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Parent thread: Titansgrave Adventures
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Boo Boo
RDI Fixture
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Actually my character probably wouldn't let Lum have the blaster that was offered her as it is a weapon to kill. Unless he promised not to kill with it, but then again I doubt she would believe that.

Sorry, but she would have turned it down when offered to her. Not even accepted it. So there wouldn't have been anything to give to Lum unless he happened to be there when she was indoctrinated into the Scouts.

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 13:54:34.

Boo Boo
RDI Fixture
Karma: 27/1
673 Posts

My character introduction

I'm working on an introduction to post about my character. With the GM's permission, I will post it here when done. Just don't expect one of Eol's Novella.

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 14:09:57.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6393 Posts

Ok a start

Roger here's my background and his keepsake.

More later this weekend.......................

Max Constantine grew up on the mean streets of Baltimore City Maryland as an orphaned outcast unwanted by his surviving relatives. Using his teen quickness to his advantage he became quite good at the art of thievery in everything from breaking and entry, to robbing small banks, and even doing jobs with higher priced thieves. Mentally and emotionally harden by his years on the street he had no qualms at doing anything needed to survive. Though no stranger to killing to survive he had never committed downright murder. It was during one such high priced breaking and entry job that his luck ran out and he was caught by the police leaving the scene. Given the choice of 10 years in prison or joining the military on his 18th birthday, after 1 year incarceration, he chose military service.

It was here he found his stride as a scout for the Army's Special Forces and found himself deployed all over the world with his 12 man team. It was during such a deployment to Afghanistan that a strange thing happened to him and his team while on patrol. One minute they found themselves in an ambush looking for cover in a cave the next a burst of light like a grenade and they found themselves somewhere else.

A world both medieval and sci-fi in nature full of swords, bows, and shields, yet also stocked with energy weapons and lasers. As the months went past and the team slowly parted or died around him Max came to realize the type of world he had been thrown into falling back on the skills he had learned on the streets of Baltimore as a teen. Learning to fight with swords and blasters he became part of this new world learning to survive. His only symbol of a world lost his .45 caliber Desert Eagle and 2 last 10rd clips. With a gun powder free land this handgun and it's last 20 rounds are his keepsake only to be fired in great need.

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 16:23:43.

Boo Boo
RDI Fixture
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Interesting Tann

Hmmmm. The last time I went to Baltimore I didn't see any Elves walking around there.

Tann do recall you saying on the top of the last page that you were going to be an Elf?

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 19:44:24.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 175/117
6393 Posts

Oh shit DOH!

I did say that huh ~sigh~ It's a blonde thing Boo Boo so I have an excuse

Ok back to the drawing board.............

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 20:27:11.
Edited on 2016-08-27 at 20:28:33 by TannTalas

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6312 Posts


Boo Boo - HP is for Hit Points which is a measure of how much damage your character can take.

Clock was supposed to be cloak. Another typo.

Your character does not have to wear the armour or use the blasters, they are offered. You can use Arcane Bolt without Mana as a missile weapon and mages work better without armour. I understand your character's motives for not wanting weapons but do realize you will be in hostile environments with creatures bent on killing you so you will have to defend yourself.

You may have other items; I was just giving a basic list of equipment. Please pass any item requests through me first.

Tann: No imports from another world please. Keep within the world given and the rules I have laid down.

Ody - Love to hear the story behind Lum.

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 21:08:06.
Edited on 2016-08-27 at 21:09:05 by Alacrity

Boo Boo
RDI Fixture
Karma: 27/1
673 Posts


Yes, I know people and things will be trying to kill my character but you can defend yourself and stop things without killing. She is very defensive and if something is truly evil then I dont think she will shed any tears if she kills it in self defense.

The only thing was the small pouch with small items, as I put on the last Character sheet I sent you. So those should be alright.

OK great about the backstory. I have been working on something. I will post it up soon.

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 21:18:39.

