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Parent thread: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game
GM for this game: Bromern Sal
Players for this game: TannTalas, Keeper of Dragons, Nomad D2, Giddy, Aletheia, Espatier
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"Well that was my idea, Blossom, Echo, anyone got another one, I'm out."

"What if," Bloodbank asks, rising from crouching and scrounging through his bag holding two items, "I was able to fashion us some masks to filter out that sewer smell. At least for a bit.”

"I don't know if the masks will work, but what about those shelters over there." Fixer nodded his head in the direction of the boxes and things forming a shelter in the alley for some wrecks unfortuante enough to have no better shelter. "For just a few credits I'm sure the residents could be persuaded to vacate and we would at least have a hidden location in which to work. It isn't perfect, but the smell will at least be tolerable."

Casino looking to the rest of the group and hearing no better ideas nodded to Fixer to lead the way.

As they approached the makeshift shelter and were confronted by its resident Fixer decided to just keep going and not wait for Casino to speak for the group.Casino looking to the rest of the group asnd hearing no better ideas nodded to Fixer to lead the way.

"Just ‘cause I don’t live in no fancy conapt don’t mean I can’t defend myself. Roll on, ‘less you want some new holes t’ breathe through.”

"Fair enough," Fixer said as he came to a halt. "I don't need any more holes and I don't think my companions do either. We do, however, need a place to work quietly for a very brief period of time. This place may not be fancy as you said, but we would like to rent it from you for an hour. No holes needed for anyone. We will give you a few credits and you just go for a walk for a while. Easy money. Easy money and nobody gets holes. What do you say?" At this Fixer holds up a few credits.
With the resident(s) of the shelter on their way down the alley and out of site those on technology duty disappeared into the shelter He turned to Casino. "Back on homeless guard duty I guess." With that he headed back up the alley a bit looking for a place where he could find a little cover and conceal himself in a way that made him look like a napping homeless person. As he did so he addressed his fellow homeless, "When they are done we still need to ditch that stuff. The sewer below may work. It looked deep and if we could find even a semi-intact box it might float 1/2 a block or more away from the entrance. The further the better.

Casino once again following Fixer’s lead did as he had finding a place to stand guard without being seen as much as possible as Blossom and the rest worked. Hopefully they’d find something to lead them to the boy they had up to this point no luck in finding. As Casino watched his mind drifted to Vegas and Ghalan hoping both were ok.

Posted on 2019-01-16 at 21:45:31.
Edited on 2019-01-16 at 21:46:35 by TannTalas

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