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GM for this game: Bromern Sal
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A night at the Enclave

“You do know choomba that we have several enclaves around the city, right?” the enclave vendor explained.


“Awhhh yeah, but this is the only one that I know about,” Luther explained.


“Yes, and they are small, but offer a wide variety of services”, the vendor continued.


“But I’m looking for a more personal service, if you know what I mean.” Luther said, as he looked through the wares of the vendor.


“Awhhhh stuffit, jam, hook up” the male vendor nodded then turned his head to yell behind him. “Feng, call Hui Yin, hurry, this man in need.”


Luther was a grown man, but when the male vendor shouted out that he wanted to buy “flesh”, he looked around to see many faces turn his way with a few giggles. “Awhh … no, no, I’m not like that!” Luther exclaimed.


“OH you want boy then?! … Feng!” the male vendor called out.


“No, wait a sec … I’m just looking for some information about about a boy”.


Just then Ms or Mrs Feng appeared next to the male vendor that was yelling, She looked down at luther from her vantage point behind the counter that was 3 feet higher than the floor.  Over her cybernetic glasses, then though them “ Why you no want girl, Hui Yin, joygirl, good genes, smart and cheap ... she will love on you long time, you no want boy whore, I get you nice girl instead”.  The female vendor reached out to touch with her agent to Luther's to make a transaction with his.


“ I’m looking for some information about where I can find information about a missing child”. “Ohhh why you not say so, Shǎzi (foolish)”. You need to post over by those monitors” the male vendor pointed across the way. “ you find I-N-F-O B-R-O-K-E-R” (he spoke slowly) to luther as if he was “touched by God or something”.

“ You still want girl, yes?” Ms Feng asked. Luther smiled and politely declined with a shake of his head. “ Are you lazy american, why, you have no work?” she quizzed. “ Yes, I work... well I was a teacher at one time, now but I......” Luther tried to explain but was cut off abruptly by the woman. “ You teacher?!...” She smiled with a grin. “ OH you meet Hui Yin, you help her with study, make her smart like you, yes?”


Mr Feng broke into his native chinese language and the two started to banter in front of Luther.   Luther began to walk away toward the monitors but not before he hears.


“ Hey Boy, You Boy... come”.  Mr Feng spoke at Luther “ Are you real teacher?”   Mr Feng looked at him long, hard and with a lot of doubt.   “ Feng thinks that your a elementary school teacher, is this right?”.   Luther walked back over and said “ No, I’m sorry that isn’t correct”.


Mr Feng immediately broke back into chinese again to Mrs Feng (Luther assumed) shaking his finger in her face, while she dismissed him with what seems not so nice language in chinese.


“ I was a highschool teacher actually”   Luther spoke aloud. Both chinese vendors stopped dead in their tracks.  Turning both of their heads towards Luther in tandem. Ms Feng “ then why you no speak, good engrish”?.  She snapped in a questioning manner.


Luther was in shock at Ms Feng’s retort and wanted to laugh but he didn’t...   “ I’m part native american, but the high school still thinks that I can speak and teach .... English as a teacher”.


“ You  might be smart but you have no... no...” Mǔqīn de zhìhuì” Mr Feng shot back.


“ I’m sorry but I’m not sure what then means” luther explained.  “ Mother’s wit.... Street smarts” a new voice said from behind. Luther turned to see a few people around him that were listening in to his conversation with interest.  Luther looked for a way to get away from the crowd that began to form around him with interest.


Luther was out numbered and in a different ethnic part of the enclave, so Luther thought that this would be a good time to leave the area and quickly.


Luther bore the charismatic smile to those that were around him and began to excuse himself out the way through the crowd, “ Nice to meet everyone but I need to go, thank you for the information”. *tipping his fedora and trying to leave the area.


“ Stop him!” someone shouted, Luther thought that this was going to be a quick fight and that he hoped to get a few before he would fall.  “ Teacher!.... Can you teach our people?”

a voice came from behind.


Luther stopped his fast movement away from the crowd that had begun to form, Stop and turned to listen.


