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Parent thread: Star Trek: Hidden Depths
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Star Trek Hidden Depths Q&A

This will be the Q&A thread for the moderated freeform game, Star Trek: Hidden Depths.

We'll start with posting guidelines.

Posts in a Trek game need to be structured, else things quickly devolve into chaos. Therefore, I ask that you follow some guidelines.

First, start every post off with the date, location, and the time (in 24 hour, or military, format). We will be using "actual" dates insted of true stardates, as stardates are much more difficult for the casual player to keep up with. You will hear Captain Rouhani reference these in character, however. If anyone cares, our trek tools page include a stardate calculator.

Your post header should look something like this:

Stardate: 2365.03.28
USS George Washington Carver, Main Engineering - 1615

Your text starts here...

The very nature of a Trek game - with everyone working independently - means that there will always be several storylines going at once. If we wait for one another, the game will almost immediately become so mired down that we won't be able to continue. By giving our posts headers, we're able to back post, change scenes, etc, without too much confusion.

Please stay on the same mission day, except when backposting. In other words, if the rest of the ship is on day three, the CSO doesn't need to be sharing the discoveries he makes on day five. It's okay to go back and post a conversation you might have missed, but don't go ahead. As captain, my main function is to keep the story as organized as possible - I'll do this by regulating mission dates.

Be creative. Improvise. Add wrinkles to the plot. It's perfectly acceptable for the chief engineer to suddenly report a problem with the transporters just as we're about to visit a planet's surface. Maybe he'll need to fix it, or maybe the need for us to go is so pressing that we're forced to take shuttles.

If there's a problem on the table, don't be afraid to come up with solutions. If you have any doubts or questions, post here in the Q&A thread, PM me directly, or email me.

Please, by all means, create NPCs as needed. If you're the chief of security, you'll obviously need security personnel to flesh out your duty roster. We won't be having twenty people playing those roles, so you'll need to create them.

There's no need to go so far as to create a bio for most of them, but if you plan to use them in a recurring role, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Now, then... don't be that creative! Don't "God mode" - i.e., don't play your character in such a way that he solves every problem without help, knows the answer to every question, never has any trouble, etc. Share the spotlight - everyone deserves a chance to contribute on the missions. Don't control someone else's NPC without conferring with them first.

Never, ever control another person's main character. It's okay to make reasonable assumptions, but post them as such. This is bad:

Captain Rouhani nodded to Lieutenant Siric. "So commander, what is your plan?" he asked. The lieutenant paused for a moment, then spoke, "Captain, we should fire up the xyz in order to make the abc work correctly."

In this case, I'm posting the Lieutenant's intentions and speech for him. No, no no.


Captain Rouhani nodded to Lieutenant Siric. "So, commander, what is your plan?" she asked.

((OOC: assuming Siric shares the plan...))

Rouhani nodded again. "Carry on," he stated.

I'm reacting to what I anticipate the answer to be, but giving myself edit room if it happens differently than I expect. I am not controlling the commander.

Format your posts.

This is a writing intensive game, and we all have different styles of posting. That's fine, but I want some standards, so that no one is confused.

Speech should always be included in quotes.

"How are you doing today, ensign?" Rouhani asked.

No bold, no other colors. Just quotes.

Internal throughts should be italicized.

Why does he keep blathering on? her player wondered.

Communictions via a communicator or other device is set aside with a special symbol.

Captain Rouhani keyed the intercom. "Rouhani to Operations."

=/\= Operations, Siric here. =/\=

"Siric?" Elizabeth asked. "Where is Commander Billybob?"

There was a moment's hesitation before the reply.

=/\= Commander Billybob is a little... preoccupied right now, sir. =/\=

Computer speech uses this same notation. It might seem cumbersome at first, but this makes the posts so much easier to read!

Posted on 2018-10-22 at 12:02:34.
Edited on 2018-10-23 at 15:05:51 by crowe

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Useful Links

Some links you may find useful!

Memory Alpha: the biggest Star Trek wiki on the internet. If you need to know canon trek info, check here.

RDI Trek Tools: our own in-house trek tools include the ship's roster and logbook, among other items. Use these to help keep things straight in our game.

