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GM for this game: t_catt11
Players for this game: SilentOne, Eol Fefalas, Keeper of Dragons, Nomad D2, Chessicfayth, breebles
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Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 51/18
2185 Posts

"Of course we have a mision number, how else do you think we got this stuff from supply?  I am sure friend computer knows who we are and woud look badly on anyone treasonous to hinder our mission."  Hopefully the jack-o-bit woud come through ith the mission number again.  Maybe this time leader would be smart enough to write it down.  

Posted on 2019-03-23 at 09:45:48.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 47/5
2278 Posts

We didn't crash? That is new. And nobody died? Well, just wait ...

Blowz was happy when they finally got the equipement and could continue with the mission.  He was glad when they headed off towards RND.  He was even happier when they actually arrived at RND in one piece.  There seemed to be nothing standard about surviving a steam-power friendlyness bot.  But somehow this was accomplished.  It seems the old-clone could learn some new tricks.  

All of that just brought them to a series of halls in which the lights suddenly changed color.  Blowz first instinct was to panic when they changed color and alarms seemed to go off.  Many years in firend-computer's world had taught him that alarms and people running usually meant dead clones.  Actually, no alarms and people not running usually did also.  In fact, almost every circumstance immaginable usually lead do clones needing to be refreshed.  Friend computer certainly ran a consistent world.  And what Blowz had learned from this world was that it was rarely worth ducking when an alarm sounded.  If it was a problem for you they would already be ordering the replacement close by the time you heard the alarm.  So he watched the others run and the hallways empty out with a vague sense of amusement and just kept on.  They had a mission to do!

When they reached RND there was, of course, a friendly clone and his assistant waiting to help them out.  And who demanded a mission #.  He looked at the jackobot.  Would it come up with the number on its own as befit a wise bot sent by the great computer?  Or would they again have to prod it to remind it to do its job?  Maybe friend computer was just trying to keep them on their toes?  

(If the jackobot doesn't give the mission # quickly.)

Blowz rose a bit onto his tip toes just to prove to himself that he could, in fact, stay on his toes.  He looked at the jackobot and said, "Come on.  You know the number.  Please share it with these good clones so that we can continue to serve friend computer."  

Posted on 2019-03-23 at 13:02:34.
Edited on 2019-03-23 at 13:02:55 by Nomad D2

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
726 Posts

Slightly short but a post none the less

Artie was thinking on the way to RND and was pleased to learn that they had indeed survived the crash. He became slightly impatient when they had to wait.. yet again. He wanted to complete this mission for Friend Computer and all this waiting was impeding said mission’s success.

He wanted to speak up, however, it seemed as though Brighte reminded the clone as to why they were there and who sent them. He was slightly concerned that the Jack-O-bot would give them trouble for their mission number but for now.. he was happy to report that nothing seemed off.


Posted on 2019-04-09 at 22:19:48.

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