“ Our kids, our people in fact need a good teacher but we can’t pay a lot of money”.


“ I really don’t teach anymore.. “ Luther explained.


“ But can you teach?” a voice from the crowd asked  “ Why?” Luther answered.


A small frail man came forward  from the crowd “ Our people are in need of a teacher... for basic language skill and overall just general knowledge in your american schools”.  “We as a people have a tendency to want a native speaker to teach”.


“Well that's nice but I need to find a kid that is missing, so I’m sorry that your having some problems but--”


“ MAYBE we can help one other?” the man offered.


“ Can you help with a broken transmission, finding a child and help pay my bills?” Mused Luther


“ We can even find you man boys if you like”... the old stranger grinned.


“ Why does everyone think that I want a manboy?, Damn...”


“ Because you asked for “personal service!” Mr Feng shouted.  


“ Mr Feng, I ask about a inquiry...about a missing child”.


“ I’m Boa, My Sister is Feng, I no Mr Feng, just Boa” Boa explained.


Luther lifted his hands in the air. “ See.... this isn’t going to work, I’m sorry” Luther explained.


“What type of car you need help with?”. The older man continued to talk as he walked closer and began to lead Luther to a shop as his small frail hand reached up and took Luther’s arm.


“ You know anything about a 2025 Shiltron, Twin cab SLT pick up truck by Spinelli Autotech?”. Luther asked as he looked down at the small man.


“ I.... might know a guy” the old man said as he cocked his head to the side as he continued to lead Luther down one of the many isles for vendors.


“Well .. I need tires, new or R&R transmission, my radiator leaks, oh and  the power steering is dead and I have ---”


“ So... we make a deal?... you teach, you proctor the test at the state level school then, yes?”

Queried the small man.


Luther paused a bit and listened. “ So...How much are you talking about?”


The older man had him seated at a table in a small restaurant with a outdoorish area. The chinese crowd began to follow the two and encircled them but stayed outside of the barriers that blocked regular foot traffic.


“ We will get to that soon enough, please sit and drink with me” The elder asked.


“ Why would you need someone like me, can’t you get someone like--”


“ Like ourselves? You ask” the old man chuckled   “ That is why... its our own people charging us more to educate our kids and to assist with getting our people things here, we know how to get here but “Shoes” are hard to come by”.


Luther sat thinking in this seat, drinking  a hot tea that was very nice and calming... he was taking in what this community needs were.


“ Shoes huh?.... I might know a guy” He smiled back at the old man. “ Maybe we could help one another” Luther nodded with his infectious smile. ** was it the koreans that were pressing these chinese?, were they going to sell his passports (Shoes)?** Luther thought to himself. Luther continues “ I have a need and want list if you want to wheel and deal”


The odor of something fantastic was in the air, that interrupted his thinking. Luther didn’t eat at the restaurant earlier and the food was making his stomach growl.


A tablet was brought to the table from someone in the crowd that followed the two to the restaurant shop. Theygot the attention of the small elder man, he turned, smiled and spoke some chinese words Luther guessed. The Elder then examined the tablet, then slid it over in front of Luther.   


“ You got information already about Upstairs / Downstairs and the kid already?” Luther queried.


“ Can you answer these questions.... Without your agent?” the old man asked Luther as he tapped at the tabet.   Luther peered at the tablet.. After picking it up.


**It was a 12th grade general education test for a student

Luther laid his agent on the table and powered it down to show that he wasn’t cheating


Rolled 10+12 (mod)=22

rolling 1d10

(10)= 10

+12 mod

general education

22 (I'll assume) that he can answer all the general education questions

Luther answered the questions in about 3 minutes... Then passed back the test and pressed a few buttons.... Then smiled.


The old man picked up the tablet and  tapped a few buttons, then began to show the crowd the results.  “ My grand daughter thanks you Mr.....” The elder leaned in over the table asking this stranger his name.  


“ Charlie, just plain ole Charlie, Mr....” Luther leaned in to him as well.