Nova Class Specs: complete details of the Saber class vessel. Use this to figure out what deck a given department is located on, what types of probes the ship carries, what a given security rating is, and on and on. Special thanks to the "Star Trek: a Call to Duty" community for this superb resource!

Nova Class Crew Compliment: a full breakdown of all officers and enlisted crew on the ship, by department (Word Doc format).

Bridge layout:

Due to the profile of missions the Nova Class typically undertakes, the bridge aboard this class of ship is designed for free range and ‘think tank’ style management. Much of what the ship does is interrelated to a significant amount, and allowing the ship’s top officers to interact freely in a work environment helps the missions to operate at peak efficiency as a opposed to ships that operate ‘under sail’.

The ship’s commanding and executive officers have chairs at the very center of the circular bridge in a submerged location. In this manner, the bridge helps the idea that there is ‘work’ being done and the command staff are an integral part of it, rather than the overseers.

The captain’s chair is starboard side, and the executive officer’s is on the portside. Between them is a console built into the structure that provides a place for information dissemination, as well as operational command of the starship. On either side of the command and executive officer’s chairs, are smooth benches, an architectural element that can be used when necessary by extra officers on the bridge, as well as visitors and other personnel by the permission of the command staff.

Directly ahead of the command area and down into a further sunken area, is the Conn. This split console is just forward of the viewscreen and houses enough space to be used in the traditional Conn/Operations arrangement where necessary. Under most conditions, the entire console is used for Helm/Navigation and Operations is managed by one of the other stations.

To the port and starboard sides of the command area are the doors on the upper level. The portside doors lead to turbolifts and the Captain’s Ready Room, with the starboardside door making way to an additional turbolift, as well as access to the crew head.

Behind the command area is a large array of multi-use consoles that can be configured to run any operation on the starship. Depending on mission condition, the majority of the consoles will be set to a scientific function. However, other mission types require a different approach.

When necessary, Tactical is usually assigned to the forward, portside console just right of the main viewscreen. Though it is not necessary for a tactical officer to see a visual image of its target, they have traditionally been provided with positions where they can assess the situation both by instrumentation, and their own eyes. Tactical console configuration usage is extremely limited; only Beta-2 Tactical clearance personnel can use it, and the user must input special codes to even get access to the massive amounts of computer links that give tactical nearly limitless information at the Nova Class’ disposal. For full access, the console's security subsystem can run a battery of scans on the user, including thermal, biological, retinal, and vocal tests. If all of these are passed, full access to the ship's offensive and defensive systems is made available.

On the opposite side is where Operations is most often handled. Portside, the operations console is under the command of the Operations Manager, who oversees such important elements of the ship as supply and outfitting, communications and power distribution.

Directly behind the captain and first officer’s chairs is the Master Systems Display. This dedicated area allows any officer to get an abstract picture of the ship and any problems that may arise. Its attached console allows certain situations to be dealt with right in front of the MSD without further intervention.

On either side of the Master Systems Display lie the Science consoles. Typically, the Chief Science Officer mans the portside console, and the Assistant Science Officer the opposite console. From the science consoles, the officers have priority access to all sensor input coming into the ship. The science consoles can be used by any personnel and have access to all science, navigational, sensor, and communications systems.

At the rear, portside console nearest the entrance doors lies the engineering bridge console. Manned at all times, this console provides an engineer or technician access to all data coming from the ship’s internal monitoring systems as well as access (where necessary) to repair and adjust various systems throughout the ship.

Directly opposite on the starboard side is the controls for the ship’s biological systems including life support and environmental control. Additional controls can include monitoring samples brought aboard, and managing biological tests being performed aboard the Nova Class starship.

Nova Class Refit - Bridge by falke2009

Posted on 2018-10-22 at 12:39:56.
Edited on 2018-11-06 at 13:29:53 by crowe

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As you all know, I am the GM of this game. I am playing the role of Captain Rouhani, but understand that she is as much a plot device as a player character.

Chain of command does matter. The command staff of the vessel acts in something of a "helper GM" role to me, and their orders carry full authority and weight. I doubt that will ever be an issue, but I wanted that to be clear.

Note that RDI's version of Trek is slightly more military than that often portrayed on the various TV shows. Unless a superior officer has given you leave to act more informally, assume that you should salute, make formal reports, etc. Pay attention to the standard forms of address (which basically mimic those of Her Majesty's Navy):

Superior officers are always referred to as "sir" (unless you are using the proper rank address below). This is regardless of gender. Likewise, the term "mister" is pretty universal, regardless of gender.