Boo Boo
RDI Fixture
Karma: 27/1
673 Posts

Your Spiritual Guide

Gram was glad that they were headed back to Thay; he could use a few days rest at the Pegasus Inn. He and his other Scouts had been in the Rust Wastes for 2 weeks now and were returning to the Inn with their haul. It hadn't been too properous a venture but they had enough he thought to earn a little coin and a few days rest before they went out again. The four Scouts had camped for the night and Gram was the best tracker/hunter so it had fallen to him to provide a little meat to go with the meager rations they had left. He had set snares to try and catch a few coneys or other small game. He was trapzing through the forest now only about 20 yards from the camp to check his traps when he heard something snap ahead. He paused and listened as it didn't sound like one of his traps springing. He didn't hear anything, but he still drew his blaster and listened some more. They were out of the Wastes and less than a day from Thay so they should be in safe territory, but it never hurt to be safe.

He continued on to where he had set the traps and paused as he entered the little clearing where he had set his snares. He stared at a sight he hadn't thought to see. His snare traps, which had used a couple to small saplings were broken, but that isn't what caused him to pause. There was someone standing near them.

It was a green hooded something, no someone he thought as the hood turned to face him. A pale face peered out from the hood at him. Cooper colored tresses flowed from the Hood, some of it braided with bird feathers, small animal bones, and colorful stones weaved into the braids. The face was female, a human, and sort of pretty and it caught him off guard for a moment. The 'girl' looked back at him and held a small coney in her arms; apparently just having released it from his snare and then broken them both. She let the coney go and it bounded into the brush as the green clothed figure seemed to meld quickly into the ground and was gone.

Gram was so struck by the unexpected sight he was frozen for a minute, "What the...?" He said as he looked around for her. He had never seen anything like that before.


He heard something to his left and he turned and could make out the sound of someone running through the brush but he couldn't see them. He assumed it was the girl and bounded into the brush after her.

"Wait!," he cried after her, "Come back!"

He pursued her noise through the forest continuing to yell after her, but she was faster than him as he was weighed down by his Scout armor. He stumbled through the thick brush; following her trail till he entered another small clearing. He stopped and looked about but didn't see her. He knelt down and spotted her tracks and followed them and saw it was headed towards to other side of the clearing. Listening he didn't hear any noise of her moving through the brush, so he assumed she had gone to ground somewhere.

"Ya can't hide from me girl," Gram said aloud.

His blaster still drawn, he moved towards where he thought she must be hiding. He was almost there when something burst from the brush to his left and back into the clearing. Startled he let loose a round from his blaster that struck the ground frying some vegetation. "Damn," he cried out in frustration. He hadn't meant to do that, but he didn't expect that to happen.

The something was the girl, clad all in green she blended rather well in the thick brush; she fled out into the clearing and as the blaster's report echoed through the woods she whirled to face him across the small clearing.
She had a long gnarled wooden staff held defensively across her body; it was carved with some sort of runic designs. The girl was muttering something and one hand came off her staff and made a grabbing gesture towards the ground as if she were picking up something but did not. She brought the hand up to chest high and then opened her hand as she thrust it in his direction. Small stones flew rapidly from her hand, alot of them, more than a hand could hold for sure. They pelted Gram and stung his face, causing him to raise his arms to protect himself. The force of the assault was strong and unexpected and flung him onto his back. He shook his head and sat up, but the girl was gone. Gram heard his companions shouting his name and crashing through the forest. They had undoubtably heard the blaster and come to his aid.

"Over here!" He shouted and stood there waiting till his other three scouts joined him. They inquired into what he was shooting at. He told them his tale and they looked all about, but found no sign of her. He said how he had accidently fired his blaster when she startled him and how he didn't mean to frighten or harm her. His companions began to tease him about how his snares hadn't worked, so he had tried to shoot the Coneys with his blaster instead. They went back to the camp and he shook his head and thought maybe that was a better story than how he had been bested by a young woman. As Gram turned from the clearing, he had a tingling on the back of his neck that said someone was watching them.

Later that night, after a cold dinner of the last of their rations, they had bedded down and Gram got stuck with the first watch as they blamed him for their meager dinner. When the rest of them were asleep, Gram was sitting against a tree where he could see the camp and listen for anything out there. They would be in Thay before Noon tomorrow so it was usually safe this far away from the Wastes. Feeling safe and tired, Gram relaxed a bit more than he should have.

