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Parent thread: Iron Age Q/A
GM for this game: Shield Wolf
Players for this game: Nomad D2, Nimu, Kamina, Impulse
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Karma: 12/1
494 Posts

Bestial Instinct

Omen was loving this, his new rapier was serving him well and he felt like he had gotten some good hits off. Despite his minor wounds he felt great. Though it was rather shortlived as he was soon engulfed in flames, being burned alive.

Omen let out a yelp of pain and surprise as he felt his flesh being burned. Without a second thought, he stepped away from the man and began running without thought, towards the beautiful lady. ((Source of most comfort))

As he neared her, he was suddenly pulled towards her and he was about to lash out when his lips barely touched hers. Stunned and confused, he didn't even realize that he was healed at first, just absolutely dumbfounded at that and he stared mutely at Iara

((The moment he realized he was better, he would blush slightly, then mumble a thank you, then run to the front and throw a dream web in front of everyone to give some cover, he would try to stay at the front but away from trouble or danger))

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 22:13:03.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 47/5
2380 Posts

Two can play the buring game!

Seeing the youthful Savis engulfed in flames quickly erased the smile from Zick's face. His thunderstone had been effective, but he needed to do more. And with Savis out of the way, he could. He grabbed another one of his bombs and tossed it directly at the two that were left. He primary target was the spellcaster, but the monkish hobgoblin should take some splash damage as well.

OOC: As always, Zick looks to use his bombs - always aiming to hit two if possible, with the splash. HeHis #1 target is the spellcasting female, then the male. If that isn't possible because of others in the party being in the way. His second choice would to use his other tanglefoot bag (I think he has two, but it could be 3 - I'll look) on the monk. Using his spear is an act of last resort - if he needs to do so it will be against the spellcaster as he is pretty sure the hobgoblin is out of his league physically.

Posted on 2016-08-30 at 18:54:06.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
Karma: 49/2
1066 Posts

Given current circumstances...

((for now, I will continue updating one round at a time, there is the issue of Savis' hp, and Mattias is firing from 2.5 range increments away and into melee, taking a -10 to hit.))

Mattias, pleased with how well the tactic has worked for him thus far ducked once again behind the trees, poured the powder from his powder horn and dropped a round into the barrel before whipping around and lining up his shot. The chaos of the combat going on between Savis and the two high ranking bandits proved to be too much Mattias and the shot ended up off target. (Roll of 5 +9 to hit makes 14 -10 makes 4)

The bandit that had previously moved out of sight once again stepped back up behind the robed caster and started her own invocation. As she spoke the final word in a language none of you recognize a billowing cloud of fog spreads from the point where she stands and envelops the trio of bandits and young Savis. All four are completely hidden from sight.

Shortly after Savis come sprinting out of the thick cloud and rushes right over to the most comforting thing he can think of, his beautiful traveling companion Iara.

The only sign of the bandits at this point is the gruff voice of the Hobgoblin screaming and cursing in Goblin. Though someone may have expected him to come after Savis he did not.

Iara attempted to calm young Savis, placing her hand upon his cheek while moving in to softly bring her lips to his snout, healing the young Beast-kin's grievous wounds. (healed for 8, bringing Savis back into double digits at 10 hp)

The appearance of such a thick fog caused Zick to curse under his breath, his usual cheerful demeanor vanishing as he realized he could no longer see his targets. He tried as best he could to hurl a bomb at the location of the wounded spellcaster, aiming at the point he remembered her standing. A flash of flames briefly revealed silhouettes within the fog, and the screams from the Hobgoblin made it clear that the bomb had struck him rather than the intended target. (no save for the bandits, as they would have been unaware the bomb was coming until it was too late. 12 damage to the Hob, 6 to the blue lady, fire damage does not phase the robed caster.)

You have no way of knowing what is going on within the cloud and what the fiery haired caster may be doing.

((Given the change in enemy tactics I think a pause for a discussion on your next move may be in order. Iara recognizes the spell cast by the blue lady to be Fog Cloud, and she is fairly certain this caster is a druid based on the way she casts))

Posted on 2016-08-30 at 22:29:02.

Karma: 12/1
494 Posts


Savis growls with displeasure at the sight of the fog cloud obscuring their vision and preventing them from attacking. If he wasn't as injured, he'd just run in there and start stabbing wildly with his rapier but that was a bad idea.