“ Teacher,  Mr Charlie, She just got her first A in several months, We thank you”


Luther Washington - Fixer: To Persuade: 28

** Persuasive speech**


“ Help me find that missing kid I posted about on the Giri board, Pay rent to my current level of comfort, help fix my vehicle and in return, I teach 12 students during the day for 8 hours of instruction 0700-1500. During my breaks I will stay and take care of my own private business”.


“So you stay the whole day, yes?”. The elder asked


“At times I will need to make runs...


“ not acceptable” the elder explained... “ say that it is a cultural difference”.  


“Look, I’ll run a night school... for anyone from time to time, but I need sleep, good money and this job might sound more interesting if it had a good benefits package”.


“7 days morning till noon”... elder spoke.


“5 days, morning till noon or I’ll take my chances with the Giri board and other people finding me help”. Luther countered again “ And I pick what days are the 5, deal?” he quickly added.


“We pay your rent in one of our areas...” elder spoke.


“ Chinatown?... Thanks but not thanks, your right, I’m american and you guys have places that are way too small. Beside most round eyes are not welcome in certain  areas with your many “booster gangs”.


“ You safe, we will watch over you only, you have no friends over ever, no loud music, company can come over after 2100 till morning, we have children and should not see you with lady company, for you our teacher and teachers are pure.  


“ Your kidding right?” Luther looked over the crowd.


Ms Feng “ We no kidd, Mr Charlie, E-V-E-R”   Ms Feng spoke aloud from behind the concrete barrier as the elder and Luther sat at the outside cafe.


“Can’t you just pay the rent where I’m at right now?” Asked Luther.


“ NO, too high, you pay too much, no good” Feng snapped. The elder raised his hand to silence her with only a simple silent gesture.

“ After we see that your flowers have blossomed, we we renegotiate the contract once more”.

Luther Washington - Fixer: To Streetdeal: 32

“ ... we don’t have a lot but we will keep you safe, bring you good food with passing grades from our children for they are our future, yes?”.


Luther listened but stayed stoic.


“ The place will be smaller not like american wasting space, you understand right?”.


“ Augh... I don’t know if this is going to work guys and I’m sorry if I wasted your time”. Luther began to get up.


“ Please...wait....” The older man then spoke in chinese and Ms Feng left through the crowd with haste. “ Please sit and drink some more tea with an old man, please” The elder gestured again for Luther to sit.


Luther sits back down...


“ You have spirit?”


“ What?” Luther looks confused.


“ You have Religion, belief like... jesus, buddha, yes?”.


“ somewhat but--” Luther answered.  


“ Then listen to your heart and your spirit... do what’s right and help an old man and his community, Yes?”.


“Look... I need credits, Giri or something to make this work me... “ Luther answered the elder. “ Priority one right now is that I need information and then I might be willing to start teaching the kids for you and help to assimilate into Night city, I’ll even help you find someone that will get you new shoes and other items that you might need from time to time”.


“ You have posted information and no info broker will deal with you about what you are seeking, Now IF... Lǎo (Old)” The elder points to himself “ find then you will start, yes?”


“The deal is this Mister Lao.... I get info to pass to my teammates, I have a need, not a want, a need to pay my rent. But.. if you can find me a place that is to my standard american living conditions and find someone that can get my vehicle up and running in a safe fashion. Then yes I could start teaching when you want me to start then”.


Elder Lao smiled politely, turned as he stood up and motioned for the watier to refill Luther’s glass. Mister Lao then turned to the crowd to gathered chinese nationalist that have patiently waited to be addressed. Lao spoke in Chinese to the crowd and it seemed to Luther that it might have been something like a town hall meeting with various people asking questions. Some shaking their heads no but a mostly it was some form of debate and finger pointing.  It seemed some sort of perhaps giri or propositions made within their community.

Luther Washington - Fixer: To Perceive: 16


Minutes later as Lau and the crowd debated things as most men do with irrational emotion from time to time, Ms Feng came back with a woman wearing a bright yellow dress carrying with a bowl of soup... and it smelled like real  food (which was rare).


“ Please eat “ the woman said as she brought the bowl to luther.