All flag officers are always called "Admiral", regardless of grade. A commodore is called "Commodore".

The captain (or commanding officer) of a ship is always called "Captain", regardless of grade (such as when a commander is in charge of a smaller vessel).

A full commander is always called "Commander" - unless said Commander is in charge of a vessel. When under weigh, said officer would be referred to as "Captain".

A lieutenant commander is called "Commander", unless a captain (or higher) elects to refer to him as "Mister". However, doing so is giving offense, as it indicates that the lieutenant commander is a junior officer.

Junior officers (ensign up to lieutenant) are referred to by their ranks or by "Mister" Lastname.

Cadets or warrant officers are referred to as "Mister" Lastname.

NCOs are addressed solely by their rate (the term rate is proffered over "rank" for enlisteds). It is appropriate to address a petty officer (of any grade) as "Petty Officer". A chief petty officer is referred to as "chief", a senior chief petty officer is referred to as "senior chief", and a master chief petty officer is referred to as "master chief".

In addition, note that chief petty officers are expected to assist in the training of junior commissioned officers, so while the lowliest ensign may technically outrank a chief, the ensign would be wise to pay proper respect!

Enlisteds are typically referred to as "crewman" or "yeoman", without the last name attached.


Chain of Command 

There are no ties; the higher on the list that a character is, the higher they are in the chain of command. Note that in all but the most catastrophic of situations, only line officers are eligible for command. This means that, even though the Chief Engineer and Ship's Doctor are higher in rank and have more experience, Ensign Billybob (on his first assignment from the Academy) would theoretically command the ship first. That said, if he values his large skin, he would do well to show proper respect for the ranks of superior officers regardless if they are line officers or not.

Line Officers 
Captain Rouhani
Lt. Commander Cole(XO)
Lieutenant McGinty(2O)
Lieutenant (jg) Stark
Lieutenant (jg) Falcone
Lieutenant (jg) Siric
Ensign Kyu-Ri
Ensign Soah
Ensign Lapierre

Staff Officers 
Lieutenant Wilhelm
Lieutenant Draci
Lieutenant (jg) Soaring Hawk
Lieutenant (jg) Young
Ensign Dolia
Ensign Tiaghen

Posted on 2018-10-22 at 12:40:11.
Edited on 2018-10-30 at 13:27:19 by crowe

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This game will begin in mid 2365, which roughly coincides with season two of Star Trek: the Next Generation. The Borg attack and the Battle of Wolf 359 is two plus years in the future.

To avoid a long, drawn out process where we spend weeks on posts dedicated to each main character meeting the other main characters, please assume that - unless you clear it with me first - all characters will have been on board the George Washington Carver for a minimum of a week if we picked you up in Starbase 343, or forty-two days if you helped chisten the ship at Starbase 118. If you would prefer that your character has known other characters longer, that would be fine.

Captain Rouhani has been the CO of the George Washington Carver since she was christened forty-two days ago, and by and large, the tour has been uneventful.

Posted on 2018-10-22 at 12:40:22.
Edited on 2018-10-22 at 14:45:47 by crowe

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Crew Compliment and Roster

I will updated the crew compliment document once I have a crew. Since I've decided that we're going to be using the Nova research varient , we'll have increased  science capabilities, which are offset by decrease in combat capabilities and security personnel. As such, I will add several science crewmen to our compliment.


Shifts are divided into alpha, beta, and gamma - roughly corresponding to day shift, evening shift, and night shift.

Please understand that there can certainly be variations on this - a couple of people swap shifts, somebody gets a rare bridge shift, somebody gets an extra off day, etc. However, it should be really useful to help people figure out where they should be on a given day. Obviously, seniority grants a more stable, favorable schedule - fewer late night shifts, fewer rotating shifts (i.e. alpha one day, gamma another). I have tried to keep people on ROUGHLY the same shift wherever possible, and when that isn't possible, I try to keep shifts one step off (i.e. alpha to beta, but not to gamma).