Uttering thanks to Iara quickly, though making a mental note to thank her in earnest once they had the chance, he walked over to Zick, spinning another dream web in his hands. He throws it over the cloud, hoping to tangle everyone in there ((Dream web is 20 foot radius))

Then he asked Zick. "Smoke em out?" gesturing to the web that hopefully covered the entire smoke area.

((Dream Web (Ex)
A dream spider can spin webs just like a monstrous spider of the same size but its webs carry an iridescent hue, making them easy to notice (Spot DC 15). Any animal, humanoid, giant, or monstrous humanoid that comes in contact with these webs experiences strange hallucinations, taking 1 point of Wisdom damage per round of contact. A DC ## Fortitude save negates this damage. If the webs of a dream spider are burned, they create a spread of poisonous gas in a 10-foot radius. This gas deals 1d4 points of Wisdom damage to all creatures in the area (not just to those susceptible to contact with webs as listed above). A DC ## Fortitude save halves this damage. The cloud of colorful vapor remains for only a single round before dissipating harmlessly.

He's asking whether we should just rinse and repeat with this, throwing the web, burning it, the poison gas might draw em out?))

Posted on 2016-09-05 at 09:13:33.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1275 Posts

A light in the dark...

Billowing fog swirled before her eyes, surrounding the hobgoblin and the two women. Iara hissed, it had been druidically conjured. For the most part she rather liked druids, there was an understanding between the sylvan devout and her kind. However, their resistance to fey magic was annoying at best. At the moment it was bloody intolerable. The druid woman needed to die, now.

There was no telling what manner of trap the three were setting in the fog. Were they to stand here and shoot blindly praying to silent gods they found their marks. It was an untenable predicament and she wanted to scream (and perhaps smash something delicate).

Light filled the fog for a moment, illuminating three silhouettes. A cruel smile painted itself across the Faery's lips. Let the druid witch's fog be the trap that slays her.

Snapping her fingers, Iara conjured four brilliantly glowing spheres of magenta light and sent them dancing into the fog cloud. She would illuminate what lay in wait.

((OOC: Dancing Lights - She willl move the four lights through the fog cloud to try and reveal the location of the hobgoblin, ifrit, and druid. The four globes should be enough to illuminate the 20 ft radius.))

Posted on 2016-09-05 at 12:49:29.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 47/5
2380 Posts

What can a Zickerthorn do?

Zick watched as his companions but a dream web over the fog and some dancing lights within it. Now, what should he do?

OOC: Zick's plans are a bit dependent on what else is going on.
1. If the dancing lights outline shadows he will throw a bomb, hoping to hit all three and (If he can tell, he won't worry much about the one who didn't seem to take fire damage) light the web on fire.
2. If he can't see any real targets he will not just randomly chuck a bomb. He will use the wand to cast a heal spell on Savis and load his bow. He will hope someone else can use a conventional means to light the web.
3. Subsequent turns he will use his bombs if he can hit someone cleanly. If not, he will try to use a tanglefoot bag on the monk.

Posted on 2016-09-05 at 18:47:10.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
Karma: 49/2
1066 Posts

Not dead! (3 round update)

Mattias, his line of sight obscured by the thick fog takes a moment to reload his pistol and then waits to see what his companions have planned to deal with this new development.

Since you have no way of knowing what the Druid is doing at this point I will not go into detail, but her turn comes after Mattias and before Savis, so she gets a quick mention.

Savis, knowing that his webs can cover an area similar in size to that of this fog bank, invokes the magic of the Dream Spider's Webs once again and hurls a luminous blue net over the area. His aim is not quite centered, and some of the web is outside of the area of the fog, but the majority of the web is now covered the foggy area.

As with the Druid, you do not know what the Monk is doing without being able to see him, so no details, just a brief mention during his turn.