Luther smiled and said “thank you”. She returned the smile and introduced herself as “ Hui Yin”. “ I’m told that your the one that is going to help teach us this year so we can send others to the american universities, yes?”.


Luther was quiet, but smiled   “Perhaps... it depends on what is going on right now” Luther nodded as more finger pointing and hand gestures flew around.


“ You want to teach  Hui Yin to get smarter, yes?”.


“No. No.. its --”


joygirl Hui Yin will teach you, clean your room, wash your clothes and shop with your agent as needed, yes?”.


Luther stopped eating.. But he didn’t want to.


“ No one shops with my agent but me....” Luther's voice got colder “ We are talking things over with the elder and working things out still”.


“ Hui Yin will sit and wait with you, yes?”


Luther slurped more noodles and nodded, after a few minutes Lau returned to the table to sit and Ms Hui Yin stood up and waited for the elder to sit, then sat after he was seated.


“ Mister Charlie, we have accepted your offer and will help you, help us. BUT...” Lao cautioned “ We are not americans and this is difficult for us to get involved in your politics”.


Luther nodded “ So  maybe we can start as soon as --”  


Mister Lao passed the tablet once again.


“ No more tests, please Mr Lao”.


“ Mr Charlie, what you seek, is what, we find.” Mister Lao gave a nod with his head   “ You americans sometimes don’t think that we can understand your english and ignore us, so it makes it easier for us to remain invisible while in sight”.  


Luther smiled “so you have new information for me?!”.


“ Yes, it will get you started but it will need more information as we don't wish to get involved in american politics”.

Luther began to slide the tablet to himself as Mister Lao placed his hand over Luther's

“ WE ask that you honor our customs and this is not negotiable my friend Mr charlie, you will be our guest in chinatown very soon, will you agree to these terms?”.


“Terms?.... Like what?” Luther asked


Mr Lao looked to Hui yin.


Luther shook his head  looked at the elder and said. “ I don’t need a babysitter, besides her english isn’t the best and it's just going to interfere with --”


“ So if I spoke better english I guess that the very smart american teacher would be be able to then save all the poor chinese people”  hui spoke in perfect english.


“ You speak perfect english!” Exclaimed Luther.


“ Yes... I can speak better than you, and in several dialects as well, but all you americans ever want is some cute, weak chinese girl that needs to be rescued by some stupid american, forget it, the deal is off.


** chinese words spoken in obvious anger**  


“ I don’t need nor want your money nor help!”  


Hui Yun then got up and began to leave in haste. Elders from the crowd spoke in chinese and fingers started to fly yet again. Hui then began to sat back down and then apologised

To the elder but turned her body away from Mr Charlie after sitting back down again.


Hui became quiet but it was obvious that she was mad about this whole deal.


“ I didn’t mean to offend you, Ms Yun, I came in here to get some information about a place and a kid that I really needed to find fast, before I got tangled up with your mom and dad”.


Hui looked over her shoulder to the crowd “ They are my surrogate family that I owe because they bought my debt for the fees incurred to get me over here to the states. So I make my money anyway that I can, so don’t eat our food and judge me by my work.  I don’t need to be pitied”.


Hui took the bowl right from under Luther as he was still eating and even more chinese words flew again before she stopped and sat down again.


Luther spoke “ Okay... let try to make this work, without anymore yelling or raising tell me why you need a outsider”. Luther asked after Hui sat down again.


“ The schools here will not recognize my degree from china, I’m a professor not a joygirl that ....... I survive, okay?. But my sin card here doesn’t work and I need a new one to work but everyone knows me now, so even if I get a new sin  if wouldn’t matter.


“ stay underground for about a year maybe and reapply.... People change jobs or transfer, then apply for your teacher license under your new sin, simple” Luther explained.


“Yeah simple for you, but your corporations are different here”. Hui Yun explained.


“ IF I help, not saying that I will.... can we all get along here at the enclave?”.


Hui leans in... “ Yes, I’ll even help here at the enclave once my debt is pay to my family. You finish eating, I’ll get my things, we will go to your home and start”.


“ With me?”


