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A first encounter

In anticipation of their first encounter with the denizens of the Blacktooth Ridge the group quickly took up their positions.  Two hid behind the hut while the Tortle moved a bit off to the side of the road attempting to conceal himself while readying a spell.  

The group coming down the path made no attempt to be quiet and didn't seem to be afraid of attack.  Rather they marched and laughed amongst themselves. When they rounded the far corner they didn't even pause to look in the empty stone hut at that corner, a mirror to the one the group had just been resting in.  As expected, they were goblins.  Eight goblins.  You can see swords at their belts and bows in their hands.  They march down the path kicking something round ahead of them as they come and laughing.  As they head towards the hut the group was hidden behind they don't seem to have noticed anything out of the ordinary and continue to march along talking and laughing in their now clear goblin voices.  

(The goblins do not seem to have seen you.  They are 200' away when they round the far corner and are moving towards you at about 40' per round - fairly quickly, but not running.  If they don't notice you, you will have a chance to act before they can respond.  Ghiberti - I do need to know how far off the path you are.  My guess is you are about 50' off the path on the down slope side since that is where you would first find enough cover to have an improved chance to hide, but if you want to say closer and rely more on your Tortle hiding as you indicated let me know.  Down slope as it would be a lot harder to hide on the uphill slope because it rises fairly quickly to the next level of the path.) 

Posted on 2019-04-07 at 21:21:38.

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Not today, goblins!

Loradove saw the goblins pass and observed the weapons they were carrying. It was clear they were up to no good. She thought of all the villagers she had met, especially poor Mrs. Molkin, and fumed at how cheerful these goblins were as they marched along. NOT ON MY WATCH, she thought to herself.

After the goblins had passed and were about 30 feet away, Loradove glanced at Galydan and nodded, then fired an arrow at the nearest goblin, trusting that her companions were ready to back her up.

Posted on 2019-04-22 at 20:54:19.

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