Iara once again focuses on her Sylvan magicks and invokes the light of Will-o'-Wisps, sending 4 glowing orbs floating into the fog bank. The combined light if the 4 orbs is more than enough to cast shadows against the enveloping fog cloud. Among the shadowy silhouettes of the tables, bodies, and fire pit the figure of a lone standing body can be made out near the far left edge of the cloud. Where the other two foes have vanished to is anyone's guess. (with the illumination I will lessen the miss chance, but not do away with it completely)

Zick, realizing that only one foes is available, chooses to conserve his bombs and instead produces another tanglefoot bag from his pack and hurls it toward the shadowy figure. The bag strikes the target square on, bursting and showering the foe in fast drying alchemical goo. (Nat 20 on the attack roll to hit, so I removed the miss chance for that throw, and did not give the target a save vs the entanglement. After all, good things happen on a 20!)


Mattias, upon realizing that if only one target is visible within the cloud then the other two must have fled into the cabin, takes off at a full sprint toward the back of the cabin. Just as he rounds the back right corner he spots the druid moving along the back wall as if to head around the corner and meet up with the other shadow on the left side of the cloud. However he is too tired from the run to take a shot so he presses his back against the corner out of sight until he can steady his breathing to be able to take a shot. (full run, no standard action remaining to take a shot)

The Druid, having heard the Plumekith running and breathing heavily turns and chants the incantation for a spell. (full round casting time, which is lucky for you, because I had actually resolved it this round and it was bad...)

Savis steps over closer to Zick and the shadowy figure, eager to once again inflict pain on his enemies now that he was feeling much better after the kiss from the pretty elf-lady. Experience and common sense told him that as far as the fog was concerned there would be a chance to miss with a conventional attack, and so he opted for an ability he knew never missed; a trust Magic Missile. The glowing projectile strikes perfectly, as expected, and the rough voice of the Hobgoblin can be heard cursing as it strikes. (max damage, 5 points)

The monk can be heard cursing and struggling against the contents of the tanglefoot back, but is unable to break free. Unfortunately prolonged exposure to Savis' Dream Web does not seem to have any effect either.

Iara focuses on her "wisps" and moves the 4 of them to the monk's location, so as to further illuminate his shadowy form. (With all 4 lights putting off light equivalent to a torch I will rule that the light pierces the dense fog and removes the miss chance to hit.)

Zick, noticing that Savis was still looking rough around the edges even after his magical kiss with Angel, taps the young Beast Mage with his Wand of Healing and heals more of his wounds. (regaining 11 hp, Savis is now at 21/30)


Mattias drops to a knee, peers out around the corner of the cabin and lines up a shot on the chanting Druid. With a loud crack of burning powder the shot strikes true. (7 damage)

Completing her spell through the pain of being shot the Druid points at Mattias and suddenly at his feet a viper appears, striking at him with fangs dripping poison. Striking before the Aasimar could rise back to his feet the viper's fangs sunk into the meat of his thigh. (1 point of damage, saved vs the poison, so no additional effect.) The Druid takes advantage of the distraction caused by the snake and flees around the corner of the building and out of sight once again.

Savis steps forward, close to the table and focusing on the searing pain of having been lit aflame just mere moments ago, conjures a similar burst of flames and directs them at the entangled monk. The cone not only engulfs the monk, but ignites the webs as well, reproducing the same noxious vapors that he and Zick had unleashed on the bandits. (7 points of fire from the cone, another point from the webs burning, and 3 points of wis damage)

The monk, again struggling to break free of the goo Zick covered him in slips in a puddle of melted goo that had not yet re-hardened and falls prone just as the goo hardens again with exposure to oxygen. (poor fool rolled a 1 on the check to break entanglement)

Zick, seeing an opportunity he cannot pass up, hurls another bomb at the now prone AND deaf monk. (no save as he's prone dealing 14 damage)

Posted on 2016-09-13 at 18:19:18.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 47/5
2380 Posts

What to do, what to do?

Zick watched as his bomb landed on the wounded monk. How much more could the thing take? he was bound, deaf and injured. If the fog hadn't been there he would have jumped in with his spear and stabbed the downed target. But for now he would leave that task for those better able to do so.

Instead, he quickly moved down the left side of the building. If there was a window he would be looking to target the with he suspected had gone inside. If not, he would move around the back of the cabin, continuing to look for a target or a window.

OOC: If he finds a window he will use a bomb on whoever is inside, if it is possible. If there is no window he would move around to the back where he would obviously come across the baddy back there. His first move would be to use a bomb. If it looks like he can get a sneak attack from the back he will simply do that with his spear. Otherwise he does have another thunderstone.

