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GM for this game: Lady Dark
Players for this game: Ayrn, Eol Fefalas, Nomad D2, Chessicfayth, Impulse
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Nomad D2
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A gnome by any other name

Bory looked around the bakery’s cellar.  It was a pretty plain cellar – just what you would expect in a bakery.  His eyes also took in the group of people apparently summoned by Lys and couldn’t prevent the thought that this was NOT what you would expect in the cellar of a bakery.  An elf blade.  A human rogue.  A half-orc gladiator.  An agent of the Arcaren!  And, of course, a gnome druid.  He shook his head slightly at the mystery of it all. 

The rogue, a human named Karos he had met upstairs.  He seemed like a good young man with an interesting and impactful background.  Bory saw hope for a true friend there.  Whatever his origins on the streets, it was not hard to see how he had ended up here.   The others he simply didn’t know yet.  And the agent?  That was weird.  He was here to help, but how much would he be able to do so if he was unable to use his magic?  He was not registered.  Yet Lys knew who he was and had chosen this stranger.  Why?  Mysteries . . .

But it was a mystery that that would not be answered right away.  When Girta’a encouraged them to introduce themselves, he decided there was no reason to delay.  He moved to the table and jumped up on one of the chairs and turned towards the others.  “I’m guessing we are all here for the same reason.  Our lovely young hostess urged us to introduce ourselves, so let me begin.  I am Borborybodboddynock.”   He paused, enjoying the reaction his name always created.  He loved his name.  “I will leave it short and spare you the rest of it for now.”  At least a couple of eyebrows were raised and he laughed.  “But you can call me Bory.” 

Posted on 2018-04-17 at 19:08:54.

RDI Fixture
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Mid-Afternoon at Haldred’s Bake Shop

"Welcome  to Girta'a, I'm Haldred's Bake Shoppe," she spluttered and instantly, even as the words escaped her, knew she was fangirling badly. She blinked, blushed, and suddenly laughed at her own foolishness. "I mean to say Welcome to Halfred's Bake Shoppe, and i am not only a huge fan of yours, I'm also Girta'a."

Aymani smiled genuinely at Girta’a. The Baker’s daughter was not much younger than the gladiator and was one of her own kind. The girl’s attractiveness caught Aymani off-guard, and the warrior now found herself blushing at Girta’a compliment. “Ah… thanks!” she said with a slight smile before looking around at the baked goods for sale in order to avoid her captivating copper eyes. “I’m told the donuts are delicious here…”

The two made more small talk around fighting and baking, and Girta’a invited Aymani to the midnight meeting that Lus was setting up. By the time Aymani left, her heart was giddy with anticipation. She definitely was curious to attend this meeting and wondered about all the secrecy Lys was surrounding it with. But it was Girta’a that was making Aymani’s blood pump a little faster, the gladiator hoped the Baker’s daughter would be present later that evening as well.


Around Midnight at Haldred’s Bake Shop


Aymani found herself once again before Haldred’s Bake Sop, thought this time the warrior knocked. Girta’a answered the door and, this time, Aymani felt a little more prepared and smiled at the Baker’s daughter with warm confidence. She wasn’t prepared for Girta’a quick and urgent nod to come inside.


Once in, the gladiator looked around, let her eyes adjust to the light, as she took stock of the others present. Even as they followed Girta’a down into the cellar, Aymani was appraising them as she did her opponents in the pits, searching out the obvious and not-so-obvious signals that tipped her off on what type of person she was facing.

Once the lamps had been lit, Girta’a invited the group to sit. “I will answer any questions you may have,” Girta’a continued. “Get to know each other. I will return momentarily with some drinks and some food, and with luck we can have you on your way by morning."

Aymani’s gaze stayed with Girta’a, and she watched the Baker’s daughter leave while the gnome introduced himself. Aymani smiled slightly at Bory’s joke on his name.

When Bory was finished, the gladiator chimed in, returning her eyes back to table. “I’m Aymani, Lady Lys asked me to show up for this meeting. Any guesses as to why all the secrecy?”

Posted on 2018-04-20 at 13:01:40.

Eol Fefalas
Witless Protection
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Well met

After Girta’a had lit the lamps in the cellar, she bade the company to sit and acquaint themselves with one another while she excused herself to fetch food and drink. Castien didn’t sit immediately, though; instead, he paced slowly around the table, his gaze travelling between the assembled group and the maps on the table as the others began to introduce themselves.

“I’m guessing we are all here for the same reason,” the gnome said, unhesitant to spring into a chair and address the party, “Our lovely young hostess urged us to introduce ourselves, so let me begin.  I am Borborybodboddynock...”

