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Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts


Children of Men is definately one of my favorite movies.

Posted on 2007-05-26 at 08:55:22.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts


T'was pretty good. Have to see pirates though.

Posted on 2007-05-26 at 12:50:45.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 53/18
2256 Posts

Lots of popcorn

Too many moview I want to see. Spidey 3, Shrek 3 and Pirates 3. That last one is nearly 3 hours long!!!

Posted on 2007-05-26 at 13:13:16.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts


...that's a lot of 3s...

Posted on 2007-05-26 at 13:32:34.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 8/1
33 Posts

Up and coming

Saw Spiderman a while back, thought it was pretty good for a comicbook movie - I've seen far worse, after all.

Pirates 3 was convoluted. I thought it was better than the second one, but not by much. Had too much stuff going on, and then just kid of....ended. Meh, glad I caught the cheapseat matinee.

The one I'm really looking forward to is Transformers, in July. Trailers have me really psyched, just on account of gourgeous CGI giant robots...

Posted on 2007-05-28 at 17:39:53.

Den Mother
RDI Staff
Karma: 111/12
1188 Posts

Pirates - no spoilers

We saw it this weekend and I had a blast. Can't hold a candle to the first, but lots of action, lots of story questions answered and Keith Richards...well, he was Keith Richards! (Nuff said)

There was some stuff in the middle that was just plain weird, and could have been edited out to save a good half hour of run'll know what I mean when you see it.

On to Ratatouille and Harry Potter!

Posted on 2007-05-28 at 20:35:43.
Edited on 2007-12-06 at 14:50:40 by Vanadia

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 364/54
6846 Posts


Saw both Pirates and Shrek this weekend.

Green guy was a lot of fun, pretty much what you'd expect.


Enjoyed the heck out of the film, which, I suppose, is the point of movies. Great effects, storyline kept going and going. Answered a lot of questions, but threw in some extra stuff that just wasn't needed.

Did anyone else see the purpose in the Calypso angle? They spent so much time on it, only to have what felt like (to me) no real resolution at all. Why even bring it in? I didn't think it changed anything one iota.

I do have to give it to them, nice twist at the end. I wasn't expecting it, and I can usually see these things way before they happen.

The first is still my favorite - the novelty was great - but I have enjoyed all three. If they decide to do number four (which the left the door open for), I'll be there on opening weekend again, once more wearing my pirate bandana.

Yep - I wore a pirate bandana, as did my daughter. My son wore a pirate hat and a hook on his hand. Only Donna was too cool to dress up at least a bit.

Posted on 2007-05-30 at 15:23:23.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts


Awesome man. Dressing up ftw.

I agree on the Calypso was just there because they wanted to mention how things work. Somewhat aggravating. I figured out the end about 3/4 through I think...or had a good idea at least.

Posted on 2007-05-30 at 22:57:47.

Karma: 31/10
529 Posts

pirates 3

We saw it last night. It was good, but I dunno, I found myself getting bored very often through the beginning and middle. It was a long movie, and until the end, it really felt like a long movie to me.
If we buy it on DVD, i think i would only care to watch the last hour of it again. *shrugs*
Good movie, but like someone said, there was a lot going on for 3 hours Which isn't really a bad thing, it just felt like a lot of information-giving i guess. Hard for me to explain. I just felt weird!
I really enjoyed the last hour or so, however.

Posted on 2007-05-31 at 08:58:23.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts

I am Legend

Do I need to say more?

check the trailer:

I am Legend

Posted on 2007-06-08 at 15:52:42.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 364/54
6846 Posts

**warning! save time from your life!*

Last weekend, I made a terrible mistake - I actually paid money to see the movie "Bug". The critics had given it pretty good reviews, the public less so, but I figured, what the hey? Horror movie? Invisible bugs under your skin? I can dig it!

Well, let me warn you now - save your money and the two hours of your life. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!
Spoliers follow, so beware! That being said, you should probably read them - I don't believe in spoilers, normally.

The scene from the trailer that shows the guy with the bug crawling under his skin? Does not exist in the actual film at any point in time. Yep, nothing but a trailer bit, made to bring in viewers. In other words, false advertisement.

This movie is NOT about killer bugs in any shape, form, or fashion. What is IS about is a paranoid schitzophrenic who manages to get a very lonely woman sucked into his delusions.

This movie is NOT a horror flick in any shapem form, or fashion. It IS a wannabe pshycological thriller (and I use th eterm loosely).

The crazy guy is kinda cool in a quirky way, but.... eegh. The movie resorts to showing more than a tiny bit of nudity in an effort to keep your attention, but it still fails miserably. This was the closest I have ever come to leaving a theatre once I have paid for tickets. The most entertainment I had during this film was from the loud teenagers around us who kept mocking the complete stupidity that was Bug.

Posted on 2007-06-08 at 16:17:22.
Edited on 2007-06-08 at 16:17:44 by t_catt11

Rystefn K'ryll
Original Palassassin
Karma: 66/191
544 Posts

Dressing up...

I was pretty disappointed that I didn't get to dress up to see Pirates 3 opening night... I've got a T-Shirt that says in giant letters "JACK SUCKS!" on the front, and "Who's going Sparrow huntin'?" on the back.

Posted on 2007-06-09 at 16:13:32.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts

did you know...

Did anybody know they're making a Dragon Lance movie? It's going to be a cartoon (eurgh!) though.

I hope they're not going to mess this up like the DnD movie, or lately Eragon.

Posted on 2007-06-10 at 09:02:48.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts


Olan, I went to see Bug, just to see how bad it is...and it is pretty damn bad. That's gotta be the most disappointed I've been in a movie in a long time...

Posted on 2007-06-10 at 14:02:20.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 178/118
6483 Posts

Well there's always Fantastic 2

Never fear Fantasic Four will soon be here. 4 super hero's will face a man on a silver surfboard who flies through the air (and looks pretty damn cool doing it I might add)
and will once again save the world. (~sigh Jessica Alba~)
Also Doc Doomer is back yes folks ole doc D lives!! (or was that Doc Ock hmmmm have to check) so never fear super hero's are here (~sigh Jessica Alba~)
But my only question is this what the hell's the name of the surfer's planet eating boss I for the life of me cannot remember. (~Sigh Jessica Alba)

And then again if all else fails bring on Transformers!!
(~sigh Jessica Alba my Dark Angel Sigh!)

Posted on 2007-06-10 at 14:49:23.


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