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Parent thread: Crisis in Chandar QA
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Cheshire Cad
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Boldly go?

Yan arrived last, overhearing the tail end of the conversation. Investigation wasn't his strong suit, but he was bound to follow this through. He glanced at the others in his group. They were certainly.... self-assured, but motivated as well, it seemed. Waiting for conversation to dry up, he spoke to Iaka, who seemed the most eager. "I have little enough skill in investigating, but if you can use help, I"ll be happy to try and provide it. Additionally, it may benefit us to ask after known candy makers and suppliers. Try and cut it off at the source, as it were."


(((OOC: Will aid Iaka as best he can.)))

Posted on 2018-04-13 at 07:28:52.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
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Full Bellies and Ready to Go!

After a hearty meal and taking a brief moment to stow away any items the group may want to pack away in their footlockers the group sets out to begin their investigations anew.

Asoel, having chosen to not eat a full meal spends the brief downtime chatting up various other patrons at the Inn, asking for any information they may have about Adamo's arrest. He managed to find a pair of chatty loggers who informed him that Adamo lived in the more northern part of the slums and would likely have been on his way home when he had snapped. With this newfound information he set off on his own to do what he did best, scout. The trail, unfortunately, was quite cold by now though, with the roads having been traveled all day. He did, however, find a suitable spot to watch people coming and going, ever watchful for any strange behaviour that may suggest any influence of the drug. However his keen eyes didn't catch anything out of the ordinary, just the everyday mediocrity of small town life. ((great roll on the diplomacy to gather info at the inn, but a 1 on the roll to follow any tracks, and there was just nothing crazy happening tonight, people are still a bit spooked by the Adamo incident and are not going out into public high))

Kheric, after a fine meal and a quick tour of their cellar lodgings, turned his curiousity to Wynna herself, “M’Lady. These accommodations may pale in comparison to your fantastic cooking, but they will suffice. You do a service to your town. Clearly the danger in this plague is something you recognize – and something that it has taken less than a day to be impressed upon us. Have you had previous experience with this problem? Has the drug ever made its way into your tavern? I don’t mean to pry, but the town and the drug are new to all of us.” Wynna shook her head and replied with the same pleasant tone she has used with all her interactions with the party, "While I have not had direct interactions with the drug nor any users I know that something like this, if left unchecked will cause great harm to my home and I want to do what I can to prevent as much harm as we can."

It seemed Iaka and Yan made up their minds to set out together, the witch, less confident in his ability to contribute, wanting to stick close the more vocal, and confident, Ratfolk. Kheric decided he would give the two a headstart before heading out himself so as not to draw too much attention, three after all is a crowd, and a crowd of outsiders would likely draw more attention than they wanted to draw to themselves. Heading south toward the slums they decided that since they knew Adamo had been a user that perhaps more users, and maybe even a dealer, would be more easily located in the slums.

It was not long before they crossed Asoel's line of sight. ((if you want to post signalling them somehow feel free, I don't know if Asoel would do that or not.  Or if you decide to leave your people-watching post and pair up with Kheric that is up to you guys.))

Iaka used his knowledge of the shadier side of society and approached people he thought looked most like they may be up to some shady dealings. He was quickly able to find a dirty young (early 20s) half-elf urchin who was showing signs of withdrawal, shaky, nervous, even a bit twitchy.

((I'll let you all pick up from here and we'll see where this goes.))

Posted on 2018-04-16 at 23:22:15.

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Asoel, seeing Iaka and Yan, gave a discrete whistle and called the two near him.

"The trail has indeed gone completely cold," he said. "However I've managed to pinpoint Adamo's living area."

He passed on the information he got from the inn, and briefly described the banality of his evening of observation. For every problem or ambush a scout finds, there are days of trailblazing which reveal no such threats, so Asoel isn't too surprised that nothing turned up immediately.

Not surprised, no. But certainly not pleased. 