“Yes... or who is going to pack your things, You ... by yourself before you start to stay with Boa and feng?”.


“ what?... no I have my own place, that will not work”.


“ Fine... I stay with you until your ready to leave then”.


“ No.. I don’t need you to babysit me, but thank you”.


Hui looks at feng and says “ your right, he want man-boy instead still, thats okay”.


“Just because I say NO to you does mean that I like manboys, okay?”.


“ Okay.... but I’m ready to leave after your done talking” Hui said.


“So... deal, yes?” Mister Lao interrupts


“ Wait, no...  


Mr Lao begins to slide the information back towards himself that Charlie so desperately needs


“Wait....” Mr charlie exclaimed “this is all going fast and I need time to think this over for a bit”.


“ Mr Charlie, no time, we have answers to what you need, you take, then go with Joygirl. No worries.... She VERY americanized, she argue like a nagging wife, you enjoy, she teach very good chinese and culture so that you will understand your need better. Joygirl Hui is now your problem..”


*chinese words yelled from afar

“ I mean she is now your..... *Fángjiān de bànlǚ”. Roommate, but she is--”


Hui interrupted “Zhǐnán!”


“Guide, yes.... But in having your american style housing in our community doesn’t come cheap... so Hui comes with the deal” Lao explains.


Luther looked hard and long at the tablet then turned to Hui and stood up. He then asked for her hand  politely. Hui looked quizzical but finally offered her hand in return and stood.


“ I need a minute to confer with my new ... partner her about somethings in private for a moment, please”.


Lao nodded with approval and the two stepped deeper in side and to the side of the restaurant.


“Look.... you don’t want me around and I don’t want you either so how can we work this out then?” Luther asked


“ I want to stop working as a joygirl, got that?”


“Yeah... so”


“ So you help me..and I’ll help you, ok?” Hui asked


“ what's in  it for me?” smiled Luther with his infectious smile.


“ Whatever is on that tablet” Hui smirked.


“ I could always cut a new deal... leaving you out in the cold and back at work as a joygirl”.


“ Fine...”*she rolled her eyes  “but no sex”.


“Fine with me” * rolled his eye in a mocking fashion of Hui


“ your really are not into chinese girls are you?”


“Nope.....36-24-36 only means something if she is 5’5. I like them thick but not a stick!”.

*Hui giggled and smiled for the first time at Luther.  “Okay, you help me get my teaching license and a new SIN and... maybe help some of the other girls too?”.


“ Help the other girls?” Luther asked. “ We will see what types of contacts and friends that you have, later on then, then I’ll see what I can do, Okay?”.


Hui nodded.  


Both came back to the table. *chinese words were spoken from Hui as she addressed the crowd and the crowd began to murmur for a bit. Then she walk with her head down and stood beside Mr Charlie's left side and stood in silence.


Luther watched then turned to Mr Lao. “ Help get info, Pimp out the car, pay rent with no restrictions... “ Hui then elbowed Luther “within chinese culture”.


Mr lao continued to listen.


“ I teach 12 kids 0700-1500, 5 not 7 days a week, no restrictions, Hui will work helping me teaching at your school and she stays with her family.


Hui coughed


“ I mean.... She stays with me ... in my americanized apartment”


Mr Lao made charlie wait for an answer and it seemed like an eternity before he spoke.


“Agreed” with a swift head nod. The crowd cheered!.


Hui stepped forward, bowed to the elder and spoke in chinese, then returned to Mr Charlie's left side and three steps behind him.


“ You start tomorrow morning Mr charlie” Smiled Mr loa.


“ I might be late..”


Mr Loa began to frown.


“ My vehicle isn’t working”.


Lao nodded then spoke to Hui for a bit in chinese. Hui spoke back in a softer manner than before and bowed to the elder. “ Mr charlie, I will need your address and for you to sign a release form so the Mr wong can pick up your vehicle from where ever it is, please” Hui asked.


“Yes...that is fine” Luther replies.


“Mr Lao EXPECTS you to be on time before tomorrow because he is going to get Mr wong to work on it right away”.