He jumped awake realizing that he had drifted off. He had the strangest feeling as if a warm soft hand had stroked his cheek. When his eyes focused he didn't see the camp, but instead there was the pale face framed by red hair only a couple feet in front of him. Her hand was moving away from his face as if she had been touching him. He started to move, but she raised a finger to her lips, "Shhhhhh" she said softly. He didn't move except to nod his head. The girl smiled at him and he chuckled softly.

"I'm sorry I shot at you," he told her softly, "I didn't mean to."

"I know," she said to him so softly he could barely hear her, "I'm sorry I startled you. I have healed the damage I have done."

Gram reached up to his face where the pelting stones had penetrated his cheeks and his forearms. The scratches there were gone; he looked down to his forearms and they were healed as well.

"I am not sorry that I broke your snares," she said while he was dumbfounded with his miraculour healing without the use of a Healing potion, "I couldn't let you kill those little animals for food when you had food already."

She took a step back from him and stood up straight now and he could see her better. She wore a long green dress almost to the ground, and soft earth-tone colored leather boots on her feet. He had a matching green long-sleeved jacket that had flowers embroided into it and the hood. The only thing she carried appeared to be a 6 foot gnarled wooden staff; the same one he had seen earlier. She clung to the staff tightly with both hands as if she were wary of being attacked.

"We wont hurt you," Gram said as he slowly got to his feet.

"I know," she replied. She turned to gaze upon his sleeping companions and then turned her face back to him.

"You come from the Rust Wastes," she said and then asked, "Why?"

Gram sighed and then he told her about the Scouts and how they were being paid to go out into the Wastes and look for any usable Tech especially old batteries. How they brought it back to the Pegasus Inn, to Dwan the Dwarf, and how he gives him food, shelter and a purpose again. After telling him everything he could, he had an idea.

"Hey," he said as they sat on the ground near the small fire in the center of the camp as his companions slept on, "you should join. You have some amazing talents and we could use someone like you. What do you say? You could go back with us and meet Dwan. I'm sure he would welcome you and give you a home."

She seemed to consider it and gripped her staff tightly; she closed her eyes and muttered something that he couldn't hear. She sat there for a few long moments before she nodded, as if to some reply, and opened her eyes looking at Gram.

"I will go with you."

"Great!" he replied, "My name is Gram."

"I am Máiréad."

(Forgot Photo)

 photo B0B96A65-642A-42E4-AF95-190F44E6C89C_zps7mcmcsbc.jpg

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 21:37:42.
Edited on 2016-08-27 at 21:42:47 by Boo Boo

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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No Problem

No imports gotcha hmmm I have something rolling around in my head already. Have something up in a day or 2

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 23:28:08.

Boo Boo
RDI Fixture
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I know what you mean about the Blonde moments. Being blonde myself Every moment is a blonde moment.

Though I did like you background. It was different and unexpected but I can understand Alacrity's desire to keep everything in this world. I'm sure you will post up something just as good.

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 06:52:40.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6312 Posts


The type of enemies you will be facing will be of many varieties.

Bandits/Mauraders - people who distain from the city states and live in the ruins of the past. They range from lawless communities to complete cutthroats and murderers

Old Weapons- genetically modified organisms that were bred to kill. Half man half machine cyborgs do exist and are slaves to their programming. Old security droids and robots often still protect their territory

Darkspawn - monsters that are purely evil and seek to prey upon innocent victims. Some say they came during the long night, others say that the Prophet brought them into this world.

CityStates - the city states are always scheming for more control and greater tech to build their own empire. They have many different agents that may oppose you.

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 08:26:38.

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"There is more to the story of Lum. He just hasn't told it all to me yet. Once I have his trust he should let me in and I can relay it on," said the old story teller. "There is a deep pain and darkness that drives him. It is rumored that some Scouts in his parties never returned and the others could not say where they had gone. Lum just seemed to have been able to deliver what ever it had been they had found."

 photo 340540f5-4d8f-478a-b9e1-17679d114369_zpsrzqgvitt.jpg

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 10:54:56.
Edited on 2016-08-28 at 11:41:48 by Odyson

Boo Boo
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Creatures and stuff

Máiréad shouldn't have any problem with the 'destruction' of Evil things or Machines as she doesn't see them as alive or a natural thing of this world. So their demise would be welcome and she won't mind helping out there.