Upon hearing Iaka's plan to go to the seedier sides of town, Asoel nods in agreement as he finally bites into the plum from before. It seems like searching that area is best, and if Iaka seems confident in handling himself in that area, then Asoel offers a different type of scouting.

"Are either of you familiar with a 'rearward?'" He asked (if either answers in the negative, he gives this brief explanation). "Most everyone is famliar with the duties of the advance scout, he who walks ahead and searches for ambushes in the coming path. Less known is the rearward, the scout in the back who follows in the footsteps of the army, wary of the flank and always watching the watchers." 

He gives a meaningful look to both of them.

"Lead on. I shall be your rearward."

((Again Asoel will stealth and watch, this time from the back and with particular focus on anyone who shows interest in Iaka's and Yan's investigation. Should the two ever need his direct insight, he tells them they need only whistle and he'll close the gap. Perception +10 or 12 on humans, stealth +8, Sense motive +2 or +4)).

((Upon seeing the half elf, Asoel will still hang back hidden, but will try to stealth close enough to a vantage point where he can discern what he can. Knowledge Local check +4 to see if he recognizes him as an offspring of the Norwood, and/or any other pertinent information.))

((EDIT: Just realized half elves qualify as human for favored enemy. Know local etc. get a +2, so +6 total on that local check))

Posted on 2018-04-17 at 01:48:51.
Edited on 2018-04-22 at 00:11:22 by Decicio

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
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looking for lowlifes

Kheric allowed the others to leave ahead of him.  He would have preferred to work as a group, but that didn't seem to be the plan right now.  However, he did know who these others were and would keep an eye out for them.  At least the Dhampir felt comfortable in the night.  

(Based on the posts above I'm assuming he was close enough to see the others meet up and discuss plans, if not I'll need to change things.)

Seeing the others come together Kheric moved up to hear the discussion.  A rearward seemed like a good idea.  In fact, it almost sounded like what he was doing.  He decided that he would hold back for now and watch the interaction with the half-elf.  As long as something was going on he might as well stay.  But he also had told the others that when this was done, unless information was gained to change the plan, he would go on to one of the taverns near the docks - preferably the one Adamo had been at.  For now he would just hang out alone.  A dhampir alone wouldn't draw too much attention, but might draw some from the wrong type of people.  He woulds see who came in and what they did.  The others were welcome to go to the same place or another - he encouraged the same.  

For now he moved into the shadows to watch the ratman and the half-elf.  

Posted on 2018-04-19 at 20:54:53.

Ma' Nozzle
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After a bit of searching, Iaka found his first real target. The girl was young, but clearly not immune to the effects of the flux. Her hollow eyes darted about as he approached. Her hands shook with anxiety. Withdrawal always seemed to look the same. Good. Her desperation would be their ally. 

'tch 'tch "You look like you need a hit. I'm Aaron. This is Jay,"  he said, motioning to his only visible companion. "Look, I could use some myself and Jay... Jay's itchin' to try it. Take us to your guy and I'll buy you a hit for now and one for next time."

"While we're on the way, I'll tell you what you can do for me."


((OOC: I think that's a bluff check? +8 if it is. If Iaka fails to bluff her, he will try to intimidate her))

Posted on 2018-04-23 at 23:09:33.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
Karma: 49/2
1033 Posts

The young half-elf looked up into Iaka's beady rat eyes, and barely above a whisper spoke, "I can't.. can't feel the magic.. the magic is gone... " She gasps for air, scratching furiously at her arm, tearing the flesh, "The magic-man... he hasn't... come back.. no candy.. no magic.."  Her nails digging deeper into her arm, her blood starts to run down her arm, strangely it is not red though as it should be, but instead more honey colored and translucent.  The smell on honey rises from the wound, the blood doesn't just look like honey, it has become honey!  She raises her hand up to her mouth, sampling the honey dripping from her wounds.  "Sweeeet... like candy..." She begins tearing at her arm more, trying to get more honey/blood.

Posted on 2018-04-24 at 20:05:33.

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