Charlie nodded.


Hui raised her agent to charlie “ I need to transfer some chinese books about our language and culture, Mr lao hopes that you will start learn as soon as possible”.


Luther raised his agent to make the file transfer ( basic chinese, Basic chinese culture).


Mr lao then finally passes the tablet to make the transfer himself, luther raises his agent to receive the file (info about upstairs downstairs). Luther then excuses himself to sit and look at the precious information that he so badly needed about the child in question.


“ By your leave Mr Charlie?” Luther looked up to Hui.


“ Your going?”


“ If it pleases Mr charlie, I wish to perform these tasks so that you will be ready for a every early morning for Mr charlie, perhaps Mr charlie would like to look over the curriculum later on, yes?”.


Luther nodded to Hui.


“Would you care to see the place right now?” Hui asks.


Luther’s agent rang for a Giri trade.

Cred Stick Charlie: To Streetdeal: 19

for Giri with agent call or adjusts his modified credit stick (Forgery) or works a deal with a merchant about using a machine to make new shoes.


Cred Stick Charlie: Streetwise: 13

for posting replies

Looking to find edgerunner that are willing to work for me



Luther cut her off for a second and took the “unknown” call.


** luther thought that this was strange, a unscurede call from inside the enclave?


“ Hello?”


“ Mr charlie?” a voice asked.


“ Yes, how can I get what you need?”


The voice chuckled for a bit. “ Yeah, your the right man for this job... No Mr charlie, It’s us that has a favor to ask of you. We need someone to be the new head shrinker for a couple of Cee-Metals that are interested in visiting our enclave here but we need to make sure that they will behave at our enclave and in return we will offer a reward for your loyalty to our way of life. So, Mr charlie are you really that “hungry” as you say that you are?”.


“ Question.... What happened to last guy or gal that was hired to clear them for the enclave?”


“ So your not so hungry then Mr Charlie--”


“ I’ll take the job, Sir...” Luther answered


“ Would you also be interested in dealing with food stock orders with rolling nations?”


“Yes Sir”


“Awhhh you are a very hungry edgerunner, aren't you?. might want to consider expanding your repertoire.  Ghost that come to visit from time to time have needs from techs, to  finding parts and upgrades. But lastly we are getting requests from several of the Neo - corps that wish to use our services.  But be warned... these guys are just as rough as the Cee metals and twice as cold. We will warn you to learn or research before talking to these guys. They are all about corporate protocol”.

“ Thank you Sir”

“Mark which ones that you want to help and we will get you temporary dog tags from those enclaves here with a local negotiator, then make your way over to the medical section for the temporary dog tag issue to those that are interested in.


*Luther taps away


“Excellent...Oh and Mr Charlie, the chinese here are expecting great things from you, don’t let our enclave people down. If Luther Washington remember that, you will go far here and even father at other enclaves, for we all talk to one another. This enclave hopes that you will serve us well, For we honestly wish you the best”.


** Crap thought Luther as he heard his real name.


“ Well in that case enclave, I say this is an excellent mission sir, with an extremely valuable objective sir, worthy of my best efforts sir. Moreover I feel heartfelt sorrow for the edgerunners before me and I am willing to lay down my life and the lives of my contacts, to expedite this task at hand, to please this enclave..Sir”.

“ Oh yeah... your a good sweet talker but remember that each Alt Cult, enclave, and groups have their own culture. Read up on them before making any deals otherwise this enclave will be looking for a new “johnson” to fit in these shoes”. Okay... you can see that we have sent you coordinates to your contacts, please contact them immediately then you will be free to carry on with other activities”.


“ Copy clear, Sir”


“The eyes of the enclave are watching” then the agent hung up.


“ Was that the enclave operator?” Hui yun asked. “ Yeah” Luther said with a nod.


*Hui yin spoke chinese aloud to others around them. The crowd was still gathered around murmured and nodded their heads. “ Your big time now Mr Charlie, pretty soon you will have your own shop, restaurant or business. Everyone here knows that you are number 1 american chinese teacher now”


Luther still looked stunned.