Cas grinned at the gnome’s enthusiasm and, admittedly, the little fellow’s name. He’d heard many times in his years that elven names could often be tongue-tanglingly complicated but, he figured, gnomes had elves beaten in that regard.

 “…I will leave it short and spare you the rest of it for now,” the gnome laughed,  “But you can call me Bory.” 

When Bory had finished his introduction, the Lioness spoke next. “I’m Aymani,” she said, a faint smile on her lips as her eyes skimmed the table, “Lady Lys asked me to show up for this meeting. Any guesses as to why all the secrecy?”

The half-orc’s gaze chanced past his at that instant and he nodded faintly as his fingers came down lightly on one of the maps. “The situation in Ghostwood is complicated,” he offered, “there are things that are known and others that are only rumor. I imagine that it is these rumors that urge our secrecy. Should they spread farther than they have, already, panic may ensue,” the elf shrugged, then, his eyes panning from one face to the next as a cordial smile formed on his lips. “I am Castien,” he said, then, “a Blade of Astryliene. You may call me Cas, if you prefer.”

Posted on 2018-04-21 at 10:39:06.

Nomad D2
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Information was a valuable thing

Bory listened as The Lioness and Cas both introduced themselves.  He smiled and nodded at both in acknowledgement.  He waited for the others to introduce themselves as well.  The Scavenger, in particular, was a huge question mark.  It made him nervous, but he would trust his master.  He had never personally met Lys, but if Haradaya trusted her, then Bory would do so.  And it seemed these others did as well.  But the Arcaren Agent still made him nervous. 

Once the introductions were complete he turned to Castien and, still standing on one of the chairs and leaning a bit on the back, he asked about the rumors.  "What are the rumors?  I have heard little beyond general statements of mystery and mayhem, with most of that coming from people who are likely to know less than nothing of substance.  Do we know anything with certainty and, if not, what rumors have you heard?"  He looked at teach of them in turn.  The elf had given the impresson of knowing something, but it was possible that any of them might know something.  Except, he supposed, himself.  He knew next to nothing.  He would feel better if he knew more about what they were getting themselves into - and even what they were trying to accomplish.  

Perhas Girta'a would be able to add something more as well. 

Posted on 2018-04-21 at 19:18:42.

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From upstairs, Papa called down to bring up a large pot of the stew, and that he'd be down soon. Girta'a rolled her eyes and told him she would in a moment, then turned back to Karos. "I'm sorry, would you mind? I can't leave the shop in case others come. It'd be a big help, and big fill of your belly," she added with a laugh, and without waiting for him to agree or not, disappeared intot he kitchen. When she returned, she cradled a large steaming stock pot in one arm, and basket laden with loaves and cakes in another. 

"It's just up there," she explained, and gestured with a toss of her head. "thanks agin, I really appreciate this." She quickly filled his arms and snt him on his way. 

"Well met then.".  Karos smiles at Girta'a and waits patiently as her father and her speak.  When she asks for help, he blinks a bit in surprise but nods, a bit grateful for the distraction.  If he didn't have anything to do, then he would just wander around the marketplace, hoping to catch a glimpse of his old crew members. 

Taking the things from Girta'a, he focuses on the work, enjoying the distraction.  



In the Cellar, Karos quickly glances around, taking note of possible escape avenues as a habit.  Or at the very least a place to hide.  The Gnome is beside him and although Karos would try to smile and such, he felt no need to make small chat or introduce himself.

As he walks further into the Cellar and a familiar voice greets him, Karos relaxes much more and his face breaks out into a genuine smile. 

“Karos!” Castien’s smile returned, full and friendly, at the sight of the young rogue and he stepped forward to greet his friend as they reached the bottom of the steps. “Nae saian lumme’, mellonamin, (It has been too long, my friend)” he grinned, clasping Karos’ forearm in greeting, “You look well.”

Clasping Castien's forearm in return, his mouth opens to respond when a loud knock resounded.  Turning his attention towards it, he smiles at Castien and quickly says "I am well.  We'll chat later.".  

Karos is rather silent while he listens, trying to figure out which mask, which persona or demeanor would be appropriate here...  No you fool, these are supposed to be your companions.  No secrets necessary, no facades.  Dammit Karos.  He curses mentally at himself as he suppresses his instincts.

When his time for introductions come, he speaks "Hello everyone, My name is Karos.  I'm quite well suited for slinking around in the shadows or gathering a lot of attention I find, and I am looking forward to working together with all of you.". 

As for the contents of the mission.. He was not overly worried about it.  Someone has asked me to help Cas and I will.  There is nothing else I need to know then.


Posted on 2018-04-22 at 13:28:06.

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