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GM for this game: t_catt11
Players for this game: Ayrn, Bromern Sal, Eol Fefalas, PrincessAli, Blackthorn, bvberry, Oz_Magiccity
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things that go bump in the night

Ch'dau is the first one down the stairs.  Nya, pale as a ghost, stares at the stout front door that is coming off its hinges from the blows being rained upon it from outside.  The two large, shuttered windows are likewise being forced upon.

It is, in fact, a shutter that gives way first, with a sickly, decying green arm reaching through.  Soon, the shutters are both gone, and the door follows suit, admitting several of the shambling dead like the party encountered on the road.  

Somewhere outside, maniacal giggling can be heard...

Posted on 2018-08-16 at 16:11:27.

RDI Fixture
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Needs more composting

"Looks like the earth needs a hand keeping it's dead!" quipped Midge, as the creatures from the road returned to trouble the party. "Stay away from the door, friends, and keep me safe. I need some peace!"

Once more, Midge's hand moved to his satchel, replacing the piece of leather with a square of red cloth. The words of power came to the Cidal's sharp mind quickly. "Deloi bitr, gath minen pomnuria fjandi!"


OOC: Midge is casting Summon Swarm. I'm hoping it will create the 10ft cube near the door, so that any creatures coming in through the door will have to pass through the swarm and take damage. If he can cast that from the "safety" of the second floor, awesome! Otherwise, he'll move to the bottom of the stairs before he casts. 

Olan, if you don't care, I'd love for the swarm to be beetles and centipedes, as if the earth is trying to reclaim the dead. If you do care, I rolled a 53... so, bats.

Posted on 2018-08-16 at 18:45:21.
Edited on 2018-08-16 at 18:47:43 by Ayrn

Eol Fefalas
Witless Protection
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Curse these twice-dead creatures!

He heard blessings called at his back – perhaps a quip and a cry, as well – but the call to the fight drew him more so he charged ahead. Ch’dau hadn’t registered whether or not his feet touched any steps, at all, but, when they found purchase on the floor of the common room, claws extended from his toes and dug into the wood planks as his gaze swept the scene. The serving wench, Nya, stood frozen, her mouth and eyes wide in fear as she gawked at the door and shutters that were all but free of their hinges…

“You!” Ch’dau barked, trying to draw Nya’s attention away from the splintering door, “Girl! Get yourself to the cellar and bar the way behind you!” The kazari didn’t bother to seek out any other face, even if there happened to be one; instead, as he strode for the door, he simply growled; “And if any of the rest of you do not care to spill blood, follow Nya!”

…He had taken a step, maybe two, and was about to launch himself across the remaining distance to the bursting doorway when the familiar voice of Midge called out a warning...

“Stay away from the door, friends,” the Cid’s voice chirped through the commotion, “and keep me safe. I need some peace!”

... Knowing, now, that the little mage was planning a spell to address the shamblers that threatened the Nicked Shill’s doorway, Ch’dau altered his plan of attack and diverted to claim those undead wretches that tried to haul themselves through the window to the right of the entryway. If Gib were to be next down the steps, Ch’dau was sure, the battle-cleric would know to take the other window… The kazari roared as he plowed into the fight, his teeth gnashing and blades swinging.

((OOC: As stated, Ch’dau is heading for the far window hoping to stem the flow from that point. If there are targets of opportunity (or simply more crucial threats) en route, he’ll take them as they come. Blade, claw, and tooth!))

Posted on 2018-08-16 at 20:01:10.

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
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Following hot on the big cat's heels, Gib is immediately beset by images of horror breaking through the windows and doors. Zombies have broken into the city and are besetting the inn. Zombies have broken into the city... images of the poor watchman at the gate that Ch'dau had been overly generous to lying dead and devoured invade his mind, of people sleeping in their beds waking to the decaying flesh of the deceased, of children...

Drawing up short as the Silver Cat rushes on, Moreno sets his jaw as Ch'dau calls out, "You! Girl! Get yourself to the cellar and bar the way behind you! And if any of the rest of you do not care to spill blood, follow Nya!”

“Looks like the earth needs a hand keeping it's dead! Stay away from the door, friends,” the Cid’s voice breaks through the commotion, “and keep me safe. I need some peace!”

Assessing the situation, Gib knows he must call upon Therassor to fend off as many of these creatures as he can in order to give he and his companions a chance at defending these good people of Ertain. 

"Deloi bitr, gath minen pomnuria fjandi!" Midge calls out his arcane words and the warrior priest holds his sword up before him, the emblazoned silver disc with a brilliant sword displayed on the guard.

"In the name of the Great General, Therassor, the Battle Lord, I command you BEGONE foul creatures!"

(OOC: No matter the results...)

Seeing that Ch'dau has taken one of the windows and that Midge's magic is directed at the doorway, Gib advances on the remaining window calling out, "That cackling fiend is about somewhere! Watch yourselves!"

Posted on 2018-08-17 at 17:23:49.

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