Hui yun nodded and then stood closer to Luther’s side. Luther and Hui began to leave through the crowd as people smiled, bowed and patted him on the back as he walked past them. Minutes passed as luther with hui in tow made their way to one of the first stops.


Posted on 2018-05-16 at 03:20:23.

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What to do with a few hours rest

Fixer went with the others to get some rest.  He was exhausted.  He hadn't realized how tired he was - he was used to running long hours when on a job.  You just kept going on adrenaline until you no longer could.  But the crashes could be long and he couldn't afford that now.  And he'd never been a very big fan of running on extra on the juice.  One type of juice could lead to another type of juice which could lead to another and, well, bad things.  So he tried to avoid it.  Good old sleep was what he needed and if it was only to be 2 hours, then so be it.  The kid probably didn't have a lot more.  

When they got out of their little coffins he stretched and looked at the others.  "As I said, I'm in for checking on Mrs. White.  But we want those personell files.  Names and work schedules.  Plus, you've said a couple of times that only their vehicles came and went from the school.  Was there any video evidence of Jace ever leaving the school?  If not, is that because they don't have cameras at the exits or because he didn't leave?  Those vans would be anothe option.  Can we find plates on which vans left and when?  Who was driving them?  What their scheduled stops were?"  

Posted on 2018-05-17 at 22:29:49.

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a time of rest for the others

“Feelin’ better?” Vegas calls as the medtech steps into the mud and strolls towards where the team is gathering.

“A little,” Looking about, Colin continues, “Anyone up for EnduroDrink? Bet we could find some shops selling the stuff nearby.”

“That stuff tastes like s***, but you can live on it,” Blossom injects with a smile as she unwraps a lollipop. “I could use the boost.”

“Fine, we’ll see about grabbing some on our way out,” Vegas concedes. “Now, where’s that fix—There he is! Charlie! What’d you find out?

Charlie appears from a crowd of people with a youngish Chinese girl that is wearing a bright yellow dress with thigh high boots


With a few words that are exchanged, the woman turns and walks to peer at some vendor’s wares but out of earshot. After Charlie approaches he explains “ not much but I think that I’ll have more information later on though” he explains with his infectious smile.

“Well, that’s that,” Vegas grumbles and looks out at the mass still milling about despite the later hour of the evening. “OK, I’ll put it to the lot of you. Should we pay the headmistress of Bartholomew School a visit at her home—a place that is likely pretty heavily secured—or do we head on over to the Upstairs Downstairs, Inc offices and see if we can’t get Blossom some alone time with a server?”

(OOC: Time is 11:05 P.M. PST)


Charlie looks at his agent and notes the time as being “2305”. “ Well it's way past oh dark thirty so I think that we should consider the home office of “upstairs downstairs”. Mr Vegas, your right.... A headmistress of a school with some worth to it would be a “hard target” but you still can put some 24 hours surveillance on it and see what still moves”.

Charlie then switches to Ms Blossom. “ Any chance that you can work your magic remotely so that you don’t have to physically be on site?”  He queries.

  • Assumes she gives an answer

“Damn.... you all look like hell...warmed over” Charlie muses as he looks over the group. “ I know that we as a collective don’t have too much and we have even more questions. So I’ll make my part quick so that you guy can figure out what your going to do”.

“ I would like to recommend that if your going to go through all of this mess that you should get a little something, right?”. Charlie smiles “ And what I mean by that is my next proposal...“

Charlie leans into the group with hushed tones  “ Make it look like a 211, you know... a burglary and that way if something goes awry, then the kids doesn’t get move or hurt. Anything that you guys take you can take your time analyzing at your leisure later and make a few credits along the way”.

“This is the part where I come in again”.

“Anything that you take you drop off to me and I’ll fence everything off for you”.  “Look... your going to the home office, they also have several vans and maybe a few cars too. Load one up or two... then I’ll help you get a clean pair of tags, registration and a new ID if you wanted one, it will beats sleeping outdoors”.

“Anyways... think about it. But I’m sure that everyone here is tired of walking , am I right, yeah?”

