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Parent thread: Lights Last Embrace - A Wheel of Time Q&A
GM for this game: Giddy
Players for this game: Bromern Sal, Eol Fefalas, Nomad D2, Nimu, breebles, dragon-soul92, King Moonracer
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Cho'Ra sipped her stew and kept her eye on the distraught woman as she continued to reply under the deluge of the bowman's questioning. She sighed to herself as with new revelation in the Mistress' story, another barrage of questions were flung wildly at the woman who had hardly had a chance to touch her stew or even grab a breath to herself since they sat down. 

"Blood and ashes!" The woodsman shocked Cho'Ra away from her thoughts as he leaned in toward the bowman, "I've not been able to eat in peace as my ears are filled with this simpering. Maybe if I were to draw it out in the mud, the case might be clearer."

He proceeded in his way to explain to the room and the grieving woman that it had been the weak, love-struck will of the young lady who was at fault for the murder of the Aes Sedai. Though for his defense, he did mention it was at the manipulation of the whitecloak.

"The only one who seems to be not guilty of anything is this poor woman," the hairy woodsman continued, "The lot of you would do well to follow my lead: eat your meal, get some rest, and then leave the boneheaded behaviors of city folk to the city folk. Now, mayhaps I can eat in peace? Hmmm?"

The silence, despite its awkwardness, came almost as a relief to the incessant questioning of the one man, and bolstered lecturing of the other.

It was a brief relief however, as the scrapping of chair legs on the wood floor drew everyones attention to Mistress Velalin. She rose and Cho'Ra could nearly see the flames bursting from her eyes at the woodsman. She scooped up her sadly untouched bowl of stew and threw it at the woodsman's hulking form, spattering him with its entire, likely cold contents.

"How dare you!" She shrieked, and the rest of the room fell silent, "Millae had nothing to do with Nelelle Sedai's death! NOTHING!" And she spun around and fled the Gleeman's Abode.

Cho'Ra looked down at what remained of her own stew, as far too many eyes settled on their eclectic table, and she could nearly feel the silence.

"Music, man! We need music. And drinks! Come, a free drink for everyone!"

She looked up in time to see Master Masteon glaring their way and wondered how much longer they would be allowed in this place. At this rate, having all just arrived in town and already confronted their guards and upset their beloved Mistress Velalin, they wouldn't last until nightfall.

She waited until the crowd and music perked up so they would not be overheard and finally addressed their group, "It seems we're all quite well-versed in making lasting first impressions. Before they throw us out of town however, it would be wonderful if we could assist the kind lady who so graciously bathed our woodsman here," she gave a quick smile to the large, unpredictable man who seemed to be ignoring her.

"Bowman, your questioning must have begotten some useful information, shall we proceed to the jailhouse now and perhaps speak with Millae or find what the guards know? Strategy is not entirely my strength, but I would like to work on some sort of plan on how to go about this. Oh, I'm Cho'Ra, by the way."

Posted on 2019-03-20 at 11:18:51.

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