NOTE: the first day of our game (2365.03.28') is a Sunday! 
If you have issues or want to adjust this, just let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Standard shifts are eight hours long, and flow as follows:
Alpha: 0800-1600
Beta: 1600-2400
Gamma: 2400-0800

A responsible officer should expect to be at their duty station a good fifteen minutes before the shift starts, so as to get report and be up to speed.

Medical shifts are twelve hours long, and instead take the following schedule:
Alpha: 0800-2000
Beta: 2000-0800

Typically medical shifts are referred to as "Sickbay Alpha, Sickbay Beta" so as to avoid confusion.

Character Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Command and Flight Control
Captain Rouhani off Command (Alpha) Command (Alpha) Command (Alpha) Command (Alpha) Command (Alpha) Command (Alpha)
Ltcmdr. Cole Command (Alpha) XO (Alpha) XO (Alpha) XO (Alpha) XO (Alpha) Command (Beta) off
Ltjg. Falcone Helm (Alpha) Helm (Alpha) Helm (Alpha) Command (Gamma) Command (Beta) off off
Ens. Soah Command (Gamma) Command (Gamma) off off Helm (Alpha) Helm (Alpha) Helm (Alpha)
SCPO. Brada Shuttlebay (Alpha) Shuttlebay (Alpha) Shuttlebay (Alpha) Helm (Alpha) Helm (Beta) off off
CPO. Malek off off FC Office (Alpha) Shuttlebay (Alpha) FC Office (Alpha) Helm (Beta) Helm (Beta)
PO1. Solberg FC Office (Alpha) FC Office (Alpha) Helm (Beta) Helm (Beta) off off FC Office (Alpha)
PO3. Raxx Helm (Beta) Helm (Beta) off off Shuttlebay (Alpha) Shuttlebay (Alpha) Shuttlebay (Alpha)
Tactical and Security
Ltjg. Stark off Tactical (Alpha) Command (Gamma) Command (Beta) Tactical (Alpha) Tactical (Alpha) off
Ens. Kyu-Ri Command (Beta) Command (Beta) Tactical (Alpha) Tactical (Alpha) off off Tactical (Alpha)
SCPO. Wesson Tactical (Alpha) Tactical (Beta) TAC Office (Alpha) TAC Office (Alpha) TAC Office (Alpha) off off
CPO. Devor off off Tactical (Beta) Tactical (Beta) TAC Office (Alpha) TAC Office (Alpha) TAC Office (Alpha)
PO1. Lamont TAC Office (Alpha) TAC Office (Alpha) off off Tactical (Beta) Tactical (Beta) TAC Office (Alpha)
PO1. Stenson Tactical (Beta) off off TAC Office (Beta) Helm (Gamma) TAC Office (Beta) Tactical (Beta)
PO2. Tamimi Tactical (Gamma) Tactical (Gamma) Tactical (Gamma) Helm (Gamma) TAC Office (Gamma) off off
PO2. Tolin off off TAC Office (Gamma) Tactical (Gamma) Tactical (Gamma) Helm (Gamma) TAC Office (Gamma)
PO3. Petoli Helm (Gamma) TAC Office (Gamma) off TAC Office (Gamma) off Tactical (Gamma) Tactical (Gamma)
Ltjg. Siric Operations (Alpha) Operations (Alpha) Command (Beta) Operations (Alpha) Command (Gamma) off off
Ens. Lapierre off off Operations (Alpha) Ops Office (Alpha) Operations (Alpha) Command (Gamma) Command (Gamma)
PO1. Bass Ops Office (Alpha) Ops Office (Alpha) Helm (Gamma) off off Operations (Alpha) Operations (Alpha)
PO1. Navrátilová Operations (Beta) Operations (Beta) Ops Office (Alpha) Ops Office (Alpha) off off Helm (Gamma)
PO2. Juddenot off Helm (Gamma) Operations (Beta) Operations (Beta) Ops Office (Alpha) Ops Office (Alpha) off
Lt. Wilhelm off Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) off
Ens. Dolia Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Beta) off off Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Alpha)
MCPO. Anderson Engineering (Beta) off off Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Beta) Operations (Beta) Engineering (Beta)
SCPO. Takahashi Engineering (Gamma) Engineering (Gamma) Engineering (Gamma) Engineering (Gamma) off off Operations (Gamma)
SCPO. Te'Nebarro off off Engineering (Gamma) Operations (Gamma) Engineering (Gamma) Engineering (Gamma) Engineering (Gamma)
PO1. Arambulo Operations (Gamma) off off Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha)
PO2. Daniels Engineering (Alpha) Operations (Gamma) off off Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha)
PO2. MacMillian Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Operations (Gamma) off off Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha)
PO2. T'Nora Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Beta) Operations (Beta) off off
PO3. Card Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Operations (Gamma) off off
