the might of his Mace.

He is also ready to Turn UnDead if any should emerge from the mists behind, or to the left or right of the muddy road))

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