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Enclave pt 1

Glass Bottom Bar & Grill | Night City Integrate | Midcity | UrbanZone - March 8th, Day 2 (Saturday), 7:52 PM PST Weather Conditions: High City (Thunderstorms, 15mph winds from the NE.) | Midcity (Rain, 10mph winds from the NE.) | Undercity (Fog and Rain, no winds.) Air Quality Index: High City = 25 | Midcity = 42 | Undercity = 75 (masks required)

As Casino listened to all the catch up talk, then the talk of resting, the big solo could not help but feel a bit guilty. Afterall he'd had a nights rest at Hightowers and was no where near as exhausted as the rest of the team must be. It finally came to a head as Bloodbank spoke up.

“Now hold on,” Bloodbank sets his beer down and leans forward. “We’ve been at this for no small amount of time and I’m willing to wager that not many of us are operating on much sleep. So, we either proceed with a lot of stim, or we catch an hour or two of shut-eye, and an Enclave could allow us some solid downtime while putting this man in his element. I know Jace doesn’t have a whole lot of time, but we’re no good to anyone dogged out and foggy.”

“Personally I’m not tired but I could always use some down time.” Casino put in looking the other team members over. Yeah it could clearly be seen that Blossom, BloodbankFixer and Ghlahn were dead on their feet. Interesting enough Echo seemed fired up and ready to go as did Vegas who once again made his voice heard.

“We don’t have that kind of time to waste,” Vegas argued while spreading his hands, palm up.

“I agree with Bloodbank,” Blossom mumbles, the charge seemingly draining from her as her shoulders slump with the realization of how tired she is.

Luther looks upon the group, “Well... if anyone changes their minds I can be reached on my agent.” Rising, he tugs his overcoat about him and reaches for his drone case.

“Now, hold on,” the Sinatra look-alike shakes his head and looks down at the table. “I don’t like the thought of us not being able to take action quickly when needed, so I’ll concede. How ‘bout the lot of us soft-shoe our way to this Enclave and everyone can get some rest while Charlie, here, does his song and dance routine. A couple of hours tops, and then we are back at it. What say you all?”

Luther turned and leading the group from the bar they gathered up their things and followed, Casino finding himself next to Echo. Within a space of minutes not even an hour they found themselves at this Enclave, better called a morgue Each coffin unit was stacked on top of the foundation units and clamped down using electromagnetic locking mechanisms to keep them from being knocked over by any event short of a cataclysmic one. Elevator platforms sit in front of each column with very little space between them and a CredChip Reader installed right on the platform. A holographic woman in a nighty hovers over the top of the whole assembly beckoning passersbys with an enticing gaze and a crooked finger while lounging seductively on her side. A much less attractive Asian man stands just in front of the temporary domiciles yelling in heavily accented English, “Get rest! You do it now! Cheap. No rats!” while a mangy looking, real-life dog, sits forlornly at his muddy, booted feet.

“This work for everyone?” Vegas turns and addresses his team. “Two hours enough time?”

“Two hours is better than nothin’,” Bloodbank nods and wearily walks past the crooner to board one of the elevator platforms.

“You no regret!” the Asian man grins exposing rotting teeth and blackened gums. “You sleep like baby.”

“Well,” Blossom stifles a yawn with the back of her hand. “That’ll keep me up.”

“I can think of other things much more pleasant to keep you up,” Vegas sweeps in with a roguish smile.

“So can I,” Blossom quips, tossing her soaked platinum hair over her shoulder with a deft turn of her head as she glides past the solo. “But I think I’ll try my luck with the nightmares for the time being, choomba.”

“She don’t know what she’s missing,” the fedora-wearing gunman grins at his partner. “You gonna try to get some shut-eye?”

Turning his head to his friend and partner, a glint of humor filled his eyes. “Yeah well maybe you don’t know WHAT your missing choomba”.

Moving away Casino moved to stand watch. He no longer had the NCD to even rent a coffin so he’d stand semi-watch as the rest of them slept. Once all were rested they’d head back on the trail of young Jace........

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