PO3. Hammond off Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Engineering (Alpha) Operations (Gamma) off
PO3. Jackson off off Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Beta) Engineering (Beta) Operations (Beta)
Lt. McGinty off Science Conn (Alpha) SCI Lab 1 (Alpha) SCI Lab 1 (Alpha) SCI Lab 1 (Alpha) SCI Lab 1 (Alpha) Command (Beta)
Ltjg. Soaring Hawk SCI Lab 2 (Alpha) SCI Lab 2 (Alpha Science Conn (Alpha) off off SCI Lab 2 (Alpha) SCI Lab 2 (Alpha)
Ens. Tiaghen SCI Lab 3 (Alpha) SCI Lab 3 (Alpha) SCI Lab 3 (Alpha) Science Conn (Alpha) off off SCI Lab 3 (Alpha)
MCPO. Anderson SCI Lab 4 (Alpha) SCI Lab 4 (Alpha) SCI Lab 4 (Alpha) SCI Lab 4 (Alpha) Science Conn (Alpha) off off
SCPO. Lam off SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) Science Conn (Alpha) off
SCPO. Pate off off SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) Science Conn (Alpha)
CPO. Capshaw Science Conn (Alpha) off off SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha) SCI Lab 14 (Alpha)
CPO. Luca SCI Lab 7 (Alpha) SCI Lab 7 (Alpha) off off SCI Lab 7 (Alpha) SCI Lab 7 (Alpha) SCI Lab 7 (Alpha)
PO2. Deveroux SCI Lab 10 (Alpha) SCI Lab 10 (Alpha) SCI Lab 10 (Alpha) off off SCI Lab 10 (Alpha) SCI Lab 10 (Alpha)
PO2. Roberts SCI Lab 5 (Alpha) SCI Lab 5 (Alpha) SCI Lab 5 (Alpha) SCI Lab 5 (Alpha) off off SCI Lab 5 (Alpha)
PO3. Freeman SCI Lab 12 (Alpha) SCI Lab 12 (Alpha) SCI Lab 12 (Alpha) SCI Lab 12 (Alpha) SCI Lab 12 (Alpha) off off
PO3. Garcia off SCI Lab 15 (Alpha) SCI Lab 15 (Alpha) SCI Lab 15 (Alpha) SCI Lab 15 (Alpha) SCI Lab 15 (Alpha) off
PO3. Miller off off SCI Lab 13 (Alpha) SCI Lab 13 (Alpha) SCI Lab 13 (Alpha) SCI Lab 13 (Alpha) SCI Lab 13 (Alpha)
Lt. Draci off Medical (Alpha) Medical (Alpha) off Medical (Alpha) Medical (Alpha) off
Ltjg. Young off Counseling (Alpha) Counseling (Alpha) Counseling (Alpha) Counseling (Alpha) Counseling (Alpha) off
SCPO. Wu Medical (Alpha) Medical (Alpha) off off Medical (Alpha) Medical (Beta) off
CPO. Moruga off Medical (Beta) Medical (Beta) off Medical (Beta) Medical (Beta) off
PO1. Alohilani Medical (Beta) off Medical (Alpha) Medical (Alpha) off off Medical (Alpha)
PO2. Zhihao off off Medical (Beta) Medical (Beta) off Medical (Alpha) Medical (Beta)
shift Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
alpha Ltcmdr. Cole Cpt. Rouhani Cpt. Rouhani Cpt. Rouhani Cpt. Rouhani Cpt. Rouhani Cpt. Rouhani
beta Ens. Kyu-Ri Ens. Kyu-Ri Ltjg. Siric Ltjg. Stark Ltjg. Falcone Ltcmdr. Cole Lt. McGinty
gamma Ens. Soah Ens. Soah Ltjg. Stark Ltjg. Falcone Ltjg. Siric Ens. Lapierre Ens. Lapierre
Flight Control (Helm)
alpha Ltjg. Falcone Ltjg. Falcone Ltjg. Falcone SCPO. Brada Ens. Soah Ens. Soah Ens. Soah
beta PO3. Raxx PO3. Raxx PO1. Solberg PO1. Solberg SCPO. Brada CPO. Malek CPO. Malek
gamma PO3. Petoli [tac] PO2. Juddenot [ops] PO1. Bass [ops] PO2. Tamimi [tac] PO1. Stenson [tac] PO2. Tolin [tac] PO1. Navrátilová [ops]
alpha SCPO. Wesson Ltjg. Stark Ens. Kyu-Ri Ens. Kyu-Ri Ltjg. Stark Ltjg. Stark Ens. Kyu-Ri
beta PO1. Stenson SCPO. Wesson CPO. Devor CPO. Devor PO1. Lamont PO1. Lamont PO1. Stenson
gamma PO2. Tamimi PO2. Tamimi PO2. Tamimi PO2. Tolin PO2. Tolin PO3. Petoli PO3. Petoli
alpha Ltjg. Siric Ltjg. Siric Ens. Lapierre Ltjg. Siric Ens. Lapierre PO1. Bass PO1. Bass
beta PO1. Navrátilová PO1. Navrátilová PO2. Juddenot PO2. Juddenot PO2. T'Nora [eng] MCPO. Anderson [eng] PO3. Jackson [eng]
gamma PO1. Arambulo [eng] PO2. Daniels [eng] PO2. MacMillian [eng] SCPO. Te'Nebarro [eng] PO3. Card [eng] PO3. Hammond [eng] SCPO. Takahashi [eng]
alpha Ens. Dolia Lt. Wilhelm Lt. Wilhelm Lt. Wilhelm Lt. Wilhelm Lt. Wilhelm Ens. Dolia
beta MCPO. Anderson Ens. Dolia Ens. Dolia MCPO. Anderson MCPO. Anderson Ens. Dolia MCPO. Anderson
gamma SCPO. Takahashi SCPO. Takahashi SCPO. Takahashi SCPO. Takahashi SCPO. Te'Nebarro SCPO. Te'Nebarro SCPO. Te'Nebarro
alpha CPO. Capshaw Lt. McGinty Ltjg. Soaring Hawk Ens. Tiaghen MCPO. Anderson SCPO. Lam SCPO. Pate
The bridge science station is only manned during the alpha shift except in times of need.
alpha SCPO. Wu Lt. Draci Lt. Draci PO1. Alohilani Lt. Draci Lt. Draci PO1. Alohilani
beta PO1. Alohilani CPO. Moruga CPO. Moruga PO2. Zhihao CPO. Moruga SCPO. Wu PO2. Zhihao

