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GM for this game: MagickMan65
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ST: Broken Shadows

Office of Admiral Elsa Kell, Starbase 39, Alpha Shift 0815

Stardate 2365.2.19

Admiral Kell looked at the PADD before her. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a report on the progress of the USS Montgomery, status reports, scientific updates on the Collapsar 49 anomaly. She frowned. Not because of the report, but Captain Masters reported in every week, and this report was two weeks old. She wondered what was going on. Normally she wouldn't be concerned, but Masters was like clockwork. One report a week, within minutes one way or the other, regardless of circumstances. If there had been an emergency, he would have informed her of such. There were upcoming missions in that subsector, perhaps she could have them investigated.

She looked at her PADD once more, then upward.

/=\ Computer, bring up details of the Palmas-Psellian Federation Entrance Talks. /=\

/=\ Authorization?

/=\ Kell, Delta seven six two Lambda Epsilon three four seven Gamma.

/=\ Authorized, Admiral Elsa Kell.

Elsa began scrolling through the readouts as they passed over her screen.


USS Kwan-Yin, Alpha Shift, 0900

Stardate 2365.2.19

Carolyn Chen stood in her quarters, smoothing non-existent wrinkles out of her uniform, then fingered the Captain's pips on her collar. A habit left over from her first promotion to Captain, but as much a part of her morning routine as anything.

The USS Kwan-Yin. An appropriate ship name for a captain who was a practicing Buddhist. The fact that she was a diplomatic, as well as an exploration vessel, was even better. She liked exploration, but diplomacy was her strength. Not only was she good at it, she was very good. She could serve in lieu of an actual diplomat, but the Kwan-Yin would carry her own diplomatic detachment.

In addition, she was one of the newer Norway class of ships. Built sturdy and fast, she could handle the toughest of scientific missions as well. Entire decks devoted to Science stations, for all kinds of study.

In addition, the Kwan-Yin had the ability to enter a planetary atmosphere and land, if necessary. She was definitely a fine ship, and Carolyn equally proud to be her captain. Satisfied with her appearance, she headed into the bridge. She relieved her XO from the chair, and sat down. She imagined she could catch the scent of new upholstery, and softly smiled once more.

Status report.” She called to the helm.

Approaching Starbase 39, Captain. ETA seven and a half hours.”

Thank you, Ensign.”

She took the PADD from her yeoman, and scanned the roster. It was a good shakedown crew, and they were making sure that the Kwan-Yin was ready to receive her newer crew members. Some would transfer off at Starbase 39, others would stay, and her ship would be ready to go.

Captain, Admiral Kell is calling through.” The Lieutenant at Communications said.

Very good, Lieutenant. I'll take it in my office.” She turned to her XO. “You have the Conn.”

She walked to her office, listening to the door 'whoosh' behind her. She had expected to meet with the Admiral once they reached Starbase 39, so she found this unusual. She sat at her console, and activated it.

Admiral Kell.” Captain Chen said firmly.

At ease, Captain. I know you'll arrive soon, but I have a couple of things I'd like to discuss with you...”

Posted on 2018-12-31 at 14:39:51.
Edited on 2019-01-21 at 16:25:56 by MagickMan65

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