Posted on 2016-09-18 at 22:07:43.

Karma: 12/1
494 Posts


Savis thanks Zick with a nod and a bestial growl, ((supposed to be friendly)).

As he fought longer and longer, he found it was getting more and more difficult to remain focused, to actually do something useful for his team mates.

The monk struggled against the ground, Savis let out a vicious snarl and took his rapier out, stabbing at the man.

((He intended to keep stabbing him, over and over again until the man was dead or outwardly not moving. If the man died, he would probably not register that immediately but then he would find one of his team mates and stand in front of them ,just trying to protect him now that his blood lust was alleviated))

Posted on 2016-09-19 at 09:30:31.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1275 Posts

This little light of mine...

Iara continued to focus her fey magics on the faerie lights illuminating the figure in the fog. With his body unmoving, she sent her luminous probes out deeper into the fog, hoping to find another hidden away.

((OOC: Maintaining Dancing Lights and looking for another figure. Once the usefulness of that has worn out she will join the others in their search through forest and house. If any opportunity arises, she will use Charm or Confusion. Charm if the subject appears unthreatened, Confusion otherwise))

Posted on 2016-09-21 at 19:23:23.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
Karma: 49/2
1066 Posts

Quick update to apologize for the delay.

There was little more in this world that Mattias hated more than snakes, but this snake had drawn blood and Mattias meant to return the favor. He took a quick step back, reloaded his pistol hastily and fired a shot which all but obliterated the tiny serpent.

The druid that the group had lost sight off quickly come running from around the left corner of the cabin, and with a fierce shout projects a torrent of water at Savis, forcing the young Beast Mage back fifteen feet from the intense pressure.

Savis shook off his wet fur, smirking at the druid. Not only would her little trick fail to save the monk from his blade, he had just learned a new trick from her as he had from the other female bandit, and this one didn't hurt like the last one did! Savis rushed forward to the struggling silhouette of the monk and thrust his blade fiercely into his chest, a sort of blood lust overcoming his normally cheerful and friendly demeanor.

The Monk screamed in agony as the blade pierced his skin, and struggled again against the adhesive that held him, but found himself once again unable to break the hold it had on him. ((he really is rolling quite poorly on these Str checks))

Iara, aware that the Druid would be highly likely to resist her attempts to confuse her instead resorted to another of her tricks. With a quick arcane invocation she brought her hands up around her mouth much like a megaphone, though no sound seemed to escape her lips that the party could hear. The Druid however brought both hands to her ears screaming in agony as the Ear-piercing Scream wreaked havoc on her ear drums.

Zick pushed himself to the limits of what his little legs would carry him and moved around to the left side of the clearing hoping to put himself between the Druid and a possible escape route.

From around the back of the cabin Zick sees Mattias come running around the corner. Zick quickly motions to his comrade that their target is just around the corner of the building just ahead. Mattias reloads his firearm once again and waits to block any escape attempt the Druid may make.

The Druid, still wracked in pain from Iara's spell is unable to act, instead standing there with her hands over her ears screaming.

Omen once again thrust his blade into the Hobgoblin's scarred hide, part of him taking pleasure in the pained screams of his foe.

The monk, again, cannot break free of the adhesive and is forced to lie there and yell profanity at Savis.

Iara, ever the clever witch, moves her 4 lights into a circle around the druids head, hoping to throw her off her balance once the Daze effect of her scream fades.

Zick does a mental inventory of all the tricks he has left in his bag, and realizing he only has enough reagents for 2 more bombs opts to instead throw a flask of acid at the druid, which shatters spilling its contents all over the druid. The acrid smell of acid and burning flesh carries on the wind as the acid eats at her flesh and she drops to the ground, her screams quieted.

Mattias reloads his pistol so as to be ready for any other nasty surprises, and moved over to Zick's left flank.

Omen lets out a bestial roar as he plunges his rapier into the Hobgoblin's throat, extinguishing his life. He then steps out of the fog, a look of instinct and blood lust across his face as he slams the blooded corpse on the table and wipes the blood from his rapier on the monk's pants.

With all threats apparently neutralized the 4 of you take a moment to regroup and catch your breath. This has been a trying day, but you have all learned much, about yourselves, about teamwork, and what it means to take a life.