Posted on 2018-10-22 at 12:41:10.
Edited on 2018-11-07 at 17:45:17 by crowe

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Deck Plans

Deck 1:  BridgeCaptain’s Ready Room, Conference Room, Senior Officer’s Quarters, and Escape Pods

Deck 2:  VIP Quarters, Executive Officer’s Office, Junior Officers Quarters, Observation Lounge, Mess Hall, Transporter Room, Holodecks 1&2, Aft Ventral Cargo Bay, Storage (5), Main Computer Core, Escape Pods, Primary Impulse Engine (Amidships), and Impulse Engine Deuterium Surge Tanks

Deck 3:  Sickbay, Primary Sickbay Support Systems (ICU, Biohazard Support, Surgical Ward, Critical Care, Null-Gravity Treatment, Isolation Suites, etc.), Chief Medical Officer’s OfficeCounselor’s OfficeSecurity Office/Brig, Armory, Crew Quarters, Emergency Transporter Auxiliary Shuttlebay, Escape Pods, Auxiliary Deflector Control, Torpedo Launching Systems (P/S) Photon Torpedo Magazine, and Photon Torpedo Loading Mechanism

Deck 4:  Arboretum, Botany Lab, Geology Lab (Planetary), Geology Lab (Astronomical), Planetary Development Lab, Chief Science Officer’s Office, Crew Quarters, EPS Node Monitoring, SIF Systems, Dorsal Main Phaser Emitters (P/S), Aft Saucer Phaser Emitters (P/S), Aft Ship Phaser Emitters (P/S), Ventral Main Phaser Emitters (P/S), Ventral Sensor Dome, and WaveRider Shuttlecraft Docking Port