As for people and natural animals; they shouldn't be killed unless absolutely necessary. But in all things she listens to her Spirits for guidance.

Since this party does know each other and has travelled together, I think they would have learned something of Máiréad's history. I will have something posted up soon about that.

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 11:11:44.

Boo Boo
RDI Fixture
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Mairead 's History

(With a lot of help from our kind GM, here is Máiréad's history, origin, or whatever you want to call it. Enjoy!)

Máiréad was born to a minor noble family, the father being an industrialist who made a lot of money on tech reclamation. She was the 4th of 6 daughters born to her mother in an attempt to produce a son. Her mother died giving birth to the 6th daughter. Máiréad loved her mother and felt spiritually connected to her and spent a lot of time just following her around and trying to learn anything she could. When her mother died, Máiréad said she could still feel her mother there looking after her. Her father remarried a year later and the stepmother produced the desired heir on her first try.

Máiréad was an imaginative child, always full of stories and talking about imaginary friends she played with, but as she grew older, the imaginary friends did not leave her. She saw spirits and things everywhere and talked to them which caused a lot of consternation with her father and stepmother. She even said that she could hear her mother speaking to her at times; mostly when she felt alone and afraid. They sent her to therapists, doctors, and mages to "cure" her of her ailment, but to no success. Máiréad was very smart, but her tutors all said that she was too distracted and didn't apply herself well. Máiréad grew resentful and defiant of the doctors who were constantly trying to make her 'normal'.

It was when she was due for another round of therapy that she decided to hide in the family gardens. There she found a hole in the ground, which was a hidden entrance that led to an old church or holy place buried deep beneath. No doubt from before the chaos wars, the place was very dark, but it was here that the darkness began to talk to her. It told her of the spirits she saw and taught her how to manipulate them to do things in exchange for a power she had within her called Mana. It gave her a dark crystal to use as a spell focus. She could heal, move the earth and even protect others with the spirits. She sought out the darkness often, but it was asking more and more from her that she did not feel comfortable with - using the spirits as a master and forcing them to her will.

One day, Máiréad heard her mother whispering to her that what she was doing was wrong and evil. After that, she decided to stop seeking out the Dark God, as she came to call it, and walk a new path. She gave it her dark crystal back and walked away, but the darkness was angered by her leaving, she could feel it in the garden and it haunted her in her dreams. It whispered to her and told her that she must come back, but she hardened her mind and blocked it out. But the Dark God would not be so easily defeated.

A few weeks later, her family home caught fire and all her family was killed while Máiréad was away at the market. It was labelled as an accident, but Máiréad knew better. She knew it was the Dark God and that she had to get away - far away from the Dark god.

As she went through the meager remains of the estate, she found an old oak staff, gnarled but beautiful. She remembered that it had belonged to her mother, she remembered sitting at her mother's feet as she smoothed the wood and carved it with little symbols and designs. Máiréad took the staff and it became her weapon and her new spell focus.

She left home and hid out in the rust waste for awhile, before meeting some of Dwan's scouts. They talked her into returning with them to talk to Dwan who seen the skill and power within this young woman. So she became one of them; one of Dwan's Scout. Máiréad has not felt the Dark God's presence for years, but it still whispers in her dreams; when it does she touches her mother's staff and seeks solace with the spirits, her mother's included, and the voice is quieted.

Although Máiréad is now one of Dwan's Scouts, she is very reclusive, preferring the company of her Spirits and animals than the company of people. She believes that people come and go, but her Spirits and the animals of the forest are always there for her. Even though she will have a room at the Pegasus, she seldom uses it as she prefers the nearby woods where she feels more at home. She works with the other scouts out of necessity and not out of a sense of friendship. She doesn't really trust many people, scouts included, unless the Spirits have shown her that person is trustworthy. She is a strict vegetarian as she doesn't condone the killing of animals, unless it can't be avoided.

Scouts she has worked with have said she can be difficult and a pain in the ass at times, but her magical abilities have proven very useful and saved lives of other scouts. A tolerable necessity at best.

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 11:37:33.
Edited on 2016-08-28 at 11:48:39 by Boo Boo

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
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Elf Mage coming

Working on it right now.

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 12:51:36.


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