((the invisible rogue from the first 6 fled for his life, as did the sorceress, both are long gone into the depths of the woods and no longer a threat to you. I did give you partial experience for the 2 cowards. Total exp is going to be 1575 each for the encounter, you'll need a total 6000xp to hit level 4, and you are all currently at 4875xp. Once we figure out how to move forward with this big fog cloud in the way we'll talk loot and what's next.))

Posted on 2016-09-25 at 21:20:40.
Edited on 2016-09-28 at 23:10:23 by Shield Wolf

Karma: 12/1
494 Posts


Savis stood with his allies, his rapier held loosely in his hand though it seemed like they were finally finished. Taking a moment, he shifted back into his human form (I believe that was my last shift of the day) and he also sheathed his sword.

Smiling with an almost goofy giddiness at the others, he exclaimed happily. "We did it!".

He didn't even think to loot the bodies but would be keeping an eye on everyone else to see what he could do to help

Posted on 2016-10-01 at 13:54:50.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 47/5
2380 Posts

That puppy would be wagging his tail if he had one!

Zick smiled at Savis' "we did it!" comment. The young shape changer had a lot in common with a real puppy. You could just see the excitement vibrating through the young man.

Zick returned his smile. He understood. He had been looking for some excitement and adventure and he had found it. It was thrilling. He didn't like the killing, exactly, but it felt necessary. Certainly he felt no sadness for the hobgoblin, although he couldn't help but wonder about his scars. What had created this creature?

But the gnome still didn't have time to sit an contemplate the meaning of their first victory. He looked at the rest of his new-found companions and said, "As the Pup said, 'we did it." We make a good team. But now we need to search this area. I'll stand guard if some of you can haul the bodies out of the fog. I'd do it myself but there are some things gnomes aren't good at. Once we finish that search we can all check out the cabin together." Then he turned to the young pup, realizing as he did so that he had accidently voiced the nickname of 'puppy.' Ooops, he thought making sure to use his name this time. "Savis, you are probably the strongest of us - care to take on the role of mortician and haul out some of the bodies?"

(Assuming the others agree . . . )
As the others worked on moving the bodies out of the fog, Zick held a position on the edge of the clearing, just inside the woods, attempting to keep his eyes on every direction at once - all the while humming "bring out your dead!" to himself as he stood watch.

Posted on 2016-10-01 at 16:19:32.
Edited on 2016-10-01 at 16:23:05 by Nomad D2

Karma: 12/1
494 Posts


Savis looked at Zick and smiled, nodding eagerly to himself. When he was told what to do he listened intently and said

"Of course! Whatever I can do to help!" And he bounded forward, going forward to do so. ((note if he passes by Iara, he would blush heavily and give her a wide range as he's feeling embarrassed))

EDIT: ((For clarity's sake, Savis is going to obey Zicks command and carry/ drag all of the bodies to a spot where they would be easily seen, a brightly lit spot and he would line them up for ease of access and so that everyone can see))

Posted on 2016-10-01 at 17:12:56.
Edited on 2016-10-01 at 22:15:41 by Impulse

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1275 Posts


Iara stalked up to the fallen druid brandishing a large stick which she proceed to poke the body with, thoroughly. Satisfied that the sylvan trollop was good and dead, she glided over to the other to join their deliberation.

A sly smile curved her lips at Savis's woops and hollers. There was a child's innocence buried in that animal fury. Her smile became quite genuine as she imagined directing that fury...

Iara sent her faerie lights into the fog with Savis and the bird-man. Oh, she'd help out but they couldn't expect her to actually participate in manual labor.

Standing next to the humming gnome, Iara set her magics to work on each body they hauled out of the fog. It proved quite the catchy tune sparking the impish faeries to dance around the bodies as she searched them. Fey magic emptied each pocket and upturned their pouches. She set her senses to route out any magic that hid amongst the bandits. Iara took her time, methodically sifting through every pocket and crevice. In the end, she left them without a stitch.

With the looting done, it was time to search the cabin. Iara turned her gaze to the open portal, waiting for the others to join her.

((OOC: Iara is using Detect Magic and Mage Hand (when possible) anytime she needs to actually touch something herself she will test with Mage Hand first))

Posted on 2016-10-01 at 17:15:41.


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