Deck 5:  Main ShuttlebayFlight Control, Storage (8*), Crew Quarters, Astrophysics Lab, Stellar Cartography, Photon Torpedo Magazine, and Photon Torpedo Loading Mechanism

Deck 6:  Main Deflector Control, Operations Office, Crew Quarters, Repair Bay, Deuterium Fuel Storage, and Multi-Purpose Laboratories (3), Cargo Bays (3)

Deck 7:  Crew Quarters, Main Engineering, Dilithium Reaction Chamber, Engineering Lab, Chief Engineer’s Office, Cargo Transporters, Landing Systems Control, and Landing Systems Maintenance

Deck 8:  Escape Pods, Anti-Matter Storage Pods, Warp Core Ejection Systems, and Anti-Matter Pod Ejection Systems, Phaser Emitter, and Tractor Beam Systems. Landing Struts (2 – 1P/S) 


*A Note: Nova classes weren't in production until 2367, this takes place two years before that, making the George Washington Carver, and her sister ship the Ada Lovelace experimental craft.  Also, the EMH discribed on the ACTD has not been invented yet.


**Also, one of the Type 9 Shuttlecraft and one of the Type 16 has been swapped out for two Type 8 in order to carry more crew/scientific instruments.


***There are 16 science labs total on the Nova Class, they are not all named on the Deck 4 and 5 list above.



Posted on 2018-10-22 at 14:57:25.
Edited on 2018-11-06 at 13:24:11 by crowe

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A Note on NPCs

When you are fleshing out your department's NPCs, please click on the character's rank insignia and click the edit this character button on the bottom of the page.  Feel free to swap the rank of one crewman in your department for another, but please don't promote anyone without talking to me.  Thank you.

Posted on 2018-10-24 at 11:41:22.

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What are the captain's orders concerning Bridge command? On some ships, the Captain and XO stand overlapping watches and on others, they share Alpha... still on others, Captain has Alpha and XO has Beta. Just seeking some understanding as to the staffing requirements.

Posted on 2018-10-24 at 15:37:39.

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Scheduling Decisions

I've been thinking about that.  I like that Riker and Picard are on the bridge at the same time.  My initial inclination is that since we're going to be parked in the system for the next year, that most people will work Alpha shift, and skeleton crews will run Beta and Gamma waking the rest of the crew if there's an emergency.  This way, there's a lot of character interaction, and no one is "stuck" doing bridge duty when everyone else is on the holodeck, etc.  Not how a "military" vessel works, but this is a science vessel, so maybe they do things a little differently. 

Plus during away missions, the XO is going to be outside the ship, and the Captain will be on the Ship, so there's that to think about.  Not saying the XO will never be in command, the Captain trusts her officers, just looking at it from a what makes the best story perspective.

Posted on 2018-10-24 at 15:54:40.
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Didn't know we were posting, yet! Sweet!

Gotta get something done for Tochi aboard the Peregrine but once that's done, I'll see about posting up something for Nizrri, here.

Posted on 2018-10-24 at 17:10:29.

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And we're off!

Amazing first post! I'm going to wait until probably Sunday night before I post about the meeting, give everyone a chance to make their first posts, and get there characters up on the roster.  

Looking great so far! Can't wait to see what everyone else has.

Posted on 2018-10-24 at 17:15:18.

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while Stark probably knows what the XO is asking for, I’m not sure.  Could you give me an idea of what she would do to get the info for the report? Thanks! 😊

Posted on 2018-10-25 at 11:06:45.

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If you want to use Nizrri as "Ensign (fill this in later)," feel free. As far as I'm aware she (Ensign Tiaghen) is the only "new" ensign in the Sicence Dept.

Posted on 2018-10-25 at 11:14:49.

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The idea is to think outside the box and attempt to come up with security protocols for the oddest and unlikely scenarios. Basically, he's asking them to do their best to predict the unpredictable and come up with likely ways to keep the ship safe during those scenarios.

Posted on 2018-10-25 at 19:57:49.

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Ok. Thanks.

Posted on 2018-10-25 at 21:46:25.

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