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Dire Dust Bunny
Karma: 121/12
1953 Posts


Just thought I'd share some of my creations with the Inn

Physical creations, props and crafts of things that don't otherwise exist in reality. Synthesis of a dream - dreamsynthesis. Or that's what I like to call it

Let's start off with the first: Blackbosom Scythe

Time taken: About a month on and off working on it, just in time for Halloween that year.

Dimensions: 4' x 2' about in the largest dimensions

Source: FFXIV - Scythe wielded by Edda Blackbosom, boss encountered at floor 50 of the Palace of the Dead

For being the first, I'm still surprised I was able to make it to the level of quality that I did. There's still a number of things I would have liked to have been able to do with it, but all in all it worked quite nicely.

Second, I made these Star Wars Holocrons

Time taken: About a week each

Dimensions: About 5 inches in any given dimension

Source: Star Wars

I'm quite happy with how these turned out and the learning experience they provided with finer detail work than was done with the scythe, namely learning how to do the engraving and purchasing the appropriate tools for it.

Thirdly, in preparation for Halloween of this year, I made the Parallel Falchion

Time taken: A couple of weeks

Dimensions: 4' by 6 inches about in the largest dimensions

Source: Fire Emblem Awakening

The ability to engrave and do finer detail work really paid off with this prop, even if it's not exactly visible in the wide shot. A close up of the guard and handle is needed to show that part of the piece It's still just short of the quality that I want it to be at, particularly the finishing texture on the blade and prop in general, with some of it being smooth but not all of it, but I'm getting close...

And most recently I made a few different stones, or crystals

Time taken: A couple of days altogether for each

Dimensions: Less than 5 inches across for each

Source: FFXIV - Job Change Soul Crystals

Following up with learning how to do smaller scale items and details, I wanted to learn more paint effects I could use for finishing these, and the soul crystals from FFXIV worked well as an exercise. Although primarily one colour, multiple effects are layered on in an attempt to give it a more complicated appearance, fitting the stone/crystal that they are supposed to represent. The one for me is the Scholar soul crystal, because fairies

That's all for now from the workshop of the fairy, but I may add more in the future

Posted on 2018-09-26 at 04:31:36.

Eol Fefalas
Turning Capashanese
RDI Staff
Karma: 448/28
7361 Posts

Neat-o burrito!

Nice work, there, butterfly! Would love to see more when you're up to sharing!

Posted on 2018-09-26 at 08:21:44.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 347/54
6187 Posts


It's.... it's... it's... RERALAE!!!!

**happy dance for far too long**

So great to see you!  Thanks for sharing the awesome creative efforts, too!

Posted on 2018-09-26 at 13:09:45.

Mun is Fandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6179 Posts


Posted on 2018-09-26 at 18:24:19.

Dire Dust Bunny
Karma: 121/12
1953 Posts

It's certainly been a while

I've been around, very briefly, now and then, like the fairy I am

Unfortunately, the other side of the screen has demanded most of my attention for some time, especially most recently. But the storm has subsided, and I hope to make a proper reappearance to activity. I should be able to... provided I don't fumble any Perform(Adult) skill checks, and I don't overdo it, anyhow

I swear, it feels like I have a penalty to Perform(Adult) checks...

Posted on 2018-09-27 at 00:47:14.

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